Papa and Bonta – 2 – DeMarcus Cousins Press Conference Replay

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, July 19th
Hour 2.  Mychael Urban and Ray Ratto fill in for Papa and replay the DeMarcus Cousins press conference, and also talk about building super-teams, Kawhi in Toronto.

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Yes but winning 35 games here wasn't gonna. Mean they've been bad for five years who have access. So. If they didn't get LeBron. You would start seeing empty seats are in they don't sell out every game they come close they don't sell out every game every anymore. If you're not selling out every game if you're not announcing zealots and every game Carolina games prettier announcing so that's where you don't really have self serve. And while. That that's important the second thing is the lakers have been irrelevant for five years and I think that makes them not to move. They have to they had to get liberal. They had to kick it. I'm just so that people would talk about the McGinn says that the idea of them is a Tiffany franchise. Would suddenly be rekindled. So LeBron was a necessity weathered. Whether Luke Walton like it or not so it's not like you know it's not like there was an option here and Loeb and Luke Walton knew that when he took the job there. At some point in this rebuild is going to include LeBron or somebody LeBron esque. I'm listening to re rat out your listening to 957 game KG MC FM HD one KG MG's San Francisco. He talked cops catch the legal merit I wanna move. Away from boogie cousins a little bit I think we've we've run that drive. And until 130 exactly we're gonna replay the press conference in its entirety if you missed it at 130 so don't miss that. Russia gonna rewrite it if you didn't miss either way were really there were re running you mentioned the Toronto Raptors. During the first break since we've been together I did something passed through my Twitter lines saying now collides okay. With playing in Toronto I don't know if that's true or not but if he does. And decides this is you you got my guy my thought process cranking out. That's unhealthy if he goes there. If he does play we're talking to acquire in Toronto. And he likes it and he signed an extension there. That's where bogey cousins let's go next are you mentioned Toronto might be a place for body because. That may occur when they. In my very well be but then you get into questions of you know does he fit. Philosophically we're playing with coli hanging in Kyle Lowry and see that's I think Fred van believed all those other guys you know. It is nick nurse the right coach for that is beside you Cherie comfortable with. And that kind of addition to the team he's assembling now I mean. It there's a lot of moving parts and all of these big money decisions. And it's not just money. It's do you know if they find themselves playing up tempo and they like it. Do they want to go back to. A team where you got a guy playing on the low block who wants the ball and is going to be. Less reluctant to ask for it in Toronto than he was in Goldenson room. Mean those those are there should less reluctant. Yeah. There. He's gonna admit it makes sense if you just look at a roster. But in the NBA more than any other sport because they're only five guys in the thwart any points. Playing styles and personalities matter a lot more. I mean if you're. If you're an offensive tackle. You don't get a vote on how you for the team plays that's the deal you know you run into that guy eighty times a game that's who that's what you do. Basketball it's different so it it really is more a matter of and and this is on the assumption that. Cousins and play it close to his right standard. Whether it works require Leonard and Kyle Lowry and you know Fred and Lee at all. You know I just. And whether it works for nick nurse and whether it works from aside you'd cheer you just because cousins as a player I'm not even talking temperament. Cousins as a player. It is a bit of a hybrid between old basketball new basketball and that he can play away from the basket of but. He's gonna be down on the block a lot. At a time when. Fewer fewer teams are dependent on the guy in the low blow so it's really him it's really more complicated than what they need to center. And what you're saying is look. The notion of every team it's not the warriors trying to assemble a quote unquote. Super team to take down the lawyers look at that the warriors yet they had four all stars before they got DeMarcus Cousins. But you can't just take any for an animal stars put him on the same roster. And get that kind of cohesion. That the warriors got they have four all stars who happened to fit very nicely together not. Every group of four all stars. Fits that nicely together Oklahoma City had three and it didn't it didn't even come close to working because their styles of play and their personalities. Didn't mash that's what people don't get about the warriors. It's think that specific guys it's not someone who plays like dream mongering. It is dream mongering it's not someone who can shoot like staffer clay it is death and clay and their personalities. That's why at all works. It's not and I keep saying this word and I think people have wearied of hearing it but it's an ensemble for recent boom that's you know. He had they've got players but if they can't work together. Audience players. What they've developed as a team and now they're real they're rough edges to. But. For the most part. They like playing with a each other they get along on the basketball floor. And they understand. That there are not assigned roles here. That's hard to convince. Players. And when not only in the modern NBA bidding NBA throughout time just you do this you do that in ages. The warriors are interchangeable because they have. More shooters than most M more scorers than most. You know