Papa and Bonta joined by Tim Hardaway (in studio) & Chris Mullin

Former Warriors point guard for the Run TMC Warriors, Tim Hardaway, joins Papa & Bonta live in studio, and then gets a surprise when Chris Mullin calls in! 

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Here originate or of the killer crossover he's going to be inducted today into the Bay Area sports hall of fame we gnome as hard as raunchy and C averaged over seventeen points a game in his NBA career the wanna know leads MR away. Live in studio here and got in light of pop and Vontae I'm only 57 game rushing to last night and or coordinates we actually sat down for a couple minutes did a quick interview in you enjoyed the show last night I'm guessing on the anniversary. No question you know personal as always great to be back in the bay. Lit up where it all started. You know first team. Great fans com great people. But you know just be in now oracle. Com. It gives you goose bumps you know just just watched that not only team but just what to fans stayed out. And now that's what made it enjoyable plus you know we come down play the fans Heidi just enjoy the game. And you're back in sound. Last night to watch again obviously and then that is a huge honor for you congratulations to me going into the the Bay Area sports hall of fame I know you've done your research on the original class and they were talking Willie Mae Asian. Joseph DiMaggio and obviously to Nigeria rice later all the greats that have ever played here so. And you are gonna have met shin and Molly involved should nights are just just tell me what this night means to attempt. You know. It it it. It just keeps you humble you know first thought we played games for fun. We we played game today to enjoy. You know. The camaraderie and tall and they'll trash the little bit but. That you know just to be inducted. Now. Into anything. All it it keeps you humble an makes you you makes you understand and now people out there watching you. And around eight day enjoy your YouTube are you play you know when I go in different cities. On people walk up to Meehan say you've crossover king you know. Com are out I was I was working O'Neill how is working on a cross over. You know when he was doing hygiene do when they talk to me about it and ASEAN you know only they always say man you know. Use one degrees ballplayers you know cars to play C a what bank you know and I appreciate and that's what. That's what is all about when people come up team at all to you. And tell you about the game of basketball and enjoy what she. That's what makes it now appreciative and now tonight you know to Sammy Chris and mix all Whitney. Our home. Because he was there would meet when I first came really put me up on any arms on the premier pundit Wayne's show me how to be a professional each and every day. On how to come to work how to. Prepared for gains. Com. You know and just in just be professional every day. You know and it just means a lot that that they herein and when I called a month they say no doubt will be there and and I appreciate it. And it's it was great symmetry together in the crowd got a big kick out of that when you're off put on the board and they they announced and show the highlights of your career. So tell me when you when you're drafted in 8914. Overall out you to have been in a Mitch just won the rookie of the year fifth pick in the draft a year before Molly was here. A few years early oh what what was it like when you first walked in the lead the locker Roman Don Nelson essentially said here my quarterback to the point guard. You're gonna orchestrate. All of this and get these two great scores around you what was it like when you first got here ten. Well you know I was one out when he was when I was getting drafted. You know. I was trying to keep here full workout. And Alice comes from Chicago and it was lightening in stormont in Chicago so I wasn't able to get out. And calm their very next day. Asked that would worked out for the war he's ahead to go somewhere else so was never a chance meeting gazed down and it worked out you know for Don Nelson. And now signing I don't think Alice don't. Even get drafted back Golden State Warriors and and you know on draft day. I could went first with New Jersey Nets I could've went third to Indiana pace second went forth today. Two. Minnesota Timberwolves at the time on an active and let you know it's couple other teams and now come the fanned out Don Nelson was telling them I had bad knees. And he drafting character Erica hill from here however it hit it in now our side I. I never think I was going to draft about to go to stay awards but you know when Leon when he drafted me I came NEC and pay you now. Idea a lot to get you down as I DHL might get bad and they're gonna let it now it all worked out and now when he can't you know. When he handed meeting key he's like Kate is my point guard. Everybody what is he see as goals because it's coming from me and now he's all orchestrate everything. And I'm an out and I looked at now I am Mike Lee in common TO Chris and Mitch. Rod Higgins these guys you know. What to do. He's like. You Mott quarterback out there on the floor and wait you say go and asked point blank and that was it. And salaam. You know to go wow took me awhile because you know you you with these guys and EEE. Rookie Eddie Mitch Richmond. On Chris Mullen all star and you just looking at these guys you like man you know it is just on the count difficult but I guess it before they put me up by any Wayne's an icy night. You quarterback that's around waiting list as do it. And now. In known as high as at all happened. He originate or the color crossover Tim Hardaway back in the Bay Area getting inducted into the barriers sports hall of fame tonight what a great honor for each and he's here on the afternoon libel Papa by turning to 57 game so. You Mitch. Chris you guys are still tied obviously shipment to game together yesterday we of course great saint Jean is well is hanging around with the guys just talk about those times and early