Papa and Bonta - 3 - Rod Higgins, Rockets 'soft', Draymond Ariza scuffle, caboose pistol

Hour 3. Papa & Bonta are joined by former Warriors GM, Rod Higgins, discuss if the Rockets were 'soft' last night and the Draymond Green/Trevor Ariza scuffle, winning 16 straight home playoff games, and the caboose pistol. 

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You're listening to 957 game PGM CFM and they skiing one KG in east San Francisco the real home for every single lawyers playoff game right here on am 57. 957 game is free and former warrior great rod Higgins is out working with the Atlanta Hawks front office he joins got a little like a pop in Bonn Germany 57 game that we got Tim Hardaway. On the show earlier Molly was on the show earlier we get into that robbed it just talk about what you saw yesterday game number three in how concerning know what your should be about Andre Iguodala is knee injury. Here I think what are great because he's a personal friend Ernie can guard multiple position positions. And if you Goran you look at their pay it in terms of who they played very forward to play games. Let her go to the cardinals conducting pre will. You know he's important because. Of that ability to go our multiple positions. Played unselfishly and you know aren't very. If you're that it our logo Barrett remember he have repealed bureau servicers there be into Europe and there were sitting sixty cheesy yeah declared the title game. He's a big time player for the warriors. Yeah it's just you know he's so good on the perimeter along with clay and then drain non in orchestrating it all on its fifteen defense of rebounds whenever I go to ORACLE Arena and I watched ray and not play. Live and I'm Persian rug verses on TV I keep thinking in your reaction. When he came out last year you watch one game bit us in studio against San Antonio we went out to the arena. But they're playing Houston actually on that Friday night and you're like why I like Drake I'm gearing it. But I like a whole lot more I watch him at oracle or he'd get a chance to watch it live abroad because she is just. He's here there he's everywhere he's bark of laughter right which way to push the drive. He's get every rebound attack just seems like there's five Dre Bob brings up a court rat. You can I have Barbara Mets moment was I had you know just so I got the sort of you know and I don't know. There are certain income group who you brimming you know colleges and coming up in the cold and hard are formed his body and when I was up there would you be lists your arm Korea again just there Marin pyramid either ordered it. Dennis Rodman moment it's guys that make the right play the and so this you know he's just structure. Clear the you know you can you don't have you're you're really tear trickled all of that pop that is eager for the team. Because he's you know he's clearly there are to get a lot of ways replicate. Goal. Don't write in my. And you go over you don't go to would. But it wouldn't there are you gonna talk he's gonna make sure that he's under somebody's. Quarter net. They're particular about so he picked that are big fuel at all. Couple with you overall storms that develop into got a gun meaning non German Duran is just hurry and Nadal. Klay Thompson and you know he just containing. Mean you know best mark Bowman has moments war on remarks and also also it would not all you know. When I came out last year and I looked at him. And I'm like I thought he was six or eight. And are like six revenue number maker okay he. 66. Week it didn't matter if that matter are tall view of the courses are just pleased at a certain level. Yet she changeup that I that we had we had Timmy and Molly on earlier spot they said in an attempt going in the Bay Area sports hall of fame. And the sole small ball thing you and Nellie has started and it was you who that was asked to play at 6768. Against as center. I'm ever Terry Tito and you you know guarding Terry Cummings in a playoff series and it. So to speak to how you're able to guard bigger men and how dream on is able to do that and now this is hoping his just caught fire now. Now starting with Nelly you know Houston's doing him when they go small they play Tucker Simon drain on the ability to play. These smaller players on big sometimes because of the low center of gravity I guess how to how to juju would have had a strain not do it. Well I think that you know would merely put. Put but I also know also Mario music is income also Mario's. People who want to make sure that. Yet it seemed to bear if you wonder soon probably go out there Mets you know we're we're the small guy maybe Gardner a certain order. OK so that means you'll took the ball out just are concerned and more scores and it's. You know we it is comical come back to us. And so would we would belly or think he created bit. That scenario right wing nut of the matter with him we're gonna make doled out Metso will look them up in strange being with you know who put the warriors. Which rim are being able to play you want the tried defensively and he ignored me and the style of play either they play it's hard to match up well with the warriors and you've talked in Houston. With a rocket BitTorrent to our football but I'm you can see the way to warriors play over the article all certain that we. No you're exactly right rod Higgins former go to stay where sixteen year NBA veteran here in the afternoon delight a pop and Vontae. Many parts of the game now working and hawks' front office rod. You talk about and Tim Hardaway is gonna get inducted two Bay Area sports hall of fame tonight he's probably be in the basketball hall of fame as well Springfield Massachusetts is. You know reminisce about those old run TMC days because you'll only two years and -- a young kid watching you guys. It felt like it lasted for seven years us about that style of play with Nelly and run of holes all run another team's all the court what and and that time in the ninety's early ninety's rock. You know manner meaning. To bare minimum niche in crystals are like you know or they are normal Brothers and you know we're. There forever