Papa and Bonta – 3 – Owners, Stadiums, Ask Ray Anything,

Hour 3.Matt Steinmetz and Ray Ratto fill in for Papa and discuss about some of the owners in the Bay Area and their relationship with the media, building stadiums with the right surroundings, and we go out and ask Ray anything!

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You know speak but there's something about it right there it's. That humanity is drawn too early telling you guys that they have to ignore that. Aspect of the cell. That's obviously attracted to millions of brilliant achievement. I mean I think it's peppers are you doing it there's something about it that he enjoyed or liked. I think we make it too big of a deal about it at all that he's hurting him or and that money I don't see a problem. Well I mean Twitter. Twitter critters are useful tool but it also has its dangers and and I think it's an individual choice the system burner counts I think that's appearing with the veteran missed it counts steady created. Today replied of people who's criticizing him now. Yeah and then situation always root talking about here is honest Ingram somebody tagged him in the photos and who would you pick out of the three Y when LeBron James there could have to read pick swiftly. And guys had on not picking Kevin Durant because he's a sellout. And Kevin Durant told the secretary Nicholson to door keep my name out of your mouth for what. Is trying to teenagers basically. Making fake little pulse Earnest Graham bottom announced in all I would apply to people who part of people last I don't what are. Our bodies were doing that and your own name right there here so it's different when you have a burner come but. To give it credit he replied under is on its branding and it's like look I'm just a regular human being on seven foot. I like looking at is a grand when I have down time I'm gonna reply. I don't what that. But there. There isn't probably that but. If you don't want the blowback. Then you should stay off. Because if you go out there there's going to be blowback yeah. And it's got nothing to do with you know. His rights or he's in a letter or anything it just there will be people who will take shots at him and he will take shots back. And. It's part of the deal I mean I don't know how how to frame it better it is it's when you go. On interactive media right. Interactive means you catch as much as you throw. If you don't wanna catch. And don't for. And defected you know. He used burner counts in the past. Mean that does seem a bit Kissinger. You know if you wanna clap back clap back under your name those those are sort of the rules have. Social media engagement right here and now. The the problem with that is there are a lot of people who clapped at him you know. Hague accounts or people who live you know clever names and Arturo. So it's it's a one it's a it's a one sided fight in the way. So Kevin Durant doesn't win this now. If he still wants to do that knowing that is a fact then fine the dangers have been explained to him he does it anyway and that's. You are listening to 957 game KG into yet diminished one KG and he San Francisco radio dot com station. Before we ticker calls going to the listener spot on the current state. Of the NFL to blame are far seminar part 70 what their daughters are occurring in a fog pitchers in just second rate. But I must say the annual many are seven games liberty golf classic. Is back soreness Tuesday a August 14 at the beautiful golf club bad boulder ridge in San Jose. Were broadcasting live all day long and out all your favorite poster alone gives in the morning. Started to guru from 1012. Greg pop them myself from twelve to new took three. David Bruce from Purdue seven accords with the lovely Jon Frankel. And also don't miss a special appearance from the go and self. Jerry Rice join us August 14 for food drinks and golf at the third annual. I'm 57 against celebrity golf classic pitcher tickets today at 957 game. Dot com and she was going on with the NFL just in the last 24 hours. Let's start with the ship was Shawn McCoy allegations. The latest air apparently he did. You try to get this young lady out of his house there's rumors that maybe he hire people local pistol whipped her to get her out of the house. Nothing new when the last three hours and I've seen here from the situation but it now is starting to catch legs how. American Ashley how this is gone and for LeSean McCoy but was sure thoughts on the situation so far six yesterday where there's not enough Pete tells on the situation but really comment on it. It. Circumstantially does not look good for him. But. Until somebody can providing a direct link. Between the people who beat this woman up. And him. I think we're we're just gonna be in state. 