Papa and Bonta – 3 – Jim Barnett joins, Warriors Contracts, Caboose Pistol

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 3. Papa and Bonta are joined byJim Barnett (Warriors Color Analyst) to get his reaction to the Parade and how he focuses on enjoying these moments. We talk about the long road the Warriors have come to make it back to the top. We talk Warriors contracts and trying to keep this team together. We end with the “Coboose Pistol.”

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Throw it well that it's funny. That's right. They get back to you guys listen I haven't looked at it that they're gonna get a good liar in the draft is really good in terms of depth. That is the big guys at the top but there's a lot of depth in his draft I'm looking for them maybe to take a wing player. It's going to be fun to see what what are Streeter re load and to pin there NBA championship fellas it's been well we'll see in October. And we'll talk the over summer for the sake these state travels I don't know are. I'd hear guys. It and other bookie can we get. And oh yeah go broke might have I have to say that for mine. You know what I can teach to keep Cotter and deliberate obscurity doesn't a lot of Lebanon and very user which guys are usually avoid things. Good yeah. About while our provided by Livermore. You're listening to about 57 gave cagey and the F termination one KG NG San Francisco the radio home of the 2018 NBA champions. We go from Gary changing the color and Azubuike did our good friend Jim Barnett. Was there a parade yesterday JD power you do won three championships in four years it just talk about the parade yesterday or something special in downtown Oakland. And always did it get ready and those fans and they just pull out and my god they're standing in line and waiting there. For the parade start Kurt Evert or our currency imputed to lead. And the bear arms and if I I I got out of your car and you know remove personal contact with quite a few fans. You'd like to do that if in a local bands. Ready never can afford to go to the game and they watch on television and the chancellor than to get close to the players and because the organization. All right so it's a great thing. Like the format this year. And we'll make it special for me to editors here. To my daughter and my eight year old granddaughter she's got all the got to get what you want though that the real joy for me. Yeah I can tell Jim and I mentioned it on TV yesterday that Cheney was that is next to you and I remember when Janet as she was eight when I met her house. And he's got to the that she is for probably about an Asia minor. All afford it here about yeah about my excellent start. We're here with you. Nationally you know it's unbelievable I've known Jim for over thirty years and I know Jenny. If she's a huge warriors fan I was thinking you all I know it was a different role for you yesterday you're probably glad you didn't have to get a good up and talk at the and you can just enjoy. The whole thing and just you know to to not have to do anything century we were interviewed throughout you know you do that but. He didn't have a formal speaking role at the end which I think you know the matter what you're doing at the moment you're thinking about that what I have to talk about later always weighs on yet. So your mind was clear. Yet your daughter or granddaughter actually and you just could take it and it. What what what how was yesterday for huge and different from the previous two championship parades. Yeah you're exactly right. That's a trauma from that to me is the bird you know you're gonna stage. And you have to ask the question now. I thought I was able to you know be a part of it and yet separate myself I just enjoy. And reflect back you know what my daughter there my granddaughter. It I guess reflect back on all the years at all kind of role they had and everything comes in the focus. And that they you know you'd. If there at that age. I guess really appreciated so grateful like jet. Imagine this will have that we've had over the last four years. Agree and think you know what they should want in 2006 you know well that B border row. I hope the best and I automatic yesterday people were and that it will. Along the sideline and never Victoria street bankers and black took. Austria with the men and acknowledge that particular war by that I we're sick and tired because I think that very suitable. And I just think it's a great ride for everybody here is great for the community at great programs great but they're just go. It's great for the Bay Area. It does so much you know the warriors in the way they play they've they got me more followers I read it again. What is it came up a Doug Gottlieb. Week and then it went on it something else you know the RX. Yet another down the line and I can ever really guy was but he says he doesn't know of any other man. Outside of the area that really love the warriors well. You need to go on the road to Washington Chicago. And Detroit. In Atlanta and ever and I've everywhere we go. I see all those of young people and Kati and their security primarily thirty in the 35. As if he if you just go on the road. There are a lot of about the are all over the united. Talk about it I don't know. It would get that I was reading out of twittered that kind of interesting to me because. The other you to say that. He Dallas Cowboys were America's team and if you are making a parallel I would call right now there's a lot of the Golden State Warriors. America's team in the NBA I don't see any. Anything to argue that conversely. Analyst Doug Doug Gottlieb and I know doubted you know his sister I don't know what he's talking about because I can. I can go back two years ago and one of the food images that I recall forever was stuffed curry locked in on the Florida TD garden being on that part kitty. And just being engulfed. By Celtics fans and there are hundreds around him like a lot. You go on dump all