personal defenders the most net and they and they worked together because they have. Acknowledged accepted. And embraced. That notion. You can you can you can either credits Steve Kerr for making credit staff and Currie for that he credit Trimarche green sport it doesn't matter that's who they are when they're at the list. When Nate when they break down and did their own individual components. They're worse when they play as sort of a glove. You don't beat him and that's that that's the thing and that's how. That's where the super team thing Paul stamp out. When when the first super team was assembled in LA and 69. When when wilt chamberlin joined. You know that it. Cuomo spent on Baylor all very well and Elgin Baylor and Jerry West it didn't take right away. You know it took it took them a year. When when. When Oscar Robertson join the Milwaukee Bucks. It took right away because one cream Abdul Jabbar was basically. In unstoppable force but everyone around them understood what they did. And how they did correct. In and you just and then go down the list is super teams that win are the ones who know how to. Defer to which British drinks super teams that don't. Basically say well you shoot from twenty feet 'cause that's what you do well I'll drive all the time cassettes what I do well you get rebounds because that's what you do when. I'm those usually breakdown because. What happens when you take away the guy who takes the twenty footer. You know now you don't have a shooter. I mean it's it's damp it's versatility. It's all those things. That make a super team a super team it's not just names and reputations patent. In and again it's about how they had these guys fit and also when you look at the wars look at their four all stars. Two of their all stars have. Supports. Clay does not create his own shot right for most NBA all stars. They can create their own shot off the dribble and they can do it very very well clay is not that guy and that's fine because they have a number of guys who can create off the dribble. Also an injury among them he's not an offensive force by any means if he. Hits his first three than knock yourself out kids take a few more threes if he misses his first. Maybe don't taking more threes but he's he's not he's taken Easter egg in the threes he knew well winning is even not by turning down a shy but but my point is. They have guys that can make up for whatever weaknesses clay and dream on have and sure staff know players perfect stuff that we've consist. Keep he's got weaknesses. But all of the skills that you need to be as successful basketball team you have three or four guys were that scale. It might not be the same not all those guys are on the floor the same time but again every box that you need to check off for a championship team. The lawyers have not only checked off that box once. They objected off two or three times and I think that's what makes them such a strong team it's not just we have these four all stars as we've we've got these Charles prosecutors. Mean if you if you say what they've got those four players in you've basically diminish the role hundred dollar place or the rolled it on Livingston place. Or the role that sender of the moment place. You know. Whether it's Jordan bell lowered. C'mon loony or naming Jones up. Amy Jones is utterly untested so I don't even put in my head yet did you shoot ready and her classroom on the floor after a game for the finals there. Just sit next nurture your manager here. Well we'll see if it's easier because it hasn't been easier yeah I don't think he thought going cousins committed an extremely told damion Jones loses here. While nobody saw that I mean just it don't look this thing. Didn't see that well. But credit to him and his agent from here to honor for making the call agreed for thinking outside. That you know that the parameters of free agency. And getting orders to do the same thing. Because that's fit that's the sort of under told story here is that the warriors were given basically eight preposterous suggestion. And they said accept that preposterous. Because really when you think about it. What are your team has ever taken on a player. That they know they have no. Hope of retaining whom. And take him anyway. These guys you know what you're just gonna help you more than it helps us but it helps us just enough right I mean did it because this is. Take out. DeMarcus Cousins personality and it because I don't want an I'm not permit that. This is the weirdest thing this is a word assigning it a long time in any sport. Because it doesn't change the teen dramatically that my back but it sure could change the player. Where he stays or not. And most teams aren't willing to have to have to go to move they want an asset that space if he does well. This he could do really well and the better he does the less likely it is he'll stay. That's bizarre to me. And the warriors is unsure when they got the call from where he cousins are like well we don't really need you've got out of a final let's sure let's try at Pitt and I'd I think it took at least. Twenty minutes forty minutes yet undecided he's great round so I'm Michael Irvin we're with you until 3 o'clock at which point. Next time it's being guru will be in here taking your. Until seven remember 130 we're gonna read be re playing DeMarcus Cousins introductory press conference in its entirety. That's at 130 right now your chance to win 1000 dollars happened on 95 point seven again. After the read on the shelves or 957. The. You have not lived until you've heard Chris Townsend. Busting bars in this movie. Chris Townsend changes himself to be birdies from the hardscrabble streets. The suburban San Jose he likes to think he's got a little but it came when it comes to raping a favorable. They've heard Chris Townsend raping her. Let me assure you not only am I never done that boom boom that we