Papa and Bonta – 1 – A’s Heartbreaking Loss, Giants shopping Samardzija, Should MLB realign the playoff format?

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 1. Bonta Hill and Ray Ratto fill in for Papa and talk about the A’s heartbreaking loss to the Astros last night, the Giants looking for someone to take on Samardzija’s contract, and should the MLB realign the playoff format?

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And resell. Are really good now. Behind from the GG GG dot com studio's high atop the San Francisco skyline and crystal clear at bat Q are your hopes. So. Greg Papa. None of these ads are right senator bill. You know low score elaborated selected its support of one bullet view matters one shot right broad base. Lowery goes the author of the you know evidently is around the bag is gonna store its aborted threw a bullet view. These guys will not god news want to mind don't back down. That basic god of all they had them. Runs that scored itself. And I betting for the days do you believe that's Steven hit that note I feel fled back and no doubt and the sit in the lane and then Scotty has done and again we're gonna ground water source Evian. Let them play the pro that I. Our news going on and I've been the first baseline royalty at the fair ball it looked right does it. I don't know bubbles it. No we don't believe became core I was on a call there are many fights over the game. Let's wait a minute maid park down in Houston Texas where the eighties Riley with four runs in the ninth inning. Eventually take the lead on Steve Nicholas gotti's solo home run to left field his fourth home run and ports three games but DA simply trying to end. Gore forced when he first straight save. Blows a save in just really we're plays dirty and we Jonathan Luc Roy Corsica and handle Cindy into one hopper there as the Astros tied at F five and of course. The Brighton and tapper how the first baseline blue court fumbles the ball eventually broken down a right to align the Astros went. Six to five but what an exciting game last night in Houston we'll talk about the journey to justice second they've lost two nothing to the Chicago Cubs eight. Mustered up. Three hits but we welcome everybody here to the afternoon delight on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon in the Bay Area where it rattled still here. Philip L or crackpot but still it's literally not know your. What are you leader and right now can I love having her around here of course on Fazio here many parts of credential is to start with that. A tough loss pretty a.s but they could bounce back today when that loss goes away but they're really playing well. To shoot the ultimate game yesterday ray and especially the and there in the bottom of the eleventh inning. It it's a hilarious way to die and are there I'm not invested in the a's good or bad. So I could enjoy that for the hilarious humor that it provided. But you know it's one of a 162. And there's nothing that prevents them from coming back and winning today so I never. I enjoy it for the momentary failure that it was. Because it what you won't see another game end like that for one. Now out loose. That was weird stuff there but to still rally in the fort through by the way can Giles did you see the video and walking off the mound after AJ hits came out took the ball from home. That's a few men can Giles probably won't be on that team in two weeks I mean the Astros we've been talking about them. Having to make a move and I know Rondo as a closer he's pitched well I just don't trust the guy. I'm scar from watching them in Chicago with the cubs. Kay Giles is just absolutely lost it. And he obviously started our rally pretty Oakland a's will we talk about what they do in late inning situations. Actress everything to surely we scored most runs in the ninth inning. In baseball escorted Nichols saying about drugs in its eighth inning in baseball I mean age of the keeping excited they keep these are sort of what they did blow an opportunity to move five back of the Seattle Mariners. Well Ian and she's been incredibly patient with Ken Childs for a good long while now. And the great failure. That athletes make is when they don't recognize. That sometimes. They have to be taken from a game for their own right. And Nat was one of those another one of those crying examples. Where you get pissed at your best friend. For taking you out of the bar before you get in the fight with a guy who's much bigger. And much more sober you got screwed out that is CN. If he does get released. In mean it that'll be a remarkable thing because changes and almost two patient demand that your sometimes. But. You don't show up your manager when you were doing portly. That's Jewish universal. You know if you're doing really well. And the manager comes take you out you can have a little bit of a grimace. Like I really don't wanna come out of this I'm really feeling it but when you're not. You have to show up and take the medicine and that it's in every sport. If you missed eight shots in a row and they come to get you. You got to go quietly. I wonder what his teammates is telling them right arm of Lansing college junior earlier this season. Three hissy fit on the mound. One and one of the youngsters had an arid and holes out to bay walked into the dugout and check them say we don't do that here so I wonder what they're doing about Ken Giles especially at the last night I. Think they're leaving that ten inch. Because. That in the in the yen in the colors case. He was showing up his teammates which is far less forgive Opel and cultivation of yuppies who gon said not here you don't. And colors you know I think just had a case of the RA