Papa and Bonta – 3 – DeMarcus Cousins Press Conference, Bay Bridge Series, Good for Ball Bad for Ball

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, July 19th
Hour 3.Mychael Urban and Ray Ratto fill in for Papa and talk about the DeMarcus Cousins press conference, continue the conversation on Kawhi to Toronto, Bay Bridge Series, and we finish up with Good for Ball Bad for Ball.

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Now back to the red accomplish yeah. On 95 to seven big game. We're back and thank you for being back with his son Michael Irvin across the studio from ray router we're taking up until 3 o'clock at which point we will. This time. The guys you're used to hearing from 10 am. Until noon match climates in guru will be handling afternoon drive Damon is under the weather apparently I'm guessing will be back for Friday. And all I consider earlier Matt Simon's got about eight minutes one on one would argue cousins after the introductory press conference. You just heard so you'll get some fresh. Stuff you never heard from but he achieved that trade in the NBA and other big name is on the move and I'll answer the textile and what does it feel like regret on Michael Irvin or the last people in the country to find out about Carmelo. Being traded him maybe because we ours are so long without. We know where we're not the last people to find out about it but we were gonna break so yeah. And Morgan Stanley at the way we handle and we were handling and is telling you that Carmelo Anthony's been traded to the hawks but he will never ever. Where those. God awful ugly hawks uniforms oh man that was the worse those are like. The Diamondbacks uniform Diamondbacks have the worst in baseball talks have the worst and basketball Carmelo will not be a hawk the hawks will. Coming out here they waive him or mine and he'll end up you don't they'll waive him and will end up signing probably. So how is it that. Oklahoma CDC is a hundred million bide. Mellon Albion. We don't know if they save all that much quicker I mean I'm not sure exactly. If if it's legal to carry. That level of money move or Horry or portion of money for a guy you're no longer. No longer playing for you but I think. I think I've got to believe that Oklahoma city's at least handle and summit. Mean and some of the freight on Carmelo Anthony terminals or anyway yes so if they'll probably end up in Houston. Or else say that. Because they're Houston's emotion should team in signing him. You know it's a matter of trying to figure benefited how much you know how much they share they wanna pay. But. It Denish recurrence up in Oklahoma City. With low cover girl who played Philadelphia last year. Philly gets Mike was scholar who was part of the original treaty was with oil and younger in Atlantic gets Justin Anderson. And at 20/20 two protected first round pick in addition to the rumor of karma. Okay and so Carmelo. He gets waived if he becomes an unrestricted free agent. Rest essentially consigned wherever he wants yet but. Wherever he wants means whoever will take and at whatever amount correct while that that's that's you know. Gonna be negotiated out that the the hawks like to say about how much they're willing care so I can't imagine so. All right but I was there anything less than the full 279. Would be fine with OK yes. That's that was going to be my question Tripoli and I'm 57957. If there's anything in that press conference to jumped out at you that you would like to discuss anything and felt like. Was not ask you can do that you can ask him we can try to pretend that we're bring you cousins and answered the best. Of our ability triple A 9579570. If you want news on the Penske auto system on tech's front. B 95795. But stay in the NBA here. Ray I heard I read. Yesterday I'll make up their mind EG literature I heard it and I read it that why didn't wanna play in Toronto and now today I'm hearing and reading that he's going to be okay. We're playing in Toronto well look but you gotta play somewhere in Toronto has your rights can't sit out that would have been career suicide if you sits out this year. I would imagine but I didn't think he was gonna sit down anyway I think his problem with the spurs. And you know nobody's ever said this edition shoes. Nit wits speculation. By a net with respect to time but. I think mostly what bothered him more than anything else. Above and beyond his distrust of the spurs medical. Staff. Is effective players came out and publicly. You know basically said well we don't believe the injuries that I was just constituent. Tony Parker's line and wasn't a Parker who said dot I had a quad the merrier or harder tires customers. That are at their series I heard that I like who got shots fired a second play well there well it clearly didn't. And I think that it was that the glitter real straw. It could've been I mean I'm you know I'm. Profoundly unqualified reading corps letters mine serve but the site should iron I'd say all but name it. I'd say that for the most part. That would stick and most players cross. Your women I'm in play and leave for seven years wouldn't. Mean teammates we've gone through. In