Papa & Bonta – Hour 1- Greg’s Departure from the Raiders

Hour 1. Greg Papa and Bonta Hill return and talk about Greg’s departure from the Raiders and take calls from the fans on their memories of Greg calling Raider games.

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Ladies and it's an all due to stop what you're doing I don't know. All day in India I think he's been the voice of the warriors. And how well encouraged. Yeah. I. Well okay. Caller yeah. It's. Oh welcome to the afternoon delight glad to be back from vacation along with correct pop up we have a lot to discuss since he lasted a show together back on June 29. The boogie man to marks cousins he's now a warrior co why winter is north of the border he's a Toronto raptor LeBron is an LA played for the lakers. DA's till 46 were mr. Driscoll jars in the Bay Bridge series. But raider nation. We all know why you tune in today. Along with everyone else in the Bay Area it's been three weeks since you for heard from them so I'm always in the wartime public. The floor is yours. I haven't fired from this jab that tension still good it's still good and I usually what I let's go away in July and looking for a permanent vacation wanna win that'll help you out with them pop that is when they came semi permanent vacation so I do not apologize to everybody that has reached out to me over the last three weeks that are averaged one. I really realize how some people like did respond to most of you I did not know that fact you all and time. But I wanted to do this when I came back from work because it was my supposedly education. It didn't turn out that way so just catching up to speed so Dante and I did our last show and late June on that Friday. And I took off like they always do the first three weeks in July. And I was actually driving down to Southern California Dante is there's in my daughter's name and that's for the news LeBron changed on the lakers sits on it right away slick and grabbed the steering wheel. And then the next morning I wake up and amount of beautiful bike ride now leaving Santa Monica gonna vanish speech to the staff a lot of my favorite place is very Celebrex is breakfast and a some to wash it down with his well and I get a text. From mark today in the president of the Oakland Raiders which is not that uncommon this time of the year and later in the week appear rounds to together for drink. And I said I'm in LA amateur ever come back later in the week what's up and instead it's better we speak in person. She's at the true. FF FF so I knew I heard some rumblings through a Jon Gruden text of former raider Bruce Gradkowski at a three touchdown passes in Pittsburgh herds touchdown called the Louis Murphy. That's something may be going on but. We were talking in oh late late you'll now when I get this text remark then it was July the second. So I think and now it's not involved that I'm not sure what it's gonna involve because there was talk earlier in the offseason about expanding my role. With the raiders and then what to make a long story short I come home I mean mark on July the fifth which is the day after. And a Al davis' birthday and that's always a special day certainly with me and with the raider nation there are family. And mark I get along great we always said he's been very honest with me. And you know after a glass of wine. Pension chat we got right to the crux of the matter and he said we're an actor bring it back. And the reason it happened the way it did. Involves this very radio program. In echo respected January 2015. When the raiders were looking for a new head coach and you know I lost jobs Tony Sparano yesterday lost his life is really you know we're almost the same nature to note Tony a little bit we'll talk about it later he also worked on his side of the bay. Though Tony Soprano in a finished up 302014. Year for Dennis Salomon and in a head coach. And there was a report. That came to light about fifteen minutes before my radio show one day and it it was a Monday that the raiders for the interview Mike Shanahan to be the head coach the team. Now I know on this for about a week and a half before. I forget do exactly who took me off for there was coach met new conducted the interviewer Bill Romanowski was hoping that. Mike Shanahan would get the job because of that Romo order work for the raiders in some capacity reuniting with a former coach in Denver. In any event I I knew what it wasn't gonna happen probably because standard and go great but. It was out there and it was going to be a story about fifteen minutes before the ship. And I kind of got pushed into a corner you know me I am outspoken. And I just I felt tip to be. Beyond my comprehension it still is that Mike Shanahan could interview to be the head coach of the Oakland Raiders I just it was beyond me knowing how much Al Davis. Loads it ham. It just couldn't happen. So I was not you know we start the show that day or night to go back and reached on my excerpts. Where it got heated. Was when Bill Romanowski was in studio that day with rod Woodson we were doing a football power and they were openly campaigning for her (%expletive) hit the coach of the raiders. And it was extremely outspoken. About colleges could not happen in my opinion and I and I threatened to quit the situation the team and I would have no association with him. And the reason I was doing it was my. My love and respect for Al Davis. And two interview Mike Shanahan have been to vote coach of the team I still can't believe the concept of it. But in any event I rolled with the Marcus Allen. Torch lighting. I found out about that a few minutes before show on a Friday and there were gonna do it on Sunday. And middle markets. If you want the list else enemies it would be Pete Rosa L Marcus Allen and Mike Shanahan and I sure I'm sure Roselle would be number one. I'm not sure