Papa and Bonta - 2 - Charles Barkley, Steph's big night, Warriors D in Game 3

Hour 2. Papa & Bonta are joined by Charles Barkley, discuss Steph's big shimmy night, and talk about the Warriors big defense in Game 3. 

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Are listening to 957 game. KG in CF and an HD one KG NG San Francisco the radio home for every single lawyers playoff game right here on any part seven games apart where fort street here. As you try to get connect it was sir Charles around. Mound of rebound at sixteen your NBA veteran hall of Famer what are greatest power forwards in NBA history will join me afternoon delight in just moments here but I wanna. Wanted to listen to what happened less than a teensy when Kevin Durant. Join inside the NBA. Is straight. I was green is a knowing him personally resist what is his own spin on television that boy who usually don't talk told us there from your arms and impugn his car has been doing this you know everybody power you're little you're out of every day goes on and on television what good are you about a drink alcohol problems I don't nothing else that says you glad that Osama. Of course owls last night and Charles Barkley joins the afternoon like the sixteen year. NBA veteran hall of Famer what do best power forwards. In NBA history now does work on TNT would Larry Johnson can Smith as she kilo know this is going to be tree sir Charles welcome back to the Bay Area welcome back onto the afternoon delight. What pop Ambon turnout by seven games just chime in on what you just heard there from last night when gas Kevin Durant. That question about true Mark Green being annoying. Did you expect to get an answer from Kevin Durant. I respect him as a yes mama want. An emissary yes. You know destroy America put on a given not a lot of aren't going on TV and or the order or blowouts. You know wrapped up our guys toward McCain. You know you populace during a loans are paid not that important to our arsenal or just let out so. Don't think you're a mile away he took a shower she. Wouldn't support we are like I ordered our mayors earlier. They go to Texas or hour or so programs are them are great where are the warriors. Are the great win about a war issues. Yeah and has been opened a blowout so far the conference finals chucked it lowers what by thirteen game one lose by 22 and enroll them last night by it by 41 at. But I want to add it up a Teddy stage yet Smith that the average and play and all of it said. Hey Charles it's like 1988. No one's afraid you'll anymore so I I do wanna go back Teva this pick that year 1988. When your Philadelphia 76 here are coming to Philadelphia and visit my late great brother Gary. Longtime sportscaster and TV he'd be there be Sunday night at that table at Friday's you'd be there are a lot it'd be a hell of a lot of fun. But if there was 1988. Charles and you were junior today. What do you watch re not in the rain as a teammate Charles. Probably yes yes that we would I mean acute a open every good player I think you're the I think in America are also. But you know you can be annoying coming up regularly brought more than double play and it was anoint your arms so are ya let our children are two very good player. Are oblivious to knowing it did you know the rockets are the warriors in black and critically other warriors that you played well rockets they would like to. In our but they're not as they work people cancer. In order to me when you're going back goes with the territory. Specialists say it was 1988. And drink much in the league government owned by the rules back then it. And he's not running your teammates he's on the other team how would you handle the annoying drain under insurance. All of we will we will have been going there and heavy with nobody wants to fight. Are what we would have select like Brad might want to have a reasonable going to edit. That's what you go right guys who who do what it looked Omar beat out there and try to count Leo. That is not what Trevor. Met my daddy went there at Fremont. I wasn't our fault is it that you don't even gained 100 my visit to show our own non. Or James or not. Don't show a chart got the technical yeah. And I'm like wait on a rocket rhetoric Olivia and Lugar to their best player. I was pissed from that point won't you never let anybody mature best player. Pepper snapple are not like the rocket can't beat Uga if your gap and not gonna protect your best player. You'd be a moment you've got to protect your best but you can elect are are you as where. The other big about it there was no Panama that was like or the first five minutes of the game. The purpose took it took it are two of the rocket air America it was sent from that point on. Yeah it was 67 seconds into the game under the exact and he and he was overzealous to use his word. And he was just did not know we can program pop we don't know how it works he was prime minister in the James Parker masses at a rocket let him get away with or messed. It Iraq deficit or say I'm not that I wanted to buy that you're fighting. Which you don't let people just knock the hell are you best player in retirement McCain but not one minute and to a series. I admit it was sent an rocket ever really responded. And the end of the tactical they got that night was completely warranted there without question. But the one last night Charles did did he deserved a technical we're Trevor reside at a recent kind of initiated that. And that's drain much third technical of the playoffs when you get to seven they suspend. Well that would be what they wore to pick up and it knocked it got out in big trafficker about. That spot you can not beat down in the collective trying to get me out. I thought that what I thought it was what we would throw you mr. Remarkable when you are employees who have very good player he plays with great energy. He's Smart. You know he's he's he is I would he did it I think he's stopped. At a single player get