for a moment. And probably would have tried to pull it back if he could of but. You know it was good that he he got his reminder. The I I think I think they Giles thing is that's strictly up to inch break it might be a two inch and and Jeff flu now rates it editing or how much more just to watch right. Because that point they may show on the door 'cause it's not like he Saban himself. We art history today. On the afternoon delight so we will take your calls Doral the show to wall and then only we will watch the World Cup and pretend like we're doing the show and we'll pretend to take phone calls have listened to you guys. Eric your grievances if you wanna talk about the gays about what happened last night let's talk about what happened last in the bottom of the eleventh. Display trying to and I maybe you can call me teachings here. I thought it was automatic Jessica luck Houston he blew this one. The bottom of the eleven starts off with a walk two digit rate that is a known when actually it's a no no period when you give up leadoff walk in you Josh clinical Josh or excuse me Jay you already did you not play games he plays from Philadelphia 76 is wrong sport. Josh Redick. It's a leadoff walk and it's soccer singles a young hotshot who just got caught up from triple a Fresno. And that did the fireworks happened and talk about the play LaMarcus union who died on is it a bath row Shillue Cory had that I know what short Robinson was glove. He drops it is that more on the catcher were there more to shortstop. I think it I think it's tough to handle short hops but they're both profess I think you know they've taken both share that. I mean there there's not one. It wasn't a great thorough. Right there wasn't a great catch any rested because you know obviously what you can't not look they may they were human errors which is why don't even fret about stuff happens now talk about the stuff that happened in the ball game I was pregnant we talked about -- a weird post here and it was hilarious freefall since I mean it when you literally it it it's a game winning hit. That went three feet. You know am I going to say you're not gonna CNET for a good long time so enjoy it even if you're an ace that. Because it's something that you'll go yeah I remember that on an annual order another beer and the pain will go away. Jonathan Luc Roy according to the metrics has been the second worst catcher in the American League but he still went twelve to for starting pitchers. A body suit OK put that play yesterday fumbling the ball obviously goals fair. There's a question about whether Bregman who ran out of baseline that. Was obviously NAFTA case. Typical deputy broke the governor right bill line how much of the blame does Lou corrugated for that play. Screw up I mean but he's never been a great defensive catcher. I mean he's better with handling pitchers he's good at that. But you know it's it's not like you're looking at the second coming Johnny Bench. He talked about how this has been housed is just one game once agent it it is so goofy ending but this is encouraging for BA's who have been hot they came in the Tuesday's gain loss that it's in it's 11 it is not encouraging because you lose. Even if they win today that's encouraging. That's a great thing about baseball is that. If you're looking for moral victories it's because you haven't had enough. It's like you're you're the second worst team in the league and you pull one out on bottom of the eleventh you feel good about yourself. For about a half an hour right and then you finish the spread in the India. In the clubhouse and then you're done with that. This is not encouraging but it's not discouraging eat right it's just an event tees have to oxen and say that was yesterday's and a. Look at data from BA's perspective though they've only beat the Astros twice this season. Relieved and really haven't even been competitive against this team other defending champions and then since last year ever paid about eight in nineteen against the Astros. But wanted to today if let's say DA's list the next two games of the series when they look back at that came to music shops employ an opportunity to really really. Send a message to base. No dead and and your way over thinking yes this is that I'm possibly this is the immediacy buys it. Afflicts all radio and television people they think yesterday's game was an enormous shift in tide now wasn't with a game. I mean if they don't get in the playoffs by by a game there will be plenty of other games they can point to. They're not gonna reach back to early July and see that's the one right. I mean their their their you know let let's let's err on the side of posited here a word I hate her and let's say it but let's say they finished 92 when sent right and don't get it which is very plausible. They're not going reported that game and say. We could have been 93 and and 69 week one we could've we could've gotten in the play fast because you'll be a bunch of other games six appoint that are just as gall right. So it's the end. This is just a day. All it is. And EPA if you're an ace and you feel lousy about it for maybe half an hour and then like I say you go to the refrigerator. And you stop or. The pacers got that's got to feel good about the scene the way to rally they don't and that they don't it and they can do whatever they want. And they didn't care that they can be pissed about last night they can be excited about the year. I'm only just it's the numbers just tell you how good they are you know their numbers are truer. I think then Seattle's. But if they don't catch Seattle at the end of the year won't make any difference. Had a chance and moved back a five. Other Seattle