the other two would be but he took his is hatred for those men to his grave and I. I was well aware that we all our so this this to me crossed a line. So. Michelle won on that day in January they want a player inject Hillary or removed that. Mark it gained if you remember when they. Installed Jack is the head coach Mark Davis also at a press conference for you know any agreement announced a marketing it was going to be the president of the club. And a week or so later I spoke very nicely about the day in that in the radio to no check much yet. And so I got a call from mark the Dane Milo a couple of weeks later Shane thank you for the kind words coming back. We call he says we got to go have dinner. So we had dinner and a couple days later. Andy said he got a soothe the solar over with the owner he is not happy with what you said about his interviewing Mike Shanahan. So I. Called Mark Davis the next morning very early. And the phone conversation did not go well he wound up hanging up on me I don't know exactly. What are you wanted me to say if you want me to apologize for my feelings I I said I'm sorry you feel this way it was not a direct shot at you. It just us you know sometimes I feel as though there's nobody around here to defend jail. And I knew how much they sweat it really in it was just too close she tales passing to have this happen. And you want up hanging up on me he was also very upset that I didn't call him. I found out fifteen minutes before the show that day had known a week and a half about it but I found out of it before this is when it became public when it leaked out to the media. In I you know I had to address it. And he wanted me to call him and talk about and and honestly I should anything you would have said fifteen minutes before me going and the air was not going to suit my emotions. So. It really would not help but he idol as the owner of the team. I understand the way he felt that way but for him to. Want me to say I'm sorry I'm not and I'm not sorry to this very day. And I lost a job that I did for over 21 years at the highest level. The job that I love beyond that any job I've had had done at the longest. This is painful for for me personally to lose this. This association with this particular team. But I do not take back those words. And I do. Move on in my own life now what happen right away after this happened. I became to some degree public enemy number one in the organization immediately took me off feet. Pre season some cash we had that Al Davis wanted made a to go on one year. Because he was that a higher award sappy had him for Michael weakening sending Jenny to control war and I think it's a good luck that. So anyway we did shuttle pads for a while I was immediately removed from that it could easily responded. That that was taken off this I'm a test because. Nobody likes some cash you know it's not 1970 which at current impartially on the radio people that like the TV people didn't like it so I understood they also took me off the show I did for a long long time since Jon Gruden second here. As the coach attain the sovereign election. So I know I took my penance. And I understand. And I thought it was really over we never were able to mend fences mayor mark Davis and I. However we are we're around each other in a standing right next to each other many many times I reached out to him to say hi he ignored me. And it I thought overtime that would dissipate I thought overtime especially with Jon Gruden coming back. Then it would really go away and I John initially in the offseason. Ought to mean more involved in any organization. And so to get informed. This so late in the offseason and when I asked mark it gain on July the fifth when he told him not coming back you know. Could you told me in March or April why now. And his response basically was we've been doing this for three and a half years and I thought she three and a half years. So. The question is why now I don't have that answer. But I do want to clear up it's amazing matching you know I'm not they got social media people sent me a lot of stuff tonight. Some of that I read summit achieves I didn't die I'm still alive you're never gonna bury me yet. So. But some of the misinformation. Via blogs if it is just laughable with people put out there in your report what you read and a block it. It is just we are rampant with miss information but the Las Vegas angle. To this discussion. Was never in play here it was never brought up to me. And while I was away there was a a laughable defense raised. But an issue far greater than this one of the world's greatest issues in our country today. The difference between the words awarded and wouldn't which is amazing to me but in any respect is it as it pertains to me. I was never asked what I go to Las Vegas I never said I wouldn't go to Las Vegas it was never presented to me. And I never. Should I wouldn't go. I would certainly be open to go on a lot not only longer obviously there at the time you know what's so bad about climbed out of Las Vegas on a Friday had a nice weekend they're doing the game and a Sunday with a hangover coming Becker before Tammy so I that it was never presented to me and in light. Where I stood now in the organization and I don't work directly for the raiders and never received a nickel. For broadcasting their games they were either radio stations over the years now compass media network says the rights they pay me. The raiders didn't pay me what I did the other things for with a silver or black show in the pre season games I never was a direct employer the team. So that the Las Vegas angle is not a part of this. But I think in just stole wrap it up I'm gonna take your phone calls coming up a little bit I don't want to dwell on this today and back and I wanna go to back to work and left talk about sports and wanna get into a