Papa and Bonta – 1 – Warriors/Clippers, Rich Aurilia, Giants lineup

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, February 23rd

Hour 1. Papa and Bonta are joined by Rich Aurilia (Former Giants Shortstop). This hour covers Warriors/Clippers, a look at the western conference heading into the homestretch of the season, and we get into the Giants season with Rich Aurilia.


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Ladies and it's. The pain all due to stop I don't know I don't know it's okay. After an Indian land breeze from the Clark some of our errors. And. We just. And we sound good but it's a really good. Now from behind from the GG GG dot com studio's high atop the San Francisco's skyline. Crystal clear advantage to a fight Paul. Oh yeah. And hands and. Curry transition just after ran downstairs not great faith gets about the plight. Flyers Rivaldo who crave ivory got up John Kerry he's got good. And why your basketball are resolved that the greens were very drastic curry curry down the 880 sideline breaks and that'll take that very often. No way. Back to foot the average Jordan why did you make some great makes it three. My secretary downloads I'm like little big horn down. Number they'll take debris off the dribble it down but. Part. Whether it was 88. Or poured troops and six rebounds and the NBA is back baby lawyers take care to clippers and the very very exciting game welcome to be after the light up embodied. Above all kind of regardless of it was deep curves rotations who stepped carries a did. Today do now is all good Dante what what does the 880 sideline heaven and that building more than I've been in my homes. What is to be talking which is the 880 side of the court they gonna check with him and I you know not ORACLE Arena beyond my good directions possibly could be an early on silent on Ali you know what I would call highway 8081 a one I don't know if this goes a freeway. Well during the sleepy Floyd game I had did you drive inviting hearing and be careful on an image because the whole arena may lamb all right the metal on the highway so I can address that when I first got here but this coaching staff we have to start going back to our conversation. The day after Valentine's Day when they lost important and you know you look at the first quarters and you and I had a discussion about. Changing the starting lineup I did not think they would do it the first game out. But they did do it and there is coaching staff they do not overreact. But they react and they react to the proper time. If last night was a playoff game and it's possible we may see the clippers in a 18 matchup come April. Put it in that later I think Jerry West is that is the best by far great player. In the history of the NBA turned. In their history sports turned executive. He may be the best NBA executive of all time home with even better than Red Auerbach who will get into a Jerry West has been able to craft again. I keeps changing after leaving the lakers in the showtime just goes on and what he's doing there. But if this was a playoff game. That I would clearly what JaVale McGee to start the game on today against the Andre Jordan because the warriors are worried about the Pickett died in the lot game. Which he Andre Jordan and JaVale played well but I thought in other activity that does. Kazaa is that you don't stardom. You don't play it shot up Pachulia played 118 games a warrior before last night Dante not a single time. Did he play off the bench it was always in a starting role so I'm thinking I'm on board with this. But I don't idea sounds that's not all his fault although his back did it caved in value you set America each. The last game in Portland I wanted to make a change a Washington overreact to it. They don't overreact they react they did find a role for size and then I know you're freaking out when David West can edit. At the end of the first quarter which he typically does not deal which you got your three wise men. Line up it was strange is Kevin hearing you did not play. The entire first quarter but I agree with Steve you know we fixated I probably do it more than anybody mean Telecom for always look at them lineup combinations or what's he doing here Ozzy so evident. By the Lake Powell says they built for the athletic damage bill pop I don't might have a material like I hit its centuries. There's a team giants send me everything and you graders a federal government and aren't we're on our bought deck like dinner when I didn't lose a bet that's all he's getting from me. But I thought I thought it was great missile are real freaking out about the about the player rotation last. I was just it was this odd they've always come and and in her first quarter Zaza Pachulia it didn't flashbacks of game five and NBA finals and when he sixteen. Was shot when Barrichello was planned a Latin intercourse game seven when Anderson bear drought and this is is really got big minutes I get why they got big minutes. A bogey getting injured but it was Roberta game to game five between sixty price playwrights and guides in the first quarter from our chief Kurz just that musket to rotations here or get the start what I was looking what the JaVale McGee Starr because he gives them that clutch isn't that energy and that explosiveness now when joined Bill Gates back. That's going to be in intriguing being here to look for will Jordan bill could distort well JaVale McGee be the first big all the best of personal off the bench was outside his beat completely out of the rotation but all the little Lotta black hair and about the warriors did have a good flow and Apple's quarterback Steve West last night by up to re surprised play in the first quarter Eagles. You know I'm ready for anything. The rules a bit she you know he didn't say surprisingly quick look. Got to be ready at all times we gaels a little out of whack here it but I have to adjust. Did Steve tell them for the game I think we need a skull he didn't he they're really and rebuilt where there now Steve Kerr told me was coming into the game at the end of the first quarter but. He said look our numbers in the first five minutes defense and we were atrocious Steve Kerr -- number is it practiced in silicon at a be ready to play in time now so he was not totally surprised her with Steve Kirk did not reveal the David West that he was committed again hopefully some reporters are practiced well last David West whether or not he did know but last night he did not reveal whether or not he knew it was gonna play in the first quarter pop. He was ready to play into west played great together three wise men and ending the story of a start the second quarter were themselves. I I do like with the coaches coaching staff did I wasn't sure they were gonna do it but I think they sense what. But wears a sensing that it's time to go now so again they they don't overreact but they react to the right time. The other thing a lot of the C last night obviously was Andre Iguodala. They wanted to see him specifically match up with the Williams. It it was perfect you knew that doc was not gonna start Lou Williams even with the injured Avery Bradley he brought him in mid first quarter and that's and Audrey comes in and I thought he guarded Lou Williams. Really really well last night Lou Williams is a really hard cover used to always try to get too was left hander. And the shot he made jumping to his left against Kevin Durant how the hell even got an offer he made it. They also had twelve assists was numbers were really good but he didn't torch you. Like he did the previous game when he went for fifty. So Andre is the guy that my eyes are on the guarded well last night he ran the floor well last night and after a look at the shooting. You know he's he's got out and he ran when he runs the floor. Any leads the break with the ball and he's just feeling wanes in getting out in Italy and he can slash and dunk. That's the guy so what you're talking about you know who starts at center. It is the fifth guy on the floor around the four all stars we know no matter how they start. How date date date substitute off eventually gets into. Com not correcting time he gets to the bitter rant during my play it's that right progress obviously we posed a fifth warrior well it's what I drink. Not and they ended I have put the Hamptons five they ended the game with the Hamptons five Andre is the key he doesn't have a whole lot longer. Well we need them to must end the regular season two months come April may and Joan. Four more months will reevaluated later I liked what I saw from Andre Iguodala last night. Loved his balance he was cutting he was moving the execution down the stretch where he got a don't there Kevin Durant kept curry passed the ball so well so to have this five lineup yesterday was on a crack in there around point yesterday had no problem with them. I think and I know you're not gonna freak out about him. But now smarts and forgot about miles talking to you about it during the trying to chip what are we gonna do it Nick Young slightly Pete. Watch all placing fourth quarter minutes pop and as a dear lord is about to lead to survive with Dick young in the game here because defense depleted clippers and Doc Rivers it was Smart. It'll be all right that Nick Young defensively that's another issue popped a look the fast org yesterday we talked about the slow start slow starts well there were plus eleven in the first quarter yesterday. Might she is and I wonder that he corrected to work tomorrow night when Oklahoma City comes in a town about 35 points in the second quarter. The reform per quarter 35 in the fourth quarter what ever reason to be a little. Skeptical about the defense here I mean at the end of the data gave outlook 27 shots into two groups in the from the floor at the important second quarter Parker since December puts it it's going to be a white are gonna win that game born the way here and clippers kept chipping away to put way too by the way we get the clip was triggered a good ballclub I can't wait to see what Avery Bradley your -- to defense I'm still a little concern about. Where he should be coming in and out on 27 is she is still way way way too high it is unacceptable and they played well on the first quarter. That was the mindset that it carried over I greeted I mean for it they got the lead they never gave the lead back. It went from eighteen down to two but they were simply trading baskets. So that is not acceptable when I do think they will ratcheted up. Tomorrow night against Oklahoma City will preview that game the last thing I want the single of them go back to the conversation you and I had a after the Portland game we talked about in note shall make it a lineup change they did. The other day it was starting to really bother me decade. His whatever the warriors would create a switch and they do it all the time with their pick and roll. Were a big is on the staff staff they just got to the point. Where he was backing up on the big and shooting over him over and over and over again he can do that he couldn't get a shot over a big. But I just at that point me was like too much already. Can you dribble drive that big a little bit more so what does he do last night first of all they got the Andre Jordan there was a highly overrated defender. Being shot blocker does that meet your good defensive player. He was getting abused by Kevin Durant every single time there was a gamer early in the year when I was surprised in Amman Jordan's really move his feet well and guard Katie. Yet roasted but it later in the game they created the switch. Were to where he was forced to guard staff nanny did make one really long one over him. But he beat him off the dribble they played like the Houston Rockets create this switch to spur at the floor out open it up and just go around that Joker. And staff was property lay ups that he make last night when they get cut madam lady pitch to the shooter. In the corner when Tobias Ayers came off terrain that's easy to write corder Clifford or read it like a duck. So I just love the elemental evolution of his game in energy preview tomorrow night's game against Oklahoma City. The warriors brought out a new wrinkle. On that. That double. Drag little double worrying too I love where they ask your concept of strain so they ran it three times late in the game twice he was labeled