Papa and Bonta – 3 – Shawn Estes joins, Jimmy Garoppolo, NFL Free Agency

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, March 22nd

Hour 3. Papa and Bonta are are joined by Shawn Estes (Former Giants Pitcher and NBC Sports Bay Area Analyst) to get his take on this seasons Giants. We also get into the comments John Lynch made about wanting Kirk Cousins, Rod Woodson on the Richard Sherman deal and more NFL free agency to end the show.


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Eight Minnesota Saturday night so they have a tiebreaker against them head to head but if it's a three team tiebreaker involving New Orleans is that thirteen in the spurs lose at all. And they could drop all the way to seven I hear what you're saying and I respect pop as they are so superbly coached on both ends of the floor. They they are so fundamentally sound. I would actually like to play them is that they're not gonna be our authorities are healthy or shall beat them and I'll sweep them. But it a look at the war he's moving defensively you have to deal with the continuity game of their motion never than they play. Solicited I am I believe me and good luck to have you know the warriors play the spurs may have look at pop on the show and look what has this version or around positions too cute she's watching them play just wish the warriors have played a little more like that but there's a skill they don't have to. But I I don't hear them this time around I did fear of last year they don't have enough coli is not going to be at that level. And you can deal with a Aldrich ray and I'll be able to deal with him to Aldridge is playing better. But they're they're they're I hope they make it could they make it every single year now for cheese salad decades but I think that would actually be good for the warriors Depp to play them defensively to get their feet moving due to deal with their body movement of the ball movement. All right let's creation on this as former giants pitcher here in the afternoon like your list that. To 957 game KG and get them and they see once served as the will discuss the charge for sure he was shot as this year and yet to light. We've worked a perfect world where. I'm sort of known entered the game helped sort of work home. You know self he worked off surfaces. That is Madison won't garner who has a two point 84 ERA this spring when he said the strikeouts in nineteen NEC looks fine. We're big big season so let's bring a former charge Spitzer the former all star with a sense of charge on this this. Hear any afternoon light will pop and bought him at a price of the game for the most on are you doing and how's Madison bomb gone Republican in your arise out of spring training. Well he's he's he's been pretty good Laura. You know he's one of the few guys that comes in the camp usually not a whole lot to work on her choirs are wired. In particular he could truly trying to get a pitch count out there and I Israel and get his endurance. Built up or pick opening day. But you know this year he's changed. Or ninety can be pretty locked in from the get go. I you know he's a competitors that you want to go up or geek guy out it's he has everything work and form usually pretty active and are from the jump displaying he's got everything more conformed block cities get. His is cutters been phenomenal breaking ball going get his changeup and and you know he's been going up to try to get guys out. Not from the get go it was what kind of a not a surprising. You know he's got a budget on jobs to go with that so. I'd let you showed you how how electric just up now has spent the spring saw what can afford. A really get your Automask monger are seeing that there Sahel acute last year didn't get a chance to dig up there you are staying but I think he's got something to prove this year. And I and and I expect a huge here at Madison. Yeah I think I think the order regarding issues and out of chat session on your on there obviously is embarrassed he's embarrassed with the nature of the injury last year doing an off day and I monitored by betrayal by Aiken. Just didn't you know didn't give a full year he's a guy you know and he works at a far actually get shuffled things work every time he got shot there and couldn't do it so. He's been he's been good in the regular season. The highest he's finished in the Cy Young as fourth a couple of times he's won eighteen twice he says some sub three ERA so he's been terrific. But he eased thought nervously as this generation's best post season pitcher and arguably. Especially 2014 and yet people there are one of the best of all time. Is this the year Sean based on what you've seen in his mind set in his physical condition he's in a that he blocks it for 35 however many starts he gets and he gives. The great pitchers of the nationally get a guy he's gonna face a week for the day comes to mind right away. Clayton Kershaw could he give them a run at breakthrough this year winch quantity. Have not only a sub three ERA but maybe below two and a half and make a push for his first Cy Young award. Absolutely pop I think. You know not not you ever hear it ever ejection motivation to go out there and eat great because. He just got to be demand got himself but like you mention your heart. Not only let in. Himself down he let the organization down eighteen down when you lose that many games they did last year it's part of your hand regardless of the back he got impeached on our character artwork yourself and your respect. I didn't have a big role in the end the team's failures like yours so. I yeah I feel embarrassed about it so he's got a little bit actress opened the troop this year to go out there. And improperly put this rotation on Barack and bedecked guy. To get things going to stop losing streak to record coney RTS on pitch. A week and a half ago in Chicago he's thirty stare people down. Three punches them out actually RT you know look at your money they take big swing Papa he's already in in in and out mentally. Yeah I think he's he's he's definitely feels like east. You know probably. He wants to be considered the back in baseball and he's motivated to speed he knew he looks a guy he hears people talk about how great courage China's. He's done a bit acquired at how glaciers are in an antic he'd he'd he'd feel that. I guarantee you eat the again. I