Papa and Bonta – 2 – THE BASKETBALL HOUR!

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 2. Papa and Bonta are joined by Saintly and Kelenna for the BASKETBALL HOUR! We react to the season and the Parade! We also touch on David West’s comment that there was a lot going on behind the scenes.

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Being taken the very high percentage just the warriors got great three point shooters they could do it in as far surpassing and I got a lot of correct credit to Greg Popovich but rebels spent. And the New York Knicks go back and watch child eight flight. In the 1970s. Were at their galaxy of stars you know when they Walt Frazier first it was Dick Barnett and it was Roman row in the they're all hall of famers and got the pearl there they had to push her Bradley and read it. So Steve didn't revolutionize the game teaches. He just you know stole a little bit from here and there. And he had such great players but Bill Walsh. To revolutionize pro football even copying and stealing and barring them from him forever and ever so. You know she can win a whole string of them on tape but for me that the troubling New Year's coach Walsh. And I argued that I argue beat out whenever washing. Their features again he sees the west calls off its variations of it's they'll Tuesday some thirty years later you're listening and an army parred seven game KG and Z. At them in HD one PG NG San Francisco. The radio home of the 2018 NBA champions it has a warriors Wednesday brought to our Porsche Walnut Creek that's 2017 premier Porsche dealer. And Freeman's appliance trusted name in the Bay Area since 1920 to give. A little sad part because that's our labs basketball or covered up. Would say we got lit up. Needs times did she feeds on. How we're getting deep into the Golden State Warriors. We get racing team I love you. You hear pop and Kelenna Azubuike. She's beats the basketball our minds green or particular people put the water level. Where they eat with a signature shot here's gay people. Lawyers that I did celebrate. Why not don't play. This city. Is I want. Freelance. It's basketball our president by Livermore wars here he's changing Kelenna Azubuike. Alongside Greg Papa Vontae coherently fight seven game initially it was a very very special day in the Bay Area will never forget it birds championship. Parade in downtown Oakland for these Golden State Warriors. Third title with four years that we all ahead. Different experiences lately we're good jurists in the studio it's just a second look away and that. Was out there are about what the guns out chasing down guys like dirty it shortened bell to just talk about your experience yesterday Cohen and who did you see that also intoxicated with Jordan though if I am happy with it and and it's. He was going. About your upper Khaleda who didn't Nazis. If they're. Michael I just worry Richard the guns do what they do. An awful rack. Welcome to the guts yeah. As crazy man and the players had a great time. Talk to staff. He wore his. 09 shorts. Guy in the league and I think they'll. At least four season those stores those uniforms lasted under on the these Allman. Bows great to see data for the fans they're who has been with them from day one its appreciate Thursday it's the please game. That's how he stays positive and Julie tone setter though he sets that the joint on whose team and you can tell it is. He was he got he worked up a sweat yesterday because he was doing sprints he was. He was interacting with the fans high fives and everybody could in the crowd in and you could tell he had agreed time his bus slows related. I region and Riley and Ryan wore on there that was great to see the whole family. Dell and Sonia. Pastor McCaw was on there he just kind of take it in from the back of the bus. And Alan his dad and his family just Canada. Soaking in the vibrancy you know and like patch of acog does in his comic quietly but he says he's gonna enjoy it and he. He did have a smile on his face I think I did manage again to smile maybe twice or something like that and Jordan bell had his shirt off I don't think came in slightly peered in us and a shirt on. This summer days they are gonna be. Having a good time and again in celebration mode the whole summer. We we did confirmed that that Nick Young was lit he was having a good time men and there's little confused about that he was gonna enjoy himself I think we straighten that out and injured on the U was having good it's so those blast meadows is cool to see them. All the players counted in their element to celebrate in their own ways interact with the fans and and have a good time visiting narrative and they. They had a tough tough season. They found a way to get to the struggle a cut probably were the best lines of the day it was it was straight Marguerite in. When asked him how how they get do struggles how they figure out ways to win. Through injuries and all the stuff that have no lockers v.s like they want the political denouncing north oval I don't give give it to me straight gives to straighten his leg. They were discussing a different Kaufman the things that that keep other people down don't get us down they'll keep us down we're we're just cut differently. And and that's real men this team is they they seem to be really really mentally tough