ninety's when you guys got to roll and scorn over seventy points a game there were talking before we started to segments and you guys earlier originators of the small ball not my dad Tony was Don Nelson. In your three guard lineup just talk about playing when Mitch and Chris. Exactly you know I try tell folks you know all. This era. Com started way back in 899091. Would Don Knauss. I'm small ball he called a small ball. And Nam a lot of people didn't know how to on guard us because we had different combinations out there and Tom Tolbert. Was our dream migraine I've bringing up the ball in orchestrating a lot of office. We've got called a controlled chaos out via because there. If we didn't know. What we've is doing it all the teams definitely didn't know that we're the owners don't want so we caught Allison calls here and there. And now it that was like you know. Dual bank PA cork or some mighty fake something names and post up by now we knew exactly who we used a point but they'd you know will lose don't want so. Com yeah I mean Dan Tony gets in now because. You know we have social media we have NB ATV back in pointing we it was TTV ads. A lot you was on now NBC. And that was it you know a lot he would in no. About com on the Golden State Warriors or Ryan TMC so you know it was no social media. But now now you know all the people gave an act of wasteful what we did. And now but if they if they look at a history and go back on YouTube and audit you understand that when I'm talking about but you know. You know just just just watching these guys played game. Com you know. How they and they keep more stiff curry he just tees moved Klay Thompson just keeps moving. Com you know you get you get at all on dream migraine coming in. And just walk history stuff tell people move corn down it is said history you know are we trying to give him the ball at you know just sport fishery now on the office. Which is fun just just wanna have. Back doors slips. You didn't eat when when you. Our plan we guys. They know how to play and look and flood as they stay the same things that you look for bad duel at eight AC to play before happens. That's the way. That's a way I asked why La watch and worries play because it it does bring back some in America memories but they just they just played a game the right way. Getting moved abolish the same open offense that Nellie had any you know I took from Doug Moe years ago Timmy right that is the main differences that three ball. And the way they shoot it and in Houston this year shot more than half of their shots being of the on the line you're on the go on the bench for years was standing and Detroit and you know the deal here and it's amazing to me that you guys could score as many points you you scored without. The three ball but if you guys played in in net today Sarah. What what we'd like were run TMC is born for today's basketball not the lady. He's a ninety's to no question no question it goes Bora for today's basketball and a way to ruse are today. Our man you know. This I mean how we used to get to hold back in the day would all the cold inane Graham been pushing and it. And you can steer people hand check and stamina way to that you need to be steered to. So anyone get to the hole. But it we had a rules that that what today on Tom not just on defense for us because we try to manipulate the rules on defense. And we get colon allowed illegal defense but now. I mean you could just have a dad is play his own and be down and you just guard on the people down to four people on his own man at you know. I mean because. I mean it would have been great to do that but. But you know. These guys dot com you know a date three point is now that's what issue they they say in Downey savings and analytics they say that. And in the mid range jump shot. If you don't shoot day they don't want you should mirroring jumps out if you look at Houston Rockets right now. They do not shoot me rate jump shot it is only one person issue to me arranged on shyness Chris Paul. Thereby else. Eight a step back but they stepped back to a three eagle coin and if they see it did they get you beat the cornea for a lay up. You know they date a step back for three now instead of stand back from mid range jump shots they say mid range jump shots like like Dan Tony say. Mid range jump shot is not on beat as we let Karen direct shoot as many midrange jump shots as he wants okay he is 3840. You know I mean and they wind so I mean you you get you get it. Get a watch what you you do out the year because. If they if because Kevin Durant he's a sniper he don't he don't make those mid range jump shots. Op more the and you think he's not going to make. Anybody says that Timmy never so your friend Chris Mullin play pounds and he gives you a victory in Atlanta this dreary stepped up when you play college ball he wasn't a that's three point shooting the three point line. What wasn't even in the rules and a great Tim Hardaway joining us in studio in the afterglow a puppet Vontae. Here that if I said they gave before it goes into the Bay Area sports hall of fame. Tonight and you know just pick it up on what you're. Talk about and you know the way you guys move the ball on the way you guys shot the ball and I was I often tell the audience the story I tell a lot in analogous small ball all the time the Delhi started issue though. He years and years ago but the one thing when you watch James Harden play. You could've done that. Every play yet they came in at the Molly admits wouldn't be in Springfield right now. They don't watch her life so just talk about the rule that Nellie had for you when you could use the killer crossover project couldn't use it. Right away but James Harden laws everybody this sleep it makes should be ready to ask you hate everybody dance that was after everybody touch the ball. Right right right not Nellie Nellie always see it this he said Tim you don't give you dance tent I'm that you have this dance tent but we. But we we don't control OK but first things first. When we and we bring in the ball on a fast break