want to be better than older guys aren't we already talked about being lighter now not just guided you know above average. Great pitcher eighth other. Great team with with a few world championships are you want to beat you want our young I guarantee they can right now listen this is a year on the go up there on the right. On the ground that are your core and you know wind aside. And apart cut to get twenty anymore just based on the back to the bullpen and unity use so. Or that differently but you know. He is probably gonna do are you gonna be him because he's Carrick. We could be. And that you're the guy that you can extend the pitch count or but Portland or are gonna get more opportunities to get went. Do you believe based on what I've seen this spring pop. I can carry this over and this season just stopped fleiss to a minute stuff for the broker. It I don't seem like he can't ought to the U Albertine does. That goes without saying how can't get the defense is behind them. How many runs they score for a all that stuff that the dark if he's got a good team this year in this nineteen plays. You know on their their playoff team is going to be a guy that. There and Hancock. Yeah I can't wait for next Thursday a week from the day to twilight game it's a 4 o'clock AM at Dodger Stadium gridlock scorer against bond garner Kurt and myself Larry I got shot and others like her. Here and shattered there's going to be heard Shawn Estes joining us on the after lighter and a 57 games so assuming bomb takes its rightful spot as the ace. And we'll see equate or does he start to assess in the spring but so Marcia. I mean last year in some regards Sean he had a breakthrough years in the walks were amazing and we walked 32 batters he went like two months about a single walk. But still biting off too much strike zone gave up thirty Jack skating a lost fifteen games CRA was still high. Four and a half and I don't care much about this spring with a veteran pitcher. That he's given up you know Jackson multiple multiple Jackson and heading out three straight times and hearing about a neck. Injury maybe if she suffered whiplash maybe that's why his neck asserting that everything. What what do you what I'd I'd be joking or they've let what is what is it from the shark is we've always said is stuff is too good. To get hit the way he gets hit it now he's the strike zone so much he's getting hit a lot are you worried at all about the shark in the spring this year shot. You know not yet although I hit and I get don't want you here won't work parents slept in the spring. A little bit I guess you know especially if there are there in a kernel anchor their significant I think he's fine physically. Is there a little bit of a focus issue at times let me go out there could dominate in at all that it playing put up thirty get up but springer or spot a couple home runs and the stakes so. You know I I I'm accurate last year you know he's going on not run of striking out budget guys out Allah and that EE needs to walk rookie or guys. Only he can and cannot be you're gonna go up and it can't walk guys but there's guys that are clothing line at the app you're are you based on how in the back on the history. Specially that the guy with the with history that they can do some damage its plate truck runs been hit home front. You gotta respect those guys in and I'll be used to. Yesterday I was attacked swearing in about it. Kinda come and they may and I forgot that I wanted to be careful where what is mentality. You know based on he's just an aggressive mentality getting unseated football player he goes out Greece Saudi in the right or are sure Clint. Maybe late last year he comes and thrown onto them are. Like contact you know he'd like to go out there be aggressive and unfortunate time. It is about that because he does try to over power guys and try to put out what our guys in because that. He makes an excellent part of the plate I liked the way his approach to this spring is bend not not the not a result but the fact that he says Barton. Secondary pitches were conforming and I need help work on Iran articles are Gerstner. So he can get guys all of the stops all he can make more mistakes were the spousal because they have to respect. The changeup split and the curve ball so yeah the priority this spring to go out there and situations were in guess they wouldn't use. Eight changeup or curve ball or a split but he opponent because he wants to give the good field form before the season starts which is gonna make it stop all that much better. Without being said I believe you know it's a little bit discouraging that he hadn't. How successful those secondary pitches like he wanted to not think from a confidence standpoint each to get those wild and before. You could do against the Dodgers on May 31 because you don't like a lot inspect team without lineup which is the gospel. So. I would like to see how it pitches and it he level against CA. And I in his last appearance before the Dodgers. A I don't his changeup have split movement and how that break in all the secret is work at it without all there pop I mean that that's going to be there he knows it's there. It accepted again hander on how key how terrible hurt her more or more pixel and are so he's not so predictable. Our show we're gonna let you go here get ready for opening day next Thursday giants Dodgers down at Dodger Stadium for piano first it's Madison bomb garter. Vs Clayton Kershaw. We'll talk to you later on about was when I'm with the fourth of that spot in the rotation but Derek Holland I got to fillings that it's that one little spots on these so much for the time early afternoon delight. Thanks brother sister Shauna Estes for returns pitcher former all star looks more poppy doesn't. Good good news for a lot of people out here beating. I'm great prizes here debater sports hall of fame auction of twenty team that begins at 6 AM right here are many parred seven games depletion bid during the 2 o'clock hour we have opened eight experience here. Eighteen seat luxury suite to a mutually agreeable open days all game dirt when he eighteen cheese and a 500 dollar. Food and beverage a while to autograph a baseball. And attend it's gonna be George by byte of blue this week ago. 05. Five unhappy and have been a little bit credential plot it's only 1000 dollars so. The suite eighteen sheet sweep by the blue is gonna rabbis say hello and get 500 dollars of food and beverage allowance here and autographed baseballs and it's a lot of fun. Beating begins at 6 AM tomorrow right here in many parts of the game announced harper to twelve K per day national caste conscious he's a chance to 1000 dollars. Extra code word church. Takes the code word urged them to 81 matches in data rates. Dual apply. Over the talks folk lawyer arrests of the shielded Shanahan. And want Kirk cousins averaging legal problem we'll talk about that or creed speaking today at Stan approached wrote a about not being contacted by any other professional football teams Robert Watson he didn't hold back on open your team to Frank Gore is going on back home will discuss. All right here on reactive to light. 