Papa and Bonta – 2 – DeMarcus Cousins, Fashion, National Anthem reports

Hour 2.  Matt Steinmetz and Ray Ratto fill in for Papa and continue the discussion on how Cousins will fit in with the Warriors, renew the discussion on fashion with Gianna, and then shift to the National Anthem reports from the Miami Dolphins and how it impacts the NFL.

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What locals you can make them play to get pushed out. Another thing is it's outlaw all means some aren't well older players is population. That we got to obviously. And out is going adult basic it was about guns well I think the voyage in the game right area marble but. But I don't buy out of where all they hear it again. But I think. You have any concerns at all I mean what what would be your biggest worry with cousins rob if you have wondered that you maybe don't have one. And on topic I made me get you know more. I'll make money so why not let Butler and so I want out of what else about winning. But it might well oh quite match it will most of what I will step up other and not until we get on the bag on the Internet. If I look at that that was a but bogeyed it the right mind you're. It would indeed brought rocket back in there and make clay either lightly when you when all they want it can be able to guard him one of the kind. Leadership your question will. All week extension opening portion of going to be a good thing you know. Thanks rob appreciate the call appreciate the call I mean aren't on paper looks great and I'm not saying on the hard would it doesn't. I'm I'm not saying that at all just trying to figure out how it's all gonna work. Well you won't know. Please see here's the things break point it's that the one thing that makes people crazy is the idea that they have to wait for an answer they grant aircraft one now. But there's no evidence one where the other. To provide an answer to that. There any more than there's a there's an answer right now to how much he will have lost based on this injury yet to see it could see it you gotta wait. And you can disagree with me here but this is the way I remember. When the first dream team was formed. And they started playing it. They played a few games. I'm sorry re they never worry is good. As I thought they would be yeah they'd win by fifty but. Nothing was ever enough. If they had three or four spectacular plays you wanted nine or ten spectacular place it just never felt like. They ever reached their peak. And I don't know that you can't reach your peak. If you know that all five players. Are not playing up to their potential. Which state cannot do. Because they have five superstars on the floor. But but you're missing the bigger point which is it's not about. Every player at their peak. It's about them being cohesive which means at some nights. He will only get five touches on some nights. You know Klay Thompson will be three for sixteen. It's about how they work as an ensemble night in and night out. That's the judgment it's not about all of them getting their numbers at the height of their powers. That's not happening. It doesn't make sense to want that to happen. Because then that means they have stopped playing together and they are playing five individuals. That's not who the warriors are that's not how they work she have to put that aside because that's self defeat. But look OK I hear you but this is kind of run get that again I'm not saying in this this ain't gonna work. Times last year in the post season or the regular season did we see this happen. The warriors switch and then one of their big men has the guard a perimeter player. We saw JaVale McGee in that position and looting in the position and everybody said looting did a great job about it. There's a very real chance cousins catch cousins will not be able to do that. I see some guy that might be so then maybe you'd amid then it's up Steve Kirk. And Ron Adams to figure out how to address to that. To have a guy on the floor they can't switch well. Right maybe it means he doesn't playing games when they ain't when they needed. When they need defensive stops may be that's for loonie may be that's for bail. The agent camp you know it's. Ear again the world the biggest mistake that people make when they're talking about basketball. Is you take this player you get this skill set and that skill set will always be present and it will always be needed. It isn't like that not on the best teams some nights. Stefan curry not shooting some nights Kevin Durant. It is in the ozone some nights during my green gets in foul trouble the first five minutes is get the play a lot. That happens it's what you do. As a group. When one of your players. Isn't having a night. Is it it it. There were because they're going to be nights when you look at. DeMarcus Cousins a line and it's gonna stay right here but they're gonna be nice to new look at Klay Thompson's line it's gonna stick. It's how day. Survived as AT. Night in and night out and that doesn't mean you have to win 75 games either. You know it's it's RD cohesive. More often than not. I knew what I say cohesive I mean where you get to see. The switching. And the crisp passing and and the minimal errors I mean it. An ensemble means that. Every night. Most of your guys have to play well not all of them and the guy who doesn't play well can't force. I wouldn't let me make a comparison here and and you tell me what you think of it and it's a it's admittedly. Not a great comparison. The year after the warriors. The year after we believe people forget this the worst one