never heard shots. Wherever like this do you use them. City. Can we play him he's but it. I do not know don't put your honor my account I want it higher that's my goal is to take the headphones officer does is starts 'cause I'm not interest. We're you must hear this from the. Crowd also demand. And in a mustang Powell may. I didn't need that come on when word done. I'm gonna take you do one of these sound booze and we're gonna have you spit chew bars for the fans and 957 million. I've got news for you before that happens you will be common elk. Now. You're the best at the obscure rips that you come up with what he's finished I am it's yesterday's sort of like get an actor get us. Our RI and I don't remember something had me cracking have to I don't remember much you enjoy your time was tiny piece on the outside a little upbeat Fermi. The outside world was wondering how are you Q we're gonna it was almost like. Okay ray is at. Please let let me and let me interrupt here the outside world wasn't wondering any of those things they couldn't have been less interest it should they or they took the three hours. Because that's what was given them. But at no point did they conceptual allies gee I wonder what it would be like it those two sour creeps get together. That never crossed anybody's mind I felt like Stein Mets changed his game. To be a little bit more upbeat to try to draw you out did you get a sense that Stein match was playing a role on your behalf. I don't know cause. I I I don't wanna spend any time in his head. You know just do the cavernous echoes alone would be. No guy you got to chat W presents today after the presser 1 on 1 for morning here I don't know if it went down but that's what I heard was gonna go to my I'm going to guess that. To Marcus cousins walking the gauntlet of media. Outlets ready. Because it's a one time only deal outages. So is he can't I thought if things later suggested it cousins won't be talking with the media until he's actually playing games. Well I'd I think. They might call him out when he's getting close track you know he's like a volunteer for anything I wouldn't think. But every once awhile like you know when he starts practicing move they might there because Raymond Ridder is pretty proactive about stuff like that. And on this team. Look people thought Kevin Durant was he reluctant interview. He got to Oakland and found out that's not a luxury you get to have clear. And he keep our wanna say he grew into it because she could've done that in time we wanted but after being hyper protected in Oklahoma City. He made the adjustment to year available when you're available and that means a lot. I can't and I suspect it. Cousins will be eased into it but if he has a big game he'll be in the interview room afterward because I just. He's not gonna get to see notre Raymond Ridder. Nobody inside because Raymond Ridder is all powerful it's because the warriors do things a certain way right and he's not gonna get to be the exception. Because of they wanted to exception they already have four guys who could be exceptions. You know you can share W cousins you know at everything that wherever you work. Everything that we do here we do better than wherever you work. Every little thing we do here we do a better than you're used to so you better just play nice and and follows do you think during I don't think it's gonna be a tough self without won't I do think Durant has grown into it a little bit I think he's actually. I think he enjoys it a little bit more for the exception would be when he sticks his foot in his mouth or does some dumb like it is burner Karen exposed and he's written down everything you usually apologizes pretty quickly. He does them I mean and and and I say that because. Most players wait till the PR guys this year gonna got dressed went back move but normally he'll do it on his own. Or does it wouldn't minimal price he didn't like less than twelve hours later member he just happened to be it was it was ironic because he had done something. Not so bright on social media and the very next day he was appearing at some tech summit talking about. How social media can help athlete's build their drenched yeah it was interesting that he had to face that that next day. Though the warriors did not call Klay Thompson. And saying they were thinking American W cousins they talk decay. Oh I think that's a deliberate slight because I think they don't plan on recycling is gone they hate him they'd they'd they load every bit about that it. He's in China than record darkest cousin and the only thing that did clay Thompson's gonna say is cool fine Jack. Yet so I mean it's almost like a wasted call best line in the press conference for me. From DeMarcus Cousins was when you're talking about how much he likes clay Oakley is the best she's my fair reporter on the worst. And even wrote it down to soak. For being such a dole guide there's never a dull moment of clay yeah China call now he's he's. He's almost like fifteen pat. Except that usually the team pet is a guy almost never plays he just rent sort of goofy but. Klay Thompson. Is a vital part of this team. Whoever you have everybody likes just deceased ham. There's there's like no agenda in his head no maintenance not looming and snowman yet but I mean it's just it's their there's never sort of that. I wonder what he means by that. Has what he means by that is what the words that came out of his face are what he meant by that. There's there's there's no subterfuge and there's no hidden message they're by the way thank you that Penske out of says stock context planet I'm 5795. Credit you told stunned instigated disease not get a Mac. Can Lloyd. Remember I've never heard anybody throw that out so I do appreciate I didn't speculate on what kind of disease or what they just wanted it to be debilitating. Yeah I thought it was going to be a mile