Papa and Bonta – 2 – P.J. Carlesimo joins, THE BASKETBALL HOUR!

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, April 19th

Hour 2. Papa and Bonta are joined by PJ Carlesimo (Coach!) to talk about the Warriors/Spurs series. He breaks down the areas where the Spurs struggle, especially with the aging stars. PJ loves what he’s seeing from Kevin Durant and doesn’t think it will be possible to really slow him down. Saintly and Kelenna also jump on for the BASKETBALL HOUR!


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You bit emotional. Considering what the news was but he has to break down a game and will get his thoughts here on the spurs are lawyers PJ there's rumors from Germany afternoon delight good to have you back on here. Well Greg Papa Bonser hill. On any 57 gay or so before. Let's just break down a series of the lawyers spurs came over three tonight. What are you looking for from spurs try to get back into the series against the warriors who have played at a high high level on defense have been they seem to flip that switch so far in a series Peter. Whether want to push you I think that. The the only hope with a real hope for San Antonio there is any is they've just been so much better team at all. I have to do during the final four or twice. I was in San Antonio are working their final four outs or. Two spurs games where they'd be OKC at Houston back to back he used in game didn't really mean a lot but. Still if you look at their record I mean other than. You stick and throttle they have the second best home record mean tyrant yet they are clearly better much better team in San Antonio court. But they're gonna need to be everything they need to do. A lot of things well that their biggest challenge I think. Aside and try to defend. Golden State which basically nobody can do it they don't score a lot of points every LaMarcus I think we'll get is. He's got to play well rejected the times were really good for the shooters are not make it shots and they need to make a bunch of trees. If they're going to be able to be the warriors what do these two games and there's been no indication yet that anybody's capable of doing that so. I just don't really need to bring a lot of guys to step up and play significantly better. And equated Oakland. They certainly need I think to make a bunch of three point shots. If they're gonna stay with with the warriors. Yeah basketball is basketball TJ but obviously the the story line understand the negativity profound loss of your friend in and partner guy that you worked with them and was an assistant staff. Gregg Popovich showed just stick he'd give me your thoughts there region one of the have you on the day was true to react to what popped is is feeling. Today. I'm not I'm not talking about their little group. Okay. Just is too hard for you to get into the at all pigeon ER. Okay I'm sorry to I didn't realize that emotional prohibit local yeah how hard talked to the spurs even even function tonight. Without pop and he's he's missed regular season games but as a playoff game in the ninety Jihad they. And they run the game and. It's going to be an enormous challenge but I think it would be shelved for the warriors to a lot of guys on the borders that are that are close so are our bigger meaner that. That's going to be their carry it over the game is no question about that but. You know it MBA player I mean. I've just seen over the years Greg you Greg Burke so far with what all the games I mean you're just so many things happen. You know so many dramatic somebody huge impact whole grains and players always seem to have a capacity don't want to do it starts dirt to put that behind him and you know to deal with. What they've got to deal with which is the game and particularly for the spurs let me it's just. State they have to play so much better than they played in Oakland. To me it's it's not even funny and I was really encouraged. You're right when I had those two spurs game so it was outlawed go to him. You know to listen to read your sake I've been around emerges slide not a player option of what are the two games. It's like okay seed Houston company and the ball termer like you know win and a whole bunch of games in a row. I'm saying boy this is going to be confident that great arguably two of the best games of the year. But so many guys played well I expect a way to play well. Engagement really do it I think lately with the other guys are just really struggle. You know Patty Mills that agreed that in those got to make shots. Mother and they want Maher who's been arguably you're second best player but he's more of I think is that. The last four years does wonders for years but again. Sort it all those things that that it need help toward you know the warriors have got the war is continue to play at a level that playing out right spews but it's going to be very very difficult. For the spurs. TJ obviously I think take a chance that they are you know you well as the former warrior head coaching on back cheer your roots at Seton hall and all the way to the final game here are in Portland and then you know your current coaching young Kevin Durant and all the broadcasting of Don and all the different jobs but just. If you would for a moment and I know it's highly emotional for a unit to get in his specifics of other obvious thing it's gone out of the last 24 hours but you're you're you're China Gregg Popovich you're working with me into on television with the spurs and then Sean Elliott. You know he's really cute it was it was worth given me that you jumped in and then you know you wind up being any. Member of pop's coaching staff in the later years just talk about the time you spent with Gregg Popovich as well as one of his top assistant speeches. I was one immensely you know one of the best