him. Only battles together and now you're gonna tell me think I'm fraud. And it's that's a tough pill to swallow yet so I think that's a lot of it. But I think you know if he's got to be a trial for a year. Many might as well. Say he's gonna make the best right. Emma get the aversion to Toronto because if you make you a version going around about Toronto because Toronto as a wonderful city he's going to be the king of the world up there. If you if you play isn't enough words well I'd be back I'm coming in or even just in from he's not comedic king of the world out there Datsyuk. Flat out why because Austin Matthews the king of the world and at ten. Place the maple leaves the farm the king of the basketball okay. That's it I'm I'd be sure he'll be the king of the basketball world there because they know. That he's probably just a one year gotten. I think. Leonard isn't happy. Not to he's going to be in Toronto. But it. He didn't have a say in where you could go which he understood. But that's as far away from Los Angeles right. As you can get with the single exception of Boston which did one. Deal. But don't don't think that was the spurs give him a bigger future co wire like it wanted to LA OK we'll send you this first humanly possible away from our. I mean it it is it is hilarious but. In it it also is a pretty good package. Proceeded to the today. It's not like he's going to a bad team so if you're me if you really wanted to stick it to our new send him to. Senator Brooke I've description Brooklyn yeah about New York's a big market and supposing you want to be in a big market yeah another blizzard for. Weirdly enough. The Brooklyn nets are not the New York next. So so today not is that it is okay in New York you're either giants or jets are either Mets or yankees is the same thing. Basketball wise it's knicks or nets or is it just. I'll know it's news in nets are far lower than. Of all those. Pairings. The nets are far. From the knicks as bad as the knicks are. Let me give you bear in pairing or gonna get into real soon are the knicks. And excuse me for mixing sports here are the next. The New York areas giants to the nets days. You know what I mean yeah it's it's not an exact parallel. Because the knicks are still pretty popular even though they produced nothing the giants have produced something in the last decade. And NBA's haven't exactly been awful mystic at the last three years they weren't very good. It's probably as close to parallel because the knicks have or are not. You know equate able to the warriors. If he went and try to equate to admit the nets to the canes. That's probably okay that's probably it and it's sin and sports are works that you come. But. Now I'm strict no it's set. You know I think Leonard's guarded them one. You know he's got a little bit of you know sort of image rehab to do even though he too doesn't seem like he's add interest in this. He has to. Show that he's a 100% again. Fully engaged in playing. And ready to enter the free agent market next year. We've all his options open. And you have a much better chance of doing it by playing hard. For an agreeable team even if it's not in a city wannabe. So. I think. You know that the the notion that. You know people had to hold try to is gonna flip emirate and sixty days. You know I mean maybe they will but I'd I doubt it and secondly. You get out your way through another year and not have people though. And a ticket treasure. I don't want any part of it on a Max deal especially. So. DeMar DeRozan initially the in the immediate aftermath of that. Word of the trade getting out we heard that both principals were really unhappy acquire I was unhappy. Because you as you said he was not given a say in where he wanted to go. The spurs Kerry knew where he wanted to go and they sent him the absolute opposite of that. DeMar DeRozan was unhappy for a different reason he claims that club management told him he wasn't gonna get moved. And if that's if that's the case in the turnaround and move them. Day that does kind of suck I I get why he would be hacked off to a that is sports then you shouldn't if you if it's not in writing. Mean I hear loyalty is a word that's been coming up the last couple days there is no loyalty in pro sports not enough. Don't expect your team to be loyal to an athlete and don't expect an athlete to be loyal to a team. You've been doing this longer than I have ever had agreed. Mean not only to establish an incredibly old now it looked. When you tell a guy you're not gonna trade him you've gone out of your way to say that there it's not like he imagined it. Now. If you can't take a word of your employer. You're not going to trust an employer the next time he makes promise. So I think his feelings were hurt the Toronto. Did move them albeit for a really good player or. I think he will get to San Antonio. Gregg Popovich will charm. As Gregg Popovich charm LaMarcus Aldridge. And it'll be fine but the Marta rose who will always remember the fact that. In his mind he was misled Lou. And if if if in fact the the raptors just came out said look. We can't foresee a scenario in which we trade. That's probably closer to the