957 again. Now back to the Greg publish else. On 957. Big game. You know for Giles. I think the thing I would tell people is you know Jimmy you know we we made the trade but then there were some days without Shanahan was like in mourning because I think everybody knows she's master plan was to have hurts doesn't come in eventually right you I was proudest out besides I think he knew that this was the right things for our franchise. And he didn't hesitate but then even then you know Jimmy had a really prove himself. Highlights I think who was really Smart he didn't play them right away he waited until he had some semblance of an understanding of our scheme when he did put immense. Put him in and that in a position to succeed in I would tell you this Jimmy really impressed Kyle to the point that he says this is our guy. And that's just pretty while the mission by general manager of assumptions for forty niners John whence he joined gold what do we go watch ESP and you get special memorial. That that's a shocking admission there where Kyle Shanahan basically wanna Kirk cousins he believed he was the quarterback for this team and and of course to treat for Jimmy the rubble happens day before Halloween. When he seventeen to make rubble now the face of the franchise that serves well 49ers welcome back in the afternoon light pop in Bonn Germany by Saudi game. Poppy good running game a long long time here heavy have you heard of any emissions like this where. They had their guy Jimmy go rob ball drop below but here we are a few months later it's in the offseason the few much into the offseason and all the sudden Charlotte saying you know what. The master plan was to get Kirk of ads for Collison and innate and not do that house and Hamels bond initially about missing out on Kirk cousins is pretty wild a mission here. I yeah I think it was an it was unnecessary panic I think QE would consider regret that I you know he knew you know Golar Kitna went Goer on surely in the morning heavy thought and always listening for the in this world. Today they're listening to everything and I guy to admit this is Hispanic inches. His first mistake. Is that GM of the team and I'm not even you know getting into the feed off possible football players you know that their quarterback from Clemson turned out to be a pretty good player they could have him. Over Solomon Thomas to show on watch and so we can nitpick. Footballers and everybody makes those but this is just a a misspeak or. As Barnett you know as this. He always told me a long long time we should always tell the truth you shouldn't be O always going to be telling it. And I don't I don't know why they may have caught on a light moment where he just wanted to share information should not have shared that I think that's that's regrettable. It's regrettable that it comes off like he's the one taken credit for drop below. And also comes off like. Kyle Shanahan water cousins over her up about what she clearly stated that out the idea that things have changed. Obviously. And drop almost played so well. But it just comes off like he's taken a Bob here that he's the Wanda wanted to drop below and that you that Kyle didn't wanna do the deal and you know I can also make the point. That maybe they should have traded trigger up all the could decide it was a free agent got a model of a lot of a lot less. Had they not you know played for five games but you wouldn't have had these huge wave of momentum. With the way played in finishing F five and now I understand having him in the building I think it's it's it's created a not only an uptick in the environment but it's it there's a knowledge base now we're the quote quarterback and head coach know each other so much better she has great value. Too bad but he could also make the point they could just on this in the offseason to bottom. He that a ballot check it franchise tagged him so I don't know what the point of this I think he was just caught it a moment but today were. He didn't take it fully true I was so what's the the fallout from this I mean he just he also. I think made an air. When the Jay Glazer reported on fox about the ballot check. Conversation remember that time yeah yeah we we had we had Mike Lombardi and it we asked him about it we said and they were talking about trading Brady and in our vernacular traders to upload drop below what you trade Brady and and Belichick said dawn. Did you just what is your assessment he speaks so these are Ben and Michael knows. Ballot check well. And he seemed to think that would not go over well with the hoodie in Foxborough and good luck ever trying to make a trade again. With their remember. The reason that diners got up and not. Cleveland. This is ballot check apparently even though the organist at the Cleveland Browns charting the Cleveland Browns appellate checked coached at the Baltimore Ravens this is an expansion team. But he so angered with the way it went down a clear about what he was coaching there with next statement when Michael was there. He would not trade would even talk to the Cleveland Browns about trading drop below. So that that was a misspeak wherever that came out on offer was from John or somebody else to get to Glazer. Daily basis and do that deal costs and a hand because he was cool Kyle Shanahan or whatnot which is basically did a belly check checks that Shanahan directly. That was the story right right yeah a Texan of directly and AM offer in Jamaica Rob Lowe would you have well hearsay like there have been showing that they