Papa and Bonta – 1 – Rick Barry joins, Parade Recap, Move to Chase

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 1. Papa and Bonta are joined by Rick Barry (Legend) to react to the Parade yesterday. We react to the Parade and talk about how much it means to the city of Oakland to get another parade in before their move from Oakland to San Francisco and the Chase center.

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Ladies and it's. Thank you ought to do is stop the I don't know if I let it. After an Indian land. Is in the corners some of our errors. It's. Just. And we sound good but it's a really good. Now it's behind from the GG GG dot com studio this high atop the San Francisco skyline. Crystal clear at bat Q are your hopes. So. Greg pop up. One tree hill. We come along. Barry Sanders said. Energy over the fence that. Just for you guys this is why so as President Clinton and yeah Ferrari fan donations so we appreciate your support. And which I did reading go get some more so. Yeah. Funny line. You know the way for me. What happened. What a day like yesterday in downtown Oakland California the sun was out. The people drinking or smoking they're adults cigarettes the players had their shirts off popping champagne. Pop we added another parade for the third time in four years ago the state warriors are your NBA champions. And we got a lot of good stuff today to bass while our with our last one of the season when Gary JG nickel and Azubuike. Jim Barnett would join us at 2 o'clock Rick vary the hall of Famer he'll join us at 12:30 AM pop. You know a lot of people there shall love tonight for our seven shall look to the warriors. Those of spectacular spectacular dame is almost wanna be apart of what was it like in the studio to CNN on the TV poppy and we welcome everybody here today after dogleg or the warriors Wednesday. But I missed it yesterday out there are a lot of people ask about you but you'll still a great great moment for this franchise and it's just shows how far they've come up. I was a little tied up yesterday you restarted at 9:30 in the morning and didn't get off until three in the afternoon. And unlike years past when that we had the speeches. At the and we didn't have any breaks above. Saintly little tired I think he needs a little hand me things I felt that they had the fact that so he. It was law it was a long day and there was a lot of conjecture since they were gonna have the the formal speaking part and lake Merritt how would it war. Honestly about Chad you feel and you are there. The 2010 giant parade. And San Francisco Giants won it was epic for a lot of reasons it mainly because of Brian Wilson. And I remember them specifically. Telling everybody and that parade because I get a rundown I've posted now. Six disease. That NBC sports Bayern giants intend twelve and fourteen the warriors in 1517. And yesterday. So we get a rundown and they were told you know do not leave your vehicles in their trolley cars backed an amateur. That Brian Wilson of course you can tell Brian Wilson got there he you do what are they telling us that he was out about. And yesterday. They encouraged. The players to get off those double Decker buses that was the whole part indirect interaction. And you know obviously that the three shirtless guys I think probably most know remembered for this. They don't JaVale. Cars we now Colin Pierre two times users regular good journalism like Jimmy Jimmy two times get the paper at the papers it's an elliptical area and yes wag champ that's not why chance it yet George mallet and a five day Bender. But at the what I remember most about it was after. And just the way he interacted with as many people as he possibly could I mean I wish we had a a step fit it yesterday. He must've run three miles he probably ran more yesterday that he does in a typical NBA game. And at at what I what I wanted to have people experience. Was what I experienced Friday night in Cleveland. We're I wasn't saying I didn't have to work. And I was right there on the court when the horn went in the warriors won the championship and I saw the podium parade. And for me yesterday Vontae we took the floor from Quicken Loans Arena. And we dropped hitter I didn't doubt job Oakland at the eleventh and Broadway and Lee you know at one point four miles an ever was we wrapped it around. And it was like the horn sounded all over again. And you got to storm the court. And you were right there and some of the interaction that the fans said was staff. And he is he's arguably the most popular sports figures the Bay Area is ever known addict you know passing Joseph and Jerry and everybody in Berrian Willie and everybody ought to mention. And he's arguably the most popular sports figure on the planet and we'll take European soccer out of the equation. But certainly in North America. And to have him just used it being engulfed. By the fans that was my main take away from Yeshiva you would there. I was supposed to get a steam at TV studio trust that day you're on the float you got to on the air for mobile at 1 o'clock to 2 o'clock so what was your experience like. Archer it was you know what are all been different Popper Roberts when he ten. I was working my way up the media ranks analysis there's a fan I was just happy that. There was finally a parade because Bell's little young for an hour and a parades don't really want member of the 94 Chevy chipper. Many for many parts of double teamed it and that's one channel special extra special my heart but also Tony fifteen. When a lawyer spurs won their