truth and simply saying. We're not trading. Now maybe they said it that way and maybe he could hit out at. But. It would seem to meet that. DeRozan knows if there a chance to get it try to chance yet LeBron James and erosion in the package. While that's basketball too but DeRozan invested a lot of time in turning Toronto from sort of a basketball Siberia. In the eyes of most players to a desirable place moves so he put in a lot of work a lot of energy a lot of emotion. Into making Toronto. A vibrant NBA destination. And then to find out and now you just trade piece. The fact it's a first time. Tonight. And so I I don't begrudge him being angry. I don't know exactly what the conversation was. Between. Who'd mr. major in and Marta rose in Europe the GM of drama right. So I I'm glad I I think it's certainly possible that they didn't tell him he wouldn't be traded. But that's what he heard but that's what he heard. I also could believed agency you're not gonna be traded and he heard accurately in and found out non issue are going to be tracked. Either way he get he gets to be hurt but I don't think. In the long haul he's going to be mad at the team that acquired. He's always gonna be mad at the team that discard. And the next time the spurs won the spurs play the raptors that is definitely one of those games in them and you recorder make sure I'm watching live because you know DeRozan ski machine read. Alia blood because they were pitchers they have got a few. Next. But then they're gonna require Leonard under Rosen in Jerusalem just shifted Aaron Tim Welch. I'd I don't know that they would put. On him improbable put Leonard and Paul play along with me here I come I don't know I can't do yet. You don't play I'm not I'm not good putt I did did eleven year old ray playing now what I do. I just I just stayed in the garage sharpening spoons and trying to tunnel knitting sweaters for the future share for its program to. Come on ray gimme your pieces of little boy ray you know what what are you into his I don't wanna do a piece of current dame meet did you did you collect anything like now bottle caps baseball cards weapons. What kind of bike do direct. Stop doing this is this is classic design that and this is why he got kicked off this show. You're right I'm definitely doing the judges and hey he's been banished. This is. Where the best is that exactly what I was trying to do right there is trying to do its image couldn't. I thought I was being sneaky about it it's our interim. Triple 8957957. If you have a question about his childhood the Penske auto show is good and childhood. Don't call 95795. By the way and I. Almost never do it and I'm gonna do it now. Dude the guy in the 510. Who keeps sending checks and he's shaped like thirty of them. About why we're not talking about DeMarcus Cousins bowling Patrick Moore caught out of numbers zero. There's human being on this planet. Who is spending time. Texting us over and over and over because we're not acknowledging. The billions of bully install Padma caused members zero would you like to give one heartfelt message to that tech stern and we'll move on. Yeah. Get a hobby. Got here to say die non card would look nice save that for special cases like well Epstein at this time that's it kept push now but tight. It's not bully and I mean there will be eight there will be eight transaction in which. DeMarcus Cousins comes across with money the show or negotiate more word yet the the gift based equivalent. To McCaw. And it it's not an Emmy if she basically tried to strong arm Patrick were caught out of his number who are. Stefan curry would walk oversee we don't do remember here you know that that's not cool. But DeMarcus Cousins already knows it's not cool so he's not bullying him out of anything there to stop taxing us to hang it. McConnell will be getting a new number and a fresh start for him to we know now for sure that McCaw is going to be on the team I think we do I'm pretty sure and did you know that before this. Yeah I didn't anticipate that he would mean they're having trouble filling a roster spots because there. Tax situation overnight. Attack us and everybody can usually I didn't have did you read this originally choose. Now I know I I thought you'd be back go along to him and I had textures and colors and co hosts actually. Get an all over me because as soon as the season was over and we all started doing the breakdown who's going to be back who's not. I shed a 100% Obama and he's going to be back he proved himself to be. Too valuable he is not the type well it's kind of commanded huge deal out there well but he would he would committed some kind of deal that might have been better. The one the warriors are offering when he might wanna play more and more minutes than he's getting so that would that wasn't a slam dunk. I thought it was because of what. I've I've spoken and learning what to three times I think in the locker room I'm not saying that I know him but. The vibe I got off this guy is that he is not your typical NBA player. He appreciates that the warriors kind of gave me a second chance now grin and he's the one who worked for lost all that weight