Papa and Bonta are joined by Bob Myers (Warriors GM)

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, April 11th
Papa and Bonta are joined by 2:00 – Bob Myers (Warriors GM) to talk about how they will approach the playoffs as far as practices, knowing who they are matched up against and what lineups they will go with. Bob talks about how good Steph is coming back after injury.

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Let's give Bob Meyers on the on the line here he's on the afternoon delight he joins us every week on the afternoon delight president bass operations in GM of the go to state lawyers Bob welcome back to the program. I guess is Kevin Durant stories in the news here is gonna. Possibly opt out here but let's start Quinn cookie gets two year deal and what a story Quinn cook has been for you guys buyout. It's Stewart for him here here and it he deserves it and he's going to be in the fold for not only this year but but beyond the next year and he's been great and obviously look at you get to watch them and Pacino he shot the ball and his demeanor he's got a great makeup so all the accolades you can come up with that he'd he deserves to be mentioned with them some were referral. NP. You know hasn't been super easy to meet some would say he's given me great opportunity that we've played a ton of minutes we got a lot of them. Came into our system worked his way up through QX he's. He's a really good success story for people that are kind of feeling like hey it's never going to be my turn into like an opportunity. He was ready when it came to know good for him and. We're thrilled to have him. Hey just. Updated sound what's going out Kevin Durant just has brought to let it whether it's that it's not news and this have been a story awhile ago which is troll or. Our our edification I guess is the word. Is this something you guys have already worked out. The terms of what he's gonna do when he does not doubters there after Riyadh Saudi gonna have to sit down on him and his people and work out a new dealers is something. You guys have been thinking about it talking about in 02 gone back to when he got here when he. I signed the contract last summer about. And opens but since been Yo-Yo I I didn't read Woody's idiot because I just assume will grow it would finger when we need to do that. So that tells you how much time on top of it. I'm not worried about it really worried about three days from now reports it's what we have a playoff games so we spend I spend no time on. What he said we will I'm I'm I'm Kevin's best Lowell Kevin on any US this day it will figure on ever one do that with him that. We haven't had it figured out he'll sign whatever he wants to sign. And I'm will be happy to give it to so I don't really. Have a ton of it is to add to it up and I'm not trying to not that I know and I'm not trying to hide anything right now. It's not top mind the idea of other things to worry him so what web. Going out at the facility right now PG got you know bag big basketball games get a tip off at about three hours you guys can all get together and watch them simultaneously. As the advance scout. Staff are already brought you know run downs on the four teams that are possible and in the coaches are looking at it dispensed that. To the players tomorrow just tell me if I you're gonna. Watched the last night this crazy NBA regular season to finally find out who you gonna play on the weekend. Yeah it's a good it's it's nobody does it differently but I think Steve told the staff to go home to talk probably on the plane. And then come back with what your thoughts or who should start. At that we and is a couple things to figure out there the ping and we played coaches wrote and watch it together here at the facility. And and that probably by I don't know what time. We'll have a good since Vegas after the F 5 o'clock games are over because via a all right I guess to build the Portland Utah game and not sure. Impacts who we play may be wrong on that the first round I don't on the preference yeah no regrets and no soul no limit what 7730. Exactly who we played. And so. At that point. Though going to heavy workload but at this point it's more about what do we think regardless of who we play. Who should stored. Coach would game plan well what are we gonna do offensively and defensively what more ups worked together but it. In the league has become a little bit more and we've delivered this is like baseball where there's matchup issues that will predicate who you. Start at the center spot. What what kind of line it can work are you playing a team that is is a team that is more paint oriented or a team with more perimeter or has guards that can penetrate so. Everybody every teen we will play at a different site in Indy and you have to have to respond to that to a certain Gabriel you also have to do what's best for you. It's so they'll coach is all coming your event tomorrow. We will prior to practice and from that point on as we noted night and we we will notice right when we play. So tonight should be into a lot of questions men will be. Prep mode and it's not a ton a time you know its weekly Saturday it's two days. But we played these teams before we're over we will play. I'm haven't played him I don't know without staff I don't know with Minnesota with them without I don't know replete then maybe we did 1 time but I am. It'll be it'll be a challenge in an and that's OK I think. That that's fine to acknowledge. And and it's it's a healthy challenge and I think we'll meet it and I think. And remember the last game we had where something was on the line. And that's that's that's all over these in this is the playoffs and I think our players if somebody asked me about treatment exit. Trade months ago a guy that can't he can't go to Vegas and play tweet I've dollar chips it doesn't move the needle doesn't do anything for incredibly 5000 dollars and he doesn't live. He can't live in this. You know this this pleasant space he's if he's got to live on the edge and the playoffs are they they embody all of that. And that's where he thrives he thrives in competition. And he's not a guy that you would want in a meaningless game I mean in Turkey's competitive he wants to an all time but he has one he's one of the highest level. And so now for him it's almost like somebody that says he mistakes have to be high for you to see it my best. And so this is this is his time and and Kevin Durant as well I mean a lot