Papa and Bonta – 2 – Purvis Short joins, Draymond too zealous? Steph Curry resilience

Hour 2. Papa and Bonta are joined by Purvis Short (Former Rocket and Warrior Forward) to get his take on the Warriors/Rockets game 1. Purvis talks about the intangibles that Kevon Looney brings to the game. We talk about whether or not Draymond Green can stay out of trouble, and is Steph can stand up to all this contact and stay healthy for the rest of the playoffs.


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They you know put him and he in the docking position. Where hard beach off the dribble they didn't use capella. Last night that's why the purpose of lightness because he knows that you decided they got to get back to a more balanced in their offense. Run the pick and rolls don't go screen and switching is try to pick on Korean baloney. The entire game run your offense organically and if you get ball movement those guys will be there if he keeps setting screens for each other the biggest. They did not use Capello last night Dante was not a doubt phonetic the Wall Street to other. Mitt and I don't see maniac every calls Alter her reason PJ Tucker but mostly Trevor Ariza the spree and curly short here you are listening in on parts of the game KG and Z. FM in HD one KG NG separate just hope the radio home for every single way or playoff game right here on 957 game is free impervious short when nine seasons with the gonna say where's Evers over nineteen point four points a game also play with the Houston Rockets he enjoys the afternoon like a pop environs Kennedy by seven game purpose welcome to the program chairman for our seven a game and just tell us what you saw game one other Western Conference finals between the warriors and rockets. Well our first gulf thank you so much revenue and show Greg important days of pleasure from Maine to to join yes except you know. What I saw last night basically lost. Warriors could. I really played tremendous defense and Gupta they took. Peace and out of their natural. Option success. You know throughout the season the rockets have been all. For the pick and roll. To control actions. And there was a lot of that last night and it would do the trigger an update to the to the warrior defense doubles late. Yeah they were they were sold Shas last night the rockets were pervert just trying to get. Curry switched on the hardest and now is their whole game plan we're wasn't even a pick and roll action it was more of a screen and a switch and just stick giving your thoughts on. On the way the two teams play in a warriors do pass the ball more now last night their their passes were way down they played more like the rockets which got. He got Kevin Durant obviously sell you wanna get him isolated as much you can but just talk about the big differences in the two offenses were the warriors when their comment at. They're gonna pass the ball 320 times a game in Iraq it's gonna pass the ball 220 times a game per. Outside you're absolutely correct about the warrior and the rockets' offense primarily. Are revolves around you pick and roll action with. Part we all know it's a tremendous school war great penetrator. And he basically says to tol lets everybody out by you know there are. Positions on the court where you know certain things apple picker will. You know they're various options there and you know once he kicks it out you know the Balkans most around the perimeter who took whoever has. BO NG shot let's try to gain an option open date. Deviated from that and large part due to the two warriors defense. The warriors on the other hand you know and should remain so. Treatment and destroy the watch you know they move the ball around quite a bit. You indicated that. The ball movement may have been a low down last night but nevertheless. A tanker don't consistency there in the way they involve everybody they moved the ball around. And then when they needed buckets you know obviously. Kate week. Who can get duplicated anytime Steffi Clayton you know again work. By the tremendous so. It was just some fallout query form that they are warriors. And you don't even though Houston as a move the ball as much as the warriors third third third offense works mostly united today that at 206 last night and they average 109 and a half and or user leading scoring team produced is number two. But I want to get your thoughts on hard and because I if he ever play against a guy air watch a guy all your years around the NBA that quite plays. The way Cardin does sleeping what do you know he was a scoring point guard but he would he would do it more the slower hard. Soon the ball pulled the ball. First green and then. You know drive her pictured keep your call anybody a stylistically purpose plays like change heart. Who got a cup for. Off the top by I can't recall anybody. This place like that. And and you know. One thing that change is really good it is. You know the no assist tendency. You know from defense players wherever guard and he has you know a lot of these were tricks you know what is not a lot of three point line and so what he's strident simply basket where you can you know coming in Iraq uncle cats and you know BP officials call file whatever. But you know the progresses the ball tremendous amount of time and last night you know when you know great defense. This play you know student disrupts their system and you know as a result of that they won't attrition. As they've been all year. Curb short long term ghosting warrior who's in Chicago for the pre draft come by and of course to NBA draft lotteries later today at 4:30 PM. Here on the West Coast he's from here to alert upon them by turning parts of the game so looking at the grocery words you talk about Kevin Durant. He can get a bucket at anytime he wants a step curry had a pedestrian game yesterday. With eighteen points would be scrapped on defense Klay Thompson the wide open three pointers. It's a struggle welcome bond Malia we've been talking about c'mon moody