Papa and Bonta – 2 – LeBron to Lakers? Warriors Draft Needs, Joe Lacob reaction

Hour 2. Papa and Bonta talk about Greg’s theory that LeBron is headed to the Lakers, the next up and coming NBA teams, and we get into what the Warriors may potentially go after in the draft with the 28th pick.

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Out there as well that are intriguing but if Paul George is a huge huge X-Factor does he go back to okay seed as he joined for a change in LA. That's you know he and coli I think fairly huge huge question marks here I at a pop star that I have a slow hogs what happens the coral island. Let's continue this conversation in just a second pop the first body armor sports drink and I'm 57 gamer giving you a chance to win an autograph I don't from race car driver. Ryan Blaine the plus a year supply of body armor sport street and in many parts of any game. Dot com for your chance to win and be sure to pick up body armor at shouldn't your Safeway you're listening to many parts of game KG and CF and and XT one KG NG San Francisco the radio home. Of the 2018 NBA champions that we promised the trivia question given chance. If you listeners the chance to take a picture with the Larry O'Brien trophy to call. The first caller to get this question right why have a chance we'll get a chance to take a picture with the Larry O'Brien trophy as well as George castle. Listen up listeners what did Jauron world he say was more likely in our number one. Billy bean joining the giants or Bob Melvin torn and it turns what BJP morose he say was more likely. Billy Beane joining the giants are Bob Melvin joining the San Cisco charge call the contest slide at 415. 402686. Are beginner numbers were 15402. 6865. Welcome back in the afternoon delight Greg Papa bartered hill. There are many parts of game we're talking NBA offseason is Stephen A Smith popped up at a level of Stephen may hold its involved in all these things. He says according to this sources. Several things are happening. Hey Chris Paul is telling folks LeBron trying to come to peace he wants to be in LA. These are true art of getting through the great part Chris Paul is saying LeBron wants to be in LA and of course we've heard a pop. That his kids have already enrolled in school down in LA he's got two homes and where would this is the likely is scenario LeBron James going to the lakers so actually this part is this the only soon. That the only scenario that would scare you. You're warfare not thirty sale LeBron James and Paul George is one of the lakers you can. Should should the warriors fear the lakers if that happens. Not a fear of them but I'm back at him aberration like commodity bulls make it a big that would be great if the warriors and lakers are right now I want the lakers to suck for Islamic warriors shot. They are always so hobby and a member going into the forum at George Carlin George Paton that places that it chandelier in the lobbyists smells like Chanel. Georgia at beer. Anxious to see you know just it's it's they've they've they've been so good forever never gone back to George Mike in. Suited sharing Elgin. Then they get wilt. And you know and they have a little bit of a down time after wilt and security team. And then you know after carrying writes not for a little while I start to suck for a lie island Shaq wants to leave Disney World go to Disneyland. They get Kobe and there again decorated it Shaq Kobe refuting it. And how to get pop a solid just dropped off their laptop at a so they've they've been good for ever or rather enjoying. The last four years. While the warriors are having Nathalie this franchise is that stride. But arguably the restaurant in the history of the dam Lee hit. That the lakers have at their worst run ever. Ever Minneapolis. LA. Ever so I'm kind of enjoying it but I do feel as though it's going to end and they're starting to get better. And I think LeBron James is gonna go to the lakers I think we ball I've known that for alarm time we talked about it a year ago. That this is what he was gonna do and magic cleared the decks I think that's why Jeanie buss spot magic and was to appeal to them on that level that's what's gonna happen. The question is who goes with him. If he goes with Paul Georgia Paula George says yes I'm on board. Do I fear that no I I I respected I'm not gonna go as far as Michael Thompson said they're going to be the second best team. Any NBA they're still young. They're going to be on with coups Mark Ingram and assuming Alonso stays and they get ready Julius they're ya lost they have Josh arch. And it got to rebuild whole you know bench I ought to that it would be there's going to be areas to exploit. They don't have a lot of shooting. On the team Cheney's rhetoric is available. Generic will be your freeagent watch how they could afford that I mean I don't get any JJ just delegate support what he does that mean he's got. If they get LeBron and Paul George and there are taking up all of their money. That's about it so I don't know how much less mode and we're gonna have left. Luol Deng you know possibly they could trade them hearing it Trevor schline. Would take that enormous contract job if you tie a package with some. Draft picks up. How does that work in just 75%. Of the salaries have to match very much you have to send money back may be sent an expiring contract things got two more. I don't know. An enemy you know Luol Deng. If if Andris Biedrins can get traded majors that's about senator it's always such Hollywood Bob Bob was Smart enough to pull that I how if at all that's another got a lot of but and I am not I would not fear that they would be intriguing and in the that would be it changes looking at as scenario. And Allen or Trent bulking unit checks all the boxes off and he doesn't just