to Bogota country are so earlier. So. It's that watch I wish it was written replay of the boy. We've got picked up by their own battles are barely over to me I want you to back mr. McCourt. And then we see you all first Iowa River into elaborate on a play and our bodies we just have allowed preserve ourselves. Charles Barkley basketball hall of Famer one court is power forwards are running at him like we'll pop and by China and parts of any game. Charles you're talking to Kevin Durant last and is it still fascinating to me that he's a Golden State ordered and he actually left Oklahoma City. And joined up with the Golden State lawyer Steve like the rest of the league still holds an ill will towards Kevin Durant for making that move. Of course they do that Barrett who in the balance of power. Let me let me toward the osu osu put city in America two years. You know that's America you can have a great Britain's repertory in the middle outcry. But when he came to reward pitching to hold our power. American warriors pretty much unbeatable or basically where nobody can beat him. So together are drinkers and you know we are from the players. All out there but you know very little abroad particularly responsible to our restart their so in crowd. Back in Miami. Would that would be Chris Paul and Chris sort of response and one anyway and now you don't certain are you got the look all of the other group Super Tuesday. Mr. ever look at America's men or women don't they wanted to be it was directly competitive. Cut would like you know what market teams have a chance to an orderly. At some competition getting to the finals. So yeah video a lot of player myself critical that we regret it became do or just plain and simple. Blair but it's hard Charles you compare the warriors to their that he Eagles because they want to drug that's because Jeff curry was drafted late Todd Simmons drafted gerrymandering was drafted they've signed what I know he's the greatest score. On the planet right now but they only brought in one guy be a freer for you guys or are they drafted chuck and mark high draft picks. Yeah but the one guy changed the whole dynamic look and you're. The warriors wouldn't. It doesn't have that one great learned. And they would have been a good seeing what they wouldn't be as great as they are back Kevin Durant he changed the whole dynamic early in structure. Army and immediately or you may your chains they're all men that can acquire all the time. He is doubt what really made it unfair Kevin comment to the warriors. They're part of my typically where there are unbeatable. Public tip as the one who took them over the top. They Charles you were saying earlier about Trace amount if he's on your team is your love and if he's at the other team you're lulled them and I totally agree with you any other rockets fans and everybody outside the Bay Area probably public enemy number one. But you he'll worry Houston Rockets never played for the warriors Jeff as you played with Philly and in Phoenix drug your hall of fame career. And I just I ask you this one question because now you know your your key getting a drama on a little bit for his toughness or you know is he really a tough guy the way he plays he. Are important and of course has taught me that I certainly wouldn't you know knowing that they get that credit agreement apparently makes our. Yeah good point I don't think he's ever committed all of that. That's gadget but two years ago all the for the warriors won the first championship in before during it was here. The line you often had about the warriors was that they are pretty jump shooting team. And they will never win a championship so he's just take a step back. Do you like the Golden State Warriors Charles when you watch them play do you enjoy watching them play. I think they have made that one may play enemy if you don't have quite reluctant stood up and police shoot the basketball. Something wrong with you know army. Because you UC. The reason I put what was wrong. But I don't think it Kevin Durant. Had a came here which is you see a breakdown on. Deliberately to Barrymore Kevin and the pin here. Because of the wouldn't take a look at the tallied up with a out of the game. But we were the pop bottles guy's. And they would have had a great year like it did that first year what they've what was thought Morgan down more and more every year. Put that all changed when Kiffin came here. Whichever of them nuclear weapons. I mean he took them to a poison like Omar got our series and the composition we all little LeBron what he goes. Look at it might be the best player in the world. I had to but today I had Charles Barkley I. I don't all the time Charles he's the best player on the planet itself inject some stuff for me to say that Charles I LeBron James is so amazing what he's doing a year number fifteen and you look at his supporting cast a no look like he's at LeBron I I actually think this team's players who started super teams long before LeBron talk about the celtics' Kevin Garnett Kevin McGill did any major favorites were certainly. What they'll go all straight stow beating up over the summer on but now a boat like their beer would do what are the dignity. They're big they traded for Kevin Garnett patriot a Korea. I mean if you victories well those guys. Are you what you gotta do what you are critical to rate those guys wanna go to our borders but featuring a little gaps. Are they can all get to go over the somewhat like this week he has great where Brett wherever it altogether government MBA. Well let went bar that's where certain Portland suburb championships. And so listen our own during the I'm all out. Well what a guy that marked a guy like a third of risky. Battle Michael Jordan we talk about it comes to Michael Jordan Michael Jordan went to the so. Michael Jordan went the pistons. Are repeatedly try to rate. Like political noticeably he got pummeled by the Celtics early gate 63. Within the next. That