returned on the show later very purpose dispute look at the box score in the pickle he didn't do anything but at 25 minutes uses such a factor the way to switch onto the rockets guards exterior front Obama contest shots he contested. Nineteen shots last our purpose were you aware Kamal Amin Al Gaby was defensively. Well absolutely we were talking about it earlier. Earlier retread. In Arctic. Therapy was not primarily the difference last night you know on the way. He contributed does defensively we did he you know put a lot of numbers up stab one match but you know the way he was switching now. You know when he was put in the post position that you know for a big man. You know to be able to move its feet and dust they ordered it to the defensive principles that the warriors. Ultimately go out you know I thought he was tremendous. And you know to equal the luxury you know I think it has to have players so where are you know curse on the defensive stand on guard to march. Anybody that they find themselves all of a rarity. And you know the warriors have several past that and you know Clarke folks whatever position and that's open up the well rocket epic. You know on a constant to buckle belonged to control obviously on our. Create peace mismatch or. And so you know what that would step whether it works. I'm only you know whenever he's got got which switched off our property held at all you know very well and you know the other defensive players will always their support so we'll do it for real joy to watch you know it really clay where other. Have for those of you never had the privilege had to watch service play him as one of the great scorers. And they NBA and the eighty. One year perverts to average four for John Bach here with the warriors 28 points per game you were consistent mid twenty score. Drug your career and US Amir's re shot you know a couple of threes a game but that that's about it telling you watch the rockets play. Purpose they they shot. More three pointers this year than two point yours fifty point 2% of their attempts. We're beyond ally is you've got to the point where yeah it's great but it's just too much now woody. What do you what do you what what do you see when you watch my team toning and Ali's three point shots go up purpose. Where it's taken me awhile to Josh you know we coats you know I'm the only. Looks not the way you know I'll talk to gang up the way that we played you can do about it you. And you know Marco way. You know outlook on the game as being plate. You know what they outlawed. Our philosophy based on I think the Olympics. You know where I you know prepare I don't agree. You know Leo Laporte don't know and the midrange jumper is the most out of the last resort course all APV. The only one. Their players that. Consistently that they go to the mid range game. But outside of that aside three point lay up poured down. And you know just watching them throughout the year man you know unbelievable the number resent as you go that indicated you know that they take and you know when that predawn going. You know they trouble and you know the warriors put him in that position last night with a great group that they play. And your associates who score your place in the day that 28 maybe 35 that he. He issued representative alienated allies of flaky you could easily make that shot especially the short corners so that the baseline Aponte mention here. In Chicago for the NBA pre draft come by and so what what you do and write hopper's. Well basically come up more could mount would be I'm BA players' association to do you. Achieve political branch. And that responsibility revolves around you know programming that would make available at all. I MBA players. Are all pre draft cease. And all good rookies to a rookie transition are so weird Chicago basically. I will have a crop sessions and educational session with the players. Are not fired. Saturday. Just given a mathematics are still. In all things they need to go party it crafted after they get trapped to things they need to know be aware of the things they need to do to go to the prepare himself for. Why should India. When integrated scores and lawyers history perverts so purpose short here in the afternoon light thanks so much for at a time half on the Chicago stay warm and though it's. It's getting past winter time there in Chicago but thanks so much from time today and hopefully CR here on the West Coast for either to west carvers finals or. May be the NBA finals or something and send us yours is overrated purpose. Right what I can go to appreciate gently on Cheryl and all the best to you gotta thank you. Absolutely superb short story yeah. Nineteen point forest and a lot of highlights that Ramos jar she jump shot that he had cut like our working older cat that we're able fade away with the thought we're looking at poppy we actually went side by side in summary cash fees loft on his three next to for mr. Curtis. High eight shots although it's happening. And could you imagine emption that short corner three now poet and she ought to back so good that they sliding to step without a couple of obviously about a 28 game Rick he makes three or four more threes he's up to 32. It's unfair that people say all he was picked the spot before Larry Bird no later Burke was great as a ball to Celtic could share Bieber short. Was remotely phenomenal scorer Armenia and Larry what she went day of the year before he played. Read used to hardship or try them jail to use him and he still is playing an Indian Ocean as I was just. Now as you your head in her hand holding her record that we hope to be joined by kabob Loney who had a phenomenal game one. Last night we hope to be joined by then later Pedroia Mark Green last night with intense spot but was he overzealous would discuss or hear me after delight. Now that. There Greg Copley show on 957. Big game. We're shoving Martin's Labonte took the bay and. Dermot did you feel you were maybe a little to camp to start