do it at Milwaukee Boise hobby doesn't do a Kevin Durant. Where each you know if he's some off and Eagles it yeah a deal where he winds up in Boston. That's an act quite like we Kevin Durant to it although I have no problem with that if that's what he wants but people are like Stephen holder the job I have no respect that radically. That'll that'll political Croatia's legacy televised on legacy and because the first two words and legacy. At a firfer two letters a legacy also the first two words in his name I don't it's always the bronze legacy in any event. It would be a situation that they're not good right now. They do have young pieces that are really intriguing. And if he goes there he would build up the great brand of the LA lakers. And it would bring Paula George there they can do it simultaneously so would be organic. To some degree because they're still not a good team obviously it'd happen in the playoffs and during this round. But they're they're clearly a team on the rise. It would all fit and that you know LA and have we talked about which is future and its present. Now but I still think by far. That scene that's the biggest obstacle of the warriors is the Boston Celtics. And just getting an hour hearing Bret Stephens was talking the other day that fiery Irving and Gordon Hayward or both could be. About a 100% physically late July. Certainly by early August he wanted to be available starting up a scrimmage and place them in a full court as guys start to do an August oh and they got somebody draft picks they've got four. Draft picks you know what do they do with Kennedy ever trade carrier candidate who would they ever get into the collide letter to. Sweet as a populist argument everywhere remembering that day they call it reported I'm not I have been a single pot do. You know Danny Ainge will offer. A lot but he has a lot of young assets if it you know after the trade Jason Tatum. If Heatley chairman proud of the deal. With a few other pieces and some of those four draft picks he has next year even ones holding. For Thursday. Not the pop is back at the position in the trade for coli letters and treating climate and insured in courts the lakers while wanna look at a from the lakers perspective because. In Detroit where here we know that can happen and I right now I don't know I've got and I gonna buy this report and its people come up with these reports that are just. Mark them all down on tape took note of that industry argued that pop is saying I'm not trading on the Western Conference team. Nikki first of all he's what he's saying it is my right now I'm not trading at all. If he comes in looks me in the eye and says I'm not here I don't trust you or your doctors and you've got to treat me. And pop's gonna sit down open a bottle of very expensive line and say that you trust my doctors. Don't trust me. So he's gonna try to win him back so we buddies. He's not saying this decade are not traded him to Western Conference to I'm not trading on doing that right now is thought is I don't wanna trade this guy. Get on aggregate value back I give value back maybe. It may be at pursue the east over the west but at the west blows me away with a better deal so all these reports that come out day Lee. They're just she's just again they got to fill time. What are you gonna mention though pop was that if the lakers were to be able to attract LeBron James and Paul George. Would it even be worth trading ball who smile. Rain in the requiring or dare you tell a tortured young core because got a lawyer stated. In early did a homegrown talent. Staff Currie Klay Thompson during Mark Green. The list goes on in India at Kevin Durant. Should the lakers just say you know what let's ballpark future to try to get a short term fix to compete with the Golden State lawyers and bring in an aging LeBron James Paul George is far he's in his spinal cord that. But Arnold golf are on the lakers in a Magic Johnson sent. The football brawl letting them grow here but who's grow here cool letting Randall go but we're gonna bring you LeBron James and Paul George that's enough bottled peak. You know if you bring him down because everybody wants a super cheap easy all the totals will LeBron James quite letter to Paul George Laker uniforms. Lakers and I can bring in LeBron James and Paul George. I don't make a trip report later upkeep of my young core together what LeBron and what Paul George a little guards and LA. In less LeBron. Is she he's not signing up now. Now but if he wants you know his shelf life you know LeBron totaled 33. Played a lot of basketball internationally. Eight straight finals. The water when he was younger ease ease seasonal they'll always you know each feel you feel like he's spilled a Mac truck it'll never slowdown in slow and a so he may not you know sign on for this unless there's more. The veteran presence I don't even know if that financially would work coli letter makes twenty point one million dollars next year. What what does Brandon Ingram. Kyle coups monologues Obama. In your lawyers making five point 50. Yeah it's a sell off on cutting his 35%. Julius were want to won't make six point two. And you have three as an added you could hit fifteen etiquette of fifty to 75%. Of twenties I. I don't. I don't I I think if pocket make another deal in private Danny Ainge could make a better deal. A Philadelphia Brett brown could make an intriguing deal a lot about how Philadelphia does it unless they give up and beat it. Or shipments and I'm not doing it for Robert Covington Dario Charest action. But they have the tenth overall health faults with the remark on now now and Patrick I actually. I don't know I don't Dublin by our goal faults is gotta gotta cover the chairman and that's like in a horse. I know you. That's a even after I believe he