wish to drive. The third time they can I came at the at any pitch to the open right corner dislike James Harden pitches to Trevor Ariza they only it's Kevin Durant it's not Trevor Reece up. So tomorrow night he knows yet that double drag oh your car. I can and outweighed I cannot wait kids the thunder beat Sacramento yesterday what a crazy game winner Mark Russell Westbrook we'll talk to Jim Barnett. Actual clock about the under warriors in last night's game saying naymick coming up next it's wolf twenty John Clayton talked about this big NFL traded his bulls away John Clayton at once when he we'll talk some baseball what our guy our favor price on oil Rich Aurilia hits wall forty here in the afternoon light Semitic next right here on 857 again. He's. Now back to the great on the shelves are 957. Big game. And we're better defensively we go to an exclusive voice in the first quarter scorers who don't or Larry king world or road sooner. When that sort of doing the rest of the game to be better distance missile. Kill the best start practicing lawyers last night as we were talking all week long about the slow first quarter starts split. The last record of pop his word things got a little barrier to give a 35. Points in the second quarter thirty for the third 35 enough or and they had to hold on to beat LA clippers 130 Ford 127 welcome back to a Friday edition of the after the like. A couple Bonser held 957 game and I think were both impressed with his new look clippers team they're playing better we're probably Griffin they were thirteen of five of their last eighteen Lou Williams 21 off the match we know what he can do. This corporate team may be a match up in the first round and wears leather on the plate to take the take out the silly clippers can prop. Never question we talked about it at length yesterday. I think that is felt an earthquake of unease Bailey I had 1 this morning about 5:30 AM and I just felt really strong on. Joining us signed out of our reports of little earth movement and each day of it wasn't a roller eulogy shake here kind of in the Northridge one years ago and it felt it was like in the middle of the night and doors are playing the lakers the clippers in a hotel and only 3 in the morning it felt like. King Kong picked up my competitors started to shake. The rollers can be (%expletive) you like Steve are searching that you get mover like the one I'd just experienced an enemy that hit it to harvest and yeah I think so habits that letter I got every other thing that I. I woke this morning and if we get like 530 irony is that. In any event town. LA clippers are they entirely different team. First of all you know Chris Paul Blake Griffin. Rivalry in all of that Donald Sterling clippers I go back to whenever the buffalo braves medal hold them because they move from buffalo to San Diego and LA negative issue with the clippers. It's hard to. To hate them the way it did before when they had Chris Paul and Ed Blake Griffin. And I think what we're Jerry West is doing and make no mistake about it he's the guy doing this. He's the guy sitting next to the owner Lawrence Frank is working the phones. Doc Rivers who I think is really early here I thought he was coaching relate solely. I think he's back to me in doc and I think he likes his team it's a lot like the heart hustle Cheney head. When he first left for years ago as a broadcaster in San Antonio coach the Orlando Magic. And when the coach of the year I thought he was on a hot seat for a signature I think he's coaching well they're playing a lot faster with Blake but just a word about Jerry West of for a going north on the clippers December Ernest Jones coming up at 2 o'clock. And Jim had to guard Jerry West Jerry West is such a great players such a great player. And the but as it is an executive. And they say he's better as an executive as a player. But he clearly. Is the best great player turned executive and a history of sport and you want to bring mr. Ed in Denver John Elway I'm a lefty out of the room. Elway had a nice run that she'd do it again. That's Jerry West has been able to do it over and over and over again yes he had dreamy actually coach auriemma. After occurring forced a trade from the box Jerry was not a good coach. Yes she got Magic Johnson lucky of the number one pick yes you get James Worthy. But you know he also traded. Norm Nixon a way to open it up for magic to have the ball he got Byron Scott in net trade. And then you know obviously they they're they're showtime lakers they went five championships that he does it again. With Kobe he's the one that wanted Kobe Bryant now Kobe may have been sending signals some wanted to play for the lakers. He could've drafted him earlier you know Dick tour ticket so you know he drafted Kobe Bryant is a kid at. He brought Shaq from Disney World to Disneyland. You've got that deal and then he and Phil Jackson get into it he winds up leaving and very quietly. He goes to Memphis and we forget the great work he did in Memphis with. Hugh B brown Mike for tell all those were really good change for a long long time so we. In any comes to the warriors and he's the one of these Jerry West and you've got their Iran India Myers but he's Jerry West spot take. And he's the one I think was instrumental in not making that ridiculous summer of love traded agreed to give up play. And frame I'd really love really why just saw drain not shut down Blake Griffin in the playoffs about trait that I got to guard it. Blake inferior so in any event I can go on that and now so what would Wess does. If the warrior dynasty may in history be looked upon as better. Then Shaq Kobe Kareem magic run so what are we talking about here it's been involved in three of the greatest dynastic periods in history the NBA. Then he believes she bombers got a little bit of money Chile offers in five mail to come down and being consulted. With the LA clippers are you wondering what you get a deal. So you know crisp fall comes in the office one day. And so is nobody should really you know you wanna go to Houston I know they want it blatant tampering he does it though they make a trade. I can make I can make a point. That although I'd like to