'cause that's that's that's the question here is one. RD connected to report seemed to indicate that they are. But did they do this on their own. Without his knowledge did they do it with his knowledge axed but not with his. Consent Mary snow or not not without him saying do it right I mean that's that's the next hurdle. In the evidentiary chain it has to be clear is how much did he know and when did you know. And at that point. At least you've got a direction. Let's go up to enter near Redwood City he wants to discuss the current state of the NFL Anthony what's going on Narnia to them right here on impressive again. Technology that got. Us. Do lawman Q I'm don't want to play not get it now is that. Little turned up by the minute gone by the way. Been treating its players. Differently like intersection of politics. And and player to player right that we saw on all of Latin your starting with cap and regulating. The protest that. Kind of evolved Jews you know regional level of the president and octagon and the players. And now they're being told just shut up and played basically. And now we see you know edit a longer the owner. A good. Phone line went out there it would city picky for a phone call at three when Ashley Rae. Honest on the panthers' new owner David tepper. So he'll step nothing less than an open and safe work environment this is coming after Jerry Richardson and announced in December that he intended to sell the team following reports of sexual and racial misconduct. In the workplace we dispatched here. Cherry Richardson's insistence on this new one or whoever was going to be. Haven't keep this thirteen foot statue. In front of Bank of America Stadium considering all the allegations are Jerry Richardson and which his contribution you know what we got to get the statue out of I mean how silly is this. I mean obviously Jerry Richardson has a big time you go here to put this yeah effect in the contract I mean it has certainly put. If he is found guilty should temper go ahead and just terror statue down and held the richest and this is Martina. It depends on the language in the contract to be honest with if it can invalidate the sale. And and forces. Tepper contractually. To resell the team either back to Richardson or somebody else. That's tough call. He could do the right thing but he's clearly prioritize. Keeping the team. Over the image of the guy who. Ran this it re ran the shop for so many mayors. And so it. I think Eric gradations here mean I'm not sure whether he should I don't know that he can breach the contract without losing Mateen. Eddie went to the trouble of raising two billion dollars to buy it. So he may just decide well. I don't care about stage right and if you care read statute and that's what you have to care right but if he doesn't clean up. What went on in that organization in those offices. Then he should have team any. Mean Jerry Richardson lost the team because he did debts. And so David tempered as a lot of eyes on him. That he is you know. Cleaner than clean. On and on race went on sexism on harassment workplace. I think it becomes just an individual matter it is the existence of the statue. So important to you that you will. Hate to Carolina Panthers forever. Whether or not he cleans up the problems that. Made. Made them basically not a laughing stock but it image and a figure of abuse for. And I don't know what the right answer to that is. Only because. If he turns out to do good there and at the cost is a statue. Yeah. Is that really worth invalidating what if you sold at somebody. Who turns ethnic and Jerry Jones is a swell guy who wants to bring back the good old days where I mean I think. I think the issue ultimately become news. What his intentions are as dollar. Not about the iconography outside. I just I'm adequate but up when I get why people would be angry yes absolutely because Richardson. It's very evil thinks well that's blatantly supervise. That and other people doing them and let a culture. Of racism and sexism and harassment workplace. Not only occur but thrive. And you know I had to meet the statue is. It's easy for me to say inspecting for mean the statue is beside the point. If tempers as good as his word that he's going to end all those things. In the organization. But I'd get if somebody can't make that leap. We'll take more of your phone calls on the situation recurrent killings on the NFL to Blake not are 79570. So wanna get into what happened in Atlanta today. At an airport involving Adam Pacman Jones. Apparently it wasn't his fought I've seen the video look like he got a gun here we'll talk about that. Whilst talk about the NFL being a great product and increased four on and off the field but you can make your argument that right now it's been it's a complete mess. In adults this mess going anywhere. Any time soon we'll talk about all that here on the afternoon light ray rattle sponsor hill and present again. Now back to the red accomplished yeah on 957. Big game. Welcome back to be there to do the right on the Wednesday afternoon Gergen Bay Area ray wrapped. Monta hill 957 game we're discussing the current state of the NFL. And we've got some news hearing about was shot McCoy situation here enlighten us with the latest developments. Tom according to Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports. He has apparently. Hired. High powered defense attorney who also defended Ray Lewis. I years ago after the and I tech in Atlanta right so way he is planning. As the stories is too and grass of Lee. Protest his innocence and it. So it's. It's already he's starting to write catch its own speed net they've gone now and it they've gone to lawyers. Already. When he still has even been established whether or what exactly. We shown according knew and when he knew it about the beating and pistol whipping of his former girlfriend in the house he owns that she would not they can. Hiring