didn't even play this year I'm trading collide later released what six for a pilot he's 36 I don't think pops get a good. And if he does it it'll be on his terms his timetable. He may make them go to camp and the ultimately may say you may want to leave them out actually so eager to camp starts and you come to camper. Outrage in February just not gonna do it unless he gets back what he feels is value I don't know but. I think it would be highly highly unlikely. Org changed George in a letter to all the lakers but I think the huge could they don't need other people's help if Paul George cents. I minute and I go to the lakers that's all they need they have the cap space to sign James and decide George. And it set in and you keep the other three guys by tea addict your gut. To wait for puppet to wait that out when nobody does it lettered I don't think it's gonna go down that way I think the huge X factors Paul George but he decides. Hello this is going to be a fascinating offseason for sure free agents assigned an NBA. July 1 course NBA draft is coming up Thursday but we got Joseph Waco. Yesterday in studio he joined us for an entire hour let's review what he said here in the afternoon like a pop about it and parts of again. Now after the wreck pop a shell on 957. Game. I wasn't so worried in game six I just felt like we were gonna do it we're third quarter team where home. I was confident I was definitely bear creek before he did give him seven an app that that was the scariest moment. I have had. In the eight years that I have been in this position is different this we have not been in that situation. Game seven on the road to a very good team albeit without Chris Paul but we are without Andre Iguodala who is more important to us than people realize. That was tough I remember sitting there have plummeted Wally my seat I was concerned because we've played so poorly. If by conference ever wavered that was the moment where was wavering but we came out in the third quarter and did our thing and the rest is history. What a trio was to have till late can be in studio yesterday here in many parts of the game in the afternoon delight. With Greg popping and Vontae hill and Joseph lake of their discussing what he was thinking about during game never seventh this scariest moment for him as an owner. As he shouldn't there as he's sitting there next to Jimmy Goldstein and Bob Myers. And the lawyers fall behind by fifty points a game seven. On the road in the essentials it's a shame here for Jolie could talk about that game and how about with his scariest moment. In this eight year tenure as owner of the go to say lawyers pop that was intriguing to hear from Joseph lake of yesterday. Did he say the entire time he's been an owner urges and desires earned the retired colonel he had programming games six and Oklahoma City he'll scary scary but it never got to be sick and center in Houston and we'll have more than Father's Day at home against Cleveland and I couldn't score for four and a half minutes and he and it was scary and the reason I asked him about it was richest guy. I was thinking I you know I I never think doors gonna lose a game. But it started rough that night they were being out hustled they did eventually start to ride it towards the end of the first half and clearly in the third quarter and wound up winning. Rather convincingly rendering it was great but when I was thinking was what she thinking thinking shell shell. And he didn't feel much exactly what he was thinking. But he did later. Talk about how we're all reactionary. And society. And certainly in sports by the last thing that happened. So what if they don't win that what what it would have for you know what which is something happens. Direct a church stuff rolled an ankle is something in just don't you don't you don't play well on this particular night he just don't have it. And you can't do and you lose. And I in my mind was racing a little bit. I psalm in our early in the third quarter and a that a win but I don't think and what is he going to do thinking about where. Nearly start the NBA finals Thursday may 31 laureates art it is or not and so my thought laws. Head coach. Right in the union actresses enact the trade and these players. I wouldn't. On a two day when it traded on blip I started thinking about. And what if Katie walks away from this he's got is now championship that boy whose lose the case he's out the door Russell mark mark wondered. I I I mean yeah Abbott dedicate each call I'm looking at a more from Joseph lake up you know hollow. Angry. Frustrated disturbs. Reactionary would EP. And I thought of the head coach just because. All yearlong there was such a level of frustration between the coaching staff and the players for whatever he's an under achieved. They weren't the ones seat yet to play game seven there wasn't an oracle. Just every so why why did they under cheat why why they tune about a times why was it difficult maybe it's just you know. Compilation of the four years together I don't know but I am I'm trying to read his mind I would in no way in hell get receive care. But in my mind. I just kept thinking that Thomas. And made because is always at oracle. For one of the finals games. And I interviewed them and we talked about you know the orange try to get Thomas O'Connor one time saying did and he just it wasn't right time right. And everything that's going on in this machine is well without question and there were rumors I've heard rumors for the Orlando Tom Izzo. That's Orlando. He had a chance to coach stream on earth in the NBA 82 when I talked to Tom Izzo that night on TV he mentioned it. He kept talking about talking to the owner and kept rolling and Peter I'm encouraged to park studio. Shot is my mind was racing. But I thought. What they ever