could compete in the doubt like to review of a role. And even saying that people are so some guy to gobble it bigger market strong it would get better player. And we're gonna throughout the regulatory some guys that look really. Irked Gaza my generation. Chelsea don't look at metropolitan picked the candidate that would sort of hitting it warns Serbia regards. At exactly the electricity. But they love the title they didn't win that your chair. A bit if they weren't going through that dust up what exactly they would not gonna whenever you have a ticket in getting here. And that gave me a remote beatable. Charles when you like live in the Bay Area as opposed Oklahoma City. If if. Well he doesn't. I think just opposite goal to clear what are in effect of these people move America in the surpluses go are you really are really treat their because when mutated monster is not to mount before. Evil when it wouldn't warrior so don't say there is an open world amazing. They won't let out of me and I'm going back to their eighties. One when they're Chris Mullin knows god as evil and you have to bear scenes they're building had our look at they had some of the best players in the world. And I think there's a joke and a travesty. That there move America in this purposes to their replica always amazing. Our products. Mr. who are there that the rural Oklahoma City now it's super popular thought their cheaper and Oklahoma's. The fact that I thought it should they get to the dust bowl could. But you know what does that marry. He's agreed to is it would just frustrating. That legacy we blew it is so poorly in those six months to go wouldn't receive this order. Man a double that figure all you'll win that rocket and the water's gonna be in the Western Conference finals. A Greek and so we wait to all our you know we sit over there a couple of turnovers. 1415. Gay girl they're not going to be Iraq as a reward is stop. Our challenge future. I got that good coming era girl your lateral and. We know don't read these two teams if they and quite part of the Rivera forestry out but it these first pre game so yeah. Are we were open almost 67 game great series. And I right now man I just don't see it plain and simple. Are are these the two best teams. Yeah in the NBA sese Houston was to get past the warriors could Boston or Cleveland beat the Houston Rockets in the finals Charles. I think because I. See you don't know which rocketry you don't get it. Abatement that we saw a newspaper you gain about a rocket and that there are completely different to any of their every game. I respect but there. We've seen two brigades. And you say I have no IPO was rocketry could that mean that war game to compete at a party at a world. That that game to work amazing. Well. Game one victory the Boston Celtics all the Broncos. Can beat that he. Charles Barkley basketball hall of Famer one of the greatest power forwards of all time in NBA history here in the afternoon libel pub and bar turn a reprise of the games ought to know. If you heard the news about Andre Iguodala but it just came out about thirty minutes ago. Shut that he's doubtful for game number four with left knee soreness possibly I know he was hobbling around at the end of 44 quarter last night. Does this change a series anyway European if Iguodala does not play in game four possibly gain by. Workers are still clearing gimmick gonna play. This I think they'll be out there and other side and again want. I respect that artery. You recruit border but little with regard Corey spell out there in the care of the war they're going to be armed man. Problem. Students probably replace somebody made it very. Other how to get out of debt that it is big. And let them go after they got those regardless Arabic about this course they don't play good last night. They're getting scared him to establish cores are every bit how to read you weapons like that. And they and an asset it will order series. How completely. What department rockets got an apartment Chris Paul have to agree. Are there as well what anyone out I don't see how those two guys can play great and guard still play is typically. And but does note that nobody on the warriors because it is still template including getting one. And they want it easily. And quite simply great last night. Step like Creighton given scare them early want them to establish Cory put me into it really denies being week. But not in attitude you have to play great. That they do play great to guard boats ships. It SharePoint staff at 34 points combined the first two games of last night he went for 35 and put on a show in the third quarter. You didn't like he should me last night and that's actually a up homage to his shot coach Mark Jackson journalists you know hundreds. You think so that our best shoot it would've got Israel broke it yeah. Yeah weighing. We show you should be your last I just lucky that children well. Another bad option either. Outlook on appearance. Since you don't look you can't make up across ticket booklet out there they're certainly right in front of me. I was shimmering on the bridge I'm glad your spirit that I'll I didn't shortly on the court import got art and work them closer. What took a spiritual had a little Bob and you know as soon as step is a great great two years. Our deficit dead BO last rites from a great family. Your brother is illegally in our heroic remote remark. Technical order ever ever Greek here. You don't there's nobody on the warriors there's nobody to not like on the warriors. I talked resolved opera to your report again and I came in and says hello the warriors got to articulate ghastly turn it. You know I just like cattle are limited to do this so bored watching you can create brings right now. But to go to war is that gonna win this series I thought the rocket out of here the article to. Which reducing air so mentally fragile. When asserted it would army government to refer you to go back after game one. And