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The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 2.  Bonta Hill and Ray Ratto fill in for Papa and discuss Adam Silver’s comments about the Warriors and the NBA league wide about possibly implementing a hard cap, and head out to the callers on if the Warriors dominance is good or bad for the NBA?

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Do you believe the warriors dominates his after the NBA Woodruff in arms over in just a second the annual market price of a game celebrity golf classic is back. Join us Tuesday August 14 at the beautiful beautiful golf club at Porter ridge and sandals a broadcasting live all day long hang out with all you pay girls it don't miss a special parents from the golden self. Jerry Rice join us August 14 for food drinks and golf at the third annual many parts of in game celebrity golf classic. Get your tickets today at 95 some of the game dot com they are going. Fast you're listen in many parts of any game K Jean CFM an HD one KG NG San Francisco. A radio. Dot com stationed at a silver just a media yesterday in Las Vegas let's hear from the commissioner on the warriors dominates over the rest of India. I'm not hearsay we have a problem but and I and I am aware of the league is right now but as I said earlier. I think we can create a better system we learn from each successive deal we try new things we make predictions about how caps and exceptions. Will work. We have great economist who come in. On on our side of the table the union does as well but it's not a perfect science and trying to predict the behavior of our teams and things change in the marketplace as well so. I don't that's I think it's perceived bad. That the warriors are so dominant. As I've said before. We're not trying to create. Some sort of force parrot what we really focused on is parity of opportunity. And a fair point could be made in the tax system when certain teams are spending significantly more than others that that's not parity of opportunity. And also certain teams have advantages that other teams don't that based on the resources in the market the wealth of the market. There and they may be in a position to go deeper into the tax than another team does. Stepped curry also sought an offer earlier today saying it's the dumbest phrase he's ever heard. And we talked about this over the last two weeks ray that there's always been empires in the NBA there's always been a dominant teams. And then there's a bottom feeders the warriors right now are the dominant team it will change one day that they may not be today may not be tomorrow. May not come next year but they're gonna be important aren't what the lawyers are dominant. But is their dominance Baffert Liguori and what was Adam silver really saying here when you just yesterday. What you're really saying is we'd we want a hard salary cap. That the owners want it desperately in they've been pushing for it. Quietly but that's what they're heading for because they can't help themselves and the only way. That they can get. Cost certainty which is what they care. Is a hard cap where you go okay yours in order. You are salaried G impaired every year 120 million ordered to whatever the number. That's what he's pushing for he's been doing it over and over again. He was doing it during the play out right. The fact that he didn't just come out and say. The warriors. Dominance has been good for a Oscars we're getting better ratings than ever. That affects you know how well we do and our next TV negotiator media negotiation. You know warriors are making money for every. We didn't say that. He turned it into a thing where I hear what you're saying about this not being a great system which is to say. We want a hard cap so we don't have to pay as much money for all the same players were employing now where. That's all Ben Wallace. It's not about warrior dominance it's not about how did this season is anti climactic race and an anybody who's asking that question now. Is almost acting as a league play it. By Batman because that's where Danny answer is gone ago. And eventually at as we get closer to. When the cap you know negotiations that start you're gonna start hearing people say we need a hard cap we need a hard cap while effect is. This is working right it's working great. And it's working great because he'd be through 24. Billion dollars at the owners. Which most of them promptly blew on bad players because they don't know how to spend the cut but there are up are exactly the hard cap is designed to protect owners from their own greed and stupidity. They're never going to be able to help Erik there's always don't know they'll always going to be greed is going to be stupidity. But. I mean this is almost like when they return at smoothing the cap right so another way to get players to give back money. That's all that wise that's all it is so that's what that's what that's about any time somebody says are the warriors ruining basketball. The answer to that is just say you want a hard cap is aperture ask great. And any other time anybody brings it up that's all their talking about what and in no order or not. You know if the NBA can get the players to. Mass lobotomy should agree to a hard cap. Good for bunt they're not gonna do that not without not without a lengthy and ugly work stoppage that could blow the whole train. This mystery I. Another ninety's was a different era the cap was different everything about it was different money was put the money was different. But