Papa and Bonta – 2 – John Clayton joins, Marcus Peters to the Rams, Sloan Sports Conference

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Friday, February 23rd

Hour 2. Papa and Bonta are joined by John Clayton (ESPN Senior Analyst) and Sam Amick (USA Today). This hour we talk NFL free agency and who the Raiders and 49ers should go after.


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You know. Ear pieces and microphone. And you're gonna make captures how and that's what like. Bluetooth senator some salmon and it will talk everybody out there so it is definitely. How I would say on the horizon. That's when Richie went what line that he does have been on lately and we gotta we gotta cancel on line talk here he's what I got his own line today I don't know why don't you thought our guard Richie you guys did it to be properly you bet I'll sit rewind all we can a moderate man who was to get out here would you recommend the Richie special. Are absolutely either the red state special lineup I mean you're gonna get anything or Canada but. Yeah I thought I don't pop probably ready look at forward. Greater camp up in Napa single aisle they were. 00 yeah a little bit. Half of you who do too little realized he had to make that happen in July and August is your regime you know get to get a. All be out there'll drive on up and offered him bottled up there. You guys are fed. He always tells us Taylor every draft society she's forcefully area he is very generous we do appreciate that there. I didn't keep it away from rattle that. That. Yeah absolutely need that apple juice did you just need to read a lot he's a hell of a lot of room after the exactly at that particular you can have a go win. Larry we got to take care if you choose and by the way public interest forests historic out the side. In the top of the third in the. Well all watch. Watch out guys watch. You're listening to 957 to gain KG in easy open and they skiing one San Francisco. We gotta talk a little folk law here popped the big trade this when Downey NFL John Clayton will join us. At 120 here and yet to be like 957 game. Or secondary. Hillary seems to Ricky. The cars and. Fifteen. A video. I wasn't served for a second if markets Peters played basketball action. Where he's quick though with the bit past courts and football they'll pick it off Philip Rivers. Marcus Spears everybody welcome back to the afternoon delight here on a Friday afternoon a lovely Friday in the Bay Area. Did have a cup or quick hopefully everybody's safe out there especially you poverty on the show here put. Marcus Peters gets traded today. Took that LA Grande zoo we're just talking about this. Talk about this yesterday how could the forty niners or raiders beat the knicks for markets Peters we know how shrewd John Lynch was in his first year as a general manager. And apparently there were the only other team in a constant conversations with the Kansas City Chiefs for the last three weeks he would have only only teams to be and our markets Peters were the LA rams. And the San Francisco 49ers were Peters gets traded to the LE rare as we don't know the package of picks yet public. Wow Marcus he does come today NFC west it affects both teams here in the Bay Area pop. Or not surprised weekly we knew this was coming there have been rumblings of a markers feeders being traded by Andy Reid. And for weeks and so it's not a surprise we talked about it at length yesterday and you are correct they reports are only the two and its US travels arranged 49ers are ensure there was reports the Cleveland Browns. Or interest it because Jack Dorsey is a new GM of the Cleveland Browns and he drafted markets feeders. Out of the University of Washington when he was the chief GM and apparently he knows well so. I right away texted some of my friends at the Kansas City Chiefs in and spoke to a member. Their organization today and I simply said you know what why did you guys trade markets beaters. And wrote back almost immediately what do you think we're not stupid. Will be great there for one and a half seasons. And is a line. So it is obvious that America's feeders that grew extremely tiresome. To the Kansas City Chiefs so. They LA rams and and let's need I think that we'll see with capitalization is coming back the other way and whether they not. I assume they're gonna pick up his fifth year option or shot a mile a lengthy contract right away if you make in this kind of investment. I wonder how much time they got to spend with market speeders in the days leading up to the trade. If you're allowed to do that or not just played may be able to enlighten us when he joins us so much money. Are there to storm back on their their background check when he came out of the University of Washington that I know markets beaters I. And watch almost every snap of his career in the NFL is very first play in the NFL he had any a Anderson should. He's a good player needs a good tackler he has good size. He plays a different style for a long time when he first got to Kansas City I was trying to figure out his technique. He is a man corner. But he does not play press man he plays off that inflation rate. No it's not bale bale technique is when you're uptight oh yeah and out and get on top like Richard Sherman place he plays a Sante Samuel. Is the one guy that plays the most like camp and Sanyo was really good player. But I think America's feeders is better he does she likes to let you run the route and then once you do you know come out of the stem of the route. He will drive on it and he's very Chancy plays and as I see is susceptible. To double moves so if you're the the 49ers. It you know right now find marquis stood when I'm working on the the starter in goal the slot the slant and go double move this guy could you be could sell him. Package he studies a lot of tape market speeders. You can beat him over the top and he is she's very each he's a big play guy he makes it a lot of big plays for his team he also will get beat occasionally. I think he's a fantastic player. And you know it initially when I watched them play it bothered me