Papa and Bonta – 3 – NFL Schedules, Giants, Caboose Pistol

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, April 19th

Hour 3. Papa and Bonta talk about the NFL Schedules which are leaking out ahead of the 3pm release time. We talk about the last two Giants games and the positives to take away from them. As always, we end with “Caboose Pistol.”  


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Oh Drake if you himself up there in Toronto my god a lot of right Judy Collins. The census goes playing really well for to Toronto Raptors well pot is still aboard the sixers going to the NBA finals. The only a Phantom of the Opera protective mask replica. I have to I'm expecting that to that I'm to the next round it's going to be filling in Boston I wished activities totaled my garage while I just thought their two best players in the scoring wise without question carrier ring Gordon Hayward. I like their roster better today than the one that went to the eastern finals last year despite those two guys behind. I'm how good poppies Jalen brown my vice accommodating our top guy and I fabulous I thought about to about anything you did have a basic games still but I love all my love I I didn't really know he loses comfortable taken off the bounce is he has right and they'd always encouraged him to shoot to three and out or rosier picture or hardly our growers like you don't easy money he skis consistent as stock and retirees and Ed Gordon Hayward back next year they're gonna be a major gras. Look good idea had a grooms who we saw a sign you've been assigned smarter rosier. Who are content or is here at a public earlier I had this guy is just money can't you right right as you may play. Well yeah. I was Smart is more replace Borger our. I would agree on Ellis thinks the birth of the data for other guys got to give got it BC sports barrier certainly did not stop by cable bright it's mostly to the studio I think now. I had just a little bit of a go dog go search I don't like clarity we haven't won a lunch we had yesterday and what kind of rough not way. I'm not the Obama. Out of all the hours they got to the line just a few times in the theater that. You have over the dugout full bottles of beverage. I have warned that I didn't experience. The group it's. A bitter did not. If she if this is worth your effort pregame show warrior spurs of course gave her because set out in DC sports. Bay Area elicited an audit by somebody gave cagey and GF emanates you want Sanford to go to radio home for every single way of playoff game. Pelosi we have a date for that battle okay let's discuss right here and yet the middle like many parts and again. The play action can't predict what it's not just like Justin Tuck was left throws on the sideline for good. I'm doing this this could literally all. They're two very. Italy also on the first quietly. Edell the last article pull their greater than forty dollars lakers JG did you ever 7 December to seven don't end up Harbaugh Mary delved into the harbor our ball boy college property through a pick out of first play of the game he looked atrocious nine season essentially ended their believe the score was 24 to thirteen. Raiders and Arnold CO Moore had a lot to do with that as well. He went back Capra can have turned but. We play an audio and welcome everybody back to be open to migrant problem but in many parts of the game because worst start to get leaks at the NFL schedule pop. The rigors and niners apparently are gonna play on Thursday night football November 1 at Lee Brice stadium. We also have reports that the Mariners open a season at Minnesota. Kevin Monday night game at Green Bay October Newton. They holes to New York Giants and money in a game we also underway to schedule so first the battle today. The Stuart Little that unit unit unit the leaks are stacked. But our. The rumor monger. Today was speaking with such knowledge of the NBA at the end NFL schedule. Which is supposed to come out today. As far as the you know the whole gusher is going to be released today at 5 o'clock in the NFL network's that'll show in. He ESPN is doing a NFL schedule release show. But they have already they have already sent it out. And a chapter has it. The team's hat which is interesting to me that they they've had it for today there at all of all had it so usually the coaches. You know gave find out you know some of the league seizure saying get a drip here drip here. But they've already been told which surprises me that there's not that more. You know Twitter. Releases here and there on certain games but that the teams you have to schedule the raiders had their schedule the niners at their schedule they've been poring over. From this morning and I and it's in its interest in to me that they've got to hadn't done that. Before they don't wanna had these TV ratings certainly other NFL network any lesbians who do likewise at 5 o'clock 8 o'clock in the east of primetime so. It is out the the teams do know exactly who they're gonna play we've known with a gonna play and how they know where and what order and you look at just you know as far as travel. Where hereby is comedy who consecutive road games you have for the raiders they are given up a home game October the fourteenth which we knew you know weeks ago against Seattle. Where does that come off the got to have a bye after that so. But the the interesting thing is that the teams have already got their hands out and internally and they're at they've been poring over all day today. Yeah and over the first 529 or is raiders Lee Brice stadium. Battle of the bay. Among what it is game essentially week seven we wanna darn good to get his legs and get the rigorous and so rats are immigrants see the game and about week's seven week gave an over her first. A Thursday night game it's a little disappointed to be although it is primetime. Because