Hillary we're not going to Syria differently without what do what do Hillary and I don't say is an opening. A bit and retains everything we're going to have an agreement that producers. Within days at a very of course you change something. You do it saying something but they're so mentally fragile there that they what are the real called wanna be right either look in our our way. Went there to indicate that we you have to win a game. There's my wife right away go away to work again what ever it takes to win a game that has to do. It's just hearsay knowledge of oration spent time with out of a for the gamer her after the game at light of what went down recently did you seek out. Dream on during at all yesterday and it's not what you do so tomorrow. A what I've never seek out players they're classic clear the record to to become. You know and I apologize that remark about sitting never threatened in the corporate outlook and got here and that's what Google in order to me. I did Vietnam do these numbers on television all over the country number. What would a bigger and so I do I would never get another attribute it I was actually. Be it policy issues choker and around I was serious last bit of output actually do it. What capacity in my probably Orton to drift mine. About that Wednesday that indicated a good Kia amateur. And if he has a big game tomorrow and aggregation invite him to assess they're doing semifinal and you must see television. Having less it. Obviously he's always welcome. If you play well when about it. Connect with just served before we let you go we're thrilled and just a lot of fun to catch up with the very Ted hall of Famer Charles Barkley great players won the most outspoken broadcasters in any sport. Elliott they have pleasure of watching. Just when you come to the Bay Area Charles because you are outspoken and yeah I'm sure you get that to a lot of cities when you go but you are outspoken against the warriors. It's at times. There were pretty well wait audio output up are out there are ever go out there to suit to. Win interpreter. And you're like four years ago. If they look great desperate bid hold up our process for your article gasoline. Protect. I got a long memory Charles and I can forget don't unnoticed authors write about in the. Dot don't need to do that aren't certain what are so corporate moniker that I'm in on where. Outfit that sounds soothing like board. Here in. I by the court is when when when you come to the Bay Area. How does say though that the the basketball fans the sports fans of the Bay Area embrace you when you come to town they get out you think you've shatters a cool. No they treat me do extremely great. You know I think most parents understandably you're on television. You'd strategist Harold farm. I mean I think if people don't assume we're on developers from 8 o'clock at march to the one. If I I try to space based. Make people have a good time watching basketball go look at his numbers alone board married. When you look great when you we call at 8 o'clock at night most of the time we get up at 215230. In the morning. Nobody wanna you is there a little bloody wanna game. Are they ran pick and roll they would government that pulled people won a tournament to do to help Barton is like a moment. Chuck do got to ask you about it before we let you go I love inserted NBA DVR it unfortunately I have no life so I DVR you guys are watching guys. In the morning but you what you Killen they'll have some very funny back in force here and talk about Jerry my possibly be annoying how annoying. Shaquille O'Neal spoke to police and wrote in the fact Ahmet Chalabi and I know what it says blah blah blah blah blah. First of all he's got bit at the end and glass that was. Oh yeah and get on him I love. Upload them MO because he's so sensitive. Depleted bigotry arteries those sensitive and I love and it was him. Then I'd go all right well it is of course. So if we know he's a great but he's a great guy Harlow were two wouldn't let let me go out there at the end and let badly. It would turn a market share to wrap them. You get sold I love. And I Terry what are people out with a great big open don't want a couple typically do craters orders. But. I love it. Did she know ORACLE Arena is Cheryl in Argentina which I think they've British article that I go by your. You know what what it is fair bet that marriage is what we're here they're out to our core river and all losers while the what do go to oak with little agreement is. You don't clear example Cisco. Sir what do you mean pretty like. If there's something much to clear berserk stories are not what about. We you know we quote the service is going to throw I don't know that I been putting political. A bit and I would look toward a tribute to John bland. And that passed away and he says is a one under closer to the moon. Or California. Emeritus who was your best bet like Sully does what you mean. Is loaded walk outside inconceivable what he can't speak out or you're. At that sexism. What was one of the biggest problem was our democracy is probably closer every. It you just can't make it that was somewhat as a puppet like if you look really than just regular. Actually he is married lack of particular note Larry. What you would definitely know now that you have physical. That we got they're scared to squared away now. If sir Charles missiles such a fund fund 25 minutes here. On the afternoon like we're gonna let you go we'll see out there tomorrow for game number four between Iraq to lawyers and Wes recovers finals. What number one there are several little body could look at warriors is out there with Billy goat who won't. Your brother was a really great Britain and valued nova Leo walk were advised its priority to Dover. Al Whitaker said what was that the cartel coordinated it is than he did a great and you'll always be important in my allies are. Manny gonna make me cry Charles and I got to commend you he went that day after