allied high profile lawyer like this is that. Is it a sign that the Sharma quarry. Maybe he has some guilt and know something about the situation with this new one and it did not necessarily a sign of guilt at all what it is news. Or sign that he knows something that happened or. No I could you can't you can't assume that you know I'd. You know using your legal rights to hire an attorney. You know means that your admitting anything. What it means is whatever however this progresses. He intends to be. And I hate to use the word vigorous attempts to clinical but it. He intends to be aggressive in his own defense or whatever that defenses. Whether it is I didn't know anything about it. Or. Am. Whatever whatever whatever tacky chose choose to take off. That's the that's the take away there he sees. He's using the lawyer. That he thinks will do the best job of seeing to it that a he's not charged in BP is charged. That he doesn't it. With a situation where an Oscar and hard to see him commit to training camp on time with the Buffalo Bills were due to Buffalo Bills do here with this case. You know now start to catch some steam here to the Buffalo Bills tell LeSean McCoy. Stayed away for now. Let the dust settle in this case. Come back when your proven innocent or they're gonna allow them to come naturally camp and practice with the team with this case pending over says well. I mean every look every team is different the world of 49ers. It didn't do anything with Ruben Foster talk right away and then told him to stay away later. So. You know I think every team does its own. There's its own. Diligence or lack thereof depending on the talent involved and so there's no I mean would she Wear the story goes when it's time to report came up. Yeah. And I felt a mess right now back NFL's only and it it's. Probably yeah everything's getting shed I mean everything's getting put to the surface here and brought to the surface because of social media because of all the access we have put the NFL. All the different networks of course but I'm sure all the stuff went on again in the eighties in the seventies in the sixties. An early ninety's and and of course social media Eric comes in refining our Ali stinks speaking of social media teens he caught Adam Pacman Pacman Jones in a fight. We'll be an employee at the Atlanta airport did you see this video Oregon to India where he is who is that his girlfriend air and it looks like the employee try to attack his girlfriend or not. I'm yeah I mean I don't I'd I'd among comfortable drawing conclusions based on that but. It seems pretty clear based on that that he was being goaded right rather than. Engineering and. Crazy because we know about Pacman Jones and all the things he's been involved what in his NFL career but is to. He hasn't been in the nose an a couple of years. And that's a good thing for Adam Pacman Jones but to see people still turning goat and and the mess with him. Took Britain is correct and that's a really can't move by this employee and Adam Jones made them pay with a nice low paying maker. And knock them out of course they held back Pacman Jones oh. I can't see the NFL punishing and angels from the situation well. And who knows I mean he may get sued. By the guy he knocked out don't know that it will be successful given video but. You know why else would you. My estrogen picked a fight that you know because again unless there's stuff we don't know that happened before the video right. It looks like. Him. Jones was being. Goaded into rather than anything he did. And again would it did it's silly to make assumptions based on anything. But. You know off what little we know now. It looks psyche. Is not going to be either prosecuted or punished by the wall with the NFL punish him for right. Going through and our offense Vieira an accord through airports at the flag illegally how how dare you not have your pets Europe or Europe or. You boarding pass where we can see right to fix for. But if I don't know I mean. The rule the rule of thumb in the NBA NFL is bullet will let you know what we wanted to when we feel like different. Tripoli and I've by seminar price of zero wanna get your thoughts callers on which are current fillings are. On the NFL here's training camp is about to get started a couple weeks for most teams. Tripoli and our first seven are par 70 what are your feelings and we're talking about a before we show you care less about the NFL. To all their. And again in. Everything has gone wrong with the NFL CTE. Concussions. You name it they can't get out of their own way. Think it is unbelievable to watch this league that makes billions and billions and billions of dollars. Start to crumble like its ratings have fallen down over the last couple years and you can call up because of playing politics to complain some of the players you complain the way to league as Ron put your current thoughts on the NFL you think. That in thirty years it's going to be a real trouble and there may not be an NFL say 3040 now. I don't want a foretell the end of vampires. Yeah based on little known now. But. There they're flat line in terms of growth. At a time when. You write ago Roger Goodell was talking about them you know. Generating 25 billion in revenue per year by 20/20 five. You know I don't think debt plan still in operation. There they're there