why should never play press man that you played so loose. You're giving up the shortstop but he has great change direction he can drive out and still get up and make a play and actuality. I you get your Dick about it now it's better to be able to play man and still play off each whatever your comfortable doing. But if you're a guy plays a truce of late press man. Then if they bring a slot formation to your side. Now I had a problem because it's hard to double press the slot if the outside guys fresh any Ronaldo picked place so in theory. America's Peters is a boundary outside corner is not a slot never goes inside he always stays on his side offensive it right he plays left corner. Then you're not able to pick on the slot receivers marched his size. Side so would any of that I can go on and I've watched as sleazy tremendous football player. How to love him to be a raider I've certainly John Lynch had to do is due diligence whether or not to trade for a what are you to give up your jacket after payments much initially. But you are gonna have to you know pay him eventually if you make a trade like this year to keep Nicholas need. The problem is what is he like off the field and obviously he's a time bomb. And you know the raiders played him right when the week what he was suspended. Yeah I spoke to vote is very coach that talk and you're not a lot of people the organization. And he's just he's incredibly. Up and down as a person one day you'll see him and he's warm and Hagen you the next day he snarls size of football players tough guys. I don't know so they were there they obviously got to the point. Where he became problematic. He did have the issue against the jets in the in the game where it picked up the the flag through the crowd I saw a game earlier this year never go back to his Washington days corrected copy of the us. Pete Williams sideline tantrum in the middle of a game. And then later in the year they kicked him off the team is finally Michelle was a first got to give it the top five pick that not happened I've seen him. That's sideline tantrums in the NFL with the KC chiefs I told you about the wanna earlier this year when Justin Houston had a really get after him to calm him down. But he had lost his mind. And there's a point where you're so hot in only a little lecturing my dream a little drama. So but I like drama and not get rid of that guy got the chiefs just grew tired of him so they had to make it had to make a call whether or not to pay him so. As far as you know leaving the AFC west and going to the NFC west the niners norm well they've obviously been preparing to try to trade for a so they have a thick binder on him. And Kyle Shanahan will have an idea how to attack him but he's a really good at football player in the game after he got suspended against the raiders and at Thursday night. Go back and watch that game he single handedly. Chalk the AFC west away from Philip Rivers and wanted for the KC chiefs with two interceptions. And the strip. I he has a ball hawking he'll get beat a lot on tape but he won't take that day of football away from the office. There's no doubt about that remember our money and apple bought rope prior beat them deep yet he got beat for two touchdowns and a Monday night game but he is a gambler and he is a ball hawking has the most wonderful ball even going back to look climates high school he could return a punt returning kicks he was everywhere scored touchdowns helping them climb as lawyers. Win championships out there and Oakland California here cordoned bat barrels of the Sacramento bee pop. Foreigners look at the possibility obviously tree for Peter's but he was told that they did not make an offer and I did wonder about that we talk about the headache that he can be do you want a guy like that when you haven't Cindy T hear a young locker room not a rams it would to apply else. He's gonna be under Wade Phillips here. And then now does this mean also with the quarterback class here because this is a deep class we talked about welcome Butler EJ gains is out there but from Maine Johnson. Was the guy who got paid for Duran's the last two seasons here they're probably not gonna franchise and they have to pay Aron Donald Fehr should the 49ers look at for the raiders look at two main jobs and as target number one here and go after Johnson. Hell yeah. The question is how much and he's packet of Iran there's no question John Clayton Powell will love Phyllis and here should they they made the choice 12 number 22 vs another one. And train Johnson. I went back and watch the the wild card game against the falcons. You know he matched up with Julio Jones so he's that he's he's got size he's six feet two inches tall. He will follow the best wide receiver on the the team whether it's left right slot he will go get a bit and always have to. But if that's the way you want to build your defense it Wade Phillips changed he would do that a lot what his guys in Denver but he did it with this guy. And he's very very skilled EC 620. Any as quick feet I like them way better than Malcolm Butler it's not even close not close. Because like you know the raiders' young guy gearing kindly. Gary and plays taller than he is because his arms are so long but he is incredibly quick feet would you have a combination. Of size like Jermaine Johnson heads. Whipped in and out quickness and short space quickness with your feet you've got a monster. He is into top tackler he's a really good football player the question is how much. How much did you get a cost who LC won a bidding war with. But I think on both sides of the day. If I'm John Lynch or if I'm Jon Gruden there's no question now the thing that sets off is that well the chiefs. Traded America's caters to less neat place neither candidate ransacked the key probably trimming Johnson has a word. Although I I would have a serious discussion about keeper of both prefer if I'm Wade Phillips and I had to leave and I had Chris shares junior Ed Bradley Roby. I know he got to pay him that would that front. And those corners who met the Denver Broncos defense that came