Papa and Bonta - Bill Romanowski (4x Super Bowl Champ) on Reuben Foster

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Monday, February 12th

Papa and Bonta are joined by Bill Romanowski (4x Super Bowl Champ) to get his take on the Reuben Foster story. He talks about violence on and off the field. 


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Well again Bill Romanowski you're to be active in the light will pop on box or notify somebody gave romo's Artie started his offseason but you heard the news yesterday Romo and I know you're really love rube Foster as a player here but there's a big turn red flags here especially after yesterday's arrest. Yes there are definitely red flags you know we have guys is when that guy is this could turn. I think the 49ers. He I think you're right Greg regardless of what happened she you have. Have to have somebody that can back came about because of the injuries from the year before but what how. Happened since these guys come out of college. They're not quite ready. More often but you know like training camps. Any cool scenes. And that kind of trauma on their body and they have to realize. That didn't do my job. Different now what I do for a live event when I used to big college. Guys would go rob hardy and not take care of their bodies and they pay a major price. This guy. Paid a price. And he's gonna have a big wakeup call here. Pants. Maybe not careful. We all know he will probably get at least six games. Based on what other guys are perceived to so old. He's got to learn how to take care of himself peeved he has to learn how to be a trial he needs could mature. Are you need need need them mad tersely need to tell you that serve any someone that they've come under his commentary out. What the hacker you do what you got the ability to be one of the best. In this leak and he showed me guys. That this guy or need help they. He could play as well as anybody he can hit Q even got it's dark here at the middle linebacker positions. In our talked earlier how about you know maybe having to hire someone to be around him may be even live with him and I go back through you know Al Davis and JaMarcus Russell. But it didn't work they didn't always work and guys have a way of you know sneaking out and sometimes or family members aren't the best influences. How often do NFL teams do that bill now in when you played actually hire a guy security guy to shadow this guy may be even more then let them. Well I. You know I think it's a little more common now because. He's spent a lot of money on these guys you want to make sure. They. They're not gonna mess it up then yeah it's like anything else you dish out money there's somebody and yeah they're fortunate that talks we'll keep nowadays. Don't get those enormous contracts. Like they used to get. Well. Because jamarcus if he was only gave an ugly little it'll be okay. Luckily you know yep but you still want to protect your investment. And this is big guy who potentially. Has some really really polite future. If he can fix some of these off field issues. Where another take care this body I'll keep the guys an example. We all know Christian McCaffery. Thank god it. You know the guys who worked out for cheap. Does everything right doesn't turn it doesn't anything doesn't party. Also he thinks about it screening. He is getting people out to. As Stanford even have a some challenges. My diet Mark Lindsay can't can't it. Our school man they connect it mark kept him healthy through his senior year. War on them after his senior year got it ready for the com buying and Christian would fly and then every week to any work on he had KM. And some of the other guy and Christian was healthy the entire season could he learn to. How did do I taught him how you'd take care of your body and the battery take care right now. The data are still the longer you're going to be able to apply it to more money you're gonna be over the bank. Bill Romanowski ports are Super Bowl champs who turned pro bowler joining us army air to the delight pub about a 957 gamer Romo. That is interesting. That you bring that out what Chris and McCaffrey here because he was LT you know a lot of concerns about him going into the NFL Kenny run between the tackles. Patty is she's here were ruled a Foster you know who's on the four year nine million dollar deal. Relatively cheap. But durability issues and as pop just mentioned came in and pointed out how many charge Robert Foster was. Out what girls asking her whether it was ankle injury so you believe Mark Lindsay can help a guy out like defaults are here because he does have the shoulder problems he does at the ankle injuries and so reckless here Romo so we probably need to Mark Lindsay not only that he'd probably be the bodyguard like Dez Bryant did down in Dallas. Frequencies that that's fair test in the world to. Slow him down so it if he had access to all day and it's far it's funny. Hi all chairman and no I don't Markowitz seeks because once upon all employers that access. I used to go down there train at the track coach. And I think that seemed tile or when I was there shook I don't even know his marquise gray shirt just a funny little fact there. But yes sir playing too aware of that state bears. Good I have I'm really bad and college. And they lose ordered the most excruciating. Pain she'd get