Papa and Bonta – 3 – Billy Beane out? Giants fall to Marlins, Caboose Pistol

Hour 3. Papa and Bonta are joined by Jon Miller (Giants Broadcast) to talk about the Giants loss to the Marlins last night. We get a suprise appearance from Dave Flemming. We break down this season for the Giants. The Jon Miller interview was #lit. We end with "Caboose Pistol."

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Geithner right we can do that on yet and the like bring your baby and obviously I hit tying a necktie at ninety miles an hour changing your say here and say it out I believe it is the New York it's sick it. Up church did shine a lucky listener and I guess. We'll get to take a picture with the leery O'Brien trophy here at the 957 game studio so I asked this question. Which college coach decrypt pompous a he feared Laker will replace Steve Kerr went. Which college coach stayed correct policy he feared. Joseph Waco would replace Steve Kerr with the contest line is 40154026665415. 4026865. You are listening to 957 game cage injury at them and XT one. KG NG San Francisco the radio home of the 2018. NBA champions let's hear from Susan's luster was armed with Chris towns of last night discussing everything going on the Oakland case. I'm kind of rumbling around eight squirrel there are three major players that there is right at the top there with Billy being David forced Obama who are only science. Through next year. Kind of unheard of in their bodies stay if you look at the history article. When they have all done their extensions in the past they've spent multi multi year deal done well on its ramps that how things work based bump. It come on upload with guest next here and that's not a good it's not how they operate based on certainly Billy Beane had an awful lot of potential. Fallback plan you know he can go to work training team in baseball you want to pretty much I'd and it got you know all all the other it's not repeat it involves an outlet so all of them are imminently higher apple will swear it's the Islamic media company with them earlier exit the storm you know that the trying to change it gonna have a feeling one or more of these guys is not Kabila PXP on action. Welcome back to be our turn to like Greg Papa Bonser who on the par seven game and crystal Susan's lesser. Last night we're Chris Townsend here and in part seven games a pop this isn't necessarily shocking news. What it is to tie the timing governor what not you know Susan saucer us obviously hatter Intel on this story. And it looks like the regime may be breaking apart after between nineteen season. And I think she has more evidence of publicity jurors speak last night is. It's county what I Oceanic Damon today about the way she's hands under what terms you know we Damon. A list. 6 o'clock 6:6 PM Copyright Office happier or run to a radio and you pound. I think it's obvious it's coming from Billy listening to her. Trump up daily. And again at this story this magnitude. She's recover in the days almost as long as Belize and the GM Billy takeovers after the 97 year offseason in 97 and I DH is mr. recovery day. BA's united and ensues and before that when she was cut and Orlando Magic in Vietnam and Susan forever. So she would not it written story if it didn't come either directly from the mouth of Billie Jean. Or indirectly. Approved by Billy Beane and given to her by a source close to Billie and she wants except where she got it from but. This obviously had a clearance of bill. So it's it's interesting to me and the weight you know her her her article today slash column to a comprehensive. She detailed all of belies contract negotiations in length. So it into an O five he signed a contract 2005. Through 2012 from the right here shut the eight year deal. And it didn't make it all the way middle of 2007. He got an extension. Where they had a couple of more years through 2014. And then it did even go through all of that in midway through the off season of 2012 we signed another extension. Through 2019. So it's just interesting the way this is working it somewhere along the way. Billy got part ownership. Of the team now that's not going to be a huge impediment. In him leaving the organization it is gonna have to figure out how to buy him out come up with a value whatever percentage. Ownership stake he has they have to have you know that if franchise value for a 100% of latest. Buy him out of whatever percentage he has said that would have to be done. Wedding does leave the organization that's not difficult many people have had that before. So op. The interesting thing and I don't think it's necessarily by happenstance. That Billy's contract expires the same time David force contract expires the same time Bob Melvin just contract expires now either. Billy orchestrated that. Or ownership orchestrated it above Ville cellular calls expired together. So I think she's obviously on to something here. That once this contract expires. That they're gonna leave now the other side of that is barely could leave themselves that they can let them out of the contract earlier. And certainly. If the ownership. And David Campbell didn't know this before when they read this this morning her last night. On line but he got their attention. So they may you know say Billy the heavily now in the whole world will figure out a way to let you out now. And I'm elect David rotted from