and everything. But I think. First off he wasn't gonna get huge money. I think PRD appreciates the fact that whatever he's making is a nice chunk of change and oh by the way. I'm with what many people are saying is the greatest basketball team ever assembled and I'm young enough to ride this out. And if I wanna go get more money later I've got planning it's time to do that that's why I thought he would stick around I just thought. How do you leave that situation unless you have to. It matter to you it's a business. And who found out who found that out. More recently than our heroes. Who's done a lot more for his team then combined when he's ten Prius. It's a business and you have to treat it like that and there is the DeRozan deal should remind everybody has that. This isn't romance anymore mrs. In this is a career and careers are short especially in this. In professional sports so. Get what you can when you get it try to be careful about where you're getting it from but. Don't leave money on the table if you can afford it. DeRozan coli trade more of those rare trades where both teams got better. I'm. His first we're never gonna kick why back obviously so that the reason I say they got better is because they didn't have a player and now they have DeMar DeRozan obviously that's better than not having that bill number. It but it's still a step down from all from Leonard and he decided to play it is. I don't know. I think the difference with San Antonio is that now they are just like every other team in that they have to deal with. The fallout from having disgruntled player which they'd never had to do more if somebody was disgruntled. There was not an important piece in making his move emperor. In a bag of donuts. So that did this was that I don't know if they're better. But they now have a taste about the rest of the world's been living there most of the last forty years. Do you think San Antonio is the biggest threat in the west to the warriors could come here a little bit of that and I don't see it. I don't have parents that I mean there isn't there is not really count threat and and and again it did the warriors. Are the biggest threat to the warriors. Because they did have games where they were. Heard. And then it was hard for them tick tick energized and so. Having experienced that doesn't that make it easier to get through because okay well this feels exact same way that it did last year and here's how we dealt with a maybe we need to tweak how we don't whether or maybe it worked perfectly how we don't Wear that but they've got experience is the same CN. It's yet but the other experience again is that they won a championship losing only five playoff games moon which is what they did their first year. So you know that then that lesson can cut both way it can be. Unseen now we know the pitfalls we won't yet take as many nights off war. We won a championship and a walk and we did take nights off we could probably do that again because we just got better. So you know it's. It's entirely a matter of how they're going to approach their regular season. I mean they might find it approaching it the way they did last year makes more sense. Than trying to win seventy. I don't think anybody's and chased down and try to chase down 73 win just it I think that whole experience has soured them on anything anything relating to a regular season goal other than being healthy. Coming out of it ready ready to get in some baseball at Bay Bridge series is continuing. Starting tomorrow. I'm really take a break and we'll do that let's take a break and India that ray rattle Michael Irvin 95 point seven a game. Actually it's time for the twelve K per day cash contest and here is your chance. To win 1000 dollars you need to text the code word. The code word is hold as in when they show lands and we're about to part ways I'm going to hold. Re rat out text told is 72881. That's hold HO LD I wanna hold re rat out. At 72881. It's a multi state contest contest message and data rates apply. Us. Now back to the red carpet show on 957. Big game. Welcome back thank you for being with us I Michael urban the parade route out in studio with me earlier filling in for the afternoon delight to Greg bombs. Talk to show. Bunting and Todd are out ran ire and at 3 o'clock. Guru Stein Mitt stepped in and assignments as a treat for you got for you cousins one on one after the introductory press conference. And about 810 minutes of one on one time so. I was enjoy the long form interviews that Matt does I don't know of it managed is considered long form but it will be stuff that you didn't hear. In the introductory press conference I believe we're planning on reporting that at least one more time. If not I'm sure you'll be able to find it at 957. The game dot com re the Bay Bridge series the battle of the bay the second half of that is popping up starting on Friday. Somebody on the Tesla says they're looking at DA's website and oh my gosh that place is going to be packed I would imagine they're looking for tickets and seeing that it's dim your fault they opened up. Mountain Davis for Saturday's game why would it be shattered and not all weekend