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The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, September 13th
Hour 1. Greg Papa and Bonta Hill talk about the 49ers vs Lions with Thom Brennaman.

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We have breaking no spot break he knows. This short break in bad and the guy had the sharks could trigger for Eric Karros. There are you think maybe this shortly Durham there. Dig who they give up I'm not sure about The Beatles are this year Carson culminating in what the best defenders in the NHL so let's talk three Arizona. All I have bread burns in you yet pickles she got mark Edward Los sic on the blue line on today's so. Now we're back and talk back guarantee you'll Kobe we're all happy hours re read out. Talking about Carlson with the earned but am I doing the show today. It Vontae hill or the great rod Smart. Oh yes you are doing it with the great rod Smart former Carolina panther former glory they get to outlaw. We're having a pop. Look here and Eddie price everybody wearing his Jersey day was like got sent from a good friend Charlie boots and privately sporting figure out boots on the ground not John Dickinson but Charlie boots election where all kind of get words like two wings. Of the leading way to sit New Jersey last week that he patent Jersey so I decided to Wear that today rod Smart AKA he hate me. He hit that fell which played exactly one year. Who won the championship or near the ex FL I have no I don't know random and not later when he met faster and I have no idea I'd UNICEF Francisco demons made the final game well and coach Jim skipper they lost to Tommy medics in Los Angeles sorry that's right LA that's right Khatami medics got the job I was LA Pittsburgh Steelers journey should he can help LAX three new budget Steve young and LA galaxy and again never again have forty to put it I think definitely. David broke him all by the way Pearlman to sit new book Sydney two companies pop we're gonna see anyone on the old USFL. Worst steel asset himself guest Jeff is our whole chapter. And the Donald. I'm gonna guess there assume some may know there's only Donald LeRoy nobody eroded to look at Herschel Walker Doug Flutie who. Reggie White Ruder than you I was Philadelphia bells no stars sharks Joseph I made a million bells have a picture that it could. And I it is yoga sand hill to a Philadelphia seminars. Natan you know that was that was gosh why. LG and origins her idea that clogs our stars' first of the Philadelphia stars for the Eagles Philadelphia if I'm not mistaken but the Tampa Bay bandits when Nate Newton and I think Steve Spurrier was involved in down to a new high pulls down there in San Antonio go to gunslinger Jim Kelly Ron Amadon woman to best dual I don't gamblers usually get their bullets that are played yes I was not aware. The run and shoot started right mouse Davis brought it into the NFL hey you look at numbers Jim Kelly put up in the US at it's incredible. Shot that may be additional K god when he comes in the NF natural instinct and that music I like to kick. Good solid rocket. Do other great Dick revealed by the way is on the list. For the Pro Football Hall of Fame as his coach Florida's shouldn't. Tony Gonzales and it easier to read gonna go to its first ballots beyond amateur than any event. Mary started about a football change so much when he was out from 82 in 97 the US NFL. And Houston gamblers and Jim Kelly kind of opened up things a little bit and if they may have opened up in a sham why should the sugar huddle in the K gun on the Buffalo Bills. And possibly appoint their big for middle aliens chapter eight at your book character I can't wait to die going to be chapter on this and differences scout team could do you didn't she was dubbed the 49ers young defensive linemen off from the pac twelve. The San Francisco deep into San Francisco speedy its conversion aggressors and that I mean Russia's all of Israel Russia the sentence is an eleven dollar and slipped the net growth but they got a couple power does he do gossip power would DeForest Buckner Solomon Thomas wants a little more from them this week you got that I did violate the operative played really well I got to look at it again apart from what I saw holes are very well I don't want to hear -- play power to -- most snaps out of all the Johnny flip lowering their offensive coordinator and instant Kirk cousins run draws they. Played it that way but it is she a lot of three man eight man drops. When Matt Patricia is Detroit Lions can take him in San Francisco Jean said Erica and everybody peaks into orbits in on what those guys and I've been watching a lot last words of slots Max effort. Washed playoff games he had. Watch a game against Seattle and watch how watch the Seattle wanna watch they really want to be challenging from Tony sixteen CM against. A defense kind of like Roberts follows you have a great game against Syria didn't have a great. Five no touchdowns no reception later as ever called it a pretty good secondary didn't nominee head table stood at all it was called old uncle Schoen write new right it was the legion of boom I think they're called home he had given her yet they were derailed her daughter back but what how often that he electronics the women were and one at 25 too much today they were checking it down. On day in and aren't really test Richard Sherman at all I mean couldn't do much up in Seattle bacon beer deepen the film I don't know why a man I was almost bored last night I was 48. Penalties that should. DA's role would know think. Detectives on the literary agent and it sure looks likely to eternity by different about it as an optional. Curtain came out to take out at your cash like it usually does what could. So you