here out or Heidi ought to do this in OTQ audio on this I don't know if Billy lobbying for an extension. I don't think that's the case is their dissatisfaction. With Billy. From baby gap John Fisher I can't imagine based on the payroll. That he's giving him. I don't know how he could do a better job and you could nitpick everything that he's done you know. Trading guys earlier that at the bottom line is she's found good players over the years. And after a short time when they're gonna start to make money either through arbitration eligibility at some point. They just are too expensive for this team back in the holistic ice you know docket starting Richie obviously you know we could field. You know an all star team go all the products we all know I have a lot of what I thought there kind of mean so so what it what you end game here. John Fischer watt filling out these Billy want out is Billy plotting his next landing spot. And an independent barely has the going to be fine time to reach easily be you know he's gonna he's either gonna hit each get a piece of the team he was making. Now they a lot of guests. But right after the money ball book came out when the movie in the for the movie. He was making. I don't know I he's making as much as Pat Riley. To go and give speeches to corporations you know 1520. Out of politics that a lot of money. Just to show up somewhere to get the launch speech. So Billy is you know he's almost all the different stratosphere. When you compare to other GM she's going to be fine. We're which David forests landing spot to see eventually take over. The full Rodham Clinton belies along an organization. Where's Bob Melvin a lot of managing. Again I don't know and issued a why is the is the element and aware describes Susan's piece you know hotline last night this morning in the sporting green it's slash article column. Where I think he barely David bulk mail stopped as an article. I think she was given that information she would Iran that if it wasn't really credible coming from Billy himself or very close to. The other part of it. I think it's her opinion. How it relates to the giants and their tree home of saving saves in coach Robbie evidence to belch. I think that you know that may be where Billy. Launched and out. Well let's let's hear from Susan pop on. The possibility of ace joining turn to its luster last night with Tony. I am not alone and having heard all sectors with Ers are last year like eight if and when. Who want to do something else or her parent could be the very. They could that be could crack the big given the timing. And take two of the better people on base it's actually I like to look at Malcolm and he played for the giant he's from the Bay Area he laid it out. Now one interesting tidbit out and think about until just now pop is Kirk on the long term pitching coach of the case is now the giants' pitching coach. Was spot was that both males mole was that Billy Bean's bill that was Billy so Bo Mel still gets along problem what Oregon. You gotta keep them I think you before they ever think you were to Curt Young middle last year middle last year I think the year before I heard rumblings. Billy ought to fire him and Bob Melvin Canon. Blocked it. Or you know is able to keep themselves. In again he's a pitching coach he's. He's a worker and I like Kurt had like there was a player but those are were talk and you know ahead of baseball ops that GM in the field manager and everybody else you work with side but the more I think about it. And I don't know exactly the relationship between Bryant savient. And Billy being if that is you know they haven't made it an arbitrary together I think there were some animosity on both sides. I've ever Billy used to refer to the giants as the boxes. For the fact that I'm the giants favorites of boxes. And you know when the money vaulting came out of Michael I've over the you know you hear he was traveling with the age you know each ship right next to ban the bosh I don't even know exactly who he won't touch. Insult you know deep within a year he was described in the is that right here I just I it was amazing to me to believe in that kind of access. And ever asking Billy what are you thinking telling everybody what you're thinking. Basically it was the question Ed. You know became a movie attic the giants account laughing at that you know what if she ever Juan can get out of first round how many rings to write and I. You know so is it that the bottom line this year I think Susan. Because she's not as connection with the giants and she is with the days that that's just chatter around baseball are that's that's her. Column part of the peace works her own opinion. And the more I think about it. Do you think Larry Baer would really do that to Bryant stated I don't think so you got to hurt he's been here since 93 and counting the days and here's a lot of the replace him and get a younger guy that's different. So what you really do what Billie Jean. And our deck over in the stadiums outside again if you just trying to better your organization Billy's the most. He helped credible candidate out there and you just wanna do that. But the more I think about that that that it is now Bob Melvin is a different things more realistic right here it was a field manager. He's huge guy he thought he was a giant grew up in the little park early to watch the San Francisco