they have several problems and we talked about it yesterday would you know one. Ratings are down and have been around for three years. Two day. Haven't figured out. How to deal with players who have a voice. Third. The brain trauma issue was from is that the owners who don't want their players have a voice not the loans usually use and while we don't because getting bullied by the president. Well I mean it looked 88 willingly chose to be bullied and because they've they've like plot problems go away. And Donald Trump lives for the generation of other people's problems. I think that's part I think the brain the brain trauma issue is huge and I think the declining. Participation. Among. Among young Pete right it's all down across deport I mean yeah I imaging lab because parents. You know in a lot of places it's not true in the south it's two in the midwest. But in a lot of places including the West Coast. Parents aren't here these are work work. Anymore mechanism parent. You try my kid out. You know. Risk brain damage from my music episode right. I do but he's 23 went in high school. Not not bored but when it when that time came DD we wanted to. I mean in part because I'd wanna play football right but that was before. All the stuff was TT ball up their forty's urgent. But you know I just that's not a good enough reason to go to one school. Right. I'd have a hard time he hates me for next to his dad Kirk. Well I think and I think they did it the picker problem is that football is going to become unaffordable for a lot of in the years to come out. Where are maturing company all in dammed up by high schools. They'll stop in identifying equipment manufacturers. And all of a sudden whatever the fee you have to play you you have to pay his parents that your kid can play high school football. Is going to it and not double but it'll grow exponentially and at that point. You can't afford. To play. Yeah I'd hate out there dollars a played little league football and high school went to a public school. Did not cost me penny. But he had used equipment that have been passed down. Through years and there is no equipment you make it right 5% in new helmets a season. But there's a lot of old how much staring a river. They're starting to talk hey we need air Helmand not a right ailment we need this helmet not that helmet shoulder pads role I pats rolled. Falling apart like literally sell. The cost there. Yes that may be a problem for some families as well. But I just think just to risk the risk factor of it. And just speaking of Bob how today's athlete is they're bigger stronger faster today Arab Oprah for. Chris opening supplements for these guys the work out or whatnot and these collisions. And I don't I don't think I've ever had a concussion I can't claim to have one. But there was games where I dislike my head just didn't feel right and I kept plankton because it's a macho sport like a knock one operatives football. To be tough but they do it's interesting you say that because. Which reports Mike Freeman. I did a piece about whether flag football is the future of football owner. And his theory I think is that you know. If you can get pasture in need for the physical violence the sport. You know maybe flag football is an intermediate step for people who still like the root limits of the game. But don't like the relentless. Head to head collision grip. I don't know what that will player not because again dribble drive all those because she C announce when we get right I mean you know. Maybe that's the future of high school football and libraries. In which case. That means if you're playing. And flag football in high school. You're pretty much I'm bending the notion of playing college football or the NFL right. Because you need to have that his academy before you get to come well you know a lot of up and what are you needed or not. Coaches will insist on race. I don't ever to our advantage flag football that you're not here I remember to disadvantaged kids had playing high school football. For the the kids that did not play little league football pop Warner football. In becoming a high school having never played. They were already behind the eight ball and it took him about. Two years to really adjust to contact football to get down oh and three point stance and what routes were in the function valuable football team. A lot of those guys never really panned out that did not play pop Warner football salt if they wanted to keep high school with a flag football league. We as actually say rate they're not going to make it in college football. They don't have a chance let's let's go to JC route ending got to play against guys who basically flunked out and he won her uniform lowering our helmets playing. Tackle football with equipment were. A number years you put yourself at a competitive disadvantage right. That you may just say it worked for me yeah I mean the end again nobody knows whether. You know like football's gonna take off nobody knows if you know if the rest of the country is going to embrace. Eight he level of football that has significantly less contact and that those are on nobles but. If we don't know that neither does night it is the people who run the national football. So in the future is. It's nebulous I mean it again it's down the road and you know. It's gonna take care obviously