long first. I mean I didn't. Probably because they can't sell tickets for all three of and it's like that that's a 27000 more tickets they dynamo took her. But they're confident that don't get those long fatter and realizes that Manny well I'd I don't know you know I mean they're not great seats. You don't get to see the entire outfield I'm scared to go up there it's a steep mortem of followers. Talking is a mark well don't go without their in my corner problems softness. I'm here to help. Not I mean all I guess we'll find out I mean they tried to give away free baseball and in April. And couldn't fill the place right so. That was full find out if I don't mind the attempt. But you know the risk you run is if you have people don't vote free. And now pass. I mean this think some people passed because it was. I know I mean I just did that the message is the same and you can't give me free baseball. But it wasn't that many seats and I think you know. I think when you are in the position that the a's are again. Which is trying to get people to. Get into the habit of considering them as an entertainment corruption. Il jump up and down as many times as you need to until. They get the hint. And you know fans don't get to him right away once. Once your performance or your marketing has convinced people that you're not worth considering it takes a long time for them to consider it again. And the same is true with every team if you you know if you perform poorly. And there are always tickets available. People say well that's a cool place right now where so I mean they're trying to. Create a buzz around a team that is finally buzz worthy. And see if this'll take because. You know that it. Dylan Dylan 121000 it on a Tuesday night it isn't gonna cut it. Fireworks or Friday by the with a Penske auto shows come text slang that's why they're not opening it Friday there. You don't want people catching on fire they had a Bobble heads Sunday is the Bobble headers at the Rickey Henderson Bobble legs thing. I realize that they had other body parts bubbling notice. I imagine that the people who make those springs. Can provide any any level of accountability that you need to you know Johnny dust down. He has to avoid I'm aware of him yes OK they did a bubble nose for him at those at Wrigley Field a third sector and yeah so it's called. That bottle nose that's disturbing. It's it's kind of means and I am I think I don't know I think it was a hateful act and they were trying to basically tell them how much they load them. While employing him I have one signed by him on my desk at home on their ego so you're part of the shameful. Like I really am I'm part of pretty much anything shameful. It's an excellent as Michael the user opening round Davis because there's a fireworks show her part. After that game charger texting again while I'm at work let's get on the field let's talk about these two baseball teams what we saw last weekend. At AT&T park was absolutely nothing different from what I expected to see. I saw an athletic lineup that if I'm looking at it from a pitcher's perspective. It's this is exhausting there's all these guys can Wear me out there's not really. I don't see a quarter according easy out in the a's lineup. And I felt like VA's made the giants. The Asia looked younger more energized more athletic. And just flat out more into it to me. I don't know how into it I'm a key interest at the other things are actually reckon they are younger who and they are more athletic. In that's where the giants are hoping to get to. But they're not there because. Their best players are. On the on the backside of thirty or so you know that that. That much is obvious I mean look BA's are gonna go as far as their ratings gonna carry them. As a pitcher he's not gonna save wrote I mean they they need to have leads going into the eighth inning said the in code. Trevino trying to end. Get out of dot Trent which is why give their second wild card and be happy with the season to Jane go in deep in the playoffs without pitching staff well but here in a you're not gonna catch. You know Houston Boston earned our New York any sure. You know that that's you know Cleveland is already locked so it doesn't they are relevant to the process it's. Catch Seattle and a lot of people still don't think they'll catch Seattle's so. Mean I think we're going to officially welcome back to earth. Well they have been but this passion come back intense pretty soon I can he's and that he's in the throttles OK for next week commit. They need Paxton and and and hands them. Consider him. Otherwise that's a real ordinary. Rotation is Robert Carroll done for the lawyer eighty games she should be accent. He's back soon. Relatively Tuesday what I thought where am I doing in August I'll. After win when they realize OK we got a player that Robbie count any in your seniors because you've covered sports as long of a longer than I have. A lot of times when the stud on team gets hurt. The team well over achieve in the short term because they're kind of rallying around it but then if that guys out long term. After awhile the reality sets in in May be a loss or two comes and then