giant so I you know the more I think about the concept of Billy go under the giant spy I was shocked. Yeah BS I don't see that happening Bo Bo Mel. Between nineteen it seems it seems like insurance type of move. The brigade and Bob Melvin a former turn coursing group here in a Bay Area some more stuff on that we gonna talk about giants closer situation here earlier amid light. It's public and Barton and approximately. Now back to the great accomplish you know. On 957. Big game. You're right. This one. Releases like they did it was a nice to really gonna lose. Watch the news Marlins who did did did them in South Florida and let's keep coming back. That's going Khyber and NBC sports Bay Area today charged. Lose an ugly once in Miami Marlins last night five before to give up three runs in the ninth inning. Law for a leader and of course last week the Marlins to three of four from interns and giants had to salvage a game the next series. On getaway day and a sixteen any extravaganza. The giants move against the Marlins and harder Strickland. Has been the topic of conversation with germs fancy struggle last night given up the reruns and in June he's been a bit rocky top. Given up oh does is mirroring here over three. We point 52 in May Eagles four point 35. So in seven innings seven and two thirds of an inning in June pop giving up eight hits five runs three earned and walked five batters and only six strikeouts in his what does nearly one point seven sold to the giants now know Bruce approaching gave Strickland. A vote of confidence last night but said the jarred start to look at moments in May be for the ninth inning sand ice and two to beat Tony loss and what are returns gonna do here with their closer situation. Not yet I would not overreact Allen lost but I I told you before and John Miller the hall of Famer the voice of the giants is vigilance at 2:30 and I am as the flat out you may do for each year itch to running last night over the worst loss of the year. And they had and how string of a Miami they were very similar. So last night but to have happened at home to be playing so well to get a right in a home run from Pablo. Just the second set right handed since 2014. To have calvary Tomlinson and and play the defense's. Jam of his careers shorts and the three or game earlier this year could not believe either. What I was seeing from him. And have it all and rattled because Sutter Strickland just had an off night and I always blunt force today's job market overreact to this point genetic Goodyear. And all the statuary you're citing. Perk for closers in relief pitchers stats are sometimes different yeah. I think that a key one of the key stats I look at is retiring the first bad new year a closers and the other Casilla had severed it. We don't walk and just as their leadoff walk moved it to me about it. I wrote coach and if so. When he yanked at 32 fastball to Brian edition of the all. This is getting is there need any hangs the slide keys to the catchers. And. Weekend you know picked a walk to Justin Boren the Cameron Maybin atomic Kelly medically planet that we go through all of them though Lewis Brentson. Why they got one of the trauma fastball there entry to an at a slider that's more on the catcher in the play into the pitch election. I know that's all. Conjecture after you lose a game. An attic last night was the hardest loss of the year. But he's fine. He's fine for now much election peace equality closure. And he is gat analysts say all of it's powers back but he looks nasty. And that never was one of those nasty closures that route 96 but he looks like he's firmly. In command of his stuff again. So he can do it easily I would overreact to one lost the left handers in the pan plus Dyson. You've got will Smith and and and Tony Watson that are dealing. You've got too good right he's too good lefties leading to your clothes are so what's all there. You know it's all leading to the closure. I wouldn't overreact. To Strickland lets you see how Strickland reacts to what happened. Last night with the way he walked off the mound and was working there Branson was you can get I don't I don't know what the deal is with president goes back to last week at Miami. Where he battled hard and you know jacket lead it sets them shed some light on it this was going on during the warriors parade I I watched all the games I sought. It was a sacrifice fly that he can't any reacted like he had to get a warning walk off. I've seen guys do that it is a young guy which he hit a buck eighty he's punching out so much that camp play him every day is no worries gonna get buried it. He took a nasty fastball an auction that bad of a 32 slider I mean I don't know it didn't work out. I thought it was a pitch with a lot of movement anywhere acted to right field and it was a big hit in heat when he was going down the line. He clearly. Through the bat away. Out of all their anger jubilation. But he turned it he said something to strictly there's no doubt. And I saw Madison Bom Gartner the other railing into the third day trailing. He was barking out there and Carter Strickland has a little bad Bob read yes we know that from Bryce Harper we know. So that that's just who they are I I've I it's cool. Now somebody drills brands and if he plays tonight you know it could be out I don't know. I don't know you know the giants have a third baseman has