stick figure girl warrior in your being I'm being treated like that I mean commodity he's she's the biggest star in the league and all American sport I want to go to staff. Because you always bring up the quality. Of the person and let's face it it all started. With him. And just not only what a great player he is and are highly skilled he is that the quality of the person he is I mean hell who what it. Who would welcome a guy like Kevin Durant and share the stage is if you weren't so well rounded like staff and now look at she got two more rings. But to watch it yesterday. Jim interact with the crowd was the highlight for me and I know they changed the format didn't have a formal speaking at lake Merritt they've been there earlier. But it was so much better. To have you know steps that have to be at lake Merritt at 115 whatever it is to get out. And just let him do his thing Jian an opt for a few word him as you were several you know bosses back. But I'm sure you saw the video I mean staff curry was so in his element yesterday it was just unreal. I love the bigger they regulate it well walker walker could actually. Security is personal security guy I would orders to. In his own right it was a great basketball player in. And the out. The security people we have former policeman opened they're all great guys. They were your route. It is you know primarily concerned with that victory it while you try to get about because step that is all that and I'm ugly to spread it. Print it out of that book Edward round. And touched thousands of people and its rapid. Exactly as good as what would you people would see that. They they really get a glimpse. Who stepped in Korea. And how. He's. You know tied to humanity and all the humanity. And how he brings people together majority bring the joy and the people use that word but you know it is a good word. And how he is you know brought brought the Bay Area together so many people and created all these new fans and especially by the way. Female fan you know people as to you to do it. Follow basketball all lawyers are export to bring god. Are now big basketball fan because of the warriors so. Pepper in Italy to get a glimpse of. Well we have to their natural environments. And and that he just unassuming. I I know you know yeah I understand that these special immunity and it created it and done some incredible things in two time MVP is now are we have allowed or championship. And it's interesting that but he he's still just. And the humility about it he just has a normal person. Understanding. And you can relate to people people can relate they have. This wears its I would Jim Barnett has brought you by premier Chrysler dodge Jeep brand of Tracy where ram truck month special offers are happening. Right now at 3460 nag we Rhode. And Tracy JB. You Popper talking about you know how far this franchise is common how. You know fans from across the country now where warriors jerseys not sought in New York when staff curry had its when he fifteen had a billboard and up the middle tar squared his big large billboard. And I Shia warrior jerseys at JFK. At the airport during my wildest stretch has come a long way in ousting of about two yards. You pop that have been around this franchise forever inaugural listen NC guys. It just that the word is franchises now to not make all I doubles triples sees as regards calling games no playoffs insight and now they're. You know champions and three the past four years of talk about the dark aged eighty. And where this franchise has come here we are 2018 their chance for the return for years never would have thought it. Null and it opened doors cycle is it won't last forever except. I think if the organization. You know much like the lakers much like the Celtics that they carried it through decades they'll carry that success and they. They're not gonna settle for less. So I I think now they've established should go to come to a certain position. The what are the you know the leaking ever in the history Italy. And I think that even when that courier retired Katie is god retired everybody's. They're gonna bring there you know they're gonna bring other people and and it's going to be a tradition. It's like when I went to Boston. I just remember everyone talking about the Celtic tradition Celtic tradition. And it's special and they make you feel special and their or you follow in the footsteps and maybe excel and exceed your own expectations. Between members and so as long as it. Management group stayed intact and encourage her coach and at least somewhat hampered him along the way but didn't say what steps. Yeah you know I they're we're never going to see the dark dark days that we or. You know pulled. Chris Webber time. For thirteen straight year not getting into the playoffs and winning seventeen games like your in nineteen another. 41. You know we endured all that bad you know it would look great yes. I endured all that. Because that's where water was still basketball and for me every game was different Napoli at the look at I try to do my job. But this franchise is it's not. It's not over yet as I crater right now there's just about the peak. When you talk about when Stefan curry to rant. Thirty years of age. I don't think Durant is. Maybe thirty I don't know exactly where they eat our thirty but he usually younger sister. So. You know they got up and a proven. And I will trigger give credit to mr. speaker of the play into the local Cleveland. I think it well I guess they can't turn it on what they want you think it's gonna help. The way to finish it in the way they were playing but all of a sudden they put together. They didn't get too worried when they were down three games to duty avenue winter games to get out of that. So we'll see what happens lecture a lot of changes going to happen and you beat the order. Some new player or you're gonna see the younger players come come up and not have to play important roles to get them. Energy on that