thank all of them. It owns knows her stuff and our revenue that is needed to come off left. Our very own John Dickerson asked that question attorney Mark Green fees. Camp delta last night's game and he was a minute seven into the contest she picks up the technical foul on James Harden puts his form rights was to wrote. Babies are running hot with Scott Foster and Tony Brothers runs in the PJ Tucker honest reporter but. German green did not get tossed in the actually played a phenomenal game in the second half pop plus seventeen. On the court after a second after halftime podger mark green was eighteen of the thirty equities trader does grades are breaking the games down. He's charting of box outs yesterday because if you notice pop. The box shock yesterday I click Capello on anybody they've rebounded them boxed out at eighteen of the lawyers 38 box outs seven Morgan anybody else so. Her Marbury was phenomenal in the second half but he caught. It will talk about here in the afternoon like pop them by turning to Parse every game did you that one moment and our first quarter pink. He is going to get talks started think he would give tossed what else like you don't want to press got faltered Tony Brothers who run amid the planet dangerous game they're the first quarter. Now I IE. First I was impressed with John Dickinson JD for poke the bear no all right he's got a cellphone he's video lying and I'm thinking of way. This interview was the guy US finished efforts peeking all announcer Peter Curtin Bach for murder and Australia did you think I literature that. As an answer Peking duck that I eat. TJ Andre and I showed maturity in any shed that was overzealous. There interest in what she came out like a bear. But it's a Western Conference finals. Latest botched a a reason wasn't even setting a strain on our staff did on that play you just got to decided during and staff just botched it here if she each you know James Harden a wide open three like here Wesley Johnson on the ground. And then in our hard drives on Durant drive into the bottom of the circle I'm worried about dripping into top heavy areas elation and it's like nothing imagery about it. I don't know if he thought Harden interfere with the ball going through the net for delay game or what again I think he was just young utterly relaxed to send messages in the seventies set the tone similar to set the tone earlier up to trim that blackbeard or W went right for the neck. And he pushed him back and it was a blatant foul technical knockout. So he was assessed it. And many kept be kept charging when he when he got after PJ Tucker the short corner ran him over. And given three freight draws that was an obvious call that her dream I was running hot. But you packet kick again this is the Western Conference finals here we're not talking about a game February. You Jack and kick a star out my camera great player like him and who we would want Hart or Paul or anybody else kicked out of a game maybe changed but that'll be later. Did you hear Webber and Miller were crying basically saying you gotta kick somebody keeps struck and that's a technical what do you cry about had to shield so that's Reggie Miller registered big line right did he was all right away a huge. Working with the greatest voice in the history of the National Basketball Association. The great Marv Albert which you Sharma a little more respect. Where they didn't beer commercial impact. 1892. Especially Elmo Della he's thank Myer but it takes like that from an island when mark mentioned a curry had mr. free throw since March and misses one. He goes off on da announcer Jenks right. Reggie it means he's a funny completely Marv alone we don't have anything against miss calling a lot of guys' names but he's the greatest voice ecologies Spike Lee game. He was there are so ray erratic Reggie and skirted site but now we tactic victory in my during. Out of a playoff game a Western Conference final game one on the road for that and that's the kind of whining crap that. Reggie Miller's not liked about it and Chris Paul. About throw the elbow to the ranch finance what was that about what he said he's chip eating guy ET elbowed. Staff later in the game so that they could do the little chipping mistress are stream on. He said he settled down and the second half was dominant trait I drain. Is it kind of guy can score of one basket in the game and that they say he was the most dominant player on the floor during atlas. But he dominates areas where during can't get too especially if he's on Harden. And you know that I think that's part of the reason dream I got somebody defense or rebounds and Anthony Slater does chart. Box out because Stephen Adams that make a big deal about it and Oklahoma City when he was working for Leo Oklahoman. They were chart in oh is she is offensive rebounds and Spock shouts to make a big deal. That that that's you know that's that's a that's a huge element for the warriors did not box not well this year times. I'm everything came in Indiana they were miserable. First game against San Antonio and Aldridge in the offensive rebounds and you gotta box out against capella. He issued god the only one offense of Reba Q so that they dream on got a lot of tough. Tough. Defense of rebounds I can remember a lot of when he got mbah a moute around a cup. That trend nodding you know at my desk Tony by taking go back and saving missed layup Shia hard mistook the one layup but he blew by Stefan it was 737 left that lay up short off the front rim. But a lot of those weren't. Missed layups they were contested it. Lay ups at the rim betray nod went to get coming from a as Reggie Miller was and Chris Webber even more so is detailing coming from the weak side than not ball side. And just coming from the baseline to go over late content as the brilliant you're trying not green but a lot of times when your when your regarding the shooter. It's hard to get the rebound as well that's why you know saints always critical play. In a