gone for surgery right now we're to aggression. So out of nothing wanna get into that game but I can't speak to that but to answer your question. No I don't think I vote she's been around long enough he's not gonna overreact but it's also knocked it under. React he has veteran guide one guy avalanche at a can do pitch in you've got you know to great writing docket strictly George Dyson and be a set up guy. Oh yes but I think he's earned it to this spot is point. But last night what was disturbing and also. Scored four runs last night. And home and you know their analyst John why averaging almost five full about a game that moment three and a half on the road I can't figure this out. But the numbers and Bryant sapiens the organizational. Model. Now warrior strength in numbers that application last year but and that's what they're at. But four or more if they score four or more they win. Going into last night. It's a blog go way back today there are 31. In nine. When they score four or more which a 78%. While. Then when they do not score four or more which is three to want to urge zero O. They're forward 28 national boy got a problem with that is. It's happened 32 time she. That's what I'm talking about this offense is either feast or we saw earlier this year frat an ever waited wonder about the game salt. I think you know that's fine but but books does what he's still on it but. Elections back to where he can do this again and he's brought here to vehicles and get a nobody got hurt and he got hurt interests that train left the station medical play games at Strickland must. So you could flip this I would do it tonight certainly won't and if they're in the same situation for two in the night. I'd give it to strictly again. But if he's strict. Again menu they've created a legend and extend an operative or what you got four blown on the year. Four blown on a year at thirteen saves at two point 84 ERA but as you mention a lead off walks is what really kills Lilly and that had angered votes he cannot spin that he could show what it's they would never reliever comes in a game for Georgia may walk that leadoff batter boats searched orders come around he starts walk around he is peeved when that happens but. Under short round what do you hear we pressed the reset but governor Strickland. Coming into the season not talked Wal-Mart couple weeks ago down at AT&T park he's in better spirits a monarch and a jump ball alleging either amok and overreact but. That felt like a win. The giants needed to get things wrong when we talked about it twenty the next when he sees that AT&T park now nice to the next 45 NE TT part they've got to go on a run your. Because what operating here for JP Rasheed bop. The data back to try to make him move. In airing discussions right now with the Baltimore Orioles to go bring in Manny Machado and finally last year. Last year they brought in JD Martinez. Got the Dodgers to judge not the Dodgers on the review but seem it's not going to be a free agent after a year ago but he probably will start with the LA Dodgers with the Diamondbacks. Are right now the team looking to bring in Manning which auto. Athletes to. And I can sit blitzer division because the Diamondbacks are right now first place. Darden should second but it makes it that it's tougher for the job it's to make a move in this division they got to make some ground up and if my child okay it's that it would go to split. What sharks go outlook on this season. Well I I don't know Harriet I have in Arizona was great early and never awful their start leaving gulch which picking it up the Dodgers were awful early in their hot they make it Kershaw. MacKey may have won rehab starting may not alienate control in the rotation. So I'm where the it's going to be really hard to get a wildcard spot. Just look at the other divisions. And do the reality is you know you got to better teams at least as far as their roster. So I hear you but I you know let's let's just let's just sort of what we're not sure what happens here I the other reality is. The giants don't have to make any trades they don't have to take out anymore payroll. They've just got to get Jack equate how things are. Now it's a marsh is gonna come back. You know one more starter may be to come back at some point during the stretch your pledged 126 at home. But Johnny sticky. He gets shot equate go back and had elbow just is not blow up the UCLA UCL just blows up but it has to have TJ which were not sure. But he had a simulated skill game yesterday through try to pitch is set for five minutes got up and for twenty more. That's fine in here he's got to do with it a little bit more. It out but I think I think Johnny tornadoes a key here you know I'd be getting that third baseman back obviously getting your lineup poll but. I wanna see Bob garner quite go so Marcia Suarez. She's really haven't talked about his guys I'll I like sawgrass but he's got the one thing could have gotten more last night threw 79 pitches. Filibuster refined and you know we are white you don't dedicate that gave the Dyson he was great catcher went by about five outs there was also an uptick you know to win the game which is the closure didn't close this want to. Yellow school votes he Poland Suarez after that walk to branch and get him out of the game they're Dyson counting gets the double play. I. With Chris Stratton. Indy