meeting any one of those guys. I Norton called and so the beautiful thing about personal sport I think a lot of times and there's going to now talk about about core aspect of parliament Tim Hardaway. There he wouldn't boot up Barca go to problem tackler or you got a little beat where he became mediated the first day we met him off. Mitt and I picked democracy airport and he won two. We are told to guard sort or you don't wanna go and do something so what go to Jim in. And told us I want to to Cuba so I want to let you guys know there from a company you're mixture and beat the best player. And so yeah you cabinet beloved but at the grain of economic cultural art. In the Asia or Europe Marley who would regard that every day he guarded and made himself some to a query. Clear and no he was that he knew what improbably that vocal leader. Who's just been a leader that you saw every day. Me and girls grinding and make shots and going to compete. And in a minute you know made it look like chrome he won't. Who have the guy that has that that the that personality that he will bring everybody in together you know he'd. Ripken and Syria and even he wanted to be all are probably in the old days you want to be a rapper but now. It and when morning came up one disputes industry had been entertainment that emit into orbit pollute quote when are married so we hadn't personality that made the glue. I think we're very cool print. What do protester group a couple of think when we came to practice nobody made a phone for us we. Want to compete every day in what at all obviously terrified. And at the end of the day and it in the debate would give all laden you know over there they're together and we can. You know steel ball mud from warning to the award video game spectacle space but it. A what a fantastic group Dubya so you would. And you work with them after your career and obviously Amalia Molly vercammen Mitch and ten he's been a coach and you all caught on to the next level there's coaching you've done everything coaching G damning assistant GM and scouting and in. We're talking about it elect here but you'll be hearing your talk about. Hardaway in how I wanna go to the gym and kick your butt. And Molly just play and Mitch is played where Hardaway just talks so that. Yet we do have a good. Yeah work go to work so when we first met him on the and I met first met premiere but not a store where we're at the college development either in limbo. You know duke who went to a good humor good there's no war broke off you don't just jumped the scrimmage giving your. Intermittent or the Mets. Gary Payton will grow. Incoming rookie was drafted in to local law we play emboldened somberly go him. In a culture Alameda Geary county to the jail and he's suit. Right away. Where is Tim Hardaway because he wants particular that he asked there so we'll know what they'll put them there. And so you know there were born so. Pet store to let you know write to him. And Gary Payton I think a lot of aren't there almost one in the playing the way they were like trash talkers are more important. They delivered when Rome would result in there. Are or are we gonna let you go here are great night for Tim Hardaway is gonna be inducted into the bay or sports hall of fame the crew was. Back out when you come back out to bear you're gonna be out here for possibly the NBA finals and warriors wrap this thing up. There are mirror our hopes so. You know we're court blocked our work our threadbare. Look haltingly trying to figure you know what we're gonna do and obviously welcome would Travis he's been graded. Turn triggered the mass support and I and so. I hope you guys soon but I don't know if there you go it is critical for me. Has your busy with the third overall pick so he gets a big decisions to make crowd thank you so much for your time at midnight camping here tonight they're out of the media. Think video or missing US Tim Hardaway goes into the various sports hall of and a. Good solution to. Take care. It. Rod Higgins former warriors are a great guy we I don't feel we travel money is clashing with super hawks who the number three pick as a big time position. For the Ellen hawks in terms like in a franchise for my dance Tony James Harden last night pop. Some are like George Atkinson last night as he said the rockets are like Lynn Swann. That's shock as if she army and show off let's into the soft rockets here are reacting to light probably by ten to 57 again. Now that Greg Copley shell on 9576. Team. We did switch up and if you read a box all phases they're having you know one thing led to another fight song I actually. I mean you can't do that these guys gathered tonight and we still might not want me much point to play well we didn't make shots early we turned it over almonds just it was not a very good day for drug. Was subtlety it pretty solid let them gain some confidence and that the first quarter the number just the person who really influenced post when he noticed the shows and that was James Hartman Mike de Antonio of the Houston Rockets and they could claim that they were soft last night after it was about 41 points a largest. But the biggest loss in franchise history from Houston Rockets in the post season. And that came after properly and welcome everybody back to be a wipeout from Brooklyn and parts of the game. This came at the market Tony basically say we can beat anybody anywhere. Any time. Wall ORACLE Arena is a different beast in Charlotte. When they're you have to be nearly. Perfect now they weren't perfect last night Torre turnovers shot under 40% only hit eleven reporters and scored 85 points here so what you expect from rockets in game four because they were really soft these allied. They pop on the film pop arcing so we reach ins by James Harden just lazy defense. That's indeed feel the leaked. James Harden up elect you know watch in black pandora Michael B Jordan be beat the black panther and water Eagles this is a cheat or look at edges hard digging this are indeed Pete plays wants out of a cork popped and embarrassing. While the FBP as an offensive award and he is in between there's