and through struggles and throw trials and tribulations and figure out a way to get it done and people count him out not count him out but the doubt omen. Think they're vulnerable and they figure out ways to get it done and they did get an issue they got to their decency results of the series and then after game one I think. Of the finals we on news pretty much over and the cavs knew it and LeBron brokers and yet it. And that was all she wrote man what a season had a great time and you guys did. Well I tell you what I felt like Dick. Dick Ginsburg. Because it must've said oh my about twenty. I was flabbergasted that I didn't know really what was gonna happen when they talked about interactive. And I don't know that the warriors really knew that it was gonna get that good. You know led by yet Columbus Crew. Swagger now what slight chance this Zelaya way champions actually has gone Edwards and here I got leaky with a shirt off was the most mellow and my MT here is your checks yet MI MVP was bell I. I have my mouth open I'm getting old like I just love that I it was a character. You get a runner on a needle Laura did low water that's heady from the crowd out there so I feel this. Is hello hello when you're talking to staff an east chat in a way it was here and he's got the old shorts I'm from what he's a rookie yeah. The next thing you know he takes off and a hundred yard dash if any these circles this horseshoe and and gives everybody's era five. And that he. He's an amazing guy I just step I can't say enough of bottom the surprise for me was at the length of time. That dream I'd spent on the bus I I would've predicted that but yet his lying caught you're right it is that was the very best of the day. And you know it it's up that we talked about yesterday pop touchdown when you talk about them whether a year. Moms and dads your kids. You don't forget a day like yesterday you just don't it's it's really a special place in if you if you love whatever sport it is and you watch that. That's sinks in and there was togetherness. That that the sport of basketball in most sports in general bring in these types of parade did you just don't see anywhere else it's it's a special day. Then Andre and I thought I was telling you about being cut from a different claw I look at Denny took a step further and called out Tristan Thompson. In particular that you as saying that the interest and try to shake his hand at the end is that. Thank you shaking your hand but you there wondering about and obviously his interview and came off to see savvy and you and and lower bread. But don't drink much mum came over as well so we get a great shot of hurt she shared on camera which returned your shoulders more turnaround which so we saw we saw drain on which she shared. What we're always monitoring married neighbors strangle his her teacher exactly cola. Yes she had the blue room. And basically. She had the cavs logo ended dustbin what do you call it the thing sweep told us then we ask. Yeah and it was bases the broom asleep in the Kaz and to that and it's employers were kind of on the other side doing that they salute those. Elude those certain that those who were trying to figure out who won between. Between mama and injury Martin and colors the jury Monfils play off of what. LeBron James and the grand instead I don't know what he caught instead and stay Graham. Awhile back with the Arthur fist Indies are you start their fists and put the three rings on their three in four years 151718. And had the word mood out there so basically destroy him abroad like he loves to do. Yeah we see Klay Thompson take a picture. The front of a crying and crying LeBron James paced here and yeah to go follow just like during Monday last year but how that Curwood you're talking about a saintly. Excellent by the way you move really well off that knee trying to chase down there are you know the impressive work is on the run and got to Alec ever live but I can't really know sir but struggled step Currie. This high five and fans yes or routines he had on. He had two week debate we run the day shirt the shorts. Any just talked about it nobody knows what whose journey was like you know we talked about it was starting yesterday into retiring how dispersed media day. Monta Ellis is our alliances and work. They got seeded Jackson there PL one out on what do you get a bit of a red river tells. Later that day is like hey when you go home you may read something from media day and don't take it personal book or anything but somethings I've been said here. It just to see this franchise strictly just come full circle where three Chevy chips or four years and we fifteen. I couldn't believe that there's a Chevy chip from the go to C words and what what's happening here about three and four years instead of Korea they're just really embracing that what the fans about those room we really cool. You know I used to copy. Clint Eastwood. And and share with people and I seen the good the bad and the ugly and a life seemed a great. The bad and the ugly because an ugly hair I have seen at all and I I'm gonna shareware idea a year remarks about staff. How do you not love the guy and and pop but talked about this at length yesterday. It just come from coaches when there's. Situations. In the locker room that are taking place there's got to