court. You can Jordan bill I think played more next year and maybe damion Jones is gonna have a role. A more significant role. And like you guys are talking about LeBron we're gonna go out all sorts of what's going to happen. Well what if you can going to do. Because. That that that. CNET is on the rise. And of course. Is is. There's a Laker franchise we're going to land abroad. And if so how that going to be there at all kinds of things but. You know at least. I'm anxious to see Boston next year we're in. They have at least. Carrier ring and now everyone back intact Hayward and and they've got that young group. Jason Taylor I think it's fantastic and you know you can talk about market Smart he can talk about all the other guys that. A little easier. This just that's gonna be really really thinking look at next here and and they're going to be they're going to be contenders though at a rate order. I'm just happy for everyone I've made me happy for the players. But I am happy for the people put together that mean Bob Meyer and see Kirk I look at you know I talk about my daughter my granddaughter I got to where look at these people in the organization. I don't take any pride in it personally I really don't. I I just feel. Probably you're part of a grateful to be part of it and happy for those that really make up and go to the people make decisions in the office. And then headquarters and the people on the floor so I'm I'm very very grateful and thankful and thankful to all those people. For making my life and enhancing my that make you a lot better. Well suited to be this conversation which sponsor of our premier. Chrysler dodge Jeep brand and Tracy California visit them on that we Rhode. And Tracy or at premier CD JR of Tracy dot com JB. Thanks so much for to turn as always we always love your insight here another great season orders when their turn Chevy chipped in four years. I'll see you guys from time along this summer. Never who have a great summer James. Jim Barnett long time color commentator Golden State Warriors are new York and light. Wolf Bob Bob my purple soft today popping hang out with the children African slackers that's got to lately I don't lately about so what he did a baby sitter no Bob we hope you're out there take care to kids we'll talk to you hopefully later this week early next week so let's do a job or no pop we got to do his job and forgot all these frequent concerts to obviously lawyer would do that here and in parts of again. Greg accomplish. On 957. Sixteen and and I heard you talk a little he can do whatever contract he was this year. Their noses to the media you can't. It's. Okay. Closed doors because it's also can get wanted to contact you must do so well together on different people but you can. But here yeah you know the late forty's it's. I'm surprised no tomatoes was thrown at that guy on the microphone there. Coming out with a horrible jokes there but Kevin Durant will be back. And you'll be able to get whatever walks. Now is it a one plus one deal is that of long term deal to go to C where's that's yet to be determined. Welcome back to the afternoon delight here and a lawyers Wednesday Greg pop about Taylor many parts of the game. So hot and they do this pop pop did they keep this thing together we know about Klay Thompson in this situation he'll be a free agent after next season. A year later German Mark Green will be if freeagent we're here reports said he will not. Agreed to a three year certainly two million dollar contract extension he'll be eligible for the super Max if he does win defense player here and all NBA team monarchs. He can get up to five years to corner to order between six million if he accomplishes that cell. Let's put GM pop let's go ahead and put on our her hats interpreter up these concerts and how we can keep this thing together here in the Bay Area part. First of all Bob Meyers are. Quarter did little I don't know why and Q strategy sunny there and had me testify about documents today. Although right after the horn sounded the warriors were champions that's Bob on the Florence Cleveland. Within seconds the first thing he said to me is no radio Ottawa Wednesday solved. All the Illinois players champion but that is gonna say no medical hour Wednesday and I accidentally you know what kept bringing up the but it. He Bob needs a day off obviously. He distances. Third daughter was born right in the middle game three. Of the Western Conference finals and they won by forty Juan. He didn't watch steps. Combustible third quarter that night and Andre got hurt so he's been he's been grinding sort killing and a hip surgery to don't really out there and he's got a draft here. Now polishing but he has been you know dealing with the draft that Larry Harrison all the scouts and they dressed they got their 28 at tech which is the highest that they've had since they drafters environs. So they get a lot of work to do that free agency starts. So the first order of business is going to be Steve Kirk and I think here here and contract extension for Steve. Coming very soon within a week or so probably. You know I don't think he's get a he's gonna. Try to you know be tough with the with the deal negotiations. I'm hearing a three year extension. For maybe seven million a year somewhere in there. If you out of the B hard he can get more it joined Casey just receives seven million years and that's just ridiculous I would I would hope that the as far as the length goes that Steve self. Out there he's already got in a one year under contract with the is chair up. And then you know tack on extra money etiquette to be paid more. You know pop makes twelve or thirteen million a year is not 15 like properties. He's done a remarkable job Asia better for your start and Gregg Popovich did. And he's so instrumental here if you're talking about bicker moments. Now that Steve Turco and brought somebody else and and you'd have more than bicker that's. You know after you know how to control