no doubt this year he's going to be the MVP he's deserving. But. For a coach to use that four letter word. That's the worst four letter word you could use than any team is to call your team's soft. And Mike and Tony was fuming. Last night I saw him as worked up as I've ever seen him. Induction getting off the bench angrily calling timeouts trying to get into his team so I'm sure. He was calling him soft to their faces throughout the game. When the warriors went to that four guard lineup that I love this I mean Aureus Alito and ready to do with the chuck wagon comes and you go small when it got smaller if there are gonna play jury about a four guards they they opened the second and fourth quarter was staff play Shaun Livingston and Nicki on. It had four guard who has played foreplay. And in your lord and the warriors won and I forget which Torre got the offensive rebound stuck it back into America capella. But yeah he called it an angry. Timeout then. And said we got the only big got the floral we have and we're not get their rebound capella. So he was she has reason to be there when they look at the video today they're gonna be embarrassed. So what's the opposite of soft. Hard to fit and they're gonna play hard tomorrow night. Let's let's let's face it tomorrow night it's not there she said. But if they win tomorrow night. Then they regain home court advantage. And it's all even now. And it's Tutu and gone back to Houston. And they got to lot of three if it goes seven at their place so they date on everything they did get to 65 when Sheikh in this whole thing could go up in flames. If you screw around tomorrow night. And so the warriors can not get in it's beyond me that they do this but talk at the coaches before the game and after the game. Camp after the orange won game one. Do they really think they were better than Iraq it's a bad decorated in have to play hard and connected and all those things to win. On the road he kidding me they had to save their season so I think this comes down to the more desperate team. I think game one the warriors were better game too huge to miss more desperate. Last night the warriors were mad. You know step drop and have Bob showed you the degree that they had to sit on that gain that was in 92 hours since the end game two before the start game three. They they they played like that desperate team. And now. How you don't if you don't have Andre tomorrow night I think the left to sharpen up. But the Houston Rockets are going to be desperate. Tomorrow night because if they go down three games to one. They've got to beat the Golden State Warriors by date three straight times good luck. So they they know that they got to come out tomorrow night knowledge to see if they're capable of it right is Jay charred really capable. Of fighting. Defensively staff is smaller. Little guy but he thought he got a Mary fought game one he fought last night let's see a change shards gonna fight. Let's see if he's gonna fight out on the perimeter you know he's giving up. Wait more points in this series that staff pitched as badly as the rockets are picking on staff to get the switch the warriors are tormenting. Augusta is hard hitter James Harden when he's defending. He's given up beekeepers simply point 50% from three point line 35%. From the floor he's given up appoint her over point per possession. James Harden has been atrocious on the deep into the and that's why does MVP award it dates back to latch or Russell Westbrook all you can get saudis triple doubles he's so good offensively but he doesn't play any defense and get the MVP award of sick of that. James Harden played want to have a record yesterday didn't even do that well he's flop around these region. Curry gets gritty he gets grimy on deep it's been yet sure he's not the most talented defender but he gets in the air each rise to any charges didn't try last night and Chris Paul. He started flop and early in the game you chart a big guys are throughout the game he also was a Charleston are atrocious on a deep into event. I don't know how much energy Chris Paul has left plop pits after a game home in their locker room. And I want to Chris Paul he's getting treatment on our right Shannon Wright ankle actually brought some audio and kind of block us from looking to see what they would do what we're Chris Paul's right. Lower leg so I don't know what's want our Chris Paul but they both were awful on the deep into being mature like Iraq it's gonna be desperate because essentially that's the season tomorrow. Tomorrow night is their season may go down three games one. Now yes surely can win two in Houston and possibly winning game seven but he still got to win one at oracle we're gonna have to win one at some point and ORACLE Arena to win this series and how many three game losing streaks have the moyers had Steve Kerr. Like mad dog and got married Betty Knight and lately helping write you complete your credit assert they want on -- last year right one on not they had also want to be Houston Rockets if they do fought our free one and the lawyers we talked about Clint capella or so word about Clint cappella before this year's. There's really poorly extend probably made him a non factor so for a series pop. Yeah I don't I don't get that. I don't get why they are not running their 15 pick and roll with him and and hard and and Paul that's all they do they run seven. They are sold singularly focused offensively and attacking staff curry that they have gotten away from who they are. And I get that you know you wanna be game plans specific to an opponent. But to a point where you just not who you are elitist not that it's not the volume of the past season all that stuff which is they have not Ron. They're 15 pick and roll policy stats on that analytics people crunch mean that it's an ad running that. As you just because they're afraid to dream on to that extent well. They're fixated on cook trying to pick on curry and tire them out and makes no sense to me prop here fixated on going that curry and attacking him and in. An adult I think there ought to stay away from drama but if not Drake can't go and I