do that. I was you know I like time has a great coach but. It is taking a hard time reaching them now. And it's not just coaching drank enough. That she after DMA I just think the way Steve handle staff is just a perfect. Everything just that this system. The way his personality is. I just I think it would that a huge. Huge mistake. But he's you know he just finished here for a five year deal and it would have been relatively easy five million which is what about it at. The biggest mistake you would ever make it without question. The biggest there. But I I didn't hours my laws. But the reality is that didn't happen so corporate plane in the water have hypothetical they want. And he did say later in the republic earlier about some point back conversation yesterday that the is Steve is going to sign a big next. Or that was purchased this from being eight or check enormous it is hot daily talk at 789. Well. And like you talk and millions per year an odd years. Yeah you are to build on some talk about the millions in terms of years I would think it'd be. Look at Dwane Casey would recertified your desire to realize exactly a year and that seems to be like the benchmark for coach is right on your deals for 25 knowing what I don't know topics eleven year here but he's also he's also ducks and his or Doc Rivers makes eleven cool here you know doc was making ten a year. Five years fifty million dollar deal but he was also run and author's okay now. Hold on though he was making ten a year to do both they demoted. Paper audit Jerry West. He's making more now. They just signed an order extension at that thing about coach's contract it's not like players deals written call up and union. There is coaches association but I think part of their edict is sort LP Voeller make it right so you really don't know. But from the reports that I read they bombed dock up to eleven. More than eleven a year while in Chile makes more than pop. Does that make any sense Joseph does not they QVC that the doctor tips Tom Thibodeau. Makes. Now here's the interesting part. And rattle and I were researching this yesterday because I saw one thing that I saw that that the tips makes. Five year deal for forty million dollars which is eight. Millie right the bitter race that I heard me tan. And then rate researched it he does make ten and a where they broke it got out of all I needed it this way but he gets eight million a year to coach. He gets two million a year to run the basketball ops so he makes tan. So we got we got top and eleven we got docket more than eleven. We got kids at ten. Hell. Tehran a little and I like tie Lou I think he's much better than people given credit for or discredit what he's done. Except that a year while he makes 35 mil for five. Then he got that rate now right took over mentally here for David lat it counter and I get to spend that he went to championship. So I think. Those are the big guys in any gadget chewing Casey's that's out here and everyone's that is added zero. So if arch against Steve Kurt not that kind of guy and he's cool distrust a playoff at that shot as he bought it but it's still. You know he's figured facetious I don't know. And advice L Abby the other three year. No and Steve Kirsch health and what's going on with his back in lucky in this game all season long we still seem squinting premiered here. Turn the time and he does take the medicine for his migraines. Would you take a three year deal for say ten per would be appropriate Steve Kirk I'd be cool I mean that's appropriate try. I am again you know I've looked at it in now opposite it differently but of docs make it eleven could hide you know it's me. Start at twelve or thirteen 1415. Averaged three year deal 42 male average fourteen. That's an Iowa. But she's not like me. And he's see he's gonna do it's what he wants and you know he Bob Stevens but otherwise talking in the media right now about the draft of its it is. Thoughts on what's coming up on Thursday. I think they got it all worked out he could play more hardball. And do it that way and I think that was about this. Yesterday you know I've been critical of the organization. Ford not immediately. Giving them more money after he won the first night. You know he made five million a year which a lot of money. With Luke Walton got five million a year right away. That's kind of a benchmark to start is to get five edit and that's what they. They gave Derek Fisher in New York it's what artists and it's kind of a starting. Wage and that's how a lot of body you know five million dollars a year fighting side me but for coaches that that's just kinda entry level to some victory. The better organization summer lower but you know. I thought it out chaired upn given bump a bit eat right away. But the realities. Right when he won the title. He had a back issue. He went into surgery they fixed the back problem but the net that there are a member range you know it's leaking it now. And they they heating coach. He coached the first 43 into the next year or are you can't coach eleven playoff games the following year. And I don't I don't know what they did privately but I cannot imagine. They went Dielman said. Back in YouTube respects 43 of the 82. Your five million back there. If you didn't that the course needed it and so they made him hole even though he didn't coach so he's looking at it that way. I'm cool you know I I you know he didn't get it was a hell physically. But he didn't do what was you know these job responsibility for more than half the year at least in the regular season sought. Looking back on it I think it was just all the whole thing so I'm actually on the back off that comment that I've been out there for a long time sank and I think it's fine now. I thought about it that way but it just trying to hit me