out and got Chris Webber. And Don Nelson had a more on that team in Don Nelson was trying to make amends for something that happened a decade before. And Webber didn't have Webber didn't happen but what could always pass. And Nellie who figured well I put him in the high post and he can start it baron Davis and it just just didn't work I realize Weber was done. He was absolutely done but his his arrival. She just impacted the team because. Everybody got old little unsure of what they should do. Adding it fair artist Nelly was trying to shoehorn him in there may be more than he should of but it was it was just a bad thing. Well I am not too that I can her upper yogi for Al Simon kept. Okay yeah he backed out of that contract you back we we found news that a he supposedly signed there was gonna sign that he backed out in a two years six point two male and that's one point but that's 9000900. But here's the thing. Going to accurate your original point. If the mark. Guess cousins can't fit again. If this makes it somehow worse for them. No release. They might take some grief for it there might take some grief from Charl lake of four. That's 22 million Richard Wright put out on the street but if he can't make. You know if he can't find his place. In an already going concern. Then. The let me go oh. Let's noticed I don't think that's likely I don't think it's profoundly unlikely I think you'll figure it out and they'll figure it out with him. And it'll be fine but if it doesn't work they won't hold on. Stephen Brisbane he's got another point of view from what I've been talking about how you go it's the. It's extricate my call analysts how you talk about how thin that that I think more geared back and comic. Right toward it I pupil but they show up likely rattle sweater kicker they eat it but what you do. You know I mean you're you're right I mean we're not. Yeah I mean I hear you I hear you it is Sarah. Is there a situation in which can you relish this right can you envision a situation where we get to march and April. And your say and we're saying to each other geez they they need cousins that they can't win it without him. If they beat cousins that that means some other people got hurt right that's what it means because right now. They don't need cousins to win the title they don't. And prove it right if all of a sudden they need cousins it's because Kevin Durant went down or Dray mind green went down or they both went down. That's not a good scenario that's a bad. So you know if the more indispensable. DeMarcus Cousins is the worst things that have gone somewhere else there I'd I'd that it that you think could still win. With constant data to change what they do again but that's coaches do they make adjustments spot. If DeMarcus Cousins becomes indispensable. That's a problem. That's not a great thing and it has nothing to do with cousins. Right now they are ideal because he's not indispensable. Right. Go to Berkeley. Generally in that particular call. Old curmudgeon like we're there watching that while Earl Long long time. And you know I'm not going I really don't like comparing players from different areas I think LeBron the main thing I think will lose a stunning. But it I've heard a couple of times knocked it from Rabach a couple of different people. This narrative that Jordan what does scorer. In that he didn't need to deal with during that he had other player. Jordan actually within nine time first team all NBA defensive player. He all of that would've spent the player of the year and even at six time NBA finals MVP. Every time you went into the NBA final he was the MVP. I'd look at K I I'm gonna suck in there they think you're you're sort of off the track here. If Michael Jordan is not the best player of all time he's second. All I'm saying is that. He was a guy who got other players. Better. He didn't he didn't. Take over games by himself. As the raise on debt for the team to exist. Chamberlain did and I think too if I'd fair extent on some teams so little bra. I'm not did denigrating jordin anyway but Jordan had a way of integrating other players. And made them better I mean I don't think Scottie Pippen's in the hall of fame if he's not would Jordan. That's a that's all I've is an interest in hypothetical. Ed that's all I'm saying. Chamberlain played on teams where there wasn't much around him and was still the dominant figure on the floor. Every night night in and night out. Even when he was playing against Russell. This 62 team in which she scored fifty and rebounded thirty game move wasn't a good team they didn't get the final didn't come close. I'm Doug readily physical force right. Gotcha that's all I'm saying about Jordan and it's not an insult anyway. They did it guy 57957. Jury wanna jump into this conversation you can do that. Also talk a little baseball with red Bay Bridge series is tonight Ellison and assignments and Renato fill in for Greg Papa and got him. But first but first it's your chance to win thousand dollars and ten. The reds accomplish. On 957. Big game that's and it's a great round of filling in for Greg Papa advice there hill. Thanks to listen and everybody. Bring you end. Gionta had a wonderful conversation two or three days ago about. Style overseas fashion which we're not going to repeat. OK were they come up and who material. I just want to put a stop to look or AJ on our right now and I mean you probably noticed ray which often does television. And social come in sometimes after her work on television. Today we are getting a very casual. Gionta she's got jeans a T shirt