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Thursday, September 13th
Hour 2.  Greg Papa and Bonta Hill talk about the 49ers vs Lions with Matt Millen.

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Before turn Super Bowl champion of course when the Oakland Raiders. And the Serbs as well 49ers also want want with the Redskins also the president and C and CEO of the Detroit Lions. In 20012008. Robert had a stretch they drafted. Walls that Roy Williams and Mike Williams Calvin Johnson audio we got it right back Calvin the he got right on come on Rory what a great years he drafted a wide receiver Willie might Williams got screwed or you left USC Rem Murray's clear red try to we burly and I went to court on that shuttle bothering her Michael you obliterate nearly wrote him in there and Carlos brought on the USC notably Carlos Rogers you know whenever Michigan State are huge he was to -- -- man whose solid those first two games you play in the NFL. A thought it was going to be a great one and of course you off the field stuff. Just couldn't clean that up so we'll bring in Matt Millen into its second and talk about this lines team and the new personality with Matt Patricia now when. Quinn came out and says they would not Bob I know their quote safety the safety blow over quite broke globe night we're not done Marshawn Lynch and appreciating it here he he talked today about. All the noise coming out to be true CNN Matt Patricia works too hard and the veterans are not filling him and he said look we need this toughness. He's different and Jim Caldwell Patricia that is he's different he and we need that toughness we haven't had that around here and a long time so I don't know why people were crying wind you just thought he played football. Caught plagued Eagles football players and the rest or take care of itself yeah. And he says look request a solid player you know for years gone back to Houston can line up all over the play as a member of his corner he played nickel not playing free safety. Other secondary Jerry slate very quietly. Was first team all pro last year. You realize that we have eight Pixar short of the NFL interceptions last year he is a ball hawk first team all for let's not make the probable. There's two corners on first team all pro he's wanna so he's that good of a player big place life. And I know when the and met me I think that was up and capital watch. The joint practices remember the raiders practiced with the lines before they played them. Terry sleigh. Did your car in short interception all training camp limit big place like I'm so you gotta keep an eye on 23 do you go at the other guy and haven't lost senate. You stay away from him. He's a tremendous player that probably most people have never heard of what makes loosely special what he's everything done everything ball skills sized feet. It's less straight line speech short area quickness. Does not have a weakness plus. Is the swagger. Of a great player he beat you when you play at that position. He struts around like. Bring it. And he's just he knows he's good he is that really have a weakness at all. And he has an a tremendous confidence that's just oozing all over. Where he knows she's gonna go play the ball he's just a great player he does not have a weakness at all he's the kind of guy. The net you know whenever Revis went to knowing what a ballot check Belichick got it done without great corners Vallone had Darrelle Revis and Revis was a little bit less than it was early the jets are still really good. And that's the way you can build a whole secondary around a guy like Jerry slate and then you know double on the other side and just let seriously take his side. Let's bring in four time Super Bowl champion two time all pro Matt Millen of course he was a CEO and president of the neutralized from 2001. In 2000 and he joins us here in the afternoon light on 957 game Matt. You saw those joint practices in Napa California with the wind generators and of course you got caught a pre season game a week number one look lines are raiders what did you see from the lines then. And then what did you see from a mom won't run in April ball because in New York Jets. You know well what I saw the game that. I had changed so what I saw in training camp you saw on in the out on on Monday night except that what it wasn't as sharp on Monday night. And so what will happen from week one to week two it appears different to it through here Matt Stafford not to throw. And it shouldn't you know they're not gonna make that many mistakes. There's there's talent there I mean are out there are just like there is everywhere you just up the yet been maximized to count somebody someday you have those games remaining. Unfortunate routes are real loud or. It's. That it without businessman it's not easy to win an athlete just got to. You gotta be competitive week in week out and find a way to get it done they will. Perry met and I know you're an overlap with Stafford you you left right when he was strapped to the next year which is she watched his entire career earnings of veteran guy in charge quarterback's under the age of thirty has more passing yards and anybody in history the league over 35000. He's durable. But yet he's never been able to win a playoff game he spent three of them and lost all three what what have you seen from Matthew staffers career to this point that. I I think staffers more popcorn approximately and I think when you start to talk to. You know players really like for example when our route no reporters that they're just watching film and you know books of restarting. All the scouting department for a poker look America wrote but he's making them go oh my government prepare for you gotta be I mean he does things. You very rarely city so he can really spread. He just lady need you know they're gonna he takes more than just one quarterback uterus there's only been