stone out of baseball teams DeMarcus Cousins. And all of that. But I think the bottom line. But today as I say about the raider nation. Formally today. I don't fit. Anymore with this team I just do not and it's not just me it's John Herrera. It Xian ping then it's Bruce can't Brecht that you cannot and Jimmy gotten it stayed Nash. Somatic. I just don't fit anymore so I I wish them luck it's gonna be a hard year for me you know how much I love this game. The hardest hit day for me is the day after the Super Bowl every year. Because and that could have again to broadcast for months. I ended their college football we'll explain that coming up later on I may have a role in the NFL as well this year but. And the fact that it happened to me on July the fifth. Is certainly bad timing in all respects but. I just think as this team proceeds into the future. I no longer fit. And this is not Al davis' football team anymore and maybe that's my own mistake. That. I never realized that that day he died at Saturday in Houston I should've realized it years ago but I am realizing now. It can choke up a bit pop but it it like you mentioned it is rare. If we take phone calls on the show but today is an exception raider nation. If you wanna tell Greg how much you loved him as a play by play voice of the Oakland Raiders now is the time to relate not by seven. 9570. Tripoli not by 79570. What is your favorite. Right operators call we're not taking negative calls to us was that wanna celebrate Greg's time. With the Oakland Raiders will take the calls common appear but now's your chance to win a thousand your chance to win a thousand dollars happens right now. Now back to the Greg pop Michelle. On 957. Game. And the best couple calls ever. Over the last twenty years is topples a play by play voice of the Oakland Raiders and that is no longer. The case anymore and a lot of us out there and welcome back to the afternoon like pop embarks on a 257 game a lot of text cumin and pop a lot of suites. Are people gonna mission there's no doubt about it and I brought it up to me. Yesterday that when the raiders had a lot of games blacked out the only way to listen to raider football was listening you want calls Flores and you gotta store a lot of Sundays pop soul were gonna do is open up the phone lines here too late I'm 57. 9570. We're gonna take calls on the good. On the greatness of all the cost pop made over the last twenty years we're not gonna take any negative negative phone calls American income appear. And bashing Oakland Raiders Hogan just talk about what. Puppet did this twenty years in. Give your until I what's your favorite pop call was so let's open up the phone lines right now let's start out with Brian in San Jose Ryan channels they aren't any 57 game. I got to take the call. I just wanted to edu. That. Growing up in bay. You know you and bill keying in on him and where. Probably the boy is that I record. My radio. Probably the only people actually listen to that much more than my family. That that kind of relationship I think that people out. Where it. The one you're good enough and let you know to broadcast. Sports on the radio reliving. Everything he did it pop every immediate raider game it was the study in how to price. What well and I love the. And that's I think you. A Texan I got over the weekend from tencor act. Summarized and Nicki put it in his book he wrote about cocaine was what bill set that made you football and what Bildt told me many times he pulled me aside. That I announce football to actually supposed to be announcement. And honestly it was hard and I first game that I ever did with the raiders shocked. Very shocked I wish noticed that depressed. It was in Dallas it was a pre season game. And I just had not done in football on the radio on so long gone back to college. I had done it on TV. And I was overwhelmed by the game and I think you know my predecessors then in a lot of big boost in big games but football on the radio is really hard if you haven't done it the game is changed. And I really had to. To train my mine my eyes my brain and Al Davis helped me a lot. I remember just watch a practice rhythm and you know the left guard which which a little bit. If you're up and half dollar issue. And a shed a chicken UCL 22 guys who once studied it and he did he was able to do you know you stop watch the quarterback is much I think over time. I was able to train my brain in my eyes to be able to see a greater picture. And real estate is a game moves fast and mean it really does and all the personnel groupings so. But it was hard I remember after the first game a precision game in Dallas I was really disappointed with automatic appeal to do this the second game was on them against the Packers and I. I was able to figured out that. All the all the sports obviously of a football and they that technical nature of the game. I think does lend itself to go to my abilities. And as far as you know build on. I moved here I studied those guys bill loud and Hank and I called on the three tenors in the Bay Area. And you know I love Hank impacted due football shows many villain lot. And line was doing the 49ers and the differences bill wouldn't really excitable like me fast and lot of what not in alliance called Steve young's touchdown run against the vikings and one of the greatest goals have ever heard that a everything in. Why he's excited about this stay right there if it is so I and bill was just soul. Amazing in May the first year he would teach me tricks and it. And that's for the touchdown raiders game now over the years it it evolves especially when. In our shop came back and they scored like one touchdown every two months so I had to give it shut it off for eight seconds or a guy Shane Lechler punt combined. But at the beginning got to deal with that long that built me a bill that touched