championship. Won a championship for the first time since 97 for our pop our members sit and airports and Roy in twenty pitching like can you really believe this is happening. The championship parade for the Golden State Warriors are you just kind of in law. Yesterday just looking at the fans and you know we've been on a show in. I've been critical to prayers being spoiled and not living in the moment but yesterday to see the fans and how happy they were pop. They were appreciated of every player coming out they're shaken hands welcome even when our flow Kmart pop during LNR names pop up about a day amid. Joseph blow that I sure loved everybody nanny par seventy game. And it would step curry came over. He came to talk to start and it's turning guru now was over there he said what's up everybody he had on the shorts the shorts from when he first became a go to state where real uniforms. And you know we and it. Started asking a question and pop you know locals alike and the first state media day Monta Ellis goals off talk about this is not gonna work Stephen Jackson's wanna get out of Golden State. It's that courage to say look our award shirts because it's a jerk these shorts because of the journey. This basically shows you where we've come come from as a franchise and he just want to share with the threat. Report Ralph pop up is running around Turkish Ralph Blanca stood up for their feelings or is it tough guys over Oakland PD officer got an economist for their ally outlook not this rap wield a teacher by the way he wants Levy's parents teachers are given out. But route runner runner out. Doubles also it was also the secret Charlton pop. Clay Charleston really shows person Natalie and get out here get crazy with the fans during volatile little subdued but look at that stepped curry look at that clay Charleston. They helped build this thing partly basically built to speak from the ground up. So that album look out of the big sticking point this week to slightly PGA bella Jordan bill gave crazy we knew during my agree would have a dope tee shirt on basically taken a shot of the cavaliers Klay Thompson he's liable stepped hurried to get out there. It shake auto sense and remember after the rest lives prop retelling the story 3040 years I'm alive from what's decoration ran at the parade he took ought to sell these want to play what the fans and stuff. So it just it was a great day pop parades will never get old they'll never get old always be different. You know last year was different in this year course in tweeted things differently Google's the first time but yesterday was just amazing rules a beautiful beautiful beautiful day in dubbed nation. They they really showed out last night pop. Yep let him matching like that was gonna mention him as well that I met them in the beginning. But I agree with yet in our staff really was out there and play got a bad ankle and I know he was he was doing his best of medicate yesterday with a solo competent and other lefty. With a solo cups and yet a megaphone at the bullhorn at the right hand. But he was she was out there as much as he could be he was genuinely thrilled and I think for staff and play. They were here when this team wasn't very good and staff had you know that the more arduous process. A lot of losing in a lot of bickering in it clay actually gave us a new word yesterday as far as this season goes big government. Which I don't think a day earlier that Google and it's a new words accommodation of bickering and argument. That's the way he described here this year as they had several big tournaments which is interesting but the whole thing I honestly about today. I wasn't there so it's hard for me to judge one here I would love to be able to be there but I kind of required in the studio. But I enjoy this one the most from from posting it in the studio. Because of the interaction via and just like he an end here two times in Jordan bell went off a chain and they were fabulous for staff weapon imagine everybody. Just to hold the whole deal and I think you know there was a lot of conjecture how would this work in packet ever Elliot lake Merritt I you know I think they could do it the way they did it again. Next year if they win the way they did it yesterday. You don't need the Q and aids. As much I think you could allow those guys to give speeches. At a at a smaller setting or somewhere there before the parade starts. And then let them get. Loose I think that that keep thing wasn't the reason it and it got lengthy mile an hour longer than we thought. But there was no place to be you know we have to be at lake Merritt won fifteen to 13 of the start the pre and not to do that there. And you don't have the politicians we saw Gavin Newsom yesterday which was cool to see him. Are you don't have all that element I think it's an artist to have you know what they did yesterday let the main guy speak. And then let them have the parade because it's like any function you go to worry you know you have to speak at some point. In May have a a couple of cocktails or one. You outlet you know I just don't go lose sight until you're completely done rights and it hit the eleventh two formal speech is next you're. A lot to talk. And then start the parade and then let it. I think I think you'll see teams all around. North America now copying what Tories did maybe afterward multiple to do it gives you a little different when you win the first one but it regulator at the warriors staged. Just treated. Like the Horton wedding Cleveland over right here and let stuff get you out. Do you look