Papa and Bonta – 1 – Marquise Goodwin, Brock Huard, Seattle Fire Sale

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, March 8th

Hour 1. Papa and Bonta are joined by Brock Huard (Former NFL QB/Seahawks Pre-Season Analyst) to talk about the Seattle fire sale. We also get into Marquise Goodwin, the news that Iguodala is out, and talk about Richard Sherman looking to get out of Seattle. 


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Please it's. In all due to stop I don't know I don't know. All day and Indian land blues from the Florida softball are errors. It's. My. They just. And we sound good but it's a really good. Now behind from the GG GG dot com studio as high atop the San Francisco skyline. Crystal clear and bad Q are your hopes so. Greg Papa. Mark he's good wouldn't catch and touchdown TO caught to a home last season but he did receive. Over 962. Yards in the man has just gotten paid last year he signed two year deal or six million dollars. Just moments ago Ian Rapoport Josie and Anderson but he has appeared to supported ever keys go one has agreed to a three year extension. Or forty point three million dollars or ten million of it these guarantees are more keys go one will be forty niner for the next three seasons are welcome to the after the light. What's going on its reporting gore bettered reminds. What's gone promised to your morning our memo mornings a rough pop I mean at first ball. I sheets and how's this in my landlords actually he's working my shower says it wouldn't be ready until. Later this afternoon so I can take a shower at home laceration in gated no no go check it out I would support girlfriends houses were to take a -- matter father for the first arm very it's quite a show that quite it quite high ceremony use your daughter shallow there highlighted naked man walking through the bathroom yes ceremonies do your hot water for about fifty minutes have been a ticket showered here. I drive in to work she lives at home budget this will she move action lawsuit wants me to move Robertson on its English or get out that we got to take the next step but she's at home for down my opinion he ran so our Josh initially you know she sometimes just sometimes you cast your net exports and a means and a as bad. That she does updates and Martynas business etiquette tiger Rockies should know that we are less than a great play on demagogues like Lockhart jackass yes or Obama get a Russian one Nabokov novel call put on Russian gas is Russ go figure head don't don't films which room. But if bush can only have Sherri he had a failing dollar until it completely or very very well but I have drug and it worked top and I can't cotton blossom lane. And then it costs will be over to give be taken but it wasn't happy is that we're just gonna give you 69 dollar ticket. That's right sixty I don't know how to mount now amount and out of mount autumn album they let me go to CAA take care you do while we could get to a 400 dollar want to organize so it's been a rough Iraqi morning here until it's all rookies go what is a signing with the forty and so let's get back sports here. Bill would love forty down later this size and extent of pop he had a much better morning and you get all very good very bitter because of my at a boarding. You heard the call from Chris Myers every mention his name because he cared for fifth that was the 83 yarder against the New York Giants remember an average the next day or two like over the radio not cry like a baby fifth record as we found out that he lost his son and his wife Morgan. Lost their son the night before the game is never hers up all night hardly slept and he does that. But we know he has straight line speed we saw out of the pre season game against the the vikings and Brian Hoyer hit them. But he's got an avid talk about all year long all year I've been talking about marquis is good when it first I love them and later doesn't give and I was breaks well. Now I love them again I I saw tremendous growth and mark he's Goodwin. Probably. Six to seven games into the season and lemon drop below got here at the end the last five games. He really know lot of use of a ball placement but I I've been telling you I think. He could be Tyreke hill he has a very I see very similar skill set both track stars. This guys an olympiad. What is the alarm jumper and is the way he explodes those short legs those thick legs but beyond that a lot of guys are fast. And they don't know how to make it football functionality fast he does. The way he why I saw him run comeback routes. Like I saw Tyreke hill when I go to air Henry comes to Oakland a warm up before games away Tyreke help him put his foot in the ground. Not a straight line you know stamina come back to the ball as powerful. I think Kyle Shanahan will use a more creatively. As far as you know jet sweep motion they started to get an of that. So the deal now is that this is so Smart out of off John Lynch does the contract to the Brock Iran Tate does but this is like John Hart. Every jar heart the Indians manner general manager years and years ago salute when they moved into the Jake you know we did twenty years ago whatever it was you know back to the ninety's. He signed up his young talent that he wanted to keep there