Papa and Bonta – 3 – NFL, Bay Bridge Series, Ask Ray Anything

Hour 3.Matt Steinmetz and Ray Ratto fill in for Papa and talk about the news around the NFL, Bay Bridge Series, and finish up with Ask Ray Anything.

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I mean Carson when tests of pressure she. I mean the minute the minute he starts to struggle if he does. What I mean there's no. And if they have nowhere to go with few struggles other than the foals. And then. Carson went saint place. Okay. Well that's a problem it's not a problem because of the solution. Is who's playing better. Mean there's nothing about football that is an entirely Darwinian. And in foot W you go with the best quarterback I mean look this is Alex Smith. And and Colin cap particle over. Well. No it's not because Wentz well. It kind of is here I mean. That's not bad Al I was gonna say Alex Smith. Didn't have as much success is Carson Wentz had obviously nobody showed success when he went into it right you're right. You're right so how does it end. And with whoever's whose Webber's playing better in the wonder years of playing better will either be happy being a back up board asked featuring. The or you get operated whether he wants to or not I see problems to fill a caller right now. Problems in Philly ran a Q what do you didn't tell me what these problems are there won't be immediately solved. Well. You know how fans are yap and you know fans are in Philadelphia yeah when Carson who if Carson went starts to struggle yeah. There's gonna be half the people wanton foale's half the people wanton Wentz. And whether you I do belief. That the fan reaction to a quarterback situation. Can sometimes impact the French. I really do only if you let it go on and on and on OK I. Mean Doug Peterson. Is probably likely to handle this by saying this is a starter. Period. And it when he goes out is he's gone south this is the starter Andy he'll go to the general manager Harry Roche and it's say. Camera around if he's going to be a problem or people are gonna turn this into a thing that impacts my locker. And harassment or move. The only way you have a quarterback problem. Is when you keep to around and people not only can't make up their mind which one they like. But. Get. Get cranky about it to the point where it never leaves block wall but what if let's say hi I mean I mean example yet I mean. Tom Brady. And Jimmy grapple. Wasn't a problem until. They moved grapple. Now it's only problem the moment Brady goes south. And at that point it doesn't make a difference anymore. They handled. They handled the problem in May not end up being the result they want. But they do they handle the promise you okay this isn't the guy. We're we're back and of course was going to be Brady had to be very. So wasn't even a quarterback controversy. The only thing was a controversy was affected Brady and Belichick refute. But I think if you the Eagles and you saw. And you saw what happened last year your young starting quarterback get hurt you found out your backup can still win the Super Bowl. Are you really get a trade are you really get a trade your backed up. Just because he's either upset or if Kerry's support. Where it becomes. A problem in the room. And that's word that's that's the art of being a coach that's not the x.s and o.s that's not the analytics. That's the get a feel of the room. Part of coaching. If it becomes that. Then you deal with it and you deal with a dat way could you can't have two guys lingering and turning this into an ongoing. Problem day in and day out week in and week. But if the guy who's not starting. Is she chooses not to be a problem. Then you don't have a problem to deal. Well Michael Beasley just signed with the acres. That's who I'm not a big fan is okay but but he did it there. Lou who's the biggest free agent out there capella right now but he's restricted he's still he's an excuse me yeah you'd you'd you would figure. Beasley can score it or put together. That's rag tag unit they're putting around LeBron James of the Rondo and Stephenson. And together just signed Michael Beasley yeah it's found that has all the earmarks of a one year deal. Not not. Technically. One years this is going to be one year and they're gonna be a very different team again next year what I'm saying is if I mean we saw already nick falls probably isn't going to be a pain if he doesn't play but that's not gonna stop the fans you know. Should I stop the fans from clamor and if the Eagles get off to a two and three starter. Yup he get off to a two and three start. That we got to issue. No you don't have an issue if falls doesn't make an issue or if Wentz doesn't make it an issue. You would only have an issue. If one of them is visibly unhappy. Well let's is gonna be unhappy when he's replaced in the start if he's replaced in the starting low sixties or the visibly unhappy. And if he's bitching and moaning about it. What attracted fans boo is not in and of itself a problem. The only big that makes it a problem within the the within the team itself is a point has come to work everyday and bitching and moaning about you know. Foals this unfolds that and players start picking sides. That's when you have a problem. You don't have a problem before that. One of the things with this if the deal that I have. And it's kind of lay out. Think I wish for the statement that the NFL in the NFL players association put out. Yesterday about the working on a solution. That puts up that in their about confidential. Meetings. Why what