you shoot team. Revert back to what they've we thought they would be without the star player you've seen that play out a bunch. Or try to yet but I don't know if that's the case here because. Baseball is not a sport where you get to. Partly emotion for very long then Seymour basketball your idea secondly. Seattle's winning because they don't lose one run games because of Edwin Diaz. And they don't lose extra inning games because red Indians. I mean he'd he'd change his game he Moody's one of the few closures left in baseball who truly changes. The way games played and managed yeah. I mean all of that so I think that's what Seattle had going port and then Ernie and discouraged down and then Paxton goes down. Then they go to Colorado and get the brains kicked it. You know so. Do I think they're coming back to earth they might be. But. Impacts and hurting and his comes back. Comes comeback and you know comes back all of a sudden maybe they get rolling again. So I I think you know. It's not going to be any easy chase for the a's I don't know that Seattle's coming back to them necessarily. They could. But I think if DA's are planning to get in the postseason anyway. They're going to have to keep playing it. Bob Bates 700 ball they're gonna have to go get Seattle as opposed to some stars are they can't assume that Seattle's that a all of a sudden parlay this five game losing streak into a barrel roll into the side of them. If I don't think they're gonna become the angels Islam and sent for the is a better team it's our turn we. On the record tells you that the run differential tells you that turned. You know they hitting tells you that. Did the giants probably have a slightly better rotation. But you know I'd I'd rather have Oakland's bullpen at least the back end of it it's a better rotation has some margins on the deal. Yep probably. An interesting Margie I know I haven't felt out of yeah Niger administration. Have but he is Julius and yet yet people expected him. To be an eighteen million dollar a year pitcher when in fact he only got eighteen million dollars a year is 'cause that's what the market there Bork. At a time when there weren't a lot of pitchers available to me is that the giants were willing to overpay at that time yeah they needed people at her I needed him a lot. And there weren't a lot of other pitching options out there right so him because that's what. That's how you figure out what do guys Werth is. Are there other guys out of the market there are a lot of guys starting pitchers in the market doesn't get eighteen. But there were no. I mean he hasn't pro for me this year is an anomaly has been hurt three times but his for his year by years have been pretty consistent. Mean he he has not had great year warrior great year poured it right I mean he is who we have. But just some RJ is he is a three or four right he's never did anything more than three or no or maybe for one season it looked like it too. The year the a's got them right yeah but again. You know even then the numbers didn't. And pop off the screen catcher and if if the biggest compliment you can pay starting pitcher's innings eater in 2008 team it's not that big of a compliment. Q you don't really need innings eaters. Well but it they're helpful to have. Because it now I don't think if you don't have. Innings eaters all of a sudden. You are bullpen starts to get I get death but I don't want an innings eater stinks and I think some hurt stinks well he he's having a bad year this year. But he sure classic three for starter and he's I mean I think you're objection well let me tell you your objection is Kazuo why would you know what your rejectionist. Did he got eighteen million a year I think you have a problem that no I didn't see was if he was a three or four starting getting three or four starter money. I don't think you'd be is irked. Because it's not like based it's not the giant said this is a difference maker this guy is gonna be he's a big part of our next Zito you know. Zito I was gone and estate thing warn our best friend is making torn email petulant crap for the chancellor can go to come narrowed forgive him some margin eighteen. Not abided dates and never mind that know what the point is. Nobody looked at it. Bomb garnered Quaid dose of margins said that's a big tree. It's a big two within innings he can think that giants trick themselves into thinking it was a victory now. OK I think they knew what they were getting but they needed depth they needed at a pitcher that was better than move everything else that they had. Here's my problem with some margin and it's only if look we've seen three young pitchers for the giants. Really helped them keep their head above water right he got Suarez got Rodriguez and got stripped. These guys during key developmental years in their careers. If Jeff some largest presence. Is stunting the development of those guys. They have got a big problem with it but he hasn't been very present term he's been heard a lot but he can get this job back as soon as he bounces back right. Well EU but he might not eat he might not go back and irritation he might become a reliever they might keep him on