like maybe may be one cycle of antibiotics and Murat is rain but get a disease just don't get one that keeps you up from working forces made it worked your shows and our own five hours. You know you could've said no. I can benefit and you could if you could have said I'm sorry I bibles and hearing him having a foot amputated you could have done anything you want out of being dishonest and I can't. That was put me in trouble 67 years ago OK but that being honest catchy three extra hours of work so that didn't work for either trip. I would say just don't answer the phone that way you don't have to lie and you don't have to be don't. Interact with your boss. Problem has had I not answer the phone at 8:35 in the morning as I was pulling up further 10 o'clock show the guy who was calling me was about to see me in five minutes for gotten the building. That's when you sneaking. His office is right there there and no life for me to get around this plus. Of course I jumped to the opportunity to be on the air for era no you did yeah note if you if you could be home right now you would be. That's a fact. It's okay if you sit at my feelings aren't hurt tonight if if my shift was over and says hey you argue for extra hours or so and so no Rick I'm having the best arm while we you know believe that the because I know David. You are like every other human on earth time away from work is better than time network through its troops so they didn't. But I bigger numbers on the paycheck and c'mon do you recall you getting are you getting tired and half they should just the regular rate is the regular rules are usually composed. Just three hours of media and not in the best three hours of me he should. Mean that you get more money than you're getting I didn't wanna read it to somebody around to excellent today should get hazard pay for work and yes that's absolutely true. But I can get hazard pay for working with me yet and for working and I landlords would meet all the time so that would mean he'd be get like double or triple time just for moment you know. Working with it's tiny and not not Stein that's is not a problem it's working with me that's the problem edges and I'm always with me which is even -- comfortable in your own skin. Why have much like I have a great deal of its choice sort of have to can we talk about fashion later in only if you want to talk to an empty room. I had a feeling after our hour and never been thrown at me and in my I'm not gonna and panzer pens are valuable you would just get my absence. Not that valuable if you steal them from where you're. I don't steal from our work out and I got here I got out I I I don't I go to the people ordered the office supplies that I have them steal from work there you go. Make friends with the little people have by the way be of seeing guru worker room. I was walking out with him yesterday and we stopped in our kitchen here in 957 game fantastic kitchen in the new building. And a woman walks in neither guru and I have ever seen before our allies and we're trying to get out I'm given to do group gift guru arrived somewhere. Ten minutes later. Guru has exchanged his life story where this woman in their best friends that's what he does everywhere he goes. Piniella worker room is a scale I don't have that. I in her room I leave a room I don't work you reversed worker room yes I am I'm actively trying to figure out. Wasted people can show and me. You know what I talked about you being the most for one of the most prepared guys doing great the two most prepared guys have run into in this business. Is the mid level exception different for every team I know that whether or not you've had the luxury tax before that factors into it correct it's not the same mid level exception section isn't. I did I it is the same mid level exception but the why the warriors paying 22 million is because they are repeat tax and repeat tax okay. So it's not that they just defended tax once they dope slapped attacks. And so the more you literally put the taxes hit in the toilet and flushed it three or four times that's how far over the tax they are in is that too. I mean if you're getting so where does that Montego. It goes to the Christmas party at the NBA offices so why wouldn't they be thrilled if everybody's going over the tax threshold. Well because the league office sister. But the thirty owners are not they're the ones were funding the party right. Is there any donor. Who could not. Exceed the tax and they call wanted to all of our right absolutely they could they could show more money into open furnaces for decades if Mark Davis was that NBA owner could he go over the luxury tax. Not that often because he doesn't have like other businesses. Amortized so there's validity to that he is one of the least super rich owners and I'm probably the only super super charming and now and end the Yorkshire not super cheater because they don't have. A pile of other business right I mean Jerry Jones as a bunch of other business. Most of the owners made their fortune so morals before they got in the right or try to get it do we have time to go to Paul in Oakland are we gonna go to the press conference now. Are we are going to replay. The DeMarcus Cousins press conference it was at 11 o'clock over director and performance are the worst practice facility and we've got it for you again right now. It's great to be here the racquets of performance center where a welcome our members of the media. Lawyers staffers. Of course members of our warriors basketball camp particular bit of a break during our press conference they'll get back to work here pretty quickly. And again for today appear on the diet wounded. Introduced Bob byers where's Joseph manager president of basketball operations. And a four time NBA all star Olympian Amanda today. And the newest. Golden State Warriors. That's the markets gusts. The markets