you have to become confidential. Want to make you think there are meetings. Well. Because I mean. There are there first why you don't know yet if you don't even know who's in the meeting it while I'm just so I'm just assuming it's the league and the players association whoever that may be. OK but there's a but here's a problem with using quartz like though lead. The league is owned. What owners are in that room. It's the one thing about sports that isn't covered well witches who when a powerful owners and how did they exercised that power. If it's Jerry Jones and Bob McNair and anthem hard liners it's a lot different than if it's eight. Jed York and mark Davis and guys who have never had a big issue about the anthem where the other. It depends on who's in the row and it's not just quote though leafs I would assume and it's not Roger Goodell could Roger Goodell. Isn't in control of this he's the one less to explain what the owners tell him to explain. Yeah I mean I know that but I would assume. Goodell has some input. He might have input but his input goes only so far. And part of his input frankly is in determining. Our these are the people who are gonna be in the room. Arguing our position and if there hardliners they will act like hardliners. Well but. Doesn't you don't don't get good Goodell doesn't get to decide where the owners stand on this he drew gets the message and delivers it. But it still depends on. Who's in control of this issue among the donors. Yeah I like owners who are still pissed did Jed York because he allowed Colin camper nick to do this to begin. I was gonna say didn't really allow cap predicted do it he didn't that he didn't punish him when it start. And in their world it's he allowed him to do there is no that's true. That's true. What would you have done right. I don't let it go. But then again I'm somebody who doesn't think that the income. Should be played before sporting events because. They don't play before movies they don't played before. You know music concerts and all played before you go to work at the insurance office they don't play before you get to your truck and you know tried to shift. They only doing sports and they only do it because European. Bill Acura. It right ran a lot of sentences with a you know you're I think you're right they're right I try not to be wrong. Who that we find out who's voting for the baseman hall fame he got a name for Brian. I have not looked I did my issue I did I did look animal on the web said it's not there I misspoke I was wrong. I saw it somewhere else though. And I'm trying to remember who and this was like three years ago which is the last moment. We are talking about the different as a whole thing to case and if you out there on the with a heck we're talking about Matt's son Richard ray rental are in. For Greg Papa and by Terry hill Greg Papa is going to be back on Monday end. We all know it's go with Greg. And he's out as the raiders play by play man Brent must burger is in pilot Tom Flores also out. Lincoln Kennedy. It looks. He's not talking but it looks like he may be a factor still. But. If you wanna know what what's going on at least according to Greg Papa. He'll be talking all about it on Monday at 12 o'clock. You know I found out this week how big pop it sometimes we forget. I'm talking to Greg sometimes like kid around with a man and next thing I know it's. I forgot this guy's which called icon. Now. No but I mean look he's Bill King. He's a hole he he is the voice who defined it the raiders. Their second time in oak. And that's that's a position that carries a fair amount of power. Yeah I mean used unit in the same way that Kim Rory. Is it familiar Boris who warrior fans because he's been there for a long true wide gamers and ASCII and Randy high on our our important sharks against. Kudos to the voices they've now. So it is it's a jarring thing and what makes it more jarring. Is the fact of the raiders are leaving him two years. And this is like the first real sign. To fans who have been sort of putting that they often their heads. All the city yet now it's starting. Now the move is start. And I think that's why you've gotten a lot of reaction to. Are met stylish and Ray Romano are going to be. Right back in coming up next we'll tell who got next. And a baseball talk next we have Greg got the Bay Bridge series coming up. You usually do raise your kids. I can improvise and I know you came into. So I'll open up to the tax line 95795. You won there. He wants to talk about something the topic up there will start talk about it may be it looks good and by the way your you know your chance to win at the house. Now back to the red carpet shell. One night. 57 big game. Pitcher cook to be a problem. Huge all. I just sort of moved the ball come and help the Chilean. State. The sale of the coming challenge to remind green for the starting power forward position of public killer coming off my bench a guy who thinks she can start. I just got fitted and bright red. How should I think I don't know what he's gonna do I'm just we know what they wanted to do so it doesn't you know one thing about radio ray is. In a situation like dad. I always have to say I'm just I know he's at I'm at no additional people to nobody gets nobody gets sarcasm nobody gets. And it it. I wouldn't say nobody but some people some people don't and they're the ones you screaming yelling jump up and now. Yeah yeah yeah it's. A way. Couple quite henceforth I got some good questions for you here. There's the first legitimate