Papa and Bonta – 3 – Klay Thompson Humble, Celtics/Cavs, Caboose Pistol

Hour 3. Papa and Bonta are joined by Tim Bontemps (Washington Post) for a deep dive on Warriors/Rockets Game 1. We then talk about the NBA Draft lottery. Tim predicts LeBron winning tonight. We talk about why Klay Thompson didn’t guard James Harden more last night, the Celtics/Cavs series and what we can expect from the Celtics next season. As always, we end with the “Caboose Pistol.”


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Get to think your first big off the bench that I ought to start and an art art game to a question why else. So you just gotta say don't that we drafted yet we develop Chile where he during the hip injury. We can only give you this. But we know who you are in we you know we have a history pink is a lot of money. And we will pay you one day we just can't pay you this day. Now he's the kind of guide it says I don't care I wanna I wanna strike real the gold I wanna guy watering the cash register. And good luck tomorrow and I'll move up. But he's gonna lose you wanna stay here and we're going to be part of a great environment. They're really major skill stay here and I'll pay you but they you know they they it was that they. Didn't know they made a mistake not a must you know they say they are all they they talk topic I'm gonna pick up is not yet. I know we laughed we walked up locker room immediate today Robert were triggered order show. We go to Brazil there is a bond movie I wanted to and I said she's still on the team I think that everybody that they have. So I thought why about. He was happy no doubt about it he wasn't he wasn't all bad if you liked the forty year old from an urgent he cut Roddy was crippled like only has got he drops thirty pounds she's moving quicker. And hip thing he'd ever job she's got incredibly long arms and tell. I wanted to got tired at all. In effect w.'s code and think about it to him before we move on your public. Think about it he fell out of the rotation for stress season he picked up a slowly BNP's. Steve Kerr wouldn't play on. Now he's back in a rotation now he's a big part of the worst postseason success you are listening to 957 the game KG and CFM an ace he won. KG NG San Francisco the radio home for every single way or playoff game right here many parts of the game we talk about Klay Thompson pop another guy who so humble. What's the Claes Obama's last night after his big game in game one and what's a corpse finals. What they've meant to McDonald's they're warriors. They lifted the public got first you to me our city brought you the best two guard image and be able to round thank you so but to. Did your name comes up third or fourth Kia and it could do it is that is that good but you are just so I don't I don't care. I get paid handsomely played a great place in the variants and meet people a chance to junior out. And non us how to do a lot of guys never really get that opportunity some grateful just give farthest team from day one. Been a warrior comes to include beer Max we have such a good thing going. That was last night and inside the NBA on TNT can Smith Bernie Johnson Charles Barkley. And of course Shaquille O'Neal and I'll watch in an interview live popped now is blown away by clay security his poise. He's come a long way in so many different areas played making shot making dealing with the media here and that's our speaks so well you're Golden State pop because he doesn't care about being in the star doesn't care about getting attention is also play ball and win championships that's what clay Charleston is all about your so I was blown away with his interview last or AT&T prop. Yeah Iraq and he's he's improved in all regards as a player and he was strictly catch and shoot guy remember the clay she could finish a layup easily on measurable but they'll just everything having a watch him put him on the deck now going to his left jumping off balance so far is his comfortably in with a microphone I can remember that the night. He scored the 37 points against second that Friday night in the third quarter. We had about a year after and he was really uncomfortable and he is Teddy you know as a great athlete and had a swagger just get the greatest quarter the history of the league. And he was a little just a little. Clumsy just a little wasn't comfortable but I don't even like to go to game he did with his dad when he was hurt. When he worked at Laker broadcast footage to edit John Ireland I mean he's surrounded mortgage is starting to get more comfortable on his own skin and he's always been very comfortable clinic around. Our world not the world he chooses to exist in. He's much more comfortable. And he should teach it a fabulous player he fits so perfectly was staff he's the perfect to guard. To work next to him when yet Katie drain on it just all work so well because there's skill sets to not overlap to accentuate. Each other make of that the ball better in the team rice is he's humble everything there and a doctorate before our show on Friday America's options story. About the extension broken. You know it's him cock not result from the united reached out to on and that I did not deny I I just basically said to what I was told. I did not say what I know because I'm ignorant on this I know nothing about it I know zero. In fact I thought it was coming. Based on. Our conversation with a lake of language radio that studio on March when he pretty much his eyes got big inning which he kind of had modest say what he was thinking that. He could we could both tell the only guy plays poker. He's playing Texas hold democracy what he was told that right there and he remembered you ask a follow question exit Blackwell Myers word he the line and they're they're not gonna say it now from what I understand. There was a conversation going back eight months earlier this is a story that dates back to before they went to China. And there was talk. But you know market share details what was on the numbers I don't know but I think. I wasn't saying the stories completely inaccurate when I swear I said what's the warriors are saying that. They are saying it's not a percent inaccurate Bob was right there. And it was coming from the agent