be the veteran presence and then there's the special guys. He's six to Colin he he's the guy as terrific as always other guys are individually. If it if he's got. And he welcomes everybody and if you're over here and you're young in your cookies coaching you up. He bureau overhearing your vet and maybe you've got a little problem at home or sucked inside gone quite Wight for you with the rotation though what minutes or whatever. He's got a little time for you to edit you can see that everybody. Just gravitate to and an and it's not hard for him it's easy because a whole years as a guy. And any heat ST I'll use d.s word you could see that joy in his face yesterday he he'd love yesterday. He loved interactive window status and nears his wife and there's his dad and his mom his daughter's. And it's a make up Disney movie here. Look let's put a ball on the season fellas were to talk more about the parade but also. This season where this franchise has gone through the years and a bass while our president by Livermore for now back to the Greg Papa shall. On 957. Big game. That's really the. The horse campaign that's going on. Is there. That's sound is courtesy of NBC sports bay area of course I'm gonna hug and says carry. It Jerry Mark Green trim I agree with the line today it was backup from the thirty club. Fellows also Kelly Johnson talking to Jordan bell and. Hop on hack we don't know about just being here we. All the show everything exactly the letter is five. There. I'm like I did indeed they have got a guy drove a dollars a read just today voted that they don't get I don't know how he's still walking. So listen up. And again. That's didn't even if the lead on game days it needs it Cleveland's Turkmenistan NN and Danica. Welcome back to basketball our program I deliver border war era lawyers to figure if you Soledad because of looking at logs like Greg Papa it by thirty or so we. We talked about the parade yesterday basically puts a cap on. On this great season championship season for the wars let's talk about this. Tony 1718 seats in the one where it's what all their weight took 58 wins they get to see you don't have home court advantage. You know the starters to court for a Wii play 41 games ago McClintock. A step curry doesn't return to the second round of the playoffs this kind of summarize the season here with the warriors went in at birds championship in four years. They had to fight man in the fight because. They struggle with the mental fatigue I think China. I'm going to China cuts against polian have their ways plus the metal fatigue. After a come back in and start from the beginning again after defending a championship they played the longest out of anyone them and cavaliers. And that they got to come back into an all over again and I'm sure the season felt much longer it was longer actually as we to a bit. Probably felt much longer because. Because of the fatigue and injuries and have to figure out ways to still get victories and staff had a couple stints where he was injured. And Kevin are asked to do is Daniel's great to see. Guys like Quinn cook be able to step up while guys are injured. Add even Omri Casspi use stepped up for awhile there and then he gets cut there's all kinds of things that happened this season and I just think it is sales of one of those season that we really shouldn't be super surprise about the way it went because. It is a season where they're defending its championship in there to net. To figure out ways to motivate themselves because. What was this season motivation wise for them how cowardly and get motivated it wasn't an account from. Outside. Last season it was Haiti's first year that kind of prove that they could get it done. And kind of avenge. What had happened a year before losing in the finals. And this year is this well we've done it we've. We've proven everything we need to prove what is there to prove how we and get ourselves motivated it's just to do it again to stay on top and a lot of times. During the regular season that that is an enough. It is to come out with defense and intensity that the the dirty side of the ball how how do you mode get motivated says. The do the little things that the box out put bodies on people. Do the dirty work in in a lot of time beside the season that is where motivated and they slept walk their way through games and they struggled. Against teams a deathly shouldn't have struggled against. And that's how it goes sometimes. Even though they ended up as the number two seed and by the way we kind of thought that would help them just. Having that extra bit of motivation people saying their own raw others they're not gonna have on Gordon has only through all of the Houston Rockets. May be able to beat this team. I kind of felt like that would help him in the playoffs and once the playoffs came around. There over the locking in for the most part and in that Houston Rockets series and commissar who struggle with the offensive 1988. Plays and the office got stagnant at times and Katie. Didn't have. Amazing games all the time there is couple games were struggle they were they shooting percentages and they figure out a way to get through that without Andre Iguodala for a lot of it. Seven game series. They are pushed to the limit tested. They fought through that and then once the finals came