don't have a Jim Palmer to bring in six frustrated theaters though Mike Mussina debris inevitable to Hawaii or yankees lost again and home and all talk days later we'll talk more resilient we're talking niners everybody's thinking that this is a slim build cupcake gave awkward and I gave Iowa and how eclectic that. I think because solid record last year six it is always the Detroit Lions record last year nine and 70 Detroit Lions record the year before nine and seven bullet 49ers the year before to then what we're fortunate tour fortunately I have you know I really stellar Byron black until. So I don't know I think that image if the game unfolds the way it did not Monday night yet but they delighted to get a feel better. And Sunday at 1 o'clock are terrible seat and I. There are a lot of interesting I think the one area and just the entire niners' secondary with the exception of the old guy uncle charm. Is hurt Adrian Colbert has a hamstring in practice gesture to take in the field right now so. We'll get an update the killer weather spawn ankle Czerkawski tart shoulder. K Juan Williams rid I don't know if they were with the team or daughter off the side of the trainers when you're limited Dick you know the NFL a little idea of not doing anything. And so they're not practicing. They missed fourteen tackles. On Sunday at Minnesota. I thought this would be a week to pull out one of those fourteen padded practices. I'm not sure he had enough healthy bodies to do that. So I think the major concern obviously is Matthew Stafford you gotta tackle the hair blonde two did not break a single tackle. Monday against the New York Jets and those two wide receivers he relies Golden Tate. Led the NFL last year yards after catch yet yet yet left the analyst Jerry Rice against the teed up I was director and noted in. John Taylor got tailored to yak yak yak he had he had if you don't tackle Golden Tate he's like a punt returner. And you know the guy who led the NFL last year yards per catch Marvin Jones Joseph Wilson. I didn't know that yeah it got I got deep pit of my film room where I could tell so I didn't say you know you gotta you gotta tackle block you hit it fat little colder day. And you gotta go high point the ball against the former cal bear great Marvin job war. About this can legality guy no I don't get a vocal village he is make these jets senator that body is meant to try and she did it he put on Jermaine Johnson and you saw that got us all and yet there it is you can block it actually count as one of staffers I had chief. It did not have already. They did I counted pick out of Stafford. It took this is the one area that really concerns me especially if you can get a pass stress. I'm Matthew Stafford as much as I'd. Talked down a Matthew Stafford when he does controls all he can't Spanish arm above his Georgia days when no shaman laying on the back field and AJ green. This Matthew Stafford can make every throw on the football field is no doubt about that and if you don't give pressuring his face if I don't think it. Well they will move also. Moving a lot I mean the story that game I think and and Minnesota though was DeForest Buckner in two and a half quarterback sacks in three stops in three. QB here trying to Blair and Eminem that it view offensive line. Put a lot of hits I'm Kirk cousins I thought they played really well. And the one thing they are doing Connecticut's Chris Kiffin it's lanes brother and money sonic. He's been brought in as the pass rushing specialist go back and watch the film of the game that they they constantly Rand Rand tackle and starts all game long. They were just twisting and changing it's kind of like a basketball pick play one guy goes in front one guy goes behind it they created a lot of pressure they mainly did it. To the off the defense is right. The offenses left and I don't know if you look you've been so busy look at at the lions from two years ago I don't know if you watched him today but frank rag now. This left guard they drafted who played senator and left guard and arkansas' final out of the starting left guard Greg out. He really struggles. Against this the jets did it to him constantly opening game he could not handle. The twist the star on the ET the T whatever you wanna call it. And he would go on back in the pre season he struggled. Against it and I think it's a lack of foot speed there each is getting exposed so. I think they may be able to get a little pressure from Matthew Stafford barn siding comma in the deep gap with those stock soared over the left guard. Yeah I didn't shut down this running game as well lines of course we talked about it all day yesterday. Haven't had an. On Billy Sims and I'm Delgado storm Barry Sanders very singularly senator I know we're at a hundred yards lost rushing out to and then he'll be he lost more yards rush in and play and it's for the NFL I think didn't have a game at candlestick. Late ninety's where he rushed for like. Ten yards or something like that girls like when he carries from like this round aren't you credit seventy yards forward and sixty years of Africa trip to bear special. He said is still solid lead by Diallo poly little Earl ray did very real old stuff fifth third is the third best number trotting in history I wish I can't believe you sir I am Barney. And elation about the Telemar ruler we'll take our guy from college to pullout to go see those first two guys you have heard Billy Smith I heard ability Simoneau who exactly Billy Sims is the other guy I'd never left the barn. Obama received less offensive facts and history and editors Gupta great to be played with the colonial restarted did actually a predictable is in the fifties and then they may have overlapped a little merit we're gonna talk to Tom Lehman