drain and immediately be out there so I think Steve is gonna get done quickly. And then Kevin Durant people. Have to make a call and it's all up to them. Kevin Durant last summer. Signed it to two year deal for 51 mil we all know that it was just a bookkeeping. That he was gonna opt out of the contract this summer the salary cap it's not going up very much this year it is going from 99 daughter one million. But next summer's gonna jump to Watergate. So there's going to be more room there it's just up to rich Kleiman who runs his his business dealings. What he wants to do. As you ought to do one and one in 01 year deal with a player option for next year and opt out again next year as you ought to there were two and a water tree at two. Highly unlikely he would sign a four year Max contract right now which would be a little under a 160000158. Million. Part of the reason is right now the Max money he get his four years Shia Max amount charms for years if besides a shorter deal. And then I he'd get a super Max deal and depending on where the captives that. In a we're talking about a five year deal for 219 million dollars. But then you know plays in play as well last year he was willing to give back money into like a million dollars I don't think he's got a do that again. But you've got Kevin Durant steal you've got clay and I do not think it's gonna get done this summer based on place camp. They just at the aging gets involved. There when they hear he's gonna take less money they're not going to be happy with that so I think he's gonna take it to this summer of nineteen. Drain on their no heard I mean they're gonna try to get during my daughter laboratory lopsided deal right now. For the same things that I'm detailing which Iran and hold those players Burge writes a little different because to rant. Came from a of the team. Yes they would add security to sign a contract now in case something catastrophic happens of that injury. But the reality is there's really no injury. A player can suffer. Anymore. Where they cannot recover. There they just they they come back from everything Achilles ACLs anything they just they come back it's just that like the old days where your. One injury away from the out of the league that just doesn't happen anymore so. And they're young enough so this is what we've and look at that for a long time we had the owner studio we talked about how do you keep the score four all stars together. The reality is if they all want super Max deals. It's going to be almost impossible to do that. They're gonna have to give back a little bit who might that be stuff already got is super Max but he deserves because he was here before problem. And Havel see what direct gets this summer I I would venture to guess you'll do a short term deal opt out. And then figured out it's all up to the salary captain clay and drain on and rich Kleiman figuring it all together. The one thing I would say. Is that a little uneasy with the perception here but Kevin Durant. Things have changed. So much in a year. And I think fans just react and overreact that we saw a little bit yet how it's all playful. But there are a couple of moments there. And I don't Bob was just kidding and you know you would you and you're more likely. Eurotunnel most likely kid the people you'll like right in all right you don't kick people you don't like right. He can't deeply like is that people yet don't like you're not comfortable with the naymick at all you know crappy would immediately alike but we kid each other you know. But it's. During it's a different dude and I just sensed a little uneasiness. Yesterday about the whole deal. And it's just. You know I would hope I would obviously have signed a four year for 158 that's not prudent that we can deacon. He could sign a shorter term opt out and then get bigger money later. But I don't I don't know how to keep your Jalen Rose out there and he backed off of it completely after they won the title. But Jalen Rose almost every day get up and during the pregame show Vontae we keep saying. Don't be surprised. If Kevin Durant analysts here for a year more than leave and Alec what does she know. And does he know somebody is he connected to climate or Kevin or people around agents media people would solve blather. I don't know but I kept her that not Jared rose did completely retrace his steps. And the other day you know they were talking about signing him to a four year 158. Each you know we dollar what in the championship change all that I surprised they won the championship I think you're gonna with a start up that apart I'm making is. And I IE the warrior fans he got to realize who this guy yes. And you have to embrace. And I don't care that he didn't start history here like staff and play and Graeme. Neither the that your. Even Charlotte action. And the rest of the roster wasn't there were all brought it and so I just part of me. Just wonders that she's during it's a different guy and I don't know what's going out on him. Attaches mama parade yesterday and something happened during game seven of the conference finals even after winning there was a lot of unsettled that surround her ranch. That the organization had to clear up. So I I I don't know. But if you ought to keep talking about Jordan next year the year after and here after you lose Kevin Durant snap happy than Kirk Kirk well I don't know what I Wear forty golf. Right and where he held the team that he went to which scared the crap out of me if he goes to certain changing the one guy. That the warriors can't dark so I know we hits. And I just you know the halting what the finals MVP we're comparing staff and KG let's not do it. We should let's stop doing that they need them both but I know fans are fans and it's human nature. And I sir a lot of backlash in a session of the finals MVP he's our guy and well you know any staff staffs. Eagle lists. And he's the one that brought terrain here he's cool what all this has gotta be cool well