and a baseball cap yeah. Column every day you're like me like that look. Like when Giuliani and I guess I am I early he's dressed them are. For people to be indifferent to its utterly utilitarian. And she likes wearing it today so far but in July bringing it shouldn't matter. Okay well I decided it doesn't. I mean you dress like this what 10% of the time coming in here. I mean use because they act I about either doing a shoots or I were in television is also sometimes I just. Opt out from the fifth Ortiz second floor and as well you are so I did a date no make up baseball cap and a teacher. I'm just make a note that she on his appearance this little different today with what she's where now to be self conscious. It. How much. OK John I got a break it to you you're not dressed up right now. I'm not no I'm not jumped up at all and I'm not sure that's that's what I mean by the appearance function not form that's old news there and at the Sydney morning. It doesn't matter if you are what you want for whatever reason you want fewer Leno explained to explanation. That's all that's what closures supposed to do trim Poehler what would then hand. I assume it's a cruel it's am kind of like to have. Had actually out Terry Nat suitable is here are suitable fifty I did. Television for picnics so I got my little from us now that you are you had gotten. Yeah Abbott. Not not deduct it's given out by a work. Did she packed them. I don't I don't respond to cute. We'll IR I mean I live I don't eat deal like to have. Yeah I did then I quit mission accomplished and helix Q Rae I have good for you have you ever even though you can't seem to have when it's on your head. In Amir. Mother tried cancel Larsen assistant for me. Ray you've never said to somebody you looked ice today not I try not to. 'cause it's not replace. Talking about it's not your place church you would be in our planet earth. That's been debate. Although I card my opinion on other people's. Appearance. Means that they get to heaven of opinion about mine. And opinions about appearance lead to some really dark place I'm I have to wisely die at the beginning I agree with that ray but. I don't think it continues on to when you complement somebody as long as you're doing it I never caught only hurt and fishy Smart. Okay she said something funny or clever I don't want to compliment about how she looks. Can I get that ray and I I like that. To a Smart she is right okay. That's between you and error and nothing to do with me I think our friendship that goes back years and rain I just it's this is a budding new friendship. Which I think we're going out in the end. You know I I I mean I I apparently like and everything is the times get to your regularly at times change who you wanna be. I already who are wannabe. I think you wanna be ironically for a I want to be me. In an hour and 38 meant. That's what I want to beat your plans this weekend. I'm going to. Bales for LS on Saturday. There's a fund raiser faction. Or own marine now meet great place to replace and absolutely place with time and be there. Any time to be determined by many without any input from you tell you what I'll I'll I'll make you. Stress free you should get there about 8 o'clock in the morning because I'll be watching the fourth round final round of the British opens if you don't wanna see me get there early because you'll be busted it open it no and I don't think that's helpful. But that's what I'm doing a charity Sunday amp parent from a vacation. Well maybe on the tee there. We'll have fun thanks to you on an all Atlantic don't they care to hear that I didn't fund doesn't really need to be mentioned. It's a RT yes go study it hits you harder. Go get smarter gym on I can compliment you on your wisdom. Brett is on the sale material bridge you might not be any more but if he is it means there's a lot of traffic ray what's up Brett. I already got hour. It got over the project. Which. You. Are on the Tibet but bottom actually had a red. I. I wanted to say you know with the market cut our act that way air. It. It's really what the market is gonna and you know I mean it's great that they want thing but it's another to actually go out for you. And you know I mean I have been no ought to put up 2530. But he also give up 3035. I think yeah. Oh my my mentality and you know it over to order about all. And it will actually record homicide I caught it really. Dated a lot of by the bench. I would make you work you know too great role player off the bench and another superstar with what they are happen practically. I get it yeah and yet there's hardly yeah they couldn't afford to players coming off the bench. They got DeMarcus Cousins for less money in order of Costa to get to useful bachelor. Well depends. On the bench player like Jamal Crawford right now still free agent so in theory they could've gotten him and something else that's okay for two or three million gigabyte yogi Farrell and Jamal cause they could've gotten yogi fair. Well it's true that then I'm just trying to think the most mean none that drum name and that's OK okay enough I'm. Here's the thing is it he's not a superstar this year. True okay he would he'd. Reputations don't count for him this year. Next year Fy. Not this year not this team. That's another thing that people are gonna have to get used. If you are waiting for him to have the numbers he had in New Orleans. You're not only going to be disappointed you're gonna look stupid. Because the warriors don't need him to do that and may not even want him to do that. And the reason I say that