next and got him in the leg he's calling top change TH OLTHOM. Also calls Redskins radio as well calls on this but I didn't quite get what Jeff fox cabinet Thursday night game and Joe Buck to a baseball eight. Yes some weeks stories go on Thursday Sunday. So elect recent Thom Brennaman he's gonna join us here on the afternoon delight next right here many parts of the again. Now back to the great accomplished general on 957. Big game. It's a second. But it's 49ers. Of course that was from last season opener between forty members of Carolina Panthers the last time heavily Thom Brennaman was out here are served Siskel. Calling a forty minute game pre Jimmy go up blowing Tom. Welcome to the afternoon delight here many 57 game I know you comedy game this Sunday well Chris Tillman. Did you change researchers took separates this goes to show laughter and you come out earlier. Well I should say they got out I mean there are a lot of familiar name to complete fate is still around the colonial garb all either been treated or there but obviously the number one of outlasting it was the acquisition of late in the political off below and obviously the grip at all by a straight win at the end of last year and Europe's need to know a wall or equivocal. Our political when McCain are both good go to Minnesota the best team in your seat last year I don't know what happened to them quickly Cordell you that you are so good rhetoric. But that's hard team to beat. I hear Schenscher broadcast partner mr. Stillman. Knows the general manager Minnesota quite well his brother Rick. You guys when you were doing the Washington Arizona game later in the day you had a a monitor but so were you able to watch the forty niner game before eating your game later in the day time. You know we we watched bits and pieces of it. But not a club that I know what goes great you don't Shatner try to you're ready your own game but there's so much and especially Obama beside you gotta pop in and out. Other games old saw bits and pieces and and you know and then going back watching the game. And. Since there. Our current quarter that we collect wrenching to watch admin and get ready for the niners just wait. The entire Christian woman now hopefully we're a non Amaro was really impressed with Fred Warner and is that let us play in middle linebacker. I John Lynch is a guy you work with whether directly in the military directly at fox you guys you know ran into each other quite a bit. Just give me the assessment. Outside other quarterback there's obviously that is a tremendous upgrade but just the overall. Roster from when you work niners games time early last year. To what is she now on the roster and what John Lynch is been able to accomplish in twelve months. The lookalike Terry Greg simply just about but when you anything are your listeners and when you don't know already. If you don't like the 49ers team. Go in and Courtney are you the caliber of Minnesota. Three years ago. Try the ball over four car the one before in the red go. Through your top two right guard early in the game. Broad base of forty niner football. Back gained probably. Forty to seventy. And the sheer fact that the defense only allowed one touchdown despite everything it would Cologne bottle out of the missed opportunities that legitimate cut down drove a little. The one that it'll drop. You know and all of a sudden you know you knew you would literally watching it be your poor political wait for the 49ers squad immediately went back feet and in my opinion. That speaks volumes overly try to break down the roster changes with John Lynch is that he could become an economic picture. The fact that they hung in there all the road you know Americans really treat a good quarterback. I. Looked up the quote brought along one wall. And still had a legitimate chance to tie the game in the fourth quarter. Tom Burnham and will be calling game Sunday for fox sports accord to play by play voice of the Cincinnati Reds is well. Tom what did you see. From the Detroit Lions money now and obviously they got blown out whatever are they is that as bad as I given up 31 points in the third quarter to a New York Jets team starting a rookie quarterback. You know I don't know I don't know I don't think they know. I don't know what ever seen any treatment I would say the good news bad disallowing going to be one point of the single core. But man oh man oh man. Look at that game that's really hard to find anything that went well and I feel about the course quick scrimmage when Audrey ticket or so the Arnold Palmer and the other way out now. I'm. They were all full. On offense at five interceptions. Were terrible on defense. There are special teams gave up long returns the a lot of return for a touchdown the mystery real cool. Now Dwight baker panel who will succeed ago put in that game they were that bad. Had a short week they played on Monday night they got to go out to the West Coast I heard the they didn't even practice yesterday after the Monday game they treated Wednesday elect a glorified walk rustling through there on the field and Ellen part. Another facility in today for the first time so they're gonna be up against it. Substantially. Take us behind the curtain a little bit time if you would Vontae mentioned that you also do the reds games on the great broadcasters in baseball. So when do you fly to the Bay Area we commit on Saturday could yet baseball work on Friday we come in Friday. When William meet with the 49ers. And web William meet with the lions branched out. Well the code or daughter whose group he just had surgery yesterday I would normally be. We can't we can't borrow forty Packers. It's Angel intolerant political and get better at the bit. But normally like Christine Neumann and normally