can come and tell what he said they had evidence doesn't have your job made traded. Brock was involved they had to make a football trade but again you're right it was it was Kyle Shanahan relationship. With bella check go back to the Super Bowl and I think wasn't it the Kyle reached out to Belichick after he lost the game and there was some thought about it a game management I'm not sure exactly what other relationships bond. Maybe it was because his old man kept beating Belichick to a guy like I've got rejected that beat bush. Pineapple. Face Mike. Is that Noriega record that if it was 42. This and actually NFL draft. If the 49ers are not able to treat for you grow up on era with CJ better in Brian Hoyer they may win two games maybe three games they're picking in the top five. In other and played for quit Nelson for Notre Dame as a guard as well as having all that cap space to go actor Jimmy grapple I just wonder. What would Jimmy grapples value I'd been had he been on the New England Patriots last year dirty it's free agency. What his value would have been what he had gotten that Kirk cousins three year fully guaranteed 86 hour apps are now I've a lot of course about now but I just wonder how much he would have made in the Oprah market that we see case can with the civil Broncos initially says a two year 36 billion dollar deal for case you know what what coral Apple's market value had been in the offseason before McGwire talk about -- I I I need to you know. Wonder what we we'd we'd. Unite our brought this up you know right after the cousins right during the week of free agency the question would be would ballot check attacked him. What are your tried to get some kind of a trade compensation back. For Iraq well. I don't know I think I would've I think I would franchise tag dropped below and they traded and I think people would have matched that price. They would not give them 84 million dollars fully guarantees that's crazy based out of game and a half he got hurt the midway through the Miami game Makiko a lot of it himself. Now they what but you know what they're all happy now the F state to pay him a lot more money fully guaranteed. But he's they got a of the building now everybody's excited about it the of the quarter if they have enabled the head coach may have had reservations about about Halloween he is not now. He knows what kind of player he has I think he's a far better player than Kirk cousins and I like cousins and drop below. Outside the size of maybe some downfield. Arm strength I really haven't seen any kind of a weakness on the guy in the I think they'll overcome his lack of size by. By moving the pocket of the Hillary Colorado Kyle Shanahan stretched all bootleg game with a quarterback movement off and he's good at that. Now he is good at that and had to be entry you receive it Eric Cory he's a free agent for the 49ers are thought to play solid last season. For the niners and he's still out there he hasn't had any visits here the share from Eric Reed you've had staffers pro day to watch is younger brother Justin reed who's also safety. Participates drills for NFL scouts let's hear from Eric Reed on his free agent status and whether or not he's been contacted by NFL teams. Florida Boston all of them don't know. They've gotten it. Back to go to sleep at night confident. I do with the optical won't go. Stay positive. Keep turning he didn't say when it happens. In the last season. Now he also discussed there about the National Anthem and Eric Reed said he would not Neil during the National Anthem let's hear from GM John Lynch. Let's hear his thoughts on Eric Reeves free agency status. So does that kind of where he can go with cancer what you can. We never should have been. You know I really do think that opportunities we'll start on his way. They just say we've been monitoring closely. We'll see other chicks out. We'll see how it shakes out Eric creates a look freeagent hasn't had any visits here I do think he'll sign with a team eventually because he has a solid solid safety John Lynch and never say never we're monitoring his situation closely but it seems like the forty members were moving on from mayor reaper took off and Eric Reed. And what he set up. I we we we discussed this last week when he came out and he thought his his kneeling for the National Anthem was adversely affecting him in free agency I beg to differ and I said. Let's wait a week and this is a conversation you and I had last Friday. So I wanna wait till tomorrow this is the time when there is who one week expires. In free agency were people like Eric read it. Now you reach out to him contrary to what you'd think he did not have a salad here this year he did not. He his game has regressed there's no doubt in his rookie year I thought he was as solid as any rookie safety have ever seen. He had tremendous instincts he could play center field. His game regrets I don't know was a concussion related injury related. He took terrible terrible angles year by year. I saw his game regress a lot like Colin cap for next game now but not to the degree of cabernet camper nick became on playable to me. And people have to differentiate between racism in this country and there is blatant racism we see it all the time it's not stopping and there's racism in the NFL. But it's a question of a good player vs a bad player or lesser player Eric Reid has become a lesser player I think their safeties out there. That are better than him. Kenny but Carl I think is a better player than him rod Parker I think is a better player. Then hand I think this is about the time. You know Morgan Burnett apparently is going to Pittsburgh Morgan Burnett a far better player than him. There's there's going to be a time right around now. Where he will start to get some feelers and but he has got to. You got to figure out what he wished I'd lost faith in him as a center fielders are free safety is angles his instincts there were times I just thought. What happened to him. He's lost he's lost he leads the just was taking terrible terrible angles. Then they tried to claim assist linebacker he's not big enough he needs to need to needs to be a compromise where he's not in center field but he comes from depth. And it does play I think he can match up with certain tight ends I don't know if these are based safety earthy should match up