don't want overreact here. Because that they are I think they're gonna look at the little closer. He has a bruise there. They bang needed me what what happened exactly when he banged Indy it's something give way a little bit and I keep going back to Tyree hearing. And Tyree Irving's contact with flight Thomson was nothing like this contact last night between hard right knee and Andres left me. Like Larry hit carrier ring in game 12015 finals it was nothing. It was just to sites like there was a brush. And he winds up you know they should he fractured kneecap mr. patella tendon. Look at him now he's still not healthy and they and they screwed it up to screw it there than it got infected had to go and he still got the same player he may be compromised the rest of his career. Because of that and Andres contact last night you could see hard lost the ball he wound up turning it over on that play. That there was a collision that was Ellis old school needed neat. Any already had a bad knee so what exactly happened but if Andre is achieved it's just bruised adding dog play. That you'll be okay but it's you know there there it's just a little bit to see if he's going to be able to move on that day and you get a neat this guy. But if they if you don't have Andre. But today I I would assume you would start combined. But now essentially you have no bench that you. Provides the only guy like Nick Young played last night and Sean and George bell got the Mexican but he also got botched time. David let me impeached probably want to register told you I we said this before when they went to the chuck wagon. You gotta go small notorious went to fort guards which blew me away. And it may be that she's some out of the box you know you play more of that lineup he gets all the start nick young's like EPRI. Well you know where they when they sub and Eric Gordon and they go three. And that they're not starting like New Orleans started with regards but they're bringing it. Eric Gordon into the game with three minutes into the game undertaken Tucker out because they want to bring chalker back in later. When you go when they went to their chuck wagon anyplace five or reason goes for the bench development with regards but you know the warriors have also. Going into the series you know I wanna kabob is start to that audit at least always have a either player Andre on Harden. Well the worst of change the way they're rotating latest playing a longer. Andre is starting birdies coming out he always does he's coming out earlier but Andre comes back in. Went flight leaps so you always got one of those two on the floor and then Paul's off the floor. So the point if not greatest cannot play. Yeah you're not going to be able to plug and play. So do you put direct impact on the hard and and lead staff Iran. Play on Andre. I don't I didn't like it there ran out Harden from the beginning and I think they got away from that for reason he garnered a lot times well yesterday face grunt work cheers Christian is yeah. Sure I want him I I never like that concept we talked about it before we saw on Westbrook in the regular season critique are tired yeah. But that's not that's not what he is I don't know what to do here. But you do if you are my niche you know one of your two elite perimeter defenders like an Andre. They've got to a leaked primary ball handlers that can break it down now to your point. Paul did get after everything they did not do last night they did in game two as Mike and Tony said they got in Dallas. It on the switches when they switched they attacked. The switcher went out I don't want action and comedy get you another way for you to comma I'm go or not attacking. They were different. Now do you think physically. Paul cannot do this like he did in game two with whatever's bothering him of that right lower leg after watch it on a limp around their locker room maybe not physically capable. I think there's limitations of Chris Paul pop you watch him play defense there was one instance for example net per quarter courage coming down on the break he dishes at the clay Thompson. Capella calls without on Klay Thompson really well Chris Paul's been in this league long enough the nordic eighties in the corner. Chris Paul go watch and try to close out Katie in a corner for us more deeply is trying to avert a daily calls that it was like whoa wait wait what's going on here now. He. You can just watch and Paul poppies what been around before the game he's looking around on the court he's not moving well I don't know what's cool and I'll with a bullet. They can attack Chris Paul. Attack in the make your mum playable like they did in the season Oprah bad season opener back on October 17 robbery at a hamstring problems he could go. Something double Chris Paul and I don't think he can give every Teaneck he can offer for this rockets dean. They shorten your rotation. Who can really guilty wanna go to Gerald Green for extended minutes feels awful yesterday and seven minutes April can be arranged over cobra eagle and Eagles all over the place mbah a moute you can't play on he's employable in this series Ryan Anderson you wanna risk and he can even before the liabilities fell. Chris Paul that whatever percentage she's at right now pop. He's gonna have to give a liberty yet but there's limitations that the dwarf can attack and so perhaps not having largely developed. Sure it's gonna hurt but offensively the warriors can really go out this rockets team especially now that the series is going. Every other day here but I am concerned because rotations for the lawyers it and they're claiming more bigs I'll try to come Vallone your so what happens you start Loney. The go ahead and start lonely or risk getting in the foul trouble and bring him out the first quarter I don't know what to do your without Andre Iguodala if he does not play. Oh wait till tomorrow I EI they can start come on and then you're gonna have to get something. Claim cook actually played well last night but he scored almost all of this points on Joseph Johnson who is completely inert you can't guard. At all and he is just so awful. Now think about