slow rebound compared to curry you know he started got the shot the ball hardly get the rebound to break in a stashed his roaming look at the rebound. But last night trade body of several times I can visualize. Where he would go to the cup and make a late stand blocked the shot make the guy Misch around the cup mr. lay up it's a contested layup that he's just. In a strong legs raking his bumpy off the shot. Did it take Anthony Davis constantly invent that he would go swallow up the defense of Reebok about it. Right now and he had some great passes yesterday remember earlier third quarter. Plays cutting edge remark from top of the key just what's in an air clay gets a reverse layup in. John Mark Brady looked this is who we is and he would be the player he is with our run in hot like he was early on the game of DD could tell he was and that he was like a spot where wait five days for his freaking game were waiting all week. Other game and and John Mark Green probably gets out there are crowds buzzing James Harden is a news story turmoil was and how but he settled down as you mentioned the box outs the assists two rebounds and we were with the Golden State Warriors we will charger Margaret that's why it's so hard somebody asked me a cherry pop. How would warriors play without player how they play. With dodger Mark Green well they functioned so well is one. It's tilt wheel vision this closely where she without any album Katie curry drain money clay it fit so well together that's what we always talk about the pent just five. Potentially be one the most dominant lineups and NBA history 88 all of these guys who do so many different things here but it's it's all. Fits together in which are our Credo of the box outs in the passing is and the chirping I mean these easy irreplaceable he's irreplaceable. There's no doubt about that so we'll see if he could settle down there but was Scott Foster got all of this before we get to step curry prop. I want to get chip also scoff Boston Toll Brothers last time Lotta people crying and complaining I do to gain came down to down. The warriors were able to win despite down what do you think what did you think should shouldn't oversell what they guy crying and complaining about couple. All share an average and a fine job I mean you know what you're gonna she's got Foster. As you were talking earlier at a yesterday you know he's never had a 14 and seven guy nobody is anymore. But he we could see him series may not go fly but if there's a five innings Sheehan gained five you'd see him in the NBA finals once or twice he's fine. That method there was anything the warriors up played in the two games they lost to New Orleans San Antonio it and deserved to wit and have a deal with Scott Foster sometimes which is random. So I thought he was fine but you know getting back your point about Trey amount in Iran and it just they all. Provide this basketball team a specific set of services. And they really don't overlap. Even though you know stashed historic eighties historically can be as scored they they score. Completely differently. And the way they score. It all works. You know during that issue as cold blooded you can't stop that he is just. He he's Bob Beckett who meets George Gergen you know what he's better than both of them I watched the ball that I love Bob Beckett knew more than you thought Erica for the analogue back at you Beckett do you know he's she was but this guy's better. He can just get anywhere on the floor. And it clay is clay off the ball staff is good on the ball in off the ball and injuring about provides a service in and it was. Steve Kerr was Allah Damon last week I was listening. Any use the the lie that Reggie Jackson hates. Because it he said it to a sports magazine writer when he went to each spring training with the Yankees before he was there. And what he was saying Wozniacki said Thurman Munson it Craig nettles they have catfish there Mickey rivers there or why Chandler up. They got the team that I I'm gonna be the straw that stirs the drink. Any medic that I've been finishing piece. To this great cocktail right but if you don't stirred up you know all of boost going to be on top etc. to not even a drinker Billy Martin's a drinker. But Steve used a line about Reggie dream is the straw. That stirs the drink. If you know you could drinking it in it would be delicious but drain just like it's more like you know wild witch's brew you can that he cities there rat. I just started out British like which is of each record there for for you know he's like it's portrayed by the way he stirs. It all up. Makes it all work he is at the beauty unique player in the league today that does it need to score a single basket. And he could at times be the most dominant player on the floor that she answered fixate. Over the technical he took his second. He's got once he gets to seven. He gets suspended. Well you won nine games he's got to win seven more so we signed pay some more about the flagrant straight as he's got one flagrant hit the floor flagrant she gets popped. I you know let the glories is so good it could be Boston or Cleveland without letting. So I held. Go did what I gotta get solved it by about but doctor cook a couple of the ever look I didn't I wasn't David. And told her about talking to get poppy Smart enough you touched on the maturity. The way he answered JB's question yesterday in the press or its maturity he learned. If anybody who learned to agree it's what would happen it's when he's sixteen and I'm never gonna let this happen again are we run hot hopeless edge or manner but he smarter up the Null. I cannot afford to get seven technicals I cannot afford to give or flagrant fouls I cannot afford hurt his franchise in league board amended its when he sixty and I think he's he's wise enough to know that he mentioned yesterday was overzealous he was jacked public out were better game from drew Margaret did you what did you. Get a hard foul. The screen he said I don't really