experiences in basketball program has another bit in orbit really lucky Greg over the years to. You know we had. Pretty good successes seem ball in the final four were on him but I mean applied years in San Antonio there. To win three championships and other you know work with opting might Bono also has brought out. Mike Brown I mean some guys that have gone RC you produce. Been with optimal thing I mean it's it's hard to have. A better experience in the five years that that I was fair and and a huge part. Of this success there's incursion on the direction didn't include obviously includes Steven Barrett reached even Mike Brown are both. You know spent significant times did want to championships I'm not mistaken. Is it him. In San Antonio and then of course Mike was there before I went to Cleveland and no way. That that's the best thing about Santonio and and you know we've always said that it's obviously they dated they don't have good job they have great talent. Property the first one to tell you that it. What they've always done I think really well. Is get good people they have great people in your organization chart with Peter Ol time. You know going right down and he doesn't interfere agreed order and she doesn't wanna be up front. You know what is mark in the middle of everything. In tiger's great talented people he can't get. Two people more talented and I don't think RC Buford which you have a pop and he let them do their jobs and they're what they've always done a great job and is identifying good people that they will even take a tiny bit less talent he's got to be counterproductive when in his sleep but they'll take a little bit less talent. If it's somebody that there is a good person and as well on the make sacrifices for the team it. You know not have an attitude and share the ball played defense and accept coaching. And that's always standard trademarked name it it's still listed them their absolute. Person who defined that is part that's always been pop that's a great pop wanted to especially pop there's always insisted. It was going to be perhaps lies players. And anybody is ever work with them over the years. That we value the relationship with the French it somewhat because it's he cares about people. That's why do you know it's going to be you know use it's going to be incredibly incredibly difficult a couple of occasions and you don't know. Hip hop was one of the first trichet and and Don Nelson did this as well where he would meet with his the assistant coaches before he went and actually spoke to the players but you know pop has leaned and his staff. To really tell he's the head guy and he's in charge and he's making the calls and you know that as well as anybody but it really is a a a young group effort they're so hot they. How they run the game how does the game function. Tonight for the San Antonio Spurs shot coaching standpoint without Gregg Popovich Fijian. Well that's really you know that's great coach a lot of hope award. Good thing if you insist it would probably get your chance to Portugal engaged as a our usual. Pretty muted talk much so are entering a mean experience he's our coach and all over the world winning championships Euro leagues and you know the success he's had Russia and Italy in there and everywhere else. It'll it'll be harder agreed to during the game. Part is going to be fired at two regular staff. You know they built in June parade no. They are all of them but coaches lute there where. That Egypt Bangladesh are groups in the federal law are still managed to gain that that's to me not going to be huge now the challenge of the for the players. PGA Carlos mauled three time NBA world champion is insistent calls with the San Antonio Spurs of course we normally hear a former Golden State Warriors circles also calls Kevin Durant. With the Seattle Sonics here in the afternoon white we'll pop a Bondsman and parts of the game. Speaking to Kevin Durant he seems to be flowing really well alongside clay Thompson here they haven't skipped a beat. So what do you think if your culture the spurs here PJ. What do you try to do to slow down Klay Thompson Cameron direct because they have to go on offense will be so corporate lawyers. He's writing I don't know what you can do everything they have to try and get. So big people Bermuda as a good you know of their late forget they do so many things so well in the age you guys well Belichick took collaborative particularly without spin up there's so many weapons and it's really hard to focus our open letter to players. With that team cougars so many other weapons it. Broad you know watching and I would not it either in person who watched engaged. On TV were just huge jump crowded news. Refused dialogue about the garden are being you know there's there's not a matchup for Kevin to begin with this so they haven't played the same would you shoot over people. I'm not there were a number of. Recessions where the birds descended the primary defender on both of them. Did a good job they were in good position that it noted did beat they've made him take a jump shot and they try to contest the juncture of the bridges are bigger. They don't have the link didn't know Kyle Williams and struggled offensively but I mean I think he's got to give hundred minutes conceived out late in the way above average defender ruby ridge tried. You know I'm on both of them I did when when Kevin and play our. Playing. You don't it not also orders are always gonna play well when I mean when they're really. There's not a lot you can do Benoit could do was make them take contested shots. And they're also were good chunks of those two games it was like it didn't matter who was garden. But it should over them and are not limited rim spirit and every shot so. I just think that got the work that out