Mariners to one team that they can't catch him at the Seattle will regress we'll talk more about the gays in the show. We'll talks adjourned because apparently jets to margarine is on the block we'll talk about that here. On the act and the lightest little R&B here on 957 again. Yeah. I read probably show on 957. Big game. Welcome back to a little REV Sharon got a little right away right away and Greg puff on Vontae Hilemon and vice every game we're talking ace baseball player did you want affordable and we'll talk a little giants. Real quick here ask newsman Bob nodding Gallup USA today. You're about possibly some martian being on the block now we all know the giants love to get the rest of that contract off their hands of police Mars is owed. Over 46 million dollars over next two years two and a half years. So the giants have let the Yankees know that the veteran just margin is available in our permits and he's old 46 million Yankee spirit of short porch. Short right so ports would be a death trap for just a margin maybe yankees look at Cole Hamels. Rate would you take this report this is all just smoke screen right has sought to smoke it Michelle. I'm talking to be able not a Smart and they're not gonna be able to give just words are off to the peace I'm sure they called. Would you like Jeffs in March. No sure yankees said are you high since the do you think the Yankees called them itself what about Madison barn burner but they might have. And what I was may be attributed to say well known bong garner blood I mean let's put it it's unlikely that they've called on Bonn garner unless. Brian Cashman has poured out of his skull. Because I mean the giants are still. Indy playoff race. And I don't think they're gonna be sellers anyway and certainly not gonna sell him. Mean you'd sell him if you were twenty out right. But I'd they're not getting to bomb garnish I don't think the Yankees would've called about hunger addicted giants called the Yankees about some march. And the Yankees it. Two we look stupid do you. Why don't we need him rate while the Yankees have not had great starting pay in severing has been brilliant race. And you know sabathia still more than holding its own. But you know it they haven't had great starting pitching back to knock has been out yet. I mean you're not gonna offered him some margin and get them to buy eight. You know why why would why would they take on that money for a guy who. Frankly. Isn't even an innings for. Me and I'm not here I'm not heating Jeffs in March he's just he doesn't help the Yankees now I at least I don't see. I don't see how he's gonna help any team in contention here deterrence. Four out from Arizona Diamondbacks and in Iowa Star Trek on the cubs. Defense that series up. But just in march of this season six point 42 ERA one in 59. Starts 29 strikeouts in forty and forty innings pitched a one point 67. ERA and in off the giants are given as guard ninety million dollars or insurer did an Arab vision calling just in March or what you know let. He eats up innings for us that's not what you pay nine million dollars for so let me ask you there's ray. Would anyone. In contention. Talk you take the ten teams and National League are taken nine other teams in the National League battery contention. You take the five to sixteen with a six teams that are contention in the American League. Here any team you see out there were envision that's going to be willing to take on the rest of some marshals contract of 46 well god now. Now I want to look up some money right. They have it if they could move him I think that's. They'd have to eat some salary I think they're willing to eat celery. But. I don't think that's the stumbling block stumbling block is there's no great demand for him. Yeah at least none that I can see none that I've read about. I think keys. With the injuries this year two and a drop in velocity and analysts is all of it I mean they're just there's nothing about him that is compelling. So I I don't know why. You know minute it's an interesting enough report but. I think that's all it is and it wasn't gonna go anywhere right. You know and it's not Bob Daniels job to make it goes somewhere yeah if if in fact you know there was contact in the two teams Richardson marcher. I'd be willing to bet. Actual money that I own that it was a very brief conversation and probably was fairly root. For what why would what is fascinating about him. Nothing nothing nothing at all with the idea what the from Brian castle now the laughed say Bobby called me back when when you talk about Metzenbaum our click. Or just say poke out Taylor all takes a margin of what you put Bom Gartner and deal or that sort of at the that might have been the candidate director. But you know what you make the call because in the worst thing can happen to use. Rate. So there are no harm no found two ways of thinking but no result he. It would giants obviously will look to get this comes off the books or some mistakes or farming he gets credit. Contracts are the concert assists and it all right he's not a fan he is not helping. Not at all not. At all just from Mars have been told all. Stiff this year for the terms of what germs will see if you can get back on charitably it's gonna start the last game before to break against the Oakland a's. And then we'll see what happens in the second half of the season on the Penske and also stock Comtex lines from the 510 hey guys can help a brother out what the World Cup. Update. Yet still won nothing 65 minute corporation still can't bother Jordan Pickford. The goal by securing trip here in the fifth minute guys holding up. And England has been roughly the better side although this second half