is because if they need him to do that it means something's going catastrophically wrong somewhere else on the roster. Yeah I mean. It's not like. Cousins. Curry and or arrogant averaged 25 plays and averaged 42 dream unfit for a racist it's obvious as it's not gonna work that you'll have a starting five and average is one Kenny game ended that's never happened exactly let's go to daddy on 8088 Danny. You done. Do it well I am in my ligament. Well absolutely not I I'm caught. Because they give blood up Bob Meyer and how special is. Carbon who's gonna do fly it in your to realize I have never. Wouldn't do an interview with Bob Meyer that I haven't heard that eloquent added urgency and and just human compassion and under current event yesterday. This is what solidified that president is going to be five. Maier said you know I think when I talked with him on the phone he says I want you to be in the playoffs you do. You know he restarted a human being. And and not only beauty deduct solidified him coming into the team. I think that it's solidified that he's going to be like a big very good partner with all of the other players. Fair enough I ears and thanks for the called me yours might. Response that. I covered the warriors for. Fifteen years when they stone they absolutely stoked. And losing brings out the worst in people. And there are a lot of people like covered over the years when the warriors. Were losing. And I don't necessarily have a positive impression of of these people whether they were front office coaches players. The warriors right now are on top of the world when you win it brings out the best in everybody. And listen Bob Meyers is a great guy and I'm not say when the warriors go to twenty and sixty we're gonna hate him but. Just like cousins yesterday to me it's it's. It's easy to be a great guy. When things are going so well it's it's a lot tougher win. When you stink. And I mean how would Israel warriors back in the day when they couldn't win there it was stated there was just no. There was no joy there every it was everything wasn't sure everything had a cloud over. Iron oppose it chore you snow that it was ordered physically repellent to everybody else. I mean I I'd I'd I'd. I think that everything is set up. For DeMarcus Cousins to succeed as long as two things occur. One he's healthy enough to be a real contributor. And being nobody has expectations that this is the DeMarcus Cousins. Of a year ago or two years or five years ago. This is a new don't mark this has to be a new DeMarcus Cousins in your eyes. It may not be in new DeMarcus Cousins in his eyes right can't speak for what he sees about himself. But your expectations about what you think the Marcus Cousin should be have to be retired. For now. Next year you can put all those things back on him if you want but for right now. He asked to be something he's never been before a bunch of things she's ever been for. And he says he can do that my name a way to say. Do a change of subject I'd love to. Okay what's your favorite bridge in the Bay Area let's just talk about the markets cut my favorite great this is. The other gentleman was on them San Mateo that yeah which when you. I have no opinion X I'll bet your favorites like the high street parades go from Oakland tell me. Now Dunbar is underrated. But no they're all phenomenal in their own way. Hit king of humor in favor. And it's not that I'm humor in new. You know it's an annoying question of course you know thing of course I want everybody humor you when you're trying to anoint. Why why why when asked earlier Friday. Well it's going to be fighting no matter what you do with the high end usually they calorie changing based on what you do. Well that's true hey I told you that this issue was gonna linger and you me kind of scoff that me. I told you this nationally at the thing in the NFL's going to be an issue I told you. And for those who don't know here's what here's what's happened. So who document leaked yesterday from the Miami Dolphins. Apparently. The league best 32 teams to submit. Paperwork regarding. Discipline. And some are there rules and regulations. And I assume they're gonna collect them all. And use it adds information to develop some kind of nationally at the policy. Anyway a document got leaked from Miami that. Said. In a we're prepared to fine or suspend and find endorse suspend a player. And suspend them up to 44 games. Obviously it was a huge backlash. And now we're just recently Stephen Ross the owners come out and said that that lying in and of itself was actually a place holder line. That it it was in an actual line they just had a light in their attitude to take up space. Anyway array. The the NFL has responded by saying hey look we're we're working on. Some kind of policy or agreement. And we need we're gonna do confidentially what you know a few weeks. I mean. It's a ridiculously I what this book is Steve Ross and that I mean yet 24 hours twelve when that. I mean if it's a place holding what is flat out six minutes later 24 hours is about when people correct their misspeak at least really act as people have told them to. But sec like the NFL has had. Essentially two years figures out. And they're not. Not figure it out because they can't win on this unless they do one of three things one let the players do what they want. To stop playing the anthem at all. Or three. Not allow the players to come out until after the anthem was over period and make no exceptions right. And the fact that they can't do any of those things. Or they can't even contemplated. Is. It's