to Levi's and once Super Bowl fifty. Why not so I'd keep Jermaine Jackson but they've been playing tag your writ with the guy apparently they've they've grown tired of his act I don't know. You know was a better player haters are judged in a very different scale. But but yet but take that guy is 62 and and he has great feet he plays like a guy smaller he is unquestionably the best cornerback in this free agent class. The question is you know forty you have to bid against and how much yet to pay that guy. Right never got to look for a slot corner air Coleman from Jackson go to corners deep in the draft to deepen a free agency class let's bring in a professor. John Clayton onto the afternoon light discuss its trade with the one and only John Clayton on an. On the afternoon delight it is not ours again. The Greg accomplish L. On 957. Big game. Welcome back to the afternoon delight. Greg couple months a hill here on that he parred seven and game will be joined shortly. By a professor here John Clayton. What have to break down on this big trade today Marcus Peters calls from Kansas City to LA he's back in California down I five. Marcus Peterson nineteen career receptions here prop two touchdowns in the league and he is a monster the rams get a hell of a player here as we went on John Clayton. Yeah and you reported Europe JH just draft picks I go back the other way do we know what's what Kansas city's getting back from less need to give America's leadership definitively what the graphics are. We do not know the draft picks (%expletive) we do know that the kids should he choose to try to retrieve Robert Quinn from the trade here and John Clayton Kubrick is down John Clayton welcome to the afternoon right Greg problem Bonser hill and and he parred seven and Amy John did you hear anything else about the strained Marcus Peters scored from Kansas City to LA. Purely to cheese will get a slew of draft picks your do we know anything about the draft picks judge arm. Not yet know hadn't really leaked out yet you have to figure it's got Allah burst maybe four or something like that because you picked an apple players who really really talented. And again I'm surprised it happened at stats that we picked up the rumblings earlier the week that Peter was being shopped. And not on a certificate. Great move for the ramp so me because you'll. They and Aggies so much better in my opinion and trimming jobs and and now what they'll end up doing it in the third round compensatory that wouldn't surprise me if pull arbitrate with a third round compensatory next year because streaming is gonna get fourteen million dollars but they get a guy that can really shut down. One side of the field. And they get it go with a coach like Wade Phillips well I think it may keep you vehicle market the got to adjust to a clean. Camelot why do you think Peters is is so much better than no Johnson. I just watching them I mean you speak to remain. I thought I was still only two years a franchise numbers but I thought he was more than number two quarterback could Alice ballot more but Jack rabbit guy you know to Norris Jenkins. Nor so public so natural terminate really came through it played well the last couple years but Peters takes it to another level and he's the guy that you know you can see what the interceptions. The weight you can shut down the field. An aggregate say it's it's an upgrade again if they want to years of high money would remain Johnson. Now they can because I just think it's better. So and I obviously any rate had an issue with him go back to the game against the jets when he picked up the there are freeze the official's flag to throw it gets suspended for the red again I played so brilliantly after that against the chargers. Why did Andy Reid give up on America's Peters how how difficult was it to deal with them off the field because obviously you're is you're saying here this is a really talented player. Yeah I think it obviously was more difficult than we imagined I'd never get kicked out of viewed Chris Petersen ended up getting kicking them out and you know he bounced back and played you know extremely well up very high level but I think it wasn't that much early in the blank. It was a matter that he walked off the field thinking he was ejected but he wasn't ejected. And it came at a time that they needed him in the end zone. Try to heal copper and again the jets were right down inside the ten yard line and so basically trying to keep up on his team and that neck and annual eaters as ability. Two get bed in the locker but I couldn't eat an alpha male. And that alpha male that fits well in some locker rooms and I thought he did very well in that locker because they've got a lot of great personalities a lot of while guys that I think particularly quite well on defense but that's why. It surprised me that gave up on and so quick but apparently you know they just it was just not to the liking of endearing. There when he came back out of the locker imitating MetLife stadium needed any socks on. We're gonna have enough. When issues that he has cleats shouted them Eddie Sachs and I'm sure he was prepared to planning Keith audio Cuban kicked out of the game and even Andy Reid is therefore it was unclear if you've been ejected from a game but it's not just that wanted to that I. Never did go off on Bob Sutton in the middle of the game and just in Houston had a really get into his face. So the reports are chatting yours connected anybody in the league that it was just down to. Less need and the LA rams and John Lynch and the 49ers is that accurate to Jack Dorsey get involved at all in Cleveland got a drafted him and and what was there ever a H trade proposal from the 49ers that would have been better than the one less need to. How how close did John Lynch come to getting this guy do you think. I'm taking credit game reasonably close now again I think the price probably exceeded what the 49ers want to do because. L the one thing that the organized as they have more draft choices and rams. And it better track sources and rams but then that there. The issue is the