he died when what you said. I still haven't down to this day and you that you spoke volumes about his compassion and humanity. And I just shall never know you and I can spar about basketball here and there but this is bigger and what you said about my brother I'll remember forever Charles. I appreciate it Barbara look at look at the war dog you all tomorrow night. Seeing the shots in our paper statement certainly do. They don't talk to any catcher it and I mean time I think our audience loved it. The great Charles Barkley basketball hall of Famer sixteen year veteran went greatest power forward to NBA history dials a joy popped it so much has happened in the show are ready Tim Hardaway. Chris Mullin Charles Barkley. We had in the talked about gay and yet let's talk about game number three and four of the Western Conference finals Syria to the white public Bonser. Many parts of it again now back to the Greg accomplish all. On 957. Big game. It obviously wasn't just does not. They struggled one free from the cruise went on to die though I didn't try to remember me and that's usually moves from. I agree that finishing the momentum of the game early in the first half. Most versions. It fresher and earlier rounds. Under the left an extra day. Well but that's the last thing our bumps them. I said his win before you guys and says things prevention or water chlorine at. T breathe right. Three step backward for a very waiting. It's great to bring it straight I. Leading into game three popped all the talk was about step current struggles. With a healthy was TOK what's up with the shot. We walked in or Hillary and it to a thirteen from the three point line and then at halftime in game number three was three of its warning from the three point line. And then a third quarter happened and her McCurry there Steve Kerr after game number true. Were curry did struggle a bit but the Eagles off of our core goals 77 scores eighteen points. And lawyers blow way to rockets by 41 points. In those good deceased if Corey Bakken oracle deftly joystick curry and that explosion there and a third quarter. Without question and you know they they had control of the game. At halftime after the sloppy start. I think one of the big plays of the game is active on Loney block kinds of Bob we'll and it was twenty to twenty and then. It just started to go but yeah I mean he knows staff is a superstar Kevin Durant sent a whole different planet in a planet church's ability. But staffers staff sees the original star and he sees the bay area's golden child there's no doubt. And I think they were control of the game anyway so what he started ago. You know right when they went off on that eighteen to three run and he got loose there. And you know I try to run him off the three point line and I think to some extent you know he was a little stubborn and taken a lot of these stories that he was missing. You know they say wide open areas open you know at a specific and handed his face to their crowding him he's not picking up the target as well. He was off he was missing left and right and you hear Bruce Frazier Shane if he's. Missing a brand pain you know Texas quite a bit if he's missing two side to side it could be a balance issue. Now but I watched him back again today about to hit his. In our shots are gonna he's gonna make shots she's got a mission she's she's she's a human being right now. So but it's the quality of the shot at a key. Last night was light years better than what I saw on game one especially in game two when he looked we re. He looks slow. Last night he was moving. And he he got engaged offensively you do that and I had a long talk and Ron Adams last night and we are talked about not drain clay and why you know with Katie was not hardly put Andre on hard and and I say can you get out of this should pitch he asked to have staff constantly switch on a hard it. And I mentioned you know one of the region comes up from the baseline and he's gonna set a screen formed just don't let staff Karl sent somebody else I drank none of them. And then have staff he would have time to recover and get back kinda you know he's the guy that dream I was guarding and you know just don't send him. And if you do that over he said you know we tried that we've done that and they're stubborn they'll keep re shedding it and my point was well that let them waste. You know sixteen seconds on the shot clock to get curry got a guy and had done their hold the ball about partly was talking about the got to move the ball faster. Then their ticket you know it's down to six and eight. But they he said basically the bottom line is you're gonna have to accept this that they especially what hardens the middle of the floor. You just can't do it and they do not a lot of situation. Where they can rotate the ball and find their shooters in your playing three got four offer this action so the out Andre so brilliant at not. Not always doing it and knowing hobby do it and orchestrating the steps taken his lead if he would go to a region that stuff goes on the carded and you know he just hydration so higher level in electing sensor played loose and have that it is up play. And in game four tomorrow night I think what they're gonna look more than an X rays and MRI he may not have enough detail on next rapture that looking. Ford out of the MRI but it any event. So I I thought staff was moving he was fighting back maverick game wore on. When it was 7370. Came up that steel I'm hard to pass it bigger dollar it but he wished he was you know he was getting into him. And what when he was doing is that they do have to guard this action. In the middle of the floor. And it's not collapsed. And come off the shooters in the corner a reside and shocker that roasted you African by 41 in game two had merely each well. Last night two threes but we just raised by Tucker right yup so that you could live with that bounty so we got to handle that action. In the middle of the floor however