more when the warriors play the way they're capable of playing. There's still the best team in this league and you know even without staff right now I think it still obviously each laughter. To get done what they want to accomplish both. When they're played this well. In my mind there's still resting in the lead sort of a tall order for anybody. Yeah literally you could change TJ we'll have a car history to radio I'm Sunday in this version. Warriors game four you were in Cleveland last night cavaliers evidence that series at one million unique Indiana could snap James out the first track agent. In here and there are you know I never. Never senator dinner with. LeBron immunities are these directors and a vampire you gotta put likable stakes in this are so yeah what was it capitalized right. That you're going to be close they were close to it. I visited the supporting cast didn't play well about. For him to get him over last night he just didn't even wait you know it took over the game but we're back. Of individual people had a great look at three to try to game what are what twenty seconds ago or some like that in. They didn't shoot threes well and return a ball over they were really sloppy. I give Cleveland credit Cleveland did. A lot of their analog to. Deliver the best reason that turned the ball over but in the I think you need is for real the first ever seen in person I've only seen a run. Gee your cape all year. They're good. My alternative is very good Darren Collison who really play well democracy board hadn't played well did not play well last night for. India it is good based on a great job. There there are good defensive team they roared in really debate featured on the floor of the content. He cap problems would get the ball rather toward dividend of eight. You know well let's say they're good to win. But it's not going to be shocked that that I might have thought it was going to be their. You know life that I think it's going to be a heck of a series record every dip last year they swept them and I had realized I'd look stupid game you know underscores the before scores questioned the total. Difference in the four games was sixteen points sold yes Cleveland this sleeper but I know they were totally different change but I mean at. India and assess success against. Against Cleveland talking it's gonna be a very tough series. And you'll be calling the raptors and wizards tomorrow for ESP anatomy of sponsors of the well. And then Sunday warriors and spurs on ESPN radio PJ pixel must return as always we'll talk to you hopefully before the play also rover. All right Bob did you did you wouldn't. Take care did you take care PJPs are Carlos more return maybe a champion as a sister calls and descendants of the spurs were gonna talk basketball because that's what -- is coming up president by Livermore fort right here in many parts of the game. Now that big red pop Michelle on 957. Game. Scoring play hard every single possession because you don't give way into the playoffs they'll come back to bite you have been through this many times. And are expected to play very speed tonight. And I would say our condolences to the spurs famine. How it's family. Do terrible loss. There and our thoughts and prayers and this sort of format for something like this so cars with them chipped up of talk whether she's amazing moment. He's amazing man so yeah. She's. Very unfortunate part of life and the tigers have before thought it was a good match when they're going to. That's clay Thompson as turnarounds and his condolences to the top of his family. An entire sports organization today should around welcome back to the afternoon delight the basketball our president by Livermore forward. You're exchanging Flynn Azubuike Greg Papa par tail there are many parts of the game so. Obviously the news rocked India world yesterday and how to start with you say the I know you know pop well Lynn. Obviously was mirrored air for over four decades to discover share your thoughts on Erin and Popovich and you know maybe Sinatra condolences to the public is Stanley. You. Obviously everybody any NBA community at its it's a sad it's sad happening. You know when you're coaching and playing here you're in the public sector. And you don't really know what's going on in terms of player was his wife for a coach with his family. And I I have the belief that. Alongside every. Successful coach is a wonderful wife because they have to take care of that family because you have to put in so much time. And I met Aaron. My gosh. 2530 years ago probably at least meetings we stem league meetings every year. She just had a warmth and a stature about her. And then. We step good conversations because says she loved New England she's like the book the main in the summer to get away from the humidity in San Antonio salute her and I would share. Stories about eating lobsters. You know it's. It's it's tough in you look at pop and I read money pull story noose you know he even let anybody know about what was going on and but he looked at everybody and he should make sure you guys enjoy this beautiful day. And that's kind of tells me what pops Elba he's. We'll special guy in our thoughts and prayers go to him in all of his family. Yeah same here second that there we've been praying for the Popovich family is really saddened and at times like this and see. The family aspect of the NBA though the players coming out and an offering their condolences and their well wishes to a to Gregg Popovich always coaches and all around the NBA you can tell. And we all knew this before that Gregg Popovich is is. Probably the most respected coach in the NBA. And the players love him coaches love them they obviously have an amazing. Organization. Over there is San Antonio and and a lot of us because they have and