and gave them. Now out of these guys what an extension though. Marquis is good what's gonna make east opener should have its original deal that you cited when he signed here from buffalo is an off the off season. So he's gonna make one point 45 million dollars. And then next year the contract will kick in such a three year extension. On topple what he has now shall play. Eighteen very very economically feasible for them very prudent you know must be prudence and that gets. For nineteen chwo audience wanting one he gets three years twenty point three is the big number but it's ten million guarantee you Houston which is not a lot of money. So if he turns into what I think he can be. I'm activists say is going to be Tyreke this streak. But I think he has comparable. Skills now with care sorrow and we'll see what they do in free agency. And yet Taylor a few other guys you like you're you're Kendrick born but I think this guy. Could edit it may not be quantifiable by numbers that I care about that just where he's he's gonna strike fear in defense of this is a really. Smart. Pro proactive not reactive and that's way he could easily say let's see improving again this year let's see it. And and you know that is the final year of his contract that he wanted to make it a big number. And you come gill now. But today and you know he's make it 145 which is a hell of a lot of money they to get a guarantee that Joker Ted million dollars right now all. I saw all of a sudden he's like he's struck old Odyssey was a lottery so. It's a really Smart move for the player in tie it could be a bad move it could be a Madison Bom Gartner move. But for the team bowed to age out of a job does all this but he's identified the guys that I've identified Alec Cassius marsh. I like Garry Gilliam is his swing tackle next on the list they've already said as Brock oil eleven Tony how much I like so. Yep you know pick out the guys on your team you ought to pay. At some point you know you have to pay at seeing money like Jamaica Rob Lowe but this was a really Smart sighting by this team. I gotta give Barack marathi credit here I believe he's one structure and audit contracts he structured to Jaime Roth will deal to Webber's opt out after two years of course we know about his car cap Colin copper need peel. A Prague marathi was. Four years ago forty niner fans are ready to run a monetary and I probably was one of them but he's on the very good job destruction in contracts for all legal problem little steel to help the 49ers have flexibility in the next two to three years what they're capped it in this deal would mark he's go when there's important tar ball or doctors as the worst receiving corps. Not only in the NFL possibly ever I thought this is what it'd terrible receive of course what you want Bjork her Sloan was knocked out of Philadelphia Eagles game from season. Mark keys though when he improved. Tremendously. We saw the route running the Chicago game at Soldier Field raw Apple's first start he's when it's wet spot he's run a comeback rocks plants up. What a tough out routes Ortiz goat when played bigger in this size here. Down the stretch and ST you know he's knocking on the door of a thousand art considering what he went through playing N New York Giants game when his kid it was just. And he you know it we know about the situation there what his wife and he didn't get any sleep catches 83 yard touchdown and it's a New York charge and he just comes on and he got better and better and better and better with this beat you can't just you know you play on the you wanna gore won a one pop well good luck because he's gonna run right by like you did their pre season game gets to Minnesota Vikings saw a very good deal for deported and urged we do have warrior who's pot cause we do have a game tonight at ORACLE Arena. I drink the dollar is officially out tonight with a sprained his left wrist so we will not play. Yeah San Antonio Spurs pop. Leo good of that bonds renteria lives in San Antonio doing great work on TNT is gonna give us an entered the Moscow now the spurs and coli and the whole deal is gonna. And I can say I'm going to be concerned I hope Andre arc tonight of the public come back and he can you know more for. Puerto look at more to the warriors just what other word about Barack Marat say the generator up ordeal. At how team friendly that contract is. When you look at the details of the Iraq ordeal. DS 46 man roster bonuses. Each year so every game he does not address. He will lose 50000 dollars on that contract no quarterback. No starting quarterback. No quarterback in the league I think has this kind of clause. So and there's a guarantee in the CBA that you still get paid even when you're on I ER but that's not the case in this deal so if he gets hurt. At any point. It is not to the the 46 man game day roster but say he'd lose his fifty K every single. Week add that up and subtract that over five years and here in or not you're not talking about a 127 and a half million hopefully he stays healthy. But if he does not I can't believe that. The agent put debt in the deal that really shocked. Now that as shocked me as well pop that they've been hinted that this deal was structured to whale was. That's all we always have to wait