our entire crew we can be but the whole tree tomorrow. Gluck 49ers stadium and their practice facility and meet with or pocket of people generally had co quarterback. You know that you want or receive defensive coordinator wanted to country clay nurse watch here practiced. Saturday. We generally go meet the visiting team where they are a little in the Bay Area and get around there can be a little more challenging some of the other city. Aren't so. This week I think we're delighted dot com or call kind of thing where you get so you know or five others. Talking about what happened last week about the community this week. Then we have a production meeting on Saturday night. Words and just do it on TV world what a lot of people are there meetings and hotel. And as it pertains to the people this is my last road trip this season got into. The largest share. You're Milwaukee or games on my date Tuesday. Didn't Terkel great eagle. I feel about nine out of ten people out there retreat job at least on my point. Yet our thoughts go to your family your daughter hopefully it all feels it or we didn't hear there. I'm just again north fox seven that Thursday night games. What October rolls around town we'll show block the off those games that. He'll be doing exclusively baseball because you got it on the playoffs overlapping and if memory serves last year you jumped up to the Troy Aikman a seamer usually to elevate it a little bit how how are your role change when October rolls around especially this year with fox having this Thursday night games. Believe in another Thursday's woman that Joseph at all period eco export agent will be scheduled an assertion kind of pulling out which could Alter those plans during the postseason that's conceivable you'll summary at least comfortable welcome Erica that request could have you know what their problems. I've gone over what truly corrode or think about an air. And in the past. I didn't do anywhere from three to four weeks with back crew while Cho was on the baseball playoffs by. Because if they're scheduled this year and they beat Joseph. Like. Only two weeks on big scenes talks patterns the leaking double had a I basically took people up there with that means is that you know we basically all NATO fox and sepia Scott can or on who gets big leak gain. At 4:30 eastern time 130 your time. So if fox doesn't pan out for dirty game like this coming week. Others at 4 o'clock game but it got a national game there's double header data goes to CBS. Were to beat Roger. But not on those weekends where we don't have the national editor Erica game week for you Joseph will not work on that Sunday. So basically crappy year they're doing two games a week and forty other after the year they're doing when. So I won't be doing many games controller reside on the task but are they wanted the chance to do it. You're guaranteed you get an awesome game and it's incredible had a chance to work ten few games you appreciate your. The great compliment on the afternoon delight her many 57 game will be called on the game Sunday did the lines of 49 is that we by city of alongside Chris Tillman. But among wanna go back to the Detroit Lions for a second look at their quarterback Matthew Stafford who's now been a week to ten years. Of course she was number one overall pick of the 2009 draft and nobody. Will argue that he wasn't the best player and a track he's been solid had a solid career but where do you see him now amongst the best of the best in BC unprofor interceptions someone in a Pope Paul. It got all these weapons but the lack of running game has really hurt them what do you buy what DC that's staffer would you evaluate him. You know he's such a cup guiding and that question I'm not gotcha question because you don't. They're regained I've got an adult life in a lot of why it needs to be your and watched him play a lot of ball Derrick he should walk away you're taken there's no way there's a quarterback in Vienna style wanted to get a date that can help. Let's update was complete operation he would not have that right at the EX one to try and relieve Oprah collapsed in the top 67 years. And already three years ago we get benched pulled from the game against Arizona beer at the cardinals were the NFC championship game. And I think that would happen you know last week. Whenever you play the why. And you know you make a great point about no running game I mean they get going 69. Consecutive game. Without having any running back run for a hundred yards in the game. Kerry Sanders didn't 77. I. He had been retired for twenty. Years. They have fewer than twenty of those games total and Millen to Richie pollution Thanksgiving to you got out of thirteen so. What. Everybody talked about the other goes 49ers. And everything else the last time I checked they wanted to correct him. And he's got to have somebody you can perch in the run game we just can't swing it around all the pot but unfortunately pre step for that's what they've become. She had become an alternate. Ditches were usable. All. The time and you're gonna have to really horrid kind consistently. Unique. So when you developed an upper he's basically been. A sub 500 or 500. Quarterback in regard to wins and losses that you Pekingese keen to play don't you maybe we can't. Ever won a playoff game. So. You know maybe quarterbacks are given too much credit. I don't know you know we get galaxy out last week. I don't Yugoslavia when he first came in the NFL opulent 49ers want to know their real all the years and I've been a lot of forty niner games and local. I do not realize it Alex Smith had a record of nine PU and far right after Jim Harbaugh took over. He got such that you. Know got hurt. Horrible felt like cannot predict what you gotta look at