guy he's got to get a job there's no doubt. Third Bowman does not have a job right now Navarro Bowman is unemployed right now there are a lot of good football players that are still available I think it'll happen forum. Right in the coming days I think he'll have some feelers and he did say is agents talk and change is not back out on visits what he may be having a hard time with. Is what they're offering him a salary. Because I would not pay him a lot of money were after his rookie year. He's the kind of guy you can maybe think about keep it forever given big money to his game his regrets there is no doubt his film is not nearly as good. And the league is telling them that as far as his National Anthem and dealing for the at and you know what. He couldn't they can nail in the locker room night I was I don't care what they get our school would at all I had no problem with that if I was a player in this league wider black. After what the president said in Alabama that one Friday night I would've I would have knelt. I would have done everything they did the country turned on a huge segment of our population so I'm not speaking of that at all. But that they NFL owners. Are gonna go back to where it used to be where they did not have their players come out for the anthem they're gonna play the anthem where these guys are in a locker room and they're gonna get people. To stop talking about it because it hurt the game this year so. Whatever he wants to say about it it's not I don't think. It's a factor in him being signed Michael Bennet was as outspoken as anybody was on CNN we're Jake Tapper. Gave an amazing impassioned interview was so articulate he's a hell of a good football player now he's not the player he used to be he got older. Eric Reid is not employed. Today eight days into the new league year because his game fell off and they're not gonna pay him what he thought. Was there again I saw a lot of Wu hits from error create last year especially Jacksonville but he played very well may tackles in this meaning tackles got to defense lined up in a right way. It was just a veteran presence I disagree there are bigger Reid is more to capable player safety and NFL at a period. Not gonna say very all I'm not gonna say all pro level. But at a very high level I thought he was solid in about the Dallas game hostess that we we talk about the Dallas game where Robert Silas wasn't just the Dallas game it just I wasn't just. I think we disagree here but Eric Reid should get a job as he mentioned he's in contact with teams we'll see what happens as you mentioned in the book Carl also tied robbery actually bosses out their seat diesel. Let out and she's done you can't put him on that well I'd rod Parker is that guy out there rod Parker can play good guys get a jab I'd libraries in good shape you can also go on the slot rod Parker comply while Richard Sharma it's gonna join David Bruce F 5 PM here in 957 game. There rot what's in joined fox sports one and before we move on how do wanna credit Ken Hammond for a great sound it is there for pro it and he was down her cover and just reading got in touch with Eric greeted as well as John Lynch. Of Iraq what it was off fox works one yesterday was skit it was Shannon Sharpe the show are really do not watch but raw what you said some interesting things here let's first there were published in had to say about Richard Sherman. To do a deal where you're getting to 47 million dollar deal three years and only the signing bonus basically guaranteed it says seven million guarantee but it's really hard to see that it's really 24 or penalties if if you stay healthy if you play this way if you do this to be a player time. That's a lot of right now hauling yourself but I'm really below I don't believe in itself and we have a lot of confidence a lot of swagger yes but you're older player if you give her one more time. You're done. So I just think an agent what it wouldn't have all those so it would have summoned senate. And it would have been based may be more guarantees. I just think players have to sometimes that way for themselves yes I know he's a Smart guy with the staff like it but sometimes you gotta step away from yourself and say you know work. I can have someone doesn't represent me and I can boo remove myself and I think dowdy gave them better opportunity to have a better view. Was your thoughts are raw wasn't what he had to say much or does it goes on deal. My lover and we've had him on the show and we'll hopefully have a mine again he's an informed I think he's it's Richard Sherman. Is coming off the nature. Injury and Achilles injury she's going to be thirty coming up on March the thirtieth. You tell me what agent Tom Condon the great Tom Condit or Drew Rosenhaus who every ought to name would not come down. And be able to get him a guaranteed money from any team US made it to did you did John Schneider. What he got the deal. With Barack and essentially. He got three million dollars guaranteed that's all he got if he does not pass a physical. And there's a possibility brought to you sent me the link on this that if if if he starts a year on pop I don't know how this exactly works if he can not pass their physical. Before training camp and is not get the extra two million dollars and then have the right to get the extra two million on top of that by playing. I don't know how they they've they couch this contract to protect and they made it is pushing back put him on pop I I don't know how works. But you tell me. Did Bob played in in India Detroit. Offer him guaranteed money pit Reggie McKenzie offered him guaranteed money three million dollars to John Schneider offer him guaranteed money in Seattle the answer I think is no. I kept saying before we criticize this deal tell me what the rest of the league offered him. And I think what Richard we're trying to do is pump it up with a lot of incentives that he's if he's Richard Sherman again he may get there. But I think his ego wanted it and sometimes the agent has the same ego where they want that. You know he got was at 31 and a half million whatever the hell it is essentially it's a one year contract. It's a one year contract all they guaranteed a much three million dollars to have his rights right now if he does not test that physical in July. They don't have to pay him a red cent and they move