around and just about taking care does not birthday we're gonna wait a minute here. Everything saints and came through as far as his concerns. Offensive rebounding. The deep post position they were getting in their first game. LeBron James do in his staying 51 point looked like he could single handedly maybe get a couple gains in the series. And then JR Smith came to the rest of Erica Erica Erica. Unbelievable. For everything everything have been efforts in the block charge call that was overturned. So they get through that game and then. You can tell the cavs are devastated news pretty much over after that but I really enjoyed. Watching the struggled this season because I feel like. Successes are are much more enjoyable. When there is a legit fight. Asked take place during the journey you know Mia felt like. If you're just win in in hugest. Crush and teens and it's smooth sailing. Once you get the top of the mound in and you reach the ultimate goal it's it's not going to be as enjoy atlas is well. I wasn't fun but when you have to struggle like under said he said he felt like. Struggling through this season that that's even better because it builds character. You years and years a stronger and tougher person because of that enough alike all of these guys especially the young guys who who. Haven't been in the league very long and saw what happened though locker room saw how a team stayed together so didn't. All kinds of knowledge from the veterans in in under your dollars on Livingston David West. And they found ways along with the rested team to get there I think it's gonna help them in the future and the rest of their best of Booker no matter what comes their way I think there. Their race for now so it was a joy to watch in and this was a different kind of season watch to see what takes place next season but. It it was really. It was really great to watch this team fight do that in and gets. The job done and and reach the ultimate goal despite. The struggles that they made and the argument David West talked about news pretty cool. I can't add much that that was a great dissemination of the season and that. Honest closing remarks about how difficult it is to do this and and when you have a bull's eye on yet. And everybody's look at the view and yet. Through the bumps in the road. They rose to the occasion like we thought they would. Amid gives little more difficult than we thought it would be but at the end of the day. It's a special happening it it really really is. We're sitting here and I'm looking at the steps. Given is. High fives Macon had big route after tuck and Kelenna and you know it it's it's a team. It has a lot of interesting parts really really do young old. Stars. Paulette and the brain altogether I I again seeing high praise for the coaching staff and and Steve. Car. Yeah and they've got you know I've got superstar. Players. And even though. You know a lot of our humble at times they've they've they still have superstar egos. And it's you know when you have success in your win you know Pat Riley road a whole book about it on chapter was called agreed to more. And its interest in me to hear the teams say about how hard it was they they they still on the championship. They only had to play two games where if they lost they were done. And I think we have to draw a line between the regular season and the post season and the regular season. I think you listed to be expected and there you know we we give a speech the beginning of the year but at the great teams. That have to have done this year after year after year they did not for have great regular seasons every single year it's not required. But the news in it was choppy I think the warriors. May have given the rockets are real challenge for that number one seed not a reality issues to play great for. A long period of time though we lost one game they got to 65 wins how much of the words but it got to 65. But had they not had almost a daily injury in the month of march. I think they would have had a shot. And that word got everybody freaked out was one you know staff didn't play. Essentially from march the sixth not he had two different injuries the ankle first for the fourth time than any. They wound up going seven and ten. Over their last seventeen games. And they had some monumental losses they know they lost much Juanita the pacers on the road. Last game of the year they lost by forty and Salt Lake City but they it it just wasn't what they were motivated to do. And then when the belt run to start the playoffs starting from the first playoff game against San Antonio we saw the defense we saw at all. And the reality is say they went sixteen and five. In the playoffs this year which was the exact same record they had. The first year they won the title and I thought it got a little choppy there because you were down. A couple of different times to go on to Memphis on the road and sort of want to Cleveland on the road. And I think it had on during not gotten hurt. They I think that day they and that used in series in five. So they may have only lost two games. Want to San Antonio won that no elementary you know want to Houston. And they sweep Cleveland so I think we have to keep it in perspective. That they still want that the championship there's still the best team. In the NBA but I I think you know