last year how good he was for you talk. When they beat the clippers and Chris Paul now he can guard anybody so they're they're they're not playing any other of their not defenders shrine Anderson's brutal. So they're gonna make it sleep you know Gerald Green. There's an interesting guy had a little bit of a bias towards him. Are watching amateurs at Phoenix on up in the boxes of luxury suite oracle at Don Nelson and Nelson. He just could not stand him I mean every time he touched the ball he mutter something about genetic it's a history that Nellie and Gerald Green. So I've kind of liken them to to Nick Young right but when you walk. Should he is really skilled. Offensively athleticism help cigar he could shoot he can beat you off the dribble slant doesn't change on that somebody hasn't gotten him. And tried to rein him men. The warriors are raining and Nick Young he's guarding better he is stopping he couldn't guard hard and Paul's a different problem for him but hard with his big thick body and he wants to throw his. And neck of British chest India a little bit and I see green trying defensively the orange attack him. But what I watch him more day after day after day I think. While I can't think it took just block it because he's back he is really skilled offensively a joke at the store now he could score but. Texan Miller vice shots and or did that. Tics my against Sony off at times but he is athletic trigger point was a slam dunk champ Bob I mean he's got all the hapless is domino world news is sad that he's been on nine different NBA teams. He's nobody's been obliterate them but I see John Lucas before the game popped trying to talk tool talks and since since woman really come on down it's been a good fit for our Houston Rockets team but. Tomorrow's going to be dancing with all the injuries but we got to get to join Mark Green. And not the seventeen rebounds it's a technical foul he received pop let's take a listen to this audio. I'm playing. You'll take it up with the league. And I could heartfelt with the elderly is. And you know didn't allow me get hurt him in a recent shutdown didn't seem like a double technical for being so we'll take it up for the league and we'll see you. That is Steve Kerr today at the racquets and former senator discussing last night's. A little skirmish which we injury or Mark Green and Trevor reason that's the third technical for drama green and I thought last night pot heat and deserved out when l.'s all on Trevor Ariza sure he knocked him down Dole's hard playoff foul. Try to live the mob is Barkley said hey B we know which are doing their but Trevor Ariza came back. Got up. Pushed and shoved the call launched called on some words that I will not repeat on these airwaves in two markets are technically called a double technical on a reason drink bobbled. I don't the German deserved a technical last night. Absolutely agree and I when I asked Charles Barkley the question I'm surprised by his answer I think it speaks and he just has a bias toward straight united doesn't like and Unix is annoying and everything he does he sees a different classes so. I think it was totally unwarranted. I was very upset about it. And I couldn't believe it. And that this is the kind of thing officials do in March. When they're trying to rein in a game where one teams get blown out and I don't wanna turn into a hockey game but it is gonna fight for no reason because what teams being embarrassed. So they just double check which is double check it right right it's a march estimate that the gerrymandering averaged three of these if he gets to seven. They suspend. And he's already gotten to in this series. So. He just can't take them. And I don't think trade not doing anything wrong in this situation I I think a reason tried to bait him into a situation a lot like James did it. In game four in Cleveland when he she begged them and I I talk trade not get the right thing used he's gonna stand up for himself he's not gonna let this guy just roll over of but he didn't push him back you saw Andre who had the bad left knee. Right then I'm Drake got in their fast Kevin Durant gathered their fast and they pulled them away and I thought no big deal and then double T. He just can't be given out double teams. Now you know he only has three more to play what they suspend. When he gets four more and you know we're looking at a final situation a letter along this series goes a nominee got to win it. In the NBA finals I didn't like it at all I'd like I'm glad Stephen Bob and Bob normally does that spot Myers. Will reach out to Kiki they had to wait and see if they can have this one rescinded but I I did not think it was justified at all I did not like it at all. Trevor Ariza has a history with the Golden State Warriors of course he's gotten two guys' faces. Quite content concussion he had no beckons when you're team. Trevor reasons are rugged guy he'll get after it. He'll try to star some things up in there that's what they're trying to do pop when I was watching the rockets I was watching Chris Paul house watching the reason. I thought Paul was trying to date guys as well he's throwing some elbows that you may have missed this. It just blatant Elvis like c'mon guys play ball due to a capital to play ball game normally want what I saw from Chris Paul yesterday he flop in the first minutes of the game a little distraught that. Mark green's my body ought to Rondo on my tire is. Catalog are under its New York it's gonna get element that record is NBA career well it goes on the court and people let it get away with that officials. What about the about game already threw the ball under Kevin Durant spot exactly start especially relishing that I east east believe me when he was in LA. I admired his game. A lot more than plug in Blake Griffin publicly Griffin Emmys and a slot player. Many many flaws I thought Paul was the guy there now to add to what's happening to him may be happening now in years past rate has got hurt. He got hurt but I always admired the way he played. But there was a point there. Where they got incredibly chippy. And the warriors are guilty evident here you