this. And I just sensed I don't know what it is about taiba there's been a little bit like Katie backlash hurt. Posted finals they got through that they want. How good was it this could happen at zero to push against second. They want it for you at the finals MVP. So do not drive this guy out of town and what not necessarily blather. So I I I I would hope he would sign a right way for your deal is packet to do that. But I have a little weary. About how they piece this mosaic altogether yet it go to the chase senator after next year and your revenue stream is is gonna expose who did. I understand all that that's like direct a little bit of a different guy you gotta love this guy in there were moments walk watching the parade yesterday. And it wasn't just Bob it was a guy that was moderated the Q okay that's where we're gonna win it all work the whole thing was like even during what time what are we talking about this now. You could tell he got a little I just think in a twelve month period of time. Kevin Durant swirled here with the warriors has gotten a little awkward. That's and we talked about it director we brought this up during a conference finals pop our peoples and cost and what our isolation with a slight step would never do as well. Walters got to realize and us and we talked about as part. That this is a franchise. Had to overpay guys like in the fort. You know overpaying guys like Jason Cappy overpaid guys like DR Fisher just a charter lowering some talent to the Bay Area. People need to realize that the lawyers these Golden State Warriors were able to snatch away. Wanted to bats players about the best player world. To their team. That's an accomplishment kept it is a Golden State lawyer sometimes it's us elderly can like model lawyers are we have a pretty popular war I can't believe this stuff because it's still to Tuesday were talking about Dermot richter and about what are popular command and certainly. I still say I held at a warriors pull that series it's week sixteen and they pulled a conference finals. Out of Iraq has ever dribble agree that ear popped Kitna bleacher portals we're gonna we've reported it's hard. And we asked him who's the player it. Is you know most problems are those who didn't hesitate poppies Kevin Durant. I cannot figure him out. He's a lethal I just had no answer shrimp I cannot defend the guy so what do lawyers do to take away from Oklahoma City they solve a problem right there and eliminate the thunder from a championship title. Now Kevin Durant it's little little squeamish appear the lakers have money pop here's a home in LA I. Man that you imagine what the lakers and branded Ingram and maybe LeBron James goes there I wanna see Kevin Durant which are Golden State warrior. I don't know what what happened but I wanna see these this this court for the governor pop because weeks we have yet to see the best Ramon. We saw Blanche losing game four to finals the to a 120 passes. Can get better too I've given it the just go back to July pork that's what he's sixteen prop. That day when we got the news that Margaret Warner if either remember that day. I partied all damn day I was struck by 930 pop officer earlier generate a wide ticket lawyers got. Love got to get a good stuff you have from Cairo Gaby are cheap bottle had to give hadn't spent in later that day but. Joy that we can't read charm with the goldmans say lawyers want fans to never forget that moment never forget the joy you got that from reading that properly it's he would ticker. Kevin Durant tried to go to state lawyers. Never forget that because he's a special special talent he's top ten player the ball hard when it's going to be also it done to not print sky out. I I don't I believe me I think he's the best player in the NBA. And there's no player I would a lot of my team more than Kevin Durant there a couple of young ones in Philadelphia won a particular 'cause they used. But as far as the here and now they are right this very moment. Kevin Durant is in my advice is my choice for the wrestlers Ali's better than James argued that argument but you don't I think of but going back to where you started with a fortune or did you not like bad name known and soft for whatever reason. If Kevin Durant is now wanna play here for the rest it history year. They can get somebody else and they will be lined up now I he's gonna she's going to sign here. You know he said that he was squeamish you know why we even talking about it it's it's obvious he came here not just for one year he came here for many years and hopefully. If not they've been tired either remainder of history or certainly the years that he's a dominant player. So but if for some reason and he also just can't give into the whims of one man if for summaries of these uneasy here. And there we can open it up to the hole leaving. Now we're talking Paula George you ought to come here fifth record now you're talking and coli Leonard who brought a trade during and to popular deal would have we'll take a lie. So in admitting you know what and I would even have a discussion about LeBron James then. It tearing it wasn't here as much as I load his act at that point I'm making is it's Katie you're the best player on the planet. You are that you but you're and he knows it. And it richest got a little weird this year I don't know why there's been too much chatter. I think you know is Bob Myers had a great line about this whole thing with Katie the first year was the honeymoon on the second year was the marriage. And we don't wanna get an adult were not a Vanity Fair you know you like to stay together for a little while we're not going to be very forever right our elected to be like term life insurance at least five or ten years or rich pliable that the call. But I just I just. I just don't know. Well where it got this way. You have to you have to realize his special skill and Barnett game go line years and years ago when I bring it up a lock as it relates to highlight