rams have a quarterback and the 49ers still got their quarterback they have other things that they need to do they keep it up too much of a ransom. You know they need to try to get that being surrounding a unique drop below with more players so you know it's it's good it. You think it is going to be some trade pact type of things to make it again I don't know how much of a net loss of draft choices is going to be in this so let's say forget what a personal war. This year and maybe it'll be some re compensation back and port on that. But still. You I think that the rams just were more aggressive and got this thing done. And you know their closer and you look at the team right now they have the best record in the division. You know they now I think upgraded the quarterback position again but marginally. But I'm sure that does the 49ers were it is yet because you know to come right off that you'll. Upon take Davis being Intel and of course you know Davis is kind of gone back and forth and maybe they didn't put in the extra stuff because maybe they feel they can get onto a day. John Clayton senior writer for Holston said detain ESPN in Seattle Monday through Friday tendon plus Saturday. I mean who joins us on the are delightful problem Bonser and 257 game John are you surprised chiefs are women in Dylan's so early here a media straight and are gonna be made official told march 14 but dirty trade Alex Mitchell I kind of hinted that considering a salary cap situation here but the cheese is it's awful lot of rebuilt for them or are just trying to re low would trap picture John. Knowledge that they need to get some draft choices that they were actually Alco pops Orkut member Davis about to retreat straight right before the trade that they picked up recchi rag glendening. Picked up a couple of other players and so they were down on their numbers about as low in the lake. And so now they're starting to build that back in figuring that you know they need to get younger on defense. No they party urged Eric Johnson figuring out take Tom Ali. And try to make a move there so I think that the idea is that they wanted to try to get a little bit younger. But now they can get the draft choices but again you know it's like they're giving up a young player Marcus Peters who want the best in football but you know they did need to try to replace that trapped. You mentioned Vontae Davis. Jack getting broken in the NFL the Miami Dolphins have some good years with the colts last year you have the torn groin and his numbers orders gonna wind up cutting and so he's a street free agent it's not like Jermaine Jackson may have to wait till march 14 today. He's already met the Bay Area right after the holiday weekend President's Day on Monday went to Santa Clara Tuesday to visit which John Lynch's step by Ellen made it eventually Reggie McKenzie. And Jon Gruden on Wednesday that he went back to assess that there are few other change in the mix. As well including the Cleveland Browns well what what what is the latest what are what are you hearing on an Vontae Davis. Well at least 29 so he's still young and out but still good enough cornerback on the L so and I imagine that the injuries one but he into unity can recover from. I think you know the idea is going to be they're probably in San Francisco looking. Be more but number two cornerback that a number one bit. It kind of goes into that means that both John Lynch and count Shanahan has been doing because you know it's an inch short they want to many good young players is they can't. But there also mixing it in what some better and your 29 at 31 years old they got. Elvis Dumervil so I think what they also are looking for because in other teams going to be young is guys that have experience and creeks. Helpful in the locker room leaders and that's where they might be able to tell me still probably got about two or three more years on his career is like and see that and of course you know you look at the raiders and clearly that they need quarterback. But I think right now ilk stand it that's going to be the interesting battle the city that because. The raiders obviously can bounce back and they want twelve teams two years ago and got Jon Gruden and the forty not a church you want to rises so it's going to be interesting this week who does make the right move to get there. And I both their corners John Legend Jon Gruden and Reggie McKenzie there's no question and a kind of kick the tires on similar players so. Trimming jobs should obviously less need is not going to be able to afford them and he's got a lot of guys on defense she's got to shift through to figure out who's gonna pay. And the word is that trimming Johnson will move on your not a big fan. His game but I think he's got to get paid him probably about a million dollars. Game. Where where do you see Jermaine Johnson landing putting things to go after him hard and in theory when march 14 turn jacket even one of the first guys that gets signed. Launcher that he'll he'll have a deal done by. The end of the com minority. That we capture them you what was the week after the Columbine because again. I think you've got to get fourteen million here and he's going to be I state cornerback because again they're once you start and it Malcolm Butler Greenland. In Washington and a couple others and you start out. So he'll be the main guy and so the question is going to be you know where that it is going to be you know again it happened that expending teams that. You'll agree it could go to Chicago that could be an option there. Maybe Cleveland does they get a chance and bring him and but I would imagine that. It premier go to the scene that you know has some of the most cap Perlman theirs but you know fourteen right now that can bet you're on one that. Jack you're obviously so lawyer to know what's going on up in Seattle with your you're talk show up there and work it on the sidelines during the Seahawks broadcasts. Richard Sherman his name came up extensively last year in trade as we go through the list of viable free agent cornerback should we may be. Think about the