did they actually say that about Chicago Chicago Bulls when he almost championships having Michael Jordan having Phil Jackson having Scottie Pippen. You know having this. Preteen. Dominated decade did anybody say because would shorten the ratings Rogge right there. Artwork there were high but they were not they were not confronted by this level of expenditure. Right so it's not look. When you say when you even bring up the topic of did the did he would Celtic shrewd basketball in the sixties or did the lakers are a mess on the east. That's not that's irrelevant this is not about. What's going on on court. I mean even if the question is aimed at weight it's not about dead and teams up Erica it's about the hard cap it's a business question. And I'd go I know very few people. Who think. That. When they go to Wii game. That thing their thinking about is how much the players may. They're going there to be irritated they get entertained that night they're happy they're happy. You know. The market will take care. Of all it. Hey if the next if the next media contract comes back and it's significantly less. Then you'll see salaries come down then you'll see greater parity. But the NBA more than any other sport has always been. About a few halves. If you would like to bees. And a bunch of have nots right. Always right thing nature of the sport is if you get the best player he suddenly become one of the best team right and it's not true and any other sport. Natural football match from baseball not tracking and I'm in soccer in my trodden and and look they're. A 500 ball club and have the best player in baseball you know five larger. Basketball you're right it tilts the powers now it tilts it. Kevin Durant tilt to delete by obviously going to but that's like that's a lot of complaints because for Matt about a free agents a free agent exercising his right. To move on. Exercising his right to better himself. And that's what a yard or he started that's where I started hearing has arbitration what an apple warriors ruined the week because you're too good. Yeah she stacked he's said it's Miami. No but but that's what they're talking about anymore I mean the idea that the warriors are too good I could. I. If I thought the person who was asking it really was. Bothered by nature. You know it's anti climactic you know what's gonna happen well that was true. The start of the century when the lakers won premier. I mean that's always been true so why are you still basketball right because this has been persistent though but what this really is now it is about. Lowering costs by putting in a hard cap. Because that's where it leaked. That's why Adam silver didn't give the obvious unequivocal. Let other teams do better I think. I mean you know for for people who believe in the free market its owners tend to say they do. You know the rising tide raises all boats is going on in the NBA. But they're complaining about it because. They think debt the tides to hide in terms of what they acted spent. But they won't spend less 'cause they can't help them sort. You know white white is Devin Booker get a Max contract on a bad team. Whether Timothy mosque off get a big time contract on prosecutors had to spend up to two up to them to the floor right. I mean so debt that's the other thing about at a salaried. When the salary cap prices so does the salary floor right Zach Montreal was a guy who got it exactly mean getting 78 million dollars at the OK and I did and why did that happen. Because the kings were gonna games right now. Yeah I mean owners won't say now. Because they can't they are they are competitive in their own way but when they also in the same room they all bitch about the players. In the meantime they're the ones paying the flight rice. So so the hard cap is basically about them saying we want cost certainty we wanted to come from year. 'cause we don't we can't control ourselves right so we're gonna control you. That's what that's about. Do you think it changed do you think they're gonna get this Erica not without a lot of bloodshed. I mean if they come in they see we're gonna get a hard cap will shut down shirt and a season players shouted down. They will shut it down for years they might shut down for two. Because that is without question the reason why. All this money is out there. Tripoli and I've 579570. Ticker calls here about the white whose dominance whether or not it is good. Or bad for the NBA but let's first brought to JT. Not to break in Berkeley he wants to talk about the gonna say where's what's that JTR 957 game. They guys great show today. I would want to bring up something one of the big law I think that the word picture wouldn't. I'll plainly been. Well it will handle their injuries everything else I don't so literally haven't I haven't being do. Their salary. Ability for her or why would you eat. While she didn't say why she left but I'm but she got it. You go to Reynolds title which risked more money right you know I mean she's married may be her husband. You know maybe you know. He's from Atlanta wanna go back home where he has a job opportunity Atlanta and they you know. It could be any number of reasons I don't think it's because the warriors. You know didn't think her work was good. Or that they thought she wasn't worth what they were paying here. But I think Trevor issue like who's used to work warriors missed the general manager and Atlanta are we to a bunch of money better because they want to have. A better medical staff. And you know the word of mouth on her