a few and even then. They needed more help like the best quarterback that I saw when our plane out there that. Green get it done by himself with Elway. They only did stuff that you just scratch your head like who doesn't know that there and he still couldn't win the Super Bowl until he finally got a running game and a better beat. And so you know what to Marino at the same thing all kinds of numbers through all over the field. You know he had played in duper for awhile where they thought that he'd get a they just couldn't get it don't know beat and choked. It takes more than just one and out and out is another guy you know all kinds of numbers put the ball all over the place. And it takes it takes more than just that one guys who you have to kind of be able to build around that that that's not gonna change. So they were we were has gone through the list of the guys that have led alliance and in rushing. The thirty year and it actually dates back to your time and actually right after Barry Sanders retired in the late ninety's so. Have to Detroit Lions. Do you think in time finally given a Matthew Stafford a running game or he could really become more of a play play action quarterback and make is like a lot easier. Yeah only candidate can they get that done the answer is you know what they have to do that that you can't be one dimensional. And we we just talked about all that you know the one dimensional team that has great throwers and this doesn't happen so. And I then there's the other part of the equation you gotta have you have to be able to get to the pastor in today's world that the curry you have to rush. And you know sway an iPod like sway. You gave there's there's pieces there. And then you can use some scheme but you can't rely on scheme all time in the end and still couldn't down heaven. You know they haven't employers and get points back in your in your okay. Four time Super Bowl champion Matt Millen on the afternoon delight. Right here on any 57 game that Euro former linebacker so when asked about Fred Warner other league rookie linebacker out of BYU for 49ers he gets his first start. Don't answer to fire its tough vikings team comes up with twelve tackles all over replaced what did you see from young man out of BYU. Our good instincts you know you can find the ball and he still. Like it will take some time Stoltz who from this process common past drops are. Great yet but. We have a guy who can who has the instinct who can find football. I usually you can see that early and metal shop in the run game quite a bit. In the NFL is is really a passing league anymore so. Now you're you're drops and you know more man coverage is an electorate that's freedom really differentiate yourself. But you know very productive and and he knocked it just need to continue. Match up and across debate a year to your former team as well the raiders and obviously were very close to them throughout depreciation due to all the telecast with Beth moans and and Rich Gannon. Throughout your broadcast both you and rich were were were speaking whenever the topic of Khalil Mac came up it was when they don't tell Leo gets here. You know how they get a use of it was never if there was wind. So it during that time. Going into the fourth pre season game in Seattle teach you everything Jon Gruden and Reggie McKenzie would trade him. And what are your thoughts on the on the trade. I didn't think it would not I don't think they would I thought they find a way to get it done pretend you know there's always. There's always two sides of the corn and people forget about this some time. Sometimes the player and even there could be a third and by that I mean. Sometimes. You know the via. The organization want to get it done the player wants to get it done. And engaging get in there and then sometimes things get messed up and that they. Convinced that guy and implicated that you know your work there when you're gonna be the highest paid or we're gonna get you this guarantee. Or whatever and it doesn't work in in the cap world. Then yeah he's got problems I don't know exactly even 11 all what do on what went on there in terms of about where they are with the money I you know I know they paid car. And I also note that your cap and governor you're bigger every year. And that you can you know there's a way to there's a way to get it done. But I they demoted just they're afraid of the big numbers in. And then betrayed you know I was. I was surprised I'd just. I didn't think that would happen I thought they get it and find a way to get that done. Did you think date they could've gotten more back did you like the fact they did it better could they awaited the offseason played harder they want to get to launch but they also gave up a second round pick the other way. It can't surprise you so that was. To me I thought. At least. Peck ever play another year. And you know play out of options. There are your appetite this appetite and this year I don't know. Well now he was under contract for the fifth year of as the final year of his rookie deal that. Yet to let them play it out and then. You know the bit is it can't get something done then. At a time with on your side so bad Alan that's why I was surprised that they're all right but. You know I'm sure they have their reasons that I didn't talk to about it but it never happened. Too just in theory because you you had to do this when you're the presidency over the line Jordan manager's salary cap and it's a hard cap and it actually kick over by a nickel. But the prep has gone up so high it's a 177 point two million dollars now. In theory matchup which John's point was we can't pay your quarterback 25 million. And we can't pay play a defensive player 23 and a half million annually. Well but it will whether or will there be a time when teams are forced to do that can you allocate. Close to fifty million dollars on two players. Well