you know we see like he always say the big flashy headline. Eight just love to see the big flashy camera eyes big quarterback or ball tried but do we do breaking down these are partly these little stipulations here okay he wants rest. That's 50000 dollars less out of his pocket there that's honest and I've never heard us for a quarterback I've never heard apps were quarterback your arsenal to good teen friendly deal for the 49ers and uncle Rob Lowe plays so early this money but this is a topic contract we really have to seek a rubble earn his money here Serena get into that Brock Huard next yearning after and allied as units are Britain bury it could be Slater of the athletic Jonas 1 o'clock let's slow. Was more now with the Golden State Warriors you Jon Condo. Would join a sets from thirty pop Rivera looks like he's gonna be released from the Oakland Raiders John Connell joining up the middle right. At 230 guys don't wanna miss that but now it's time for the twelve K per day. National cash contest here's your chance. 1000 dollars technical words whom. Zillow home to 72881. Message and data rates to apply. There's a file share fire sell one on its Seattle pop. Global Dick shirt may be released war Earl Thomas be up for grabs last Brock Huard who covers the Seahawks next Narnia to mobilize public box and impressive again. Now back to the great company shell on 957. Big game. I. It's. Joined by Brock Huard who is. Live at spring training in Peoria Arizona Trevor it's spring training baseball here to Seattle Mariners baseball down their Brock. But we're gonna toss the Seahawks football because you guys have been all in the news over the last 24 hours as we know Michael been in this this ship off the Philadelphia. And in moments in minutes and hours with Sherman may be jettisoned from Seattle Brock are you doing welcome to the program. Yeah I'm doing good guys good to be back with yet you know it's been perceived for the last two month BR have been required that they have been in nine years. It was devastation peak curl it looked to be a part of the conversation over the last six or seven years or play up there with Super Bowl. It would contracts they would march they were they were always in the news like in the last two or three years people and I think they were like. One of the lead story is Richard gonna get traded livestock these urban. You know what what next for Russell. And reluctant but they've been unbelievably quiet. Until yesterday when you know whole Lotta news breaks and aggregates just the beginning of more. They're more roster turn over four organization that you know a lot of hold of bill. An older players and a trade defense to be sure so Michael Bennett goes to Philadelphia yesterday Barack and I'll kind to each week yesterday for Richard chairman Bob from Jeremy lane or your Buckeyes are reports. What are you hearing how much longer is is Richard surely going to be as Seattle Seahawks practice. Yeah I think it is inevitable Mike silver had bad and and your guys do it near identical order a video of the old one of our. And afternoon host him and reporters here our agent as well all a Twitter that that the inevitable could be in the coming days Kirby today. It's just whatever you know Furman who don't agent in the you've got to finalize that concerns there's just not going to be a trade market unfortunately it's were poor guy that they had multiple surgeries to your. On ball particularly over the last few months and you know that situation he finds himself in what the eleven million or captured exterior that that kind of an untenable contract of people around the league though. That's gonna happen in the Arab your weather today tomorrow and coming days they have yet to be different than our. Our fault lines were all that boredom is critical vote away the reality for OpenId and our market. That it had to go good for so many years are gonna YouTube new faces and new names on the back securities. Yeah that defense thing as far as points per game ranks of the greatest defenses in the history of the NFL go back to the purple people leaders as you well know Brock and Richard Sherman was. He was the guy that played that beautiful bail technique to cover three so young in light of the injuries in the age. Cheney Jacquelyn should Robert Sama who knows from really well are looking at him with would you advise she signing buying Richard Sherman at this stage of his career Brock. You know childhood you know I would like I don't think it'll be that hard for me to achieve Michael Bennett. Liberty too little shall pray had been in sillier some of the other piece is I think when. Cameron clip that they got to retire and I think that's a minibus goal is more than likely going to help but not not you know assurance that doubt. More than likely would their spinal cord and acute injuries about the road they're going down. While watching 25 if it turns out it may differ market I think will be the carpet to watch because Greg I think he congaree. For his next deal you know outlook that produced the arc this off season for me. If I'm reshaping this roster in turning it is the word that Pete Carroll at Butte we are turning in while wanna turn to young man. Treat it hungry those are my parameter got one