has always been very good and she has you know helped bring a lot of injured warriors along race and at a pretty sensible price. Way too big losses for staff Korea Churchill Chelsea lane. And Ralph walker has long time personal security is that has decided to spend time with the Stanley he will no longer be around. Gotta be on the sea or run for around by the way gas hostess announced that the option can Giles to triple A Fresno. That solves that problem will take more default culture whether or not the lawyers dominates in the NBA is pure bad for the week to Blake and I parred seven are par seventy Earl. Slower to be here in the afternoon bike or person again. Now down into the red accomplish shelves on 9572. Games. We've got more dancing from Derek because this is. LT forty and you're familiar with him for what about it called to check out. His new album room watching soccer I don't mind you run your own communication. On junior and you with any locked and no she unit getting sorry I've given you all I can't over two and a half games this Jamison who. That is re right of course the limit for Greg Papa. I'm Vontae hill in the afternoon delight we're habits of thought on the little RBIs and by seven game this is. This is going to spot kicks some. Yet it's Croatia if you are hiring New Orleans the entire world is going to pull up its own hands let's see if we can make it two breaks with the loss of PK is the third straight game Croatia could possibly be playing. For spot kicks penalty kicks that is amazing I thought they run out of gas. It rally back in this one are really dominated the second everybody thought you were and I guess which proves yet again when I've always believed that everybody is wrong. And everybody's stupid right not to stupid Boca it's only that they think they know more than they do. We were having a conversation last segment about the waves dominates and how I'm silver just immediacy de Las Vegas. About wanting to harkat basically what he was saying. Any and all this notion that the way to screw in the league they are. The league because of this room only because of that it really because they're too good it's. It's a funny argument it's funny to hear that from people when NBA has always been built on empire on dominant teams. First your team's. He had seconds routines and that he's plan for lottery picks in taking. So look autism audio into a second here we are open for march her Tripoli not 579570. Coupled with far more into trouble in our front seven. Not 570. On that very subject but Steve Kirk met with the Mino has announced your section radio the other day. And L house and asked him about the possibility of lady to players' coach again like they did they get to Phoenix Suns this past were overseas and there's hear from Steve Kerr. There's no question we're gonna have to be as creative as we've ever been as a staff in terms of getting guys rest keeping them engaged you know we did the one. Night we're were they coached themselves. We might do five times next year you know maybe do once a month I don't know. And if people are mad at us and I don't really care I I was sort of amazed afterwards and people were upset it was like you know we're just. Just trying to keep him engaged in it's it's really a fantastic exercise if you really are. What did you how do you feel about that game barber ran into Phoenix locker room as in did you guys build job about that. Did you feel like this respected by the lawyers letting their players folks themselves and they did and of course George W later off. Later in the locker pop offs and I was very disrespectful users don't do that. We will complain about anything basically we would literally that's what that at. One. How did it affect the game. It didn't second dating coach the game they handled a couple of timeouts. So I wasn't even coaching McCain. Third. Lawyers did have a problem staying engaged in throughout the rate cities there were nights when they weren't they weren't into it. And then Steve. Her Croatia on Ed you called did you call it. You call that didn't look pretty bloody man's an inch es he's he's an amazing player when nice guy Steven is vomiting right now. In our lobby hues of being with supporter yet as England Jersey on. Well to hell with them. Anyway getting back tours points. Is now armed. By Stephen Steve Kirsch had to come up with creative ways. To get his players to re engage at times when they just sort of flat line. And I suspect that's gonna happen again this year and I don't know that letting them coach a couple of timeouts is going to do. The he might have to go. United state tonight I'm just sitting and watching one of you put on a suit you beat the coach. Because again I'm a player coach and it's. I. It is not and this is proof that it is easy. To coach a great team. There it has its own set of challenges. That. People don't believe exist. But trying to get a team that knows how good it is. To exerted itself. Night in and night out. That's a hard sell a lot of and and there are other problem this year for sure yeah and a cup and why anybody was upset at the time. Was nonsense to me to but it goes back to my theory that. If you give somebody a recent comply irk or if you ask somebody argue bothered by this don't say yes almost reflexively. Because it didn't enter it didn't at first thought Phoenix which had no chance to win. And secondly. It's. It would be different if the warriors sent over the players to brighten the Phoenix time right I think a little or or or a doctor that. Secretary