the DL because they figure. We can't get anything out of amend maybe he is stunning somebody square. I think put him in the bullpen mix emotion and she's done it before his. Yeah he has starter stuff. But his third and fourth pitches it's a huge drop off from his best two pitchers want to go through those two and beyond that point is there are a lot of solutions. To what you consider confront them and you know look if Stratton were pitching better he'd be an irritation stuff. But he got off to a good start and then he leveled off daylight tied block early in the year now he's a long reliever. So maybe there over valuing some of their young guys. And maybe they know you know what these guys are not. The core of our our rotation and next time years. Few quick hitting OK first of all. You think he is you're gonna win this. Portion of the Bay Bridge series as well I don't think they take two or three years we've bear. They're not as good at home as they are on the road but it. They ought to. Mean I know at the tiebreaker is their six game so and there they can end up three and three dean of the tiebreaker is. I don't awful whoever wins to sixteen gets the trophy. That the guy at all and it ought to me I mean I'd I don't. I want I I don't wanna be implied about this but. The value of these six games are what they do. To the two teams chances of getting to the postseason. Not an individual true. So only the trophy room today and anybody. In uniform a front office he drove his big deal for the fans and that's fine. Would you and there's nothing and there's nothing wrong when that but in terms of the importance of the six games it's. Yeah let's say hypothetically the ace week. You know all of a sudden now they're going to be players in the play our race and the giants might be done. And the reason why I say they might be done is because you start losing contact with that second wildcard spot. Would that many teams between UN it. Becomes really hard to get back and I agree with the completely and it's crazy that these three games may very well dictate what the giants and a's do approaching the traditional. But I'd but I don't think they'll dictate what DA's two ready gays already made up their minds that they're old you heard Billy say I think this team is good enough to compete for a playoff spot my job now is to try to improve. His job is to try to improve it but I think is Smart enough to use that word track yes. I mean I'd I think you know. I think if you if you fill them with sodium pentothal they would say I think we could be a playoff team even if we don't get anything. Noticeable yet at the deadline wrecked you know Annika I think it also way to the end of August he's pick up somebody off where war move but. I mean I did the giants have the bigger problem because while there are not very far. Out of the wild card race there are a lot of teams are in the same situation. Which means that more games mattered to them on a daily basis. Then just their own and any team any one of those seminary teams can get hide any point and they could lose. Luge track has the Dodgers are basically in cubs are basically and the the the Braves or Phillies one of those is gonna be in. The other ones got an excellent chance in the wild card which doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room for the jets and the giants are catching the Dodgers. There there's one of choose to play a there are two playoff spots available to them and they have to play LePera they had would you say that to circuit I agree giants are catching the Dodgers but Manny Machado being in dodger. How much is that. Change if any in your view of the Dodgers is. I'm Kim king can that team with Manny Machado contagious run away and hide from the rest of the division. A big day hat or mean look don't forget how they started there 37 and seventeen from the last two months. That 700 ball. There they've they've already started that process so they've been doing what days have been doing for a month for two months right. So I mean it should give me shot oh solves a real problem in the middle of their order handed shortstop because Corey Seagram down. The only question is not does this win the division. It's and they make this work in the post season even though they don't have great pitcher. Q we were gonna do good for ball bat to ball full blown but there is stated. Miami dolphins' story and you guys you know we're gonna get in that but I'm gonna do quick rapid fire instead of doing a full blown good for ball about the ball. This can deal lightning round and it might be the funniest one ever because ray. Everything in life can be labeled one of two is good for ball or bad for ball some and throw these in real quick before we had to stop and think. Jimmy G takes a porn star out on a date and Beverly Hills good for Boller preferable good for ball because it makes people crazy. It's like that and yurigan refiner with the SP three yesterday awards shows. Comfortable and affable. Bad for everything kills the culture. It's one step closer to the Armageddon we so richly deserves cash. Players doing in game interviews during the all star game what if they've