I mean look. The bottom line is they could do it. But at the expense of what that's the question. And so can you do that and pay your linemen whatever they're getting paid down 121000010. Million David no. Whatever that it is. Eventually demoted or run out or you're going to be playing football minimum salary players. So it's more than just water even employers can you get away with 22040. Plus million dollar players I think the answer is probably yet then. Would he get left that you're happy gonna have a really young team you have or a team that's gonna have to pay sooner or later you to take your shot. And then you're gonna have to get rid of those contracts. Anyway. So I mean they're. There's a lot of weight look at it to the printed word erratic but all being in it you're looking at that saying and know what. I can get I can have my quarterback. And I can have his defender and we have young rookies playing on minimum contracts we can do this route two years. And then we gotta get rid of I mean that the possibility. Though it just depends what you wanna do and what you plus you. Great Matt Miller four terms probable champion Jeremy carpenter delight X at a time that we'll talk to you down a road here and we'll seat open Bay Area teams can bounce back this weekend in week number two he NFL. You got a guy that stay healthy may sound good. I'm particularly dramatic our Republican into the secondary or wide receiver match up. Are these lines receivers better than the ones reporting never saw last week would discuss on your to neglect right here in many parts of the game. Now back to the Greg Copley shelves on 957. Big game. Oh very cool didn't change. And it's a 28 yard touchdown. Poppy sound a little distraught parent or go to take caught a touchdown I don't know deliver or around have a cup. Whatever the great hero I do I do what he he jumped the interception in the NFC championship. God it would Sean Colston they took him out. Two main rock comes into the game what is what happens Eli Manning got shot vultures I took it did this young man out of Texas that's teapot school there. Let's robe Rahal of course a former mariner a raider given up the touchdown and we bring that up you know that funny fourteen when he 1520 finishing. And we bring that up because golden tickets come back into several to scope. Marvin Jones is back in the day area his big guy can Galileo on the what Dick where did he come from. Why just stuff that white receivers we saw last week Adam he went past six have some success a gust of forty niners along SARS upon big tarsala portrayal well. Kyle Rudolph scored a touchdown obviously hostile an Arnold Klein tread well. You don't like. You've just flat out drop the ball that comeback he did his duties I'm not a fan it got to produce a these that would no such a receivers. He's got to be a better third that's for their lacking is their third. So. Now in about the lines do have a third you're kidding gala Nader especially a game on my knees and big and strong physical merciless breakdown mismatch of course agrees Herman Moore who and a mid ninety's had three straight seasons with a hundred or more receptions alongside Britain are meant those great beach reliance teams in the ninety's you join us at 130. On the afternoon delight so let's bring down this match appear this 49ers secondary who's gonna go cover Golden Tate who's gonna stick on Marvin Jones can elevate. They don't do that inflation it's so yeah that'll be up to with the Detroit Lions in your guy Jim Bob Erica loveliest village about in the can and saw today that an Irish play their sides and an uncle share of the on one side and he's just got to. We are assuming these guys are out to be healthy to play that we told you earlier their entire secondary with the exception of uncle Schoen the old guy yet they didn't do a whole lot yesterday opened an update on what they're doing today David winter's bone tired and Colbert all bets on that. So calm day you know would you place sides and don't follow the offense dictates matchups. And that'll be up to them Golden Tate works out of the slot a lot. And K Juan Williams. Goes in there a lot I thought that's for the niners got hurt the most was in the slot. Last game and a threat of sealant works are these two guys his orders atoms they wouldn't Stephane digs. I don't know other comparable they effect at teen age and Marvin Jones were the only two on the same team dead a thousand yards receiving. Last year I think Diggs was a little bit less last year dealer was over a thousand a thousand if you play all sixteen games is 62 and a half yards a game it's not. Not a huge number. But they don't Golden Tate got over a thousand last year. He's a great yards after catch guy. So they rule is or was great punt return Saturday remember menorah there you know America on a Stanford getting into a shootout Andrew Luck and he's. He's a special guy he's a tough to tackle ignited did not tackle well. He'll move around a lot in the formation began his career with Seattle we want a Super Bowl with Seattle Detroit bottoms of freeagent. That he spent consistently. Hi targeted guy he's caught 9999. You wanna 92 passes the last four years and OpenId at seven. So Nate they will feature cannot Marvin Jones is more the deep ball threat. More of an acrobatic powerful guy attic Cahill we norm well he wasn't fit round draft pick Marvin Jones. To Cincinnati began history there and they lions brought Amanda. And let let Syria averaged eighteen yards a catch us senator Chris leak the F I would give you twenty guesses we you've got Marvin Jones and who led the NFL in yards per reception last year. I wouldn't either don't when he guesses to cut that's a felony record and a candidate if there is her daughter still what they got married should exercise Howard Katz is 11100 yards season you know he's a guy you're gonna have to. A kilo Weatherspoon. That after