have Chris Paul and get rid of Blake Griffin. That if I am forced to for trade Chris Paul you can give me Patrick Beverley Sam Decker Montrae as Harold at the Andrei Lincoln sweet Lou Williams came in the ad deal. I thought they want to trade asap pop when that trade went down I sip from day one the clippers won this trade they got a lot of pieces alone marchers Harold away he was running record yesterday than men out of Louisville Decker of always been high oil out of Wisconsin and then Patrick Beverly we know what type of defense of player he is the intensity bring his sweet Lou sweet. Player that is you know after about a waiter is three point six or quickened and bill so what that the vertically religion and I was in my house I might have been in your policy holes. Arson shake Canada the doggone crazy whats gonna actually does that deal now I would've. Kept Paul and got rid of Blake. As Blake is just an overrated player he makes great plays he's not a great player but Paul wanted to go woody did so you sign Blake to the huge contract. That you like death penalty him in the late January. In the trade that they got back now you're gonna last me out of the room. I would much rather have to buy his sayers on my basketball in a Blake Griffin I can win. With that guy I can win it three or four you want them to play five he could do that a small lineup he's good in transition he's he's shooting 40%. On the three ball to teaching him all star Saturday night go to the championship round win at Klay Thompson and Devin Booker. That that guy can he can post he can shoot he's a hell of a plate are much I love Avery Bradley and we got they got up first round pick back they see. I don't want back in the Paul deal he got one back in the Griffin deal. The likely it's hard not to have to hate them anymore but take but I'm starting to fear that I think that there. They're not going to be able to beat the warriors but they're a solid solid NBA basketball team now it's all. Done by Jerry West how do you trade. Two marquee players like this in this vein of June late June to late January and have this solid over team and adaptable opening up and rebuild cutting the. He's a genius that's why poppy realize that you are going to anywhere Chris Paul and Blake Griffin you're not getting past the second round pick you may not get past the first round with those two guys as a franchise player is not not in the Western Conference away trade away in assets that's what he did for Chris Pollack a slew of players and as I just mentioned inevitably agricultural. Trait was shocked everybody look when they start re re signed Blake Griffin I was shocked that they give them all that money. What security Chris plot to look at are gonna label Laker from gore tried to trade him if you bought in and they gave a ball that clinical. The kicker you don't Jerry West want you tortoise and they relies by much layer. Hey we do to get rid of this guy. Move this money be Detroit. Let's bring into bars here's let's bring in Avery Bradley an expiring contract and we get a pick also won one critical physical sport and actually no doubt about it here and now for the future. They're set up they're gonna have cap space they wanna get into the LeBron James sweepstakes they wanna get into the Paul George sweepstakes. Jerry West you know he wants to beat the lawyers and topple them this little project here I let cut off you're clippers this year but I do fear Jerry West and what you can do and wherever. The one thing that sealed the deal for me in the Kevin Durant sweepstakes when they're out there and Hamptons. Jerry West made the call phone call on a Saturday afternoon. I don't know what each OKB port for media. That was the deal how old that was done what she talked to Kevin tyrannical lot of as a master recruiter you bring Jerry West and now you got Jerry West on an LA pop. Did he talk at all he's free agents about click the cult. Years ago coach and graduate now. Like they have now are they sell I know I know I. I charged James on there he which grew up the whole thing the point I'm making is they are solid. They are gee they do not have a weakness their front line right now to bias there is Danilo Gallinari. India Andre Jordan Georgia have to make a call here. Well I got saudis Malibu house on sell six point five million dollars I'll meet you may be up to now you know what he's the next ago I would not have an issue getting rid of him. I think you play Gallinari side and Harrison for. You know you probably get have to get one go to guy I like to buy a serious but he's not a great great player but he's so solid. And as far as Jerry West and Kevin Durant I think that you little overrated. I think the Hamptons five on down there with the ownership in Bob and mainly steps saying we want you to Kevin Durant Durant wanted to come here anyway. But I think that that they they conversation Jerry hedges. Character Jerry West is not thought of as one of the all time great players why has he won only one NBA championship he is highly haunted. By the Boston Celtics he could not beat them. He finally was able to win a title in 7172. After the only 168 and thirteen and beat the New York Knicks Russell already retired. So what he is saying is don't be meet. They thought of the greats of the greats even though Jerry west was that kind of player. It was difficult for him any idea here's where he won the finals MVP and the losing Laker team against the Celtics I think that's the point. He was making here but just yeah Jerry West is in he's a strange guy he wrote a book. I interviewed him for an hour and a half victorious facility with that says she's in ticket holders that I spent. A couple of hours with him two Raymond Ridder loves them I'd love Jerry West is a player have been around him a little bit. When he was a Laker GM but I spent a lot of time with him and he was crying and my shoulder that night it was because he opened up the book was about his entire life. But he opened up about his father being incredibly. Abusive and he can't even read the page of the wanna cry what he did his son. And how I don't know how to motivate them or not but Jerry's got a lot of stars so he's a