that a lot of people's life. Your greatest strength is also your biggest weakness. Kevin Durant straight straight as he could score. And he can score when it to rich blocks in our staff is great in the open floor I called a scattered court the fast breaking it can't get to Obama. But in the half court. It's a little harder he needs people that helped him score works congested Kevin Durant don't need a damn thing though. You just need to basketball maybe one screening get out the way. So be it war you think you have to realize. His greatest strength at tying missed. Is it weakness that we can deal with debt and and it was time to win that Houston series he wanted for. And it was when it was time to win in Cleveland on the road he went crazy aren't the greatest playoff finals games ever so whatever detriment they had. They got over it. And I'll love it's going to be you know more bicker Mitchell next year or less I don't know. I don't know but I think hey we have to go back and treat it like it is the fourth of July 20 sixteen. And jail but to he's the first player in history the NBA. To win two finals MVPs the first two years with a new routine and do you realize what he did hear how I do two years he went two for two. So you know staff is adorable lovable or fought overstaffed. But let's let's not make it more awkward for Kevin did read that for some reason. It was yesterday for some reason it's banned since the conference finals. I don't I don't get it and acting fans got over to act quickly gained seven of their rockets series where that second half he just hit a shot at two tough shot and you start piquant. All athletic ought to stay where it's Friday get literate because he can do that he did and not the slandering or some bars. But Harrison Barnes at that an ankle injury in Phoenix. And he comes back he just couldn't find his rhythm and at trying to talk and warriors play better or Brennan Russian starting lineup. He just couldn't find it an Eagles 532. Points and that in that playoff club. Man we need a bucket who can go two steps compromise of the knee injury plays more to catch and shoot guy we know about remark green shot. Can direct it's perfectly because he can give you a bucket at each target people into next year. What the Celtics come and pop. Will the Philadelphia 76 is getting better we don't know where change is going what's gonna happen with Houston the league will get better. And we'll try to match up with the Golden State Warriors but the difference and that's Kevin direct Kevin ray cannot be guarded. He cannot be stopped and why would you runner like would you want the guy like that out at Bay Area. Kinda holes why I have no idea but that needs to stop it just think that's that's will send a prop mystic about July 4 116. Could help wanted at that stage in franchise history for the Golden State lawyers never forget that day and that joy you guys got when Kevin Durant signed here. Do not forget about the capitalist talk about speaker for secular propped. We talked about a contract will be here maybe three year deal with seven per. I elected being. Eddie's work two million but if we wanna compare coaches here in the Bay Area. John groups consume you and your calls the Oakland Raiders we would think that Steve Kerr is at least worked him million dollars special meeting cute and it's a game this past season. Yeah I bet that the the student the scenario is different and I I brought it up to Bob you know after John came back. And by the way a's game tomorrow Islam has spent Monday at 1220 however they parkway him and give Chucky big kiss and give your full report on Friday was gone I come out their problem you're familiar invade the party yes so. If Steve Kerr a lot of the play hardball. I think he could. It would be MAG if you think you had Victor Mench this year bring somebody else in here that's going to disrupt the joy. And just you know it's very few coaches and Steve is incredible. And Bob as well when you watch the way the warriors. Players activated at the parade yesterday for and they were all have a fun. Let you fail and Nick Young. I'll just being allowed to beat themselves sheer. Brought out the best of their abilities you know metadata and have the greatest at ears I know that but they were part of a winning culture. They help she would ways that the box score doesn't you know churn out. And just the way they let them be themselves. And likewise for Jordan bell Tuesday it's special. The way Steve kin can get their attention when he needs to all this year was hard. But let them be themselves. Just a really a special environment which is different here. And I did I I don't know anything about it let us know what I've been told what I asked. Is that it's gonna happen soon. And nations and collective term it would be three years. A siege you know just it is the first year that he fully was able to coach every single game pre season even China. Regular season post season coach Kamal did not miss any. Since he suffered the original back discomfort. During the game five finals when and 2015 and then. Had to have surgery that it suing July and he said yes to myriad of problems since he's apparently figured out the Mets. Worry chizik calibrated correctly now to deal with it but. And I think it's a story Steve 52 years in Asia and he's somewhere in there I think at the core look at it three years now does that mean. They leave this last year of the original 5 X 5 to five your dealer five million a place I think they were tear that up and and pompous salary immediately. Yesterday get more hell yes you know if you wanted to get at least into the tens act I can make the point is salary could triple check triple. And if he wanted to do that higher on agent that's going to be hard core he could do that that's just not the way Steve is. And from what I'm hearing it's it's a three year deal. Extension and me seven years out of office to go 78 or somewhere the seven range maybe eight. You're talking 