the person he is and and I definitely second what it was seen as saying about behind every strong man there's that we have strong woman and for decades you can you imagine what pop is gone through right now but hopefully although. The love then the text in the phone calls that he's been getting from from his friends and and his colleagues in other coaches are probably mean. Hopefully that helps a little bit. Yeah just in prayer Foreman and it's really all you can you can do at this point. That's obviously had a really difficult. Days and then you have to play a basketball game tonight which makes its for the spurs in particular. Highly highly emotional and I. You guys saw the interviews this morning from the spurs shoot the shooter out from their facility. And it was two guys in particular Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker. That obviously it played a long distance and you know one of the biggest games with pop and the staff for the family and and nodding in particular couldn't even. She say the words of what is going to be like to play the game without pop coaching the game and he was getting emotional unease spoken earlier about Aaron. So I'm just I just how do you think. Some way emotional standpoint. Dispersed handled this. Tonight if there's any kind of a a a video tribute to Aaron Popovich before. How the crowd react Powell may howl their players react and then in the mainly you know they had pop obviously touched every single player other roster even the guys that. Just got there earning a guy like Uruguay has got called up from the Austin team that she league's top that kind of guy but the other guys that he's. It won so many memorable games with Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili how they handle tonight. Well popped a look at the reaction of LeBron James and in Kevin Durant. You know he popped you'll and I have been together a long time in and an even Carolinas today. I feel that the NBA is come together I don't know what's become of social media but it but it really is a family. And you know we're like alumni now and I I think it's beautiful what's happened and the abilities to reach out and and and share your condolences. You know sometimes happenings like this. Your teen just. They don't have to say a lot they just they just come together. And then they go out there and and they will get I don't know they're going to be able to win tonight's game but you know they're gonna give a tremendous effort. And Derek yeah you know the the affection and and they'll love that that they're gonna. Share the fans tonight. Well they do attribute to nighter or the next game or whatever but. That's because of the respect that the Popovic family has has earned. In a San Antonio fan base it's it's a special it's like probably no other in the league I mean he's without a doubt he is the best coach in the league but what. Was thinking about a drive and and and and pop you've broken bread with a woman. Had a lot of fun nights. He says he's a man of emit immense integrity. His honesty. And he'd it's all right there on the table there's there's no. False pretense is or anything like that and I just think that's why so many people. Have such high respect for him. Yes I think right now I actually wouldn't be surprised if this spurs came out and played great just because. They're playing with a lot of emotion. And make a mountain and play with a ton of intensity and just try to do it for her. Her for Greg's Greg problem this is life and and dedicate the game to him I think of performances like Isiah Thomas had last year and his sister path you know I mean it's like there's almost something supernatural happening as. Pop you know about how. A guy like Brett Favre played when his dad Paris you know means as these games where. You can't even really explain what's going on. It's just years you're playing with so much emotion and you know that whoever is passed away is is watching from above earth. And then you just go laden and played an inspired game and so I wouldn't be surprised if that happens obviously although all those spurs players love Gregg Popovich and his. His wife and if they come out and played better than they have. So far in this series are honestly wouldn't be surprised us because of some of the stories in the past where where guys have lost a loved one and and come out. They weren't sure they're gonna play in the next game and they and they come mountain enclave. Probably one of the best games ever played it's it's crazy to see. This is the basketball over president by Livermore for its gear changing color and Azubuike and hear from the white. Greg pop and bonds hill here and earn 57 game tip off at 630 tonight lawyers up two games to none on the San Antonio Spurs. It's gonna be emotional at the AT&T sinner no doubt about it but with the way Klay Thompson has been playing so foreign policies insanely. I don't know way I don't know if you could stop this guy right now he's Rolex 23 of 33 from the floor so far. Ten for fourteen on three pointers in. Remember shot last year he wasn't hit as much last year averaged fifteen point two game senator forty. 