at what to do it that way you watered down at indirect but then you got the play was held there. Shows amazing it was amazing yesterday I'll never forget it. To Wessels players run up and down the confetti coming down the chicken fans and that's what it was about to make is sure to fans are happy and they were warrior fans really really really show whether to best friends in world yesterday but William worse now. Pop from yesterday and were reflect on where this team was to where they are winning three out of four titles we'll discuss them in the afternoon delight in German parts of again. Now back to the Greg Papa shall. On 957. Game. Okay. Calling on woman to a two hour remembered as the owner. She picked to prosecute the Summers as the glowing red all closed here this evening and I like everybody everybody else. Well you know it's. Blessed be the witness this change its estimation this organization. For most two. There enjoy time off because you. Do they go again next year especially since. Where do you know selection. Jim took a hard. Welcome back yeah delightful Greg Papa Bob tail here and in parts of the game as some of the highlights from yesterday's. Championship parade when what you're celebrated her third title when for years. To franchise's sixth NBA championship they were going to be joined by Rick Perry at 1230 well let's start with step pop in you know these east. High five and a fan to take itself these alongside clay Thompson European Jordan built by the way heat we interviewed George bell we can parliament laggard when it lighted cigar. Right on the set poplar interview couldn't find a model I don't care what there was was did there. It is not there. And it gives what I got on a lighter your son to support any jeopardy was a true smoker you can have a lighter so. Ego no load lighter for Jordan though it India he wasn't able to light the cigar but we talked we have fun but let's step because. Here's where in a run TC had a bells on the ice touched the school look at had he had a that we believe short term and number thirty deal warriors logo. If he talked about where this franchise was and you came to this franchise in the mid eighties policy you know what it's all about I'm telling. Anything differently the great errors in the seventies were repairing Jamal Wilkes who we talked to the other day. Clifford ray who we've had our Michelle and in the run teensy days which only lasted two years. In the near as big lol pop up that civil we believe team but there is no playoffs after the Webber let lawyers went to this. First try to get to Phoenix Suns got slept. Then we now have a playoff until we believe here and and after that I was short lived in curry comes along and trauma for our orders for a charge is going on but set curry talked about their attorney now. I want you to kind of speak to that because you have knowledge about this franchise from the 50s70s. The eighties and you you've lived it pop just talk about where experts around. I love what is staff wore yesterday first of all the the teacher rip the bay and then he wrapped today. From head to toe and I love seat that you different colored sneakers that was your career. But he had the run TMC. Had and to start. And date they pass those out and when Timmy Hardaway came out tonight before one of the various sports hall of fame we had a month that the next day here in 957 I heard Hardaway actually amicable as the morning. Jolo and dips and I was driving in yesterday to toward the parade. So. Run TMC. Is such an era of warrior basketball that we look back on so lovingly that lasted only two years and they were not. They are not a dominant team they were the highest scoring team in the NBA probably the most fun team in the NBA that they weren't gonna win and they weren't gonna challenge. For a championship but I I love what staff for the raunchy NC. And wish to shorts that symbolizing a lot is gonna join mr. in the basketball our speak to anymore is interviewed staff and they were. Political analysts it was a warrior when Jeffords drafted. And I remember. When staff curry was drafted in 2009. With the seventh overall pick fact I was doing a TV show on the air when it happened. And I I immediately thought Don Nelson just use kicked Monta Ellis out of this franchise. And he's got a news Steve Nash and they tried to make it work for short period of time and it just was not. Member raskin Monta I know if she. When he looks back at that time with staff India actually apologized. He he looked back out that he join me by the it was last year during the playoffs and he said he was just not mature enough. Two were to welcome staff in heat he's fought with them and they fought for everything there and it. Really didn't open up until Monta was traded published what staff was trying to make the point is. In three for the last two back to back. Look at staff Curry's first three years. In the NBA in a lot of these were injury ravaged years. But his first year they got 46 and 56. Second year they go 36. And 46. The third year. Was the lockout he year and that's remarked Jackson came and I remember they didn't start until Christmas Day and they played Chris Paul the clippers the first game. And they wound up again you know winning about 35% of the games they 123 and 43. But deaths were I think it nurtured. Was that year. And Mark Jackson empowering. Staff and play did you shoot shoot and shoot and shoot play little defense here or there especially clay. And then it just started to flip and it started to slept with the the trade of Monta Ellis and the and