possibility. That these Seattle Seahawks and John Schneider. Will trade Richard Sherman this off season. Now because they won't be able to get the value he's coming up an Achilles tendon surgery he also still has to have an ankle bone spurs are very. And so the value that you might have been able to get last year going to be minimized because. Yeah you won't know until maybe this sort of training camp where he is I know that he is you know looking to. Right around at all mean. The first of may get an idea where you hit the go pretty good good Islam about two weeks ago and that's very moving around and still not able to write yet. They are religious and switches happening with this team because they're they're trying to decide if they're gonna rich guys children Richards and now looks like they may not. And of course up but you know the higher speed pitch. Out there are markets that get a third round compensatory but starting to look now that it may be taking the act that they wanna try to keep. The better it is more so then trying to break it up and get younger. Still for example Richardson goes that means a very well may keep Michael Bennett. Quote he thought he was not going to be on the team coming up this year and the Dickie Bennett and they keep Richard Sherman they've got to figure out if they want a pay Earl Thomas because. Earl is gonna ask more than thirteen a year distracting or out that that could be a big problem but you know and that interest they named it you know it's sort to be rumblings that maybe Bruce urban. Might PE let go and that's the case. Would be surprised that they bring him to Seattle. So that's the case you know there may be switching cortina is gonna make a lot of changes. To attain that maybe just try to take another year on what a lot of the players that they at around Europe Alaska or your. You can Norton junior now the deepest corner with Seattle. Just real quickly for religion go John what's the word I can't chancellor here we heard rumblings that he was going to retire what's the status on cam chancellor John. Well he's not gonna retire because we've got twelve million dollars guaranteed money coming come over two years. The soreness he still wants to be able play until he wants to be able to play but the body is he's probably not going to be it would apply. And so now he'll get six point eight million dollars guaranteed this year and and maybe can't pass a physical by next year and he'll get another five point two million dollars and so his act is this why it is just that basically say I'm still wanting to play. But speaking at passed a physical and right now eat yet you still don't want it twelve million dollars so I don't sit at that. He won't won't be able to play I don't think he will but it's a shame because he's a great player. Making twelve million dollars a year but financially the best thing to do is say you're gonna play but not pass the physical. John Clayton senior writer for wholesome seventeen and he is can Seattle Monday through Friday. In the noon and of course satirist I and in picky so much professor for joining this journey after the right now in parts of the game we're talking soon. Thank you Jenny. John Clayton the professor breaking the dog down and he loves peers. A lot more of Jermaine Johnson because I've got to kill my spirits are with C Jimmie Johnson come to debate aired it either works over our core rate and go to your high end. Listening dual I'll go back in and I I did watch Jermaine Johnson back in a while a card game against Atlanta and Carol study of more certainly before staff Curry's thirtieth birthday which is march 14 which is also the start of the new league here insured banks some of these players. Trying Johnson's a good player. You know I think he's comparing him to Jenkins should George Jenkins and Jack revenue went to the giants so. Different player you know Jenkins got isolated this year and some turned out of tackles pillow well documented. Different player I like Jermaine Johnson sides. And six to his quick feet in effect that he will. Go anywhere in your defense I'll study more and really you know you either get paid a guy. Roughly a million dollars a game now on the sixteen million dollar range they make it more. That you really gonna have to look at it so. I do like under the other names they're they're going to be more economical as your piece his defense together. And I think the 49ers and the raiders are gonna have. Are comparable Neitzel I think they're gonna place stylistically differently defensively. They're gonna look at some of the same players so. It's interesting to look at that and act John did mention reserve and and that he made a raiders may have to make a call on him and he can go back to Seattle. I just think with Khalil Mac you need more in need more on the other side. The guy that is opposite Toledo Mac should be a double digit sack guy in their nearest games or Bruce Sherman was dominant and I think he got better. There when he first arrived here and he changed his body we we talked to him a lot you know he gained a lot of ladies to be strictly an edge guy. Any ideas think if you're opposite Kelly Mac and you get a lot of single changing got a Dominique is there a good there's no question they are scared. To death at number 52 hooks so you've got to get more production from the other side of it the other interesting element. This trade. Is that they tease the chiefs wanted to Robert Klan or the rams wanted to put Quinn in a deal I'm not sure off filter out later. But Robert Quinn if less need. There's gonna make Robert Quinn available. That I think both John Blanchett John gruden Reggie McKenzie. It got to look at the Mighty Quinn never ever Jon Gruden going off about the Mighty Quinn right now we're inviting doctor Robert Quinn he's undersized. So change to run at him. That he is a natural bend your screen and around the edge pass rusher. Both teams and raiders have got to get a compliment to Toledo Mac that to me is a pure. Edge pass rusher is go to school Leo is on Miller handed to Americus where he got to have a book and