Bob and they said they evident conversations that mean. That they won't strike a deal in July knowledge fact I think they will I think by based on everything we heard from the owner. From place to add to Michael Thompson has been on the show twice. And strongly in these last time he was he said flat out played us not even an extension. He wants to retire and cold warrior he went out of out of that I he wants to play for forever more. Art and partly your way shots and always talk about its illegals was drafted here. I was part of a process a briefing this franchise. Make it is free of charge relevant again and NBA almost part of a process. Wanna go anywhere I don't believe that's. Not some guys do and he's got the same call as looney. It'll load is if he wants to make more money and be rich. I'm sure whether it's Brooklyn or some other team. The Houston Rockets were thought grant him what very of the battle of authority yours how he's a play for them. So that's the modern I'd be here who eke out a how much money we're talking. But. You know. I thought the chewing debt that would get a big contract and he didn't get as much as I thought so acknowledged but I you know he could be due to make more than two to three. So he's gonna have to have a nice life financially in his careers at the crossroads. Do you wanna stay here to accept less for now. Under the auspices that you'll get more later he'll be part of this great basketball team. Or acute do you wanna get rich and go play more minutes probably somewhere else possibly maybe not. And that place got the same DOC wanna go somewhere in the super Max now you know way to structures worked. Other teams can offer more notorious camp because they have so I I think in the end these guys are audited stay here. And there ought to take a little bit less except Andre he's histories different Danica has released is Smart guy knows he's 34 he's not the playing much longer so he needed the the third year and gets sixteen her name you know double the amount of money that Terrell Mori head. Together but I I think this is clay gonna stay here long term. Whether it happens this summer right before training camp or whatever. He's given no indication that he just could have you house tellers say can give me the best deal possibly a wanna cash out a lot of heavy red cent and a lot of players would do that exact thing. But today but it's a wait. They're they're all like this they all take a mean shot Livingston signed. Immediately and hold Weaver shot I would make a lot more but I thought it more than three years shake her 24 he signed before you know. Steffi even got announced Mahdi got a two actual Livingston Ambac for children that they realize that they got here right. There are no option would have some basketball Nirvana this is past while his eyes level why would you wanna leave this when you're going to be plan on national television. Damn near every night we're gonna get ratings as the Western Conference finals game why are you ready to -- Prado has the highest ratings it's in sixteen years for Western Conference finals game and I belted the first five minutes mark my butterfly ball because I've won the game to start it felt like the super ball did not quite a Super Bowl but it felt like if pretty critic here those four or five minutes of the game I had to calm myself down a public Dermarr grieve for a second but it's hard to last or part when he points to wide open three pointers he took fifteen. The tense. We talked about the contract here and Arab put. I mean just look at his policies and so far this is the play policies in that I waited for he's been consistently shot making that's partly due because of his defense of assignments that leads me to think. Why was it Klay Thompson defending. Jane's heart last night what was going on what rod Adam's game plan while with clay not on James Harden and why was he on CP three. I don't know I really don't know I and you know clay had a great series against San Antonio an exceptional one game they lost game four. And I think you got to cash in after you know he doesn't have to guard guys to the beach off to try to reach off the dribble perpetually Patty Mills. Easier player to guard the New Orleans series likewise you know he's not a Rondo. Here in the area of the guys he had to deal with E'Twaun Moore. He did not shoot the ball as well against New Orleans but I yelling. Even if you people get too wrapped up and shot making and you know is largely equality shots that could go in there not to go in these are these guys are human beings. I look at them what he gives you defensively and I I do not know. Why. They did a sign of James chart I really do now I think he guards Harden is well or better than anybody. In the league. If it's not him I want and Andre autumn and I I did not understand. To have Kevin Durant out hard in and it took play on I'm Chris Paul and an even after that he they had on Eric Gordon. I just I think clay needs to be on the ball he's much better on the ball on the point he is not as good defensively off the ball. He's gotten better but he's ahead charter gets lost off the ball. They didn't go to Paul a lot last night when Paul did score. They try to treat that same switch and shot over Loney a lot looney guarded them a lot but he made a couple of you know shots over him I don't know about ten I think you know they won the game last night they. We're fine. But I think I think they over thought it and I may budget simply to Grand Slam of the table and saying I want hard. Played a lot in the finals if Cleveland gets there he got changed very you've got him back to put anybody else I think OJ assert that in the it shade of our Browner one or Horford a lot of those guys. In the next round. For this round we got I can hardly an act like you more by the dumped in position where they you know Capellas hanging out and take it a lot and going up and being a rim. Contest or a shot blocker we don't need to guarding twenty. You know five feet away we want to guard feisty so I don't I I I believe I want that what changes for tomorrow and I and I want to play tops encouraging start start to get. Steve Kerr did mention that there will be adjustments in game two I'm guessing