you come down right to do anything come down to shoot three come down due to crow also would go for Leo whatever. But he CA you know normally if they score and we don't have the basket picks it up. Go through. That their bios touched the ball when a ball comes back to you. The and you going TO dance move and you keep you know hasn't dance time. And now and do what you need to do on the other side of the flow whichever way you come up passing go through. Thereby see what they get first Indian come back to you dean take your man off the dribble. And and make hay and create a place for you or your teammate the end so law. I mean it was just a rule debt because it like you see it. If I had a ball in my hands. I Abby likes these aren't just drew drew drew drew Drupal. And like he CA Chris Marla admits they've been that it could sell but not you know I and I tell folks this I CA you know we we practice one day for about. Osce about two hours. And now. And Chris he shot the ball. Mostly every time began I picked at practice. And people think I'd be exaggerating. Messier effort to Alice Chris Mullen did not miss jumps. Did not miss in two hours of practice. And in every time began. He shot he month on what tedious he probably had about 75 points that day and crack is easy to read too would have. But he bet I mean so when I see people say did you know he made. Eighty fat out of a hundred he made this idea. I say amassing Chris Mullen did not miss a shot into us so I think his ears are burning tonight hey but I mean yes yes. And so we have on the line Soria I'm calling you out there. Costello Hollywood with Arafat and I'm absolutely with. Two hours of practice and never pass the buck fridge and shouted everyday after I would feel about it and I ask. I did he even gave it to one because our own good yeah. Yeah I'm so I insignia. He passed ball as he Gatti he was open so we shot. Well. Article at a certain like to greater your you know comment here are. Are very and mature art toward darkness you can spot. Jim couldn't where Bart is grant every single term. And you probably want to. And the key to a two districts here in power structure was bouncing out every appropriate formula like in which you say it. You know you're through our second target on the weeks are all the ball at least in Sweden wants. Well let's just it would have been mentioned we are ball Watson our blog. And I would add to that there are elements and not it would walk arts and and he was so damn good you're so ogre and you've got your Chris altered our call for him where. But the other thing that you're darker door now. So it was doing. You know years ago. But also where iron and not a slugger Barry. We knew it was great and a lot of the Porter you know watermark player is down in the lakers smarts are just certain decorum America. In the side of merit or. Compared issue Murray who's garbage too tall order and there it was finishing shots mergers and Coretta. Over careening. All the called Malone a key collage or want Archie urine. And we're extradition him and it's all of our two. Yeah. Yeah I actually don't let it oh are. We re here to celebrate Jim and respect the love all. Surveyors or altered in need to be in Springfield we all know that. Com careers all console but just you're to let night you know just aren't intimate awhile and 12 and like group together. We had never met each other and they need an open book. So you like your hair if you eat where to apart artistry. In total are the most competitive sport I ever played where. Pattern and he made a foreign energetic. And you talk about you know brigade speak out here what they've liked their practice. You are so eager go to our all retire. On her be great our world group or and it's the first of many of their community of. Thanks that are at the hall of Famer Chris Wallace joining us here and a size seven again just Molly go back in and speak to what Mitch and Timmy met CEO because you know you're here during the transition stage before Nellie got here and you are the Joseph Barry Carroll. Error and Nellie had to clean that all allowed and then back to back traction get 198080. Timmy and 89 to speak to what these two guys meant for your career Chris. They're just bought the law and order pastor about. Like you said you know look interpretive literature you learn to read are really reports noted your niche. And pin them back to back drafts. Forget your door or guard coming in at a young age. Demand that came in 1988. Olympic great reporter they want burst their practice you know the story was stopped and they want. You're not gonna happen for a few more years. Following year. And what about you are to go to Rupert. I've literally walked like what's in it. You're really watch like ought not I. I really wasn't really up on no Bob that's really not much and then Jim partner did not know some more and disperse pretty walk and Jim Boren who he was. Under the a lot of damage and. Little effect on I put this. What more poorly that it got. And backed up each and every single very. Electorate that he gained respect you'll graduate our partner you know put your arm cracker. He would go to bowl. And dispute about where deplore Mark O'Meara let our command every team couldn't be argued their heart and soul of that scene. With the warriors are of course every year. And there are you know and I wasn't there but I don't watch the great army. Or immigration bill is so similar that the all bundled Miami go to church and Jeanne. Looks so French aren't the you know look where the glory years you're colds most incredible time. In NBA history you know are out there are your somber and in general addition go through cycles. And the time you can't control who can control with the energy and effort. The pit equipment put in Utah and wherever you are in it always did that would review year for Miami. Somebody you're educating your carrier incredible career. European knee injury bearing ring and we period second all star career in Miami which is really incredible. So I mean you can see the highlights Q should