young cheap and hungry because that is what it was built on original it. Right when they found these guys are the drought that many of them in the lesser round or they found freeagent like Michael Bennet the clip payroll. On the cheaper they were hungry to prove to me Richard it's still hungry he's not young. And in the atrocities and he may turn out to be treat. You may not have much of a marketer much whoever thought he get gets released him in the fact that he could still check up on our upon reentry. Yeah I would absolutely. Retain his services to look at dual. Procured former NFL quarterback from Seattle Seahawks also catch someone breakdown the radio up in Seattle so detain ESPN of course a college football analyst. For ESP NE joins us early afternoon the white corporate Koppel Barbara hill. On 9570 game Brock. Were you heard about Richard Sherman will he'd be treated at some point Murphy rumors yesterday we had Mike slots over on the program yesterday or oral trials do you expect them to still be a Seattle Seahawks when a club opener. Into Tony eighteen. Yeah I do expect Richard to not arbitrary marker in the ambient to be released girl is fascinated they have been able without maybe just be a very confined them sort of middle ground of all of think that the characters not. You know people I have gone round and round over eight years is that began Monday pocketbook. Well all or you're dynamics of everything else imputed there and all the records that you know he loved the raiders these groups that would be maybe those were colorful those orders all of life's simple so much personality. And I don't think that what he had a lot of value colored his locker room with so much personality. And different guys and girl it will it be most unique. An advocate it took a survey of any of our impala that have followed their vehement that okay. You don't hurt the browser through the target through through that. The most unique I'd like to be nearly you've never met the girl you didn't all the world you'd in his own state. Trying to find some common ground moving forward Earl want to payday you'd been adamant about that. Tribute to our group started by about middle ground to be will be out Canadian and I don't think you trade him in the back I would look beat him. I agreed to play on your spinal VO if they care you don't buy that little round you're over the coming months he got one more your luck started the all. And I'd like Richard you're healthy and I'm like you know Michael Bennett who's 33 they're still football let the girl I would personally look at the end Philip Fiat. It still it doesn't get that you'll hungry to get his third and final major major deal. Yeah what we're hearing around the league and you're you're closer to it obviously than us is that they do want you re a reshape this new version of the legion of boom and it won't be called that obviously around Earl Thomas and his special. Sideline to sideline skills at free safety in the middle linebacker Bobby Wagner. I don't that they would trade body Wagner jump in if you think that's it it's an accurate but he KJ rights. Is maybe the most underrated player on their defense one of the most underrated players in the league is flies around. What they consider trading KJ Wright Brock. Number and that's a good question and and we brought that up about a month ago and he stayed Alec Ogletree deal yesterday and I don't know you guys were already cited Iowa border. Our ought to oracle would treat to have his way with the peacock on the sideline. The last few years is that we're in front evident dominated gavel I'm like anybody yell. Well it Alec Ogletree you're get traded that I think everybody is out there and make good linebacker class that comes into play here. Attributed to move KJ Wright then you better be very very competent but you've got a number of putrid in the strap you could turn to. I don't. I think right there you have got to keep some level of your beat their strongest you've got to compete in this particular now. Would give me it would Jared and who knows how Arizona gonna retool you need some level of your defense you to to have them keep them straight. And to me Bihar are up arthritic AJ Wright for a fifth. Okay are frustrated him for a fourth and a bit but not trade them were with him at a seventh for a fifth of us do an outburst too much for all still let the limit well. It could be you've got to keep them level deadbeat parent of an upper level entered compared with RB you still have that opportunity to do itself. Asked not to mention earlier Bruck had only or you have a talk show in Seattle on York the Seahawks pre season games we see every every Saturday go to college football should just give me. Yeah like cure your thoughts on these quarterbacks at the top of the draft the raiders. Lost the coin flip with the niners the niners gonna pick nine. The raiders are gonna pick ten cornerbacks linebackers just any kind of a thumbnail quarterbacks in May be who would be available at nighter chance for reaching. Yeah you know there are some freaky linebackers ransom preacher come out by linebackers and they're from real talented athlete buried in pepper and not be tackled period. You know the year end are OK. Quarters probably not