we know pop the Thursday rankings have been a bit sloppy over the years. The eighties you know these guys take what three days to recover got a tar Thursday comes around you're just getting their legs back from Sunday's game. But this short week. Luckily there's no obvious you know proximity your raiders only have to travel or cross and a Barton bridge heck they don't even have to go across a bridge they go strictly by stadium damage Sinclair. A bit disappointing that is stars and a football but I am happy that it is up crying tying game. Shockey. Raiders Jimmy Carl Rob Lowe house Jenna and Lee Brice stadium a primetime that's that's going to be a fun night for. In the area guy in all honesty I mean it will make a big deal about it has because they are sharing me the marketplace for just a little bit longer this year and next year and then they raiders move on. But for the teams themselves this is. It's a little bit unusual in the fact that they they try to have the Thursday night game the games that you do know the other team. Division games. So did too and that played the 49ers since the the call we just had you know with a cap and act occurs Crabtree is a 49 or wide receiver there and hope coaches were you know we're going back to the Harbaugh air. It's it's slower there devote change are gonna have to do a little war got that game before. Maybe it a bye week a malignancy when they had I think the raiders' bye is going to be much earlier in October after the comeback from London on October the fourteenth and surely the next week. Which 11. But it's a little hard. You play a team you play once every four years. And you have four days to prepare for it's that's the first thing for me is just from a preparation standpoint. By the respective there coaching staffs. That's got to be really hard. The other side that is. The travel for the raiders playing a road game on Thursday is obviously going to be very easy you know you're you're not gonna travel to the day of the game and it may actually put them. They may actually put it at a hotel they put the hotels her for home games even yes the probably go stay at a hotel. Somewhere down in check close to Santa Clara on the Wednesday night of them played the game on Thursday. But even if you want that his boss of the game on Thursday and stay in your facility they'll be up to job. Is that so hard week just for turning Iraq that she where you're playing on Sunday. If you ever road game on top of that makes it difficult so I know in the Bay Area as far as you know talk radio and the fan bases like it but really it's probably the last game they're gonna look at. As stars this season you wanna see. For the. 49ers wanted to play the rams by what we got engaged air pop October 21 of pride to our game. The foreigners apparently in Marley I'm getting a gentlemanly play their part are our buddy came in there from the Mercury news this release something not too long ago. The rams apparently will play the 49ers at Lee Brice stadium Sunday Night Football. October toll Saturday night Sunday Night Football rams niners at Levi October and that's coming right after a Monday night game at Green Day. For the services go 49ers and and of course over the first because the greater snow perverts twelfth. A Monday night home game for the 49ers used in New York charged how many times of the united in prime time is five times their size. Seattle December Checketts and they got the entire and I understood the entire schedule also lets us. Talking about why did the league I hate it it's one thing to do it internally with the teams. To give them a little you know heads up on their preparation. Because that's what that the coaching staffs got a look at diving instructor trap you out of all your first game of the year is and whether division games come up but. Ted now these shows that they've that they've cleared you know prime time television. Our coverage for hours going to be diluted because it's all being tweeted out I'm surprised that they that they did it. Dispense it out of all of the problem is when you deal with the teams are going to be people that get it. There hands that in effect that negated a scheduler right now outfit that you don't Italy shouldn't a you know it would leak things out to people is people like to show what they know all. So it's just. Why they would even sent that out at all and his right teams figured out at 5 o'clock with the rest of the the world because now it's just you know you basically thrown down the television showed neither river's gonna now. In an NFL's gonna have a problem next Thursday during NFL draft now apparently ESPN. An NFL network have agreed to a gag order weathered it well not to pay extra. Adams doesn't well apple here bright and getting sent a lesser eager and I guess. More serious about it this year but. A way they're gonna tip picks again they're saying they are not gonna do that they always do that what's when it. It erodes at all were sitting there waiting for a pick with the raiders and the forty niners. And heck five minutes fort Pickens and outs and nobody knows about sweater but. There apparently gonna stop them but I I highly doubt a book I said that the last several years that they can't stop but it's just too much information too much into my putting the bear some prior time day of December 23 game. And I usually had have been higher nine Bear's prime turn box by fifteen. PM that's a night cabinet revised data the niners get a plate to the Thursday games now this one the 23 I believe as of Sunday. This will be a Sunday just the 1 Thursday morning oh you mean you mean primetime time gain I talked about I don't care I'm talking about you know prime time. That that that 130 kickoff front office of the 515 kickoff of the bears 55 chains. Yeah this is a fight fifteen games got all asset let's not Sunday NB CS Sunday it was