welcomed the bank. You're coming do it a team that's won 3000 last four years announcing that that's an pretty. The certainty that that any player with a look at what. What else excites you about the coming Goldstein would. I own to statistically forward unquote. I also have access to plume from the most out of the players and visit here so. You know those those two things alone. Mean and that that pretty much into the. The story about how you coal. Bob Myers has been out there has been printed and talked about that Bob I wanna get your perspective on that. Relive that moment force if you would. The but again. That that. Well I say it all the time you never know what's gonna happen in free agency the year we sign Andre Iguodala I didn't predict that. You know getting to rant. Not something that we kind of counted on at all. So this was. Probably even more. It was more skeptical about something like this than any dose and those were hard to do but. Look it when we talk on the phone. What I said was. Whether you come to us or not you deserve to be in the playoffs you deserve to play playoff basketball. I'm so excited to watch you play in the playoffs I can't wait. I think Greta make it to the playoffs it's. We used to not be able to say that here. But that's listed on the phone to him I said to Marcus. It's a different game I mean that's what to every player who plays an MBA competes for championships that's what we're alternative that's why I. I go to work every day that's what he works as hard as he does. It's about winning championships and so. To have a guy like the Marcus. Get on board with with that pursuit. It's fantastic for our team our organization our city but I'm so happy for him. Because. There is there something different. About those games and that journey goes those sixteen games that you have to win. I think for myself and our team will will be leaving some of that pursuit through the markets. Yet they think that the mark C had a chance to have to work with some of the lawyers and your team USA obligations. Did tell me about being the experience there and and what did you like about when you hit that is the situation when you're playing with stepped curry with remind greens on so. You can. Just put this my favorite. Ballparks to learn that if you could go to. On me that sorts Armageddon you know in the slums let it. Put him that is all it is is memorable moment at a solo. A religion promotes our playbook there already got smear dramatically runaway really worth to goof balls that you know like to joke around colossal. We clicked right away think they would Cady and Cindy was there have been those views of who walks on the notion is a great public. Easy going people. Maybe outside the dream. But. Goes as a great group and I'm hoping will Michelin. East deal. You're listening to the DeMarcus Cousins introductory press conference live on 95 point seven McCain your home for Golden State orders basketball. EE look at your roster right now. With the markets. This is the type of it no disrespect any other policy which and a with the lawyers in recent memory but at a market brings a different a different skill set especially on the confidence. But I mean look it's a different dimension right it's not something we've ever had as far as a low post threat since I've been here. I'm excited. I hope he's excited I mean that. It's it's well first of voice to the basketball we will get caught up in. Positions but let's just give us the best players we can and put out there that's we always try to do it he he fits that criteria. When win when we were the day we signed him we were going through. Talking to Steve Steve was with me I'm Rick Caron Marx's agent and a you know the way we do things as we collaborate we wanted to hear what stuff when Garrett frame on Kevin I want him to talk to those guys and talk or coach. So prior to him talking to Steve. We have been talking instincts and I I want him on the block out we haven't had that threat we can give the vote to play out of him and he said not not out on the perimeter. And insists he was about to get on the phone with the Marcus and I said. Don't tell him he can't shoot any threes that he's still if you train might shoot threes gotta let the market shoot three and so and so Steve hit maybe one or two so authorities that you put on. It's about bats it's about good basketball players he's it is no doubt I mean that's simple put as many good players on the on the court get as many in this organization and try to go get a another note trophy. By this point of the proceedings I'm gonna bite our members of the media to join the conversation. Please raise your hand we have microphones on each side and state your name and your affiliation and your questions and we will have a photo whopper. Our camera journalists after. The question answer situation is concluded let's go to my right. Assert. To Marcus over here Europe right bring Glenn KP IXTV. Nice to see you walk and I'm just curious about the injury as to from a timetable standpoint. Where you in your tree man. Recovery. Just and how that's been going. Rea everything going great. Then stronger and better every day. Number I'm progressing weekly. Which is a positive and you know as far as a timetable you know. We'll sit down and discuss with the team and bigger with the best known returned returned it. To be done. Let's go over to low and. I Logan murdered area news group. Kind of piggyback known occurrences. How do you balance the wanted to come back as fast as possible would also Rome make it's it is healthy as possible power balance and right now. Wrong. I'm going to situation I have to be Smart about. A woman. I'm in a unique situation is little I'm not needed right away alone. Thomas come almost for the chance to get to a 100%. And you know when I'm on a film at that weren't meant to return. Third row over here. Yet