generators. And that was my way I've just always saying that the voice on the other raiders the Oakland LA raiders of. There's okay. Man I can't say pop in my time and listen in the full ball the way you break it down the preparation descriptions jerk. You just don't know the formations is right away and quick nano sick when the guys motion up okay points covers over here in his nominee for. You know I did that budget says it's there it's it's it really. But made me and able to make calls fast and I I grew up in the other sports and basketball. You know you sit right on the Florida players are or where in muscle shirts and shorts the right there you can see everything. A football your far removed from the field it's hard to seat. So. If I know Jerry Rice is left. And they have a slot formation right and the pass goes left who do you think caught the ball very nice write very so to be able to seat. In visualize in my brain the play before it snapped allowed me to be able to call the play the way I liked the play called I you I don't outlawed. And istar I live and I grew up I was listening Lindsay Nelson who Monday Night Football giving up. But other other eight EA cut by the cut by any bucket cut by 88 Joseph embargoed. It's like that can't do it that way you've got to say Gerald embark on the former titan of the New York Jets years ago. Caught the ball and I just somebody announcer does not do that I I just shell. And I got to the point where I could you know Paul the defense as well as I called the offense because I could see it that way but. It's all being able to train your mind. And putting it chime in but that's why I did study. The playing a football it was more the substitution of the game and they just they changed personnel. Offensively obviously which was easy to see. But the defense of personnel changes along with it that's the whole thing a kind of personal group is on the field 211211. Whatever it is and you've got to be so it was hard I'm like cherries and I've ever. Obama gonna get this all out so I had I've really had to call it that way. To hear it the way I want that to be heard. Let's go back out to the phone lines pop Ron and Hayward Ron you're a 957 game Monday afternoon delight how you go into Iran. You do not. They're different ballclub called you ball real gold we're not doing moment don't show a code you fiscal a couple of oh yeah Google code didn't go to opera. Until that debt owed to defend him bill would be an all time gardener Whitaker. And three. Google news and screen a lot of color treated with Doug normal. And then you go from the arena solution to root Sunday. What would you watch greater game. But now know war but I wanted to know fuel you know pretty much do you shall can do you still in going to pop. Now I'm I remember you calling of that over the years and there's no way I am on its college. Well I think you know he's he's one of the greatest broadcaster and he's the greatest sports castration Bill King as the greatest radio broadcaster this country's ever known advantage. And you know his work in baseball he never had a partner all the cheers and into the games ensemble cast the difference was that where they and it. And me I keep getting fired Dante it is the third time I've we're gonna go to any any different direction. It a lot of that you know is this talk show. And I you know what I what I lost leave the warriors job. It was because I went to work for the raiders. And now I lost the age job it was because I was working in with the raiders and I never Allah after a loss to Asia should hit Jesus. But this fire they can't they just in the direction out of me they wanna get you. But this one was different because. It was really my the four on that I've and I I did not have forums like this in the past you know where I can speak. What I felt you know I'm not on Twitter. And I don't know talk show to what I do what I did I at endured for years and years so in any event and it just unfortunately the great irony here. As I've lost this position operators make say you know he's shocked as an announcer he wasn't very good retirement and anyway that's fine everybody has their own opinion. But I mean the reality is always been communicated and it is is this is happening because of my deep deep love and respect for the patriarchate this franchise which which is that makes it really difficult. It's difficult too because I was really looking forward to it. Or another top star rigorous car from you this season which aren't coming back I know how excited you work. About the move to bring jungle back we're just a mini camp pop what was that month and a half ago includes addressing the media and he's going over played causing your start in on the field as a didn't refer to sees insult. On that this is officers awfully tough period and all the texts and tweets are people Rolen and they all love you pop the raider nation legend they. You know cue from downer in Dallas does he showed Lerner said you allowed him. To figure out how to figure out football the world football just here. Your voice pop to her radio he wasn't able to understand formations and wife team did a certain being a white he did that so. A lot of people love to populace can roll the phone calls here is Lleyton. In Oakland's Lleyton Ernie afternoon libel pop and until an impressive game are you doing today. Andre you are not. The I'm the and it. Your luck eat. David is unbelievable I hate pink. I did that common knowledge being brought doubt watching again. That actually mandate and do you youth portrayed in your life. It goes I'm Rick sat out whether word count I'd want you are out like that and I'd like that they do or you know the last 11 yard proud cat or greater. And we now I did not know how old are heated and. Thank you. I appreciate this people room to follow I did but they have a