really interesting guy wanted to look at them on the show and I we've had a month before. But really get into I just I animation anime and he's the one doing this large frank is working the phones doctors wondered if Jerry could have fired his eighth grade or fifth docked in coach but what Jerry West is doing here. Monta is just let legendary to me it's not even in Jerry west was such a great great great great player he's a local pop. And that he's more just the local watch the guy play. And I thought you know women the all star game that was the east vs west and he put west on the back of his uniform I thought they named the team. After Africa and what is she the whole Scott French pitched last fall away and that's what I thought about this guy if he was such a great player where a bit of Magic Johnson incredibly overrated but anyway all understand a word about Andre west could guard Jerry West to do anything about it. And I just who else would you put Ozzie Newsome. You know you greatly and he's gonna retire the next year term he's gonna step back hadn't gotten it wasn't the player Jerry West water you -- Heidi and Julianne you're gonna have to impact our Jerry Lewis we know Michael Jordan is 59 next category about the looked at a resurgent American world out there on a global articles I don't think it's RB Steve acres checks to meet Danny Ainge now may be he's got one check feature if somebody's not apply here that Jerry when I was never declared totally clear -- -- role player whom got a book he's Mario -- and Hakeem Olajuwon will be the you know it's a great line Charles Barkley here to what's your favorite white wine. Danny Ainge. The critical but it I don't know what separated and I got so. The largest favorite likewise behavioral analyst NEA to modify that tree Rollins even a tree Rollins bit Danny and real thought that the hit it 8:10 AM the city was that it has about has brought. Listening. And the clippers one game behind in royalist pelicans one game out of despite if they were to AC in the lawyers at the once he. Beat Kerry in two stings yours was that we mentioned the score 127 point Sicily sharp 50% had thirteen more shots than Golden State Warriors and out sort. And he moved the ball to move the ball so much better would probably Griffin Chris Paul Hill Chris Paul likes to pound the ball on the ball on the ball picker role will Blake Griffin they moved the ball so well yesterday almost sold pretzel there marchers Carol run in a court to team up against. They are scared its Western Conference pop mrs. loaded in also good to have MBA Bakalar segue over to baseball because we do have Richie. Originally joined minutes at 1248 here and giants and days are opening spring training up. Steven dug her Dugard however we wanna say here it is Duckett darker it is compared to doctor Stephen Dodd has already stroke out I don't know if he's our sidewalk at a charity tab for the first at a charity tab for the second the giants to sort of bottom the first year and currently when they come we just went guard because only back up at corporate giants so are ready to giants are hitting for power here early it's when he eighteen but no we're only expected to concerns seem. Pace of play and all that are good. I want to see Hunter Pence today he got scratched her we had a great BP session today hit like two and bonds in BP and he didn't hold back here but I'm like in this line appear as I see it and when I'm here in about darker. The guy can hit from gap to gap line drives usually they started senator bill. I certainly in the mix and they get they got a lot of guys that are in the mix I think they'd like to have Stephen dagger probably start the year AAA Sacramento we talked to saved saved we talked about the Evans about it because they were you know shopping for third baseman corner outfielders they plan was could Doug here. Hold down shattered I think he's going to be in the mix along with your guy Greg or Blanco and gore keys in Austin Jackson I think we'll probably. Beat that guy to get at first but he's not an everyday guy I think they see him Izzy you know kind of the new version of Greg or block ovary can play left center right but I think he. But I look at the list right now I would expect Austin Jackson to win that job Austin Slater is also. In the mix so. A lineup today is the first of all you know in its February the 23. Torre played spring training game stiff if it's winter training. Spring is not come until March the twentieth but the world and at the warriors don't play an exhibition game on September. The thirtieth. Against the giants and a's can start playing on February 23 but this is way way way too early they just they just went to full camp on Monday. So big reason why your everyday player busters not in the lineup today Egypt. Mentioned to putter potential late scratch Andrew McCutcheon did start hitting third. In right field he struck out Pablo struck out before Nick Hundley when you larger part original lineup Slater Gomez. Dagger at the top of the order with LB should not playing any of the guys that hit a play bring him belt. Tomorrow sorts wait surely you bought sheets I've blocked and so part time blockage had a nice sound and Dante to inning to give up a hit in the gets out of the first he struck out two. To me he's your guy as your four starter and then to see if Charlie Beatty can. Push a little bit but you know shreds also in the mix she's gonna go tomorrow the minutes from I'm gonna put it on Sunday. Yeah and I and is Suarez kids that are ready to talk about a apparently he's in the mix of pit start a fifth spot in the rotation here are blocked we low we were remembered Saturday afternoon and it's Clayton Kershaw where he shut out the Dodgers got giants into playoff help dig into the playoffs they're get to the wild card game and then of course. Losing 42 the cubs tied blocked pitched pretty well last season but he did Wear out a bit. He wore out a bit but I think he'll be better this time around that time blocking pitch he's just a pitcher he works well strategy started BBC guys don't want cedar pub all to see what they're all about we know about strands fastball he works fast but I've been