Michael grab the clip were from jade tree on oh yeah properly it will call a set play better this just Jackson this is not very much about nothing at all. And and Steve Kerr is right to be amused by the number of people who thought this was an active this respect. I mean he's you know what if he did disrespect him. If that was really annoying. Why choose the Phoenix science. It's under fifty games behind them. With a bigger disrespect. LA lakers who now have LeBron or Houston Rockets. It wouldn't it it would matter. No reason why you're doing if you're doing it to engage your players. Then it's completely not only permissible but probably a good idea if they respond to. I mean if you handed ray Mike Green a clipboard any returned it to you would spit on it then it's probably not a great motivational tool. But the fact is it work that night it helped get them engaged. And didn't last for very long. Because gimmicks like that don't last long. But this was much ado about literally nothing. And everybody who complained about it should have been forced in. Not be allowed what watch a week's worth two games each if you got a complaint. Think about it for second showed up for a minute and it it still bothers you then come up with a Cogent argument otherwise. No. Tripoli are 5795 Simmons are we wanna get your thoughts on that as well as the dominance of the waiters in the NBA's that a good thing or bad thing was caught twenty audio and Oakland. Antonio yarn and the price of the game is a lawyers dominates a good thing go bad thing. It's a good at playing army one Yankee who won't follow World Series in the apartment stand in great shape it would actually game and I'll open so or how about when their. In actually won thirteen straight still voting by you know apparently came you know. How about from Iceland are the 2007 it was leadership Acker Bergen and I don't think let's say that but again man. No while Miami is it's never been courteous solitaire dominance in while Arnold report logic minorities. There are a bargain MBA in all like they used to launch sites and we made the finals. In bunch of bad then all. Not a cycle and there. Margaret Ford and Toyota green white and you know its he's right on the money but that but you got to read between the lines that it isn't about. The warriors are two brightly on the court it's about you know. How can we close you know these loopholes so that we don't have to pay kept me people don't mind Kevin Durant going to the warriors. What they mind and. Should the one thing players that go a little bit they felt like. Too good to go to go to state that once every three games that's the complaint from the players are the players are most probably are Republicans say a war they tweet about it. How many. A lot of old Swede how the money available all the more. It's more and I remember being its summer league that is why and twenty players are how many how many of them I can't put a number on it but I saw a lot of players written about it they want about DeMarcus Cousins going to Golden State CJ McCollum openly during the NBA finals one player abuse and is that as an example. Openly. Talked about Kevin direction leave he's the lead his own team to go prove himself with this. That's a nine that we did about an Oklahoma City but one person saying that it's not but there are multiple there was multiple play domain I must remember being I can put the explicitly remember wanted to but but I would surely an advantage summer would remind I think note that I'm still working players. Ironically Katie did this it's like playing for second place in comedy. Okay exist at that but but but that's not gonna open we do that they don't wanna be put on record for best did support. But it's it's it they're not saying that it was unfair they are you saying they're disappointed because now it's harder. But they didn't say he didn't have the right to do it or that the NBA should step in and stop that's all they said was they and that. Now they're going to be harder and talks that sucks and that sucks is not a compelling argument. I edit. Did you see either during the finals issued multiple players capable of that's what should we global player twenty people complaining. And are you don't think there's more than twenty people complaining about Kevin Durant be economical to say lawyers are under Marcus Cousin on the difficult to say where's the crazy if you don't think that. League thinks that. She and sort of know and you put a number thought should at least. And we go pat. I could go on record good for them. There's a lot of players were not gonna go on record a lot of executives were not gonna born renovate our current affair and they don't if they don't go on the record and we don't know what off the record I'm sure there's a lot of your heart gets up multiple people all the records rockets say probably never put all the record they are ticked off about Kevin direct vehicles they Wear. Joining the super cheap Amedisys super team this is a very good team that came up 73 win season. And players were ticked off about it the ticked off on the fourth of July they like the season was over they would not play for anything and that's what hurt. All of them most of them were taking were all getting paid now and it turned out all that how they're not. It's no they're not gonna get paid regard. For Kevin rant making the money he made. Not everybody's gonna make have a gorilla when you got about one of the best player in the world know what you're gonna get like got a