that will be one of them alongside loaning starting. Looney starting with curry Katie. Clay injury in my day that I was very very weird year. Just a sea cave in that not what I kept directed to defend our nets aren't because of his length because of his size and I do believe. They Kevin Durant has improved as the individual defender I was shocked to see that opening game market a lot of of Fargo called modular floor. The only video Reese did you could do is to take away the stepped back daddy right when he takes that step back. If nobody is long enough to get in and not contesting a shot KG get contested. But didn't miss any under alternately. Every war with low fire the first dart boards he scores 41 that does to your credit and I'm here with a guy with that stance on. And young talent and yeah what floor flat me. Now they can't not mainstream no picket Raleigh i.s that will give us what you got to get. Is I don't know what I'm stretch your dollar and yeah topic nuggets yet. We're gonna bring a razor blade cut that appeared that war in order to win this series on the shape. All. Cool and I would be intriguing out of it gets out you know lawyers are rockets were right back at it today air practicing as hard spoke a what he wants from his teammates and Mike and Toni doesn't want to change that much will discussed right here in 857 again. Oh now back to that Greg Copley shelves on 957. Big gains. We're in this together like I have new muscle. Do we need everybody and good there's. Totally bruised. It was weird. Stuff its. Total. We see good things for miracle. You better things I should work. Picture. Welcome back to the afternoon like pub and bar turn into parts of the game that was the bearded one James Harden. Today after shoot around for rockets where he basically said I can't do it myself we need everybody to be playing their top game here but. Pop if it is to say that. We need everybody and I can do myself I mean James Harden did you see the way you play defense last night. Did he focus on the film session of that in the deport pop or is it all about making three pointers and giving your point to giving 41 points here because defensively James Harden was all polls the total opposite of his off its game last night. Yeah he's not a good defender at a going to be easy the peach Mario this year he tried these ladies authorities each he has he has limitations. I mean before he just didn't wanna play defense. And I think they're the cop out is like your guy in Cleveland and I'm and conserve energy. On defense that's a run things so much offensively and that happens a lot Michael Jordan did that too we would be but he would spurred you know unleashed a doberman amigo for eight minutes hard and a story at 32 and simulator. So but but Michael at the skill to do it Harden does not he's gotten a better body. I think he guards inside better. Around the basket and his big body but. Off the ball he's just terrible the warriors attacked him. This much is day attack curry. And he got beat if backdoor cuts Chris Paul was bad last night defensively Chris Paul's made all NBA defensive. Teams in this league. And he's a lot of responsible for losing illusion Nikki on the a couple of times. And so they they just were all -- talk was not very good defensively and asked them they watch that date the video back today got a range here. It's some of their decisions and they just. They eat they reminded me of the nor its pelicans in the first game that when you could say well I was oracle it was loud could hear. There was no communication or miscommunication. But this is their home building so there's really no excuse for them to be so awful except maybe. They're just not that good Najeh Ricky getting and you know they can't guard Durant didn't have anybody to guard Durant whether it's Tucker recent mbah a moute. Good luck he had no one can match up weather on the to even say they wanna go Adam tomorrow night and trap on the aggressively in certain spots for surprise them come up behind them. Do they have the discipline to rotate out of the trap. How about coming back they definitely try and I don't know if they could deal but I don't I don't know if they do so I think what we're looking at here. Is it offensive head coach that has put a premium by the end of the floor you know his body as staff in Vista elect. Jeff there's still reason we'll talk about him tomorrow the bodies. But the fact is I saw him yesterday just like talking yourself it was like on the bench like. Because the head coach wasn't listening getting was like mafia was praying or what it is and Africa trip for those guys were just breaking down but they watch the video back they're gonna have to be. Tighter but they're they're not gonna make any substantial. Changes to their personnel. You know latest on that that they're they got some get thought they had better defenders and they brought in Paul. They've brought in chalker mbah a moute. Populate results last he was not easy guy you know he's got a 100% argued that this sick UCLA than other traffic and having a look we Sharpton Bob okay. The fact that effect as the little Bob vote today now can't guard Durant shot. But at everybody you know what I wanna get into a tip bon Temps because we all talk about ten energized coming up at 230. Can we. We your knowledge Kevin Durant it's the best player on the earth I had the best offensive player the best offensive player part nobody can guard him. Well is that okay they they also assigned him to do it too hard as they did Simon and they're getting the word OK okay she will get James and there isn't a warriors Cleveland Park for. He's getting James so he's he's pretty good defensively as well. It's gets his against Iran they just go out at a model we model the James what our guard to read because he charged conserve energy on the defense of English aren't sure what train at Idaho fifth pick observer for a lot I guess appreciate I appreciate you like Cadillac and Redick I get a Kevin Garrett is special it is argument we're gonna have forever pop covered it is. You can't that we we talked about it on the show he's on Goran a bull. You cannot do anything to stop them you wanna get physical look and finally the fadeaway baseline