40% from a former Klay Thompson I mean he is locked in on offensive and I don't know if anything to San Antonio can do to slow him down tonight and we. Well I don't know they said better back to back playoff games in his career. And it's it's. Variety of ways that he scoring. Within. The offensive structure. It's not a for example a lot of fast break lay ups and when staff plays he gets more early looks on the wing for threes but. Heck what is he eleven for fourteen from threes and you know then. But I'm loving the fact each taken their of the mismatches because they switch so much and he takes them down on net write box and turns left shoulder for that jump shot. And we sheet and drive a couple times finish from self but he threw out like a nifty bounce pass the other night for a a dog for one of his teammates he had five assists of course the defense has been stellar. He east he might be played as good as he's ever played dead in the NBA right now in and you know you hope that he can carry that on because I'll be honest way the F. It's not going to be as easy to score. Down near San Antonio you're you're gonna get a quality game from them and we always say. That the role players played better at home and may have not shot the ball while I I. Pop. Summarized again Amy said that he talked about different aspects at the end of his. Post game Ingle was he said well. He said we made 43 easy said we do have to shoot better we have to make some open shots so. It is Libya it'll be a different environment down there tonight and we'll see we've got some gifts of body injuries will not split. Hopefully we can know sustain the way we've been playing and and get. Win number three it's going to be tough for the spurs who came in this series. Saying the spurs is don't have enough firepower. We knew they're not as high scoring team. That is slow pace down and execute and throw inside and play inside out all those things and and they did that for a half. Last game. Then you have for forty minutes in San Antonio and they need more so much more from. The role players Danny train can't can't have zero points. It's just not. It's not a recipe for success of that Patty Mills can't be the only one other person doing something than. Than LaMarcus soldiers they they need to play better and saint just talked about it we expect role players have played better at home. They've been much better at home as a team they've been off on the road so you expect in the play better as far as. China stop Klay how's he just got OP misses shots because. A lot of shots he's gotten. He creates space against separation coming Austrian salute these hidden they're just really tough contested shots and he's got such a nice rhythm going right now. That. They all feel opened it and we talked about that can you should they be in office and Manny he's he's freed up feasibility. And he is indeed you can miss he thinks he's gonna make every shot that he throws up right now so. For the spurs you just try to make it tough on EG trying to track him off the screen shot a lock in trails that is close was body as possible and we talked about the last game how tough. Clay makes up on you because of the set out he gets in your body. The come off baseline screen missile sprint and stop the sprint and stop. And in your basically at his mercy on defense and because. As an offensive player in. You usually have the advantage because the defense of player doesn't know exactly when you're gonna go again they think they know when you get ago they see that. The player with the ball licking your direction of k.'s income our screen. The Klay Thompson he'll wait accounts. He'll go off rhythm kind of one you'd expect in ago he doesn't go just and awaited second then sprinted stops those. It's so hard to defend that social for the spurs that just got to do the best they can. Hopefully they've gotten their arrests last and I didn't. And they're raider run around a lot because Klay Thompson I can stop moves are you hoping mrs. hope Kevin Durant is is not as gaming and hope that the warriors are kind of sloppy. And come out a little more sluggish than they have been in and turn the ball over some mourn. The spurs are able to get some easy buckets because. Unless that happens it's it's going to be another long night for the spurt. It is a basketball. Power here or here it's Thursday and learn and here yesterday you were off yesterday popular you are here off yesterday a pretty good. That is size seven game so you're talking earlier Bruce Stanley Cohen joining us in studio here profit bunch thing. About injuries and you know the one and its most concerning David West ankle apparently is good to go even going on fired out on Aldridge and landed on that are left ankle but he's gonna be good ago. JaVale McGee. Left quad contusion not watch that video back of the game trying to figure out why did I think he quite possibly did that early in the game. On Monday and game two that may have been part of the reason colony he was not as effective and that. In the first staff is taking an Iowa on TV at halftime and actually a suggestion maybe I was I should play at church corner that. And then give illustrate the third quarter he found he's kind of found it again but should do it if if JaVale. Either cannot go or it's compromised early in the game. Do you think we get Zaza Pachulia back in the player rotation big tonight. Well that's the beauty of this team and you've probably all read allows us comments about not playing any said he just wants this team to win and he's ready to accept any role it's presented to him. I mean I feel confident if he gets an aerial vehicles use that body and bang Aldridge and I'm may not be in the chase him out there when he goes to seventeen feet start knocking down shots and narrow but as far as on the box goes. Eight embody them off the box and day gets some help on some double teams and you know just l.s been amazing Kuwata maybe. He. And it slate there a problem with that squad. When he came up the staters to the post game interview with us up on the stage. Or he might have been running to see the firework. Say those are the bottle a great job bottle and I just I was not very good but anyway for lifestyle I think yeah I still don't know what that is but I. I sure hope that's just life because I'm gonna tell you guys. He's been we talked about clay. He's been terrific. He had done so she regained game one in the second half he was a key piece