on now they may delay it because they want to play. And their Holden that left corner and their belt technique coverage rate for him on the offense is right deck chairs and hold it for a but he church. Slander and Roddick Roger guy that was hurt. He would come back in play after torn ACL on the Super Bowl he knows what you know aging corners safety defensive back is up against I think it's just. Because she did its own contract because I don't think any other agent would it got him more guaranteed money the guys thirty years old and he's coming off an Achilles injury bowed to the league with doctor. In this is very creative obvious he wanted to keep the 3% to 5% whatever repeater agents here so we bet on himself and I don't know why more players until Thomas was outspoken about it obviously rot what's and we hope to have a football are possibly later this year. I don't know why Richard Sherman is getting abused in the media buys. Teammates or players in this fraternity here he NFL because it. She's better not yourself and maybe don't play well he does play an all pro level he's going to see most of that money if not all of it so I don't get why everybody is a garbage Germany go in there the have the wherewithal. And they had elected Goran Eriksson were per Rogge brought take with a contract guru I mean Prague rotted away he did proceeds these deals and rice and language and all the world side he had an opt out clause in two years they could cut ties with Jimmy GQ doesn't play well after two seasons here so. I don't get why people or Hagar Richard Sherman in a way negotiated still specially from plate from a player perspective here sure aged gore and there and do the Dielman and make things happen here but. We show a lot like like Sherman. On the Imus proper call pop. He basically said that look agents don't get criticized when they negotiated back entrepreneur players talked about Nigel bread home Brad men Philadelphia park where. The deal looks it looks sexy on paper thin when you really. Break it down. It's Sicily when you're six million dollar deal there so I don't get on a hatred towards Richard Sherman a rob what's in the by the way we have some news here EJ Manuel signs restarts at the Oakland Raiders would be to back up to do our car. Republican also spoke about the other team in the Bay Area the Oakland Raiders. And you're gonna like this one who you may not like this when we're rock had to say about job agreement to Oakland Raiders pop. I'm Ottawa sun like a scorned lover. Because I was fired by the greater sticker I love mark they celebrity's family. Which you can't tell me you error Michael Crabtree. And you get put Jordy Nelson here and Jordy Nelson betterment of rectory that's a lot. And I loved your car there cargo honor Rogers our trust Clinton different again tell me bring in Doug Martin and they're better football team. Now. I understand grouping wonderful and one is in his TV gave it a lot of great Danes have a Coke and don't want to enter senator game. Ten years shame. A hundred 1000000 I thought I am hoping Mark Davis that's amounts because my question would be. Comedies it was you have to win for a hundred million dollar in net new give IBO. To Bill Belichick absolutely but two hour tour Jon Gruden I just it's hard for me to understand it and he's made a lot of move I get it but those two moves. Crabtree was the he would be to glue to that offense because he gave him a backbone he gave and toughness. Jordy Nelson Arnold Geithner there cart might give them. Wow rod not holding anything back here first ball for actually being that cool the team. The backbone addicts up this Adidas is while we're do you wanna start your pop where you are in the art when you. Well where he started or are gonna sell the store bloggers. You sound exactly like that and I remember getting on the plane and there. There were hurt feelings after the game on New Year's Eve day in LA when they essentially fired them right after the game and in. They made him get up and and and tell the world that he got fired and then. Getting on that plane and flying back and all the coaches after the game and I was really uncomfortable I don't wanna make eye contact with anybody. But I did make eye contact with a rod and he gave me a look. By. WT half question. Was lucky gave me and he couldn't believe it so when you fire one man and Jack Del Rio you're fired a whole staff in Iraq got fired. And I Gracia good coach I think arrived as a combination of being a great great great player great player. He's become a really good football coach could match up coach has an overall I don't think rocket be a coordinator initially. So now he's out and he's gonna go back to TV any feels hurt so that's one side of it. He doesn't like Jon Gruden that's obvious I was hoping that that rod would be retained by by John but John did gnome. I was hoping when they were. Try to satisfy the Rooney rule that they would have interviewed rod I brought that up on the show is to get Raj name out there. Not to annoy luster gone coaching so I think there's there's a lot of bitterness from rod in that regard now to what he's talking about. I don't think anybody saying and I I said this on judicial I'm not saying Michael Crabtree. Or that Jordy Nelson has a better player than Michael Crabtree apps I said they are extremely comparable. I thought. Look at Jordy Nelson's tape I saw a skill set at this stage of his career off the injuries that is very much like Michael Crabtree. Able to get open by just being at Michael it's more sudden movements. Majority it's more crafty Nash knowing how to just get open against man and zone he knows how to. Rush shallow crosses and get open and run after the catch their stylistically very similar players. What jobless look underrated. Is Michael's attitude in the locker room and I told you when John first got the job. He was gonna look at tape for a month and look at every guy he's looking at fifteen. That Danny slipped in at the end of the Philadelphia game and Christmas which fifteen analyzing client. Where's fifteen in LA and New Year's Eve day lighten up client. And go less people I'd be fired all the coaches so I can't ask any of the guys. Here before and moviegoers people in the building that around and then trainers room in the video room and attack guys treachery. And they decided to