sped away. You wanna takeaways jars well we'll just pull up three like you did last night for six from the three point line Kevin Durant can do in the piece he wants he's been doing this it's that Texas el before Texas weakened he can get birdie on the job and are you aware about that is this how we gets points. Houston made it easy for camera directly try to guess I don't know they they seem like he tried to get moderates still go. Is gonna go all series all the local PJ Tucker. Good luck whichever reason who got in foul trouble yesterday I mean their dirt accused of rockets are in trouble bullets or from my game Tony today. After shootaround he says that they are who they are. You know is that what noise and just everybody elevated to ourselves man is like you know. Point just that I saw so we do know that and that's what we do benefits were like 6% of the mountains like. No real life you know might also hold anybody surprised that it really. What's great yeah forward. We are we know we're pretty good and we can't do all we know on embrace that. Veteran who we are. And don't worry about somebody else so often go home with a quarter. That's how they saw we saw our confidence when we're younger players and our street. And we know ushered into the discussion. Pop is Dan Tony bluffing is he going to make adjustments. Or is he just discovered Dan Coats is gonna continue to run its isolation basketball that would not work in these Western Conference finals. Well but there's. Okay what date they do run isolation basketball and that's why you and I were both of the opinion months ago when they were rampaging through the league in that loose for a solid month and 165 games that when the warriors get him on the same hardware they're gonna crush him. Because that style or not work but. They may they have made adjustments in fact when I was getting ready for this series I watched all their playoff games. They they do creative things to set up to pick and role I kept talk to you about hard and coming off the dribble and awful lot like a jet sweep. In football world will start on the wing angle or subtly. And then take the handoff from knocked capella. It's tough to get to him when he says that kind of movement and I saw them brought a lot of weed action the warriors Roberts multiple handoff should strange. And perpetual movement they wanna get to where they wanna get. But last night. And I some at times early in the year do this I don't even call it a pick and roll there's no rolling there's no action is just a screen. And a switch and they did that a lot they did not do that a lot. What I saw against Minnesota they did not do that a lot. Against Utah and navy because. Then when they just didn't came up with a game plan for this series or at least game one. There entire dot processes. Work go on actor. And Oregon we're gonna roast him. Rugged and make him switch on the hard in and that's all we're gonna do to the detriment. A the other guys on the floor and not at times they rolled the ball to one of the guys the clock at two and three. What do you expect Bob okay to do when the clock starting to zero on him or talked Jeremy got. Shoulder they're just they're not sensing. Then there's the shot clock initially in the united saying earlier even when they inbound the ball the shot clock was not a 24. It was kicked up to fourteen. I don't think they know. They acted like they catch one floor. And he's holding the ball a reach is coming over to settle late screened o'clock to six and there are still cried try to create this wedge. Under current earmarks. Are certainly gotten sucked this year so that they ditch what nickel Beckett he's got to tell the world. But I think what they look at and got to make defensive adjustments offensively. And I edit the warriors do as well. The two most dominant players score on the ball last night for each side. We're Durant and Harden. But at times bunting it looked like an old Oklahoma City practice they're going one on one. I would say both of these great scorers and the coaching staff need do it just sometimes less is more. Think we need less than Durant more ball movement they need less of a hard NN. That's why you brought Chris Paul here. What he's got Patrick Beverley but generally pretty Chris Paul a he's the best your point guard should stop that let you run into a let blacker play off the ball or come take worked what he once series the only time Paulson is great for hard last night. What ticket stepped to switch on die hard in our right. Yeah a lot of checks that you're gonna lose that way and adored every single possession what's why don't do it did average. It blew me away and this is what we talked about for last six love spot it absolutely blew me away that he continued. All over it all over and over with this isolationist like. They're not going to beat Ryan Adams and his higher level thinking that the lawyers haven't deep it's and then with this with this approach is going to have to do so and an adjustment would get more pick corals and Paul and hardened. Maybe a little more like just short corners that feel your right ready to go I don't wanna once they get the thought about what I think I'm gonna dual I want what I want which occurred however people. People underestimation of Curry's individual defense here he can defend. On the ball and cable some big plays yesterday. Jewish or from the lawyers outsiders you know well apart from ABC's sports gray area despite out of video about thirty minutes gonna want to do is over and over. And Al's wonder myself how many terms has happened. But this is early in the game or rockets or 62. And heartened to 22 dribbles. On this possession. 