Croatia's been taken more initiative. And mean they're threatening more but you know pick for has not had to make. A preposterous. So if this if this stays as is it will not be an interest in semifinal. But it will be held a fund. It would be character update there's Europe and provide more if anything happen. Absolutely we deathly well this is compelling stuff for a cup semi final between England and Croatia must get back to BA's recessionary. Turned the wheel cried after that loss said I deathly screwed that one up the guys battled back and I let them down behind the plate. That one's. On me of course is thrown down the first baseline glanced off Alex pregnancy helmet. Goals and right field took a score came when you run just to really weird and two who. To a game warts wasn't really compelling game very entertaining gamesmanship or ninth inning. So let's. Open up a voluntary two point 9579570. Tripling our parts seven are part 70 let's go up and Craig in Concord he wants he wants to talk about Toronto blue course play. Turning pucks over a gang Greg what's going on with it. Hi guys played UN KK I want decade last night hours. Really painful and it really paid a lot not that anger at home plate whatever that laws but you don't I yes. What and over and over. They kind of reminded me of like. That old basketball actually immediately move your feet not just your arms I mean you just run tortured because it tent camp. You know he just reached out his arm the ball flew out of a chance. I've ever seen anything like but I just felt like he. It could have been another way. How long did it take you to get over the loss last night. It was a while. I mean I kid I liked a watch and a veteran I cannot talk my wife about it. She says what happened at straighter but the ball worked bear problem wrote Eric and I had a shoulder against what she could sit. The mission while actually trading post it was like you know. And the but there are so galling because that's a good job against our starting pitcher and we've done that twice before that might go over them and then in Cleveland against Aerostar pitcher. We need waited those guys out and beat them we just about did it again last night. And he's so yeah I was really Ghali. Thank you for call Greg. Didn't need the conversation with a wife. Yet and I'm not sure weren't his wife did to deserve to Africa or are you kidding me crests. Mean. It's you know but you know what they may have were kind of relationship where they sheared the ups and downs of the team and good for that but it didn't. Mean if I told my wife would happen any game issues in another room she would say quite politely there's a reason I'm in another room. I don't care go away and I would understand. But his relationship is clearly different in court. My girlfriend or producing things should be sure to say damn pay debts talks. So she patronized. And basically yeah associates are subject to talk about the episode of basketball wise she watched horror. So the cart rations reality show and you'd patronized her. Null because I still be in my feelings about the game. But she'd be listening tour which is an active patronize. And it goes through when they're about the other doesn't matter. You're spending. Part of your life span. Listening to her talk when attempting cheese interest and even though you're not. Croatia is just tied the game. Wilde 011. Well we got a whole new ball game up or Russia it's not a whole new ball game its continuation of the same art you brought up positive is good. You brought up positive the ravens got the gene and Oakland. He won he wants to take away some positives from the loss last night to the Houston Astros a sub Jeanne Ernie or too little right here on our part seven game. Thanks they might call her at all. I've been out I'm honored to and travelers that I've been the great great rattled. No you are not to trust me. You will be profoundly disappointed by the time this happens. Black voter trotman worked for many years now both. Just really two things I don't possess a preference for. This despite despite have a child without NC but anyway. So. And pick up a little larger you know what. Appreciate that this act. I would I would bitterly disappointed in the end of the game but overall it felt really good. That this team has I'd see them growing day by day. That Warner are hurdle that needed to get over. Make the playoffs which I think that they'll have a good chance of this year. And not be ready use that anymore I think that vote them last night. You know I and I thought well this scene in the last year. And I thought this year they'd have a good shot to play up and I know. Them crazy and it wouldn't rule out winning the division either. I would. Thank you for call genie. Maybe I listened to say those kind things are Vietnamese. Maybe have a nice little drink if he thinks that the is America's Astros catching the mayor is this more realistic for this well and asked the team that they have to chase well. Because here's their here's the reason why don't pay capturing what won the actors are plainly better and to. They are under achieving based on what there run different. And I think. The greater likelihood is that. They won't reach out and get a closer yeah absolutely and then basically the one big hole. In their bullpen will be plot. And at that point they will be demonstrably the best team in baseball. I don't think the a's have debt in. What DA's have in him is. You know if they continue to play well they still have a realistic hope that Seattle. At some point stopped because Seattle is overture. More than any other team based. How much you know obviously Kenny Robinson canal back welcome. Can that be the jolt