high point the ball Richard Sherman spell technique if he's got him or if the Marvin Jones comes to the office is right the defense has left. That you know one thing that they really didn't do against Richard chairmanship five digs kind of turned him around one time his footwork got a little bit screwed up they and they did double move on later in the game digs to it. But his footwork got screwed up in a ball on doping in complete. I just I you know why I was. I was really impressed with Richard Sherman's movement scale it was a much better than I thought he did open up its ships in play. Bail technique earlier. I think he's he's going to be vulnerable. To the out Koch the shorter routes that digs. Us Lance. Is if you watch him he's opening up and he's getting on top. Well his change of direction. It was better and I thought it would be. But he's given up a lot of pollution is there if you saw even the screen game to delve in cook a lot of that was not his side. Where they brought them off and only couldn't change direction and run streams. Behind him and underneath him on that side of the offense is right to the niners left defensively so. I think poll. You know I advocate a match up with Golden Tate would be hard for him he may be able to stay on top better against Barbara Johns but. I eat out I don't think that the vikings should judging Fuller quote didn't really double move of as much as I thought they might. But at our Richard did well. But I think the main thing that really protect talk about the young guy gala day who's big and strong on the outside powerful guy vicious blocker. In the running game ever should return their checks last year certainly Soviet receptions what do you that your marriage your vodka. But this the slot guy you know and that's the day interacted with the niners covered 34. Under the deep 34 under. Your linebackers have to buzz it's. And they have to get to a lot of those slot. You know targets. Like Seattle does with KJ Wright and Bobby where they're so good at like Jacksonville doesn't Talbot Smith and now miles Jack. He got to get paired speed. You know it is I don't know enough honestly about ally surely. I saw the pre season I thought it was a borderline even guy would make the roster. Now the all the injuries the line backing core Foster being popped. He's elevated a lot here so he's got to get new sucks all the FISA guy that sharks next to that Fred Warner Warner will be fine because he's so fast. You know that that slot guy you'd need help inside. And against a great route runner like Golden Tate you got to deal with those and cuts the linebackers got to be there to help. We see from the blind side and I mean open. They had Eric. We don't have from Stanford ranked. There's a difference for does that pursuant. There was oblivion that's why low low. Six days a monster forgot about him he's an end line guy all the Stanford tied answering lost them all sector which is the best but they're all public fleet is not in effect and that's surprising to Joost they turn determine cause and Cleveland Browns apart from sort of have to go to China and picked him up right dichotomy in there but I don't think he's still out there and street it is an idea to veteran somebody shining. Look anyway they got a look well should they acrobatic I can lute Olson's talked to pick out. Easy easy combination of Seattle wanna Super Bowl there's a repeat and play a whole lot but he's he's more well rounded guy. Living to a low low is just a monster she is 682 if you choose not how does she get standing next to the the organ damage. He's bigger and that is taller than both. Armstead and Buckner it's funny I want to Devin could use this page and assist Detroit Lions but it looks like he's not with anybody so we still as unit is the other practiced bottom line now. Us Cottam. But tonight as somebody picked him up right away may have put him on the practice maybe but lyzard you have weapons here and if you don't get pressure. On mass staffer she can carve you up that's the once he got word about all this back up it's all good about Matt Stafford here dogged him always joke that we overrated have you heard. You heard Matt Millen say and it when they were practicing. Eric's got a nice throwing arm that matched Asher and he has stated that he has all the tools that are watching back last and remember him. In the SEC country Georgia and he was really on the ball all over the yard he could throw deep there's not a throw he cannot make. Can he make it play yes she can at times but it. You know for beer is just a lot of quarterbacks are tick above him but again if you don't push him pressure at this guy this week and word about Sean Bell and out so fast. A little word about Weatherspoon to check Marvin Jones because he could go deep go on short education author chronicle that the ball our jobs we'll get off the ground to feeding off and rip it away for at least two safeties. That are you Herbie all all season they concern militia Covert stark and Colbert Colbert has a tight hamstring and what's his status hopefully we'll get a we are actually all that stuff that's. If it's good. Opening fire and it's and it's America to play. Herman Moore is gonna join us in just a second here to try to Marshal quarterback pre Stanford web go way back in the midnight and more professionally latest numbers they had. Rodney Pete. They had Derek Raivio for a while Scott Mitchell. Let's cut that's it for my guess electing a it a lot of money. Her ignored a 123 catch here a 106 catch your 104 catch year. 16100. Yards. Fourteen touchdowns what a monster years ago when he had reprimand on the other side and also had on everywhere on dirt where the quarterback up there. In beach resort at a number of quarterbacks were for some reason they just aired it out. Over and over again we'll Barry Sanders Herman Moore is gonna join us here. On the afternoon delight to