question is should the a's make a move. Their three games back of the wild card. There what twelve games over right now is there a move out there for the openings. Well what do they need starting pitching depth what's out there not much. They mean Jacob to gram is going to be expensive. Matt Harvey going to be slightly less expensive but I think there'll be a lot of teams looking for starting pitching. So you get into bidding wars and I think that gets out of what DA's are comfortable with the and then after that I think you're not making yourself better and you might be making yourself worse depending on which you give up. Possessive thing it's not about just walking on the island putting something in your cart. It you've got to give something back end. I think DA's have to make a decision. And fairly quickly. About whether they think Seattle is gonna. Come back to the Packard. Could've Seattle gets healthy again that they get Felix Hernandez and James Paxton act. And they start Rolen again maybe the a's can't catch him but. The a's need the one thing that there isn't much of this year. Nets starters. Look is talking about the gays the giants 38 we have Bobby Evans on yesterday and they're going Ford listen to what he said. We've not done a lot of selling over the years so there's good reason to believe that if we're. You know in this time or try to find raced ahead. Yet connecting you can't you know Olusegun helped you this year and had two WUNFL that's good architecture here. At the deadline but we feel we would go watch and see how we're client. The giants don't sell that day I mean let's say you haven't I mean yeah I'm not considering. New Year's sell off. No it's a sell off is when uses basically concede you're gonna put all this on the long pick which one. The problem is though that. They need they don't really have a lot of things that people walked. You know there are either expensive and hurt or just expensive or not difference makers. They can't really trade. Starting pitching because it's ace margins hurt. Be they need to hold on to their young guys and I'm garner not available. They don't have enough in the bullpen that people would find incredibly comfortable and there are a lot of closure out there. And they don't have enough offensive players. That they can afford to give up for anything. So I don't know you know I don't think they'll be buyers or sellers ice I think there. They're not there in a weird place right now and they're gonna have to live with it. All right here's the next one. I like this for a I like this kind of interviewing you. Today it's got a shoe on the other foot to hear you're used to interviewing. Other people. It's enough you get to feel like the big show. Saddam with ray round like I'm being badgered by. Crushed just legitimate questions and I use and I get to feel like a big Chad which I'm not. Org I don't like not entered which I'm also not what you're not a big shot but he did make it Elijah feel like a big ship returned weren't. A post game press conference right now and it's about a half hour after the game so I you've you've played well. Unity you threw in 21 point she had nine rebounds. But now working on a feature ray where I want I want to get your input on different subject. Okay here's something you want my input on the lakers were six to one. To win the NBA title this coming year. The the west gate in Vegas it just got Michael Beasley. They now to back up. Six the one's life. Dedicate a once high for them to do but. Yet the warriors are one to two. So there's no value there of the Celtics are five to one the rockets are six to one. Where the spurs the spurs are 200 to one. Really nuggets and clippers. I mean to me that's pretty good value on the spurts seemed to me it's. I mean look the only value the only time. Any of those others Torre nineteen you have values of the warriors did is if somebody's heard on the war yet and it opens things up. Yet no bit right now they'd the sixers are fourteen to one the raptors had 21 the founders 41. The jazz are eighty to one. The blazers 101 and everybody after that is three digits now. And but I like the fact that Michael Beasley has made them so much better as the odds promptly plummet. That is pretty amazed were skyrocketed depending on how you look at it. Com the two raptors organization. Apparently. If they traded DeMar DeRozan the spurs. He was not a fan of it he indicated he says that. That they gave him his word that they were gonna trade him here's my question for you rate. Will what Toronto. Did. Trading DeMar DeRozan. Where will the reputations suffer. As an organization. And impact. Perhaps other free agents who might be considering there. No I don't think their reputation will suffer I think. If there is any any impact from this. It's that all teams. Will. Have. More difficult. Times with with players especially when they're talking about long term deals. Without. Players getting well I a year wanna trade Horry modified no trade. And the ignited tray had I either want a no trade clause or modified no trade clause which the league is loath to do. And I think that's where you'll see the impact I don't think miss Nigeria east you know reputation is going to be damaged by this. At all but I think players in general. If they are not willing to. If they don't eagerly want a long term deal for a lot of money and they want short term deals that'll be the impact. Because that will be. An indication that they don't trust. A team they said we want you here for a long time. I