wanna valued or that then they'll war Cuba Myanmar around that area. I don't know that that fueled a bit of a reach. But to me kind of your particular characters are some linebackers. You're not gonna pick a running back can architect a receipt to promote their alignment error. So I guess that we're gonna talk through that that would be the position that I be most curious about it hardly quarterbacks. And if I had my living dependent upon making the right pick would be kind. A parent I would I don't know I I would have other plans that be part of our portfolio. Because I like some of them. The only one that I may come close the lobbied about the debt aren't likely to audit would be stand Arnold and then I would really about. What a lot of people let's go back and don't just watch the tape this year. And I know about what the NFL guys there at him and what an extra days in the bailout. But it just look at this these because if you just look at this year. If you're concerned about the fumble and interception but when you look back last year when he had to earn you a couple of a well operate the tackle. A little more votes supporting cast it was unbelievable when it mattered the bulk. And you take you at the back of the road or you pick them back to the Cotton Bowl. You don't have to snap your post game in game up practice it practice out that mattered to me and on top of it guys love them. They don't have to be popular like it and they don't have to make a case for him. You go around our campus and people love Sam Arnold but like they'd love to shop watt than what they've looked that would be top guys over the last few years and yeah I guess the media I I would I would land on they have more than any direct double. Yeah that's interest and we hear a lot of talk about Josh Al and Josh Rosen so we'll see how the quarterback market. In the NFL draft shakes how Procter down in Peoria. How spree trade corporate America's right now I know he's got days appear charge up your house or corporate bear does that near Peoria. Well yeah member got the 44 year old never heard of them named Ichiro got guys because who can afford it or they don't face that there. I can't go this route out. It all the four majors sport ever read here and development built on the play out last year to where where where we are new and it's going to be the Ichiro. The president's rhetoric get the backyard bird they've got a kitty but they that out loud can attribute to the Astro world you guys go to Yale web. I'd like we do it cute to the world and everybody else mr. Nadal played a little bit for different. That's who we Brockbank so much for your time here and it. Any insight on a Seattle Seahawks a lot of being gore lot of stuff going on up there in the Pacific northwest. You gotta gotta get it done. Brush on the block fifty Brock had a lot of that the fair skinned get burned to tell your chip Peter you should. You just you no no I don't go fifty brother and I went through these the first they're now market but market and no I am if Syrian leathery rankled the political. Oh. Well yeah thanks for take care your got a guy that's a memorable dark you have. Brock Huard college football analyst for ASP and also does Seattle Seahawks pre season games down there in Arizona covering the Mariners for as station up in Seattle seventy and use peer Seattle pop blood did you use sunblock fifty at all when they're down there and Arizona's. I'm Italian voters are regularly it either way I just it lightly Brian's right to check the Rockies you're on TV should beautiful man affairs can't affair and supple. She can cattle like our friend Janet Richie kind of wanted to know blistered and on the on the on he's got the hair too I think he's still got the blonde tips as well Brock Huard seem wanna project is vanity is Iraq and give him credit he is a handsome Fella there Earl obviously we could we brought up here we heard Michael server say he may be traded to we may put be put on and it's very block. Are not sticks you guys last value and Derrick popped. Earl Thomas look he'll fit in any defense he's that type of player for Simon sideline but I it's I just got the mindset of Symbian and silver and black. In Dick about what that's secondary needs of those young players along Lonnie caring probably crawled she'll also OB Belafonte who. Earl thomas' seem like he would be a perfect perfect fit. With a high grade are out there raiders more than nine is because I haven't seen that veteran leadership theirs is a bit about Charles Woodson what he did for a secondary. His last couple seasons in the NFL how least as a veteran presence had a young guys learn from TJ carries. So on and so forth her majesty tomorrow Thomas he will split that befits a little Mac and a Friday and Earl Thomas back there and back and I actually in the look QB perk your senses he'll be perfect in my bank would have me in getting ready. Can industry I love Earl Thomas is the lines operator I would be thrilled I I don't know what you have to trade for I don't think they're gonna trade. Earl Thomas Sheehy is you know you go through that defense or somebody guys that make it. Work they all work together now one got more important but you know we're lost can't change the when he held out that