December 23 whenever that is what is it where was missed. Two days before Christmas is right and up here I'll pull it out right now. But the fact is a 49ers what have five per return games do you have any Klinger how many per return games to rigorous we'll have tiger I have no idea I think this is Rome and pop give it to you wait till 5 o'clock cat wait till 5 o'clock can be lots and NBA playoffs you'll you'll find out there did December 23 a Sunday pop soul so why Spock I have a I have no idea that that's Cessna 530 kickoff it says 515 from the reader right now from Kerry amendment 515. PM kick off. Beers miners on fox. That's why is that box doing a Sunday night I have no Isaac Christmas Eve. Maybe bigger receivers among I don't know maybe maybe maybe slowed ESPN SR prime and you know last year NBC. Took a game on Christmas Day ahead of the raiders Eagles game audience drama than a football so maybe they made a trade there that's. That's highly usual fox that a prime time game I wonder why that is. Now wonder why but the 2018 draft is fast approaching. And ninety price having game has wall to wall coverage from San Francisco. So Oakland joined Greg Papa Joseph Ford bought Damon Bruce. It not Bunker Hill and your favorite grand prize at a game both on Thursday April 26. As we broadcast starts when he eighteen draft special. Why the shorter is German beer hall in downtown San Francisco coverage starts at noon. With Papa and Vontae for many parts of the game for more info. Visit the events page at any price of the game dot com. Guys are hardest baseball team to figure out PA's follow up their free game with a six hour matinee and a short sleep the ducks will discuss a reactive to light right here in an approximate it. Now back to Greg Papa shelves. On 957. Big games. That of course was Evan Longoria of blasts yesterday and Indies. In BC sports Bay Area doing driver on the caught air has one goal win deep in the sixth inning of the ball that was really the one we want to hear was branded cell. Who built to one and atop the tenth inning and it turns hold on for 43 win in ten innings. Welcome back to the afternoon delight great problem bonds are known here and in parts of games we'll talk to giants amazed in some sharks here before let's start with the giants in the desert pop. Hunter Strickland bulls say put Chris threatened. It's parties he's a keeper popcorn Stratton is pitching well he went through seven yesterday. Bruce Goss kept the men in the eighth and you know close to me Watson blows a save it it's QB eight. Our Tony wants a hundred stores garage windows shutters or granite wanna blame strictly and it was a tough deal. Goldsmith first pitched it up but the diet could hit the double when Diamondbacks tried and of course they hold on for dear life in the tenth inning Corey Gary holt operatives say and a bottom to tinsel party stars pop. We'll chorus article about a bit. The struggle with a bad southern and logical. Buster Posey slowdown from our hot start he struck out to recharge. Hell what he severstal jars popular seven it's in right now. Well up until yesterday they at the same won loss record of the two various football teams they were six intend to take. They lost far are all going Andy yesterday but yesterday it was a different deal and I don't wanna say it was a huge win last night but just look at the standings here if you if you lose that game to Arizona and you mentioned on a trip to blow the save. That would have literally tired. Hard loss but they won the game and we got to start with Chris Stratton these view because this this whole season has been defined by losing your top three starters Johnny Quaid goes back and vote suggests a Marshall pitched. Friday in Anaheim which arranged her Colin logo on on Saturday. But he you better went out for a good chunk of the year your age she you're number two and a number three and then you found a guy. And Chris Stratton who lie I use the word capable. Earlier. When I saw I think it was in his second start he just he looked very very capable. Now he's starting to look. Dominant and dominant he's he's BI capability. He is someone that the other dugout it's got to fear. He is someone. He just she looks poised beyond his years. His stuff. And it's the curve ball that has everybody intoxicated because the curve ball the curve balls or sexy pitch it's been forever Bert Blyleven of one of the greatest fur balls ever. You know Barry Zito throw his curve ball in just each is paralyzed hitters. This guy's curve ball is as good as anybody's in baseball but he. He's got usually I think he throws it 74% of its purchase less that was the fastball. So you could have. They put away breaking ball like that pitch. But still. The best pitcher in baseball is a well placed and I emphasize well. Placed fastball. This guy just watch when he's pitching about today what either it's better than it's buster or. Nick Hundley just watch where the glove news and watch where the baseball goes in relationship to the club Angela. He hits the target. Just about every single. Time it is it is beyond capability right now. And he's not only hitting that target. With a bullseye but he setting the target with a above average stuff his fastball is really. Strong. And then he got the curve ball into a changeup last night when they think even surprised buster he's getting deeper into games remember when they. The meteors started well in a blockage threatened to just give us five and fly. Well blockage you know he's just kind she should more of a gambler does have the stuff that that Stratton does. But Stratton matched his career high he once Shaq but he went seven the previous start in San Diego. And as you noted boat she went out and let him start DA to that it got close to a hundred. Actually had to pull but he what he went seven last night gave up one run five pitch struck out eight