Seattle niece and come that this is some cells from the Oakland a's or do they need pitching Seattle that is because the bullpen the eighth and ninth inning. They have some are now guys as well. If they have the lead after six heavily. That said. They'll be in the market to. They have assets that they can they can treat I think they'll be more active. Then either the local team so yeah I. I would imagine if the if the eighties were Capel improving themselves the guidelines which actually are right. I think Seattle is capable of and I certainly think Houston you know that the Yankees Red Sox will be. So I think that the trade deadline will distance. Those cut those three teams from everybody else even more because those three teams are playing against each other sport. The net the next year is Seattle and Oakland and Cleveland basically she's trying to get to when 62 and again anybody hurt nobody catching them. Well not the twins not the royals not the White Sox and not the tigers that division. Is a big gold dumpster fire in the entering a 4941. Of eight had gained lead on a Minnesota Twins and Ailes since roe. And what that is that's not a small leaders and while Grasso has been playing well they're playing better but. They're like yours rate I don't know what happened in Minnesota that team well there and not go in though comes an opt out of shape. While corporation it is desperate England and they've dominated the second half by the way it yet but it's habits and now has not prevented or sorry oh no and Escobar Byron Dozier you are you willing right off Byron books and no we cannot talk right in my office like as a player I mean sounds good center fielder but BJ hear about this guy for years. Yet to be healthy. I mean he's not look he's not gonna hit a time but he will catch everything on earth. But he's got to be healthy to do. So yeah I'm not America. We we discussed DA's playoff chances all week and currently I haven't changed ever change. We're talking about this before to show Derek myself and you race. About the realignment possibly in the baseball playoffs or not too wild cards get in the division winners get a lock they get and they sit it out the two wild card teams fight. For that spot to get to the AL DS were they an odious to rowing when a picture so VA's currently have the fifth best record. In the American leak. And officials like the NBA with the top five teams will be gated and DH would get a Cleveland would be on the outside looking in. Would do that. Not too bad. Two bad win more games. At solution. Not every problem that you perceive as a problem is actually a problem. That needs a solution. I mean. The case. Have you. Six almost seven games for. When games. Yes because and etc. what you do write because and that's sure they may be in a similar situation where they may or ignored they may be Seattle right or they may be. The Cleveland team learning it's yet. You don't have to fix every perceived unfairness. And people love to do that all the time they do all the time in the NBA. They fell lane fiend flavor will be felt doesn't have. Unfair play. But remember when Seattle. Made the playoffs they're 79 X and audit the yen though the NSE waste gains and does it have a playoff team in and at the time. Got a veteran a better for a while I mean sometimes you just acted except the fact that there will be. An anomaly mean. In the playoffs agreed I'd interest in it shut up stop whining about stuff that doesn't matter is a Major League Baseball playoff structure perfectly. I don't want it to be. I don't want it should be. What is it like you know solid is it that solid as you've seen over years and armor brewers' only two divisions and each week to NL west when it with the braids and and giants in the ass girls and yet to team deliver in 93 of course. The giants 103 games which is by far better record more Winston affiliate out of Philadelphia Phillies that season. But the Phillies beat the NL west they got in and of course next season at the moment they implement the wild card. Has this. Then when our economy for price and market that is my answer to every question you'll ask me about this. When one more game win three more came whatever you have to do and if you don't do it that's not on anybody else that's not on the system when you break. You know and in it there's no crime being committed here. Just to stop it immediately it's this is not a problem. I agree and and there are still there's still plenty of time. For whatever is going to happen happened and what if Cleveland gets Heidi don't forget down the stretch we will be playing all those other crap. AL central teams in Nokia and their red alert will look better and they'll get Andrew Miller back who will hopefully by turn reform but that's not that that's not going to his absence is not preventing them from winning its. Dog do diminish the appeal funnels sorry to stand there and no end up with 95 wins and you know don't have a you know they'll be better than. Did then whoever. Finished six has has even as well hasn't it has this been the best structure rope for the playoffs in baseball. When you look at over the years ago following baseball for a long time has just is this the best playoff structure. You've seen in the game. I do you that the plane game I don't like. I think you're gonna do that make it past history making best five. One game I think is not a true test. But. It doesn't incensed me. I'm not offended by it. I don't care. It just it's one of those things that somebody will worry about one day when they need something to write about or talk. That just doesn't affect. It if a team you think should be in the clips doesn't get in the playoffs. So while