yesterday about two and happy with Kelly Johnson. And she brought up which she is bringing up what date. Have protections of the contract going forward. If he can't coach the entirety of season I don't think I wanna you would do that either two weeks ago so maybe you know we're not gonna hold you to it. You're back and ask for Popper doc money. And bull on meet in the middle here and we're all cool. So I don't know what it's going to be but the owner did say he's gonna sign a big extension and it's not like it's no probably Carty you agree to an industry where it for the right time now. Now Joseph electable also talked about next season and then of course see you know he said I was Steve's job to motivate the players throughout the regular season and we know. That they slept walked 58 hits national small feat at all traditional it's a lot. In the NBA. But he did talk about other teams and fearing the competition what's your Angelica are on the competition it's when he eighteen. We could have more competition the Celtics are coming men 76ers are coming. Houston's probably be really good we'll see what other the lakers may be do whatever they do and creative are and it's gonna be tougher and they're they're all us out to how we play. So we've got to do some things differently as well I just think every year gets tougher. In the day and Joseph Laker does not outline their property in the in the wake you said billion Boston they have a meeting we could talk about it all season long Jalen brown. Jason stayed on we'll see what they do what Marcus mark sir Terry rose who is going to be tobacco PG at a for the first part of playoff she's really good in tailed off but still got the Morse went up there. Boston has come in Philadelphia wouldn't be an Indian Simmons indoor charged. Joseph like ally in the competition's getting better and better and teams are start to figure out. How to play gets a Golden State Warriors in Houston Rockets surety give more room for her money and west of corpus Arnold's. Yeah I think that's obvious you're talking about filling in Boston and they're there they're they're they're young and they're gonna get better. Just because they're young players are gonna grow and mature. But not only those obvious she on the tremendously deep and talented teams I would put Boston on a whole different level in Philly although in the is the best player of all of those young players Tatum really good but indeed he is alive July he has I never thought I'd see it. He's actually either further even for much further along offensively making much McCain was really raw offensively. Playing with five slam jam on guy Lewis and Clyde and those guys are mean Shah. That he was encouraged. Rates greatest feats as just a great player and beat it. Is that kind of play but it's not just the young players brought to a that are that are gonna get better because that is gonna grow and mature. James Harden. He's way better now than he's ever. He's got a better body percentage of body fat is down. He learned that stepped back daddy and I convinced he studied staff to create space he wants to go hard it was left to drop to jump back to his right. He is a much better player LeBron James. Is a much better player now. Then last year the year before. He he fixed his shot yet it's noble Ian he's holding it higher over his head at why are they doing this. They realize it's hard to say and I may never get on. I may never win the championship changes in Dana. If they are the guys never existed in Golden State there that I'd I'd pass Michael like now. You know I I I I have my three and I'd have maybe seven. Epic that so hot ally a lot of like you. How to we get more. So I think the league is better because the war against Amanda if you don't get better you're gonna hit dust it. So the young teams are gonna get older and better more mature. And the older players are getting better it's good for the league. But the warriors needed now that. They need to know that so high again and I asked Joseph this question when he came in in the middle year. I wanted to ask it to him again accounting answered it how do you navigate the regular season next. How to do it he's just a whatever seed we are we're cool with them all run the table come April dated your. Or do we whip them again do we I think what they're gonna do. It's handed over to the end eyes and let them drive this but I had a good right now. He had a cherry pop because not only another young team we did not mention is you talk gas. About how well they play wants to Keller calendar flipped the 2018. Donovan that you root ego pair I mean these are tossed prop up the American that they had a. The royals I'd take a look more like we're not quite good American real young healthy haven't you would've pushed Utah where it puts a huge didn't. And there are elements of their game I didn't wanna deal with Lebanon mountains but they've they've they've got a good route to go bear. He is a regular season shot blocking an email when that offensive player of the oil awards are coming up on Monday June 25 minute. Get those awards he's probably gonna win but when he gets switched onto. Gardner and he looks off the quicker you can call for shirt John-Michael also this is the big question here in the Bay Area. How will the warriors keep the core four together we know Klay Thompson as a free agent after next season injury Ahman Green a year later we asked Joseph Joseph Lago is it feasible to keep all four all sorts. Sure it's feasible. I meant what I said a 100% we want clay and dream on to be part of our organization long term along with Steffi KD we're trying to do that it's really up to them they really are under contract have to do anything right now. We got another year to -- clay as we all know in two years to go to Fremont they