terrible call pop up totals are terrible call on the sleep a doubles hard screen when I watched it live I thought it was a veco wanna watch effect this morning you can't do I don't know I think he's the lessor and with his arms a little bit a little bit but the contact was coming. He got a brace a little bit right even earlier big manager reasons rotted your still I think he just extended his arm's not a little a little bit a little but I. In the Eagles are enough to warrant a foul call I thought. In Dole's hearts screen it's playoff basketball these Western Conference finals tell the knicks got away with it Alderman ninety's I know it's a different Eric Blair the they're playing good ball and dribble agreed to tough player the hard screen. Now the way he extended his left arm left arm never trust a reason body from about solves all. Our totals look back called aware of got over that. On the it can hurdle because about the wears on a roll there to kind of stopped her moment for a second halted her momentum. But. Whatever Scott Foster a Toll Brothers are allowed to make bad calls here and there but as you mentioned. I did notice and during games specially in the second half which was a dipping now let's get the staff curry here. Because I thought it was one of the more grit your performances of his career pop. I'd be principally obviously huge in every picker all the seem like other rockets ran 45 my soles. Tweet read more over their average is the most titles and at least five years pop according to sick of spectrum. But curry offensively he didn't have a goal one for five from the three point line did in that would eighteen points passing buried. Very solid drives to the basket James Harden display only got on an eight assists but I thought curry. Despite everything had a very very gritty performance you know what. He is Colby in the third third musketeers yesterday we can all that's a basketball play charms and that is 28 Kevin Durant. As we mentioned had 37 points but the staff curry with this knee injury prop. He was called to sliding back. Playing defense took fifteen shots was what to spur most on the team but a very gritty gritty performs step to Corey western isles impressed. Yeah I mean he was in the colts on the hot seller of the health he lobbed it in all of them because they they targeted him and nature writer should knock him down and be extremely. Physical with him I thought he played fine. That there's sometimes and they you know they they they have the Micah and all the coaches and you hear Steve talked to staff. And I love Steve I visited me I am a little critical way to coach the game last night I was not on board that they over the audit which Iran on hard and there were some things that it liked. There are times when Steve is talking to staff that it comes off a little condescending glee. I know what he's doing he's trying to pick about the you don't need to talk to Seth Curry like that and you at least halftime when he was sick and I love your game. And staff had a you know he's going out and out of you know low low turnovers and you're being patient and an Olympic game and but staff at that far away look what he wasn't listening and he wasn't happy with the way I was playing. I think. Last I it was hard for him when you're a player. Of his acclaim and he's he's arguably the biggest star in in not only this league evidently. He changer right there you know he's he's the guy. Andy the other team decided to go ahead Yemen target him. And it's through no fault of his own and the war is won at hard and that they attacked hardened at the same way Harden is just ratchet off the ball. And I I thought he was a better defender each that he's better. I closer to the basket when he can use his hard body the body shot on the floor he just had turner is these brutal. But was staff I think so Steve was trying to pick a mop a little bit but in his own way. That he was buying it and I remember some games one. The lock them up it's Connelly seven the same conversation. Misty is a good guy that he's trying to reach out to him but I think staff you know certain guys you don't need Shane and electric prods and the text during an argument for the big deal out of this in their ain't get no what did you. And he's calendar and get the hell out of going to the ball so was staffed each just I think at times last night. This offense was secondary. To what they were there on what they did to him. That and the floor. In Iowa Tories to make adjustments from for game two I do not I do not want them getting a way. With the constant switching. And attacking curry he can guard hearted. But you heard what Barnett was saying how he would guard hard they usually I wish I used the analogy authorities actually tried this where they put. Not boxing gloves but they you know maybe. Gloves. You know golfing the larger baseball left something to accentuate. Don't use your hands. When your guarding hard. And Barnett said. He would put Bolton is the height is back and just throw suggested to him which is so he cannot reach. But what makes staff curry. A decent defender. His pants he's got great hands. So you know that each ethic you know with a two ball drill and all that the quick hands and we're talk a new. You know different guys that have coached him throughout his years McCullough Bob volatility we have to Davidson about staying as Kiki. He's like Chris smaller worry compensates for a slow footed missed. Defensively what lateral move or policy got a bad MCL right. With lightning quick cancel heat to order free biggar he's got a huge chance. But I thought he reached way too much last night and lunged for hearted he did come up with a huge tip what hard wished look at a pass the ball. And out drive him the onetime charges laboratories a staff got its hands on so I'm not gonna worry about his office he stepped curry but I don't I did not want them. Being allowed to do this to him anymore I I do not want them punishing him. And the main thing their