lot of guys who made a ton more money than they would have otherwise. And Kevin Durant is not the sole reason bodies part of it. I mean the fact is the warriors have basically blown the lid off the notion that the set that it that the luxury tax is some you know. Some wall that no one can exceed. I mean Oklahoma city's. In the tender right teamster in the tech in the tax absolutely focused and so another words. Anybody who's complaining is complaining largely because you are well that's gonna make even harder. But they're not. Nobody is saying. The warriors did anything illegal or that they just thought it was unfair about Kevin regularly under they thought they did can artery it needed to leave Oklahoma City to golds went away is when the Chevy truck you can elect senator it's at the state and Oklahoma City. Yeah that was that was the media more than players should put your spare about how would you rate and feel better that there are if they're if they're not gonna complain about it publicly with their next to you can't. They look like what should they do that that's why I'm delighted to go up or do that I look at CJ McCollum differently now for publicly saying. Can editor actually even go leave a team people to subtitle I look at him differently now percent of U of the market channels they have toward his dominates good from a leader not many parts of the game might. Mike and Mike can't help on this score the Robin Oakley Robin Oakland is the NBA Dominique is the lawyers dominates good or bad after the NBA. I think it's kinda irrelevant if we want if we want to adopt silver's approach of parity of opportunity. Well we need to do is put more emphasis on the draft what I'd like to see is he changed his salary cap so that. It doesn't apply to players you drafted and keep. And that way the players that become part of our family currently watching come up we don't get priced at a keeping that we wanna start signing free agents there's a cap. That applied that come that will. I guess restrict what restrict movement players have the right to move. But we won't get priced out of keeping the players we drafted and the teams that can't draft. Which they're you know certainly Senator McCain can't draft then they should hire new personnel to draft. Direct your exactly right Robbie it's their own undoing. You know nobody asked Portland we give all that money and Allen Crabbe nobody has Portland Portland did it themselves they signed Evan Turner gave them all that money. Re signed miles Warner. It's careful. Its purpose its other eight he's right until service and a lot of these fumes and and front offices don't drop correctly though what it did so they shouldn't be punished for that. They should be punishing them well I mean it's I shouldn't say punish us the wrong word I'd say. That people whining and complaining which you mentioned that people are gonna do that anyway but to say that. The league is in shambles now. The league is a rule and we have to wait five years for the warriors run to be done in order to get our NBA back product's potential as an absolute joke and mortgages inched. Up watching plays like yours and they happen and they haven't they'll which means it doesn't matter what they say. How many players have retired because the warriors have made it unfair. We guess what would give me a minute I'm I'm an accountant. Yet none of that are coming so it. It doesn't matter that's the point it once again it's taking initiative isn't an issue. And turning it into one because we're bored. That's the problem that's the only thing you can say. Debt the warriors have made more difficult. Is. More people aboard. It does to chase them away it doesn't make him any less of basketball. They're just more important and more time to complain about stuff that doesn't matter. So. Why would you give many were open singer complained your heart's content that all of them. What did Jason and Oakland is a lawyer's comment it's good or bad for NBA garnered by seven game. Are you and I know this show are not certain bet that award it was garbage. In changing government took oracle to play them. And ignore microwave midnight when Libya problem. You know we will garbage. You know wouldn't elaborate stock deleted are doing enough Ahmadinejad has won a city so now we got out of all deck chain that's. One of the greatest change ought charm. Palace or trauma is somebody who want say what the players. What Beltran or other over other cities where they got other genes or some of the media know ES there are different stages talk about. The world dominance it doesn't make no serious. Any change that's garbage right now. There's not a problem imaging gold plated them and they go Biederman go to the next scene was only get some great players. And I really tried one other players they get paid billions of dollars if you don't come complete. Won a big boy is different they couldn't complain about aging especially you more motivation. To go out and try to radio we'd be toward each resident's complaint wanna change. Doug recognition week. That doesn't make much sense to me there might shouldn't and I don't think most players complain anyway I mean. I don't think it I don't I think they recognize that this is that this is the way of life right now. And if they want it if they want the warriors to not be dominated anymore. There's one sure way to do that. Find teams that are bet find teams could become better and that's sort of happened right away might happen in two or three years it'll happen at some point you