the acquisition of Andrew Bogut and Bogut was hurt he didn't play at all that your facts staff was hurt. At the end of that lock out here 2012 and Bogut and staff got really close that year. I think Bogut then had an apartment in San Francisco spent a lot of time together they were rehabbing together. And then the next year but say they just became. Not awful but greed of a sweat it Fraser finally competitive again. And they got says they don't get to 47 wins and that was a year. Yet they gave us a little fun in the playoffs finally going to beat Denver. And that was an upset Denver that year and I can't say when that your 57. Sure around there. Were to receive for sure they had a home court a lot of people thought Denver would be doing big things 57 it's only five pop yeah in the hands were there eared or phenomenal as she George Karl yeah. Corey Brewer Wilson Chandler Andre Iguodala chipped they'll make you McGee tried loss and Andre network the list goes on and I'll Moscow was an African team in it to be data charges pulled up Iraq are now. I remember you remember at all I've ever Bogut. Junking. And a guy that we call here two times it's a very dear Larry there that ego drive coverage available to go up special dates and then they got to San Antonio series I remember. They almost one game on. They had a huge lead. Lost it came back and won game two we were stalks and reverend Chris Wallace on the next day and he said or he's gonna Wear this every like or slow or you're old. That's popped all weather right and it doesn't rely and but but that's what we first started to believe. That they can do it and then. The next year. Another solid year when 51. Now march action starts you know bitching openly about his contract and just isolation basketball anyway he gets let go after the clippers seventh game loss and then. You bring in speaker and just look at the transformation pinched after east basketball NBA career 26. 3623. Win gesture play just 66 that year. Then 47. 51. And then you bring in Stephen DO 67736758. You win three titles and the greatest for your run as far as wins in the regular season the post season so I thought stepped curry striking. He is he just gets it in all regards is everything guys you just teach you almost wanna shake that I like to be true there but he I thought he struck the perfect court. With Iran TMC had. To the rookie shorts suggest too to tell the story his way. Of weary years today and how this franchise got here to be the best team. And Andrea I just remember being in New York pop for the all star game in 2015. The your lawyers won a championship and you know stepped curse commonality he just came off a career year and he's in the all star game averaging 24 point two game and they had this big billboard. The staff Currie in the middle of Times Square pop. An act act sector took some pictures of and I said I never would have thought a Golden State lawyer will be. A toppled not looking down at times where to go today lawyer in our ever talk to carry it and it Klay Thompson who is this like. While the lawyers are like make nukes they're that you look at body down hard rubber bullets who is up there are out of all the plays struggled struggled to looters. Between media rookie game of illegals legal voters by actually measured in Manhattan Eric Campbell and that you're hearing at notre Bob did you and John gruden John gruden are Smart guy we got to go out there to Dublin and beat him are good friends or would take service which are. But that's worked out. Lawyers made itself well to segue to this pop Klay Thompson talked about when he won last championship in the city of Oakland. We all know the warriors are building this new chase senator is going to be open for business after next season. This talk about what it means to the fans of open had this parade and possibly one more perform warriors leave local. Obama to get emotional last year I really am because I I moved here I was just ticket Nocioni three years of age and I moved out in August of 86. In that place was home to me nominated so how many games you tell Derek in and you and I almost you know raise him there changed diapers right there and the press table and it's just the Oakland Alameda county coliseum that it was the new arena when they're you know went down to San Jose for the one year in the came back and it's just next year's going to be powerful moving nothing better I I completely agree with clay and it could you imagine closing this building. Well and winning three in a row and four on a fly is an inmate that point should event five that are row. The reverend Rick Perry on in a minute and you know Rick Rick also were talking about he was here when the team was in San Francisco's the San Francisco warriors and they had. You know they had good times that real you know right away when they got here will went to the NBA finals against the Boston Celtics they want to trading welts drafting Rick. Rick second year they went to the NBA finals against a great Philadelphia 76ers are wilt and Hal Greer Wali Jones Luke Jackson and ally and Billy Cunningham and a great team at. That's you know one 67 that nearly 6068. Isn't and twelve and analysts 68 and has some ardent Federalist. So they don't want that time the legacy and history MBA. And we don't rule Rick left. And went to play for the Oakland oaks. The ABA he also played her for Louis had no New York with the New York nets but he. He went to play for the Oakland oaks came back. And up until you know these last four year run the best basketball we have seen around