Jason Applebaum KP you fox to you called this signing when he signed with the warriors their nuclear bomb your ace of spades so to speak. Can you expand on that what you mean by that. Our own. I mean becomes speaks for so. And it sounds like a bad thing but just being in the the competitors that I am. That's like considered in among nuclear bomb or last resort. So. Mean situation unfolded in a room where. Mr. Medina. But the markets mark Medina Bay Area news group wrote. Have you had any conversations with players in the past that it had injuries with Hercules and what he. Well perspective do you take from their attorneys. Overall coming back or amount of smoke until feud. You know former team mayor Rudy gate. Total Wes Matthews on. Spoken with the nominee. Or Wilkens and asked us what local news room. And I mean. Me and zones two record and talking as of recent. It was discussed have been through the situation alone made their return. Home. And I wasn't really looking for work you know. A specific answer to get through it over really just want to see what these guys months it wasn't just kind of compared to tomorrow. And you know from a positive outlook for men and you know from just kind of with the way things but it. This is who is injury list that they can be you know over Carl and I'll make sure that I approve. And then CJ Peterson SS pay Marcus can you kind of chronicled the processes. You know not receiving any offers from what you said in this offseason. There were some reports that New Orleans did make an offer. Can you speak to that. We'll put it like this. Only Meehan bill there was no sit on the phone and I. We both know the truth. And I'll leave it at the. You're listening to the DeMarcus Cousins introductory press conference live on 95 point seven a game your home for Golden State Warriors basketball. And Tutsis and he's going to be too expensive to even illegally bring back under the CPA. Does that one year rental fact kind of make this a strange situation at all or are becoming going. Know I mean I know nobody's job more so now the members to speculate. Our job is what a championship in 201819. That's hard enough as it is so thinking about beyond. We didn't get these championships by thinking about the next one and an excellent excellent they are very very hard to do so I don't even like the word rent total one year this guy's freezer I can as a free agent. Every day he's on our team everybody else on our team we've got try to send one more guy but that's it we're trying to we're championship this year. What happens after that and you're well aware and so it was a pretty listening who knows. I sat here I sat over there and people ask you was gonna happen in free agency. Nobody thought this is gonna happen. Players signed they leave they come they go there's trades. Happening more frequently than ever that it never happened early are job one jobs when championship. That's that the players that are on this team. That's why he came that's why he's here that's why we're all here every works organization. To win a championship this year after that try again next year but the focus for us is. Here and he's on our team we're thrilled. Just as we are with everybody else that's on our team. Yeah the market so it one of the things relative to ask you about today on that night. Have some friends is still work up in Sacramento and I talked to them a lot after we. The word came out that you are going to be a Golden State warrior I know you like to get out in the community and and do a lot of things for the community why is that important to you. And are excited but. Getting out the bad. It's important to me because. Me being in a situation. And when I say economic community. Are gonna own blues like just to be blurred or. I go to you are one of those little worsen due to growing its place that's long wannabe and the reason behind that. Those are usually Q is sort of automotive communities and kept trying to get left or forgotten about Vietnam. After like I was in a situation at one point in. And I can only imagine if I have some of the opportunities. You know just being in these camps or will be in around pearl who were over the case in B. How much easier how much of a better process that would have been for me if accuse someone. That's kind of where my mouth that is. That's one of them. It's a RC. Are you Davis worries you worries them. How much can take you back it hero from that call third year coming in that you back it did hear of them all. This is that that's a tough negotiator. And. And males of the question is now. Yet the markets rank were you San Francisco examiner going up that the question about the users view held. Amiga community meeting about policing back in your own mobile what what brought that along and the job officers from the community there and what was what was the content that. But world. Well I mean it's pretty aware of them you know current events and the issues you have in our communities and it was his dorm apartment took them to men men. Or or or fix the issue which rightly struck him get everybody on the same page Jane understand and are both she will both the come upon. And is this it was just a chance to talk have follow up and I think it was successful. I look forward to door more. Understand both sides. I don't know what my you closes with the police officers. Our respect and that is that it and I think he's one of the best people to walk just went so wrong. Understand both but there's still a period needs to be fit. And what what's what's his name. Sort of there a U coach rose aren't as well. And did you have police officers at that and then along with team members that are yet you announced on substance at an event along with community yes. The back over mark. If the markets regarding interest the rehab can take us through what it's like the only which is the monotonous nature