in that third period run. So I'm I'm hoping he's going to be okay climate. I would think elicits really bad. That he'll be able to go. Yeah I think you'll they'll probably try to fight through it. And obviously the coaching staff and and Chelsea land be watching this year fees. Favor and any thing years he's having issues out there but I think we've bases Zaza and I think our heart goes out and. Cool we may see him out there you know he may start and it's really no stranger to starting. I think if LaMarcus c.s does us starting his mentality is going to be a very I use my quickness against this guy will probably see. But markets face up a little more. And try to drive Miami and really use his speed. To try to get an advantage there reaches the size as anything I got he's much strength in which is that as far as possible. And whoever is guarding LaMarcus I think more than maintain these guys do you work early. See if you can be the aggressor sees you can initiate contact first. And and push him out as far as possible and and keep him from getting one of those deep deep pain catches where he can just turn. Right or left shoulder he's using his left hand in and made some jump hooks last game too so. If you can do you work early initiate conflict seeking keep him out the paint. And and keep him from catching really deep worry super comfortable. Ballot galvanized got a good turnaround jumper he's a good mid range jump shooter dead beat him making shooting contested jump shot rather than a easy jumper and down the paint that's. That's more beneficial for the warriors and then. Saying was talking about. Elbow action in the exchanges on top we've made as some cross screens form that try to get them. On the block there and see if they can get his defender off of them that way so. If they're right any of that stuff cross screens I think this screen is defender. Is big too because you got to bomb them see if you can just knock them off is blocked his check of real good one time and then it marks his defender can get back. And really recover. And see if he can still keep from outside because he had two defenders were our markets in and pompano and then trying to be physical them. That's great to now he stilled. Gets good position and as an offender you feel he's got a good position gets how to work around to reduce something a CD didn't. See you confront them or deny mayor do something new and and make him there were over top in the weeks sides got to be. Ready to maybe take it off so what I'm saying is a team effort not just one guy Zaza as Harlem mister Bell's able ago. There's going to be times where you feel like he's got the advantage and he's about to get a pink casts we use and do their use gonna settle for a and concede or you know work. Try to get around sees he denied. Sees the weak side can help these sounds and than just kind of give it up and and let him get easy paint catches because. You use you probably expect him to play well but didn't expect the other is the play well and if he's playing well in and three other of may be four other guys there earth. Roland for the spurs that can be problems. It's hard to see San Antonio going four for 28 from the three point line in their first game back at home at eighteen tees and where there one. Ten straight games and abilities gonna be rocking tonight for game three way your spurs of course warriors up two games to none. Forty games and this is stepping curry work out a bit. I believe in game two pop before game he didn't have his left knee brace on. He was moving around well what if you two guys ceasing Colin SR which is certainly would have TPC for staff Currie who. Bob Myers yesterday in the afternoon light said the pay he's in good spirits. Would there re evaluate him again Saturday he could be calls but he seems like he's in good spirits and they are eager to learn for go to C lawyers. Get caught and I watched them. Both games and the key for me is I don't see any setbacks. ICM. Moving forward in a positive way. Now when you can see he has that. Smile on his face. I only did she is much of that if he was grimacing in pain and I think he thinks it's coming together forum. We touched so many times about him knowing his body Ian he's got the right people taking care of him Chelsea lane in enough. Orthopedic people for the warriors so they'll all come to the decision together but. I'm gonna share unselfishly shared that I hope that the New Orleans. Portland series gets dragged out there and to. O setting and pelicans and that's three Bleier Portland a winning games lately I don't care whether you're. The wind wrong and sets her kids get a show all playoff Barack Obama you know I can't. What gave Nadal a playoff meeting last the united Brennan's for the trail blazers. Yeah and what do. You know upon. You just said is is there is gonna show I full leg Mirotic is kind of take him out of the series because Mir it's his his ability there's obviously space the floor this spacing. And Turkey is isn't the most mole guide as a wanna get them at a match up so there's planes that Collins guy now the blazers are so. They got to miss you man pelicans look like the better team their starting five is really dominating that series it's crazy really. Talk about the rest of NBA playoffs and a second here but I believe and I told you guys as reported segment. Pelicans may be your lawyers toughest challenge there a nuisance. Higher pulls you Rhode ought to tell who's in and you got to let you guys know about this yeah. Well. I'm fifty sports talk radio and equally hot cakes that somebody order object though we got. Higher and he also felt that Barca the journey into the world at all out gore all priests and a new planetarium show reacting to surrogate I think they have much to California academy signs the