know I think a big reason why Charles Barkley is not like train not as a complaint and every single call also worries have gotten a little bit. Of that clipper at age two on the whining edge. But you know Paul didn't whine a lot. But that's part of the game and I think cal Rondo you know did some things that I thought was really dirty. And Paul's I would say quite that far but he's an agitator lecturing and Andre and you know what budget that's marked it is Smart on their behalf now. In Roger and Roger to have he's actually get kicked out of the suspended for this series probably. But you know lower they open door chief and get kicked out last night you know you're losing by forty. So that they they were trying to get him to do something stupid and throw punch and maybe if it was Seoul. In over the edge they'd been given to flagrant she's already got a flagrant gone back to the per tonne salvo in the first shot results from tons he's so maybe you know he gets to four he noted for flagrant you suspend the site yet there's no doubt. But this is playoff basketball here and when you're losing it'll lose the game. You figure out to take somebody down with me here. And see if I get trained not to ignite you know he's a guy that they're gonna try to can bust but I really thought he didn't I thought he add restraint. I thought Andre got to their fast Katie gather their fast. And I think the officials just took it too casually. To just slap the that it double checked. On both of them and now he's got three so I'll be anxious to hear what the league does and if they do it's to get now rescind its technical and get them back to. You know we'll see about that Kiki Bennett weigh your on the clock here we'll see if he rarely censor because a recent kept parking even after a broken up a reason cab parking Embarq Embarq and as you said poppy days show great restraint but the lawyers what we haven't talked about all day. We we may be mentioned it but sixteen straight playoff wins at home they're undefeated with Kevin Durant and probably the margin of victory now is what. Close to eighteen points a game they're wiping eighteenth out at ORACLE Arena they bring to Chicago Bulls record we added. At fifteen games in the old Chicago stadium where it got wild this is a great feet and we talk about records get broken they already had 73 games a secretly went and a regular season it's sweet sixteen but this is just another milestone for curry Klay dream on the now Kevin Durant no rest of the squad. In Ed there are years. Where a lot of the warriors we had in a different goals for them to 73 was while when you once you realize they started 24 no they could do it. But I really wanted them to go through a whole year undefeated at home and I thought they were capable of that there. Is she a Boston for years the mid eighties they were forty and one of San Antonio had a forty in one season. The one time they lost Horry here's what in there and got their 72 victory against them so it is it is doable I thought the warriors. Would be able to do in the regular season ST Kirch first two years they had two losses to losses. Now what they defy even and they shared the twelfth with twelve losses at home this year but you know they're the regular season has a different five obviously and their their word they're they're entitled. But in the playoffs. When they locking and they're there's no excuse for them there so so much more talented and skilled and they're so well coached. For any team to beat and that's why I keep saying it. Aid now that they won game one in Houston if you're gonna take his title from them Cleveland Boston Houston. You've got to come to 66 that I could very here and beat them and I just say good luck because you're gonna need a hell of a lot of luck. You're gonna need Red Auerbach up from the grave at the leopard got locked it just got in let she's just not gonna happen. I don't see it happening because they're they're not gonna. They enacted a zone out the way they do on the road where the other team's crowd can begin to avalanche on U. It's just not gonna happen now that they said what you lose tomorrow night you know I don't sit tight Pacific Life I think that really hit it's that it's athletic competition and the accused is gonna come hard tomorrow night the Padres can't goal. And have a different mentality about this game but just if it's really hard to. For their there's a huge advantage. To have a home court in the NBA it's not as much in football the NHL we're seeing a rogue teams with the exception of vaguest. You know winning on the road route over and over again it's amazing to me how the winning a bit even if hockey is different basketball there's a tremendous. Advantage playing. On your home court in front of your home crowd and the energy your crowd can bring you and turned into a venomous environmental for the opponents. So you put all that together. And if you order go on the road beaches. If you played a neutral court to worry she didn't feature if you play amateur oracle a keepsake of lucky. The record I don't I I think this is there are records that can stretch out prologue blocked shot. And he now that they you know kind of kicked around the regular season they're gonna have to struggle on the road and wind but they're capable to doing that. But you're gonna have to come and oracle and beat this team or the got to go back to back there and at their third title in four. Years what did you think of a crowd last time because all last week and over the weekend pop of shell for the we believe crowd to come out there for game number three missiles a huge game you could just fill it. In the year gained three Western Conference finals or rockets a team that's obsessed with the UN that wants to beach you win era Maurice sweeting what did you think about the local crowd last night. For game number three. I'm dash unhappy with the public that triggered. I thought I thought they were on fire last night I thought would provide Loney had a block against mbah a moute. And later he blocked the shot against Eric Gordon. And they just get in the open floor and their role and