as we delineate between the regulation in the post season. There's a broader issue here. And we don't know exactly. What happened this year for David West to say when you all find out what happened negatively trip that I think somebody should get them some of the yeah yeah yeah. Exactly lighting it would kind of backed off a little bit about it. But there is a difference between. The regular season Malays. And Steve prodding them a couple of you know at times they didn't respond. But safely yesterday flight tops and broker a new word out in it is and and do in the new dictionary. Used the word Bittermann it's. Which is a combination of a Becker and it argument Christie's interest clearly loves the Google stuff so is that there's check check check checked the new Webster picked commences there I don't know what the different trend bickering and arguing that a shame. But. The that they it will be interesting to me is how much to the players flash. Among themselves. That he helped push back from the coaching staff and the players and that's that's common. But was there. Locker room descent to some degree at some point everything that we are cried about during the Eastern Conference finals to that seat in the locker room. Where Katie moved the ball a little bit here I don't know what I think a lot of the guys had personal issues with family members moms. Premiered there in Hillary forums for different guys that we saw that some of the guys being a little bit more down yesterday with. Charged the celebration but. I think intriguing thing saintly would be. How much bicker Manning if letter that word as to. Between the players but I think that's also normal and you have superstar players like this and humble guys publicly that they closed the doors are superstars. Superstar egos and they all got a different way of doing thing. Things I think that would be the intriguing thing to me to find out. You know how much say they clashed among themselves this year and specifically the playoffs that Houston's yours. Well you know. Experience. And age. And you get the three wise men and the four all stars. In and out. Zaza as a fat so you've got a lot of people letter and number of years under their belt. And as you grow older and success comes your way and maybe years some guys there Eagles kind of grow a little bit. Their voices get louder. And there. I've watched it I've been a part of it Collette has to. Maybe because they're the Golden State Warriors and they think everything's com buy dot. That that doesn't happen that way. You know I. Eighty I stepped in front of a head coach and a player readied as duke it out the Boston Garden locker room I had in this incident with a player in Sacramento that. He and I were ready to go and Mitch Richmond had a break us up. Lot of people don't know what goes on that's not in outgun the floor and it's a challenge. To to keep everybody on on the same same page it's hard. And Colin is nodding his head. I'm not surprised by hearing anything. Of course everything's magnified because of the Golden State Warriors but didn't hit it doesn't surprise me at all. Yet we talked to Ron Adams on the station he said he didn't know. What David west was talking about. And after kind of sit back and they're around I'm not super surprised that he doesn't know because I think single backed me up on this. There's a lot of times when the players are in the locker room without the coaches. You got practice. A lot of times it's just the players in the practice locker room. Right after. They come in from halftime the players come from that time the coaches who go on their little corner of their little room and discuss amongst themselves and a player is disguise each other there for a little bit just garlic in each other if if there's stuff that. Knees and he said it gets set a lot of times. So. Only surprise of some of those times were maybe a little contentious honestly I'd be surprised. If it was direct arguments. Like sage. Between Kevin and staff then like there is a direct argument between those two I'd be surprised if it was that I think a lot of times and I've been a locker rooms where. Not everybody was at peace for their roles and a lot of times what happens is. I'll say so on the bond today about saying you know I mean I'm not gonna go to saint directly and and argue in and say or write to him I'll go to mind I'd teammate. And talk about him behind his back right. This on else are hollow phone call was my teammates talking about so and so. And the other person hears it and those two never directly come together and somehow the guy and the middle squash is of these between those two and got a mill goes to it's a one side and says hey it's not really that bad you'd. You gotta be you would not many goes the other guy that he was talking about and in some how says OK Ian really mean that it was and remain so that that's kind of how a lot of these things go. That's how was sometimes and in our locker room back when I play. So. It's they can happen a ton of different kinds of ways but I. The main thing that I think probably happened. Was they found a way to squash it somehow they found a way to get past did. Suze. Let bygones be bygones or whatever the case mediate may be come out on the court. Even if it took three games. Whatever. How overly long it lasted they