Suarez are tied blocking a relief appearance last last Thursday gets Miami in his sixteen any game up I was really impressive. Maybe that's his natural role in Derek Holland we could say what we wanna say a bottom he's been up and down. Jarrett and ball game sell the back in little rotation I think has been a problem on the pretzels or as pop. That got comply Joseph Louis Suarez hoosiers forced slower after Johnny comes back in assuming some martian Al comeback. And you got bomb garter Plato and some marchers Suarez is clearly in the rotation. And Chris let charette stay and and Holland goes out of the pen. What it is like star Alison the past drag impressed me Sunday iiroc is not a nice job and relations section two thirds out of that Canada's sixteen inning game. Really and we are from both she before a season that block is gonna start anyway in the bullpen so we'll see what happens here but that's a good problem to have. It journey quite or gesture margin. Returns let's bring in the hall of Famer before C Frick award winner tweets and you know Almonte adjourns broadcasting column Gerri it's gain since 1997. A good friend of the program your New York to the delight the great. John Miller he joins pop and barter here many parts of the game. I write out the bad I'm going to be public sewage on. Was that the worst loss of the season last night in a Miami Marlins. I'm I'm already I'm already patched it. I'm not. Mark McGwire is here to talk about the future if I think Jack. So down about it in Lebanon who are currently down. It would be and where it's an hour outs still. Gloria that you would like Julia a bad night. Here they they had it on. That is. We don't believe we don't get enough time together at the ballpark so we out. During the daytime big. All of a huge deal for flip Olson. And I. And I am gradually our event tonight. And we are tightly secured. We were the other about that. Lots of what you guys are big by the way Friday night is Beatles night. What are you guys that get a fan for poster of you guys with The Beatles dues until like a. I've seen them I've seen I am my opinion Dave on the fears the. Well I you know I I don't know I figured for. Ego. All. My triggered eagle it. I have a new product. A devilishly cool Vontae initiative on the united auto I liked your birdies there I thought it was barely barely breath. The flopped top gun truck flattens that would color plots out. The activity rubber sold they. Definitely. Wired. Probably a wired. We'll be back now so it's fun if you let your adult family they're all the girls there haven't lunch together with her own. Oh. So here's the question who's picking up the tab for lunch. At a fight. Our. We're all. You want. About it John Lloyd yeah. Example that all of that you flipped. Off. Cathy at. A fabulous guy out of let the gentlemen I have to live. It to the bloodiest be your body is beginning to look at it as well. All of them yeah. Gotta we got a two for 1002. Was special to have a double switch it was a doubles and table. Then you. Next on the afternoon delights I can't go. Like Cutler. Hit your dual micro go by the way jacket imitate that your partner. I. Now. It yourself well. I'll mention I was laid for a large Bartlett but it's not a fan trucker look behind my back will call. On the back of tribal code that live blog I'd say that you put it over lady she loves all the actually it's tough it's a jacket Elvis fridge number gonna get right back here all we got John back when he got back. Kelly kicked a croquet did you piped it hit me it's not. He putted auto news. Don't even. Even the suggestion of a in my own or bad. I. I'm sure you go to if you if you if you are up from last night. One of the things that whereas you know it's the fact the team scored four runs. Last night and lost that game and we gave the numbers earlier that giants are excellent when they score four more when they don't they're not very good that's why it was hard. But you've been around this team forever it you know as BC pac LE TNT annual plan explain to me juggling the last night. How this club is averaging five runs a game at home in last night they scored force or to detect under now. And down the road. Three and a half runs per game and the post bonds error during the the Posey. Days those numbers have been flipped. So high of the giants and able to score more runs on the on the road this year. I I can't explain it died I think these we've got a lot of although all are pretty well so. That might be part of it but I think it's they are opera is a lot of I think the ballpark as kind of a bad wrap into a that creates an epic. There's a lot of room a lot of space and the ball or Yahoo! are based at the doubles triples but it's like that. So I can be good but is that if you keep hitting the ball on the order our most that would be moment that all parts don't go out. 18 march. So whatever I don't I don't know exactly why that is but I think include that that he is just better that look right out and then we'll. A couple of years then there and white and have not get on the road I. Know what they. I think that the bidding at home is not a maverick. The Internet and why they're not hitting the road. And recruit big art that the out of that we do quite a blow. Have excellent. So you you pay to dot. Right now we need to know the garbage or without. Kershaw. That it had about major injury