the Super Bowl cup politically great. Well he was the NFC offensive player of the week the full game before he got it got in touch so. Just incredible. You guys. Being let me get this guy Alex if you want to let him be I am like forty and in. I agree I I think he's really good I have always like I went well how does their offense look I know it last week he had Washington Arizona. I was surprised was Arizona that bad. And how did the combination on the offensive backfield Tom Alex and all day drink is Adrian had a big game look. We had a good game and Thompson is a great player he broke his leg you know early last year and a lot of people forget it is truly cannot easily and I'll point gain. That October last year the Redskins started this season. Toward Warren. And for the game the week of practice the week before the game we were doing the Redskins lost to reopen supply and in one game. And get into victory for the year. An eight but it made a comment on the area just watching the spill it on to your you got a rich people to blog is better than el Al Gore. Well and got her back. And at least one gay. They look like the best golfer to block in the league they weren't just destroying people line of scrimmage. We could do it. Pretty much whatever they wanted to do they get a little all are or they had a big lead. Guys get a little you know complacent. I mean they have the ball long and they're the right down and distance and all that kind of stuff. The Redskins at that often to blunt he's so keep the organ or because Thompson is an outstanding player rob can at least it would deploy it. Peterson got something left in the tank I don't know Pete hundred guard got some gamers aren't keyboard player Alex it was probably getting. You're absolutely on the money their Tom great great stuff and again we're praying for you and your family hopefully speedy recovery for her daughter. Get that across the community spray. Good business okay outdoor or indoor out where we get things that are critical to all men are at stake here. No problem degrade Tom Brigham and of course who will be calling game for fox sports. Sunday alongside Chris Bowman also does Cincinnati games as father of course the longtime Cincinnati Reds announced already and in my entire hall of Famer there. Tom Burton and Greg great park baseball broadcasters we'll swap lawyers so let's move on with this 49ers and Detroit Lions gained. Matt Patricia and her journal morning Joseph we've talked about and on the show pop. He knows Jimmy drop below. How much of the man is is it that he spent three and a half feels would you meet Rob Lowe course. Jimmy go Rob Lowe was the second stringer probably going to get to scout team per wasn't scout team quarterback wanna get some pitchers deep it's. How much will that affect or help out Matt Patricia this week in game clinic for Jimmy drop. How he's not going to be out she'll play and middle linebacker but he he's got the Intel the entire time Jimmy you're out below was in New England. Matt Patricia or rain Belichick's defense so he saw on the lot and in training camp. In other one year that Brady had the deflate gate. I don't know how they treated them as in for and training camp and training camp the ones goes you can go against the once. So I'm sure he got a lot of first team reps because he had a quarterback the first they thought the first four got hurt in game two so a lot he's got a lot. Other Intel. On him. And we heard the whispers when bill raw announced he was on what three weeks ago. People high up in New England think it's a scheme thing and once he gets deeper into his career he's beatable well. I'm here all these all these talking points on all these talking head shows and I am on a lot of them myself but with. He's Jimmy or operable and exposed by the Minnesota Vikings there's an hour and a Minnesota Vikings and exposed. Any quarterback that team. Especially at Paul is difficult and Odyssey Aaron Rodgers being able to run away. From that pressure because the double A gets stuff they didn't get Jimmy on Sunday they were more concerned about the middle of the field I think they're gonna give it to Aaron Rodgers negative com. An agent after Ronald weigh in on what's going out his knee but that that you can't even that defense is special it is not a scheme thing at all. But when you get in to the specific. Nuances of defense of football against a guy like Iraq but oh how do you handle a bootleg game at. I do you wanna get somebody in his face. Is he more prone. To pressure. Because he's small I mean middle middle pressure that's the one that have always wonder we're gonna find out. What the people of New England have been saying privately for a long time how Matt Patricia. Runs is defense and the whole league. It's gonna watch this game. They watch all of them. But they're gonna study this game this'll be the blueprint how does Matt Patricia pinky defense Jimmy drop off so yes it is a huge. It's just going to be the tactics going into the game two to wrap up carve up their defense yes. And Kyle Shanahan knows the Matt Patricia defense very well from all the years that his dad went against and beat. Bill ballots yet in effect they met the Super Bowl not a lot of rubble. And it was they was up one point 28 to three doesn't have the Atlanta Falcons weapons. But he has an idea how to attack this now is Patricia that are on his defense exactly the way knowing when does I don't know the one thing. That's interesting. Is that you know Belichick defense was always a bend but don't break type of defense right and so you're talking about a red zone woes. And you know the jets scored a lot of times outside of the reds on Iran back interceptions they ran back punch it was just a blow off 31 points or one quarter