here to Bob Beatty for the last 34 years or terror b.'s in next guy's neck guards are beating this so I'm really intrigued to see what happens there because. The fort that this spot in the rotation are going to be huge because you know Metzenbaum part of you know where he's gonna do Johnny quite obvious he's an X-Factor here how we respond until. Are struggling last season here in just margin he cut down on the walks that you know we'll give up a home run here and there will have the big inning here's just Margaret is who he is but cool can complete this rotation here tar blocked her Beattie Christian I know those guys haven't big swing you don't sleep. I'm I'm serious we here don't sleep on Derek Holland here I think it's a law part he's one of those guys were so low risk hard work type of move your he's been pitching in the -- a ball and hitters ballpark his whole career we talk about Texas the ballpark in Arlington ball flies out of there Comiskey Park whatever it's called now of her White Sox he was awful last year. I think pitch and at AT&T park and if you have a good spree here don't sleep on their Colin and while the veteran here to veteran lefty. Yeah I I think you know and they have a plan and that guy's got to go out and play in kitchen you evaluated in the spring to see exactly where they are here talent as a wide body of work has been around for a long long time but I think what Will Smith still recovering from this time John surgery and a schedule to come back until the first month of the years dominant. India early may. I think they elect Joseph Holland available on the bullpen. Bruce spoke sheet it I've always felt he is a much better game manager needs is superb game manager where he really excels at running his bullpen. He is a better manager when he has a third it left hander available to hand so they bring in Tony with Tony Watson. Will Smith is going to be a little late to start so I think you'd like to have Derrick Kyle and his flexibility is a starting pitcher being able to get lefties and right he's out so I think that's the plan but you never know you know the young guys don't pitch well it's hard to really evaluate in the spring because of the conditions very. An altitude and in a lot of high scoring but just to your point I mean the way they're starting this with Curt Young. And votes in the front office type block is going today. Chris Stratton is gonna start tomorrow and Suarez by the way is gonna come in and pitch later I think block may be done. He went to was probably done for the day is your first starting in the spring it's February 23. That's about all hope that she Suarez is gonna come minute. Third bill a little look at him and ensure that will face the Dodgers. Tomorrow and medicine bomb garner will go against the cubbies on Sunday. So the way this is issue in your back dated so mad some bomb earners could be your opening day starter obviously in a way they have it back loaded. It which the way they're setting it up to start would be side block. Would be your fourth starter and Chris strip would be your fifth starter it's just early. You know it we get started the one name that does intrigue me oh Stratton has really good stuff and we had Shawn Estes on last week. He thought Stratton is better stuff in Major League overpowering stuff he does a heat without question does but Talley Beatty is a first round draft pick and that is remember that game he pitched against the a's last year the final game the Bay Bridge series is over the top twelve to six curve ball is for real. So I I think he's in the mix Willie be ready. You know it's about time and Eliot some injuries last year about today and I know Shrek looks good and Bartlett tied blocs a solid solid Major League pitcher I have no reservations about him. He throws harder than you think and the guy hits 9192 when I was out of it uses both sides of the plate. But I I am intrigued by by Talley Beatty had like to see more of him because that is that over the top Turbo his is a really impressive. It's in the book her for sure hero quickly here before we move on a Rich Aurilia. Man talk about the giants and pace of play in this whole my ninth inning nonsense here Hubble sent a ball picking up a catcher's Mitt. Should check he's gonna be the super utility guy that we ball low Pablo cent of all we we made that known here Michelle law lessons and we're happy that he was back here but. The role for problem here is going to be to back up first baseman back a third baseman. Maybe he'll get some ritzy catcher a big spring is that for Pablo is he is he would lock for their roster here or is what we defeat. Stinks it up in spring belligerent to say you know what problem we gave his shot it's time to go bye bye. Well he's gonna pay him much almost all of this contract is being paid a the Boston Red Sox so. You know he's economical I I really would not evaluate Pablo Wear what I wanna see is his right handed swing. His left handed swing to may last year although he went into a deep hole for the there were times when he was late getting your high fastball even from the left side but there are many times. Or I saw the bad speed. From the left side the right side Sox tonight we talked about it last year I would just say stop switch hitting we have JT snow lot of it's just amazing to me a lack of bad speed from the right side is like two different guys such as stop it. Now he's maybe. Now worked out and I'm sure he has but in theory you'd love this flexibility is a switch hitter off the bench. And he can play Beckham the LT you know refers to back up Evan. At third Longoria. And then he did when he was a catcher remember when he first came up he was a catcher and are fully bailout talk about a years ago saying I believe this guy's a hitter. So if he could be your third. Catcher Pete you don't wanna carry three. You know I have the flexibility now 125 man roster if you could have been just be available. Behind Posey and Hundley and also back up on the corners. Hell yeah bunt I mean that to me he's a lock to make the team now he gets you know or 92 and his writing and his swing is as bad as ever. You may have to make a call but he's not gonna cost you