daughters reporting he's making him switch on to Harden I think you could overcome that she don't have to take. These switches. And it rod Adams will adjust. The the warriors are great is that it's which one to five most teams that switch one to forged a big don't want switch or Olympics could switch where strain mater Cannata whoever. But it's the watt. Then I don't watch so I I what I want to do it just here is to protect him. I do not want him hitting the deck incessantly I'd like stopped counting as like chases down to get it sometimes the camera would get their late epic fail. On assault sometimes. Sometimes he got knocked down. But they're charter rag doll they're trying to beat the crap out of them. Can I delivered as a user you can call her horse that's exactly what you do without question but you gotta get him off a hard it. And try to shave his body just can't take this public. Back to you have to plight amid Jill he can't take all these hits now. Hopefully that lawyers only play seven more games here because. Seven A board games because I do think they could sweep or rockets here and in NBA finals if it is Cleveland a sweep down maybe Boston takes him five games. But Seth Curry just looking that is neat on what he came back for game two biggest pelicans pop obviously he was explosive was fired up. Big game to read our Friday night. Biggest Republicans who looked a bit slow he didn't look explosive you look sluggish. Last night at times offensively and it probably mostly due to the screens and he was fighting through over and over again but he looked bid. Sluggish on the offensive and what did you see from them offensively did you see the same aggressiveness. He wasn't looking for that you know 27 foot dagger to reporter only took the five points what did you see from staff Korea offensively pop. By I you know I watched the game alive and I rewind it all the time. And then I'll watch your back and I I you know you watch for everything and I I watched play specifically should curry all watched the playback. Just to see easy jumping off his left knee he did jump off his left knee. Last night there was some really hard finish is going to his right where he had a very acute angle to the backboard. So I think. Now he's lateral movement defensively he's not quite there and and that's part of the reason they're attacking him at they would anyway. But I do OK he was one for five on the tree I thought he launched a couple of long ones but that's death you know he's so yeah it's just two years. And I think they were trying to take his three way more so take its freeway. He was seven for ten. Not to lose. So he was going inside in finishing its not like he was offensively inept. He got eighteen points and he took fifteen shots clay took eighteen shots hit two or 30 favorite play. I've been out they thought I'd make a point. In effect can be TVs playing the the playback again we're gonna get on the left side of the order atmosphere and heated rhetoric is that. I don't what the hell they do they take it hotter and you can't I mean disbursed to it the opposite in the league it's upside out of your purpose short talk about it but. You can't leave the three point I completely open. But let's play just happen every wanted to make more of an effort. To take Curry's three away Perry described last night due to the plate ice ball they'd move the ball when the ball's moving more. And I think staff was off the ball more last night that he was not and that's part of the reason I don't want I want loony to start. And partly because I don't want that switching thought tax load to go attack him break look at him. Get off a step in and what not Trace on the floor sometimes Andre wants the ball. I this the Padres better Rodman that second unit. It's just got to get back on the ball staff was off the ball he went fine he missed some shots but he was set for Chan. Sure it's lesser god that I and this is just think about that poppy scored eighteen points Lotta peoples are in a bad game and on the spokes any at a pedestrian performance he was gritty I'd love to wait curry played yesterday. The offense will come here but you're Houston Rockets. Indeed won a game when you say are we need to get off to a fast start which stated James Harden needs to go off he scores 41 point okay that happened. Which Shillue by thirteen points the whole current under twenty points or they can okay got a victory we look at this box score would do just look at that it rescind okay or rockets little won this game. But to lose by thirteen. We'll step curry didn't even explode offensively. The bad try from Iraq YouTube because it will get off because if they do shouldn't board double teams are Kevin Durant somebody's gonna get doubled off the ball up around two warriors will find the open man and it's clay or curry in a ball or off. Troubled pop this is the bad fats are pretty Houston Rockets and not even out Currie go off from the three point line like he did not know we drove to the basket as units is ever pretend on two pointers and he has some great drives on Harden when he was lazy and was reaching an all occurring just let him penetrate but if Curry's. Which scored eighteen moved thirteen. It went from 37 nobody can get that kind of urgently need I think DH it they're dark they're big they're not both gonna scored 37 they won't I mean I think they paid the Big Three primary scorers got what 2818 is what. The thirty organizations that are 46 dollars and 73. There's 82 points or be in order to watch the worst for the great. I thought I could. Chuck actually got one lady 65 year eighty shots came from those three guys last night now that's very true though it's too high they're faced by artist is going to be back to score forty every gamer 38 I don't follow it no solidly played within the social bluntness and it was. Bill Curry was a little at times it seemed like he was it like I got better again about saying he'll play better next game any the biggest thing is. A