of football you're getting the official throw that game I aimed I would watch the first part and at one point. You know like the raider ram game that was tied. There one point in the second half so you know you study that but just in theory Vontae you know. Belichick has been so good inside the red zone new England's defense let she'd get there. But you don't score and historically. They got some years they gave it up in most years. They are stingy as far as scoring. And then it leaks to the red zone now and a forty niner woes on Sunday. And at times last year certainly throughout the year the last two weeks against Jacksonville and in LA and investor guys I know the red zone offense was better. So you know that's been a real priority. And Santa Clara 4949. This week is trying to score. Inside the as the coach calls at the strike zone ran a red zone. And when you get into the you know the plus red zone inside the ten the golden girl so it's but that's where Matt Patricia. And Bill Belichick act you know obviously you learn from that the great hoodie. That's where New England has always been really hard it's boring watching good inside their twenty or even more difficult watching it and those golden goal situation what can Jimmy garrote below. Take away from his days in new England and study that defense are going to get said defense in practice will leak have some sort of advantage okay SG. What they're doing here what they're fought their linebackers or secondary this is what we're gonna do here can he still when he concepts and will he have an advantage guess which are too because everybody's looking at a at the other way the other way around your welcome Georgia Norwegian legal problem but wouldn't you think rob the last some sort of in self our producer's defense has. Well sell me what new England's Steve fences and they're they're difficult to solve. They change their fraud and state changed their secondary. They are I was talking near the day about out subjects played zone on one side man on the other New England is is pay are really hard to figure out they do at all. Now that is valid check in a system in place for twenty years the entire. You know after Y two K you know should that chuck you gain they've they've been doing this a long time even before that. Actually brings players in it and they're Smart and that's what they've been doing for two decades. Matt Patricia as a man there that long so out of office guys had a full capability mentally. To be able to adjust spot. You don't know what you're gonna get. I get I told you yesterday I've seen New England rush one guy dropped ten and could help does that help nobody if you had to bring over low pressure. And go action re safe zones are having it's it's hard to. It's hard to get a feel. For what Belichick does is Matt Patricia going to be that multiple both on the front end of the back and I don't know. Most say he's got his guys to tackle and just lineup and play as they did do that at all the one thing. And and one thing about Alberto but I love. It makes me laugh every time he hates. The fate grabbed the old school. Are you had a drought not a back shoulder fade. But every time there's a favorite rock all over the game he does go crazy good pitches to get here is distinct. What percentage out that was I think overall worker and out the president draw the fake tooth who's the freighter who's afraid he wrote so we don't we were talking about those got a route so. Maybe they'll break it out maybe Donte' pettis in golf and high point of ball. But I just have but I just try and help the Dodgers score audit I could actually affair why kids doing good. It seems bread and the one thing that from every game whatever they get a dual goal the goal in a quarterback throws. The back pylon old school fade. Rid of that eroded our lads got the crowd did for. You gave it to. For assaulting like his Alderman Ed hardy doesn't get the okay it's because that's solved is made for search Robert somber and and that is we're talking yesterday. About Shanahan. Mike Shanahan having success against Bill Belichick and had some time on my hands this morning I'm looking at. All the games and Mike Shanahan coached. With a different broad goals and also that one game where he was what the Redskins where you when it is winged wind they lost 34 to 27 and 2011. But I'm looking back here and I don't know if we communion. Correlate this with anything going on Sunday what Kyle Shanahan American church of the bill are disciples of these of these head coach is Mike Shanahan and Bill Belichick. And when Mike Shanahan was in Denver 98 they beat the jets were Belichick was a deep into coordinator nick sure to jets beat the Broncos now looking at it when. Belichick was head coach of the New England Patriots. Shanahan went five and four biggest New England page and tell us that's all it was down one point it was it was more. I want what point did did dad did Belichick quit the last two. Telecheck won the last to a future and handle one adults was with Shanahan coaching that Washington rats owns a so the last so the Broncos at one point one point in a row they want to once went to there ought to dial five now won a playoff game number Champ Bailey with a big enough session down to one your line it'd be on twice that year. And in May be a the next year 2077. At fox were also wouldn't show him when he was the head coach in Denver and Belichick was in New England. Shanahan had a had a plus 500 record up 54. But then a Washington game day. Enhancements to shoot 35353. Guys illustrate it and you have got to watch more and I thought it was like five and two or four in tunis so we had some success there I don't know if we can correlate that with what's going on Sunday but that's just how