you know Robert yeah our Blackberry Google but you check your brain. Stuff that you look in or out. Get moderate literally. Chris Mullin Tim Hardaway on the afternoon libel pop in Bonn Germany are some against them harder way. Would be inducted into the Bay Area sports hall of fame tonight and that's Chris said he should be in a basketball to pro basketball hall of fame as well in Springfield Massachusetts Richard. This is for both you guys like percent ten. You bring up something Chris about how you guys who play and then. You know Tim moved on the Miami of course and had a great career under Pat Riley and and Alonzo Mourning hasn't really Goodyear took the eat but it almost 789 years old not to make you guys who alone or whatnot at what it felt like routine seat we still talk about it is they Hillary arts when he barred thirty years later still talking about routine she but. Really was short lived so does yeah. Part of Iceland interracial years so just talk about that day when Mitch Richmond they get traded to Sacramento for Billy Owens would have both you guys felt like was it. Obviously it was devastating because you guys are still close to his day but just talk about that moment when inmates got treated and all of a sudden run teams he was broken up. Well I tedious it was. It was a beginning to Ian. For me. And Tom and for the team. Because we had established. Something. Odd chemistry with a us that we weasel state but like you know 56 years. And when Ellie seated then he traded mixed. It would mean and her. I mean they're really hurt it it it into the film and it will ultimately about. I guess all week in Noah to. Before we you know really got our minds back into. Because. It was ironic we play. Sacramento I think that next game right Mitt ami right Molly we get so we played them in bed that next game image wasn't there. And now and because he he was still trying to process it to. When it was on it it was it was just tough. And it and it. As it is not only as a free hand but a family member of but just stands I get it it you know we head. Chemistry that we had and we was looking to do. Something much more crater. And take it to the next level. That's what he's looking for. And it was a big blow and hey it's the I think. It is stunned us for a while. From Italy but it from property or your. Go to yeah mode because the comment up every time equipment are eager grants made it to major. Aren't the real inferno in the corner where grew the most the most the year. Emotional orbit but yeah I can read we really Ehrlich we are bumpy going. What some and the LAPD I expect to happen you know that it is almost ridiculous. You know they don't say it but that would be the Smart and Europe controlled the yet but recruitment company through. Oh we'll talk about it. About art more importantly quote stay true at all on. But you don't appreciate you and your older now embarking we don't you know. They can always be. Our seat in junior walked if. Yeah. Yeah. I am Merrill undisputed formal rock America believe I typical fit a lot. But finger at that bring that up again you know. The French bit worrying more you know we we we did not think Purdue is two years together. Mark think that the novel yogurt that that's probably had a lot to do it it. And it kept order the order grew just coming back Bernard match before. The cyclical. Process spared their orders to go through B drive to bring your bat you know there is a Muslim lean times and he'd be the energy in a much reduced comeback in the Bay Area. You know go throughout the longer. Their question Molly that kill you you're not you're not pedaling the bike right now as you're speaking you're yours I know your lung capacity as impressive the pressure's on a bike like that took a break or if I thought our savings bit. I would say it is Molly. Always prepared us to go out and play because I his work ethic was. It was incredible he go out and shoot one hour I mean like shoot. Want our. Before we even get to jam on game day. And being gay read a play gang. So we are read and played a game in the air raiding gave hisself rate to play but the real thing so each and every day. We should try to come meaning get on the stair master before him not even he'd he'd he'd been and done that already. You know he we try to go out and shoot and he'd been there done that already we always try to beat him because he's to head at work ethic like hey. I'm I'm home didn't GM first I'm will be in just personal and give my work out near. And I'm won't be. As great as I can be and which you show each and every night he out ran everybody he was in better shape and everybody. He to shoot been mirrored by. But. But you know mess that's now. We wanted to be like him and an ass whip my my work ethic and it came from watched him on like shoot identity and Earl. If it isn't that he's Gallinari like he's zip up the heat he took a break from the bite. I was I wasn't sure you are still I got to keep battling and Carla didn't you know what you do you really get rid of having all his wing it is great his wing and racing you aren't. Would I do now are under commodities being reviewed and yeah. From could have a grasp on the guys that I'd Saleh Ali thanks and congratulations to him and congratulate patsy enjoyed the area treasure. Hey I'm tell USI every time I come back to debate. Shows me nothing below. And I priest. Appreciate everybody each and every time I come back he had a lot of fans I love you guys. Love Gary saint I love all the worry is people that was the air and there is daddy day. And I love the Bay Area now love the fans and a lot of people here yeah. Always will welcome me open arms and now and I love come back and say thank you to all you all thank you thank you thank. Not to speak from a fan base sermon text line and at ORACLE Arena to fans love he still to this day here in the bay air so have a great night congratulations on being inducted into the bay or sports hall feminists should be the first of many hall of change you can inducted to the great Tim Hardaway here in the afternoon delight.