here is Rick. And it's 7475. Tina came back the next year and one even more 159 loss in game seven of the Phoenix Suns up. It's gonna be am I'm bracing myself but I yeah I know the warriors will do with class. The next year I even thought about it this year I'd say at the end that you don't want and ended its day of next year's going to be the last year. The Oakland Alameda county coliseum letter B on a cult and ORACLE Arena row oracle whatever it is does that place to a lot of us as. That's a lot of special moments that a lot of hours I spent probably more time there than if you're anywhere else of the failure stadium next story of war my whole. I think that I mean just Ketchum Bard out there educated pop and buy tickets scalpers trying to get into the building. The colossal lawyers play when they are led by Chris mills out of all people and Anton Jamison days and even before I know it will be bittersweet perceptions of fans I don't you know it's just a weird weird move obviously chasing is gonna be darn. In I was gonna be dynamics and restated ER put oracle. Oracle's always going to be home for a lot of us kind of like Candlestick Park pop so let's bring in the hall of Famer won a championship would go to state workers back in 1975. Degree Rick Barry he Georgie after delight. Here many 57 game a popular by attain Rick talk about being at the parade yesterday and you know you can't it's tough to compare each parade but yesterday was deftly special richt. Well what's so special problem people recognize your treatment. I look at the Leah betraying well Christine. I actually that the players slope betraying its future operation to the great deterrent Coke. And I think they have a chance and scream and continue to be doing this after victories in the NBA final that it may be more to come here. Without question I think they're just getting started because these guys are just entering their prime years damaged after center's thirtieth birthday in March 14 Katie turned says thirty in September in any drama on an. Thanks later her or 28 years of age. But just what is it like for you because to a lot of people. Yes that's a good player and Kevin Durant is a good player but the best warrior and he's Golden State warrior alzheimer's richt. You mean so much to so many people when you come back to a throng. Like we had yesterday in you know are almost all or your fans what's like for you to come back to it to the Bay Area to celebrate the tree. Well but it breaks. Our defeat especially tracing some younger people actually recognized the protocol. This guy I usually it's the open. You're calling me. Oak. And especially you know the start could it. Apparently. Court truck. So I couldn't see both sides are still that should. Chiat. Joseph you're eating dog person you'll people that are recognized. And in court it is true that it it to which regard to your guy's been appreciated for what it. I'm I'm a bit like for the Iranian you know what for years. Ago when it go use it except for that particular their support Christine now they extra special. Very exciting treat to watch. And Hershey trust your children trapped between them up for the ownership to Joseph cheaters never audio it's doctor. To bring you crushed in the Bay Area because assure you look at those a that the nature should yours president ought go about your exports. Now up until the warriors one you know and trying to fifteen record try to remember the last time the city of Oakland had a parade. The raiders did it. Kristi days and they want an 89 did not. And then go back to 7273. 7374. Based teams but it was different because Charlie was supposed feuding with the everybody. Tell me how it went dark for you we you know you won game four may the 25 to 75 and land over. You guys flew home commercial they get a change flights in Chicago the San Jose earthquakes the soccer team from the old North American Soccer League. We're on that flight you're drinking champagne on that flight two days from the moment the horn went to when he flew home that did you guys actually have a parade it. Went when you when you got back calmer. You know on the schedule operator both Japan and crucial to the airport they actually you know and who is. Scheduled to what they gathered. We had no probably. In command became social cultural or delay the winning run lie. It it's a different world that interest committee in the publicity that they get everything that they Kook. Is there a country history at every game Mary interviewed. Just a whole new different or open industry journals and you know these guys contractual back. Erica they're Rick Perry to all the favors purity afternoon delight of many five Sergei brick during the finals. A lot of players are in. Media members stardom and whining about the gold assay wears and how they attracting Kevin Durant away from Oklahoma City and you know players were all police and out Kevin Durant you should go leave your own team what not and you know we see this what goes TJ they wanna break it apart or whatnot. But what does an NBA had to do to catch up with his Golden State Warriors to go LeBron talked about haven't talent and players haven't basketball IQ or whatnot. What does it NBA had to do to catch up this team that looks like we're going to be primed to win not only next year but the went after it. The year after that and your record at Rick. Well I think you being with the other contribute who you know it didn't do anything cook at the scene. The biggest problem is certainly terrible decisions personal record company could a lot of these