out. For. A few minutes. And then it should sigh its goes away. And literally. And then you you're all right comeback kid you take another head. And it. You get this party sensation. Some your net all the way into your shoulder. So it's a really brutal injuries take care of apple want to take that your client. Egypt needs throughout. You know he needs a lot of work in mobility work in this neck. From your obviously around the 49ers a lot thing it's your chance Super Bowl champion with that organization. Hey have you been around Rubin Foster do you know what kind of guy we're talking about off the field and had not just a football player though. I don't I don't two. Fumble simplified things got her third camp. It now let's all live all in to us all concerned certainly different things. You know he's he's a guy that. You know these young immature. Has a lot of money. And fame. And he just needs to tone it down. It's RB and Apollo and realize in that he's literally got a target. On hand are a lot of different fonts and he got to be able to he got to be able to be a pro plan. He'll when he gets to the NFL you get dead media of their professional leaks. And let's let's be pros and committee as well and had not rush to judgment here like they do on on social media and sometimes players have weapons. To protect themselves are we we have to let the facts in the case come out. This next question mellow than their remaining in my mind how to craft is to Yemen to be delicate here. But what one of the things that I admired about you the most is there're there're always two different guys there was drama all the way the war paint and was you know fire breathing dragon on Sunday or the first time ever interview you. Over and Alameda Bruce Allen brush upstairs with the raiders in the apartment remember. I couldn't clear maverick I couldn't believe how docile how you were what do pleasant person. You word and I always look for a you know around the team and you you flip that switch you were different guy and I've been around your wife. Julie in you when you're you're a completely different person. People would not realize there is a Romo the played football there's a bill Roman now speak as a tremendously civil and upstanding member of the community. I'm not a my question. I think some football players. Have a difficult time with the violence of the game on the field bill. Vs when they walk outside of those lines and deal in violence often feel that's why I admire you so much you could it delineate. On the field. First is off the field and what these men are asked to do. As highly unusual to me the sport a lot of guys are great athletes in the sports could never play football because of the violence. Of what is required to play this game speaking from teammates and just being around the game. And I and I'd bring it Ruben and that is that since we're having this discussion. Have you seen people have a hard time with the violence off the field and then turning it off when they get on often feel on the field vs off the field. He's not a I get around. You know there are a lot of different guys. And he would begin in the other travel you did extremes. Because. He'd get. Why don't guys expand. There's good guys that stand out to me. I'm just gonna a magician at this stage. Our water at the key tell what if I'm not gonna QB that may. 01 I heard this story. Would the way I felt about him and then it makes cents. Put the way. He. Conducted himself. On the field camera off the field. He. Crawled up to. And I wanted to say. Bad aids and it is. Our GAAP gross putting president. As moments crackdown attempt. And it. He went a little blip is. A little terror attack at age ten and never saw his mom until he was eighteen. And then didn't have much a relationship. Put her. You know for the rest chose. His adult life. So can't think about that right to air what he's. Some of these guys have got to where. He I was fortunate. I'm mom and dad that would have made. Stand. I have to work myself up to. I'd be a maniac. Out on the appeal to him. Well walking away from it's always easy Fermi. But taken myself to a really dark nasty. Fire lit place. Twelve wanted to rip people's heads talk I want to put the ice out I want to hurt them badly. That was hard for meted cope with dare. It was easy for media com Barack. To. You know bill. It now but first some of these other guys they're grown up been really bad environmental Kurd that we've heard. I don't I I I can't even comprehend. What that's theories why can't what they dealt with the lives ego people can you know getting shot 82 year old kids. On a regular basis on the streets that they grew up on end that's pro life they live. And then. He billion magnify it may become a great athlete. But that. I feel never leave them. And they have to work hard to figure out who they wanted DN lies and some people can deal whether it and some care. And you know we get some at the extremes can hopefully. What worst yeah seeing with Rubin Foster. It sound good that he's able to get help. And he's able that take care of his life and that issues that we are rushing to judgment here. Let's wait all the facts come out. They'll thank you so much for your time as social Julius and I look forward to seeing you soon thanks for Marshall I thank you go to a Roman asking for a time so bowl champions.