you gotta have the other guy. And I think there's no question you need to upgrade their. I'm not sure how much Quinn has got to study Morrissey of base guys are strictly a nickel guy since he is light and I think likewise for the 49ers. But today they have got to improve their natural natural journal and she's just like it'll let him go I I don't know what his deal is. He's under achievers of players they don't claim as much as they should enacted it always wash their hands again let him walk but I think both teams. You know for the raiders to get back on topic for the 49ers to really take that next level could you've invested so much and number one draft picks that are basically. You know maybe Solomon Thomas is an end in a base but in the nickel he's got to go inside rush over guard. So we got plenty of guys that can Russian side right Ali Oregon guys can do that. I want you know screaming coming around the edge may have hunter if you're if you're John Lynch in that Robert coins available not a lot less need is gonna give you. The LA rams GM Robert Quinn at. That if they can be creative way to wind up with and that's the kind of football player I think both teams need. No I'm with you hear an error prone city's really under achieved here to try to play him in that Leo position. Last season he got injured here gonna sell ironic that Marcus Spears was injured I mean she's we traded today. Because he selected one pick after her girls have a normal out of four in our fans a lot of people around here wanted to 49ers to select markets Peter sham balky passed on and took terms Eric Carson he and he's under achieved so far there's no question about I would not be surprised if John which made him available Eric process that is in this role would divorce partner is Solomon Thomas and built around them. Elvis Dumervil Dumervil may be as a season left as a third down pass social what about a guy like Ziggy ounce up the beach regalia freeagent fourteen and a half sacks. You put some alongside a little Mac could play gets to run that's a guy from the Oakland Raiders maybe even a 49 sort of organic why now why not go at the Z beyoncé hear he's gonna be available players are Asian man uproar is a natural. Natural long. Let him scream at him on the edge quarterback killer but I'm talking about he's he is a natural. Natural pass rusher and the 49ers seven assistant GM. Then no one talks about who drafted him with the lions Martin Mayhew. In auto mart was gonna leave their for a while and maybe go to the Carolina Panthers. But the whole Marty Ernie deal got sideways with a delegate we have march of trivia item on the show several times. He's been rehired reinstated as the GM of the tea official Martin who did interview for that job knew who suffer a couple of others in state. So I think the idea Intel that Martin Mayhew. Hands and shaking on setup. Certainly you would think when they said the maybe doesn't like maybe thought initially drafted and I don't know. But the fact that he did draft Jim and he's what we're talking about he is that complement Jerry guy. Particularly on the academia that featured guy. I think for the 49ers there's no question I'm Marty on that ticket deals quicker Ziggy says the kind of guy if you put Ziggy onset next Achille on the whole bye Ziggy so we'll have at least twelve cents. Good leaders double teamed a little back up that way because digging out Data Domain development I would you have to Russia accused the issue is that DC as the Boston here but if you add zig yards on the other side of the little Mac or gives it beyond some of the other side of partner here. You can't really I mean yes you can. Don't double a ball and the little guy to get a single contingent got a Boston protection right in shall shoulder Richardson here another name to John Clayton and we'll talk franchise tag and that cat and our branch I'd like them that. But we decry them would you babies a problem like orchestra this year but he could plug up your Biddle lightly like oh now. There was a time we had a long talk in training camp in Napa member a vote on a lot of all the Sons of Anarchy the to snag there's an article after he went to the giants tonight a lot of Mo will pursue and and you know I I had showed Richardson's a forceful player like him. And I'm in touch franchise tag in there and we've got no way now you know some of these guys that in March 14 rolls around it's after Richards chief chip Carrie turns thirty. Let's wait a little bit you know it's reflective of big money guys come off the board. They they're really the biggest hit of the players you pick march 21. Could beat a guy. You just waited out in how it is yet identify. And I think both teams are doing that now under the current account by next week and it is we'll call you next Friday at district whose college I'm clincher. We want to could do they're actually gonna have a point. Then as a raider logo on one side and a 49 or logo on on us as a little ball a little why don't they kill dad feel lucky it. And it's hails. Judge Jerome Bettis called tails trip to help currently we're sort. Why did they even this Super Bowl but take what they have the NFL logo is a heads. And the other side of it Roger details wife is details. But why don't they have every game. Just have the two teams that are playing make it a special court to get auction off after the gamer form of the and a view it is to have what is it coy about it shot. Don't have to call what they were gonna flip the colon in the air in whoever's team logo comes up. Gets it is a bit. I love that idea actually and in this logo the I didn't that no they hurt they were gonna do that to come by here raiders niners pick it can course everybody's gonna pick a world team here. You have a go it is going on here it is on the raiders side they're gonna have an Al Davis like this with the but the iPad changed it again the niners the middle finger trips. I I challenged it and says hey I'm and console Gary. I've got to go for going to be able to do to show when the battle debate happens that is -- should be made him around here Levi's RB