people out there will be evaluate talent. That they're looking for things they shouldn't necessarily be looking for Cutler to connection to ritual. People can better utilize different skills that you have an actual speaking with post player who's willing to do whatever it takes to win. It's all about and intriguing sports clean tech three things for success. To be draft. Pretty get creative community tree work all about personal and you'll get a coach screwed up and usually that personnel in the best way possible. Special contempt do a better job select your personal there's a lot of can joke right now the sky it's what. Could I just don't completely became the right way no how it played picking the right way. And you can't have all cheeks you know the tribunal that they'll be got a cup and you got perhaps some of the people we come full. The people doing the dirty work and being willing to trip tool shall. Hey Rick Cuba. You've obviously been in this league as a player for a long long time on back to that in the sixties and you played against all the great teams you know where Russell Celtics in the and will serve 76ers. And cherry and Elgin and and and welts and the lakers to great mixed teams that I think it underrated and the teams are one and in 697 in 7273. A part that you were in the ABA which you played against him on you've you've seen a mall and it's so hard to compare errors. But just from a talent stand point. Basketball IQ. And a system. That they have both offensively and defense of late where would you put her in you know. As you if you compare the other great teams of the past it's unfair you know Shea they play because the rules have changed but. As you look at our current warriors with the greats of all time ricotta how do you rank them. Well I mean there are certainly the cream of the earth right now but they would very competitive good people got strings because all of those and should mention. All due to conduct. I can't intrigue focus on being really good. Central. Arctic routes line cut out will liquid there aren't these children a little Chesko a's got a little cold up there hundred CNN has now is gonna say that out of the senate that banner. Anytime you act is great for a chance skilled editors realize that you had that day after last week and had a couple hot tidy over the weekend hot try to do the trick. A not a big and see them pop the bigots and I do like on. You gardeners. Is very dirt buildup we love to be slick car models it. Charting I would got to get paid if it's great for about a little bottled. Schroeder of the earth so you could try to change championship parade route to live I had to sit on here that that. A lot of it is not going to talk to hide it we got the part you know the war is working on that. That party unity here actually occurred last two years ago on the Vegas or so if you actually went to Vegas. A when he whatever else we change alienated T David Lee pay for an interview with the biggest when Mike. Mike Brown went down with normal wonder what. I hear that I thought that I had an act in real. Now I don't think it's anything extra arm hurts that's unfortunate that we always loved the photos coming out of Vegas one that your solve their way to help somebody who departed may not end of the week award winning do turn the page. From a championship party are checked each of celebration partly when he finally say all right. We've been champs. Now it's time to get ready for nature does that start in July he takes maybe a few weeks are negative negative they're gonna decompress for law. Shot and got in a healthy and a place clearly. Not healthy I think he's got he's found that China is going and trying to leak on the 22. Yeah I don't usually I don't for see him doing in the 360 dunks on an ankle property. He mentioned how he is gonna do to drop stepped on committee to shoot a couple shots. But he I don't expect and what about step currently haven't even talked about isn't CEO pre to explain in I think he's over that ideological message I took up boxing out because it was should shove her out like a four year old you start to launch a threat to agreed. Remember Tony fifteen when he's right the show Marshawn Lynch to double Decker bus. And John Mark Green that we have a little extra in this cup and Danica for a book tour it was a little subdued yesterday that would permit them he just. So funny they're you know we'll get Collette a strategize for the basketball Lowery interviewed you know a lot of these guys and sandy was there on the tower and it was funny did take issue at a Tristan Thompson here snow did have is is moody. Are you don't Arnold this he went back to that in Stu grant thing that changed in. He was understated and they can let you got Kevin Durant and it was a little understated. Yesterday you said these guys have been dealing with things off the court I don't think we fully. Realize what's going on in their lives in that they were both understated but it was like they weren't having fun. But to get back to your point but I think. The chizik or. And I don't do it damned thing and I physically tired after the timing issue stitches out and how they do it any and they started in September. What do we immediately elect the 22 we come here vehicles the weekend of the cinematic game in that I wanted to Reggie but which unfortunately they went to camp on the 23. And when they win the title in June the eighth at a parade on the twelfth I mean there. They're gonna lay low but you know some of these guys will first of all you got to draft next week and now