24 mil over three years which they held a good living. But it is compared to John. It's different that the owners Adrian it Mark Davis was going after John gruden for years. Years she should be about a second home in Tampa. He went out there are dealt with Johnny gets sold them all the jobs said yes. Then that it was whatever he wanted. And there's talk initially about John getting appease the team that was never gonna happen. And they also had a chill factor in the Las Vegas you know element to it and where they structured the deal just taking less. These years and California and more later when they get to Nevada. But it was different. You add in football coaching you have a bigger roster. It's just it's it's much more demanding. In season not a seat there really never ends straight. So it's a little bit about the basketball coaching is easy in the NBA but football coaching just never answer chats could earn his money. And it Steve could get. What every why you know maybe not from this owner but if he put himself up for bid it. That there be a lot of owners that would line up to get him I would give him more but I don't think. That's important to him and obviously it's not I think he's gonna be content with a whichever terms. They're gonna retail and you have to keep it mild Ayman Al hospital work I would think it's. Andy can you imagine me the negotiations between Bob Meyers and Steve character if you saw yesterday during the the Q and and they're like best for race here earlier like chatting the whole time and that they're they're they're so close I don't even though I don't think Bob we're treated like KD like whatever you watch right because there you know it's different with coaches. But it's almost I don't know how they do that does Bob peel put it off to somebody else Kirk like upper summit I can't do this deal with Steve it's like my brother I don't know how to do what's up. But whatever it is that's got to get done and it may not be as high at a figures he can get. There's lot of Steve is cool with that and their cool with that were local. They're real quick before we get to the pencil puppet governments industry mongering story broke Chris saints a DSP and he just wrote this believe this morning. But apparently drew Mark Green sacrifice twelve million dollars or an F five year. 82 million dollar deal he can he got up in 94 million dollars in BJ Armstrong his agent really potions and usually one leads one million dollars on the table what drew Mark Green the story. Says look I don't I realized that if I give up this twelve million dollars. Will be able to breathe again and that's player we need to an end Max player course with Kevin Durant and it's like money. Does it not on the Americans say money doesn't matter but it seems like this team. Is really cool sacrificing a couple million dollars or America to win championships talk about what to read from Chris Hansen a barge remark. Then again you know and IDs editors should all these different web sites in history and I count as the biggest a date these guys are a lot of pressure too to make headlines every day because we have to talk about it ad nauseam all day during all the different shows and sports center so. They eat something and age so you're telling me that train not turn back twelve million dollars. The year the warriors won the title because he knew that didn't know Kevin Durant was gonna come the next year I don't know but the you're telling me that he turned down twelve million. But now. And I don't think he's gonna shine that's the deal now there's no there's no advantage for him decide that you years before free agency especially when the casket of a lot so I understand that. But at the same time. That he's open to win it defensive player of the year an hour and a super Max and the five year 226. Male will be got a whole roster of super extra thick so I don't know how many super Max is they're gonna get. But there's there is a luxury to accidentally hit. And you can't do for super Max is so I can get Chris thanks as tight with the players I'm sure some of this is true to day but it will not be true overtime. And you just have to wait and see. You know I think play's going to be first becomes he comes up they they target of the delegates say is gonna make a push to sign them both this summer I don't think that's gonna happen. I don't think it is I think it's gonna they're gonna wait and just wait till the summer that they're free and when you're truly a free agent now you're going to be able to get your words but. There's going to be a point. Where. They're gonna have to make a decision. To not take the Superman action to take less. Otherwise the warriors just may may have to move up. From some of these players because I know they're gonna mail a lot more money communicated via. I've been laid out you know exactly how much more revenue related to generate the chase shatter its way way way more than a gonna make it oracle even next year. But there's a point works just too much. And if you can't give all the money to the players and you know hop hop hop in your fort for super Max players just not gonna happen so we'll see. I I think they they realize how special they have it. And I'll find a way to keep these four together but a spot as as Cilic have to listen studio. We're gonna have four great players on the floor just may not be peaceful race I got her I don't know I don't know. There we'll we'll get to that much later we have tomorrow off as you mentioned. Due to eighties and Astros game will be back Friday book spurts we got to get to caboose pistol turner far senator. You know it's stem from the caboose and with great total income ten. I want to yeah seven day. It's cool. Where does the news stories that almost slipped. How accurate this industry Dominique Kirk. Collapse after all. All of that flash is not that I don't see the thing is we were to attend the whole time was late last year we were on the open. We were in a tent