you do it. And then here and dream on behind it all orchestrating and I liked Iran backed is that it'll. A baseline the strong side to weak shot coming to help so I thought staff was playing well. And I thought they played well in game one he only had one turnover a lot of timely baskets in that game didn't go off he had eighteen you won the game. And but last night what the people look for the explosion the avalanche need a fifth at this. I know how to shut and Hardaway just shows up over Alter article that Cutler dropped out of the odds of going off on everybody but when he does that. And they're defending. The way they are in Houston scored 85 points deadlines you get this shady 53 secure access to social and ready when they guard like that. And that he's going 3691215. Dot dot you're going to beat them by forty law but it was amazing to see here let's hear from staff curry on. What he says after a big tough layup in the third quarter. And the third quarter I'm paraphrasing that you know this is a black stuff. America forward battle these select tell us your emotions as you boiling over based off of. I guess the narrative that's been you know circle around you the last who's. Been. Love is talking to myself almost. You gotta be your biggest fans sometimes. And no matter iris and of our questions as those know being so the first two games are. What day expectation was on the six rescissions for myself and you've just got to. Follow whatever it is to get you going and so I mean obviously if so good. Anyone. You say energy to. Yes sir your teammates that you hear you with the men and get the crowd into it but it is just one game and you gotta have the same type of energy and intentions and focus next game. And the right approach so you know demo job tonight again. Now mama curry wasn't too pleased with that swear word pops she wants him to watch his mouth out would show up end of the fifth look at so did you watch a parachute and I just thought Allen who perished in what it late dale was rocking a new Kerr is as well yesterday and pre K so they all they'll all have kicks new parachute with brightly in the crowd she was screaming and hollering are going crazy but Sonia Curry's response I hate staff. Watch your mouth. Were all watch and she simply in the videos and l.'s pretty funny yearbook. I love you and Eddie motion for stepped Currie a lot that no call loves it I guess a crowd want that energized the team like Kevin directly scored 3537. And it's fascinating he's one of the best players about the best player in the NBA Norma concealing Gephardt. But. We stepped curry gets going like that like during marker like German green said after the game last night pop. It's like a slam dock when somebody gets dumped on that's what a curry three is like we see it over and over and over but it never console like the golf other ones to watch it over and over and over again that's how's that curry isn't a three point flurry spot. Miller question but the differences that's a three point play candy the doctors to. And it's like it's like bonds sitting on in the day you know and a couple of guys go off and you just you know. I think you know a lot of times adding pictures. Just panicked. They rich they were trying to pitch around dot spots and then out of nowhere that you sentiment quite the middle like they. They've they've you know they've they've been visualizing him doing this so much they just. They just gave a tool and what they what they usually the rockets get together today. And they watched they've been video. Chris Paul going under that strain it's like what he would do it. Eagle on terrorist death Perry three just wanna put it up plaid shirt all we need just one potato chip deep to hold back if you're done. And then then it got rolling here and you go back to the Charles Barkley said and to some extent he's right. That Kevin Durant coming here is unfair. Because the rest of the league has no answer yet the warriors can win a game missteps scoring eighteen. And what do you do any scores 35 to lose virtually one of the are voting on the worst loss that your franchise's history or here's Greg has written a playoff franchise. History so I don't. It really becomes unfair. But this shot during injury is gonna change things it's gonna impede other connect. He just lost a critical edge steered to your defense a great perimeter defender on the Phil we'll talk more about it the rest of the show. And tomorrow obviously we're going to be an ORACLE Arena for the entire show. Tomorrow but it's. It's just if it does feel better oracle I think his role oracle because his staff and what he does make those threes the way he does. It'll look of the place ignites the way it never has previously in the franchise's history. And then. It's just. Why he dropped at F bomb. Tells you how much it meant to him you know just he exploded. I think that was not a tough layup that he finished there wasn't even after three. But that's when he just became obvious you know they went on to say two to three run out of the eighteen didn't score a loss product was twelve over and he was right started hitting most of it. Well I don't pop that sort of catch the three point play that I have Tommy got a couple more backdoor cut to do and he just started d'antoni major James Harden dance at the top of the key that he drove by a reason and that's were really got going I mean that's the one thing in the Sears and everybody's gonna gloss over pop and we'll talk about this later Michelle. He's been penetrating your finishing their rent tax cut. Last night he clearly went off his left knee you know there's there are times where I thought in all things being quo or use the right nearly. He went back end and went off his left knee I think he'd looked. He looks fast last night he looked like what I was hoping to come back after being out five and half weeks you'd be fast the way he was when he came back in December. Late December after missing 26 