have to take a lot of things into consideration that I've talked to each other talk with Bob enough there was talk with me they can talk with me. And you we know the way are you gonna try to keep the core four together we talked about it or to Jolie the left we wanna see her core four we wanna see this thing get rolled out to the wheels fall off. We wanna see drama on get old hearing called state college object you go to your go to state we don't wanna see a broken up at any point but next year. Is really gonna be sticky for this franchise could be a turning point. In his starts what Clay Johnson popped. Yet you know anything any walk of life when he news you know finish something that you gave a lot of thought to elect people thought and I years here you're in panic in impart and and and part of the blanket interviews fetish history great questions. Project columns showing light years it was really funny. So we can but I you know what I'm Donna some like that when he given a lot of thought of news coming in front actually at the weekend. You know the one thing I wish I would have phrased that question differently to him I think the word I'd use the word feasible and can use the word plausible. And the reality is. Back and answered any different. But I was thinking and the way if I had a chance to do it you don't just get a Mulligan a do over again I would reported an NBA injury. Vernacular. To keep the four all stars together. For now and for her for as long as we want to understated yet and still effective players would you categorize it is doubtful. Question Novo or for all of let's let. The troops out there on the no price you all to go in a nutshell is what tickets go to you talked a few dozen shots I just like to get another witness that you could lead of I mean I think he's cagey enough to not you know answer I don't know but I have rendered rollercoaster month to I look at you actually said Papa don't ask that question but I can say feasible or plausible is just opening and he said sure. But if I would have you know given them you know ABC. Doubtful. Questioner or or probable. You probably picked questionable right right he wouldn't pick doubtful. And I hate answering for him. But you know it's right he would say it's doubtful right now maybe it is not a now. Would you say it's probable right now I would say it's questionable it and be questionable because you're on an academy not answer right there's it's easy just. The question mark what are called the biggest question mark for the franchise as other. As for the next two offseason. Right it it'd be interesting to see if Klay Thompson leaves a lot of money on the table. Or Dermarr green leaves a lot of money on the table and I can't speak for these guys pop you know it this is their last this may be their last time new. Come. Just to get this big money to get a super Max deal Laura Max contract but. I you know ask Obama leaders today are the data parade poppy joins starring me guru Terry and I. Mr. Kamal what if you get an offer for saying I didn't mention any team names but just hypothetically to got an offer from Orlando. Or Phoenix. It's about forming a more than what the warriors are pleasure over the long activity at a concert which really wanna leave this would you really want to. Go from playing on national television every single week the front of a packed house or the show and NB a New York the lead the most entertaining team. It and basketball would you really want to lead this go play for bottom feeding team that's not gonna get in the near term and he had a you know we should look at this it's a business but that's something I'm gonna have to think about. Think we will play Charlton major migraine they're fine by employers and Klay Thompson and happily in the disorders are mongering will have plenty of suitors. But do you really want to lead this which got going on here sometimes. In a winning championships and playing with a group would controversial selfless. It's her money and it got a lot of money but I can't I can't speak for a mate that wanna make a business decision goat so be it but I'm just thinking to myself why would you wanna leave. Even if it's even get to sacrifice and limit your. I would add it is though it's either a war rich you know state with a great team for less money or join a horrible team look at him more money. And I mentioned this to you last week what if a good team are really good team offers some really good money here like the Houston Rockets all war. What what college did c'mon plant there at UCLA. So what if very. But if you're going to glaciers could not yet Paula George to go. That they have a lot of money. They're going to be able to keep Julius Randall probably and those young guys that may be there in the market for or. God looney. You know maybe they bring him back to LA area where he grew up but he said he of the Milwaukee actually printed into Hamilton Alexander is a guard instructor triple doubles again so like you know it's yet sometimes it's not just great seem less money horrible team great money. They're also really good she's such as that they product. You know he's academic huge huge money I think Gerald Lawrie is going to be on at drummer here in Brooklyn but I think. I think also good teams would which which Arctic about disease the modern day date that can switch onto a garden guard. Like you have a sleeper team and all this pops in the is LA clippers. Surely west wants to make some noise and acting Steve Ballmer and Jerry West forgot something. Up their sleeves or I don't know what it is pop about the they're gonna be a player you watch this right after the Cuba securities couples to get it over two days that he's got 1213 so we'll see what happens with the clippers were blocked Bob Meyers to spoke. To the