mark one marriage or do better next time but. There's I mean it's it is like the whining about the warriors being too strong. You know and ruining the game. I used to hear people complain that the warriors got screwed because the playoff system. You know. Rewarded bad east east kind of Eastern Conference teams at the expense orders. The answer to that is win more games shut up and win more games and to their credit the warriors ever did complain about. The system. It was people actually is meaty people aren't you know that they shouldn't be it should be the best sixteen teams and be one of the best sixteen PP one of the best eight. That's your job be one of the best eight in your conference the rules have been like that. Forever so you wouldn't wanna see the NBA. No one to sixteen no matter what com story you want a conference western carp what's the problem here. You know I mean he's in it was there a team that when it was 39 and 43 animated deep run in the playoffs they get chased out immediately. You know. Balanced you know it's solved itself. It's all it's especially in the NBA more than any other sport. You know you don't you almost you never see you succeed. Except if you go back to that they used in team right in during a La Guardia baseball right the second era in your baseball yeah. But for the most part it doesn't happen. So if something happens one year and it's weird. It doesn't mean that the system's gotta be fixed what it means is it better next. Win another game. When three what do you have to do do it better it's how things improve. It's called progress. To relate 9579 pars 70 was in and out to the callers next segment here should Major League Baseball changed their playoff format. Would you wanna see a best of three in a while part which you wanted to see the best buy teams and in the league made the playoffs do you like the current format too late night by 79570. All of the caller chime in on that. On the I have no problem with the baseball format as well actually like the wild card game the playing game to whistles a best of three. Sure why now. But what you're used to that but I give my right but it yet as the dictionary or why not why not so you can easily flip that around just. Right just as well Carol what I. I in my lifetime it's not a big deal in my lifetime this is the best of playoff format has ever been I like I like the final here in twelve years all right yeah exactly so I've seen. They don't seem a little bit of baseball here. I just don't know how they did back in the days of the two divisions where you had its way into the AL west he had all these East Coast teams in the NL west he's got you don't. Look I I can usually. You've got baseball reference you can go get up anytime you want. The deep the argument that well I don't remember it and we don't have to remember even looking out. All the information is there you know the the most egregious example of a team that should go on in the playoffs but didn't was at giants team. But. They could've done that on the last day of the season. So Allman Torre's abominable. Home and close at twelve I want to remind me cry like I'm. It's because it's it's a moment to shall remember this brace go undefeated against the Rockies right here who are expansion team seventeen and or something like that TransCanada net you could have done that a reminder of where it is needed to. Or they can that not blown it's an and a half game lead and in a lesson a summertime. That is also an excellent point did you it's. We want to fix salute we wanna fix problems in our problems are very often I don't see we have plenty of problems that need fixing that we ignore. You know but you know stuff that you know stuff like playoff seeding. Isn't a problem now it's not it's never been maker and anybody who waste more and second at eight thinking about it. Needs to have a a hobby enforced upon. It spent two hours today crushing every time you think about it. The injustice of the play lapses. That's the that's what they gem in Fairfield north to talk about the playoff format Jim what's going on garnered by a seven game. The other big thing like is ordered to make the point that I completely disagree art that play out though it achieve absolutely record. They shouldn't be in the playoffs at all to get her route five opponent they are scheduled to be playing as good as you're rewarding itchy and hot or not performing in not winning. Adding going along those lines I think the regular season record the games late. She didn't an odd numbered so that we yet be great winter or user I really think neglect are at just the bad out there. Well first of all I'd rather watch a bad game they know. So. I don't want I don't want it bad team that qualifies who played of not to be able to play. Secondly if you have odd an odd number of games you can still have ties that he could still you know and it declared I'm 61 you can salvage teams go. 8378. Race as hard to do so I I don't. I'm on troubled by that. But not mean if you said the only game on tonight. Is warriors nuggets and the nuggets were 38 and 44. Since game one of the playoffs I'll watch and of course shoe. While watching Seattle game 179. Yeah and end up beating the saints near the bitterness. You do your wife watch that much we love games with a bad teams good TJ good in treatment so I talk to two bad teams lose a lot more entertaining than watching. Two good teams. Not a lot of times our leaders sometimes it's slowly when was the last time you hunkered down to all important Brooklyn Phoenix game. NBA league pass nothing was wrong. Answer while Republican Devin Booker well look how bad the nets are you religious malaria you really didn't do your Judy