we're not talking the next 510 years or at all now the wrong unless you're gonna lie unless something catastrophic happens inning game on television where. Quarterback it's kill. Mean I hate to be ghoulish and that's almost what. Because. Junior Seau committed suicide because it is because of because of the damage to gain did to him. He was one of the most beloved figures. In this sport. And it didn't move the needle. Go back to Mike Webster with the Pittsburgh Steelers will be the only heard about that story yet but but in Syria Al was mean. He is a big star all Sony it was there he was personable he was on TV alive he was you know. Everything the NFL like to try to out as an example of it the kind of noble people of this game produces. And again and the needle did not move. But it's part of the building block people. Who think the game is you know gone past its sell by date will use. You know here they'd juniors are killed himself over your game. And that's. You know that's a long term. Danger that the NFL. You know faces it's not that something's gonna happen right away. It's that if she's gonna slowly erode. Let's go back up to the callers ray what is your current feelings on the NFL took away and I parred seven. Not by 70 let's go to John in Concord north to get his thoughts on this conversation John won on Iran and parts of again. You. You're old. Or where. I start. On yeah. Ordered what is only part of it is that. Not later for four or. They are not out coal there. Are about 145. That would ever happen. So much more of a war out for. Was you know. But the real art art. And like. More so. A lot right now I agree what with the you know it's the order for all our. Like I think by. Outward. Like. There the ball at all. One vote. Now with a great sport but it's. There's no doubt it's changed John I think you from a phone call your excitement I don't understand it but I am looking could have they've ordered it didn't remember and will not work you have Russell Wilson Matt Moore a couple of orgasm Pittsburgh Steelers. Got rocked. Got absolutely rock the dolphins did not follow concussion protocol. He played the entire game and he was obviously lawfully. I mean he made a couple curl your hair. But it was obvious that he got a concussion and it's not originals are sports assault or plans yesterday to young man obviously suffered a concussion. And he kept plan for a second so. An NFL they're gonna if this player is good. In a belief he's still if you can count the fingers or your hand. They're going to let him play to keep your round. The concussion protocol is up until eleven great poet before we get no credit card at 211. What your thoughts here on a current status of the NFL garnered approximately game. I got to ports and make our picked and that there is to encrypt your spirit especially with others that are spent people. And core body I don't like their part aren't really killed it. Were really killed at that stop you got don't want that make you worse Kuwaiti. The lazy penalties and and you know told you guys there's just been personal lot of games but. Another thing my kids have been by apple bought that there were six they are eighteen to sixteen now are would have known what I know now I would have never let them play. I don't know Obama get it wrong. But I wanted to know your opinion. How are we away from that actually keep it pocket by eliminating their helmet give these guys are all bad. But security and they use this thing it's what been the keeper real. The differ phone call to eleven out there talked to users aware I mean that's coach. And yet the NFL is yet trying to change rules to try to make debt less in. Less of a thing but I don't think it's possible I mean that's a generational issue. And it's going to take ten or fifteen years to get rid of Helmut tail right because. This is how there were very little thought. Or when they were in college and how they are they were taught in high school how they were taught but it played youth youth ball. It's. It's just it's a the NFL cannot legislate safety in this sport they're not good at it legislating anything about sports where are accepted generation of money right. But in terms of safety. In and they can try. I mean but dare not going to succeed because. One. Players who do you get can cost. You know there are already working on ways to get around the test. Or they'll just not take the test like Russell Wilson did great damage to its. You know that's 12. It's clear to take. Mean bark just perfect you know takes a Molotov yeah it's care they want to kill shot you know it's not you know. It's a matter of not just skilled but will there. And most people who play football like football they like it because of the via. And they want the vial remember playing I mean I am Mitchell is headed by a guy as well we're gonna researchers bile guy but he he talks. About the value. Right that that look that's the nature of the game. You deal with it. It is seen it and Ronnie Lott cannot play in today's game you look at the intimidation factor only if I knew if I knew play high school football and their safety dare. Who was knocking people's heads off all season long. I won't be a little timid that run that quick slant across was limited to run for a quick slant bogus right light yeah right and that the intimidation I read. I can