should wait. I should district. He lets you CJ McCollum as example there could use one guy who Sweden Jerry deli there's euros. You don't think that sit in my columns in that locker report. And he said next Daimler. And he's got Zack column mr. Meyers Leonard. The rest of that porch and I'm just using this one team been as an example. And it could be other teams they can about this as well when arch you know we're on a bus on the way tutor arena where to come from practice. You don't think they're saying it. Men Kevin Durant doesn't have to YZ there. Can win anywhere else lot of people call in that circle they Kevin ran as a sell out. I think he's a soccer fur and he's taken the easy way out to try to win the championship as opposed to taking advantage of his business opportunities. That was maybe that's median wait that's the media but it's still mostly media. I would because we're the ones who need to fill air time players don't. It's mostly us. And when I say us I mean you. You know it's you know but we we need something to complain about because we think it drives. Rates. When in fact most I'm always sound like it's like whiny slot great. You know. That we keep bringing up to history it's fair it always been dominant teams in the NBA. And it is the one sport. In which players. Materially affect their future. By deciding where they wanna go right. And there are a lot of people. Who object to that. That is a more mean but that's not players either because all players want to control their future. As as much as they can't and they should write called George controlled his future they'll. LeBron James just controlled his future. A lot of guys in the NBA get to control their future. Because there's so much money out there and because the sport has so few impact players and it per capita. So. That's the complaint. That's why the owners want a hard cap so that they can regain. As much control over their rosters as they can't. And again this goes back and I said it before epic Helio Shaughnessy and from the ringer wrote about the other days well. Wilt Chamberlain made the first super team and early 1969. So that's that's fifty years. K so what are we complaining about. Players having having the the power to determine their future. What else we complaining about. Owners paying too much money for players. In there even though there are all making tons in my they want to make more and they want to make it on the backs of the players. That's the issue it's not about whether the warriors are too good it's about who has the power who has the money and who wants more of both. All this news. And Croatia. Has advanced. To the World Cup final without play France on Sunday. They went two to one. England with less than one they won a World Cup 196666. And only time and it drought continues. For England but they look both of these teams weight over achieved. If fact I I I would suspect that the only team. It didn't over achieve with its own. Think frank I think most people thought France would get knocked out fortress now I think most people also thought that Belgium would get to the semifinal. Which they did it right so basically. England way over you know they did much better than anybody thought they would they don't what is your idea this is an America now. Yeah it's still a huge it's been very straight couples admit it but but for Croatia those that coal country should be to go oh man. There are all heading into Dubrovnik and they're an empty out. Every beer locker let's take one more phone call before you have to separate calls comments say and Fremont is the warriors dominates. Good or bad for the MB. Our guys are. All all I didn't yeah it's great. Looking at looking at the warriors out of coached you're going to want you. Build a program build a team I create a mindset that situation a lot speak truth to reach them. If you haven't been there yet you wouldn't routine. That have done. All other fans of other. Jeter can't audit team. They're gonna eat the warriors it's there it's not spare you all these guys but if you look at the reality at thirteen. I got to bank and then three other guys they think Dick Dick dot org I don't wanted to come to their. You know they have the blueprint for the new NBA. An NBA they get that kind of money. So other teens just need to look at that Blu-ray. And try to follow it as best they. That the first call coach there isn't a blueprint. There isn't. I mean it's not like the warriors scientifically figured out what they need to do a they ran into a bit of luck they would do it tunnel luck and that's okay yeah. It happens I mean this market via the Milwaukee Bucks won one championship and I'm and it's because they got lucky and corn for me luck capital and right if the warriors were so brilliant. They wouldn't have waited till wrap it picked 35 to get to remind green. If the words are so brilliant they would have kept playing David Lee and keeping Greg Greene on the bench. Instead of putting into the starting lineup when Lee got hurt and then discovering that they were much better with. Right they were they were lucky. That Minnesota picked. Two point guards ahead of them leaflets that it was rubio instead of staff incurring they were looking with Sacramento selecting Jimmer Fredette instead of clay Thompson. Yeah I mean I and they were lucky that I Vermont green slipped to number 35 in a sec aren't. And we're lucky about one more thing I'll be your record they were lucky that they hired Mark Jackson when they did. And then moved on from him when