tendency to go on a little bit with the touchdown we blow a bit dull. A couple of times I Elizabeth hacker you're gonna approach floors not a killer blocked a couple times elected to be liked by judge yeah. Know a lot of that lives it was a great soccer announcer Cantu or what's his name a candy tour yeah. All a little bit of that but it was I I forget when I exactly started elongated but I do think auctioning. A Art Shell came back is the are the head coach in Tom Austin but the offensive coordinator it was the worst often mentioned shot nikkei's offensive Tampa Bay and 76 are you kidding me that we should have been executed as well immediately did score tells you whatever they got the red zone and I would go first I would go. Flushed. It affects you know and I got the red zone. No there is a shirt is LA get kids though. Through some of dark days raider nation would continue to fall calls your club righted Stockton garner got a little light will problem by determined by some of the game are you doing today Brent. I'm doing great thank god take my call hum Popeye that's what say you know this is also term by my late father who passed away you know many years ago now blood. If he had the opportunity to talk to you. It's it's it's it's just such an honor because simply put eat you paint you painted the game in such a clear picture than anybody else you you all are. The voice of the raiders and the loyalty that you showed Albanian expel it. Palace my father and that's the way I am I try to choose to be that way as well the loyalty you showed the way he was loyal to you. We would watch McCain. With the sound off which you played in the background can mean my police say all the time you paint a clear picture than even the day MTV costing you. For the horse the greater than even though this whole situation went out at such a way that I I don't think it's kinda shady. I I sure hope you still. Outlook for the nation and and look for the raiders because I can't muscle group or another teen but it's within your pursuant to the break you know so I. Thank you really. Thank you Brian you thank you. Let's go out there right in Pleasanton pop Ryan and pleasant to garnered 57 game are you doing today. Aggregate. It I'm making a rocket the only thing I've ever Nam is great opera and honor. It will at least we have him actually headed to call mixture try to. Abroad Procter and I wanna thank you aren't being given it by me the and hope I can and a B and Rick are what he said you'll study OK but he although. I have been letting you alive and I hope to be. The electric pop without being such an honor and I added it in boxes. And. That's that's very kind of I guess my advice to you would be get along with a ownership better witness is that we. Now I don't know if you know that they've the world you are embarking on. Is it entirely different world that I embark Dominic out of Syracuse in in 1984 just it's a different world. And as you can learn I always tell people. And it when they may be opt out out out to a class on how to be a sportscaster. And studio and to win games and I I probably said. Yeah I can teach almost anybody to be a broadcaster it's not you know some people are born with that like my college roommate Sean McDonough. He was amazing first game we wish to sit in the crowd at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse and the way we got on the year we gave it to get cleared. To get out nearly a few demo tapes and we set up you know football games with Dick MacPherson coach and basketball agenda and we broadcast a tape record. And Sean Cochran teases you could see it was Scully right. Like cheeses Saudi at a me I couldn't get two words when I heard my voice back faster than him and on Stoddard. It was awful and then overtime by repetition. And just a desire and study I I learned how to do it. So I I think you know it doesn't matter what voice you have a habit I would shake it the best education you possibly get to you want your references to be. Not just that game atlas in a guy like Jon Miller how he's able to bring a broad spectrum of topics and or broadcasting nailed a call. When it's time to nail let's look at the very best education. You can get and if you really do have at a designs on doing this. You can do it and anybody can be taught to do it it is not a a 88 some people like shot to behavior born with I think it's a learned behavior. But about though the problem you're gonna have is the competition. Even though there are some more outlets out there for people somebody you know different broadcast entities adding more people. Wanna do this then I want to do it in the late seventies and early eighties but I I wish the best of luck tonight initiative that went about it at each class. Should add extra padding gets fired by all very very pretty straight team record because there's a lot of schools are here to Bay Area popular love to go teach you class. To have you teach a class maybe once a week. As should be a problem we could check that out of the money of probably due to class is available for work now to be the first class actually attended it since I was in the history. Its culture it's gotten Alameda Scott Ernie got the middle it will pop Ambon turn into parts of game are you doing Scott. I'm great guys. My love per. Three news on this because every day. And I was in a car accident many years ago. And I was and another really bad car accident. Few years ago. But I was in the pol. Is long he's been on here. And I can't watch TV anymore so he was mine mine eyes and mine years. In every game. And it's a really emotional. The year wonderfully human being. And your fair. And further raiders to do this deal and I'm not saying the raiders. Because Al smiling down on you man. He has. Popular greatest. I don't know what more to say. They accepted. You know I thought my heart bled