days eleven games with the ankle injury. He was flying around last night out they don't invade the 13 in the first half. But what he went out of bounds on the baseline reestablished. Went right to that right corner at a restraint not got it back to comedy made the splash. Penny each movement was there he got quality shots that may be rush Sama. Because he was trying to you know get back and his staff voted but his movement was there last night on to heat. He decidedly. Outplayed the change started and Chris Paul. Yeah because I bet you Chris Paul and James Hart do not want anything to do what the film especially in the third quarter Godiva that's it for the defense to get nasty pot nasty nasty nasty weather got nasty last night we'll talk about her mark green's performance. As well as c'mon Luis performance and how will the defense looked tomorrow with possibly know Andre Iguodala will discuss and yet been like many parts of again. Greg accomplish. On 957. Pick game. I just think that we were so much better as a team defensively tonight that you know I may have not shown up that stuff played better but it was really. Everybody and when the whole team plays well defensively. Each individual's gonna look like he played better to just been battling this whole series with all these guys come off and try to take him off the dribble and it's a lot of work is standing up really well. That was Steve character during game three victory once when he 6085 over to Houston Rockets warriors lead the Western Conference finals. One and they did hold the rockets to 85 points talking welcome everybody back. To the afternoon delight pure and lovely. Afternoon in the Bay Area pop and bunting and price of a game the rocket's course shot only 39 point 5% eleven of 34 from the three point line. And we shot thirteen free throws temper team and help Chris Paul. And James Harden will combined twelve of 32 from Florida were not rhythm at all and rockets were really flustered with his lawyer's defense annals led by Iguodala could bottle only coming off the bench but also drew Mark Green and at seventeen rebound performance. The time this policies and poppy John Mark Green has snagged down seventy bounty was everywhere. Piracy Anthony Slater's box out figures such an Xbox about Capello last night he had fifteen defense of rebounds. And advantage they'd last line year's defense is to get to defensive rebound Houston at eight offensive rebounds in the first settling at one. In the second half and Ramon was just a beast but. Bet basketball is that it is a beautiful game. In a lot of regards it's different than the other sports where the offense in the defense. All come together they do in the other sports you gonna turn over football. In the red zone in on your right there and you know quick turn over an atom bomb and you can you can you know feel the momentum right off that and in baseball bat hitting can be taken the field by the way what's going out what Josh Donaldson doesn't look like the same guys looked lost doesn't think it's 220 batting average went out to third base yesterday. How how lot of credibility no player of the week pop and I shot himself on well I still like if he can hit geared coal adjusters are Lander were talking. Because they're they're gonna hit negative significantly above the belt middle fast bubble talk baseball more tomorrow. But big apart is with basketball. Synergistic. I would say ignited after you drug users have their different kind of synergy Ohio I was confused their rationale I heard our first thing I learned that health class businesses synergistic. The gateway drugs. Made it so but that defense leads to offense offense leads to defense so if you're not turning the ball over. And you're scoring. The other team has to inbound the ball through the net enact clearer rebound and run. It all comes together and the warriors are so good at it sometimes I'm cloudy on which comes first I think that game the other night. They're sloppiness offensively. Started. And it got Houston into the open floor and they were you know getting scattered court more fast break. And but but bottom line is they they could not stop the ball they could not contain the traveler when the warriors breakdown defensively trick dribble penetrations that a problem. Actually it's not had a great defense that year I mean to go back to all the point guards. That lit the warriors up Alfred Payton finally cut a shared you about it measures that this year exit immediately heard like you're playing better than I became an oracle again Alex quade the first quarry like lots fair. He's got Walter Payton is like -- pay what Elliott go to Aaron Elster played but sell but last night victory. They didn't turn the ball over there afford in the first half turnovers for the game. So and then they but they they would they were scoring offensively. But I think it's all goes together so I mean how do you get to 126 to 85 and because she got great defense of players all of them and staff was really good defensively and accepted the challenge he knew what was up he knows. Sometimes he would be switched on on sometimes they would me at a more of a clear plan how to handle it on great we got there a restricting what the switch when not to switched. Got train not behind saint push a lap push him right puppet was Loney. Last night which re not behind Loney made a much better effort last night. To push change hard and do what's right. And push Chris Paul the other way and I as Estrada Adams. I don't you wanna push hard it was right to geez I should go right I shouldn't blow right by everybody and it is that but yet the numbers show. He's much more lethal going to his left. They Jordan bell got confusion came into the game is pushing hard left. And Paul right and make it to the and Jordan commodity org to moderates did you read what they sorted out he got to put up but he turned the other way but. Within this team bus ticket saying it wet he'll give them