move and I told huge I was gonna have our time coaching Michael Crabtree I thought it was going to be. That they would they would come to blows and Michael that's a tough guy but it's time to play football Michael stuff. I think overly tough when he attacked Aqib Talib. He made a selfish act there and in Chris shares junior data that the play before he was sitting on that from the previous new years day so I can get into all the different football points. He doesn't like job as a coach and he brought up John won the Super Bowl Tony Dungy team. He was incorrect in saying John never got the raiders to the AFC title game he did in fact rod played against them with the Baltimore Ravens. And they lost that AFC title game in 2000 so and it was Shannon Sharpe but he was a teammate with so. I think rod. Is gonna regret what he said in the sense that. He does get a lot of mark very well that day in autumn Buffy crossed a bridge there I think tribal he'll let. And I hope rod goes back to coaching at a key ET does that broadcasting thing what he's been between coaching jobs. He's go to broadcasting vote to win games as an analyst Kimberly good and studio is great and us on the football are we hope to have back. But if he's gonna come back on the show he has to have more of an open mind. About Jon and being able to assess Jon and not look at it. As though he he has some disdain for Jon Gruden there's no doubt he could hear his voice and I think you know what I think a lot of people around the league have that same disdain for chat. That there sick Chucky in addition to the Monday Night Football and he's been out of the game for ten years and he wants to reinvent the CBA. So you don't got to bring it out and we'll see what kind of coaching is I think he's a tremendously creative offensive mind. As far as formation how to use players eagle pop people wide open Jordy Nelson could be crippled. And job look at them open that's our goody and so I love rod. But I think I think there was a lot of personal vendetta what he had to say. The daily. 100 million dollar contract that Jon Gruden received the highest ever lose the most when we've ever seen NFL coach make. You may not make out there who knows a few last seen here's your butt but why why do you think Woodson has something against John Bruton and we played bill Callahan but what is it or ride into our agreement and that. She didn't cheat and hire hit it high out of a job they fired everybody is fired in my house to fire area to have to do with rob plank and we don't play the dollar well it you know why would he doubt this aged just because he fired him yet another jogger was gonna bring in its own staff. That's what most NFL coaches do a year and throughout this debate somehow I do see a hold over like Jimmy counsel look wolf the whole older for holdover from forty niners we see that sometimes I would Al. It's colts on the staff they kept neck amended or people on the staff they kept you know maybe market gone to bat for I I don't know. I think John you know John get a run the show is John runs it I and I heard rod to denigrate Bill Belichick. I heard it many times say you know its defense is slipped in. He's won because of Brady now I'll bring up. A situation we had on the show and basically what I'm saying is that rod made this personal. Which yeah. There was a time a couple off seasons ago where the raiders interviewed Mike Shanahan. To be the head coach of the team and I knew about it for a week before but it broke like an hour before our show. And that day Bill Romanowski and rod rod together. And I was ambushed. And I remember them I I was outspoken that Mike Shanahan should never coached beat the raiders because of Al davis'. And activists say hatred insulate the that. He's in market shall invite Shanahan were at the very top and now have a long list of people he loathed. But Mike Shanahan he'd load to the last day he took a breath. And I just found it age it's hard for the raiders to interview him and I remember both rod and Romo surrounding me that day. And saying why can't organize what I said was it's personal it is personal. He could coach any team in this league but the raiders and the reason being Al Davis say to the guy's guts. And net debt to me was alive and I said it has been a sick gimmick if this personal. It is incredibly personal. It is. And that nothing against the guys a football coach he's a great coach when he coached against the raiders. I knew we would pick out the weakness and go out trading and Schmidt the make and spend like atop the fall down I newly what you and he waited and waited and waited but he did it. He's a brilliant offensive mind. A lot of what is she aside does in the league does is because a much enough to do with that it was personal it was incredibly personal. And that's what rod has made this this is personal. John Grogan is a hell of a good football coach he's every bit on the level in my chanting hands he will prove what I hope. In a navy's players won't perform well. He's been out of the game for a long time there's no degree of certainty that he will win. But rod made it personal and that's I think nobody looks back got it he may never regretted but I think at that he's never gonna work for Jon Gruden I know that. Not that that is a done deal to take shots at Jon Gruden as well this is Michael Kraft is tough guy now we of course plays six years. With the Serbs the 49ers when he towards the kiwis in no CA's. In May he came back in December I say while this guy Michael Crabtree he's not a diva that everybody paints them out to be he's a tough guy goals over the middle he makes tough catches here. So that he you know I didn't know about being the glue guy because the last two weeks you know what happened with the raiders season and of course was getting joined us in Asia look. Crabtree he's gone he will be off the team and then once groomed became head coaching manuals just a matter of time because we remember green's relationship with key Shawn Johnson. Dad did that and well let's begin at a 49 are sure Frank Gore pop he signed with the Miami Dolphins he's going back home. Obviously he played his college ball down there Miami he was hurricane Frank Gore one year deal with the Miami Dolphins he's rushed for over 141000 yards. I've played ten year supporting members close of course three