guarantee you that if Ronnie Lott wore twenty Q today. And available to any team there would only be 32 general managers. Fist fighting to get her and I wouldn't mind if. Ian took a penalty here and there is part of game yeah no I just I just remember in practice. You know growing up you football with a high school football. Hey keep your head almost level. Keep your muscle of the blind targets comment we got off on blind sighted we knocked the guy and he cleaned and moreover that billing it. It's it's almost better than sex not the lottery I river between the couple guards. It felt great. And T felt great about it you can all of its you know they had butts and the high fives or what not that guy whoever you to clear it was not the same for that game. Skip the opportunity to follow your fifth but no I don't want to go and those who played the sports. They do find. A an inordinate lore in. In the feeling of giving it some of them even getting it. No I mean I'd I get it it's guided intoxication. But. There are fewer and fewer parents. Who were willing to let their kids. Find that out absolutely and and they sure. What the Robert channels they want to chime in on this topic here. Which are current feelings on the status of the NFL Roberts romantic farce and again. If you build going to be around awhile. You know what I wanted to. I read somewhere where soccer. Players that many concussions. Delta air both all players yeah I don't hear the same. In regards to spot early start to remedy. Editors and soccer. That's being discussed and in some places. And it is and it is a topic of conversation. In places where soccer is a more prominent sport right I know it happens all the discussion happens a lot in Europe. So no no it's just it's you know and that what they want is more studies to find out exactly. What the relationship is but. In soccer but it did difference between soccer and football is. Soccer they had not used as a weapon. The way it is in football. And is not used as a target. The way it is in football or boxing or MMA. Now that may be just as small. A small margin of discussion right if a soccer player gets CT EI and and there are an exam there have been examples of it happening. So be it it's it is being discussed is not being discussed a lot in the United States because not as many people talk about soccer's talk about put right. On a daily basis and all having Europe's air but it's being discussed. You know it's it's certainly being discussed in you know in in women's soccer. You know. And it has been for awhile because I think there are some studies. It showed that you know women suffer inordinately. Right from the head injuries that come from it right but those are preliminary studies Tinto. So no it's being discussed this in the end being discussed in hockey right you know the only place it's never discussed his boxing and MM acres. I don't I think they figure to tell what the hell with the bigger stupid up the sign up for the sport didn't wideout she'll slug it out here. MTA's well NBA you don't root I mean. I guess recently we started seeing guys we'll concussion turner but it's not as if it's not a topic of conversation in the NBA as much as it is an NFL or the NHL while. Us again date the NFL is the one sport. Where you not only where you use your head as a weapon. Usury head to you know as the lead point when you propel yourself to hit somebody. It's that it's what you lead when you block against somebody who's coming at you with the same technique in mind. You know heads a weapon and put it isn't in any other sport there's no there's no advantage to using your head is a Weber. Except there you know that's got to make Iran a parking wants to chime in on a conversation. Nick urinary parts of the games going on. Not much I get drawn into. Well they're gonna have is that is proposed timeline and the itching ears and how. It's been wearing seat he becomes. I available to diagnose. While players' lives and our top next to yours by leaders say the better parents and technology happened out of that doctor time. While my timeline is not ten to fifteen years I was third or fourth yet it yeah I think I think it's gonna take much longer time. For people to change their entertainment habits. Being able to diagnose CTE. In the living. It may cause more players to retire early. But I don't know if it. If debts as much of a danger to the future of football. As it is people just saying my kids are getting involved to begin. Right. Because once you allow your kid to get involved. It is a statement. That you like football. And you've assessed the risks and you're OK with. I mean. You know but but Ed again it's it's one more thing that's unknowable right now. Because one while they have a test that they think works for that it's not widely used. And the other thing is. They don't know truly what the effective CTV. It is they know the brain trauma happens right but and and CT is only one form of boring to. But in terms of of getting. The evidence out where people can absorb and understand it and react to it we're a ways away on. Scott the national Hayward who wants to chime in arms computation. What is your current feelings on the state of the NFL Nash go ahead garnered by somebody game. They're guarding you don't. Mobile above that there is always either way that they in the cooking