why am amazed I mean just because. Yeah fell. Has been traditionally a really good at handling. Sort of problems that get in the way of profitability. My theory is that their bumbling they're actually making money off looking stupid some I don't know how they're doing volume in. But I've got this had been going on for two years. And they still don't have a policy. It's because they can't craft one. They're trying to be all things to all people including the president who basically uses this is a weapon when he needs to gin up a crowd out. You know if you're the NFL a nearest powerful issue says you are. You ignore the president say I yelled what you want or we're still making more money than never I mean ever racist how this income is really damage the business. The Green Bay Packers have did supply public documents that people can see every year who has air publicly held company. And that everybody made 4% more profit than they did a year ago. So how is the leaked image brightness. It the answer is it's not so take that information go. Let him yell right let me healthy doesn't like it. What do you think the NFL that powerful. Then they should be based their profitability should have gone down it. Didn't. What do you think is gonna happen. What if they craft something what will it would you think any of your three. Scenarios is gonna come to fruition. Of the three the only one that has a chance. Is that they just Sega stand up stand lock. We'll play the anthem when you're not a they're not gonna stop playing the income because the income allows them to painter. And that's all the anthem is ever done. Media that was so important to people's day. We'd be seeing the National Anthem before show starts to rub your show it's not even minutia I'm just renting but yeah this thing that right. Along with me. And I understand from yesterday's show real problem that well I don't yeah I don't have I'd I don't think the F through should be played for sporting events on its. Because it is pandering that's all it is. That's not gonna happen. And you're not going to get consensus among the players to players no longer trust the owners to do anything. Did you what is wrong with. Go out if you wanna go out. If you. I guess I just the thing is you know I would be like this stay in if you don't wanna do it. Go out if you wanna do it but even that is restrictive. And maybe they won't. Maybe players won't be go for that. Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. John Madden we mean like me is a fan no no no no no I'm talking met the lead the team well I guess that you don't but don't worry about it don't make rules. They'd get in the way of what you're trying to do which is. Produce football. And make money. It took me John Madden John mansion you know said that I'm a hundred years ago. What hundred that's that's being put toward that goal but the point is. Don't make rules either that you can't enforce or can't enforce coherently. They can't enforce this coherently. I'm Taylor I think it's amazing. That this all started. From when. Tapper nick. Up picture went. Right it was just a photo. That showed the National Anthem and Colin Capra nick I believe we sit well he was he was sitting. At the time and it wasn't the first time he had been sitting. I mean. And and clearly. He hadn't formulated. All lose lose their wares and why fours of why he was doing it other wash and say that. But he was doing it for his reason. I just think it's amazing that from that point we have come to. This kind of crisis is not crisis that this kind of serious situation. It's what happens when you take. Someone's intended purpose and bandit to hero needs. Because he wasn't kneeling to protest the Anthony wasn't kneeling right protest. The military. He was trying to bring attention to what he he believed to be social ills and America that aren't being dealt. And he didn't situated people had to notice. And the fact is for two weeks he sat down and nobody noticed right he was sitting in a civilian clothes so it's only when he's wearing the costume. Oh I didn't really the worst two were were just in. You know I didn't know you never uniform on the first time aides had to meet its. The NFL. A loud people to cooped the message and turn it into an argument about. The anthem. Board you know saluting the flag 82 symbols rather than two real issues. And at that point you went off the rails and they couldn't get it back even if they tried and now it's hopelessly out of their control they deserve. So what do you think should happen. I think ultimately there is gonna keep everybody in the room. I mean it's the only thing in the locker room yet it's the only thing that makes sense to me that they could do because. It's clear they can't yet that's going to be a problem to read it but it's going to be. Know what we able to see people being pissed off and with the NFL it's all about optics. They'd they'd. They don't care what people can't see. Do you think because whoever the most conservative football players. Do you think that player is not gonna is gonna be okay with not coming out I don't think so. I don't know. But you could just say it would nobody goes out before the game. In nobody goes out to do the at. Period I think if you want if you wanna have a quiet mall I mean. Maybe somebody walks out and then you now you've got a different problem but. I don't think. I think it's unlikely that any conservative player. Would do that only because. To my way of thinking most conservative players believe in authority. And here or here is the coaches the