they dia because that team was ready to do big things offensively. And Mark Davis wasn't going to take him there as he still believed in old fashioned isolation basketball. Once the warriors. Got away from that they went from being eight playoff contender. To a champ. We'll continue with this conversation ray we'll take more the phone calls AAA not 57957. Zero a few on hold stay on hold we will take your calls right here Ernie optimum right it's a little R&B. I'm on 57 game. Now after Greg Copley shall. On 957. Game. Welcome back to the afternoon delight here know what it's been Wednesday and Wednesday afternoon. Sunnyvale and stroking for an Olympic Games. I'm heading out on a vacation after this. I'm gonna make your home honestly gonna mention. You're honestly I'm not gonna miss my little brain in your head you're going to Cuba. With the woman you love if you have any thoughts of anything going on here you have failed to vacate. Unfortunately are probably will be thinking about this place holders don't do that. I'm gonna be hard to disconnect. Partly good thing that was the Bay Bridge series happening this weekend that I'll be part of the country. Savannah and how to deal with all about but we'll talk about that later here let's continue to continue this conversation here we're talking about whether to Williams dominance has been Baffert MBA. Will segue over to whether or not the waves are set being villains being vilified. Because it works when I first came on the scene here. They were luft. There loves everybody loves stepped Carrie read love trim on our love clay Thompson. Many once every three games they sort of celebrated a little bit. While some people sort of behaved and and and they hate intensified. When candidate Rick charger. And Alison DeMarcus Cousins is here. They're now the Yankees of the NBA so let's continue this conversation here is a warriors dominates in the NBA bad or good. For the NBA let's go up a more recent Oakland normally parts of the game was on how Maurice. And it will happen about that are taking my call. I don't look that old notes from the word in the NBA it's true I agree the opposite. Think it would work well I. Call us back Maurice bat phone line there. And it's kind of cellphone service and yes. The phone with a Formica. And there's another thing. This conversation. All or nothing to do with you even narcissistic or the east that was uncalled for that was uncalled for and I was on in you know. Now here's here's what bothers me. It's the notion that. We know what quote basketball is that the business of basketball. Now. Business has never been better is at the sport of basketball. Now more people are watching it than ever. What it's bad for if it's bad for anybody. It's the owners. It's the owners. Because they spend money that they don't really wanna spend. To chase a championship. They can't really had. Stop that from players. Up there for any. So. If we're gonna decide. That this is bad for somebody. Let's identify who it's bad for. That's for 29 dollars. And at some points can be bad for the warriors two because they're gonna stop being good and they're going to be paying money to players who. Are not as good as they used to be right because that happens to. But. This is not. This is not good but the issue of the the issue is. What what are. What is the league after when the conversation. Comes out and I think it's about getting a hard salary care. No no more difficult than it. And that's going to be a big time despite its many owners to players' union and yeah that's good and that's gonna get nasty do you think that would even threatened maybe the NBA having another workshop yes because I would bet. Debt that's where that's where everybody's gonna play flag and that's what people die on that mountain because that is. That is direct. Attack by the owners on the players take home. And it's a direct attack by the players. If they sit well. You know no we're not saying you don't get a hard cap hit it as money and power and money and power of the things that all seabees. Are our fights about. The NBA has done a good job of rebounding. From players stop for work stoppages back when 99 when the spurs won a championship their first championship. There respond well yet to show Shaq told Vieira. Dispersant has has won a championship my anyways championship in the next work stoppage before the twenty. 2011 season to a twelve season. They rebounded nicely the NBA can. Like Apple's a baseball back in 94 took them awhile to recover from that work stoppage. The NBA has done a very good job with that but let's hope that it doesn't go there let's let's hope that it doesn't come to that. Well it or are you I don't think anybody thinks it's the stoppage could mean even the owners don't wanna they wanna be able to believe the players into submission and this is not. The NFL players association. The NBA's Dennis Smart person and Michelle Roberts in running it they've got players who pay attention to stuff like that right. I mean. Staff curry LeBron James Chris Paul Crist got good analyst. It's. It will be a bloodbath because. If the owners wanna back away from us the players will say. Well we are not we're not going to listen any talk read a hard cap and app point there'll be a lock. Toward the end at that point nobody gets paid. And nobody likes that nobody likes nobody likes that they need our money to keep coming to their bank account we will talk about the current state of the NFL it's will clock. We'll update everybody on a charm quarry situation. Also