break down goes the all time leading receiver in line industries that account would you term and more it's going to be big chart read your tickets may determine what was reported monster here probably was a borrowings one of the best receivers in the nineties nobody in the Obama. And any follow the ways and play with the New York Giants have been. I guess you're tired you're used on the air put. I don't I don't lol. I look at this line is she rid of the short week of Patricia. You gotta believe that this is a got to have it came from forty members are well they should be able to control it all there they won nine games last year they were the playoffs the year before one guy. What do you think they are one to what do you think they fired Jim Caldwell because a couple mindset perceived as they had a tough flood game because of Dallas Cowboys on oil tougher. You have to enjoy from Jim Caldwell the Matt Patricia that's a 180 degrees that is a total change in philosophy. What they did was they fired the head coach but they kept the offensive coordinator and at. The and a ticket to wide receiver coach. So what we're talking about Golden Tate Marvin Jones are good staffers pitch and catch ability Stafford likes Jim Bob cooter. And so they catch. His element surround himself Stafford knows the offensive coordinator terminology and all that he knows the wide receivers at the wide receivers know the wide receiver coach. And they wanna get tougher and I'll regards around that so. I think it's just Bob Quinn about quick knows obviously Patricia well from their days together in New England. So he's his mindset is to get the running game going but your blog that comes enable though Quinn and and the head coached au blog from New England. The limit that the league in touchdown rushes the year he was there when they won the Super Bowl and beat Jericho Shanahan shot. I know they kept the they components around the quarterback is first straw on the ball but they wanted to toughen up the rest the football team. I'm looking at the other certify bought a bounce back game for Jamaica Rob Lowe we've never had to see him try to respond from regular session game and that's what I'm eager to see your. Because mark he's got Wendy's it's good to go pop I know he was there today with I don't lose what you do and I quickly update from Czech player and I haven't gotten out of date on March she's good when Dante pedestal podium more reps. Your personal hopefully will play I don't know what happened he'd just seen nick now. Nicked up from first happen again and he got up on the colors that's cancer he was gravity exactly gravity but cheek. Pillar social. A leader sociology legal problem bounces back and it is is Bobble it day to be fired up to lead by stadium probably one of the home opener home opener for the most. Anticipated home opener probably since their stadium opened. Would you to grapple starting quarterback the first the first one dead arm since it opened their lead to homeowner or Chicago the very first game of the stadium there when Brennan Marshall at three touchdowns used to be war is still around to clear that -- port with sticker actively syllabus Steve. But that's probably the most it to split a home opener outside of that pop. Well the last feature should happen go to after Harbaugh left obviously. Saw you how is that why I read today they had three winning seasons the last sixteen years. And they were the three years of Harbaugh. 1112 and thirteen is that correct yes that is correct that is on but I mean yours they have an 88 mixed and heard about that 88 year black tar balls last season with the 49ers who finished eight Nate. They got to 79 a couple times they got a seven and I believe with Mike Singletary believe it or not. Well no screws me was a while Mike Singletary is what Mike Nolan but they wanna Denver game got to seven and nine free gore had a big season but no it hasn't been pretty for the 49ers up. Everybody son Oakland raider narrator says you know from obviously from the Super Bowl you're a true from all three through. Shortage of chain are awful but I I had not realized they united and matters of a closer to 500 in the raiders or raiders and a lot of you know for when years. But three winning seasons out of sixteen. Analysts that Shockey. Specially for received at starter what are Super Bowls and early eighties. They had a big run from Haiti are Whaley assimilate ninety's every year for fifteen consecutive years ago and am Mariucci comes in and be fixed at a time biggest. You know and the other part of it is it a Levi started Iraq a little bit late last year and drop a book came off eventually touchdown against Seattle. And then how many of those games that he won at home the Jacksonville game Tennessee tech wants Oklahoma Tennessee game back to back otherwise get there once were on the road. Again Chicago's first game in Houston the last one against the rams so. I think it's the first step busy you were talking about the schedule we all have as the first quarter of the year or so hard. You know I had Kansas City in week three at the chargers a week for joy boast of their sense that a missed a couple more weeks is to make his debut. At today in Carson it's starting out against him on September the thirty I don't know what. They they've got to get back where they're taken home field back date they have got to churn Levi's. And do. I wanna say a pitch. Because it's you know it's got a long way to go to be that. But it needs to be where the niners are winning games at home as the bottom line here they just have not been able to do this since the stadium opened. What's up and you are obviously that we are seeing him for the last pre season game which would take only bars because a lot of natives like myself we still. Look at it and we four elected sterile sure it looks has all the technology the Internet every day get. All the amenities