behind in the Oakland Museum. So there we were you know kind of not in the parade you know ray of light him by the sign so. I thought I didn't need for most the show and then laws being kicked out. Of our ten when the players are common in. That's when my back was turned this in an effort to help us some sense and so everything house likes my neck so yeah I'm doing that today but it was fun with a good time Monday came in. After the players showed up. And I try to get Jordan bill Lotta satellite in my backpack now we're looking for lives so that what it well like that videos here's it would happen I thought at a latter tactic and reassuring gated. And then before George bell joined us JaVale McGee it is lovely daughter came through in JaVale McGee's little baby went through my backpacks or think she she's. Talk a toddler sky and laid it out there. But my wife and father all positive top leaders are younger Brothers took them you're not Carlyle Sherrod that's the right but JaVale McGee's little baby. Probably took my slider and god knows what else from a back Carroll used to Pete area never coming out and show again years if not that I definitely little daughter's favorite flyer photographer regularly on George bell had to do is breed that yeah. A little lit up like MC hammer you need a year to turn now number he had two times. I was so eager to Jackie's written there earlier what it's like journey to time from goodfellas jet engine. Jimmie and I didn't two times you've got that nickname because he said everything twice late model they did it. Professor at 11 o'clock look Everest without the auto target pleasure island to the letter to get the later through traffic I don't yet. Our yesterday how the players came through and that was the awkward moment when Stein he's favorite guys stepped curry came by. And we will action was a great interview they interview to this before but the ended the interview with fists as stepped curry gave way. Nice thank you to the station that we work at appreciate their guys and thanks for covering us all year and give hope to be back connection. That's tonight so I thought about that a few waves of applause so you have not checked W. I'll hollering help. What does this mean the wars you back in his brain exterior of the warriors themselves to be and I wasn't available well. And I don't think he doesn't really the cut good I didn't hear the Damon Bruce interview his staff is great it's just kind of almost promise to Kellen studio this summer McCain. You mention my engineer that. And I like naslund had anything like that because her record that is a vivid are they around and why do you put that out their status feared there could believe it. It's going to college is still a lot about this or culture comeback I've been a good sport for the warriors season announced that he recanted against the yeah yeah I'm kidding impugning the. What else do we talk about who care. Oh so Steve NA of the bullets with look at some funny stuff so Stephen A Smith. I guess joined Snoop Dogg. Aren't still dogs the best interview in the world because Snoop Dogg is 140 year he has asked. You know Stephen A Smith. Whether he likes you know Manny user jello or whatever else there for a Kennedy asked that the NATO question is do you boobs get in a resume but guy. Ask for. All he's okay. There gesture I'm Lance and I mean and those who Obama socially Walt Disney but dammit they're by nose in Islamabad and the. According alone about it could could grab and go outside the next day festivities today and able Eric. And I hope and believe it carries out the bottom fifa world works so well real quick and accurate. Myself I was out and about. In Oakland yesterday it's a looking up to me and said di kappa you're wrong about I'll hop it's a promotional thing it will not be Izod for that long. So which is a promotional thing then will be international house of burgers for a little bit at times. How crazy Garrett we're I've battled usually have a some drinks of people come up to us and got to do the like oh that's the knows who the hell we are audited he had made it perpetrate elected dude he's the one guy actually poppy go. I meant the other guy Greg all right let's. A guy TrueCrypt. All right hello. I don't know what the other is a good credit and a. All right so Greg the parades overseas leaving just a little higher hitting an analyst for a little bit on the show are you brought Baghdad Ryan and hang out cool. So first to July could address the left after nearly you know they're real confirmation you could tell Matt that agree exit in Chicago. So do you go to raiders' minicamp tomorrow. And I am envoy on the deford when we talk about that all day on Friday a fair fight right now joining them. I think and they go out their portal the beauty essentials will be okay it's a little bit I don't know three Iraq a lot of it of yours and I finished utterances is Richard you're known here and Lara Oakland. It's easier drive for budget deal you guys had a perspective reforming. I'm not there you think I even though it's too late but we'll atop our opponent and Frostee Rucker. War warriors season's over and I'm sure will look this for awhile what billion talk about for the next month. Hello base where some Bay Area baseball teams and our our fans role because that's what dictate the ratings race what the fans want. So the fans and leave it up do you all day tomorrow you can that you could use attacks or you can tweet me. What I want talk about wanna talk about baseball a's baseball giants baseball maybe some folk Paul rader talked we'll see let me know. Hey guys we are up tomorrow and do that means Hayes games are actually on this issue now cocoa puff puff up. That is the wanted only Derek Pablo that is zipper it's early yet to look like we'll mr. tomorrow we'll we'll be back in high noon I do. Friday afternoon though that. Isn't immigrants show right here many are seven games that I think somebody should get an M summit it.