now the 21 free agency starts Sunday and the first to July. And it tampered before as we now. And in some of these guys like Jordan now has got to put down the hand me that says he's gonna play this summer Droid is the suburbs starting right around the fourth. Don't I don't bit of a sacramental summer league yeah. And then they credited Vegas or Jordan or anybody with a sober up here and get ready for some stark relief groups but steep current job by the set yesterday was stymied army guru. And myself in Wear masks we know we can that there may be some changes so what does the team gonna look like next season pop we'll talk about it here on the afternoon like I'm 57 again. Now back to the red accomplish all. On nice high seven game. I think our roster will look a lot different picture I think we'll have an infusion of youth and I think it'll be good to have young competitive. Energetic guys some of will be back you know guys like Quinn cook can. And let Jordan go. Joseph damion Jones in the there were hoping to get loonie and Patrick were called back we'll have a draft pick. And may be silent you know a couple of vets could. The roster being younger next year will I think will help us get through the regular season. Welcome back to the afternoon like Greg Papa boxer hill might pars seven game that is ahead cultural warrior Steve Kerr. Bjorn Stein he myself guru in town yesterday after parade festivities in the tent headed that basically there's going to be some changes here there's gonna be used. Of movement it's some sort away here with just go to state warriors roster so how they do it is pop I mean I'm looking at the roster now for 28 team in nineteen Kevin Durant will. Signed a new deal will be back stiff curry obviously it Klay Thompson Dermarr Greene Andre Iguodala Sharma to stand quite cook gave me Jones and Jordan bell. Would Jabil would he be back we'll data Wes. I retire he don't wanna talk about yesterday Zaza Pachulia well what happened with ten kind of changes do you think lawyers will have next season pop. Obviously got the four all stars and two of the three. Wise man and then you'll find out about David West and I I would I would venture to guess she's gonna retire now's a good time at age 37. Fifteen years she's had a great run he just didn't play as much late in the year the playoffs. Hardly at all to work as hard as he works. And make it come back in just now on I ten into wanna be apart of it on it if you wanted to come back to come back. But just assume that there's an object just for the purposes of this discussion and an actress and anything that. You know what do we know the four all stars. And chill of the three wise men so I'm a call that we all of our earned in our nicknames violent nicknamed as much as anybody for all stars the Hampton five. Dominic called before all stars and Andre and Sean that certain six sector are so they're they're there. And then right now in Jordan bell is gonna get a crack here. There's no doubt Mahdi was Alan bush yesterday. And hopefully saintly is. Come back to life we started. I'd figured it would get very decent library hours clearing the way of saying at least we now account lobbies let's not get out so be strong for one more hour that it can go to complicate but it. Step on the cape pads. But Giamatti would say and they want George bell the play 25 minutes a game next year I think he should may be a little bit you know. And high end I can see that in and damion Jones. The heat is going to play Steve Kerr. At the very end of the horn sounded their walking off the floor Friday night at Quicken Loans Arena pulled damion Jones aside and say I love which did this year in Santa Cruz. But next year is going to be your year so next year and a lot of people think. Some of the members of the coaching staff that damion Jones. Is further advanced in some areas then Jordan bell or survival. So we'll see so little bell and Johnson the two bigs under contract. Quinn cook was given a two year contract Chris Boucher. What are the rules on the two way I think you can do that for two years corrects overly Somalia they get a Robert explained that just lady here or trying to figure out how to get to Quinn cook on they the roster in the post season then go from a two way to a two year. I think Boucher. Is in the mix whether it's today you know two way deal with Santa Cruz in the warriors. And we were talking about him earlier and he is just so rails then he is 610. 200 pounds. So right now out of me he's more of a wing. Then anything inside you know he's gonna have to put on weight but he's just a kid he factors in. And that the two you don't huge question marks are complied loony and Patrick McCaw and they're both restricted. So and loonie is just you know you're. You're tied there you you could offer Emma one year 2.3. And he could say yes or he could shop at insane we'll have more info on this. You know he I'm hearing Bobbie remarks were reported this week that he could get three to four million dollars that's not a lot more. And 2.3 that it is more 2.2 three whatever it is. I asked them to yesterday poppy joined us and Aslan answered you know how much do you factor in the wind. Because safe bottomed beauty team has no shot to win it you've been here for three years you know what does winning culture is about. Rule does an extra couple million dollars persuasion to go to that Tina has no shot to win or would you take. It held a three to four million heard a 2.2 lawyers can offer to come back to try to win more chat features and of course he took the business