that she won the new stadium but it doesn't feel like home it doesn't feel like a blue collar football stadium. I honestly think it's one of the best venues in the national football there's no doubt I I think the problem is then. Candlestick. For one thing. And then where it is. And it's not at San Francisco to Santa Clair but the niners move to Santa Clara years and years ago when you know Eddie DeBartolo had the leather carpet in his office managers character and David now they're forever ever. So it's much easier to football team we got their legs down there. So and you know it's just. The New England Patriots don't play in Boston they play in Foxboro the Buffalo Bills don't play in buffalo they played Orchard Park which is thirty minutes to the south. They're very few teams that play right in this city because the land is so expensive so it's it's it's commonplace. In the NFL. Four teams to play in another area. And the Dallas Cowboys for years played in Irving. And how they play in Arlington where you're nowhere near Dallas jets giants playing New Jersey guy and mavericks are just yourself but I think the fan base here because. I've candlestick all those years it's been hard for them to understand this concept. And then the you know the heat at the stadium a senate Clara county have been out there are a lot. It is very similar out to where I live and the other is similar to sand promoter must a lot of San Ramon. Either stifling hot days there early in the year the good thing is Oregon have one home game in September this one on Sunday. The other three are on the road that's not good for the football team but. It may be depressed the temperature will be a little more moderate although we know it gets hot here in the fall as much as it does. In the summertime but it did that weather pattern in the south bay is different to San Francisco so I you know. NN I I honestly when I look at the amenities in that stadium. And a sight lines in that stadium top of the line it is good does that stick you with a NFL like that and every one except the new one in Minneapolis. At a Dallas is a whole different deal the way they built that stadium. But this is. The President Bush the issue would be it's like a five star hotel. Where the amenities. And the suites. Are so awesome and so beautiful and I that in every single one of and there it it just a great place to watch the game where if they searing hot outside a wildly about the weather going to be like on Sunday. You're just not getting enough butts in the seats for the games but I think this stadium is state of the art. When they hosted the Super Bowl. It's easily a stadium record host the Super Bowl they'd be they college football championship game is going to be played there on January the seventh the pectoral. Championship game I'm a little surprised. That people that turned on the stadium so decidedly and advocates because it's not in San Francisco. And the media has been having this fight with the owner for a long long time he was able to build that stadium wasn't not. You know he won the election to get it built I I really don't understand. Why the marketplace is turned on that stadium so decidedly so the point I'm making is they need to win in that stadium. And be able to at least. Have it be a place where the opponents don't like going there. And I don't think it's gotten to that point at all not even called surge is all but I got a huge Q tell me about did you go there what's wrong with Levi. It's as as a football fans and just watching the sight lines it's perfect you see the press box you see the field. Everything about it is cool. But it's just it it doesn't have that football field. That football feel like about what everyone Mattel launched does right debut as big stadium seems like it hasn't decided right then and there I haven't been they're telling you watch it on TV they're living in this shape. Think about Mile High Stadium in the old mile high closely built the new one or whatever it's called now sports authority field at mile high whatever relatives. They said the same thing about that place that it was a Denver did not win there were they foolish we're first moved in there. That is a football palace I don't know what they're bitching about there I can go through all of them. This one distilled sterile the low operation helmet because the fans I don't know if it below their kids are not of the seats for kick off the wall this. Hi guys catch it he. People Magazine shows that we care Rite -- they got a fixed a problem a lot of you fix the problem guys these water have been heat stroke surely cannot just believe that perhaps are that's a little little beverage you're ever going to get bitten by the late and that's a Chevy chip. My concern is a 5 o'clock kick off on the Monday night. 5 o'clock trying to drive down 1018880. Grown cynical early if you're from Tuscaloosa. That is going to be a nightmare that is good to be a nightmare I'm ready when what he wanted to do you kick the game off at midnight and east Monta what are you wanted him. You play cal Berkeley and on kidding that I absolutely honestly. Good luck getting hit a lot of strawberry canyon weapon on top on this week at about the forty niners could have built over Iraq candlestick or not chemistry part about a cow palace. Decal palaces and old dump. Yeah I urge my engineer at a player out here that's where they are then that's her problem is they banned. Every waking moment of the week so that's true they are there more or less I honestly don't get Taylor I don't get their debt to push back. I've been in every single stadium and NFL it's as nice as any. I mean Dallas I think is that at their level. But take Dallas out of it. It is nice is any stadium in as the senate feels like our baby was taken away from a C start their keys are stadium they go to channels the hard. You win out of here that way when AT&T pac bell park SP