a whole lot and his problem signed up all the big. Right he has horrible sin of all we need and that's our you're probably metals and creates decided to run and Saudi Arabia and nothing angels that he's got some serious serious power here let's talk to Pretoria. Here in many parts of the game the afternoon like a problem bouncing. No. Now back to that Greg accomplish on and on 957. Big game. Well I'm thinking that maybe the people that are producing their rules. Never played the game I have no idea about the game and have no idea about baseball should be played. Or the history of America's pastime so whoever is putting. That may be rule of the players probably ought to go do another job he's won't. And dessert joke so. I got through six time out there. And I can't you go. The relative he'd asked. Because you're you are fixed amount every game easier than getting so chaotic court ballot you're playing musical chairs with full for the game rather than just what became view it is. That's Jeremy had failed to return worlds who championed the sensors were giants speaking the absolute truth about the pace of play in the nineties and we brig and are bigger prize on over here to the afternoon delight pop and bonds a 957 game Richie. Public is back aren't you excited to baseball's back. It it. It back get back earlier than ever feel like these are just like it depended. This February 23 mission there an airplane spring training baseball the plane winter training base thought the it's gonna be here. Surely. I'll tell you now I like I literally like. Basically looked at online at Warner home like which like that every game that day. Like Jacob got that position plays and got there Monday. On what you don't want in any effort that her position players I think it's great because that first week it just stand and around. I want to your own pictures thrown space in them is miserable so we may get some games under your belt in the region I think. And then on May be wrong but I am not sure but I mean it may add some more all days this season this year as they did or does basic agreement so they just put everything. Back a little bit so. You know it's the same amount of spring training time missed the start way early. Yes he's it's gonna start in late march or negative started on Thursday in opening day now Sunday night they spokesman Sunday night that year old of the Monday. Opener but baseball is gonna start earlier days shade of built in Samara off days in this schedule. Giants are planned in the another one guys in the lineup is Andrew McCutcheon Stephen Doug rather wages to the line drive double. So he's done well Austin Slater shorts for the giants struck for four in the bottom of the second. And they Levi's store for nothing we do wanna get your thoughts on on the pace of play and everything you're germs have felt caught off Richie richest. Just give me your years your thoughts about what the giants did with the off season acquisitions and who and where they are. This year after last year's she kissed him catastrophe would veto were to lose ninety games Richie. Yeah well listen the first thing you have to touch on though is is all these moves are made which drew the goal of staying underneath. That cap this year because it reset their this year instead of paying. You know whatever would be. You know an extra sixty cent on the dollar and actually go back when he so I think that was a goal for him to stay under so we look at what they did. They did move some salary but they did take our salary also predicts it into the budget for this year bomb. I'd like to McCutcheon who's you know he's let your contract I mean this guy is a few years removed from being an MVP and you know yeah he had one down year last few bad ass but if you look at numbers at the end of the year. I mean would you take another giant outfielder had great guy I think he's he's definitely would you take it this year. The trade for Longoria who may be traded. Up and coming prospect in in in a royal basically for. Bettering guy who's gonna definitely be an improvement of what they had at third base all last year regardless of who was and then. I tell you what Brazil under the radar move that I like Google with Tony walked to. In this guy was an all star. He's played on contenders he has late inning experience you know no one will look in the like a couple I'm guy you may come back early year but it. It may be you know with a cabby out of he can't or back days he can't beat that. I really like that that move in the bullpen then and how they were created. With the F financial part of moving forward so all in all the better he knew he had last year. I would definitely think so. Com. You know and and and for me. I'll say this I know now it's canceled and that has. You know. Maybe stretch and then balked at the back in her case should really be Suarez and be battling court. But I mean you don't drag on the not happening is Derek Holland is healthy. He's gonna make. And he's going to be one of the stars but his problems always been hell but when he's healthy he's pretty productive. Former all star former serves both times source start switcheroo you joins us early afternoon like pop and bonds and into parts of the game. Funny you mentioned there Colin I think that's a very sneaky move there he could be that started in my opinion we'll see what happens with the veteran lefty but I'm just ordered about the lead off spot here with the terms of the giants would have. Who would be the ideal leadoff hitter for this team and you have Austin Jackson here is a GOP and they. The ideal leadoff spot would probably be even better but we don't you know he could make you cry who are only if you look at it on paper. And you would say that McCutcheon is the one guy that stick out because. He can get on base he's athletic he could steal your base split. The way to giant offense is built it's never been built around speed or guy in the leadoff spot at speed or or big car spinning. For awhile they had been gone it never I mean NATO would only steal. Eight or nine basis a year. But. You know it remains to be here I mean if you look at that roster and how it's still I would have to say it's