so over in black bread. It doesn't anymore. Dix I don't know how I isolate. And I'm gonna have a tough night on August the tenth when they play the lions and you know I it's it's gonna be difficult all have to take it step to step but don't don't turn your back on the team Johnson however that person. They've got some people there but you're here. When one car accident the second car actually are tough SOB her for getting through it and still being there but not a lot of state. When I did games on the radio when I've done it in on them both on radio and TV they're completely different challenges and mediums. But on radio I always envisioned somebody who could not see. And maybe it was because of which one of the cavaliers owner George your Gordon gun weapons or drugs yeah when the cobra is FiOS Soledad also on the San Jose Sharks they first moved here the owner was was blind. Any would listen Jo Tate the the broadcaster the cavaliers we've had on the show many times when guys I grew up listening to on Cleveland. And that's how he heard again and I I just I even before maybe I read that story DeVon really turned it in you know two amplified form. Is that is it at that is really the people that are you wanna talk to on the radio are essentially blind. Or whatever reason they can't see. So what I hear her. I can assure you look at that info resorting used to what is to hit it. Let's go at the delight of electoral I can't look at that what happened so we I I tried to be is di tale. And there are ways to cut a basketball court there are ways to cut the football field with you know so people do have some idea where the ball and show. And honestly what you said really hit home and in the emotion in your voice and a contract here before you get down at this but I. That is what I always said in my mind was when I broadcast on radio is speak to someone who is sight impaired. Back out of the phone lines are many 57 game organically in early afternoon delight our door Morgan. So popular work in her and I can't be around and seem a lot riding out throughout the year you mentioned earlier. Well I don't I'm not. Disorder that got to see it firsthand how well you brat and how argued grass root into every week and we don't let you are going June ground ever reached. And not been greater nation has they were all appreciate your hard work and dedication throughout the year and brutal beating and. Thank you so much tire data got his messages and audit back too soon mark and we love it. Yeah yeah reality decorate all you have. Thank him. This finish this segment up published about the Zack and Oakland Ernie got a little right here and and a 57 game are you don't today's active. What our guys yet I would say it is there about their years ago. Up than any year let your area let's cursor. Couple I'm actually. They are giants could impose it on the ballpark and warriors you know that you hear yea. Year I'm not generator and you're such an operator call is legendary. You know obvious. And yeah I mean. I am I'm sorry you're that now and weird and regain its current Sunday's. I hear your voice you know it but in. Now a mature at concerts you know Oakland appeared you know but. Kennedy died three months later. Yeah yeah that's a lot of men and a few Princeton doesn't wanna deal with a bicycle in the the piano and yeah over the matter at hand and it and it. You're let it got butter and you know it but now. Yeah I'm not sure what the word legend actually need to remember years ago when I first and they'll hang on a warrior broadcast I introduced him as a legend. And he said young man you have to be deceased in the election. And I think that's actually true when you look at the actual definition where there was an American if they don't take it as vocabulary I was gonna lose out there. We are it and it's now. And back from vacation obviously we need to open the show where that I've not spoken to anybody about this all we hope we would planned on keeping this quiet until today right. But it leaked out with the new voice of the raiders set alone that's the productive. About this till next week. And they think I talk too much now I know he's got shorter shot in any event we're gonna cover the team. And order to move up in other other teams in the market that are. There what's going out of the warriors in the off season so I'm back from work they wanted to address it at the top since it's been out there for a few weeks now hang you know hanging in the air. But now I take them to go back to radio show it's a crying please. You know make me cry here it is sad and I have no affiliation with the raiders man but. You see all the love and people pop I. You know what being in Cuba last week was a good thing for me just to be away from Julie you doubles in Cuba with no Y five while. No look I can watch my short there and I am merely. Was on the got their Miami actually on the way there we went from sensors go to New York. And in New York could Havana Cuba and on the way back Miami this and Cisco but we'll talk about that they got a different story and how I got yeah vacation. Candidate but pop up I. Don't go to as well I published an out of body Cuba telling that story come up here the raider nation we may take your calls later in his Joseph the pop there's a lot. We need to catch up on so let's start with the Bay Bridge series we'll talk about that journey capitalized pop and bouncing many parts of the game. Now the great company shell won 957. Big game big middle a brilliant parents sits. His arguing. That. It might have been one of the share earnings that might have been moved but one of the giants reliever. In that this god is claiming that. Might have affected his ability to retrieve the ball and play it back quickly to Xoopit chopper off the flight tough flight coming up corporate blog. You know we have spy gate out