moved that to the regular season would that be good for bar bat for ball. It would be good because it would mean they'd be paying less attention when are we capable of making much worst decisions that they make now. And getting hit by balls and Julia is the possibility of catastrophic injury increases greatly. Who doesn't like that she is better than Coke good for bowler preferable. Don't even go I didn't know don't even go I just saw a note on the sheet they gave me it's a joke with a ray who don't even go there it's not a joke with me it's a joke with the soon to be ex producer of the show are the dolphin story. Tell the audience about it basically the Miami Dolphins players have been too cold. That if they protest on the field during the National Anthem this year they could be suspended for up to four games. Because of the team policy that was issued this week. You know poor games for wow the NFL basically told teams to handle their own. Anthem right here in the rose. And so this is what they've done and they just did they'd they'd put out a nine page. Document. The players basically saying. If you take any its four game this one ultimate nine point is still lay out. Yeah well I'm sure they have a bunch of other protocols and I emceed the full letter so why don't they call the dolphins bluff and have the starting quarterback wideout basically have. All the starters on both sides of the ball Neil. What are you gonna do that. Now I guess it's an easy book to call at well I'd I'd like to see it happen. Just she with the dolphins would do don't think it's going to happen during think the play not necessarily really. I mean look football players cave pretty easily on most things that don't involve money. Mean it's why they still don't have guaranteed contract so why why is it that the baseball union is so powerful and the football union seems to enforce. That's a stork I mean the baseball union was the first one to become powerful. And they did it by being willing to withhold services Marvin Miller changed the nature of how baseball operates long just by simply saying we're gonna run this like a real labor union. The leave the football. Players' union. Has always. In hamstring by the hamstrung by the fact that most football careers are short and there are 17100. Players. To try to keep in law. And a couple of times when they decide we're gonna we're gonna hold out. Players caved because it wanna miss one of sixteen paychecks. So now you're saying that the league told the teams do your own thing yeah clearly we go we're lousy at this you guys figured out that leaves. Come out or something like hey you guys can stay in the locker room if you want during and them yeah ability issued something by date but they say if there any violations of this teams will handle this all Hutu president because the league is terrible that. And there and most of the owners have run scared of Donald Trump. From the so yet so. The league said here's the ground rules. Individual teams you decide what the punishment. Is that what happened at central is I understand it and so the dolphins have decided. Well we're gonna treat this as though you'd committed a felony Brett. And has any other team come up with their own not that I've seen this in the first one and that's why there's so much outrage. This is bad bad America I just I think that's such an easy bluff to call and I think that my dolphins or the dolphins players. Owe it to the rest of the week and all their players to call that bluff. Because there's no way in hell. You're gonna suspend every starter on both sides of the ball for four games while they may owe it to the rest the league but they might not think it's a debt they feel like paying. So you think they're I'm I'm documents forging checks are I don't think you're you are what are you guys to go out and that I've taken a need today. I'm gonna I'm gonna be that guy. Because first well you can't guarantee that 22 players feel the same way about that and secondly if only a couple of guys do it then. You don't ever protests for chips two guys who lost. Four weeks pat. What you got now is two guys you're done talking to you encounter I guess coming end. To talk with the like I said Matt Stein mats is. He's got about eight minutes of one on one time. With DeMarcus Cousins and DeMarcus Cousins introductory press conference popped off at 11 o'clock today we replay at 130 ethically reported again. A little bit later but if you wanna hear freshman he presents content like I said Stein matching guru we're gonna hand the baton off to them they're gonna take you from three to seven Damon is under. The weather today and you'll get to hear. That DeMarcus Cousins found nice work and you really appreciate it yeah and guess what what's it done we are done Alex Scott a little wheels is still. Outstanding work thank you very much young well dressed John Curley. Nice work and we viewer again and done she's dismal. Not really he's not he's really off he's the one who warned me I don't I'm not even a range of professional I know bad when you see that you are radio professional ray who gonna I'm I'm a disgrace on nine to five point seven.