42 dribbles and nailed the shot clock going down a camera had to step back three year now we get the shot. Great great for James Harden but you're gonna dribble dribble dribble over over. Couldn't even check each had type team with this kid beat the Boston Celtics playing its way you can't beat Tbilisi waters played as well look at it ran it to the senate Jon Mills vertical limit or could they can't beat them this way pop I don't get my again Tony. I look and I believe he's stubborn he took a while they're try to relaxing game plan offensively I really believe he's gonna do that pop and if he doesn't it's going to be. Equities at him like he's gonna make subtle changes I you know Steve I wonder what Steve Nash is when he's watching the game he's like it's just the same coach ahead in Phoenix and open a seven seconds or I hope you guys holds the ball for seventy seconds how to get a guy they're gonna shoot seven or less that's what they want but. They will incorporate more moo I've seen him do it they did it against Utah dribble handoff steer them on the move. Don't let it be so stagnant you could she can accomplish the same thing where they attacked staff curry but they do it off more movement they pages were stagnant. Let they wanted to make it a one on one they a lot of the other eight guys to get over to the sideline. And Howard's gonna take curry but it took them for ever to get there any did score. Curry and not many got to 41 points. But everybody else is standing around there was no movement at all and that's so they are but they they can incorporate isolation basketball but do wood off a little more action. The spring and ten bon Temps from the Washington Post on the afternoon light with popular by town and five cents to gain ten is in Houston. And Timmy or sit there to practice today. I've (%expletive) around to the rockets warriors. Just a star from rockets perspective here what adjustment DT Mike Dan Tony will make her know he told media here that this is what we do we're all isolation and scored 60% of reports off Beisel what what adjustments do you think the rockets will make for game number two. I don't really think they're gonna make content on deck I mean I mean they'll go probably incorporate a little bit more movement like you got a parking lot but I don't think there's going to be much community. But listen decent one to target explain this way to probably the sentiment in LA and he is kind of a problem in the series that there. They they kind of have to do the stuff that they do and they don't really have a plan B arm and the problem is you know a Golden State is just. Perfectly equipped to economic and there are no. Are but most found team Qualcomm. And I think you know I would personally deeply quick Palo 3730 minutes and 29 I think he he's on the court they're much better spent two weeks Andre much at their comfort and get a lot of rain in the got you out of there were in the crowd in the game. Arctic are kind of got it going on I don't I think you have to try to play small last because you can't be called six point small. As far as moving the ball something they'll they'll do a little bit more so that's just not that probably aren't what they do I mean air. They're gonna have run a particular role gonna give you a mismatch isolation and on the other gonna get like James and encrypt streptococcus and and it got retreat that they. No that's the thing gold he it's perfectly happy. Wedding changing credit score off and not letting the other icy streets and get Oscar bounce back and stop and I think that you know that that's to meet its really just got to come out cute and can't they can't get the ball move around a little bit more it's a little while racquet shopping in James and Chris. It'll be a little more crack if dropped danger and Chris particularly pretty bad in game one. Arm in games tired is a little bit of the game obviously was great debate people of all got to be great that chancellor. It out Paul got to 2310. But he had two baskets in the final minute of the game. When the game was over and I don't know what heart out a lot of Ohio Harden had to file curry with twelve seconds to go on the game but they got they got something going on there but in any event. I thought Paul was a non factor. You're on TV with me Tuesday with a warriors closed out the Pelz and are watching and you know parts of the Utah Houston game. Paul Paul went off he went for 4110 and seven no turnovers. And hard there was sect in neck games are you saying there's no plan B. And I could change what they do dramatically but the don't you think that they'll try to use the best pure point guard the NBA since John stock did. With the ball in his hands more and let James Harden flight off the ball little more tomorrow night. I think they will Greg honestly I think it's just I think gold state is really keyed in on Chris in the series they gotta take out. Look I think. If you you know Capellan Chris communities and here column being on the court. Allows you simply being if you play date you can play big against Golden State like Oklahoma City did what Stephen Adams like the captain don't which has prompted you have a chance. Because if you try to play small bit about the rest while wallets at a plant in you you can't be. Why don't want small to you have to be able to say pay somebody to go on the court. And you're right like I was so I would we talked with a couple games in Utah Chris destroyed the jazz in mid range and picked the worst shot. And that quite solid despite the warriors were happy to Akamai media groups they were happy to get Kevin Durant and Chris. Yeah under the ballot car they want quick option would date you talk doesn't really have especially Ricky Rubio out. You started really have been long guys to roll. Credit to give him trouble in the mid race right. Com gold they can do that they can they have a warm up like I think he'd stay with it in the range initial shots what sort of corporate. Not quitting walk and I I think that. You know about it will be the tricky part for them this is. You know Chris like this to its obstacles be released only 61 directors' go to Viet ankle state as what you 67 actual law arsenic in April out of Charlotte NC do don't. Soak arm about what the tricky part for him and I think it really keyed on him and got a kick out in. It's just going to be operative to get to a spot where he's got he's got to work much bigger longer than in the key kinda you know keeping an in space problems. Since the racquets lost last night obviously were concentrating on what changes they're gonna make but I thought the warriors played OK I mean during it obviously was completely unstoppable and dream on defense it right the second half was we're just a force but the the warriors didn't