a defense of game plan. And it's a playoff game plan. And it's the same team every night. Watched them go execute and when they defend like that and they're getting stops and an open floor the rockets turned the ball over twenty times last night. In a warriors at 28 points off turnovers conversely it was eight to eight. The other way is the warriors outscored them. By twenty points last night just off turnovers. And the back of your point about defense league in offense and better offensive in the defense. Think about when curry went for an explosion hit the two lay ups or not after he hit the air one and then a couple deep into Placer after things got bogged down. Klay Thompson. Jim Mark Green welcome step for step. Forces Paul into a tough fade away boom the lawyers got down and score toast to be for the plays or caretaker prime example of one of warriors are locked in on that end. Unleashing Rocco. At least two explosives that curry had that third quarter you're exactly right pop the defense yesterday was on point specially after big. You know there were Downey for it called timeout. Curry sockets and cultures that OK we got to clean itself up and breakdowns they're. Early early in the first quarter it and what state got locked and it was over pretty Houston Rockets and nobody can recover because all it's part we talked about this leading Gupta to Western Conference finals we talked about it now after three games. It's important card you know what they're doing. They're gonna have two weeks from the three point line you don't have to go anywhere straight Almonte Tucker stay home honorees at an Eric Gordon he's so hot he's so hit or miss you never know which way you're gonna get so containing Paul Harden from digital penetration and really X and apple develop unrolled our BP lawyers write that are locked in defensively and it's going to be tough for rockets score however. What if you went on during our day but an advantage that's well all judicial problems or par arguably whit clay and a key better. In some regards your best perimeter defender stars containing the ball if you don't have I'm trying to play the rest of the sheer hear that word that concerns me because in getting a foul trouble if you get the foul trouble of curry guard and James Harden. And hardest flopping around Chris Paul's flopping around you get in foul trouble also got to play extend the minister swagger EP Nick Young Barkley who here are here today quick cookie they had to see some playing time if Iguodala is not out there was a big practice McCaw because shortly we could you start to McCall right now in this rotation because he could play defense -- solid but you just never know with all the time he's messed. This injuries confirming talk it is a concern in one could develop off county yesterday he found a decent job hopping around he's moving around he's looked sharp he's hit a fade away. How you play replace Andre Iguodala he's a fifth member to have this five he's the one and comes with being down. I don't know what to do here without Andre Iguodala this is a concerning injury there's no doubt about it. Well at let's just figure out what it is she contusion is what d'antoni Slater saying which means of roots. Which means what they do I mean there are MRI yet so he's got soreness is no way. He he. But I've sought I sought I I watched it back under times so I saw it happen live on I saw my watched him. After he was compromise they wanted to get them off to Florida Steve could call the timeout you know that was right when a reason cream on got into it. But what is the nature of this this knee injury tendinitis is what I heard in a late in the year. He missed seven of eight games to the left knee soreness member. They originally damage to the original we've heard you know throughout the year but the the lay up he tried to score against the Greek frequent Milwaukee was in. Every one and at the end there and just you know kind of like a staff no big deal innocuous moment. And I got a knee problem and he was out came back and played one game. And then he wound up in a missed the last two we played the New Orleans came on that Saturday night missed the Phoenix and Utah games and missed seven of eight it's the same left knee. Hard and right knee wanna do is let me know what what's wrong with it is it just a contusion which means a bruise. Then it'll come down uses a you know there MR IA said X ray but I think you get a more detailed look when you MRI and it. In rulers through what she's chipped a little bit antsy a slightly hairline fracture of some kind patella tendon involved I don't know. Derek but he is 34 and believe me. Guarding these two guards and Eric Gordon does not go to the governor used extremely hard. Lineup for the talk ball lineup or even you know and have to go talk ball is out quickly sought out PJ Tucker gusher within the first three minutes of the game and automatically went three and her agent while they and they bring Tucker back in and they go to the talk ball. Why not if you could not. Defend the ball. And you get broken down. That's when you have problems that you have to collapse. And you leave the short corners open and this team has built the reason they did it this way. Is Dick Gephardt and his second ball handler off the pick and roll to help them. And also that the shooters in the corner. Tucker or reach there's three Indy guys in of US if you get broken down off the dribble and minus side right now it's a concern. And you have to come at a and leave those corners open hard and Paul will pitch to the corner. That's how you got you got swapped in game two so you've got to stop the ball I'm curious expert at that. Say just got a whole piece if he does miss one game he comes back for game five but it's not good he's 34 years of age you've got to have this guy. Especially if Cleveland coach you know he gags LeBron James or die after Durant he's the second best guy on James there's no doubt about that.