they had some long rod status sixteen to two run. To close. But the first athletic it was a start the second half they went ten nothing. And and used to get back and at that eighteen to three run I mean it's probably at the very loud is when staff. It's bombing threes and that's where you know Rory Culkin just roared to control the opponents get swallowed up in a in a bevy of threes but I I thought they were intimate there were times. They had San Antonio New Orleans works out like a regular season game. Because there is say a level of that expectation now excellent knowledge says we we don't believe anymore we expect an eyewitness to one over at the Puerto Rico they're looking for a coronation not a competition if but I thought they were they were into it last night widget thing. I think there was loud especially with curry got going I was just waiting for her reviewer wrote because you could feel the crowd on that they're waiting for curry they are all guilty eleven point lead at halftime you're happy with Kevin Durant scored his 15% points. You're happy would it a dollop wouldn't include. And Duncan home put backs in a century Mark Green snatch a rebounds but you could just feel the crowd. Waiting for curry to erupt and once he erupted she Joseph late one nuts he's going crazy on this island EC forty iPod and everybody. In his courtside seats which is different or Currie calls often I've never heard anything like it it's. Really we can equated to Barry Bonds hitting home runs at AT&T park I don't have a lot of history of traveling to other arena over one other jams or football stadiums but. I can't imagine anything like it. Curry and ORACLE Arena Barry Bonds and AT&T park it's just it's unbelievable what happens when he goes off in front Afghan based. Yeah it really is the equivalent of a baseball home run and the fact that it you know three points first is to. And in Reno home run in baseball everybody stores somebody stores and negative beyond the batter's box scores whoever on that such as a way of flip and a game there's no doubt pleased to rheostat. In baseball that Billie Jean loved whoever whichever team at the most on drugs in that game one of very high. Percentage and now you know leave the game it's been tilted towards the home run in basketball which is. The three but I saw Daryl Moret. Last night this UNC on this and this is a bigger guy that I thought he's tall guy who did you say hello did you save the suites ready just he was told Corey was he was talk and a reporter Atlanta Republican Astoria but I I asked him about hanging out with giants. That picture picture that I was I was a little disappointed because somebody sent me a picture before you know BMW club. In her chart out the new tequila and if I wasn't busy working or run it around I wanted to charge and tequila Cabrera did see forty I won't quite go. Have fun the other day to WW club. Let's just have to kid and I think get a chance to see that so did you forty come up to. I think all right we'll have our data club after every show but now we go like in on three hours so we never let China get an arch tumbleweed blowing through our forty throughout their common currency for game number four men who have a shot of tequila before game four because we may need it because aggregate dollar may not play latest news on him is that knee contusion who have an MRI will know more. Later today Herbert right now poppy is listed as doubtful. It will no doubt he's the starting lineup but no doubt Jesus rotations will see what the wires have in store for game four guessing Houston Rockets who by the way. Mike and Tony I don't know if you read this pop but he said all the pressures on the lawyers they have to win tomorrow how does a team that wins 65 games and their regular season. Break RD street court records. Believe they're better to negotiate wars how depressed or not I'm not sure it's it's such callous that it was more pressure. Jon Gruden as the great line about pressures that ceiling and it's applying it. And they will apply pressure but there are rockets are gonna plan like a desperate team. They know they know the deal they know the method they lose tomorrow night they're gonna win three in Iraq care tour and used to connect to get to two Houston. So they they know the deal so that it cannot be desperate. And edited that they have the big thing is and Audrey can't go tomorrow night it changes everything that we Ella. That's three hours to talk about it tomorrow from an ORACLE Arena when the wreath at 12 o'clock donor marrow donor and ORACLE Arena and he had nothing at all that that that by the way real quick. Predictions for tonight Eastern Conference finals game number four Cleveland beats Boston by thirty in game three who wins tonight who takes control. And discovers finals I think this makes no sense I think Boston is just incredibly young boy they played awful awful they played scared. On Saturday night and James orchestrated the whole thing and George shell attacked. They were scared. So I think Boston will be better tonight is they were so awful. In game three but part of me thinks they're just a little young a little green a little Celtic green at. And at times when they Wear their road drained back to that this looks like. They look slow I think they are more slow mentally slow like the warriors were in game twos they look really on athletic and slow. And I've got to bring here and pains and I'll let him drop some people denied him bring out the king sized keenly want the black Boston jerseys in this game is that what you're saying you know I don't know how they'll tell you I just a guy just sometimes the Celtics looked slow where they've always looked even though they you know they paid their the ones that gave receivers in a fast break. There are times that they pushed him over the direction interest rates they've they they're they've they've got young actually stayed in Iraq and fly. But they they just look slow late they play like they were scared us Saturday. Believe it or not I don't think LeBron James is was and another game in this series but with these saying that it probably needs