you're just trying to humor. I watched the game it's so what's gonna watch that bolted but you don't watch a lot of well we have a job to do so via the washed away years and most of the time we spend our time after the arena. Okay but that won't know we don't edit on a Friday night no essentially on a Friday night and I'd like to take you out to the movies but I'm going to watch. Brooklyn team yet it's girls' night watch and Brooklyn's Phoenix. But by associate that I'm not I mean I throw again Taylor to not do that I must ninety picture relationship let's not do that it's not gonna die on its own. Take your calls here to Blake and I parred 79570. Should Major League Baseball. Change their playoff seeding to the same as the NBA we'll talk about it here gotten advice every game. And independent. Now back to the red accomplish all. On 957. Big game. There are published dance moves and butchery commands read. Never seen him dance and don't want. Our children are here you are here I don't want to Paula just to slow motion the kind of moving group. Muscle to stab. Not that I'm not that it looks like one latest issue shorter than the other. And it's a credit here doesn't want to label and first off you may be watching McCain's. History of herbs and no no he you're lying again. There was no reason to make me do that it'll say I don't have the making. You don't have to do anything you don't wanna do doubt she'll a ballpoint attorney says there's definite hunter lifted their problem. Ed you've listened to anything on your list I can't say you know long anything. I can't make it duel with a Bender and don't bring it up again. Our great rattle. Phillip for Greg problem will be back to largely bird. I Vontae coherently after delight on 957 game. Before we take a phone calls are to blame on par seminar part 70. Shouldn't Major League Baseball changed its playoff format Tripoli in our part seven. Not far sevens are we wanna hear from the callers. About that subject Terrmel Sledge you know that if you have a beef. If you wanna get it off your chest. Joseph loan did wanna hear it hit us up on the 415. 9512390. And will play the best takes on there. Every Friday morning at 7:30 AM that's right 415 and are 5123. Nines or will play the best steaks. On there every Friday at 7:30 AM it's to be flying with Jolo and dips presented by Harris ranch. Legendary beast. Legendary quality available throughout the Bay Area at rerelease. Greatly skews me and I feel foods have you ever been Harris rhetoric. Pretty good ms. Snyder okay legendary grief pretty good to be Turkey there pretty awesome him go all the way up to eighty Beecher. I spent some time out there will be true. And in Turkey was phenomenon I think now I actually think the B turkeys who really worth it. The work to work future of the debt of food there could stakes is great grief Ers actually did never gonna get a state that. Relationship advice or that. Is a great day. OK to some advice for their. Thanks let's got to David Martinez he wants to try and answer on whether an odd Major League Baseball want to change its playoff format. What's update Garland by seven a game. Good afternoon gentlemen I guess do. Good good I seriously doubt it would happen like you know. In all honesty aren't ruling would like to see. A top aide to. Rating scheme. Just like they had similarly. India in the NHL. A bomb you know end and do it 1827. In now from their. I think that would certainly make it a lot more exciting India wildcard format. The NHL house right now I I still miss it Plaxico want to rate scheme and they are sociedad and not Major League. That they're Kiefer called Dave the NHL's playoff format it or lose they change it ever is it seems like it's they had every couple years I couldn't hear one. This one is convoluted because he really think that people care about. Geographical are right and the fact is rivalries are made not by geography. But by circumstance right. The Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings rivals for a long time. Now the red wings stink in this last year the Blackhawks were bad. That's not a rivalry right now rivalries come in rivalries go except for a very few. Precious. Exceptions right Red Sox yankees. Cardinals cubs turns Dodgers. That's a one way. The giants fans Carol whole lot more about the Dodgers than that I Dodgers just care about the giants even now. And it's neck and and dodger fans have been more. Intrigued by the giants lately for the giants you know at the three were series or is stated the Dodgers have won since 88. But for the most part that's not really a two way rifle. I mean Canadian maple as a two way. I have for four years. The best revel in basketball was probably warriors caps right now it's. I'd even on the breed our caps penguins rivalry out there Republicans are soon Ozzie actually stand although now that the caps have gotten over the hump. You know day it's going to be a matter of whether it stays rivalry. Based on how they finish and whether they play each other in the playoffs. Do I think most caps fans are obsessed by with the penguins do only when the plane caps. Football. Published giants. Cowboys Eagles. Cowboys Agassi NFC east basically well Washington picture orange and has been so bad along I don't I don't note that even risen anymore. But I kind of Seattle has fizzled out. Well yeah because you know on hardball the niners in. Rivalries again that made by circumstances. When those circumstances no longer exist. People move on to the next thing now. Date for Martinez mentioned how he would like to see baseball go 18. That's a lot of baseball teams employ us. And then how would that affect the trading bella you gotta think. That's some of