media who asked tied for the media but not us go figure he's talking into Slater Marcus Johnson and pop up and bonds say whatever we won't because spot she puts over America on tape op visit us every week now and zero. Requirements to us anymore if he dealt Armas last week the baby's. Given that she usually I don't I don't care and Kenny and out of it yesterday in the playoffs that's. Maybe yes one more visit what this we got published a little he's got one more visits scheduled because he scare autonomous last week now you would have to address you entered after the draft and we can do it after about last week or let's do it next week but he just spoke about what kind of player he wants to address what does dissect all of that here earlier to device problem boxing. I Carson again. Yeah it. Now back to the red top shelf on 957. Fixed game. With our limitations. As far as we can spend in free agency and we'd like to drafting got a complaint. It's been a four years of our major corporate a lot of minutes. And so we recognize that you guys probably saw that last season as well. So the idea haven't used the can step on the floor give us good minutes it's a feeling that doesn't mean we have to take a guy like that. Come Vonn was a guy we draft a few years ago that a couple of years we've got a better. Damon Jones is hopefully coming along. Jordan got two minutes to somewhat rare for a rookie. And on a tip it to team so. It's hard to say. Sometimes in our range you do see more upperclassmen to freshman sophomores in the two earlier on draft night and two days away it will we'll take the best players available. Bob Meyers just met with the media after rackets and former senator course SM is courtesy of 95 cent games on tickets and and he's talking about what do lawyers can do this off season we know we're gonna have limited funds available. Other mid level exception which is five point two million but it's gonna be charged for that they're British we claimed nearly. Paying nearly 21 million dollars. For a mid level exception type of player could that be too small car for I don't know what we're gonna have 28 pick in the draft. Thursday night so who all of a draft waters or strategy or notre mark green is that the brackets and before consider involve Myers here in Jolie comes a year and leery your Harris is here as well the assistant GM of the Golden State Warriors so. No what did you take their from Bob Meyers or as he's talked to him either today pop. That this this draft pick is different than in years past when they drafted cunanan and damion Jones. They they needed certainly have because of the the salary. Constraints that that are under now and facing a daunting late in the future. They've got to find a way to bring cheap labor. And this organization and cheap labor in the NBA. Even first round draft picks by. A second round pick so they've they've got to do that and this is the highest this team is chosen. Because they did not have the best record in the NBA. This year they merely had a third that stricker can hit VA and I love it in the NFL if you win the Super Bowl. You pick thirty seconds. But the warriors had you know nearly 58 wins Houston. 65 they're gonna go dead last you imagine Daryl Morey sitting there in his he's looking at a player he watched Bob takes them to what you need to. Always good to have doctor Spock says that's all I. I'm probably a suspect that if I tell the truth itself and it got Toronto is in effect running it. So lowering his coach what do you say to this guy is the warriors have picked since they got that he. And hey you know got Harrison Barnes. The years that and he tank day technically are tanking it's right at draft day. John any event you know if it's you know draft pick. And they needed. It's different where Damian Johnson if I'd looney were more future. Bates they weren't like European guys that you drafted you know lightly Mondale. And you don't see him for three years that come over later buried teen night that we still have that guy that you bring it overnight treading. The other end of could of gotten to where those kind of guys that they were guys that you know c'mon at an existing hip injury played Thursday offered another one they were more. I he would need right now. I think we're about Hussein. Is we expect this player. To be able to contribute right now in the rotation. And then on top of what we're talking about what this mid level exception and I think that's the one major takeaway that I took from. Cilic upcoming studio yesterday as he did confirm. That it's times floor where they were in the tax last year they're going to be easily and attacks this coming year. So that's a heavy penalty it's four dollars for every dollar you spend. And I I hear it's actually five point three million equity. Luxury tax going up from ninety that the luxury the the tax line the salary cap right but from 99 don't want Awad is may have ticked about that mid level exception for the warriors who are taxpayers anyway. There's a higher law. I read it's five point three. So that we take it to 21 point two full. Times for so I mean obviously what you which you pay any of these guys this morning million dollars in the they would make. They would make more into it it's not all going into their bank accounts obviously. But as far as money you're paying outs. The only guys on next year's team that would make smaller our staff and Katie Katie got a contract to rework. But you know placed an academic that much he should make less than nineteen dream and make less than eighteen hackers gonna make sixteen shots and making eight point three. So either tips or 21 point showed a matter of college student out it was not your organization. For the mid level exception its main beat me up yeah I mean happy print. I'd much it's