coach says stay in a room. They'll stay in RO do Abbott and the other side of that is weighted so if somebody wants to go out and say I'm gonna do this anyway right. That's fine but. You know. I mean that's why the most sensible thing is to let anybody do what they might hurt you do I agree I'll tell you what if if they say stay in the locker room a couple of guys go out to stand. Well come on the other guys on the oil and meal. OK so that's why that's why you know the policy that fits. 53 guys and touches them in a way that's outside football. It isn't the more taste the more they try to impress the more the league tries to impress people that they are. A more AM moral. Sort of thermometer. You know for for the nation as a whole rather than just a form of entertainment. Do the work of the more problems like they shall get. Because we live in a very fractured time in America. And if you've sports is supposed to reflect America. And I think he usually does. In your gonna get that. I mean you know it's. It's what you get when you try to make one size at all. And they can't do that they're not good at. Once the first exhibition game that's probably much sooner than people think probably about three or four weeks away I would think yeah typically late August. Notes earlier and Erica hill and what's for its five weeks from. The 9. August 2. Is the first. Yeah probably it's a finally I guess that's the that's out of the hall of fame game bully got a house so that it placed by the end and that's what 22 weeks from now yeah. Otherwise it's gonna be free for. Who's got a CJ who's got a solution to this problem is there a solution to this problem there's three. I know you gave them we're going to go to break out of him after a repeat of art is your solution this problem made it 89 point 75 cents. Now back to the red accomplish L 1957. Games and match time it's a great rattled fill orders for Greg Collins Vontae Hilton. And coming up they did about it. Because we had request for this. Raid is gonna give us his analysis of peace San Jose Sharks off season. We're gonna talk about the sharks had about 245. To fifty and rail talks about two. Other offseason has gone on. And I'm going to be tough set the table nicely and they all tell you what ray when you start talking here of a deal when you start talking sharks hockey. I promise I won't interrupt you I promise okay. Fight okay. Philharmonic is on the line and they feel more Harry don't. They advance. Thank you for taking my call me and I just wanted to survey. Right rattle make the most valid point made it keeps it real had a stereo type. Looking air right rattled seen as picturing a crime according Abner grownup that he was just you know. Not a nice part of it. Part of what you do with too many people I mean where I'm finally here you'd you're trying to be nicer with a right rattled even more apart in youth vote. If I'm putting them to zone steal it great. It is great radio while we're here but anyway right you make of bury your point when you say you're you're three point about. Ultimately do it now opening into audit into the lip players do you what they're willing to do there so. All I want to say this. I Fillmore Fillmore. Like the nice mattered you you only go back to the way I am with doom room. I mean you got to do you what you were right oh you got it there. Do exactly what you doing narrow when you would go through continue to do you. Feel more my thank you so well that the senate thank you so much. Like Socrates. Fillmore Mikey is the modern day Socrates. He he he uses venture. And I make you feel good. Find a guy never met the senator who I am that's great. Complement not look right you're all important there's no I don't I don't I try to be on point so that's great. Say thank you I did all you've got to do thank you Fillmore modern re telling me what I have to do well I you don't have to do it but I don't say it. Then no more Mike thank you very much the kind where he's a lovely man. That's not think you. Me I said I wanna thank your picking a fight now let's go to why people don't like the show ring NBA in Morgan Hill what's going on. Hey Matt loved pocket hoops switch yes thank you. It's not hard. This. I believe it was. Bumpers monitor that and if you don't have so nice to NATO saying any bank. Who smoke. You know that that the Bambi. Part here moon whatever. Anyway. At most but I don't and oh we're activity that we are talking about. Naturally talking about content that. He's not going to be available for a book what roughly two thirds of the season so. I'm I'm really interested to see what damion Jones has been operating as if he's going to be able to replace what do. JaVale McGee did. And and it likely to see if it's loonie is is going you know. Showed some improvement maybe have a little more offensive on the carpet event. I'm really open at the warriors are gonna are going to be able to bring back McCaw. But anyway. Mr. rap code seems like it'll be a great fit you can you seem like he's got a great attitude. What what are you hearing about the cause they going to be able to sign him you think. It doesn't add thanks for the call it doesn't seem like they're worried about him I mean. You know we saw Marcus Marty's a pretty good player restricted free agent just gets signed yesterday. And I probably what's gone right now is cause not really getting a lot of a lot of action in the warriors are. Just gonna wait and then probably offer him a fairly. Low salary I would think but at us for damion Jones. Other be honest I am a morgue about Damian NGOs and