his CRA. After four starts he is allowed six earned runs in 24 to 13. Is room to 22 he's got a 222. ERA. And that he he is he has become a force so I think in the first month of the year we're start you know we got to a couple weeks ago before may first but. The first three and a half weeks of the year. Invited nominate one guy on this baseball team. That what I say he's the MVP of the team yeah Chris you have got to say absolutely awe but I would say he's the most pleasant thought busters been good busters and that all year. But I would say and obviously Joseph panic early in the year got red hot but I'm saying DV most pleasant development. Of the year. As you kind of figured out the town of Beatty is just not quite ready yet and I like tie block but it's got a little more than just guts. Stratton got both he's got guts he's got impeccable command. Employees. And then he's got a well above average Major League stuff in right now. I like him better than some margin in battle to keep your fourth I think featured here. If you know I'll stick in last night watching them pitch in the desert we know about some margin how he gives up the long ball he has those innings where he'll give up a crooked number. Stride right now and utterly distillate market prehistoric look like attitude and he popped his command on the mound it's always. I mean he's compulsion they needed that game they needed a game last and it's not as you mention is not necessarily a must win. But they've that the vied with this team right now just Barkley is not there are right now pop it's a negative feeling you have about the space watching another slow start what week. We will support this year coming off a 98 while she's in to get off to a red hot start you look at the schedule in after his game tonight can Zack Greinke. And you bitch entire block he's got a pitch well look at Zachary cared exactly is gonna be on his game. Yet to go to an Anaheim next three games they're playing well although boss arrests are the kind of humbled on the last two nights that's still going to be a tough series salmon Anaheim. In at the plated mats starting Monday pop the schedule is brutal so to get wins especially imagine. They would a loss they came out of this city would have been for their clubhouse where you go. It's tonight heavy on a previous week. Seven out and I shouted out Hillary lost last night you are seven out in its not even for twenty. And that's that's a negative that that's that's what does he cannot dude captain they had to win that game last night and see in Britain don't hit a home run in the tenth inning does go for him assume accorded our he's ready to 41 he whispered before yesterday. This discuss Evan Longoria and get everybody it was Obama right off the Biden hurtling cardinals call as well. Can't he start to get going here assaults let's see what happens here over the next week you can see sub teams and on and Diamondbacks tonight of course but their time over the weekend and of course nationals early next week. Yeah I mean it was just a good. Win and then you're you don't have bullpen gave it up a little bit I thought there's actually a walk off their the ball's just not carrying it to Chase Field related did I need you you mentioned the word human door to door like a week ago and we I was confused and I got Colorado as a human to orbit the you're actually right did they they have brought the humor or out. In Phoenix which I have to wonder Paul Goldschmidt got to vote on that there may have been Zack Greinke as good for the humid or who runs that clubhouse there. So but in any event. Brandon belts home run. And that was a complete misplaced fastball by their closure box burger what's his name arts broader area. He missed it completely he was supposed to go low and away the pitchers 82 miles an hour. Any completely missed on it and that's the kind of pitch. That Brandon belt can destroy it was built high it was supposed to be away it was middle and it. And for a long walk time we talked about the about the hands fastball above the belt the brain can't get too but for years and years she would get tied up by hard stuff in. My hands well this was not hard stuff it was 82 miles per hour. The when he hit it off the bat. In fact TV interviewed with chewing in my kept the game and NBC sports they area he thought he hit it out of the stadium he pitted barely got over the wall. It was like what is going and that he'd looked like off the crack of the bat it looked like a bomb. So we're gonna have to look at the flight of balls in Arizona this year and you know how much are they using Amador. They get clearance from baseball on aboard air seven Colorado Sergio this years ago was always. Funny how looks like the balls they hit or not human Dorgan wants their opponents say it might be ever the giants called it not that. Many many years ago mostly you know who supervises the balls when they go to the humidor and what's what's different standard to chase and run a roof is closed and open because last night the roof was open. I was a little butterflies will arrive this open a problem gets hot I don't know what the temperature was last night but whatever Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling pitched. The roof was slammed shut for Africa they would never let it be open when they first opened that yard years ago when it was called the Bob members bank one ballpark. They they would give you a detailed rules on it if the temperature outside and and they had an eighty. Rule if it was above eighty. And he was higher presented eighties not hot for those people out to dry heat guards every night right now on Phoenix. Whatever what they used to have detailed rules. I know when it would be open based on the the weather. It within you know bottom line was Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling could tell us what to