problems and patient. They're so quick great that you need they've Kershaw is out so that which rebellion. And they're just not talking about it at. And destroy a lot of runs against that app and that. And I think that's called equate that shall often they're late third that there are two series. Against the doctor already in the first app the so. In that way. That's kind of collapsing you don't have. Some digging and debate those guys that the second half of the year. Anyway I I I can't explain it but I think. The giant impact all of these injuries to deal with and and yet. They're still right in there right at the rate so. When all these all game. For me that's where they need to start making the ground up and they're gonna get to march back next week. And equate on a couple of weeks. And and then not have their football rotation and some of these young guys have shown that they actually. What might they can help critique so like guys like a Juarez and Eric Rodriguez struck you ghost and I. And that our last night. And it put a couple of good start to the road again and out so. I think they've got a chance to have little more depth in our rotation met at. But that like yeah there's no question about Strickland that was not the plant restricted to beat the world. But when Atlanta and openly in the disabled list and Dyson was on average about what his mechanics and hit it but what you saw Barry cracked that's all the spring and into the record of the regular season so that they they went with Strickland and closer. And he's done a decent job but the the same time. The issue to be mechanically Arafat said he could not so much like this it is like throughout the answer to my dignity humility and a walk. And the opener a cloture each step the extent could not happen stretches he has no idea of the ball on. So Woolsey. That site pricing is not right now and the joint real well. They might packaging and although nobody showed they could be about it and I know trying to go to get great book bulky. Did you that the guys. Been the guy and I like it at that. Normally it hasn't shot the clothes that I like it might back unit. Shrugged off the back right so and I think also neat we got upset last night in the senate but after the game that. Yeah that he needed to or rain dumping them there get upset I got it it wrench into the roots efforts. And celebrating on the way up the first base line it. And I got a ticket out of this vote that it. It Soledad that this can happen when that vote. The hall of Famer John Miller live from Sam's charter house done Half Moon Bay had some good seafood on air he's army ultimately it will pop environs are many parts of the game. And joining niche in the closer and you think about Ornstein is that now I'm with you to be 35 and 38 at this point in the season. Five and a half back and Arizona Diamondbacks Jared have the feel good about themselves. But she think about all the injuries. With Longoria and some martian quite Obama Bernard is coming back. You know Matt Williamson was off for an extended period tar underpants. That if elected 2018 giants the talk about the band talk about The Beatles in the band being together doesn't feel like that the band a full day and David Stern's team will ever be together it seems like their snake bitten. It's when he eighteen. Well and and and 35 and thirty it is not. Even though there are still in the race that's a pretty good record there aren't he'd been frequently people will ya running right now so much they're fortunate that. There's still very much into the bridge that. I think right now at the time but your line on where they need to separate like two gender. And commit and articulately on how Long Will that. And they had all the attention I. Don't buy into it's it's acute go. I have reload every night and I. Ain't that great market. Level we kept and so we saw that about Brooke so. But I think you know what god has had to restart and that's and able to win yet and and and he had an art I'm gone more than fibers or even into the seventh inning in general. Economic think that's due bills during no part of the spring training routine. In the big league in the credit Rachel up. But I think they need to bring him to find it stupid. And of the blah blah that they don't it is it could be used badly in need of that right now. The great vice city San Francisco Giants one of the best baseball broadcasters there's ever Ben had only on the local level of a challenge they. Signature voice of the SPN's Sunday night baseball Ochoa Morgan for. Toussaint a decade to get a lot Oakland a's games in Oakland days play off games and Jeff I do wanna get your thoughts on on the big story we're talking about sports talk raiders and throughout the Bay Area certainly in the baseball community is Susan's luscious piece this morning in the San Francisco chronicle. Detailing she's been covering the case since 1999. The the contracts are up for Billy being Dei forced labor force and Bob Melvin. That after next year after 2019. Year there's some speculation and Billy will not be back she also speculated possibly about. One sure all three of those men coming across debate with with the giants as you were reading Susan's luster today John what are your thoughts. Down I haven't even seen it yet I've been at the beach and went with beat what you ought to. We truly. I tried to have. The bit