move the ball the way they typically move the ball but I was curious not to start loaning to start Andre and I don't know why they put to rant. I'm hired him from being around the warriors today Tim what. What changes. Adjustments do you think Steve Kerr might make for tomorrow night. Public they're gonna really make any mean I'll tell you what I had a reason reasons each started the Dow up last night was because I am I guess and scrub out. Are is because. They they knew they could win that game much like this here's the deal I think you're I think also it's gonna win it for five and com. You know I think eight BBC a candidate Barack repeated and they they really just took our site. And that was that was what they did and they went for the jugular right away Steve you evil evil outbreak era in the last secrecy usually pretty conservative doesn't like. They play it back in Italy actually acting like regional and in reserve and I think you saw him go to Florida where you look at. We got a chance to win at home court right now game Warren put Houston on the defensive. Have them you sit around 48 hours or aired our series party received an article work on how they leaned into these he'd had a chance to in this series. Arms that's why I thought they did that and i.'s story receipt to need acting played out at the wiggles they want to. On your right I don't think I thought that while army generate twenty point two prosecuted yet several Pataki has. Separated look great. Andrei mama and how troubling without without trouble. Arm in a Durant even purse great start in game that you went to provide and what I'd shot we need you kind of held up a little bit in the second half. By the date they were able to get the message they want it they're happy haven't static while Lee. In isolation after isolation which games and and crest until they want. It's it's a big play a penal Obama rally with a rope adult. What form but that's what it is like what those guys get their shot up the guitar swing then and they're gonna it's a three they're gonna make some plays. But when you get that third and fourth quarter and they have they're dribbling or 500 times in the game and every and every play. They are run out of gas in goals he has war I got a good morning to. And you know bat that really to me is is the way they want to play these games and I think that's a witness here is gonna continue to go work also a. Nationally and you NBA writer for the Washington Post and bonds' attorney or to the light apartment Bonser and into parts of the game to you live in Houston and you saw again last night c'mon only entrance of the game. Early in our first quarter due to Andre the Dallas foul trouble as you mentioned. He's going to be our insurer to freeagent lawyers and pick up his option kind of Contra DC loony can indeed these kind of foresee slowly taken a discount your hometown discount the steel to go to say where's what's a contract and loony get on the open market because he's playing so well you look at the box score nothing sexy about yields erecting a look at the box or sell what do we really do but it really lost a game you could see what type impact he had nineteen contested shots yesterday. He like phenomenal defense last night at what Carmen Contra DC and in an open markets and. I mean I would I don't know I don't quite as far as it did a phenomenal feat and it's but he he definitely need to jockey was key was supposed to do he was fine aimed at under twenty plate co host it occurred I would like him because. When he is dependable and you don't earlier this speech and he's not gonna beat under any great plains but he's also really not gonna make a lot of terrible place. Ten and when he played up there with oral or literally what you want somebody just stop on I don't think we're gonna be called undercounted are because they're the worst and honest. To order and after reading eagle potentially I. That we picked up an option back over at Sony beat question so I don't think you can certainly going to be arm desperate at that point by that being said. It got a battle injury issues arm I don't see in a limited free market and Dorsey a lot of teams. Actually considered neutral in the big money at him so I mean I could see. Are a pretty likely scenario worst heat and assigned to one year deal to world what he would old. Next season which I think is about to Katrina and are on and it meteors in the market and it sure is a pretty good. On the I could see that happening if he's suitable warriors are to continue getting architecture mid level be somebody wants Kirk agent Aegon he leads. Our company description would be curious and the injuries she's had and the fact that I think he's a very good shape out of old speaking don't happen do a lot to be solid. On but if you added in another team were need to create mirror or do more soccer ball is probably not a guy that it's going to be about. It's amazing warriors four straight years in the Western Conference finals usually at this time of the year we were locked in on the Crisco hand. Invitational theme Donald sterling and expression and a wrestler took the NBA blue water off track of which what is taking the week which companies which one of these tanking teams is gonna win this slaughter the. All I mean let's and you really need to wait this is Igor is bigger quicker. What the Basque. You know within what do it depends how. Totally discredit her new owner armed they'd been treated our team leaders and an attack and they didn't seem to be kind of a consistent being somebody you read our. It'll work plead ignorance of the table or four years of racquet back the critic who beat the nets in here and actually need. You'll be open not a blank check to get a double deck. You know aren't actually at number three tickets last year's edition to soaks. Arm I guess I'll take legal entity who beat army it is the nets Logitech again. You know it went to number one but he added I don't get a lot of interesting. It got a new all in Orlando got into what they're in their rent I Sacramento Phoenix had never won the lottery warrants. Mattresses into the lobby were just terrible wouldn't it be practicing and they got a number organic. Armed we're kind of