Boston's. Is going to wing came before I go up three games to one but now it is time at their fun packed show for the caboose for us are here in the afternoon delight. Now it's time for the cookies and he's great total income ten. I'm going to yeah seven day. So we'll. When it has the stories that almost slipped. You five point Chevron. The game it would have been yeah. Our personnel moves so it's blowing they would do this stuff on him plus a night. No words. Would work. This side again. It's just. Sinking a birdie I don't know I don't know. Detail and will apply to let's get sick I had I have no idea they're just kids listen to Kevin Durant did not play basketball the F word. Is very important truth we're a lover of words Iran arguably we do us it's our favorite word has felt it necessary works you can MF words we use that a lot in the truth machine. And I gotta say we. Arrow who we put in the most but probably Charles Barkley I would say we've been mean to him for a long long time and I will be the first one to say today. Then he was absolutely cool on the phone really nice and I really like the fact at the end there that it now has shadow to. My late uncle and Greg's brother Gary out there so I'm their biggest suggesting guys. Charles seems to put an act on what he's on TNT need more immigrant good person when he gets in Nome. Solution is it time to retired sir Charles from the truth machine. Sure fat ass. Okay. I think what he was. When he was you have an I'm my memory of him was saying on my brother Fridays anyway Gionta was so full of himself he was drinking constantly. Fly himself and he was just but he was so bombastic he was Reggie Jackson. And as you know he won every single year the best interview in the NBA and it's somebody great interviews with him. As a broadcaster you know stylistically is honored eight degrees remain but I I think at the end only pushed about some things. He's shown it yet he's there to put on a show. And although you know he I think he does take shots at the warriors here and there we you know we love the warriors so we we challenged him. You can. Dislike what someone says. And like the person and Charles if you're around him he is so hopefully he can sit in the I don't know if we could get as big caboose and if those. Heart but he can go ahead and that evolution has only played awful lot fifth child of eagle eager for a Phillies today. Satisfied he was also in the data without the funds we find minister sir Charles yes he answered every question. Really cores. Foam which took today I mean and I do enjoy in Saudi NBA game when he's talking about the lawyers he's he's on he's a plug out of you don't watch her I've never been around him but he seems like a fun guy. To be around -- all right so don't put will be put him in the division I guess he had his left a trip to Africa. Were supporting things that happened during the game I guess Bart JUN team improves when the exchange act it seemed exact shirt to the game it Damon Bruce's good look at them a fashion tips I guess on or you're going to for the game its newest latest what fizzles Paula miles from Norris rack or wrong slow. His serve was probably a little mortuary. Well I had stepped double buckles on the I don't know that I can afford that won't pop metaphors that she has little. And America for that championship belt motion picture that I can out the worst thing stepped in last name those are pretty bad but it is that we were like the same plaid blue shirt and blue patterns are really really god. And people said it Dana looked better in which was like and saw each what are people or are you fans out there to sort of picture. I were better David cop beat me he took myself so real quick here. UN Westbrook had any incident early in the season I think this tops it this is partying oh boy Trevor reason that Tom what went down with with filed with the dream mind. What happened there was German there in the fourth quarter Barbeque invites. Who's going under and if so where I remember. We'll skirmish he can't remember. The best part about that is by to ask that question try to be as Smart as I say that Trevor Ariza was trying to bite into a barbecue. But it. But they asked the question and then Trevor reasons leg green slightly. Then slowly turns deviating goes I don't remember. Gain of one all threatening call can't recall all pup I'm sitting there in the scrum and everybody before Hamels colony. As stories about your mongering sold three minutes elapsed. And I'm thinking OK nobody asks you questions aisles trying to figure out Q way or creative way to. Hey what happened or return Mark Green what it would cost a skirmish on baby gym until barbecue is that about if you begin at bottom right Memorial Day barbecue elected date flipped curry over that they get clay concussion are right but the video doesn't just because a re the kind of smiles. Anita looks have TV cut its open afterwards and media Lotta people have fun with that the locker rooms are occasional then we had a fun show today a lot of great guests and we out of the warriors for. Almost three hours here overbearing to lead the biggest thing happened this Weekend Warriors. He's made me. And right yeah usually it is excellent tiger reveals an appeal to look. That's right while you're at that Kelly good day. You. They never shrapnel games. It's guy do me Rogers Centre and other places iPhone and I've been there for a lot of those that was cool what what's wrong with Josh Donaldson I don't know was true. I'm sure he looks cooked but they are always the it's what you wrote shirt phenomena East Coast bettered the giants NBA's implants and bought one watts Michael iPod July lot of a's baseball July can't come here soon enough when the warriors season ends always baby gulf war picture that is it for us probably got their majorities in the act. I knew I may need to cigarette or black demolish some kind of come down all the fun show today will be live at oracle Reno moral. At high noon for game before Western Conference finals between the lawyers are rockets but up next is the one and only David Bruce right here and only 57 game.