do with the roof and whatever they pitch there in for shots. So you don't want it that hot air blowing at a ball jumping out so. They had just got to keep but I doubt it but for Brandon belt that that's a milestone home run number 100. This is San Francisco giant. And he he does have. He does have power he does that mean hell yeah I it if you played the ballpark like that up here but as a humidor and our god you hit Tony might be easier easy I think more he would take Tina that Jack -- late Lester that's an AT&T and left handed hitters go to die. Now this also follows up the game that night before we get we would never show yesterday it would be nearly got no did you Philadelphia I'll hit it out. Would you feel about their braided belt exquisite is that he its appearance because that there was a check swing checked swing how did you feel about that go to Braylon but that we are a doubles. I'm not gonna Claudia struggles a little weak a doubles little weak on what our party didn't bunt the ball he does that that was the swing but it was ahead it's not an airway get a deal. If you're scoring the game get a call that an error a week not hit it not give that away what do you do. I had hit a doubles purposeful it was like hey I'm a do anything to break up the no hitter obviously the giants who did it hit the base or he got he got full heated. That was a terrible sway you and try to get asked are you talking stripe to do it when our dollar war I was really thick like I want to be tried it does break he's going to try to have that I have to ask to have check. Doing it because jolly at each. I see a drop bonds to hit it the other night with two outs and nobody on base which was a terrible call. I also saw him do what I think leading off phonetic which is fine. Leading off an inning and he's gotten good at it can drop that bunt down that was not intentional though he completely checked his swing and the shortstop. Ahmed was you know I was over pulled his brain the left handed hitter to shift but that day they were no hit. Then that debt that is just a shift hit. He was completely fooled on it that's architecture Corbin is and that the quality at a breaking ball. That they've been getting this year whether it's Corbin and or. Zach ungodly when his curve body Kershaw said like the worst breaking ball they faced all year. NH Sina and run. Of lefthanded. Pitchers and we thought by adding all these right handed hitters they would torment. Left handed pitching and it just does not happen but that offense that night was people. Having technically they were not know hit. But that's got a hit that's not what did that I think we hit it in the booking a bit but at at me but it adding that he if that's all I got. They and that that's damaged in my opinion Patrick Corbin had obviously overpowering no hit stuff exactly credit for a no hit. A no hitter but he looks back on his career. He's gonna say I know hit the giants that night April Beckett 28 to talk about the. Shimmy on the other side joining Quayle makes his return. And he pitch I mean I operas what you maybe should dissent about their 48 inning and we what's been applause from. But man Johnny Cornell was feeling bad day gets track record in what is she from machete in his return to the starting rotation. I love that before he even took the mound in the bottom of the first key he was not happy with the landing area on foot hold forty that he brought the garage grew out. And I'd vote first came out and they had on that he heard that left ankle there right ankle again warming up insert that. He was just see you a lot of the landing area to be sounder to be to be you know more more compact aground and so they wouldn't slip I think he was Smart. Johnny and Eddie I was evolving area goes racing for those of longevity looks like he's completely out of shape for but he just he gets it done and there. This stuff we have really good changeup that night. I think it's about Johnny Quaid always like it's so enamored. With the varying. Deliveries that he has to register it's no one's ever done this you know Lou really tee that once a lot had a quite go. Changes. The pace. Of the way he's gonna come the whole plate every single pitch it was a hitter you have no idea. When the ball's coming and it's more than the real weapon they ship is a lot and you know. Is so fun to watch it located hatch you mean now the twist off the chimney he's got all but when he quit pitching you. Is when it. It's screws you up it is the hitter and you have the ability I prologue time I thought. I try to get a read about today and I was asked him Shawn Estes is he charged everything how many times in the stretch versions that. The wind up in night is there any pattern. When he gives you that you with a quick pitch it's more the quick pitch if you could hold on the Shimmy as a hitter. But what he just all of a sudden slide stepping extreme slide step and eyeballs on you immediately. And you have no tiger react as a hitter. This he is it any kind of a pattern where is he doing for awhile I thought it was more fastballs off this off the quick pitch. And then it was more change jobs but the reality is I'm sure the opponents have data. Audit it and all the advanced analytics in sports baseball in particular I'd like to see. Somebody give me a breakdown that you know off the quick pitch he just X amount of time percentage. Of the the change up the break involve a fastball. Whatever he does it works. And you just he got to give credit. For him being so Smart. In being able to read hitters it's such a high level it's kind of like the warriors defensively we really have to break it down a lot of and what do they do that they switched we preach which the ship that switch which is. He chatty it looks like he's just out there at living in May be years. But it just didn't. The bottom line he has hitters lot NG