about last and so we've we've been kind of dropped off the patient yet they all hurt but that. Yeah I would like to Patrick Ashton. I'm gonna check that out. Opel is a check without the market. As you know back to go back at you you broke it with Charlie all of the NBA's current. Now down 97 report are only 22 years old I was just Q is that the New York. You know and I. I I grew up in the U stereo Jack Stanton for many years before he's gotten here. And when this doctor I would like I don't know American League and so remarkable what. Of course we never played each other in those days it. I I was a fan of both teams they're both periods in each. I think being here. It it is under both teams do well. And I think that's called unity Tucci market but. Anyway and that ought not be pretty fast. And usually like orange and it's about. Are accurate. You have to think I don't all the broadcasters are involved in betray any pennies for the big cajon a couple of things that everything and be too big of a payroll. Tell us tell our audience the story giant Nortel on the other day on the air about that 74 championship parade. When you're rated as Shirley skit they hit it about dubbed Feyerick body or right before the parade is that is that accurate. Yeah we started this somewhere in downtown Oakland and we went up system park then had a big good busy though. That's where the media. Cars the antique cars went to the street to poke in the band into a partner up and there. And I was in the with a bunch card twelve Ryan let actors Charlie and the art. And he called nobody is where's where's money well he's got a guitar and bring back. These people are uniquely and it is everybody that part derived OK okay art I'd start interviewed all the guys. Well it. Fredricka. You know I'm still an open question. And then he comes up to me while I do genetics is what my mortgage that you do not let him come to the microphone and understand and he's not to announce at all. And I. Try to put money more are you getting into don't know is that the EU and so I keep that. And then I get there he started shouting about it. Screwing this up but with both in the course under. A Miami had the opportunity. And they there's cars over here this name. He went where they told Italian. So somebody tried to buy it are you screwed this up. And and it didn't. Charlie come around the world when you talk about it when it up as well on your fired and. The celebration that all your old Allison. Released yet put us on hold a lot of moisture arc of the story though not much I can literally hauled out of a cup title in an attorney. Give that out we lost it after that I as part of the story held out for. David Levy is David speaking with a built these Google to. A little later here but I thought they junior day. And at the ballpark. Here give up until you are struggling. Again. But right. He's leaving dale is we've ago so really when you slam have lunch and you do the gangland style. During lunch at the ultimate that is so ornate while. I hit by the way your current account is not so 2012 it is very very impressive. Your hash tag game has been very strong to impress. 00 yeah well. I enjoyed the kids at. It is automated do the is Seagram they should shoot the way to put it was it he'll make you a little more current that. Column. And it's all about the past to what so they gave me some some pointers that. I'm at the though aren't stagnant you know again. Like having. Having. Lunch. Dave Fleming who is battling. Has jagged. On bleak. Okay well. I would but why a shot yeah. Yeah and it. And I yeah. Okay. It took he has carried out anything for their current market. A. To get back to the ballpark and I those giants. Would be packed their yay area. All fired shots a couple of. Like I study using that on my own. It started. Anyway. The on you know with Internet content. I acknowledge and so although this happen and night out there like a book and beat people want. They want huge doubt he got a camel these are all. I'd like to get bored. A that's the key that's vital I would do it at that such a hot potato a spot on if you look at. You know cool. We're able through sheer benefits or your coach will some cool stuff as you drive to the ballpark tonight for the chides him Marlins John Ellis priceless stuff there thanks so much for a time and we'll do it against him. Thank you should go all the fingers sports freak war horses there are dollars yet again have a concrete floors that's like a giant project that ever grow weary getting them all. Guy's card crew you're flipping the race and actually Ivo. You never know or is it ago when the ball it's cracked he has. If you use a neat is all over. That that's the hard part of a peaceful and the heat go anywhere you know all over the world would evolve it's put in play nobody calls the play as well as. That that interview Tuesday if we hash tag with pop we gonna care deal inflate your belt and Bloomberg Yahoo! and I don't live on bad about it and you don't let nobody throughout so yeah. He threw out pretty good stuff we got a kid under the I just still I still wanna know who picked up the bill today at Serbs to our house that is not a as not a cheat bill there it says started out although it is good variation. Your role whatever baseball people are together the guy who made the most money. Polished it up to man but these days and I share