get better. And note to reroute so put out so sure that the old white men on Shipley. They're their probability. They don't really have interest here in their players. To the old man and blah. Better do virtually dispute he wanted to and it meant that start to Marcia by impunity that's where people work out or I'll drinking. More going lower and won't change that. Well. I would wolf first of all the NFL is not gonna get. Any less white and the ownership suites as more and more more and more owners are leaving the teams for. Their tickets right. Secondly. I don't know how many black billionaires error. I don't for the most is the but. I would imagine they are far fewer and you know if if fury if you're analysis of old rich white guys is true. They're gonna be reluctant to sell to old rich black spray because you know there are comfortable with other old which rich white guys. Eyes its lowest point we see players and especially with the political stance we saw guys. You know for example Dez Bryant is I look on the deal with an owner says because I need to feed my family. What do you want that and that well that's it that's that's the pressure put up because I contraception at all. Two and a best of my knowledge there's only one black owner and basketball. Marc and Jordan and that's Michael Jordan and the 129 are awfully wide right. The difference. To me is that. Basketball doesn't have a CT issue. But. They they do have an employee employer problem. Which is that you know they want that exceed CBA. Negotiation. To include a hard salary cap which means. Dramatically lowering player salaries while continuing to reiki and the them the money that they get. From all their sources right and sharing less of that right and making sure that players do not have the power they currently have to determine their futures. So you know you can make the argument that NBA owners actually aren't that much different. It just the conditions are are different now. Would but they would like to change. Because there are some guys who own NFL teams who own other sports and I want to control on those two. Got a shocking Serbs has going wants to chime in on this conversation shocking what's going on. Normally 57 again. A solo. Army called for the last what living near election got a camera now mark on the web. And they played tackle football. And everything that do you gripping up what is now. There's been a big increase in here now welcome added 240 gave. Now barely having forty and make the coup in stark are being you know they get a bad rap are only being epidemic that aren't about them so well a lot of seeing them as fools. Our. No new technology dissenters and Helms now that you know what they hit. Depend on impact that it they'll go off no real biological Marat you know well I think they are trying to make the games say. But unfortunately so bad rap in history of the dead you're right about 3040 years. Going to be done not because in the Arctic are welcome to allow. Well sort of fall called shock and kind of guy at a camp and that's a Jim could go for 240 kid that's let's see Gonzalez and I'll cover high school sports. Armor when I played we had about forty guys on its we place on teens have about seven guys on the team. When I sort of covered her school sports as a beat writer. I'm looking and counting toolbar the one team Philip berg high school here in San Cisco and I felt that. They've ever be ray had fifteen guys in uniform. They can even build a wall pregame warm so block the other team from seeing what they were practicing on it's fifteen guys and I asked him way wire. Part of it is due to great some guys just don't get eligible that happens. Some guys get hurt. But. Numbers were down all across the city even at the private schools 25 hits birdie kids. Not Ed cook it's. It in the NFL has tried to do some technological things. You know like in improving their helmets and it has those sensors. But those are expensive. A lot of schools can't afford. Or they'll try to recycle them for two or three years when they're meant to be replaced every year or so become city spent becomes even greater. At a time when schools are having trouble making budget right. For the things that school bus queue which is education. So you know the technology that. That the caller talked about it's an airing some places but it's not used a lot because it's it's pricey. And it's the same as though we didn't exist if you don't use. You know let's bring up this last phone call as we wrap to show what Bobby except Cisco wants to chime in on the current state. Of the NFL Bob what's going on your an impressive again. And I anticipate and call on not so much about what's gonna happen within myself that perhaps can't ask a question about department. And I'm not try to attack barely passed by high school science classes. But what he had. Don't put butter on it. They get away it would be hard plastic shell. And they'd have to. So clearly we actually that is. Different hunter Strickland had urged people are inseparable well. And amp without people opening the debate to. Still have the impact of the speed these guys are running well. I mean it's yes beating going head to head that's never fought struggle we went head to head here with no helmets when I asked people what he's trying to say is that. If if your head is that as