think that's where the impact will be. Fair enough how about this one is a great one this is a great one I think I think we get we're gonna have a cheap cheap advertising stuff. Like it's like a great it is and why did you do it and let people decide on the little pocket turn out. And if the Oakland days. Win the first two games. Of the Bay Bridge series will they preach that will they be presented. With the baby. If you if you if you can't say you can't ask. Any rule will they be presented the trophy. On Saturday night. Now. The cool until Sunday. I mean if I were them I wouldn't take trophies. Why has it shifted to an application it's harmless ray it is harmless so why are so upset about it I'm not upset about you don't like. I don't care. Mostly what I totally not my money my two choices are like it or don't care. I'm not trying to impose my will on other people. They took actual metal from the debris age okay. Raise your company was involved in this whole thing I don't own the company so it's not my word forum I work form. What do you let do you have to take responsibility for I think everything ever come to us now but I'm on board. Of course shoe work as you are. Your part of the hive mind. OK got some more stuff here for you re. A so what's the know what the Tottenham. Spurs transfer marketed its. Right now I don't I mean I I haven't seen that they're going to do anything dramatic they don't have they are. They're held the team right now but they also don't like spent a lot of money so. I would imagine they'll be pretty much the way they looked a year ago. You're there Harry Kahne their deli Alley there. You're unbelievable array he's here is just dumb bully who have let this one ray. Who's the best table tennis player. In the world who's ranked number one couldn't begin to guess the so there is something you don't know a lot of things I don't know. We asked me about things I do now not a lie about not a lot sports related questions so I am no knowledge of table tennis. Okay here's a kind of series one and I don't want to that I may wanna spend little time on this one. Because it's it reminds me of the Josh hater situation which happened at the all star and I game on Tuesday so there was a high school wrestler. Who got a full scholarship. To move cal poly as sell low. And recently there was and event. In his hometown a protest. And he was part of a counter protest. And it was being taped by some people and apparently this high school senior. Was seen on tape using a a gay slur. And the gay slur that begins with the letter correct one of the worst things you can say as far as I'm concerned and the bottom line is cal poly is renege and they're not going to give him his scholarship they've taken it away. I don't know what my opinion is on this to tell you the truth I just know that. And it's not something Ira don't worry about. In or not because. He's not everything that you senator did was easily accessible. It will you also didn't live in the Internet age right. No life was a lot more simple of the an expectation of privacy was. You know pretty hot now I think most people. Of that age. Either don't have an expectation of privacy or shouldn't yeah. What privacy is a good thing. But it's been traded away for the ability to. Record or tape or film every. If you are this kid's dad. How would you feel. I feel awful for the kid. I think you know. I don't know that they have. A legal leg to stand on the he might we might sue anyway. But I'd say well then I guess we better get you to a junior college. And yeah. And maybe you can wrestle there or. Will then go to cal poly and don't ref. What about this red. What do fewer the what they call it of the university of what if you the president of the university. This was brought to your attention. Would you take your scholarship away. I'd need to know more than what I know now. I'd I'd I think I would want to. Talked to the kid and find out early church for nation for this because right now I'm Lena and against point sculpture. Right because this is a problem for me. Convince mean. You should keep scholar. How you've rational sometimes. Ari. I mean just it's you know I do I get the fact that. Seventeen year old Steve stupid stuff. And sometimes they do it to impress their friends. I am. I could. I can get around that but I think. These words are so damaging at a time when the damage from words. Is more profound than ever could you can see. How what damages people. I'd I think I'd try to go in and not having eight plan of attack bites. And I say. Make your case Bryant make your case for not losing the scholarship. 51 doses ray there's no excuse for that word of course there's not. I don't think race said there's an excuse for the word you say to bring kidded him find out maybe what was in this horrible kind of kid this is. Although some people are already saying we know kinda cadences. He's got kinda cute but I just think. Are seriously think about. You know my kids. I think I wanna be grown up now I really don't. I don't need the I don't need scrutiny. You know I'm saying not only did the I don't need them I will live on eggshells. Kind of what it feels like you don't have to I mean I understand half the time the the kids only care. It's look. It's not about living on eggshells. It's about. It now a king. That there are different kinds of people in the world. From you and accepting those differences and living with them in I think more kids are able to do that now. Then maybe twenty years ago. Because all the mean you're