little word is lawn machine. All night long they don't know and then. He will come in with a quick pitch and just paralyze you but I love to give you the quick pitch changeup off a bit because as a hitter. When I go to picnics I got a load up and I gotta go that he. He pulls the story got an idea like you're you're you're you're speeding up your logic your folic over pretty screwing you up sell his stuff is just average. But when he gives you all that it's amazing that he has such talks go back you know Derek law started doing that a lot last year. Any got he got he got Bobby's got arranged everytime he would do what you could tell. It just wasn't working and has stopped we're come out of it seeing it flat hottest Johnny Quaid out changes launch angle who's a football term. But they rolled the putt and other changes launch angle. Almost every pitch is still execute the pitch at the highest level. They added that he's got Peyton Manning and always worries look at that the live he's holding yesterday awesome little stormy quelled a steady when I know that's daddy daddy puts the ball right out of them bullets like Odyssey doing all this stuff and then execute. That pitch at the highest level. Johnny Quaid opens while the other night we'll assume I guess nationals. Early next week giants started backs they finished their three game series tonight Zach Greinke against high block but we were obviously were off yesterday. And we NBA's free game Tuesday night he gets the White Sox and it ought they're adorable five spot in the first inning jet Larry's plane out of his mind right now we 21 RBIs. On the season. And they beat the white sharks and it's one free game 46000. 28 at the free game was at a press that do you pop or did you expect 60000 at the coliseum Tuesday night what it. What did you expect Irish are but I 200000. Invitations they had RSVP back of 70000. And they hit about what the giants get to know what the giants you know average ticket price trick in great legacy of the bleachers you get in for five bucks the top deck but they have to be. Tremendously disappointing. To have a free admission. And free parking and you can't even establish a record for the highest the most amount of people that watch a baseball game that stadium if you look at it. I think nine or ten of their of the top ten. Are either the giants of the Yankees and maybe your Red Sox game slipped in there it is I did all those games they gave you know mid 50s54. 55 to beat the giants are beat the Yankees whenever they came at a Marceau was a giants and bonds was rolling and I think the biggest crowd ever. Was in 2004 with a giants came and I know the weather was awful it was raw but you had to have at that day I guess because it it was fifty years. To the day that they first played you know and in a firfer is the irony is for a franchise that has been so defined. By a by the dollar bill gone back to Connie Mack. It's Connie Mack. Build up great teams in in the early days of the twentieth century in Philadelphia then. Terror all down because of expenses build it back up you don't go from Hummer home run baker to. To double X Jimmie Foxx and terror all how to do it all over again it was off finances. And they go to Kansas City and the owner there love the New York Yankees when he fed it. All the great a lot of great KCAA's became yankees with a the most celebrated almost Roger Maris that was all money driven. And then Charlie flatly buys the team from a moves about here in a fifty years ago Tuesday. And his run was defined by the US dollar bill right Heidi good great team. They're not that the mr. Smith ruling in free agency the gays in the seventies what about one of the greatest dynasties. Maybe even better than the Yankees you know dynasty years of 59 49 through 54. So that that they break it up in on any age get good at. You know with the Haas family and then they sell the cheap owners shot Hoffman. They ripped it down got a great young team but those three pitchers Mulder Hudson Zito he got to that's not a job the Giambi got three pictures three and did he can dominate but no he can't pay Obama. Got to break it out so it's just goes out and to the history of the franchise has been defined it. By finances. So it was kind of ironic I guess fitting in some regard it to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of them coming of the Bay Area. It's about finances are immaculate record a charge of the company Gary but to get I would that they're back and admit this but they. They had to be anticipating what the reports that day they ever gonna get 60000 and it also up about Davis right now we ought to let them. We're getting less than fifteen so lets leave Mark Davis TARP to not look stupid so it's hard you know its financial lot of people want to see the a's that have never been there before. But they have to be tremendously disappointed that they. That they didn't get more released into the fifties or help break the all time record for earnings game get up close to 60000 and even do that now. Shocked at the C 50000 at the coliseum Tuesday night and actually what today game yesterday and not stay froth fourteen innings but it lasted six hours as he swept the White Sox yesterday. With a wild game at Oakland coliseum were quick. Four we get to the caboose pistol pop to Sharkey have swept the ducks they'll take on the Vegas golden knights in you made an appearance. I was very glad sized fire her experience at the sharks game where I'm going down a bar but today I just love the whole environment there and we went on their into the happy hour TV from for third at 530 which posted on a TV show from six to seven but the a's game you mentioned that knocked out our programming held today also the cut into our second we're happy hour that we believe me I had a happy hour elect Betsy an epithet that it was a way or aside Kelly and ray