of interest on how prolonged. The news. In repeat there. Can you take us through what it's like dealing with the monotonous nature of rehab just given just how they're so much factors into it and for an extended period of time this the worse. Is it honestly just. Waking up every day doing and saying exactly. Is he can drive you Kerry's Vietnam. But. I take it as a test. Just another hospital over column and I just use that as fuel to get through the next and then continue to process. This stuff you learn but I know where I wanna be no. Military rule loving a look forward to being back on the floor. Logan. You said in your doc communities is that he talked to. Two ran in and Stefan clay and most deadly kind of maturities which a decision what particularly anyone of them say. The current maturities coming here. Every got them let's go get another championship vote that was the first thing and were really permeate these existing excitement. You know do. There will establish thing and they could easily then like no we don't need them whether the case may be good. I mean they were five dollars ten and that's never accomplishing things salaam. Just to seven efforts along. Dennis or through you know just. Being able to relax about it or be com about systems. When you start the process and and talked to Bob and and you were thinking about coming here what was the reaction of your friends and family when you told them that this was gonna happen. Well. Are really didn't tell anybody into you know it kind of happened it was it was near mount. Momentum. Regions and injured. Economic kept it close together and so on until we really think about the situation. Also told them their wallets fine form. But he the one the one guy he likes the most. We were going through the whole process and we said two weeks we talked to clay. And Steve said he he's fine he just carried it as a kind of put me. You know it's an and it's true we're all kind of laugh replace it to Coakley who about this. I do have to double talk that they get all of the data summer. He's been in China yet but if it's. Marcus Arnold turn around San Francisco chronicle you're obviously one of the more competitive players only where does that. Competitive desire conference from anything to do with your background your childhood. And you have a little bit of an excerpt chip on her shoulder and had given out free agency one. World. There's a combination of all that and I don't know maybe he's just that he's been an Alabama that I feel we hope they would have a certain type of fire. In the room I don't know maybe is the war. But. Phase compare what it should chip almost sort of approach brings you know. After last on the approved anyway. I want to prove to myself as well that a popular trawlers blue chip from some. Announces. Necessarily from. The gates. People Murray who NBC sports Bay Area. But Marcus Moore of the things that Steve Kerr always preaches to his team is that no matter what else they're doing up here how hard could go and don't forget to have some fun. When you here's what Mike that would actually deal with the message to you when you hear that. That's what it all goes back to rial. We also I don't know it's imperative for him so. You know having fun to play in this game something is wrong on a look forward partisan. Marcus Marcus Thompson with the athletic. The market there's a perception out there that. Use very sonic Kevin Durant has some order gonna fight that. Is this going to happen now because your team just won at an all out brawl. I know you guys are friends with dazzled people date because they feel the court he just did you want time to get out the way. My world and. I think that. Most speakers gathered to discuss it. It. The market has been a lot of talk and around the lead you know it's rooting Leigh Keno to build these super teams and one not do you feel like this is. Can you ruining the league by adding you do this team. How was your got a rather play like every other word. Then the mobile what what do you think that narrative is circulating that are here why do you think that narratives certainly that building these quote unquote super teams is rooting lead. On the on our own care. There there. Now we're really get a a question through a tough. Customer one of our basketball campers today state your name and fire away. I'm heat the heat on and coming off your injury how can you help. The warriors this upcoming season then what are your main. All of when my main goal is to win a championship. That's that's what on sun and form. What I can burn more I'll bring toughness. I'll bring the skills. But they think they've never had before or rebound and passed and it's was able to score. Number numbering a little bit everything in public fixes when. Next up my name is Mike and when you're growing up on him. Did you look up to in the NBA in like what courage to julep cup team. We're coached yet. To question. We're players involved favorite players and secure a new Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire. And. Coach. I didn't really watch basketball political alliance with. For the pollutants that could look at that. When you. Got the NBA. And and year on the floor near playing against CI Carmelo Anthony who you were fanned out what was that like in and you remember that kind of a moment. Yeah two. These densely anything driven. And so bells bells mum mum Ballmer will crumble weren't they. Could. Knowing that your knowledge is a. The market you had a reputation in the past being a bad teammate where that's fair or not bottle that initiative while you've been here. Occur does not mean some. Listener and a question. In my there ago. Thank you welcome back to northern California thanks for at least he Purcell for sports that they animate at his news gazette from what you can cells so far. Coming to the warriors leaving out and UT system