figure out a way to squash and come back on the court. And played together. And win games and ultimately win the championship because they look pretty together. Last three games this of that final series so at some point pad and now we don't know how long. These bicker immense lasted thicker but. They figured out a way to get past that and I think that's the market would champion because again you're with players for a long time for year to year to year. The organizational fatigue guys get a little more annoying. All of a sudden. That guy that used to like when he came first came to his locker this still a mess in enact it's a little more knowing you get Titus and on this stuff yummy and it just it just gets a little more annoying the longer you're with people at times and and they Kaminsky happened easier but can you get past it can you both be bigger man and find ways to to settle your differences and obviously the war Israel would do that. The basketball our prisoner by Livermore forger he's changing and Azubuike alongside Greg pop and Ontario here and into parts of games so it's great having you guys here. Because you play for a lawyers say leader to G and I mean you've been around a franchise for many years. Just gotta look at we the highs are highs suggested course with a parade in all the confetti coming down loose in them. You know hold the trophy up the Larry O'Brien trophy but to talk about some of the lulls. A few guys got some lol here with this franchise on to get to the lowest of lows with both of you guys here we start with these saintly. Because on the I think I know we're going to hear you rate gotten that may not even be able to discuss it but to talk. Some of the lowest of the local as the lowest moment. You had with this franchise a grocery lawyers. Well it doesn't take much to figure it out and this is no what are what happened with my career. But first I'm gonna say I was blessed fortunate to spend four great years with Nelly and Mitch in. Timmy and Chris in the new all those guys that that was for the best years of my career. And I went to Sacramento came back is GM and came back after the draft. And you know I was really excited about being back and really loved really really respected and liked PGA Carla Simone and knew it was going to be a team that had to grow old but had some nice pieces. And we went to training camp and and then shortly after that and you know spree well. Performed his magic. And and that set us back to we never caught up and it was a shame a really was designed eight in the team had to add potential to stinky word in pro sports but. And you're trying to catch up after that when we get some good young players and Richardson and Arenas and Jamison and those guys Larry Hughes and you know different ownership groups react different ways ours and wanna get up and high numbers so we let a lot of guys goal. But I I look back and listen I. I love this game out I love bin and this is now doing this with pop and Glenda. Rose is now my ninth year I think doing it I came before those two guys. So this might 39 year somehow involved in the NBA and then. So to be a part of this from afar and what should all take place. Colette and I can expound DA it's. Sometimes it's not the peaches and cream. And at the watch all this take place the way it is it's. Makes me smile awful lot. Yeah for me personally obviously Milo was it was didn't injure bit beyond that as a team that year 09. Lawyers mourn and a wonderful place obviously it is just that drafted staff that was great bit. No one really knew how good he was going to be and everybody on the team. Wasn't at peace with their roles on the team obviously Steven Jackson went out Monty Ellis is my team it's that steam. All those different things so him. The locker room was kind of weird that here honestly and the year before. You had our Harrington I believe as the year before yet Al Harrington and Don Nelson having yelling matches sometimes just like you're in the Twilight Zone the stuff they're screaming at each other. Don Nelson loved and caught parenting fact. Out and ended like that. He had I think Matt Barnes may be the year before. And I remember I was if you try though O seven we dream team in the year after that Don Nelson's I won't. I'll see a place for on the state. I don't understand. You as a player. I think you've gotten worse. And Matt Barnes just went and says rebellion though basic the rest season wore shorts to gave news in just lose. He was burned to users out of it the whole season and to see him go through that doubt that was really weird so there wasn't much like say though is as it wasn't always smooth sailing for his organization I was in the fans were still showing up as they were amazed they would they would they've all absolutely him and it was always great to play from them for me personally obviously. Even if there's any kind of team torch turmoil or any kind of arguments the locker room. I always just look back and said man I'm in the NBA it can be it can be so much worse could understand be like here. I've played the geely for awhile yeah I mean I was I was staying in motel sixes and then all kinds of stuff that it could have been. It could be much worse and you can they're all kinds of big commands that you if you want to come Obama. Stay positive and I think