surrounded by it you're surrounded by a people of of different ethnic backgrounds different sexual well you know the entire panoply of the human experience. Is in front of you either directly. Or through media. And you. You have to learn that you live in it in aid and multicultural society. And you drafted him. You have to be not only final that. You have to be willing to defend that multi multi cultural society even if you're not a member of a particular group. If I don't think it's huge debts to go to those at a new ground rules have you thought about pop get into politics now. I'm capable of many vile things. But that level of money grabbing dishonest three. Doesn't work for me when did you first know you wanted to be a sportswriter. And on me when I was ten. Now stopped it's detect something else I don't know why you're fascinated with me. Or you're just trying to kill time just you're trying to kill time what are your a bigger better ways to kill time. OK give me one give me one other way. Talk about the lakers. Just think too late and a great rosters ever. Brought it down forming gathered in front of it yeah. LeBron James nice player. Lance Stephenson. JaVale McGee. And Michael Beasley. OK I mean how is that not a tire fire that's going to make. LeBron all Rajon Rondo well that was clearly saying. India screw it. I mean Rajon Rondo is he so much John Stockton in this group of people. It is going to be. It's going to be a Larry it is going to be pretty interest rate than they originally when they're gonna win fifty games. And LeBron James will be the MVP because you'll play every game when he scorching migrate. Well amid a young players who need apply to do so they're they're not gonna play as much as they won or the veterans are gonna play as much as they think they're gonna play. It's very it's. Luke Walton will be able to look Steve Kerr in the guy and say. You've never had it tough. Ever. If you if you ever think. That. I'm not paying more than my dues. Here's my roster take a look at. Because that's going to be it's not to be a tire fire necessarily. But every day. He's gonna be looking at a cell phone going please them via text message please don't be a text message please don't beat xmas. We you know he had an LeBron and Kevin derailed. There without it they are now club and after the espy's yeah. Does he set the table I think that you set the table for direct to go to you there. The goal that is in no that isn't clearly not outside the realm of possible okay what do you think derail its gonna retire warrior. He's not going to the lakers. Why wouldn't you figure if you what woody go to lakers look to play the liberal. Well clearly he could've done that this year if you wanted to. They're not they're not quite ready this year because they're too young. Do you think derail its gonna. Retire a warrior. Probably not but. He has all of the things that he. Has said he wants he's when winning titles he's he's an entrepreneur who's close to. You know. One at one of the great entrepreneurial setters in the world. He doesn't seem to have a huge show biz. Itch. And there's nothing where he lives and dead dead there's nothing where he is that he can't say this is better than any place I ago. I think he's gonna change it for these opponent like. I think he's gone back to Oklahoma City at some point police and maybe I really believe that he's gonna kinda do what LeBron did. Might not be. I just don't think he's long for the awards. I don't know why just I just know. A Tiger Woods is even at the British Open ray it looks like he's gonna make the cut. What does that mean that golf. Yet they got a bead whoever's at the who has it I needed to here's a question jedi Tim finchem is that who is he's got to be loving. Well this is not a PGA event so now. This is Chris O'Brien this is the question I hate most in the world what does this mean to golf. It's literally as though colts stopped. In 2009. We know what this means it means different the next two days. Or until he drops out of contention. Lot of people are gonna watch the British Open. And then they're gonna stop again. They're not gonna all of a sudden follow him around every week like they did ten years ago. Haven't they're going to be the beret ratings this weekend are going to be great okay but that's this weekend. It's got an impact right it has an impact for NBC. Oh by the way ray I have a buddy and my buddy Dana. By the way great got a great. Man cave it's it's almost like you could probably have a dozen people on there it's that big. And a one thing we like to do raised is when a golf major. Comes up. We'd like to get guys together. And I have to be honest there we don't have women their but the reason we don't have women there is because data is married. And if I mean you can't win you know I mean that's it's not a sexist thing rates Dana's like it. Awkward if women are coming through. Asserts it's the guys for the most part but this Sunday of a major we go over to Dana's house. A bunch of us and and watch the final round and down and sometimes she cooks. Would we usually have a few name and it's just a really good time. Why aren't you come over Sunday morning it's distant did police bring in bagels and Shamir. Want to come over 8 in the morning because it's gonna be up it's going to be starting early then go to fat. Auction. Off personal affection is Saturday now. Secondly by 8 o'clock. It's going to be almost all. These I don't think so. Well what you want I mean it's eighty hours a sad but. I think its first well