just be awful and injuring this year almost. It'll be huge they doubts in the past it economically DJ at it early but then this year it's been audited Atlantic in negative karma connecting are also. I wouldn't team when you from a cart simply to prayer and underwent. Did you damage boats and I don't know it'll be. We're gonna watch the draft lottery because easily listen here's what happened to people's confidence and it. Don't look at the bottom line is. You get ultimate off if you jump ball is basically what the senate they might stick you got up and the Mercury. I can really change the course or protects it's your era. It was Chicago or leave or in order a hostility somehow don't jump to number one contender Wikipedia and the doctor REIT also get to pick. Arm you record there and zoom back in that middle part of the lottery where if you got up from eight to two. If you go forget our good players were great connector really Alter the course of routine and likely won't forget org and nick spread it Peyton Manning don't you teams where you get. You know you get people engaged ready aren't horror Michael bridges or some guy like that it targeting a good player but if you got popular purchase second deck. On Gil Cleveland an eight it will implement trade after a while you're somebody do it against our political element in the next anchored out to be reporting it and it started. He needed to rebuild actually starched and work on launching New York. On Jay yeah it's pitch equally evil stake and it's a biopsy alone inspector general stated it's. You know this record or not a lot of implications fraud in all interlocking. Cleveland has a two point 8% chance of winning the the lottery which is around the same figure I'd put on the night in game 210. Actually think yeah Nancy. I in Italy and I are. It happened so the prime the running game twos is pretty incredible wouldn't do it but he record you know I don't know exactly what elected easily spot in Warren. He's 21 like fourteen and grow. Our league game or something like that mean it directly into your site Saturday. They just lost to warm orders last year I did he caddie you've had a really good for our. Our in game two the issue who played really well and what first person go to bosses ladies I'll remember in the first round. Greg Moore is edited series reaching more all the home games and in Boston. Impairment in Oregon were to open all are in this economically or are so integral. We. Which can only to walk all org is huge black so. I'm not quite ready saying this season evil for Cleveland and I think it is down I think it Vienna today. You know identical brown continued to come up with a peak performance and game to delisting backers here more an anonymous about it. Should be a lot of fun that tips off at 5:30 Eastern Conference finals game number two and of course NBA draft lottery for 32 and thanks so much for the charm is always we'll talk diesel market. And it dontrelle could open up. They're 1010 bon Temps national NBA writer for the Washington Post earlier to delight. On many parts of again so let's talk about these Eastern Conference finals pop gave never true. We got into yesterday a little bit about that you believe the Celtics. Will thrive and winning game number two but I think LeBron James does have a special performance stored and I do think the role players played better JR Smith shoot better Kevin Love will be better offensively but. I'll admit I'm a little word about cavaliers keep its man Jalen brown Jason Taylor may have so many studs on our pasta Celtics side this should be good game game number two tonight. Why and and jump down like Tim said James typically does bounce back in a big way elected in the pacers. Series from game one to game two that this is they're gonna have to go really hard. For this game tonight at the first question would be who is Tyler didn't make a lineup change. And as you get insert. Tristan. Thompson Kardashian and rattled tonight because I guess he I guess the numbers show. He defends Al Horford the best of anybody an elite. So my question would be myself with the plight of RJ what. But he is saving them for so well they start Tristan Thompson. But I very seldom agree that having Charles Barkley says. But I do agree. Cleveland is gonna have to overcome physical mismatch use. To win any game or this year Eastman just stated that he gave Boston play fears her. The Browning Tatum and I I I just look at them in matching up with the warriors are they huge. Who would guard Durant who's the better defender of the browns to better defender. I don't think either guys quite big enough to guard. During at what's Brown's successor services agencies are wrong and during its 613 it's kind of the same thing Iran up against time to slip the net. I think Boston would be much more difficult matchup for the warriors the finals but Taylor. Drug of abuse Katie the issue to a bowl games against Celtics are we call he really struggled to shot needs as. Cannot defame Katie asks you know last year when unilaterally. He had Arab League you slug it out to carry game when Tyree went crazy on those lawyers put. Jerry Brown Jason Taylor Moore Marcus Morris. I mean mark a Smart these guys are tough potted Celtics are the future they get they get the top three pick. And that you gave Gordon they were back in carry your big Tivo look at that this year. Beckham potentially derail go to say words are what under virtually championship seriously did the site and terror attack at a get a tap three McCarron senator can't believe they. Have they have a lot cradle that aren't there a bigger to lollar who pulled some some things I don't believe it was up and Phoenix 45% Memphis 99 Dallas thirteen aid Atlanta thirteen seven Jones read a little adults without it acts Cleveland New York Philly Charlotte Detroit. Clippers are changed all make the playoffs Denver. Fourteen obviously that are so I don't know that got up the Boston has that I haven't really hear from their website here to Boston Celtics pretty hard to focus. Draft lottery Barr blonde himself this could win the lottery with the lakers picked. Is that this falls between two. And fly it. So. They're about that so the lakers have to finish two to five