here we have to placate and now we have chair case. And of course Saturday you know what I'm references to mark went and enough. Right field bullpen. With this chair making interfere with Scott Scottie but it didn't matter DA's it up when he got when Saturday night of course yesterday bits control the on call there. Sunday met Chapman's bouncer gets group gets passed Brennan Crawford BA's when the Bay Bridge series stick to a previous weekend to to a pre last week and for six from giants may win that nice looking trophy or say nice and very kind way. Of course can correct Zeljko daughter restaurant to her the bridges are its heaviest value that I had to figure she Bo Mel try to lift it up bright and it is no way into the commercial they probably got an aberration can definitely tell that you really euros and we're look at trophy there with the a's you take for six from adjourns would welcome everybody back to the afternoon. Don't like the band is back pure pop inspector or he's off of vacation or often vacationed pot so let's talk some baseball here. To shoot thoughts on Saturday in a controversial Bartlett I got its start. Before reading get beer. What Madison bomb Carter who. Didn't get to fifth inning Saturday went four innings gave up two hits walked six batters only had a five strikeouts but it ended a streak of 89 game to which he had gone. Five innings or more which have been the longest active should run in Major League Baseball let's start when Madison mom burner which softened Saturday prop. Now he is. I think it's just a product of the first start back after the all star break and he was just he's been so amazingly precise. In hitting corners. And in particular. Corners so weighed a right handed batters. Where this curve ball I was chiding his command on his breaking pitches you're like how do you do that. He was just slightly off I think the really key. Element of that was Bob Melvin is quote after. Was. And he's talking about what few people are talking about not talking about that it obviously they said the advance scouts and but we've noticed Madison bombed earners a completely different picture. As she's growing older and coming back from these two injury ravaged seasons where I did see 193 over the weekend when he got pissed off and SR 92 point seven. In a starter earlier that he is not throwing the same velocity. And he's throwing a lot are breaking pitches. I think that's a slider not a cutter boat ever it is another at the curve ball has been amazing. And he's throwing that for strikes he did not get they X eight he was inheriting was always mad at the home plate umpire. But he he was felt he was being squeezed but he was missing yeah those pitches were not in the strike summit to meet. Is more indicative and you know maybe Bob Melville was more inclined to offer this information on it or not but the giants again this year we're not the plane anymore. But he came right out and set the scouting report now on Madison bomb garner. Is to not swing each nibbling around the strike some what is off speed pitches. Now whether or not he's not comfortable challenging in to right handers witness is fastball which is down a couple of ticks I don't know. He's been able to do both it's not like you didn't have the ability your car. And hit corners. Where it is breaking pitches before but he also the ability go above their hands and blow you away remember in years ago and Javier Baez just came up. Obama got a got pissed off and hit it Ridley one day and just global way above the hands the way Matt Cain did. I'm not sure he has quite that ability. But for Bob Melvin to offer the scouting report is changed and it's completely the opposite. I remember what the aced it. Was the opposite they would try to ambush him. And teams that knew him the best. Like San Diego under start you're talking about created out of the role it dates back to his second start of the year forget what year I think they 12015 half the World Series here. Primarily the game vividly it will Myers took them out they they were ambushing him. There were they were going to you know knowing become the strike zone early in the eighties. According ace advanced out so I mean they are really oh well. Research baseball team were team and certainly a lot you know maybe it's because they're in the they're I don't know that they may have adjusted got to hit bombed garner. And not give them an ad is Macomb walk. And in boxing man you know in the base user a full runners recognition damage but the if it's completely. The opposite of what the scouting report was on bomb garner for ever which was ambushed him swing early and the strikes are so the days. I had it occurred and the held at the whole chair thing with the alliance and I mean this is not Bobby Knight throwing a chair right fifth decision did not expect out of him why don't you gotta gotta strip it didn't matter. What I don't like about the whole thing. Was Blake trying to slider. Was so damn nasty if there's not a curve and young I listen I think it's broadcast a little bit over the weekend in Dallas Braden was calling it a curve ball. Or was it FL but otherwise. NN that at whether that is that is like the nasty speech ever on topic is 98 mile an hour two seam fastball pretty hot so these strikes out Allen handsome looking so bad on that picture perfect for you know why they changed the rule. Why if you just look at naked guy look that bad of a swing and a miss why did she get to go to first base that role has got to be changed what there's no reason. Not first space is occupied you don't get that latitude you're out so what does it matter for spaces and tell me. Why that rule exist I think it goes back to when the game was called routers are not baseball's try to help with that rule. But beyond all that the Arctic. The output days you're good Erica it's weird the