CO bulletin is sitting there and pitching well they were bitching about that as well aware that no I welcome adds incorporated all about like candlestick. Think it was this whole save thing with a chase general. They may you may want America to Wear armor more hopefully common up on the afternoon delight but it's amazing to see what's on how what these baseball teams. Ten runs or one inning. An eleven straight losses will talked about all that on an approximate again. Now back to Greg accomplish all on 957. Big game. Joy 957 game this Sunday at hooters in Dublin for our first full ball watch party of the season. Chill on the silver and black as they travel to Denver and battle their division rival one Mile High Stadium. Kickoff is set for 125 didn't stick around for our live post game broadcast would Jim calls more. Plus one prizes and enjoy food and drink specials throughout the day for more information on that. Visit the events page and into parts of the game dot com popped let's go to the phone lines to delay and I'm 57957. Jerrells brought the field when all told. He's gonna explain why forty niner fans don't embrace we by stating almost up bill. Well why it went in the game because we all locked or eaten it. We had been out fifty yard line for 35 you're out there want to. And when they bought by it when they believe by eighty opera all it's True Blue collar and no lead beat up on the top of that it. They screwed out of art speeding ticket and that's why. That's why there's forty letter that everybody there. Eight at Google apple people based spirit their mark on and they never ever care about forty niner game at all. There's sort call Phil. I don't know much about season tickets because remember that season tickets by how many seventh season tickets for yourself. Got to be what they just held out your character so. But I hear hear your reacting to butts in the seats because of elements sometimes that I eat that think they sell lottery game up. The sellout every game but a lot of people I know a lot of people well and we still don't try to sell today nobody goes to the games they obviously celebration of tickets so. And ticket spoken foreigners are it was. Go back to baseball for sicker because he Oakland a's did something yesterday. Horrible torture or not horrible so Showalter of the way did you pop back in the day but. DA scorcher and touched the third big and that's all they needed one and have giants scored two runs in the last week. Repeated Saturday this eleven game winning streak they've soared to eleven game losing streak they have scored 26 rounds. Are a bad it's. Obviously you know just two distinctly different teams it is quite amazing. On each side. Which one you wanna talk about first let's go with a winning team is going radio days. Rather just of their lineup from top to bottom is amazing me Andrew Cashner when times are good pitcher. Couldn't get anybody out and he when he thought he got the first out of evenings it of this standing ovation. It was it was hard for that day you know NEA's didn't they did that Matt Olson an opposite field home run a three run shot later in the inning but they. They did to what people say he can't do in baseball anymore which is come up with a legitimate rally. And it lasted lasted forever they that they had averaged 32 minutes to score ten runs in the game was essentially over. Baltimore sucks right now so it's a great time to play them obviously. You know I am beginning to understand a little bit. The opener and the bullpen inning and I think they may do it again is well on on Saturday and a Brett Anderson's coming back to pitch. Tonight but K Gil may not be able to go Saturday and go to Tampa by the way. Tampa. Has passed. CA Seattle to her thoughts on that day they have 55. Losses. And the Mariners set or 65 loss of sixty vote. An emeritus at 66. So we're talking days magic numbers for wrapping up. 1 game in October. At least the October 3 game if not win the division vote used to just not losing. But the magic numbers down and I heard you talk about to go okay they go down fast. Because the Asia go to Tampa. They're gonna play at the trop this weekend and they hope to avoid lake snell whose presence. Details are you on both sides and the issue with the weather in Baltimore two daughters that it doubled the storm just didn't hit where they thought it was just at least the weather the rain. Yeah looks like we're gonna play ball for a five to Baltimore I have heard nothing got to do what are your words you know how to get their game. Definitely see the college right now taken on the nationals ended take U's a day off to go back out to Washington DC. Resource complained about that he went on a flight by the way with this full uniform on you know because global equities go to I don't know results so he wanted you to comply with the full uniform on say this is everywhere in the twenties who have no one sees it there are no one's he's on this trip but PH and. Oh I love them when the nationally essentially Milwaukee's playing Walker's plan well GO Dulles immediately a's lineup from top to bottom. Is just locked in and they and they are a threat from top to bottom and obviously 200 homers they got power but that was legitimate rally. Last night that would net I know Baltimore awful. It was just so dreary that's a great ball park their Camden yards and eleven and it's just it's just you know I was so. You could hear the the rain falling for it like resident around the ballpark there's nobody was there. I'm starting to understand this opener bullpen in playing in Tampa variation on their two game tonight. And they kind of started it so what's with Sergio Romo. I still don't understand. Why don't start start Daniel man then and bring the reliever in behind league in Hendrix but they want the reliever to face the top of the order to get the matchups there. Com. It's interesting. Can you still