of these guys. Have experienced kind of the height of this and so that's when maybe you know for guys that of trying to do for the fourth year Rosenbaum. That's when it kicks in but you know that's also. That's which you know you don't you ought to go to the switch it doesn't go her boots you know he sort of drop an if if you're in the cart says that came goat of fifty. So there's the there is where the bears were the unknown comes and I believe it will. I'm not know reasonably to have and have never seen her team not compete in the playoffs. And its overall acute would have asked me finishing second at last when winning 58 games. Writes I'd probably have said. Yeah that's that's about right now that's now now step health. Now that's a tough minutes now everybody's got things they deal with and I'm not using as an excuse but that's would have loved to have a full team going in the playoffs but we don't. What's so so other teams don't either there's teams that Celtics and listened to they're arguably their two best players. New Orleans is missing cousins and incidentally doesn't have quietly and I mean. We're not alone here good news is our guys we've been managed to continue you'll come back. So but that's the reality we're here and I'm excited I really am excited to see this is what it's all about and I'm yet we got home court and so do we can do. Bob Meyers the orange president of basketball operations slash general managers earning his as he does once a week Karen Aston Villa with pop and Vontae in 95. Seven they game. Just watching staff the other night in Phoenix warmup on the floor I saw some video on the night before home against New Orleans to a more rehab stuff we Chelsea Laney was on the floor. With a Q man Bruce Frazier we saw a little bit last night I did not come away optimistic at all but just based on his lack of movement. Lack of ability to put any weight on that left me at all that. That he's going to be able to go any times shown so just just give us a timetable this weekend we are gonna get another report. The doctors you're gonna look at him and I'm sure your your talking to him just to give me your feel as well on on how much longer we're we're looking at you being mine is the two time NBA most valuable player. He writes I was. Program here at facilities today and he was out there now and this morning. And and do I actually thought he was doing I had not seen him for a few days and I actually thought he was doing more than I thought he was going to be doing. But it's so hard to tell because he's he's got to be able to go at full speed. And that's where you get to that point them when can you do that because he was he was running tag from court to court and it was it was a pretty good pace it was. Abuse spreading. And he was doing some things that aren't ordinary to do that. But until he's. In able to cut hard or even even to the priorities going through non context that we don't really. No but but this Saturday it's few days from now will have a better gauge of okay. But reevaluated in another week or whatever river might be at the at the four week clip that. I mean I think it's going to be. Like Blake has been said which is the first round is unlikely for sure and then after that it's really hard to say. Who knows how long the first round will go on it it's it's I haven't looked exactly when it passed and I've. But that goal the hope would be you know it is at the beginning of the second but we have to get to the second round. But but that's kinda opened these things. That did this thing about this injury and like elect sprained ankle sprain needs. There's a margin of hair the can be forties in one direction the other five days six days even so. And tell you kind of walk up to that line of can you do this can you do it. With confidence and that's the one thing that's that I think people. It's actually amazing to me about staff is. When he came back from this last time. On the other needs he he missed his first ten threes I think in Portland. And I are you literally couldn't boo and and then hit like five in a row over some reporter oh yeah and it was a and it wasn't just he was missed it was. I can't believe got to come back from injury. And first to go to school walk into a playoff game because they're they're different level of intensity in the regular season so I was always admired he's one of the most. Genuinely. Confident people you'll ever meet there's no tricks there's no gimmicks. He knows he can shoot the basketball he knows complete basketball and that is so deep. And I admire that ability about it so when he does come back I don't believe he'll be speaking his mind well. I don't know if I can do this or that his confidence is so unwavering. That I don't necessarily worry about what he thinks he can do when he come back he he'll be launching himself right into it. But I don't know when guys I just don't know exactly when nobody. Bob Meyers are president of basketball operations and GM of the Golden State Warriors who brought you by July construction company celebrating. Or 100 years of teamwork solutions. And excellence in next week and we talked you about the playoffs will be here we've been all weigh in fort so pure luck get healthy. Gets a rats if he can't because now the real season starts but I am so what's that what because they're popular over there what what we don't normally play right which your prediction. I think you'd have any idea since Saturday or Sunday I don't know. I you know I I don't know I don't know about my guess is that the my guess my is that it's it's noon deal. You know days you know that's volume here's I here here's my question for you the Cleveland arena league team. What what what they scheduled to play where you can leave it. And here's what. We owner of the cavaliers. Mr. Gilbert also on clearing the league team and he is curiously scheduled entering the league team to play and Saturday right around noon instantly camera 3 o'clock is. And that's that we should look into an ever tried that last year -- NBA anyplace docket to normal we still got the at 1230 Sunday slot so you got anybody to have to I don't oracle and give it up and let's just. Let me let just let our job search for that. First Sadr. And our the I guess we'll see who is now host before and so it. Today enjoy our doctors actually you see I see appearing to this we can get him now get. Tiger's body care are. Bob Myers president of basketball operations and human goes waves.