year for the colts the past three season. Seasons with the Indianapolis Colts yourself Frank Gore. He's gonna apparel working on trigger on a Miami. It looks like this may be his swan song for francoeur here as you know we can debate about whether him be and whether or not he's a hall of Famer here but Frank Gore is now Miami dolphin Els holed up pop also now whole pot that he would return whole tour is where all of out here it's up to go be a forty niner. Well they say he's completely different and jerk McKinnon and you know frank can catch the ball out of the backfield or franks. You know I back he wasn't a good gun runners and I back runner. At him and honesty Ivan Ivan watch and a lot of Frank Gore this offseason studying some of the colts players. Just stumbled into a lot of watching twice three. And I we watched him last year obviously because they the 49ers played only watched him before he watched him in the game and I just for some reason I've. I've watched a lot Indianapolis COLT video this offseason. Frank Gore can still play. An extremely high level. I was surprised how good his tape is he's old he's 34 is gonna turn 35. So I think appropriately like when Eric Reid wasn't gonna happen right away how much money they want to get him that I not a whole lot of these tells its us what you're are not sure about the out of gas three million dollars somewhere in there you know maybe that are there but he can still. The beautiful thing about gore. Is she's a three down back he can block and he can catch it obviously can run it any breaks tackles he does not have breakaway speed the biggest problem I had with him as he lost. The breakaway speed but he will get sure he's not gonna get two touchdowns and pop it but you'll consistently move the chain. He had no problem using him because he has a dual threat from the ferocious blocker. And it guy can shall catch it a lot of the back field now he's three down packages that could use them all the time I think you have to give the series off here and there. But I IA he can still play that there's there's I was shocked I was. I I know last year he was still good. But he had to think towards the end of the year he began to slowed how against the French if they never got heard the other fellow at the situation yells. And he's gone back to Miami Horry played in collegiate late. I'm telling you when you watch this guy. He is still a really good football player there's not a weakness to his may be just gotten older brother ridge he's carried the ball a couple of other tribes. A judge that he rushed into the NFL 2400. Times that's a lot of car crashes but he still tour. Expect the 3002 thirds of its 46 carries in frank Gore's career he missed five games at 24 -- with an Irish yes we've sort of a what do you diners those settling for each user's area 200 times and looked nice 61 last year in points having our secure but we know Indianapolis they're offensive line is porous so there's probably not much running room for a behind that off at 21 especially when the plane which Kobe percent. You could have it's coming up in stack and Abbas because of his running ability to Freeport could still play us off hole now hole. You think about we talk about person Ting guys from the 49ers is Gerry McCann are going to be a first meeting got what we don't notice they've made afforded arms may wind up in the confirmation or BB Kyl used check that the fallback position. Jerk McCain and people can do things in the passing game we don't know but that that rules hurt the guy who grew rub between the tackles media media are late in the game who could that guy be will that be Joseph Williams will be jerk can and will be met Rita will be guide reporting on his draft. In next mock fear that's why I thought frank Gore's and he'd give one year deal bring them back to this locker room he could still play at a high level in NFC west with reporting that about thirty would have been a good bit. And have just also bought may be New England but then doing when they go out and trapped there was is we trade for Jeremy hill from Cincinnati so. Frank Gore going out of Miami I do think he has a couple years weapon at its gonna cap off a hall of fame career upon what you think about us all they can't fire. I I agree it would he get past Curtis Martin now he's over 141000 yards I do not consider him. A hall of Famer to me is the best of the best Frank Gore has been very very good. For a long time. But I think by this he will pass Curtis Martin I think this could put him and it can't and I don't consider him a hall of fame talent. He's an excellent football player and one of the thing I don't I don't bring them back here I think they it's they wanna get younger. I understand that they're back Letterman Bowman back and happy to bring gore back which is not gonna happen. One thing I wanna see him do it church McKenna was talking about this dividend and Steve and other top ten. And Kyle section clever play designer. If you can see this guy can run wide receiver type routes and you don't know how they always motion running backs. Off it on the line. The chargers do it all the time an agreement as a time when they move them back. Chill you to the side of the quarterback to see if somebody follows. What I want them to do Richard McKinnon is the opposite. I want to start next figure out below in the gun and then motioned him outside. Of the wide receiver. So if you have a slot to one side he's the third guy or saying the receiver the point is. If they have a linebacker. Followed him outside that corners not gonna go but get them right back at it that. So he could get a match up if a linebacker follows him outside. And it's easy thing got a lot of back around him and mayhem that they're just a matter told wave a white flag. You know what he would do that he's that kind of challenge bunting so that motion. Gerry McCann and outside of the wide receiver and I you know linebacker follows good luck cover an active volume. You have your chance 49ers off it's gonna be a lot of fun watts but that's it for us pop will be back tomorrow. David Bruce coming up next. Head coach Steve Kirk of the go to say wars he'll join Damon at 530 Richard Sherman and will make its debut on modified seven game at 5 PM when Damon Bruce will be back tomorrow right here at 12 o'clock how many parts of again.