Papa and Bonta preview Sharks & Oilers

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, April 11th
Playoff hockey starts TOMORROW for the Sharks in Edmonton! Papa & Bonta preview the series. 

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Jarred. Quarter helped lift the San Jose dressing room. Coach leg buckled underneath them. Bow down. No joke or no. Well I think at little upset there Jamie baker church TV and then NBC sports California powered. Extended the that was a couple of Sundays ago in Vancouver won a Jumbo Joseph who was a tough guy actually and take pucks in the face off the eight. Heard in the eager to shoulder a couple of years ago was the same player but he kept playing so I think he will play. Tomorrow night when the sharks begin there for truck series and had mentioned it at all. Exactly how much she's going to play and you may be relegated to just the power play Kevin Kurz who covers the sharks for NBC sports California doctor Pamela joint institute thirty Dante and it's that. What's what the left knees are out here praying for the ferry and now Jumbo Joseph. That one I think is going to be what it is but I wanna and inspection in light of what Buster Posey. Is dealing with. Logan Couture is injures is a different deal you took what some of its I don't know. He's still not talking well you in the last summer as he can certainly can't eat each having hard time sleeping he got Bo. He is is dental work just wound up on the ice the goalie had to go pick it up for me lost 67 AT and hockey players are used to that but that was. About as gruesome as I've changed I've ever showed it hit right in the mile. Several years ago and he kept plane. But so how do you duties and he's gonna have to play. With a full head geared so a lot of Plexiglas I think she threw a cup of Pfizer deal and it when it gets down lower around his mouth and nose there's a lot more thick protection. But football is a violent physical game hockey is a savage. Game so hot is he. How does she go into the into the corners pocket he'd be the first guy in and then have a second player filed a woman and an oiler. And then get checked into the glass how do you do that. With that kind I mean I don't need to kick apprehended. How he's going to be able to play and he can speak in note due to physical stop. But the physical maladies that are gonna pound juicy gives your holiday held as he did it. Play golf hall and he plays who playoff hockey at that the intensity builds up shall wait wait I read an autopsy result grad and if you're planning team edges beaten twice in the last week and a half. Well there's obviously when the season series 31. We wanna once you mean this guy economy David I'm men I don't watch a lot of hockey puck but I watched his guy this guy is special twenty years old we're gonna have to treat to be of watching your Bay Area and watch this young wonder kid but I don't know how to sharks can beat this team without polish or being on a 100% and don't you. Need you need Logan a match up with him I mean it when I was that the game that was a one game I went to this year as the Edmonton on Thursday and they had to Tomas turtle. His line matchup with economy David. Make David what I saw of him was a guy who is tremendously poised it's healed. With his hand eye coordination his ability to move the puck I I did not see. The great skating ability that night but I hear. He's a pop Wilbur a team hosts a Lonnie who eat the floor. That kind of a skater usually it's one of the other. You're either really fast or really steal what I saw was his ability with a chance to play in the slow game and the Russell Westbrook. It's fat ass but he cap play in this slowdown game myself it's tremendous voice. And just hockey sense of spaced in timing and his hands to move the puck around his his puck handling his stick handling is passing. I I didn't really see him get in the open ice and just rip it and if he can skate like those kind of guys on top of his skill. He is going to win the MVP this year we are to get the are those points totals and goals and seventy. Yeah in seventy necessities but it's it's not rights that they can compete I think with this team. If they have Jumbo Joseph Juicy Couture that if they do not that I I that the Internet and have the firepower. You're gonna have to play a lot of wingers it's better. And it's gonna be difficult and I I don't know how much jump by these early in the series. And it does start Wednesday Friday and comes back to San Jose as Sunday and next Tuesday. You know hopefully get him back at least when you're back at home. But you just it's going to be really hard and speck in the Jumbo and look at the compromises your power plant Jumbo so. Instrumental on possessing the puck on the power play and just so adept at getting shooter shot today don't have Logan so. I don't know which injury is worse I think Joseph try to play. But he may not be able to play all the time and issues of on the power play that I I do not have a concept of how a guy can play. Where that kind of injury to his face. That happened it was that long ago was march 25 and just how do you. How do you go to the corners. This player like patty Marleau would say the hell out of the corner. You were starting to Georgia and I come for the people of liberty is and the sharks are also slowed to go to our playoffs too probably afford six on the last and really gave up the division there in the last few weeks of the season so they're going in on a cold streak on top of the yen's recent orbit in short this is a tall Lorne and I don't see him. You pass hopefully they can get past of Edmonton Oilers and make another run at this but I just don't see it happening this year Oilers look faster quicker and it's fresher and more healthy. Now there are healthier and you gotta give you a Jumbo Joseph and Logan Couture you could have a shot plus the Todd McLellan. Jay would craft and Jim Johnson snatches McClellan. But the whole stance that he had in San Jose and are there and Edmonton so they they know your guys better than your guys no other guys so it's it's a little bit policy. I think that the whole key of the last Kevin church for the update and I think they did skate this morning and their flying they got a flight Edmonton Sunday and then off they laughter not. But the whole key is going to be. There's thirty Brazil says 1939. And you'll play it low can play. How can they play how effective will they be in let's face it if if both of these guys are severely marginalized is going to be really hard it's going to be tough.