expedition who week at the California Academy of Sciences. In San Francisco gate ticket tech I'll look at me. Dot org or visit the contest page in many parts of the game dot com for a chance to win a four pack of tickets to check it out that is. Expedition wreath at the California Academy of Sciences let's look around the residence NBA playoffs because they've been in theory very juicy will discuss and about law were presented by Livermore port on any front seven game. Now after the red accomplish all on 957. Big game. S book tour scoring champ. But played before just watch how high this law passes for the Yankees game this gives you Donovan. Two more coming you know the shock rocker gets better floater it not help. Put it down. That's our guy Kevin Arlen score absolutely. Over these NBA playoffs of course the pelicans two on and blazers. Cleveland and Indiana tied it one game apiece you talk jazz evened their series last night Agassi Oklahoma City under the big story. Melo Westbrook and Paul George goal over fourteenth in the fourth quarter down when that series shifts to Salt Lake City. He should have too low on the Minnesota Timberwolves we'll talk about. What the hell is more normal pop boy Katmandu. Here in a basketball outlook was in a bar Livermore for Gary CG when Azubuike alongside Greg pop in Bartow hill in many parts of the gave so we're able to start with these playoffs or we look at the future second round opponent in the Golden State Warriors systems in its first quarter series over so he's given me this dirty look but I think that is academic whether top. If I lose but the fact you still a lot of three about it for a it is that petty cool white winners not run it out of tunnels are not worried about the spurs. But the delicate. They've whatever the highly emotional. Well I have he had just been put them. Pelicans by far the most impressive team and be so far in the classic a look at the Celtics have what they're doing the Milwaukee Miami Heat evening their series you just Philadelphia 76 was put. Then going to demotion or entity Davis playoff run bill July holiday outrageous a trickle down to the thigh the pelican the oil boy it's different well. I agree. Yeah. And I value in the NFL and I'll tell you popular belief not where I am and I I'd say the origin of the spurs don't yet you mean. They've heard the pelicans look like a better team in the blazers and and for the blister is actually. Daniel Boone NC McCollum that have to play that especially game that was like one for seven from three point range and the last game and their bench came to play the bench had a huge advantage against the pelicans management. And the palace is starting five man rise on Rondo he was one assist away from a triple double. He score the ball league at sixteen points and sixteen points and Belfast via pre US yet we every once he just understands angles and then he's hitting threes notified. Dole and under ball screens heard the blazers was a great defense of strategy has him but he. Knocked down 202 huge ones one at the end of the half I think we're defender went under the screen in print pretty much the biggest shot of the game. At the end there so so he was a monster he's doing everything him and anti Davis in a pager wrought to leave the combination Jrue Holiday anything it was a big role. Is there ridiculously lethal common history and I the other usual holiday you looked unstoppable and same hour talk about it he's probably been the most impressive player for us in the playoffs so far just. Other than clay. Because it's physics Audi Q shown me something. He's bullion people to the basket he's. Locking down on the defense of and we are in you he's a two way player and and it's showing up here in the playoffs he's really. Basically though the pelicans back court has really given the blazers back court. A really tough time and Jerod Anthony Davis are out playing CJ and Damione Lewis as far as your stars ago. But then that you look at the rest of the pelicans got Mirotic we're just talking about I think Mirotic is kinda taken their kids. I this series and kind of made him a non factor just because he doesn't have that same mobility. As a guy like Zach Collins threw them the blazes are. Hasn't rely are more exact played well. But that that's just not ideal for the blazers and and you got E'Twaun Moore knocking down shots here in their Darius Miller came off the bench knock down some shots so. I'm just so impressive injury though because he's he's obviously had a career year this year I think Garrett nineteen game. That's that's his best ever his best ones are game ever I think he gets like eighteen and seventeen in and Philadelphia but. He he's really been freed up and we knew that would be the case when and rise though rise on came just because he could take over the point guard responsibilities that we felt like Jrue Holiday is more to guard anyway. But now he's just playing free he score when he wants to he's been a facilitator at times when he feels like he needs to Regis re the defense super wells so. He's been a problem for the blazers and and they look like the better team and now they're going home with a to believe if. The well I tell you they've they've been a surprise to me and in the NBA playoffs are about matchups and an eighth. Then those matchups at five and four really play to us the pelicans favor. Ameritech it was a great trade. Great trade and big 'cause goes down and Anthony Davis is is he's playing it three gears higher than used to play at plus easy injury free and he's motivated. And those two guys go wanna hear it on it I mean Rondo. You album when he's witty and you don't like them equities on the other team man he's he's so the deal with but he freed up Paula data go to the two guard spot and this guy is. He's been I think