well protected you wouldn't be as willing to use it as a weapon or. And you know it's anecdotal I mean it makes certain amount of sense but I don't know that it translates. Because you know if you are still raised in sort of in a culture where you know put a lick on a guy. You know even if you're not trying to usury head. You're good you sure that it's now or or in your ear or you're gonna snap your neck a midget it's. It's the same thing that this sport is inherently violent. And it's not taking it less protection makes doesn't make as it sent as a makes cents are as more. But is there such thing as an. More to the point where it becomes safe and I don't think that's true either. I did they're stuck between a rock and a hard place and bringing back an old leather helmet stock and helping I mean plus we don't know anecdotally. When when there were a leather helmets where there were just as many you know. Hate injuries ordered here are examples of brain trauma could we never tested for that race. There are did you get to meet. It is. It doesn't make sense on its face. But I am done and I haven't seen any science yet so I. I would say it shouldn't it shouldn't work that. If you have less protection it should be less. Good conversation there ray let's move on here. To the caboose pistol here and in parts of again. Now it's time for the continues to extend his career total you don't tend. I'm going to and seven again. This whole. It was good news stories and almost slipped. You are at LA that we went from Vontae talking about what tended to leave his girlfriend too cold pizza to actually educating congress and a while we've come a long way terrible on Arby's shelf I'll walk you I'm very well all right announcement reminder for Larry ray. Even a real curmudgeon this week you hate everything about the show everything we talk about but you gotta give meetings. 7-Eleven. Alex slipped all the guys and. What do you like. Most opulent it means. I don't I don't like at a sugary syrup poured over ice and being called a freshman what what I have my preferences if you exclude these go veteran Q8. I I think that's a little too much I'm not bidding shortly I just don't like the perfect. Baranov bunting I'll gladly show and it's in suburban knock yourself complete and I don't know I don't like it. I'm sure you march disorder he could do what you heard America. But I I doubt Gambino if you ask me you asked me what I thought about sleepy and I told. Well today is 7-Eleven and is free slurred be days to go to your local 7-Eleven. To get yourself a free solar. Rail. During the week I made the mistake of confusing between the warrior outsiders Drew Shiller agree with me and they do great work on that show. I river and the suggestion because there's a very very funny moment. Add to items at a summer league when they interviewed Jordan bell. And here's the ideologue a little more description what happened afterward. And it is going to want to fall back mr. go to while they look at a long. Review that is it a little bit about. And that's going to be good enough not. So Jordan bell had his phone placed around his crotch region. And the phones are to slip and drew went to go pick it up in which an opera moment where the play drew was going to grab the crotch. Of jordin bill your thoughts for Iran while drew is a big warrior fans. I I guess I guess a lot of my stance would be dead. Don't don't regret the people's phones or knowledge since everybody seemed to know that it was an accident. And not a statement of intent. That is sort of a no harm no foul. Now he reached wrong and you know struck. Jordan valid criteria. That caused discomfort. Then you can make a different argument it just sounds to me like. He was trying to do. A decent thing by trying to catch as well who knows that does that I would dot org area and not let this drop he's a billionaire can. I knew follow the best part about the best part about it is as we grain goes Zorn viral drew said no it's not it's not cannot get to this is what drew Jersey ninety. There is a peninsula kid sheltered. Oh cool I hot shots fired. No no no no again I just like yeah he's dazed and is an act is an accomplished educator who works at San Jose state enemies yet. I don't think Drew Shiller grew up in the mean streets of east Palo Alto. Are these well I got (%expletive) All right guys that's a good boost this still Bard to you and I go to vacation pentagon not together course there but I'm off to Houston. Rub our tier after scuba. So good luck with that a brave hold it down for us well regarding already gotten alert I play tomorrow eater I've already got an alert tell us about Friday is delayed I don't know greatly escalated by twenty minutes and are able sticking here I don't know who's gonna be libretto but every luxury and he's here everybody that was on stinking years you Raymond. There's there's a lot of fun yes or stolen and had a blast appeared. Feel free to visit me whenever you want if your girlfriend gets fed up would you come back Monday. I think I will coal fly back and take out with a Monday again because that's a good call it security call with the image MLB all star game next week. Our beat. It's all over him. Yet the middle light will still live on ray rattle will hold it down here I 957 and gave up next kids today and every show take care right.