coming in so Hendricks a lot one broader amended came in to start the second inning with a fifth place hitter is still dealer but the middle of the order. You know if you do this against the great teams in the American League. Like Houston the Yankees Boston Cleveland I don't know if you wanna deal with this at all. Come playoff time. But I think we have enough starters to get it lined up preakness start legitimate starter and not have to do it eight I HIE I understand it to some degree. But I I don't really understand it completely to the hottest video Y it is don't start Maine didn't bring in their reliever behind elected you usually. It's just for those matchups at the top. Of the ordered opening game and I think you to see managers juggle their line up. To deal with that but they wouldn't have the advantage jays at commanders who started doing that starts with you there are they do what they're not gonna get a we are facing. The teams in the playoffs state they don't they're not gonna do it because they have great hitters wanted to die in the the Astros lineup the Red Sox lineup the yankees' lineup does count at the bottom of the order is different than the top in the middle. But when they completely healthy. And the big thing as one or judge is gonna come back the shortstop Specter catcher's back but he's not intentional Chinese DH Edgar Sanchez anyway I. I understand it to some degree I'm not sure is worth. Hole having this starter. The outer rhythm to know precisely what he's gonna start the game but Daniel meg and seems to be getting the hang of it and they they just went. That the bulk of the artists on hit one hit the hoping for didn't want to know what hit the eight scorched and rods out fifteen hits Baltimore had want. And then public Atlanta or ten runs on fifteen minutes Galarraga caught it. Lot of this and really Roberts its workers brought for a ticket. Jail it's awful but anyway what governor Andrew cash her brother when one is one of the young man has had us losing their heroes go to banks what we're told you know the a's bullpen logged up to going hitless after that they could talk it Mexico he took. Didn't give up a hit so. Against Baltimore they're awful but the real thing. Is the Yankees lost again. Yes Jacque order re easy. She out. It is never get no hit for awhile wand up close and three JaJuan I wonder if these are one. Game behind the Yankees in the loss column confidence in a tie. The Yankees did it. But the Yankees have to play Boston six more time aims the rest of the year I just worry about the last three game series of the season for the Red Sox will basically they're guys you know obviously Judy Martinez amnesty bill also weak they're not gonna play. I'm not even sure what round they play. At a Cleveland may play. I got to look at it I think I'll start Friday maybe it's even Saturday. But now they're gonna be off a full week and act to do that you're not get ahead of your guys you want to undertake likely to be BP in the game. Now they get at the edge at the Yankees red sex matches and only understand but this last week thirties that looks like they're gonna wrap that could've shut their guys down. They're going to be shut down anyway. Or Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday in October oh why they held you ought to shut about at the end of the year this is not football you're not doing that you want your hitters. Don't go off and make an addict even their starters. At a critical item option they get ready to go on Friday. So maybe I'll pitch it Sunday but she pictured Saturday so they have an extra day I don't I don't agree with that I think. Boston is gonna play hard just sold their sharp for Friday shall it play hard to the end. The days that Tampa Bay we're gonna see boy opening on both sides here ace went up Roland jet while we have an another magical season order Lizzie by the way pitcher from Minnesota that's the guy. Among the Billy Beane trailer most of the money and pluck them on a Minnesota. Look at that the other side today. This effort to go giants. They're gonna hosted Colorado Rockies were three game series at AT&T park eleven game losing streak the Rockies won't four divisional title and NL west. This season is this I mean just last week were saying hey earth couple weeks ago let's wait for the Arizona series we pretty Arizona series. I don't want to first again today they did their bailout of the final game policy had the hip surgery and I traded oppression and it has been following doctor got there I mean it's Doug or hurt belts hurt. Who else is hurt there I mean what is going on. How I'm already there are already hear about it it's a bad here 500 before this eleven game that they have lost eleven. Cairo eleven and roll they finish the season of course with previous Colorado three San Diego precinct list reduced Padres and Dodgers. Just sit for multi we think this is really need to know where repaired. As a worker evade it now I think he's gonna get that entity Amal and warrior ready to blame this on vote she no mart where little land lately at the Sacramento River cats. And native state aid they can't get it done now the one thing I was thinking about. And a few watched a FaceBook game back I want to back this morning. So it was a 11 game. And Brandon belt comes off the bag. In the top of the ninth it was a really. Close play. And I do think his foot his back foot came off it was called safe to start he got mad Will Smith went. Went crazy particularly was walking off the Mani Lee Allen at the first base umpire. And Peltz plan when a knee injury. And he's get it now that after a surgery. I think he did stretch out very well for that ball. But there were times earlier in the year. Where he did not he's great he's a great defense first baseman and clearly nitpicking here. Pablo assigned to vault did. Give you an incredible. Stretch at first base now belts taller. She.