can't be we drank Beers and we had a great time rolled into the game the sharks fans are just different. They just love that team and I honestly thought they were up played last night I thought you know there were moments were Anaheim was the better team in this series. I thought they were the better team throughout the entirety of the game. Last night but they it's a funny game and getting out shot there was once stretched are the sharks to get a shot on goal for. Yes almost a solid twenty minutes and they just weren't putting a lot of pressure Abbott Tomas turtles re directional market were classic shot from the point. And classic you know the BB Norris trophy last year Bradford swatted in the NHL. First time a shark is ever want it usually you know it's it's a great offensive defenseman out. A Bobby Orr of got it takes it and and it like Brent Burns a market where glossy. He has such a great stay at home. Guy and the Blue Line and I've ever shout legacy and be apart that goal at three direction. But this team. I don't know but today I Mark Jones looks just okay see to me is that looked like a great great goalie but they're that the numbers do show. He let one in last night there's actually goals scored the candidate variant of the second period like seconds ago right then came after the war and and then there was I didn't know he can do this they challenged that offside call. And it took away goal early in the third period right before the ducks this year scored to tie the game but hurdles re direction and yet still. That magic came. His play the Boller peacefully so he's a pocket he be a pocket Welker he's out. For that that is a target he's he's still 215. Cent a guy flies would you get ticked Juicy Couture. You get Tomas turtle is about the same size is Evander Kane. And you know these guys just have extreme skill. And it got a little joke joke for Belsky bring it all together I don't even know they bring Orton back out of all we can go up on that front line with the Belsky Kane and it's all I saw I saw the great thing in recent past few. Yeah. Do you want to straw is part of your -- back but to have loved on the first of all we can drink beer excessively yes and have a lot of jockeying it's such a great environment and now with the you know at the raiders in the biggest that's the interest and dogs and. Still run out of tiger look at the good boost his lawyer amended by senator game. Now it's time for the cuckoo's nest and he's great total you don't tell me. I don't and seven again. News stories that almost slipped through the. The game we'll go to the regular season around a corner what reason tonight we got to do this in the pre season. Are you kidding me. On the cover every season we got to do is about three up to rehearse and get ready I need the practice at that and jump out of what was your biggest challenge for this reason. Oh my gosh. Did you the restaurant on time how can you be that professional resume that looks like. Let me quickly play tonight is trying to break things up I don't see in the color purple ball on drugs because we're you know minus thirteen point second quarter. Comments are always find your. I think they are looking at your resume our. Our job right I'll beyond breezy torpedo total par. And he seemed to be heroes may have learned man has done what was and they need to Libya's post or something that excited for the period a little bit. Get a bite me at new car. I always say laughter is the best medicine in the number of reports. They called it declaration of you're either you are you don't remember that at the I chuckled a little bit where the guy was like ten usually doing in 1950s acts in music and your milk and butter eggs and get another. A very good luck and well yeah. And that was that are Fred Fred there you now and on. But a day off I was there you if we. With the sad news of Aaron Popovich passing away. One issue the lighter moments of Gregg Popovich. There when things that he can be mean jerk sometimes and maybe he had the right to with how his wife was dealing with their illness but. It's wanna show the lighter moments of great television show that he's not a crusty old man sometimes using your event. Letter that you ever interactive popular I don't remember no no I act up one and when they had to remember I remember. This disasters. The first time they lost to the heat in the finals. And is the first Imus on Jim Barnett in a long time since I was a kid fire and ice I saw you in June go up to Popovich. I have before the game engine goes Poppins wanna say the way you handled that that series the way it ended is an and then pop goes well Jim thanks for reminding me of. But yeah if I don't care if Jim would have the amazing abilities as saying to the person what they do not mindset definitely that there are the first thing out of his words and it Jim wound up walking away and I'll just give you looked like he hasn't changed at all or another under the best I was probably seven they gave way and or bosh got the rebound it set of doctor in after hours. For a loss of history here yeah but the best line was Popovich to Jimmy usually remind you won't and easy laughter. I endeavored to accommodate yeah vetted and edited it and and operate the they're still. Last week we talk about the chew. Our broadcasters and got into the fight over the woman there like in Milwaukee you have local reporters from all it's sort of a real broadcaster fighting and that's between Jim Brock Meyer. And I'll read Muster hope. So decorate them all because so Brett must burger I guess has been a rival of Jim Brock minors for quite some time Jim Brock Margaret promote the new season of Brock Mira. When are rich guys in yesterday and discussed his beef with Mossberg your grandma's much much. Burger you're constantly keep upon all I know it's in my it's weird. To refer you often hear in