I think it does that lighter in Scotland. Than than it does here right now. So they'll probably start how many hours ahead. Eight. He offered to. Four. Tournament sure take all Mike. Why do you hate me because that's the only option I can make here. They don't stop us all think it'll London ethics this is front and it's not six it is one and his eight. They sure a firm got. Ray. I do you need to see that ray you needed to have that thrown at you break your you know what you just did it if if how would seem that they can revoke your scholarship. I mean revoke your diploma not for that you were just talking about how there is no privacy and then went and it was so into account that I flipped you off. And knowing what I swine you are I'd bet I would I'd gotten extra food money. Here's the question out there who. What time the leaders tee off on Sunday. West Coast time. Really want just watch the back nine or watch the whole thing that we get your limit for an am. Really actually. They don't have it on tape delay in someone like this. Knee or really know these that in 1981 I remember watching the Celtics sixers Eastern Conference finals on tape delight. So it's there. What are you doing. Do you stoop a fly. Because. You seem to be you know. Sarah a tape delay for goodness sakes they don't tape delay the British Open eager get up Porsche got out that's why did you say that I did. They're nicer way no. Wrong. We got we got seventeen minutes don't we go because now we've actually got less than a little bit chastened okay. Here's a good start this. Okay. Sharks off season go. They didn't add. They went after John taveras didn't get him. I think there window is a little. Little slugger that it was before. Me and they were they re upped it reacted dander Cain. But. They didn't get. Any other help and they lost a couple of small pieces. So I would say. It's fair to say they're a little bit worse than they were a year before the year before because. They're a little bit older. Mean they re science guys that they already path. But they didn't add. Rare thing they needed to add. Not re. Just to give you a little indication sometimes. When I deal with with the tax line. On these text came in. Concur this concurrently mean the same time one after the other. The same time okay these came in one after the other. Four or five says oh my god I'm Scottish it's eight hours and so always Lundin and it doesn't stay alight longer. Get an education Pennsylvania. Satellite that then the next one says it's eight hours ahead but you are right it's tiny it's stays late. It stays light really late in the summer in Scotland. Have you ever visited. Any place north of here that we're weird stays light of very light on one president's Portland it deep and it doesn't count. Okay then I have nothing to save you can I looked Ireland's. Great. Sometimes things and it stays like they're excellent 1015 that night you can hear it quickly three rounds of golf today. Okay well you're not asking about playing three rounds of golf you're asking about. The British Open. I was telling you that in all likelihood most of the leaders will be done if you wake up and day. Why is that we bring in Kashmir. And you have an odd since a French ship. Anyway in India and Ireland were in dire. We were there and it's disconcerting a little bit because you know why you try to go to sleep. Yeah he would try to get to sleep at 10 PM. And it's like you know. As just kinda strange and you know what race even if it in Ireland even if you. If you draw the the blinds. Or yeah yeah yeah shot the shutters if you will. Well it's still comes and it's still comes and it's pretty tough it's pretty tough to sleep at 10 o'clock at night. You don't simply cannot clarkin right here argued that he 45 when I'm when everything's locked Ian Rae I'm in bed by 845. Ideally. Is yeah eight mile nine. Okay rail type I like it could be at least don't I like to beat him bad. About 915. And then now play a little words with friends check a little Twitter out of my iPhone and and then you know what other kind and then I'll get the old heavy eyelid you know the heavy eyelid ray wish that you feel yourself sort falsely. And that's why don't know what's gonna go to sleep and that's what all. I saw usually put my iPhone than on the on the bad side today. Astronauts on the loosely. But it should so you're telling me the sharks are not penetrate Erik Karlsson. Mean trade for Erik Karlsson yes trade for call it's. You asked me how they are right now if they trade for Erik Karlsson. There will be a different answer but I won't be here so you won't ask. For the 65 both said they went to Iceland. And they had these black curtains ray because it would stained blue that I mean you're an ice you've never. I did I tell you the two bucket list places. I have. To the button button bucket list places down. Keep Gaskin gotten flustered you've I'm I'm ready I'm. He's been got to hang tight right for what seven minutes with a 254 YYY. Why do you think this is compelling radio but I did I ever say it was compelling radio I try to get that 25450. I think raid it. You know people are gonna think that I really don't have a lot content in front of me when I really do wonder why aren't you use. Almond joy in this anyway I don't you Ari could you like to screw with people. It is the only thing that separates you from the animals. Not even the opposable thumbs scandinavians on my bucket list and so is ray cubic. Ricky exposed pretty good time. Right here. 51 else's words with friends