the biggest surprise for me. We got Ian Clark coming off the bench with Miller doing a good job and in a big one yeah out they're deserved they're playing terrific basketball and but. Eight. Gosh gee you're gonna hold alerted McCallum down for four straight I mean that that's not gonna happen but. Near attack is close that is being taken out and just staying and we've never had. High esteem for the rest of the forwards. Playing for on the blazers. The Abbott Alvin slightly leaning on his starters and he's not playing in his financial hole like those forty minutes forty and her idea I said the other night that I don't care about minutes and I know how to -- article later on though he's you know it's the thing about the warriors just evil plays veggies pared it down a little bit he's not playing Nicki on which we have acknowledged singling in the fifth the fifth and a few other players Jordan balcony area I've just why do you. They hit hard at setter for JaVale that. Gave the yeah I'd go. These kids needed he gets out it read and has a lot from the Alamo to the arena and wears guys ask robe and. And how. Yeah boxer Stewart as as we do it now. That balance throw some solutions for anybody who won't have league muses like many pets have ensured that he was yeah yeah yeah I yeah Westbrook go up to the weather we're going to look good we'll censured for the does he did this with we or go to. I guess what there and think about this had flushed out let's assume. That if you look at my body I think that was pretty jealous of the thing. A lot of weights I got I didn't telephones like that that looked pretty sure. He's doing that in itself. Tom go to greatly showed taco or are there at 536. If there. Religion boys are here let's talk about what's going out and Eastern Conference call wraps up to quality look like a different team even with affected the wizard should actually shot journal wall in the offseason but we can give in to that later. Cleanly and Indian people who lost in Milwaukee Boston up 20. Against the bucks and in the sixers heat with series is mall security for you guys in any surprises for you fellas and he's recovered so far. I'm gonna say sixers and heat because they've 76 is a lost their last seven games down their American Airlines Arena. And I just not that. They they played and a sense of urgency and in their led by Dwyane Wade he knows how to win games. That that's not. That would wanna say the most talented team in the league but they have a purpose that the plane terrific and obviously I am in love with what Boston's doing Milwaukee I can't believe another place. And Indiana. How impressive I mean days. Don't last night he got over 44 Dave boon that switch and at high pick with Korver and all the people had a wide open three to tie it they'll. Better watch out for them. Yeah out a Marta -- series Tuesday basically LeBron James came out with a man tally like I'm I'm just gonna win this by myself if I take every shot if I need to Armageddon ninety points if I need to. How much that first quarter going man is is anyone else gonna shoot in this quarter it's it's ridiculous the what you'd have to like at sixteen. One lead LeBron gets sixteen and pacers one. It was crazy he he'd probably have the right mentality because. Yes Tyrone Lue basically cart out the wrested the right we need mark if we can't just have LeBron Jay is doing everything in and he is doing everything he got a gotta respect what he's doing 46 points and they still almost lost in and that's cut. Probably got to be a little discouraging for LeBron like man I give you discount performance and we still bitterly when this is ridiculous and all of depot gotten south Charlotte the beginning did and he was acting NFL's right got okay phantom fouls right rather be turned mockery on Christmas Day indoor shots it was against thirtieth 2000 years at a game so I didn't helping out to a rough start there the he says say they still had a chance to win now it's 11 episode drew the pace is your feel good like OK we do it do who split there including now we're going back home. Silly deathly got a chance to win the series I'm disappointed in Milwaukee. A fight there miss an opportunity. To heroes here is there revelation fifth. The red zone doesn't translate and doesn't know we yeah I'm not. They're always playing on you ever heard of again like military rosier called him Drew Bledsoe so that I definitely didn't let that date guys I've been. Let's do it appeared again what we're very rosy urgency we're. Gotta give more effort and you got to give us and credit man and Stevens we talked about in the in the one of the brightest young coaches in the league he's really shown the stuff here there of 20 so that's. Why he's got some work to do that to take the game off of them that. They are gone home so we'll see what they can do there. And I'm like you saying that Miami sixers series I think. Dwyane Wade had a throwback game he's gone he came in the game he's talking up his team really hype and in my opening comes on and leads by example. And that first half he was a monster in and help them win that game. Joseph and he's complaining on instead Graham thank you don't know what's going I think that. I still think the sixers will probably win that he's bits it's intriguing all around the league it's it's really exciting watching these playoff games. Clinton who is the comedian that was our Kevin Hart yeah that's the name our draft and he got to break it up there in Toronto and I. Kyra back to our next rally on wall. I guess during those on wall from Kentucky's those seeking Tug and a it was. So why you're right turn has every right and ability to everybody thinks he's talking it's back to Kelly who bray junior called a mobile home right brother goes I like that would sit really hit it.