have you seen much of a difference. And part two I'm looking at this picture I didn't he has so many tattoos. Have you got a new one are you gonna get a new went to. Commemorate you becoming a lawyer. You mean like a threat to a well not poor it's good. That's fair if it no matter how about some. Not that but it is you know a new beginning. Well I haven't gotten a new tattoo and about two years but. Mean. Become quote trophy to whistle blew through. We start with clay and then go to the trophy is this. If it's. And I also might yet Michael demarcus you're you're hair and a career here basically when you went down with the injury. And I know I'm wondering. When you go out that in for you know the playoffs accommodate hit it looked like he going to be yet gonna make it and obviously the team bit. How long they take you to get past the fact that finally. You get the playoffs. And you can play. This vote on especially. Being in the comparator that I have. We'll follow the play for and you know opportunity and the chances away from me. Things that we're. Normally using this. Amusing this lesson is a way to grow as a player as a person and on. You know an opportunity to present a Soviet Union. Be more than prepared. At the march given that the nature of how serious Achilles injury but knowing how talented player you are what. Are your expectations for what you'll be able to do next season with your game. My expert this is now. A permanent government in the same Dominic little wounds on an even better next nothing turns. Let's get conclude our Q&A in this part of the session we're gonna have a photo op that it it just a moment. And then of Bob and the markets will break up for individual sessions. I wanna thank everybody for coming out today thanks so. All the lawyers staffers and a special thank you for great behavior is staying quiet to our warriors. Basketball campers job well done guys. And again to markets welcomed a bank. All right there you have it that was DeMarcus Cousins introductory press conference in the Bay Area here. We hear it Glavine eleven that was the replay and matched I met cut some one on one time. With boogie cousins he's going to be hosting with guru from three until seven and you get a chance to hear I think they're gonna replace the press conference. Again but you're also getting hit fresh one on one content from bogey win meant Stein. Art you've heard it twice generic anything change anything jump out at out at you the second time that may be escaped your notice the first time. Everything I feel radically different about all of it okay where should we start them. Basically how you know. The warriors have made a massive error in signing him horrible judgment in disastrous choice either one. Yeah and playing with a center will confuse them all they won't know what to. I mean I dared there are known you know. He handled the press conference the woody woody. It's the question you want an answer. You know swatted away the ones he didn't while not. Being rude about it moon but you know he he doesn't he doesn't play press conference rules he just plays look. I'll get to what I wanna get too and you know admitted that they'd be answered the question about. Whether or not he actually got an offer from from the pelicans there he handled it exactly the way I thought it would which sets between me and Dell Demps and it's. Essentially not your business but you know other than that I mean just. I I always hate when people judge people based on. Yeah how did when the press conference did you lose the Pritzker Jim Tom sue his first press conference at which she clearly lost. I'm so united we big press conference is really matter and I think to almost any warrior fear. They listen to this and they went well. They were not that they were not particularly enlightened to buy anything. They were not particularly disappointed by any it was you know. 23 minutes when they didn't have to work so I think hero came. So they'll be okay when it's three played during. Missed assignments. Guerrilla during PM drive now Rick we talked often hear about past years you'd ever dealt with would voting should you've been in a couple of scrum with him. I said this earlier in order acting off the first laughed. He Sharpton is a really bright guy means funniest he's articulate. But he's not going and it's like yes secure if you think he's a bright guy. He didn't care what you think of him period so he might not always come off as the brightest guy in the world to some of the things she does but he is super intelligent he's. He's he's quick to anger I think at least was when officials. And he's had issues with media people and it certainly Integra. So he does scare which set. But. For the most part he doesn't deal. With what he's amid the question about him being a bad team. You hear me that you're three word answer MacCallum that's on me yeah. And I don't think I don't know that he is a bad team but you know people who were in Sacramento. You know and weren't keen on them. Would say he was so. I'm not gonna take sides I wasn't there and the people who were there you know commanded from different angles I mean it just. I think he. He's the sort of guy who I think. Needs. The stimulation of a winning team. Which he's only had for one half of one year in his time in the NBA. And it's interesting to note that he never had dead issue. At Kentucky 'cause they always one. So I think you know. He's learned about big kid's basketball. You know sometimes you don't get to be on the best team. Now he is on the best team and we'll see area DeMarcus Cousins is now officially. A Golden State lawyer and guess what there is another. Big name in the NBA and uncle Leonard not DeMar DeRozan. But another big name with the Olympic gold medal. On the move in the NBA or is he really moving anywhere on the herbs he Israeli rattle we read back on infection again.