Levis stay in the brought the last battle with a big its leader record of forty dollars and nine executive played and a couple other scholars into there room and her date of announcement that bonfire of the vanities game is usually you can say oh we are under where 37 flights at the crowd that heralds a big upper deck. Look at their out of there will work to do want to regain Kindle underground worked you don't want to see swinging right to left public cups anyways while those guys fire the vanity is that our site all the trash can't your entire country club is gonna offer jury got like I've read in my car ran home got under the covers. I don't know what I. Coke cola and economic and rate at a auto body game. But they don't wanna look Condo and it GPG Derrick card. Buddy gets their wish here today area it is going to be may have at the start of the coin flip next week Indianapolis but her ninth and tenth pick any NFL draft a good excited awful ballpark this news broke and I'm a jumper walls right now markets Peters is a ramp. We'll see what happens rate Jermaine Johnson air corps Colvin in a slew of other quarterbacks you're free agency let's get back to basketball published on the little warriors. Oklahoma City is in town after beaten up the Sacramento Kings last night will discuss Syria to divide this problem but I at a par seven game. She she. Now back to the reds' top shelf on 957. Picking. 12. What we're still jet. Russell Westbrook will be in town Amar what is okay. OK she's under team is at the Pentagon should go this Golden State Warriors tomorrow night and ABC primetime games Saturday tip off at par thirty course analysts in a game. Right here on many parts of the game the first we're gonna head the ball stand. To the Sloan sports analytics conference and Amy kind of to join us here put down a lot of girls are clinch I want to little afternoon delight time with pop embarked or your many parts have an game thanks so much Sam for joining us here I know you're busy here at a special conference where he's heard. Mr. number 44 speak. Smug say that's not true I don't know if you heard this wouldn't top the record analyze can't can see. I'll never are never abandon our panel Hamburg where our record one day. This was young and it was a late notice just yesterday we ought to get an email basically saying that he'd help for all of time for perpetuity. You know you are not allowed to share publicly anything it was sad and so I went in almost nervous that he would get the State's open. Newsworthy that would make it so and I wasn't doing my job in that thankfully that didn't happen but it was there was still need to. Get their per hour getting a little bit with the. Barack Obama. Apparently she's hot she's hot shot here's fish. All all hearsay so it can tell you what what goes on at this because usually it coincided. Three years past with the warriors playing in Boston so I don't Joseph lake it would go there and Bob Meyers would go there exactly what goes on at the Sloan sports conference in Boston San. Well pop I had a good timing actually just got done catching up with Turk like yup. Okur is out here and usually lawyer's rep who I've seen either on the sports side. For the purposes of this conference Pete without a panel earlier today talking about. The league injure an adventure. It is a little bit of everything a smorgasbord ago. You know. Game analysis and debate I mean how within a panel. Earlier today hearing about I mean there's no bad idea right leg to this safe haven to throw any idea out there are so. You have people talking about well what have we had you know the three point shot. Actually be inside the line and everything beyond Illini beat four point could then rather than have a 50% increase usually. The view imagery you know yeah we don't minimize the the value of the that the discrepancy between those two shots and not just one example. You sit in the meeting didn't respond. To it in a fantasy basketball kind of way. To realize that. Our most young 99.9 percent of the dump it never gonna happen but behind the closed orders what we sometimes don't realize. Is that these ideas are substantively discussed you know they talked about. Preacher old and I thought it was interesting that on average. Twenty minutes. Per game in the NBA. Is our viewers watching players shoot free throw them and that is something they are monitoring conduct about as boring music gets so what can we do that. But I have fewer free throw and those numbers are going up so. That gives you an idea and that's kind of the whole thing is all these different panels about Abu troop game absolutely. So give me give me a list I know there's some names you can divulge. Barack Obama. That are there but who stares fires GMs and owners around the NBA and did the topic of a gambling in professional sports come up but also an. It did Greg question particularly secure at this IA I didn't go to panel. Earlier today and I learned a lot about it that topic that I have been slow to pay attention to I would I don't have a name and trying to make. But there was a district court judge who was involved in the case of New Jersey would. Linda Governor Christie. Pushing through the you know they legislation that live in peace that is going to change the kind of opened the floodgates within the next couple years most likely. To legalize gambling. In the US and it's gonna have a pretty profound ripple effect on the NBA what I've learned that you know in the Waco. The salary cap like that the NBA enjoyed a couple of years ago that would obviously I. To that peavy deal they really seemed like a foregone conclusion. That the next salary cap like in the NBA is gonna be tied to gambling and then there's obviously. A million questions to be answered. From that point you know that the league is proposing a 1% integrity three. Where they would get their because from the the bookmakers is that you know the gambling community because they're providing the tribe that part of the robust debate. Was that there was you know one expert in particular. I deleted just motto VP of analytic for