that was my staff's attitude to go watch and him his first year and we're talking about where he's been. And is injuries. Everybody wasn't sure if he's. The able the last initially those ankles are gonna go it's at one point who wasn't a question of his talent. Because you could tell you who's going to be monsters can his body hold them kennels ankles hold up and he kept getting hurt and injury ankle injury after ankle injury in. And you've felt form but he he kept the positive attitude he worked his way thirty worked on his core and the muscles around those ankles and figured out awaits. It's get his bye to perform in an holdup for the most pardon. And just kept building and and the organization had the the kind of turn over there ownership. Bob Meyers and coaching staff Steve Kerr came in there and they they were doing things right in the drafting. You can just. Go down the line of of the different moves that they've made that that brought the team to this point obviously let him after though it Harrison Barnes go their draft pick in getting. Getting Kevin Durant was huge for the last few years here but it. They they've they've come a long ways and there is a rough times in and now there's a good. Let's talk about what's gonna happen this armor how much will KDQ it. Who is on this team next season and what LeBron James decision part three. Our original lawyers chat feature work championship parade plans it's when he nineteen what discussed on the bass while our president by Livermore for. The Greg accomplish on 197. Big game yeah. That discussion hello. I feel. I think our roster will look a lot different picture I think we'll have an infusion of youth and I think it'll be good to have young competitive. Energetic guys so to sum up will be back you know guys like Quinn cook could and Jordan adults. Damion Jones who know there were over and get loonie and Patrick would call back we'll have a draft pick. And maybe sign there are a couple of reps could. The roster being younger nourish your tool I think will help us get through the regulations. That was Steve Perry yesterday and any vice seven game talking about the youth of movement here to go to state lawyers. Go to the back in their roster with a lot of youthful players in and of course can direct pep rally and and he wears gray area. You wanna discuss contractors are he said he's coming back let's we diplomacy and sign a contract and c'mon back to go to stay here and welcome back to about smaller prism of our little more work. Gary changing Kelenna Azubuike was our last segment together republic Bonser Nomo will sat right now pop. Markets are the boys say is going back peace plan is going to Denver mayor we're gonna do on Wednesday. And on. Anyone healing even when you go on. So you know and Jay gets upset when I to tell where Beckham Golan. She thinks something's gonna come and I don't know take my in 1985 mobile lot of my drive Erica it's just they shared works all summer you go back to these I am leaving soon let's put it. I'm still pretty and both. I'll be we and the western way on the east a student again we want to talk about the draft or free agency I'll be available with America okay. No pot you know this I was I was tucked into a couple of guys here. Misting so popular you could do this year around and we will there's no I don't no doubt there. I had a draft next week on next there's the president's sort of first funny it's not okay. And resignation Amaro junior point. Steve hit it on ahead I think you'll bias second. And that guy they've they've struck gold with those and then they'll have their pick so there's two. Let's be optimistic in my car and lonely come back there's four young guys and then at two bigs will with Jones and bell like six and cook. And cook excuse me yes evidence out and you got to certain six boxes said in and you guys made this note. This a destination point now for veterans and you've got that mid level all bets yet I don't make my statement MLS show you're gonna get a little better player. This year fiftieth next upcoming year than you had this year they're ready championship at this site that's got. Kind of because yeah that's the Medina shot I'm getting give how to go to apply or can it get for five point. Pretty darn good three so Trevor Graham the galleries I even dreams lately about Avery Bradley years. Who'll listen guy. Oh he's an idea yeah. That's its size and it lightly here it's not an issue of free agent it's not a good year there's not a lot of money out there but. Somebody like polonium and McCaw. Could be coveted by somebody like Atlanta that nets who don't draw a big name player but yet they've got a lot of money. Yes I went via yes so that could happen for those guys that they're gonna have tough decision. But Ronald idea you get these offers and pretty darn good it's tough to turn down I'd like sea dwellers living. I want. That we do that through 30 my goodness just do it and a bit I think he's going to be a better player next I'd you really feel like in his in his third year. He's gonna take another leap year I doubt they'll place on earlier in commandment. I doubt it but he's he's gonna work hard this summer yet it's scary fall there against Sacramento. And you tell how reflect the view was I think he's one of those guys it's. Take this summer add some things