Jerry are you update and I and currently the world. Well we'll just gonna keep if anybody has been sleeping and having Turkey but with the story well. Bring us some details about that also something happened that at Atlanta airport between NFL player will also consider addicts will clock. David tepper taken over all. Taken over to Carolina Panthers as the owner threaten local to Jerry Richards whose allegations we'll talk about how in the contract. Jerry Richardson wanted to have a statute there. Parred a deal was you bet I messed with my statue in front of Bank of America Stadium or I'm not selling you the team. So David tepper said you know what Mark Miller that prevent me. From all make an NFL team go ahead you can have a statue look into that to a clock for an hour talking about whether or not the lawyers starlets is that a good for the week. Whether or not the warriors haven't braced themselves as the villains I mean do they even care. When my NC I think they don't they don't care. It seem like Miami did Roberta Miami Heat when he joined forces response LeBron James Dwyane Wade and LeBron just try to be this bad guy. It may well format three loss that'd be a part of the Dallas Mavericks he told the media hey look. I can go live my life yet to go live your life your life sucks mind doesn't then he came exit you know what I play with too much eight. That's what makes a voice especially plea Juli if they don't care what the outsiders say they. In fairness. They use it. As a way to feel promote Israel so if you wanna call it hate playing with eight. They have their share of the because they use it as a way to fuel themselves. At times when maybe they're running a little low and it doesn't always work but. It's. Its heartbeat and the eagle. I mean it it takes a lot of energy. And most most people can't do. Yeah they have to go and every arena where everybody's going on but then again there's a lot of what your fans on the road. You go out their see a lot of number 30 currently I am I mean are hardly had any right. I mean LeBron James. Ended up playing the heel after the decision yup and it took him a long time. To. You know and. For people to get past. And you know it it. Carmelo Anthony's playing he'll. Russell Westbrook please he law's plain healed yet but you know but it still takes a lot of energy. It's still where ship out. Because. Fielding all that abuse. It just wears. Article about Kevin Durant. I felt like at times he wants to play the hill the daily goals and I don't know if you saw this last night but he's responding to seventeen year old on its program. We're talking about him is that I mean I had built for. Price. Too sensitive to Minsk and whether what's going knowledge that. Okay I picket boat and I don't pretend to know and so whatever you say you need to take that. Tonne assault but I do everything is as you should because it's gone. But. I it. As I say it's hard for most people to play to heal he does what he's not equipped played he'll few people are. And when he tries to Friday it off. Yes though it doesn't matter if it does matter to him twice that good right that's why he doesn't persistent. And you know it it's one of the things it is it's part of his humanity. In net you know everybody's got their own quirks. And that's his team you know. He's been put in a he's he's been placed in a situation where he did all the right things for all the right reasons. Got grief from people weren't happy that he chose. That instead of something else right. And he doesn't like. Catching a catching every. Looking at the lakers situation where LeBron James I am intrigued to see a Laker fans really embraced LeBron because this bro you seem emerald I have an LA. Where says king James welcome that LA and a birdie vandalized it. They vandalized and again they just repeated over. Why your Laker fans I mean this love affair for Kobe Bryant like he played twenty years or whatever. But they would not like the lakers were trying to get these stars for so long for the last five years they finally have another more key player. Possibly the best player arguably the best player and NBA. And it seemed so fixated on I don't want him on my team now. It's stupid it's it's stupid so I just wanted to rip off the efforts of August oh nobody is just it's. It's an it's an attention getting device. Hey look at us we're we're defacing his. A mural. Congratulations T. If you really think that Kobe Bryant's. You know place in Laker history. Is in danger. Then you must not think much Kobe pour it. I mean he's not playing anymore so his legacy is done that's what we eat everybody knows what he is what he did for that franchise. And to regard LeBron James as a threat based on his zero championships and Los Angeles. It's. It's clinically insane right but more than that it's I'm gonna pain over this 'cause it'll get people to talk about what I just did great. Even if you're not gonna cop to a publicly because it's vandalism. It just hey I did something and people are noticing it it's narcissism and it's not it's not anything rights. Right got to Andre real quick and Oakland wants to talk about Kevin Durant Twitter account. Here on 957 game was going on Andre. Well well look. What struck out. I don't ever want to make a quick I am aware. That endorsement. You go on litter and I respect but I don't think it's there. Or people would say that should he do that. I mean how many people are on Twitter YouTube comics the government billions now a billion billion people that use that platform to.