huge energy expended cigars statement if I if the chart at the hope many of your. They got a Justin Houston Rockets that is about Louis he's come a long way this season he's won a mini where's big there will be a free agent this season but easy the only one worth holding on to we will discuss very army after the largest part about it. Many 57 again. Now back to the red carpet shelves on 957. Of the game. I think youth who have outta luck. We thought okay. We'll have found off the TV years. Ron Adams talk more muscle conditioning. My hands. Walking through the help and I got a great example we've under the greatly missed and guys dreadlocks the greatest was so. A lot of great guys that apple watchers try to mimic other and we'll put put that in could come up with a Ruth. Plus a lot of film but now what I would look better here. Welcome back to the after the delightful problem Bonser here on any par seven game that is coupon when he today it should around discussing Ron Adams and what they talk about and how he goes about his defense in game plan here tomorrow Loney was one of the stars yesterday who will bring a sub pop because lawyers have. The slower free agents this season especially with their big man Zaza Pachulia JaVale McGee David West and of course the Vallone. All unrestricted free agents so. You know at this point who would you bring back would you bring merger of bell would you bring back David West do you wanna bring back all global pop or is it just could bomb looney. Now now now I mean yeah he he had to geyser under contract Jordan bell portability engine make it 815 K this year and Jamie Jones one point three so negative now slight bump up that you know bring them back. Zaza is making 3.5. This year one year deal. Zaza has served a purpose here for a while. And then he's he's a very good low post defender. At a shot blocker but a good tree trunk and a very good screen setter offensively. But. Why is he not playing in any of these series even a series against Aldridge rethink you can match up they used to bail. His lack of foot quickness and he would be lost on me go back and watched the rockets. Regular season matchups with the warriors they victimized him repeatedly while we're talking about the switch on to regard that don't he's gotten so good at so. It may be time for them to move on from Zaza and that would free up some money. David West I think it's up to him. He's come back on some really. Low salaries and year to year deal that won here in San Antonio last year authority in his first title this year he's making 2.3 million this year. You've got four minutes left to why he played great too he had to. Two assists right away. When he came into the game and we were. Talk earlier about the ball movement and they were weight lower their passing last night but I'd like to see a breakdown of the passing when Katie was out of fortress is off the floor. And getting a lot of those passes and Katie was off the floor that second quarter. Unit and it wasn't the the three wise men because the rotations were differed Andre. Was it in there it was McKeon. It was the other two of the three wise men on and David West and it was clay and it was straight. That David West. Hit. A backdoor cut for a lay up to play. He would rather wide open assists were the first one they lost your old green who was just awful defensively he says he had another assessed and that he himself out of the split action like tripod feeding it. He went back door for a layup. And he's got that playing second half's this goes back to the New Orleans series. Where he would play its second quarter allocation to manage it away eagle less weightless everywhere take place. And a regular season 68 minutes in the second quarter likewise the fourth quarter. Now we last night he played 315 the second quarter nothing. The rest of the game and I did that against Norman so. You know to rant was up to forty minutes last night. Play was up to 42. You know Nick Young played fifteen so what's our place playing in big guard played without the plates and small forty plates and three not racial. And David West as such a big part of the team hey it's up to him if he wants to retire. And try to save the world and do what he wants to do he's Smart guys will read it. In a world Leach beach leaders latitude go to politics or cold blooded that's up to him a little coats. These girls teach young was rumored to have a Monday afternoon light law Tuesday he has a huge teams so he could do whatever he wants David West is very. The very intelligent young human being but if I would like to see him back because he's he stabilizes a second unit. He passes very well could still that the nearest number but I was curious to see why even play in the second half only four minutes for David West bill McGee. It's appear we love Pierre you're the afterlife prop was gonna happen appear. Yeah I'd I'd bring him back over. Oversize. For sure. He and western different players but JaVale. I think JaVale could play in this series is certain matchups and you mean you heard the guys talk about halftime I think it was Kenny Smith talking about. Capella you know how good is capella. And they were saying and it was have a pregame show which avail curricula capella does the idea here that if you put a question which but he can't do it third diminish that capella place and Kapono played thirty minutes last night JaVale with the asthmatic condition an inhaler. You know he's a burst guy. Buddy tell he was cut against. About going into San Antonio series that we identify him be the key guy against daughter's game audio played Aldrich is a series went on. His effectiveness lessons so he's a short burst guy. If he's cool you know stay in Iraq rates making if he wants to make a big jump up. Then you probably have to move on and then you know Loney is going to be economics and again they can offer more than two to three so it's going to be hard to keep him. But I you know I I think Josh that would be the one