it was games he if he can figure out how to be little more consistently get stronger. He's locked himself in the locker room there eats them burgers. I. All of those things alleges he JaVale McGee come back to and I feel like we're talking on I feel like that's like the rest of the policy the rest of the league is kind of conceded that the lawyers the best place for Noah had. A lot of what the guy exactly I got here three times. Editor Tariq yeah they're a I got the softball yeah alliance audio Earnhardt everywhere just like right now on a lot of what I hate and I'll let go a day miles look at that free music is a big hole certainly allowed this they're billions. Hamas Hamas and this guy you hope to show us why I can't publish what you believe that I mean how much to. What I do you six million and you might be too expensive put. Patrick are you could set screens he's tough he defiantly size army what you can drop and he can hit the story here a couple threes in these. Why else from the corner or give prediction he's got a good shot to get a mid level yet again middle of young people need somebody nasty. And he brings it he was when they had made an adjustment of certain him and Horford. That was big for them and he east I think he's got a few joint and their biggest problems decide what that they're gonna do with Smart. I think they've got to keep rosier you guys are read all the stuff about Irving. He hated it like Irving's argue because I had went out to do it old school about what credibility low balls did he love Boston writers vote. APAC. NBA city it's a pro Al east from New Jersey so maybe his he has the same article is quite letter from the South Africa past possible. Did you hear about the knicks here fellas popular come in on this as well chime in on this. LeBron James. More to hell is he going Erica for FF FF. See you guys are leaving me only to deal a chain for four games of the titles and it showed NAFTA talk about a run James. Incessantly. I personally. Think it I thought this for well over here that he's going to LA I was done and he's got two homes down there he's renovating waters got the other one of Brentwood his son is enrolling in school there. Magic for clearing space. So but. If he goes there alone. Goodman and I don't know if they're good enough football Kuchma and anger they have space to Max contract yes but he's got to bring water on the guy and the key thing now be called George. And Marc Stein had a report today that the Paul George may stay in Oklahoma City area so who lost in there's a lot of other free agents of the side show. Chris Paul of Paul George and LeBron James if he doesn't get Paul George. I don't think Chris Paul's gonna go there I'm not sure that fits the one who also lost getting line they're big conch collided and you have others as a public option. Patrick silent big 'cause if it out there for the good numbers out covering him there's a bit. Coming off that injured Achilles that I don't know Davis. But he's got a free agent get it naturally. And I got to trade for him and I don't know PH agrees that they may have the Mac they may have the masking offer for Julius Randall he's a restricted free agent defense played well drove. How much money will be get out there on the open market. And what the lakers overpay to keep in debris keep them in LA alum well I don't know what the lakers are gonna door LeBron did but I always thought. Going to LA and bring it over CP three. Steve CP three love relative always a bit of the banana crop boat crew. But they're going to wing way back to LA and I don't cobalt the bit to what that is like that's what's happening here pot Andrew Bogut just tweeted yesterday talking about. All these big concerts already verbally agreed to the super team is coming. Those super G Murray 36 installed so you know I don't know how you hugged he's still got LA ties right. Still cool with oh what a great well at the point of the trip imported Swedish and it doesn't have a super team. About golf or in that a lot of these contracts or have already been verbally agreed to at all tampering technically though that's right. And in India there's no hitter in his freezer. Out of these there. We are talking about the locker room in you know all that stuff going on an old ma. No blacks and yet you're sick at all and mine got that is the previous. Have each other's numbers they'll call to say I admit the Tuscaloosa militants some stuff but would Katie do one on one deal long term do what he's seeing. And that's that's my prediction I think the mega stars in his situation. One plus a player option keeps his flexibility open. And undecided going. Oh poppies are saint Johns guys were like yeah yes because of Molly in the mix in my son. Maybe he'll want to take the big number. It was a thing coming out saying he's gonna play only five more years. Yeah yeah yeah and then no I don't want Bernanke's and I don't. Canada is allowed to be Tivoli I don't make days until at least 45 America declares Holland in the civil docket right KV leave the third I. Odd day you still on his champagne Tony yeah. A bad articles. Yeah I had yeah. I think this this Omar little I don't corporation or it's going back for summer league toppled breakdown several. Senator John after a week anything is I don't basketball are actually they've been good.