was eight years ago product time to get off its assignments is what they said. Well you keep telling people but your personal life and they keep rejecting. What's the lesson there at that none. Should there and laugh at the lesson here is they don't care about your personal guy that is still closed what had been trying to tell you which seat and that's why don't talk about my personal life but ray. When I leave here nobody cares about my personal care credit now and you never I don't I don't put similar do you bring up because. As you sometimes say it's much. It's flesh. And now. I'm having trouble. Read my notes of what we're gonna talk to an X not talk about next. Let me talk about luck coming back and stick this is incredible. All the stuff we have we got to. Think we'll bring up at local stores where you have to get into it that much but it's news. Not at this rate they don't talking your rear when you are trying to make a point right. Now. They don't want to talk to me because I gotta tell a child like I like people who respect boundaries. I when your phone store. This is actually kind of funny. But it sure attention span. You said it's I don't have a what. The the the so ray yesterday were talking we and we talked about this a little bit about my my middle daughter is gone I know people like is your time this week. But this is an it's new forest or so law my my junior in high school got a driver's license and she's able to. Drive my eleven year old practice we're kind of talking about that and I was talking about how. You know I I think she's responsible it's setter she's good driver. And guess who texted me. Should texted me re the queen of the Netherlands. No. But the guy who gave over my daughter her and test. He stated he should you know what grace dancer named grace was really good. Buy it. You need to be careful with her taken younger. She needs you know they got to have a note. With them and the notes got to say basically hey I'm Matt Stein Mets on the legal guardian of this driver and I've given the in I've given the approval. For her to do this. I did but they they really should be carrying that in the car and you know that was about two or three days ray we're really wasn't sure of the rule. Here's the reason I really like this guy who gave the test because they're called Examiner's. He said ice. I actually called the guy after the show and said you know. And he started he actually then texted me the rule from the driving manual about the note. And I texted him back and I said you know really appreciated thank you so much. And and thank you for listening. And really appreciated beauty said you're recently back. He said well on the staff Currie of Examiner's. That's pretty cooler I have. An act. Of courage makes you don't know that. You don't you don't nobody. Over the did you hope it doesn't matter if it's real or not. I'm I'm trying to limit examine how he could be disturbed Kurd Examiner's based on so little evidence. He might either Rajon Rondo Examiner's. Started distributing knowledge but. But what. It's stepping Curry's a high bar to clear in any context. The main well no I could say he. Would like to really well. What do we don't have enough time for you to search your real good friend for me to go to. For me to go to find the one nugget that you could say you do really well. I think. Thinks the work on hate. I got older we all yes we do what's with Patrick would cause we're gonna resigning hammer was yet down to minutes rate yes. Well yes they are I mean you're going to read and how many times Yorman mansion like need to get just two to 54 can do it on her old. I did that shoots fifty poker a deeper look but I will get to the door before you will. Oh man this has been fun I'll see you next week right no you won't hear yeah. Not hey happily for you and the listeners this is it for me do you have. Any ships in the foreseeable future here done that I'd been told about. I think they may have had. A belly full of me. You I think I'm done human talked to the schedule maker. Then I'll never work again what do you make and by the way do in this post 60000 show aren't really Elian I'm making big court. I don't think he get pop a money that's not even close up and I and I make more than pop beacons. I'm here. I mean in the studio we can end it this way from 77 you guys are the biggest. From. The owner. You guys that you inability to read it's inspiring that's what do you may wanna work itself has judge fact this seven the 707 does not understand how we're gainfully employed. Did I give her his own and come right back with the foods that were the food's okay going to help. I'm glad you liked it I'm glad he stuck out the three hours listening to both wounds. Because that's a statement about how gainfully employed he read got to tell you I had a lot of fun this week. And I'm quite serious this work. And Bartlett ill people think. Now I'm back and it's not helping Larry out there allusions that they wanna hater it's fine yeah I don't care. I hear you know if you listen for three hours and you were anger for the three hours. Examine your own lives. You desperately failed people. I'll click on that inspirational notebooks got twenty seconds you go on over the place to work done. No I'm not I'm gonna do that show five times a week hard to believe. Then all I can say rays go get him go get them bring what you. Brings a we got a guy you don't go there and do what you did here who's next I more cold skiing Dickinson and you'll get some meaningful. Sports talk.