Rodrigo say we'll see what happens and I do factor all that stuff in but I just wonder pop you know to say the Phoenix Suns who have no shot at winning. And they offer you a big turn contractors may be little these one shot to get paid is once sharp because we don't know about the hips you know how healthy can stay. That I do wonder about that Maloney what is he just good for this system needs to go further assistance under the leadership team can go on smaller in here as a role what switches we solve defend James Harden Chris ball very well in the Western Conference finals but you just wonder how much. You know winning and how much well is he really persuade them pop. But what bow what if he gets both. And I think Phoenix is going to be better and they are the number one overall pick in you know Devin Booker and strapped tanking adding they have a chance to be better. But what if he gets both. What Daryl Moret. Calls mutant and says Shahid switch on to our guards could you target. She does very hard worker effect if they don't you pushed you would practice every practiced pretty good he could steal from there. From the racketeer in any can you could you guard they're guy is gonna call imaginary and they're going up against it especially if they wanna go get changed but. I think there's gonna be yeah your point's well taken could be as we've heard Brooklyn you know Phoenix the bad teams but. Would a lot of good teams. See him as a piece and they offer them. You know we'll start chit for pro you know but it will give via a five year deal via tennis and stair steps up in you know I don't know NN. Patrick McCaw. The warriors couldn't match that. You know how high do you go there how much will people offer him in I thought he slid back this year or that they're terrible fall in Sacramento. But today I thought he was gonna take a step after skating five closeout game of the cavaliers last year in the finals and he just never got comfortable offensively. No we both did rural where Reagan after his game five of the NBA finals a season ago. And we thought okay come and it's was sick in here he's more content roll gonna put also more weight but we never saw it I just remember one possession and they beat. You know describes this whole season it was when he got switched on a Russell Westbrook in at Oklahoma City blowout when a burger came ORACLE Arena and beat down lawyers. McCall just let Westbrook drive right by human dump it all in his grill. It was like worst call that wasn't playing so soft. But I did start the CO2 earned a bit of a quarter before that fall in Sacramento and that's unfortunate however could benefit the lawyers because what the team to says you know what. Now we're gonna pass and urgent call we're not gonna give them all this money to lawyers may benefit from now and hopefully they care and Rebecca park and call because of the QB a lot better in his third season here goes say. He added that now you're talking about a remembers vividly I was like god she's if she's lost his way so decidedly offensively he can't tired anymore. And that's what he does remember what happened right after that. He went to Steve and set I wanted to show anchors. Never let in and he started about a one weekend rate. Played against the spurs one night played against Austin spurs members you know he whether he wound up hurting his wrist. That Sunday game and Santa Cruz when he was just start to rebuild his confidence. And you know he just never got completely healthy obviously won one last thought about Steve curve before sailing collect commit because saintly actually brought this up. At the end of our our parade coverage yesterday and NBC sports Bay Area. We're talking about Steve Kerr. And we had comparing Steve obviously to the other great NBA coaches is first championships. Let's saint started comparing him to the great Bay Area coaches and managers. And I went through the list you know the niners won five Bill Walsh went three George Seifert won two. VH one trader on the seventy's Dick Williams one to connect so fed up Charlie left. Alvin dark came in Tony the Russo won the one and 89. And you know the raiders head coach mad Super Bowl eleven in Pasadena he got that one a coach floors 115 and eighteen. And any uproot spoke she. So my point is Steve Kerr. Has joined the list of Bill Walsh. And Bruce spoke cheat. It corrective eye correct you're the only Bay Area coaches and managers that have won three. Championships. Yeah I mean he's right on that list if not the best and next year kid. He could cement that status mean Bruce spoke to to do with three different closers in the way to charged in in the three different years there's reject each of your jewels all different. But Steve Kerr coming here with all the talent the all stars diminished Eagles and talk about the championships Davies won as a player as well. I mean he's right back conversation populace to. Old doubt about it fabric Tito Ortiz you're four and I heard I heard red zone and standing by the way they were again after this morning there at 10 o'clock hour but I heard a little bit or they. You know Bill Walsh revolutionized football. Before he got here he invented the West Coast offense in Cincinnati when the great great cook a young about strong arm quarterback got hurt. And he had a completely changes offence to Virgil Carter who could control we didn't have a deep throwing arms so he went to the West Coast short passing game offense that. Revolutionize football no one's done that Steve Kirsch not revolutionized. Basketball I mean the three point shot.