that's coming from a guy who hasn't really seen him play a lot and the reason I'm worried about him. Is because. Over a year ago. And I've said this a few times over a year ago. We had travel shall like on the show he was a warriors assistant general manager at the time it was after damion Jones rookie year and Travis said. Matter of factly we're expecting damion Jones to have a role on this team next year indicating also that. Maybe to play 1015 minutes a game he didn't he didn't play at all last year virtually certain Alexander in year three. I don't know I mean I actually I can't say he stinks but. It's the warriors have been looking in. The warriors have and the worst show good they can give guys opportunities over the course of the year yeah he's never really gotten one long term. You never stayed healthy and he's never found. A place. But don't forget. People arena Berry c'mon loony to. The one year OK but it was well is hit too bad you write this was a wasted pick out the idea and it. I mean at some point yeah I'd date they will you know. Have to make a decision about whether damion Jones is worth spending time. But. For now I think they can wait. Damaged its 'cause there's no there's no rush on him there's still no rush on him but at some point they're going to look at him and go. He's not helping me. And then move on there exactly Britney stay what's up Brett I don't matter. Well I've got to tell you don't do well. Acts on eight. The market confidence is going to be good for him Mann he always football got people it went you aren't they about it or watch a lot of sports that are at night on homework on improvement field. Always been joking around a big guy on the sidelines. So anyway great love the staff. Brett Brett. Brett you there. Yes come on and what kind of business deals you doing with ESPN. At 1130 at night look kinda opens the outcome at. War in 11398. I who is host pulled the trigger at 1130 at night on the big deal. While you prepare for the following day called prep yeah. OK well good luck man thanks for the call really appreciate it. What's that press. Veteran and I IC. Your prep which is Hugh agonizing you don't have enough. My prep is right here ready I don't that she might say but I'm still there but every moment you spent filling that out you were screaming about you had nothing. I and you know I feel a lot better right now I like you know what ray I like where were. In terms of the show like it alive have you. I'm happy to know you're not. I don't know what I should nonetheless unhappy than normal there is that what you want to hear yeah that's cool a part and is it because of many. Yes entirely because you serve. A life get. Yes so the national layup to break real quick your. You say the league has three. Possible solutions. No they only one that they're going to take. What are they gonna take stand lock. Everybody stays in lock. While. You think that's the that's where it's Danica and you know what is the only one that they can apply uniform. And they want uniformity. I and that one that would make the most sense his. Do what you need to do you explain it to people who ask. They won't do that because for them it's all about optics. But if they make everybody go out and stay and some guys will meet. And all I'm telling you is that they tell everybody stay locker room there's going to be some guys to come out. Well. Then you what they're not gonna have no policy. Which is what do what you want during the at the right. 'cause they're trying to make this go away. And the only way you can make it go away is to take the visual away. Because that's all that again I said this before it's all they care about is how things look. They're not interested in. What. Taking any really means. Dated damn that's never interest to them what they want is for things to look. The same. Men and I mean we should mention initially. The knee was about. Social injustice. Police brutality. That kind of thing so obviously that it was co opted. By a anybody who needed a reason to try to co opted to bend to their. Way I think it. Well we get a little new moves before the the show Andrew Luck into looks gonna be ready for training camp next week. So that's good is she older. Shoulder apparently is holed enough. Well we think I mean they're they're gonna go unseat. Under more stressful conditions but he's been through a lot for a long time so. It's probably about time that. You know we find out if he does have a career. Still. Nick foals and you believe he's got the top selling NFL Jersey like I cannot believe that I I just cannot. Wall why because he's nick foale's. I want to Super Bowl I would think drop Loews Jersey would be bigger. He hasn't won a suit and enjoy played OK you always started bicycles why are there more falls wife folds. Sell more shirts than Brady. Because he won a Super Bowl and he won it in a place that is a huge football town Philadelphia well that's true. I mean Brady most people who want to Brady Jersey probably already have. Nick folds his is brand new. In terms of hunger Georgia this year. He won the super type so important super let me tell you something I'm pleased that. Before I do you listen and 957 the game KG and CFM an HD one KG into separate Cisco a radio dot com station. Well like the Eagles little bit their in my hometown team. This socket and well on telly on what's in our. Do you agree with me yet and I actually agree that it has pretty much the time you just try to make me agree with you and it irks me because what we tell. There's no quarterback. Now McNamee to defend.