guy that would move on. And then you know you are gonna have that mid level. And since the warriors are the luxury checks to lower mid level. And marketer and wanna bring Nicky I'm back I don't know I mean what a move not hearing get better here barely make some shots last night but I think. The product that it was a girl already should care because Gerald Green Gerald Green and Nicki on the same guy this is so athletic and no doubt about it knuckle heads not guarding each other right and you don't return a break and Irish and you know we're Gerald green is going to be sore right bounced from Telus like PP hey Joseph greens are moving from this market. You don't have to do anything to stand. Right next and so in essence it's like the perfect shares for Nick Young to play and he knows who's gonna defend they're not gonna move much on the three point line where there's a reason weather's Gerald Green and he's gonna hit some shots is crazy to me. That Nick Young average over sixty ports again because a Houston Rockets. Shoot the ball well oral no one is about the rocket and slightly Pete seems like a decent idea to play we displayed against Iran and. They don't get it gave breakdown. They elect play take a wide open shots he took Iraq over about Nicky up on the and it took the big one that he made right before half to tie the right at 56 it was a big. Shot and it completely botched that they both went to step pretty good about double staff I understand add staff usually is the quarter closer. So I mean I like the one thing they've got to do. And you know the west. Does these guys aren't problems but they the one thing the coaching staff has talked to me a lot about is just. They need more solid guy he's in net in that second unit. And I talk about the three wise men probably everybody else. You know they they they keep citing a loss to James Michael Mecca deal at all people literally mr. James Michael Mac it is they missed. Ian Clark David bring up Matt Barnes constantly demonic that their particular parts Federer march when Durant got hurt. And he was thought to be a knuckle head but he did his thing I think they wanna. They want you know stylistically you have to play the right way to play for this team but it's also like you know certain. Certain personalities distracted affiliate quiz question what's it. Eric can obviously grow look at become what a stabilizing factors with the second unit. Like I was William blur Leandro Barbosa guess setting our Lesnar he's got a garter quite could does have to guard better we've. We kind of figured out out yesterday it was going to be cook or. Could brokered slightly. And I just stop pop that Quinn could just camp claims series because. Chris Paul's gonna cook whom he's always is it going to be quick Chris Paul or James Harden on the court they're gonna play 48 minutes one or your other are all one of those guys are always going to be on the court self. Quite cookies he's probably gonna cast collectible to be in peace in the series universal's YUP place your boy who can make. Yeah its probably too early look at free agency year two way players would be. Reagents put your right they need to get a couple more shooters and a second units and more just consistent players we know Corey cook can't. He's not consistent yet Nick Young we know is not consistent so you're right they're an assist but why would in this change Michael Mac into a ball players. Just just what he brings off the court and it he's more in Alex whatever he played Steve used the term which we never heard before speed five. Right so James Michael Mack adieu. And certain matchups. Like Cleveland you know it would stay with anybody up late James at five which they do Sama. That he can play change she could be the undersized fast five sort sure look good for and David West is completely different guises are solid veteran. Is the big. That can guard darts that's that's always talked about right. So I think you just gotta keep got to grow the young guys have got to get better internal growth and I think this summer league. And it could have wanna sacked or is gonna take part in. And Bob should now locked about Bob's go to Chicago in between games on the pre draft time line that he's there today and we'll talk to tomorrow that he said he was gonna go back and forth between Houston Chicago we thought they shot to look for more guys like that but you gotta develop Jordan bell. You've got to develop damion Jones. Davy Jones closed because a soft plush is an out Oklahoma City game late in the regular season when he won an Oklahoma City pop this does damion Jones or the capability. Of being so let's consider remember correctly. At the reporter mark Klay Thompson and OKC game we're damion Jones had a salacious screen the free up play tough to contain the angels take that leap. Next season and contribute like Zaza Pachulia likened to bill McKee. Chart for British. Out of nowhere came from to where he is now but I don't Oklahoma City game of the pacer game on Tuesday Thursday he he played at. And he was really effective he's a quick second jumpers he's a lot like Jordan velvet he's bigger. He's seven footers he could put out there he could put him next George bell. At five and four you're talking about you know mater and that and and be a big athletic schism these guys would have. And then you know he got to figure out a way to relieve back in I don't know. Yes you strike me as the kind of guy he's he's quiet he's humble. Yes or no sir. Robyn Adams loves them. You know he got better he had better and it no. Well actually fully intended when they went to training camp they're back and admit this. Take doctor ever gonna cut him they did not think he would make the team and that's why they didn't pick up his option. And he got like yours better it's amazing that he was good opening night against Paul you know he was like wow what's going is that most improved player they get stuck with the war. But US from socket and I think in the league.