Twitter would. Giving an opinion that he thought that would shortsighted. And that the league should take any got and they should simply realize that a longer play you're so. They did deadly deep dive on gambling about the topic that boggle elated are you. I think it's going to be out of her eyes and even more. And not just with law's been changed in this country much franchises moving to Las Vegas are seeing the NHL franchise in Vegas do quite well his first year obviously the raiders. Are going there and Adam silver you know and it becomes so far in the NBA is thinking about Las Vegas shall I go back to the David Stern here in the Tim Dodd Leahy and the rogue official and all that that could have crippled the league it. But Adam silver went out there are more than any other commissioner called American sport I remember him a few years ago every three or four years ago reading an op Ed piece in the New York Times. Basically detailing how the league should embrace gambling and I think you're talking about about revenue. They could be generated by allowing gambling to occurred on site you know around they'd be they sporting venues so. Vegas. Then and the commissioner at the all star game talked about Seattle and possible expansion did you ever see this commissioner this league it. Embracing moving the team or maybe an expansion team in the gambling capital of our country Sammy Las Vegas, Nevada. I don't I have further depth foreseeable future I mean only because. In terms Lou rumblings and what you hear consistently. It is a Seattle Mexico's city you're right the finish line when it comes to which team that come enacted obviously either expansion or relocation. This situation to monitor most notably Borland. And turned them you know chitty possibly losing team. I don't see baggage I mean it does certainly fall. In line with the evolution of the gambling aspect but you know I think. The data was also. David Stern's right hand man during the disastrous all of our weekend. In Vegas however many years ago and I'm not trying to say that that's still. An X-Factor but I think that they don't forget and I do think more importantly. Than the Mexico City thing in particular is. The guys cavity apple and Adam guy in any got a lot of people who do not agree with them about the idea of expanding the Mexico City but but he is very focused on that. And then the Seattle stuff I mean he's obviously that the lawyers. Look at Atlanta preceding game. Next year likely into King Abdullah neck of the woods did that signal to me one of those PR situation where. You know you're kind of dip your toe back into that market knows what culture that but I don't necessarily see the biggest thing at a concert. Sammy make of the USA today to cover national basketball league for a long long time for USA today since 112 joins us. On the afternoon delight we'll pop a monsoon at a price of the game our dear reach a peace deal today. About the Dallas Mavericks and what's going on down there in Dallas here Mark Cuban of course is fine 600000 dollars for. All the shenanigans going down there in Dallas here but even then we both probably don't think that's enough here Mark Cuban what else should happen here should be punished more so that. Organization beat you all stripped of attractive here because they've admitted to taking in slew of what's happened with their writers and everything in her front officer Sam. The budget it's that far away I'm glad I'm in a corner where I docket yet I could see everybody around me a check in my. My six to make sure that the job market itself with general bias back. What are until. And I and I honestly I would I would share within the person at the disappointment he admitted fault they have a terrible culture that they got sick. Any time you're talking about more than a dozen women coming forward and even though it is anonymous submitted you know you obviously can understand why they wanted to remain private it's a major story that toggle away. Your question what should happen it. I would probably just going on the road you gotta be patient to wait for the independent investigation to take part you know Parker finished the NBA is going to be able to see. All of the finding is important because. Technically speaking the matter of the want to fire the attorney. But you know the NBA at least listening very closely. And yeah iTunes it's unfortunate that Massey. A little surreal for me to die I know are all need the mavs dot com writer that. The ducks to part the situation I did not know anybody's past. So they didn't think from here going forward is that a I don't think we're done hearing stuff about. The mavs and I'm talking more like the Sports Illustrated reporting since I guess the that is more coming there and adopt an attitude that you you look around the NBA. Beat the odds alone tell you that this is not a 100% out wire there's probably other organizations that really need to look at the mere. And and figure out if they had a healthy enough workplace you know it. The thing that really surprised me today and I have been in touch with the ads is that markets said on the record. That they fired their human resources director but he kept and who would essentially portrayed. As somebody who protected the former CEO redeem oh series and in fact he has not been fired it's been suspended pending the investigation so couldn't get a point all that it actually been god. As they fired are all the mavs dot com writer the CEO with already got a couple years ago. And the other going to be consequences if you don't well what they look like I'm not sure conservative to be self. Sammy McMahon enjoyed Boston man have a lobster roll for pop and I I'll term Boston men don't get into too much trouble here we want you back here safely. And they're not aim. I got my hand on some lobster and appeal last night talking like much it's. It has its. Florida last week given the all star game not your cut your hand a lot to come on Sammy. I don't think all the way to win or else they're saying maybe for the US and and a great grace us and we'll talk to you next week.