it like it's. John Elway played Joseph Brian he's playing Sunday Jake Plummer on the on the on the he's he's done by the way he is our shoulder surgery BC that shadow because after that big courts in his shoulder surgery so we'll talk about that a little bits from a children development here it took us out of right now. The kicker a beard has that now your gonna sit become almost hope the giants won yesterday because they couldn't even their record at 6969. That would have been pretty corny little 69. Pop. That is the number here are giant sixteen I don't know and that's how long did bits of the lions had a 100 yard rusher Jackson so I. I did it and have lost eleven rove got credit public plus a 500 there for a pep talk about it all of street movement forget what are sold us seven anyway will the street got an eight jury okay changed you do seventy for the beach or slides sixty I don't look at numbers that there's expedited we'll talk about bacteria to little item in parts of the game. Now dead. Back to the red accomplish shelves on 957. Team. And make good. Okay. How old's lawyer you back on December 23 1996. When the Detroit Lions lost. So the 49ers won four to fourteen Al Michaels on a call there for ABC. Gary sugars that night went for 28%. Between eight carries. 175. Yards and one touchdown and out once before we get started with the segment public got to let everybody know. They can join us. Jordan at a price of the game party this Sunday at quarters in Dublin for first football watch party of the season to run a silver and black as he traveled to Denver and battled their division rival in Mile High Stadium kick off. Except for 1:25 PM this stick around. For our life posting brought Cassel told Jim Coles or more plus when prizes and enjoy food and drink specials throughout today for more information on that. Visit the events page at 957 game dot com and we play that audio basically because Detroit. Hasn't had many toward the undercard ruptured they've got 69 games without a hundred yard rusher pop. Have you ever seen anything like I guess we saw with Cleveland Browns from 1988 to 1993 but. Man this is that this is rough. Well and you know they had Barry Sanders and he he retired when he was very young he could have broken the all time record and an Emmett Smith got an artillery 181000 sweetness was sixteen. 100726. And Barry Sanders wound up at 151000. 269 by the what Frank Gore. Is gonna move past Curtis Martan maybe as early as this Sunday. To move into fourth place behind Smith Payton Barry Sanders whole thing so after Barry Sanders leaves. Here's your year by year Detroit lion. Rushing leaders. Radio. James Stewart. And he James Stewart came in early 2000 when Matt Millen Matt's the Jonas and a couple of minutes here. He was a presidency EO of alliance met from 2001 through 2008 so he had changed awarded a one out Joseph Shawn Bryson. In all three. Kevin Jones did rush for 11100 yards out of her do you tech he was a 1004. He had a good run he was a leading rusher in 04056. Or seven Kevin Smith. Kaman for a couple of years. And let him a rushing. Kevin Smith at close to a thousand yard year at 976 is all free. Matthew Stafford Matthew Stafford was the pick in 2009. You know who led the Detroit Lions and rushing in 2010. And eleven. Number one this one you I'm going to say our men are all hail there. O rules on the job the best shouted death disaster a very good I actually which wouldn't believe this or not ex girlfriend was going to miss law school in Michigan following an external foes and Exxon I always get dumped. Which you live gave winds wins game Sean Beatles playing quarterback they blew up and Kelly lands meg trying to jab at best they are big days in fort Phil very nice stadium very very nice statement were filled. On Detroit by the way I wanted to ask you what's worse in the lines and her brown spent a feel sorry for Colorado it's out there that's. The clowns to project good teams. I mean obviously the fumble to drive. All their heartbreak hey you know Brian Sipe the cardiac kids red right 88 against Matt Milledge raiders team and AD in the Cleveland head. Good teams alliance really it is they won the title and fifty cents and they have and they won one playoff game since in the early ninety's with Barry Sanders. And you know it at a home for so long put a Tiger Stadium. For years and they went out to the silverdome in Pontiac. And then I got Ford Field which a nice stadium it's it's nice it's hosted a Super Bowl. But I you know who to pick out everybody in the rest bus Rust Belt stay off my both bills the thicker so after job the best Reggie Bush. The thousand yard year it's. But today and Giuliani thirteen dead last and they had a hundred yard rusher. That is the last beliefs on average oil bella Georgia State little solid like joy delicate cachaca rumbled when it's here out consumer Letterman 25 Tina. He specific active on Sunday I gotta look and watch him up Abdul this weekend and see. He can catch the ball Theo Riddick let him and 2016 here Riddick is their. He's a better pass catcher out of the backfield he's a Lisa planted Abdullah. And Abdul eleven rushing last year type 62 with 3.3 yards a carry supply or making Asian and Thom Brennaman got in on an earlier when he joined us a Matt Millen. Who was there for a lot. Of these years obviously 2001 through 2008 but he did have Matt Stafford. I think when. So what did they get mega channel seven he was in the mark JaMarcus Russell draft number two. You Matthew Stafford number one pick and on nine. Any ahead does beastly wide receiver Calvin Johnson mega job. I think you wanted to build it around those two pieces. And the running game it always was that well there was a dual or Riddick. They always had guys that were difficult