either McCutcheon or pat. Right now alms. And neither one of them is really prototypical leadoff guy but they needed they may be the best options they have an out. To be legal there I think you know maybe maybe Austin Jackson bird obvious. You know I know he had a great year last year but I don't know what that great years what you see every year from now so I think he plays he may be more down in the water. Yeah most of the regulars are not playing the day of the jets are playing there for spring training game has special stated intentional walk in Stephen daggers letting it off as we said he is still ahead two run double. In his second at bat so but I if he is the center fielder I think they'd like daughter to bed in the eighth hole and one of those veterans at the top of the order originally. We heard a blistering commentary from Jeremy calf felt. Coming here and because basically I think the Commissioner of Baseball rob Manfred wants to eliminate. If people would do which apparently did so well this carrier relief pitchers. So any other obviously it's laughable Jeremy was going off on this just we're. That is totally inane ridiculous concept if you're behind in the bottom of the ninth being able to read. Lined up your lineup the senate retreat best hitters whatever it is basically break the rule of bat out of order which will never happen. But they have implemented these pace of play rule changes and you were middle infielder throughout your career. And it's really intriguing image how they gonna do this stately limit six mound visits in a nine inning game they will add extra ones for extra innings. But it's not it's not just the the catcher going out of the pitching coach going out of their manager. Going out it's the middle infielder or Brandon belt coming from first base and and how many times did you run in the middle of the diamond. To talk to a pitcher about just where you shading or what's the you know what's the best it'd be of which asks how do you do if you're playing that day. Rich in you know everybody. In uniform is limited to six and it got to make it change how how how would you a change would you communicate non verbally more. What does it do doubt severe weather to run the games strategically. And not go beyond the six. What will let me ask you you question this first because I am not I I read a little bit on this but I am not a 100% sure after the six. He'd have to make. Good move or as a warning. Now yep port a move if there's a seventh visit you have to change the pitcher. But I mean if you're written it seven times no matter who you are you guys should be out there about any but. I guess he. He beat aspects of what they're trying to do to speed up again just. They're not relative to the game at all I mean you're telling me that it shortstop or first baseman. But first baseman with first and second you succumb to the ground and say damn plane behind the runner urged are somewhat sport there's a guy Turkey's plan behind. I mean that's gonna count as a that's gonna count as a visit I mean how something as you bet pretty umpires. How did these guys got to have a pet owner hand every minute of the game and Jay Stacy shop that mark it down. Bomb I think that the little. Ridiculous but. But I think. You know what and with the way the game's changed recently what we've seen in recent post seasons with bullpen used. Mean yeah they've all been brought on. By themselves so I mean it really had me there's no need. For catcher in my mind to go out to mound every other pitch in Munich this post season games are less likely. You know five hours and then they're they're almost painful to watch sometimes but I think there's got to be better ways that they can. Kind of find to pay you pick up the pace of play the game and the neighbor he got. Innings you know between innings of the call on and then it trying to keep the hitters in the batter's box and you know and listen man if you look at the numbers in the past few years and I'm pretty sure there's. Maybe a ten minute difference in game times over you know three years ago so last year. Mean. It is it really that you know it really that long overtime you know listen everybody keep try to throw like Maddux in the not too are against the other. It's FF FF FF a pivotal game not April you'll playground or you're out of well we don't wanna have felt think of us. There's huge guy pitches that his staff that are human rain delays but you know I mean you know working in TV there is a difference ratio of the game is 305. Persist to 55 and you get out of their three hour market and I Stevie shall exaggerated on the sad and I'll tell you know nice post game live is going to. Just 407. Like why for a seventh because it's all based on ratings so this is a yeah HEV driven thing. But one question for Buster Posey did it ever really good idea buster so Smart in his quiet way. Where he was saying I wanna speed the game up but I shall got to communicate in my picture in my middle infielders. What are we adopted son in baseball some of football's technology. Korea today a a microphone and a speaker. And would you have a gist of the catcher in the picture and I like that you put an innate ability cap but the middle infielder. If you want to know your play and shortstop and buster said from the second side now the runner at second Richie. He can whisper that what would you ever seen the game evolved to that level where yeah let's let's play fast that's not slow the game down but we Stella. Have to have a game plan of how we're gonna play that game. It wouldn't surprise me at all I mean it won't. Even take it beyond that. You may need to sign. Player as an earpiece and they can communicate with the other coaches and a huge deal on a second pitchers in the Pentagon I mean I I wouldn't put it beyond. I would like definitely put it out of the way I mean I think I think it possibly could happen and with technology and he'd seen her technology. Has already changed the way that the game has scouted and the waiting game carver and all these you know analytic Saturn game then it would definitely not surprisingly within the next. 710 years yes that is a mainstay in Major League Baseball.