those teams if it was 18 in baseball in each conference in each week I should say. I mean I won't highly effective trigger aligned right now puzzles you know we topics are. Know what it would affect. It is the the length of the regular series. Because if you went and went through rate in. You would I mean if you just met eight out of thirty. Then this doesn't apply to be talking about the top eight out of each league. They're gonna be playing well and in November. And you know people howled in agony about that now. You know there's a weather on the East Coast early November oh yeah when your plane and snow. You know not know and that that cut so that's not feasible and no. No leak is giving up regular season games and how care who bitches. They are not given updates. Because one the teams that make tons of money. Are not giving any back. And the ones who don't. You know will still take the money they make it sound like they lose money every day. You know everybody makes money in baseball to some make more than others and no owners giving back any. NBA commissioner rattled silver addressed the media yesterday laws Vegas we'll talk 1 o'clock about the go to stay away years. And whether or not their dominates his scooter Baffert NBA. We'll take your phone calls there on that subject and tripling our front seven are part settings are at 1 o'clock let's go up or final putts in free money wants to talk about whether. Play baseball Major League Baseball should change its playoff format line on what's going on an impressive game. What other guys aren't B. On the others already. Yet real quick on the outlook black art and it went in May be. Really our goal at it short eerie you might elect reform act. An Arab League not critical in late game action at an idea that might at ain't. But when I mean I like the weighted now it's the it. Basically if you wanted spike up a little bit maybe you like. Two three theory but the wild card while Courtney that one game. And you basically. You're like wow you know on Sunday. Have became one of the while our two day. And yet game that gained two and three if there on win you a little double header being but it still electric game you know I mean you. Is it still adding. Oh you know owner they'll make it more money than normal. An anecdote about that that they all on Thursday that are well. I want that big but at the get go the way it is the law art scene and you need that idea ads that are but overall. I don't think debt. Or I want it's that is get rid of that. Nearly all you. Had made note and it read only in it anymore. Like it would make it all duke like the week span quite yet that I have on the I want based on eight others backed that spoke with. Those thank you for a phone call why don't well you're the only way you get rid of eight year round in early. Is if you imbalances the leaks. Mean the reason why you have interleague every day basically is because. Their fifteen teams in each in mutually right so somebody's got to play somebody you know right on the days when they schedule full card right somebody's playing a team from the early. It is talking to see in our league started the season opener are to believe all the tigers in Pittsburgh opening the season goes recovered I mean is that right couple years ago royals and that's been on opening night. Since a little weird I do like finals point that I would love did you see in our league in June. As a polls but the imbalanced schedules you mentioned but that what the what the playoff format. I do wanna see a best of three in a while core that's won and I start don't want. How would probably do that they'll did it usually Q it's easy fix for sure you know rob Manfred knows his job as commissioners to be a money war. China held to a kid to Rex or gains or possibly more drama more ratings for me is a little more games hurricane here backdrop. They just care ready inventory. Yet the people who are least. The of the least kind of baseball is a baseball. They just what that they will go to the park and set up a card table in front of the ticket office. That's what their interest it. In an agent it's mean some some owners like baseball. But most of them if you gave me choice. If you could make five dollars more in your team lose that game at game. It's OK I guess they lose. That's just a simple. What they're not sure and Oakland he wants to talk about the strike zone up all the not sure you're on any part seven again what's going on. I understand man I should get on automatic excellent call in strike the ball out there that you're looking at ever change might be a great well I don't like umpire morning news and terrible call. Is that they get out of the empire and they are younger up or direct our. You were awful now he's there were also and especially ray CSI is partly shut down when he said when I heard him see you guys are awful. I was gonna sign off on it. Now I don't think we're all I don't ought a worker especially when you always specially organized Joseph spell we stink. No I think him. If you want robots than put robots and in every part of Iraq we are discovers that we can't have discarded fish and I'm with robot bounce because a strike zones as all over the place. It's easy fix our belief or academic game better and better one strike zone once again is it that the solution to a lot of these problems news. Make stuff that are. You don't have to change system and the giants this guy it. Homer and place them. And maturity and age chased are no. It is chased. It opens as homer. But usually it's the one thing you want everything to learn how to tell time in Moscow what's what could the support of the order about race of Tripoli in our part seminar Parsons or.