to tackle in space jerk McCain and types right right but they never really had eight let Garret blunt. And that's where Matt Patricia. Is trying to change that mentality by shining. Dear Lola the air plot as a free agent also. You know drafted rag now number one overall they're trying to fortify the middle of their. Offensive line and run a little more power liquor blonde is a great tackle breaker did not break a single attacker could tackle curiously as the jets in his first game is alliant. But. If they give. Matthew Stafford. Any kind of openings. Where the play action game. Is impact thought the Matt Millen knows as well as anybody. You know he after read the key and come up if you just buy up a step as a linebacker. And blondes can do it and obviously the young guys they drafted in the second round. You know you get behind him now Golden Tate and opens up a lot more for them. And I also got Luke Wilson and from Seattle is a good pass catching tight and they gave up on anarchy brown so I think the lions and their organization. Are looking at what you're lucky we we have not had a quality running back since Barry Sanders. And Reggie Bush even. Reggie got to be a better between the tackle runner was Miami before that are my president might have been before then because he got a thousand yards with the Miami Dolphins I got harder if you figured out how to run in between the tackles. When he went to Miami I thought throughout the rest of his career. Needed ought to do it was a big back remember the fourth at one. And a great game against tech's all LenDale White LenDale White put down as tequila whatever your computer every day that tequila to drop forty pounds and you're a little bottles dropped out of his head at the other guards into the earlier the beltway and everything they get a lot of LenDale White right and Reggie Brussels off the field off the field but he was never great in between the tackle runner. Somebody figured out better remembered at a hundred yard game against the raiders in Miami but he was more what we're talking about in space checked down. I was rookie year and NFL what catching 88 passes Reggie Bush in New Orleans he was tremendous. Imagine Reggie Bush in today's game with the way it's played hockey team's strategy came around ten years too early propped him Reggie Bush and by the way the winds have one. In San Francisco since 1975. I just remember all those monetary gains a loss for some reason they come up to West Coast and they just can't figure out twelve straight trips to San Francisco they've lost including the playoffs while. That is that is awful not want to play playoff game and Barry Sanders raises a line against and I I don't remember him playing I don't remember oil and between the two teams are Libre can be named Dallas Cowboys at the silverdome and and they got blown all moderates in an NFC championship. The bigger centers are shut down and out when that's the closest. They ever got to the Super Bowl on the wane fonts from overweight by any coach and the way it bounds up he was. He was solid but Broncos and I are you guys would rules weren't agreeing got a lot last year to looks like Fred Warner is gonna get the job here. Didn't try to slowed is running game gonna keep this running game in check you do not want to be on the wrong side of history and at the lines you have success in the running game. They're promoted it's gonna be close to going to be tougher reporting that is a win at the lions do have success on the ground. So with Rocco oil going on IR he's got a broken back on top of a concussion so huge. Loss for him personally Malcolm Smith yeah Mac getting any positive vibes from the writers in San declare that he's going to be able play and it's would be to have this this hamstring injury goes back. To August the ninth. The first game they played against Dallas he did come back and play. Against the colts right in week three of the pre season and a lot of snaps them. So he's just tears and it could tell when he she's just not running hard because you can't pop Miami RE a prelude to hear that figure out a year. So. Elijah leak I guess would be that call right you would have to retread I don't know Allstate these young guys that they sign up on awful Bada. Terence Garvin in August throw him in right away probably not but it is even going to be up on game day and be able to play one of the outside position so Malcolm Smith can't goal. A lot Asia Lee and Fred Warner very very big year your linebackers and Fred Warner's incredibly quick you know he just. If you're the big guys in front and they've got these and in size and length and they're they're they're they're fraud is just monstrous or Mitchell's a hell of a good nose tackle and he got all the pac twelve guys Thomas and doctor Armstead. If you keep Fred Warner plane he should be doubled or Ron or automatic a play. But eleven Odyssey is tackling let your blocked on all levels. And I think of Warner's claim he's going to be able to do I think you shed better than I thought he would get off blocks and get to date. Get in the backfield to make a play but that's ultimately the guy what does he went 236 pounds if that candidate to try to get to the second level and play a body on him. But yes the line I mean Ruben foster's two game suspension. Is really hurting this game. Images got by last week his coral got hurt late but you'd really like to have them when they get them together. They're going to be a dynamic pair it off Fred Warner next to Ruben Foster but. May you'd like to have room would Foster played homo. And especially against Matthew Stafford who are listening to marry parred seven game KG NT FM in a skiing one KG NG San Francisco he radio. Dot com station we're gonna bring in Matt Millen just a sec.