way they work at bats and engines to homer after homer after homeowner and Johnny played those not that it. The same that Kristin Davis takes a hanging curve ball Nana. It's a high Carter the Olson one and hit an O line right now aren't they just they grind at bats but the above at all you know what I'm gonna like the best. Was Saturday night. All of it mainly CN. Sandy Alderson. And Lally it's. And we are talking about great ownership of the Bay Area and Molly's dad Walter Haas does not get enough credit. Just a fabulous fabulous person owner and every regard. And get to see the coliseum and adding go to the game that I just to watching it and hear it and the way it rocked like the you know I first started orange games in 1990 they draw almost three million people enjoy more to the jury charge for and they did I told the 32 years they co existed it when it was candlestick and the coliseum and they start to 32 years since the a's move west and 68. The H doctoral seventeen of 32 years so most years the aged about drama at this point I judge had a great team they want the World Series. But the case that nearly is that I have a championship ring around here from the American League in nineteen out of her first year during the news. And they celebrated at 8090 minute later they think they just got the close to trim never got over three Miller two point not but. To hear the coliseum rock the way it did take the tarps off to break the Alzheimer record. Now the key thing is can you do it against the team other than the giants'. Other than the Red Sox and yankees come in and Labor Day because I'm here to tell you. And we left on vacation but to have his wonder and it is believing it to be a buyer or seller we didn't doll. Obviously now he only gets familiar over the weekend his starting rotation is the end but this is a really good team and a lineup. I don't think he's gonna give up the capital in the minors to go on get a starter or two. Because the Yankees and Astros are so good but right now. Maybe just roll the dice but the open days are good and I come back off this road trip on Jay let's hear another actor to get 56 can get thirty they'll give each week. Deserve some fans out there article support them this team is critical for Chris Davis also in the chat and jet line always. Have been a fantastic season is pretty ironic to pop goes on vacation I'm hanging out at the beach. And I read reading money ball. It and I'm watching the a's over that we can I said. Just read about the take bitches they play a numbers they just grind you when are enjoying grind to a net that is a very. Very good ball club but you talk about Saturday night pop and how you know sticking Saudi story we saw Rickey Henderson's all the greats from 89 team but something happened. In the Asia ready Opel for let's take a listen a surprise guest joint can car wreck on a radio broadcast. Would like to look live Oakland I would let you play by play and I think that. I think the extra wedding and do something when I get it done thank you exhibited so loved. Look give it a shot at the pleasure who had this is all about. The tradition right on the top of the third those scores. Trevor Cahill on the mound for the eight. Windup and the pitch is that in perspective it's a quarter or one bite of the third those scores. Giant today it pays up one hit giants' side that let's. Do three. It's just witness witness one of what do you do in pretty good job here. I think that give up this. Thanks again I would get a say they've got five the giants it's up to that top the third it was going to be squatters rights are as good as they play. Well Barry BA Israel brought us who watched. A lot of our voice of the okay did you ever so briefly shy. I got wind of this and I texted Matt pearl the director broadcasting of the -- to send me a copy. Larry's performance he got right back to me. And I listened to at all. And in no one thing if your giant broadcasters. The way leery bear likes the innings to end. If it's a 123 it's no runs no it snow tires nobody left foundation of every time or technically sound. So the story goes back Connecticut even around the Bay Area you know at. Al Larry there was a kid went to count in the late seventies Charlie feared leveraged Charlie Finley. And the a.s broadcast rights were wide open they had no radio station. Which was typical Charlie he's switch stations every year he fired broadcasters and in house so Larry was young guy can Allen his buddies there that ran the radio station hovered what Kate KCA elegance can element for what this. But I think they reached out to Charley L week before the season started. And they were able to get the rights to the Oakland aids in 1978 and they weren't great teams 77 it was a repeat here from Mitchell Page somewhere around there. You know they weren't the team that was the dominant team that they were. In the mid seventies but they just want to make sure Altria so Larry Blair got to broadcast the first 23. Oakland a's games that year it's an amazing story about how far we've come. And what Larry said that they were eighteen and five. When that they got an over the air carrier you don't Vatican college radio station a real one church or broadcast the games so Charlie O got rid of them but they were eighteen inside and it's a great story you know that Larry Baer also went to work her petition as it CVS and were to broadcasting for a long time and these candidates wanting. He was for 23 games the radio isotope but what. It's not a bad consider not considering he hasn't Brock answered any gains since 1978 try never knew that about Larry Charles is surprised me is well I'm Noah Derek insurgent rhetoric from the blue what's going on here so we'll talk more about DA's we'll talk more about the giants in just a second here but. We wanna give somebody a chance out there to play.