hello player I don't know who you would do that force that admit level this may not be out there I'd take so it's even more. Important. That Bob and Larry Harris Hitler's men out scouting does most of it in Bob's obviously doing as well that day. That they find that guy that they they feel like flock and it probably be more of a wing you know guys are. In the media's pick it up on what's going on you know most recently in the even yesterday they had players over their shooting (%expletive) working out for them and it is time now but Frazier talking about from Tulane who played for Mike Dunleavy. Senior. A long guy 66 long wingspan. You know outs you're drafted 28 you really don't know we can you with a trade up and all I don't think cell and then what they'd be able to buy. In the second round pick the way they have in years past and I think the highest level now is five million dollars. It and you got to think about it like this I know there's going to be teams desperate for money. But manager Bob Myers and got sick what are called B a draft night. Item not to get hello Bob are making up our armed click but John mark green is your direct to perform sooner property. Larry Harris Steve assistant GM of the lawyers talked to repress these sort of Audrey Marguerite was in his a year. Talking about how there are 82 game players. Then there are sixteen game players. During months in short interested in only be a sixteen game players playoff type players guys who can help them in the policies and a not so much to regular season. Bob Meyers a company are looking for 82 game player in to get the lawyers to the players because as we mentioned pop. What is your card gonna do to motivate this team regular season I mean look at recreated aren't aligned to win four or five. Put it ought to date I gave it's such a little QX. Jerry Margarita category gonna get up forever stamp birdie on the solidifying these young guys to try to infuse some energy. Into a regular season I agree with you it's and three indeed guys 6667. Woolsey who's out there. Aman fascinated with this guy deep intentional. Defense and chauffeur and Villanova are probably just as a motive he has until the red packet of the IA I think your stock is going up but I when I originally saw him come out in declared that he was going to be NBA draft. Atom low second round. Late first round but obviously stock is rising that's the type of player that I love to see pop another guard guy who can handle the ball. Outside of Charlotte extremist sectarian Iguodala and I know you got ball handlers. Open down a line up but just another car to compliment Quinn cook well like she that would waves as well. He had an offer it necessarily has to be a ball handler I I want defense side I think that's what this. It team is built out of it you've got plenty of offense that you could sprinkle around. And I I really think it needs to be shut down defender. And it needs to be to me more of a 23 that'll 12. I do have you know Al does she record cook takes his game. We were so enamored with a lightning here. And the reality is staff was hurt and we were on that kick went before anybody else that he has to be on the playoff roster. I don't care staff comes back then ankles a ticking time bomb and I'll never exploded never detonated but bad ankle and sprained four times sprain did reach brain's reaction times after the original. So but there are there are shortcomings of his game. And the one thing that he has to work out his defense and I don't know how you do that summertime militias to apply. And making used to play you know guys to work on the shots in the offseason individual skills. But he's got he's got to learn how to defend better. Because they just didn't wind up playing him in the playoffs he played a little bit here and there and obviously you know the game five and used in the mission got a he just didn't have as big of a roll and or not they're not on the hook for for big money. An Akita the last years in the guaranteed and that 201920. It's a one point he's not making enormous money. But I go back to when Joseph was in studio with us what was it marchers somewhere out there much we were talking about Quinn cook and oversaw Hyannis and got a nine. Santa Cruz and they owned and operated Cheney were thrilled. And he said that is seen better. Parry away phrased it was talking about Quinn cook are are we get a draft anybody. With that first round pick this year it's going to be as good as Quinn could via an easy answer he answered himself he was saying no. Well now I say you better. I think that there's got to be better you know I don't know where this draft at all. You know it's really hard to tell late in the draft I'm trying to learn to the top five guys are to figure out who you like there and it sounds like it's going to be the Audrey eight and in Marvin Bagley and and where to look at dodger fallen. I'll the other guys bomb and. All where is your big where she get a goal by the way these guys are given medical records for the kings and grizzlies are no mole baba refused to give his medical records should grizzlies he doesn't wanna go there. People are also showing the checker middle keys Bob tell knob Arkansas and our records are you as. Oh well that activated its armed. And that's what's been happening it has taken them to. Mean and we're straight young though is that your statement saying it out if try to figure out or he's gonna have a 28. Billy better figured out I'd take that we're doing our show Thursday from her that ratcheted for four performance that they were gonna round tomorrow I lost maybe it will use up our one more Mulligan for that's. But expect it isn't going Thursday after the Olympics are the keys gonna have plenty of time despair etched on there at the biggest change if she.