realize Boston gets the pick if if they finished ignored the pick and it's the only way to sell to scan and get the pick. Isn't it falls between 215 sort of falls between two and five the Celtics team that picked from when reading here from the Boston Celtics website so. They can get richer here and NBA draft lottery if you get a stud player didn't go alongside brown and Tay don't. And they're dangerous playing tough kid from attribute that we talked about saturation and usually goes away to Oakland post and I beat this guy could shoot you speak up just. He's a guy advocate for a body on and he needs urged him right and Heredia had to look at edit stuff they got a lot of guys at least in chino. Stylistically physically tried change you can guard if you can caught him off and not let him just bully his way all the way to the cup and pick it up and make a shot. All these mid range shots that terrain is so adept at change is not a James. I have to get a credit at that fade away shot. It's become a go to weapon for him and a lot of times it's guys such as rich you know shooting. Stepping into shots that are poor shooters like T union audits Julius Erving. If you can I don't know what it is but he sees when he fades away he's gonna go right loft on the ball he's just found a slot. He's just got that shot where he's got a great. Very confident shooting it that. I'm not a lot Boston getting two to five that's for one thing for sure. No no not no doubt about that but and here's the thing what the Celtics are Barkley and I'll watch and a pregame show yesterday partly human. I mean he was on point with this how do the Cleveland Cavaliers to just for the Boston Celtics you don't you have abortion one way players cal forward. JR Smith can he's OK Pete since we when he wants to be with Kevin Love he can't check Al Horford. They're going to get it feels like they got to score on its way to beat the Boston Celtics. It really does Obama gonna do this this'll be abroad jays out of his greater feats. Because the Celtics were tough they got about a two way players here so I should be a lot of fun to watch game number 2 Eastern Conference finals today FR thirty course westar -- finals. Game number two will be tomorrow at 6 PM game Nicholas too right here and and by some to game a pop it is time. From the caboose pistol here in the afternoon delight. And now it's time for today's test and he's great totaled you don't tend. I'm going to yeah and seven Italian. Yeah so look. Well there's good news stories that almost slipped. I. Getting opposites Jonas about a minute here. I'll ask about the technique apparently addresses on their fine program mr. I I think we should just simply and every question to him. Within a two and 1053 remaining in the first quarter Dray mind green picks up a technical foul. At that exact moment. What are you think ganging. What is he shown you did earn their right to say well this guy can play and play well. In the league as you look at Houston for game two as we start to click forward pop DC this as a must win. Our question suing. The other and I don't even alleged plot before lynched Leo did you want I don't know why I might show I have a plan I got asked did you did you get when they were doing. Now. I. Just shy. If I don't know. Spared I'll do what I did at such kind of like the topic yeah everybody there they're making caddies. And by girls listened to your views of those. Do do you think pockets with their duel it out like I keep hold though you inflict pop up to date in the shall clever the questions are so good. I don't worry about. Mangled our last word of the questions the questions are a little thing but after PA and that's their big stay. If that's true technique. Those those mortgage guys at their hygiene. She. Joseph additives with optics every every morning six to 106 to ten. 66 that that it can you spray something on your body to get it and the about politics. Came Murray not devoted to a marine division Taylor. Grip OK player on the spurs. But apparently he's hit it's a great model status as he took. His girlfriend or girl he's seeing. It's a great model too nice swing key restaurant. And they told Asia until it hit the bricks because he is it's a remodel was wearing a skirt to assured. Christopher. A bit of EU should disturb probably. Surely tighten that shorted all he was governed the most of her but by. I don't know I mean like. I mean more praises your team Murray that he's known and a bigger named NBA player peaceful and I aging models. Thank you thrown out of Europe where he NBA player you could be a Boller that you're with different stratosphere you view I mean NC some players. We're not sure to walk out of the what kind of ORACLE Arena on point Emmys well and yet we it was. Sometimes just a professionally camera Hank Baskett. Great Eagles wide receiver assessor who asked I would updating Playboy models are correct they ask for a little about it but Greg I'll shark was her skirt and they're put it. Hitter I thought that's not even a look right now she discovered those pretty much over her blood her legs are exposed that's about it. He. Works restaurant that is in the. It's San Antonio's asylum. Look at him look in business in the name of the restaurant maybe I was telling her what conservative there or pick your original Madrid in Daytona finish sand filled a bunch in early Washington time today. Is it one year anniversary. Of the last episode which got mixed reviews but I always say the last episode was great when all the Porta all the characters went to jail oh I like the last episode. I suddenly started they had to pay for their shouldn't say George Steinbrenner ever heard him get out of well. Lily Allen Larry David voice to restore order for those great I thought the last of deciding lasso the cells are so hard to do. Like the soprano is that the produced. And if it's a part of that's so light years old is god stop the they were up taking. They got through a script that there are guys that you're very sure to boost Vista that it doesn't tarnish anything else they Murray's girlfriend yeah exactly. What we've seen more horror election we'll be back tomorrow. And Abrams. It right here on 95 said and again the of the data in a way.