rich guy makes us I don't though that's got to let Clinton has a role that he's got pretty clear but he pot growers at puberty college basketball baseball a lot of stuff spells good stuff let's segue to the caboose destroyer in the afternoon delight. You know it's stem from the continues to distance with great total you don't tell me. I don't yeah seven day. This whole. We'll have a few stories that almost slipped through the you five point seven. The game. Can occur at all now there's some work being done I'll admit that there he's noticeable. And every program was that I have a girlfriend means no confidence OK I understand the group produces and we're trying to solve problems. Like there's not you're not even looking for a burger. Crawl mean OK good what's the problem look going. We all understand what the problem is we have politically good what's the problem the problem is we have to replace three key players and knowing what's the Breaux senator senator that we've got to replace he's got what we haven't you know what's the problem there. We need three home runs 120 RBIs for accurately the problem we're trying to sell off. Rich teams and there are reports he. Is fifty feet of crap. And its us. And they wonder why don't want to leave this. Please David Justice even if you could tell us yeah. Gonna watch that movie and yeah. I'm real quick because I I am it's hard immediate follow Jon Miller and Dave Fleming exit interview right there for a quick action. I don't know the movie coming out what is it 2000 lemons was seven years ago. And at the time I thought it was pretty well made but then through the years of watching him like my guess this is just not accurate whatsoever. They never mention. The Big Three at all during the whole movie this year than playing poker one point never mention the guilt about it. To the whole thing is a fabrication every loves money ball I've thought it was actually terrible movie. But the book was better for sure but the movie was okay you see the book is better to a movie right like the ice the boards are booked I was betterment of movie. Money ball there's a few others at Hillard for. You guys can bang out that bag on them only only a lot phenomenal cashed my check for 68. That's an escort every time it's entertainment plays on AT&T every Serena sent in for lavish change the fact that guy yet you once secret hopper for splits. Kidneys and money ball but your voices through in throughout. As funny that Dave Fleming it is hitting that would Jon Miller is back in the game when Greg was doing the giants games we would hang out when I would come on the road and we would go goes the movie we shuttle commander. Especially at a target said it we will not see immediate action remember we were in Denver Denver and it was any extra inning game it was going really late we got out there like 2 o'clock in the morning for a reason you're doing a movie theaters was thinking it was like all right guys losing acreage and we ought to put this a smoker and the first time government Joseph Miller. Was at the ballpark one time and it was at the beginning of the gaming goes. Well hello I'm John Miller. An illness or an underestimation of the game ends turns around amigos oh hello I'm John Cook and papers because Davis is seen in kid investigating it. It. That. Gentleman and his national martini gay and that is wanna know. Extra duty three albums you know that's the question in the ballots are in them or vodka party ticket martini aqaba. Not a big martini guy to be a lot of solidified did have a marching them electrical liked yeah. Top like and how. A full five and five at some pockets this is a candidate I prefer the gin Greg where you stand. Well podcasts. Up until. Watching World Cup from Russia. You know you never had a martini. Adam Myers and and to some really injured merely there to me I. Dog and I've taught in dare you need to go to election language on tickets in order five. In January which July oh it's a little boring group are currently don't get a dirty look liquor he gets a very you're you're actually out to the important thing is John Dickinson and you think you can you know. He has you'd pay for a couple that you sent with a bill in the traditional thing the traffic anyway job I'd talk JD was likely whiskey so murder. Ignited. And I had to travel which I item for a lot of Martinis or genetic it's in the really prepared and not a home also like guru guru loves Muslims who loves most in. Annals Cheney's screws Mormon apple T she will drop like a real quick here. Our very own Jerry Rice is going to be for the ESPN body issue. Does anybody look forward to the 55 year old naked bodies it kind of stared at tax cut cut cut cut her husband a a little bit Jerry Rice is still fit you still got a little off course of course it would go to laughed as anyone receive 55 year old naked including grant and a lot of funny thing. I don't know if I don't think I've answered in the Italian you know all right guys that can. The door tomorrow or all the ball. Auto workers took the stand just a product back. How did you not all day. Good thing it's national opportunity that it. A shocker yesterday at the burning. That's it will be back third version of the old lizard bigger Bruce Dexter you're good parts of the game. Pop into Rupp. I mean pot and bought a seat on how to get out I got out we shall come all right now.