seventy year old guy referred to as a punk but let me make the case for this Fisher. Besides it's annoying face and is frequently stumbled as a possible I think we're okay we're exhibiting. At all. Got to be dumped in my hotel. Are there. Can't move but I can go farther exhibit BP you'll split the check is armed dramatized here itemize is everything. When channel and amp Peter Gammons all it was a day to take much much burger charge Madonna 54 while and we went Gammons said I didn't bring my wallet. Must reward and I do you. And me Gammon says he did and that's. It's a punk move. Eddie but most importantly you would see the menace of the McCain. Britain must burger is at the house and stole my Lan problems that this is for this deal was from. Characters from that nobody. That does not feel funny about the business knows that was violent but when they hit mute that's what I always yelled when. It's not a problem to her home phone call all. We don't know where I'm a little better. Down you know it. John yeah. Dad for years to Yemen out to be done. Done on the people of America Africa and Margaret knew that was my land use it anyway the BCS title game and ever since and now I have to yell out there ruffles Bridget. Especially when I. Because there's a. Because it. Refute it if now there then David and as Plackemeier. Now we know whom we know must burgers on Twitter now so he respond and kid saying your book Meyer whatever or go to our I'll call off a sell your pathetic performance on the eyes and show your ex whispered to me you always screamed. Relatives dieters prematurely. OK okay. On the biggest ever ever. Come to Vegas plunk in the mine VSA. And guys in desert. My buddy ray Donovan won't drive you around you slime ball. Wolf Arco oil and a congress or federal. Europe and I admire an hour ago Bret Meyer this goes out rush is coming out he's in his season two comes our next week April 25. So we look now than driving our about what I brought Myers beef with Joe Buck Ambrose must burgers so we'll see must burger and I think you'll book was on last season source seabright mustard makes appearance on season two. What sort of proof trains to traits basic way Cooper grains gains steam. Alabama. I love tricks and have a or hello Al groups stories so. So human waste from New York City has been transported. To the small time small town Alabama called parish Alabama popular leading only hot hot and 900 in 82 people. And the residents. Are not too happy about this to train trip with the atmosphere or some other people in Alabama. It's just here. The kitchen sometimes just commented Eric takes your great. You can't really was still listener. Out of Miami and some days it's. A lot harsher than other things. Thank you to smell it continues. Who would you seem like this in no outcome but there and him forever. Equipped or prepared candidate Rudy dumping into rivers and I think each state should take care of their own waste. Why grant cook a Turkey. Yeah I don't. Thought of that collection as she apartment yet plan being out there. Older than a casual. Kept overnight just under it's not huge turnout I'm thinking that everybody are returning to schools where he stood there so that do you believe right and I think. You prepare I'm this legend with a tease him leaving with the tees yet to be the mayor repair shallow bam I Heather hell is saying that the smell was under David. Now are my favorites now I now know a whole other ball help the credibility and they are you okay. Don't know who Heather hall. Saying the smell is unbearable. It's time for New York City to take care. Of its own the Pope if so hopefully it. We got I was proud of where they that they both as they transported there proof that Alabama and yeah I'll KG get here makes it would allow that. No and they've been out of thin that. I have a special message special masses are on the presidents of Uganda. Supermodel com W on the know now I've got not you got no idea may instead there. The Irish king of Scotland as a great ability who early on there no not the made a plea civil kind of compliment I editor and I don't know if we're talking about you guy and a and apparently. The president you've gone I don't avenge him Bernie but he has strict rules for the residents. Of you got and a. There to conditional put into toward all people probably headed. A Motorola looks is he doesn't need to be even better idea how to promote him as someone they'll save us welcome everybody called. Please. You know who wouldn't cook. Well that'll. Let you send the president began his saying. He wants to tackle the issue oral sex you attack. Tackle head on the I don't know that it could and now is remain for eating. Not in sex with her for political pressure really shocking him throughout these terrible Latin. I guess the I don't know I I. I got it about how. Are we gonna follow up on what happens with this. God I guess I guess it was almost day if you that I against the then editor of marriage Alabama I was I had yeah -- brother's approval nor have the all of it. Are diluted as the only. Take the Hershey highway particularly aware about his future after this duck it. Moved Germany. There is. He. Five story mural. I'm blue penis. Can go not only here at your ego which you get off the loop me into red not orange none out but. The artists Carrie at Carolina fall COLT. We clearly have uncle that I developed a favorite I took up that she has this huge blue penis because this mural. Put up in the middle of Germany and the residents wanted to be taken down when I was wondering what was your like inspiration for this piece of art while it's immersed blue man group I don't know Vick got the water blue bell the blue innovative level quadrant. Partisan art is in the high inaudible yeah. I got to Augusta crystal ball to dig his way Barca tipper it's bigger Bruce exterminate part somebody here.