you're the defense went sideways. But you cannot run a cover three or cover one. And have a single high safety and less you have someone like Earl Thomas who not only can go. From you know hash mark to hash mark good numbers to numbers are numbers to sideline. He does sideline to sideline that guy is that some of the greatest range. I've ever seen. At the safety position. Ed Reed was really good but he was more Smart Earl Thomas just as fast and for the concern I would have. And all those guys you're mentioning how many safety steal one on the field there they're all safeties. All these this safety girls Joseph has his safety and I love Earl Thomas and I would be concerned about pairing Carol Thomas with. Carl Joseph because of the lack of size. And so why is curator I'll be happy you can move people around here. You know maybe just you know you do some with Harold and I think Carol's got a draft he's a high draft pick but I see him or denying their because if you water run that covered three. Eating a single high guy and I do like the young guys that we were talking about a lot of the other back and their defense. They got a got laid the draft Adrian Covert and it is a natural free safety that. In Echelon Gilani etiquette do that I don't know if you have to do that than what he had to give up. But the entry that day and I wish it would get to get a text Brock Huard we got talking about it that we we let the end of the interview were talking about the college draft and all that bright you know I a lot of. Asking about the and so war. Paul Richardson Richardson yeah we. Yeah yeah weeds for protection text your order to ensure right now I don't put down the sunblock and if I need you or me a text and picture out Schneider is gonna keep up. Anything worth buying and how good is shaken I want all management and I'm getting other Richardson trade era love that guy Paul recession he can fly play very well Russell Wilson last season and of course with the sermon to trade talks here can be. At any time your recruits are meant. They're gonna export trade options form so what would be the the right price we're just from kind of more coming off of a torn kiwis here he is thirty years old Broxton in the right system he he'll be a great fit you're still PCS Jews left. Richard Sherman we're what we're at all. Will he end up here we will lead keep what the forty cars being played form still forty counterfeit utility all day last night your text that we don't want to its orbit don't wanna hear girls do you Ottawa on board well here here's the deal with them can robot and we get a shot that he was sort of brought it started in the embraced highlight other bids whatever here's the bigger issue. He's hurt. He's hurt and he's got a severe injury and he's got that each Achille she had surgery on one the other one's bad he's older. He is going to get caught there's no doubt an excuse me could happen any minute. You know Mike's overs that can happen the next couple today shall we Megan was before the show is over they cut him. So he's hurt so that that's a medical you know I have no problem with his skills when he's healthy but if he has an Achilles injury change direction. The guy that I think it's more intriguing now is a key to leave and the added I haven't talking about. Now they're gonna cut him John Elway is gonna flat out cut him. In less shaky get somebody to trade for him. Well why would you trade tricky to leave it knowing he's gonna get cut well the reason you ward and John Lynch has a great relationship with John Elway. Obviously. Is if you'd think if he's cut in any history freeagent he's not coming TO and the reports we are hearing. I thought he would go to the rams. Andy Reid reunited with a Wade Phillips could you imagine a pairing. Marcus. I think I think Kyle Shanahan would break into a press cold sweat. So that would go well so but I but what we're hearing. Is he wants to go back to the hoodie you watched to go back to ballot check in bella checked rectified his soul Korea is good player in Tampa Bay but he got to the trouble. But he went to New England about a check is such a good coach in every way that he really is a great position coach had it in the secondary. He got that guy to play well and then he got too expensive simulator Elway bottom and he got a Super Bowl so it it. I you know trading for keeps Oliva he's not happy coming to the diners why would be happy happy because they're gonna play more cover three innings depressed man. Toll could handle bail easily. And maybe change some of it and let him man up a little bit. But if you these two you know great players that you could make a point at one time Dante. The two best corners of pro football a very different stylistically you're Richard Sherman the key to leave right. Now those Germans got an injury issue to leave just not. So what if you trade for that is the report that we are gosh that is the niners were actively talking about trading for keep delete. But it is gonna come here then he winds up beat up getting cut here. Then he may wind up the street freeagent could go back to new England and and you put it next to Stephon Gilmore. Those two long corners that he would have an invalid check what they have to play anymore Heatley played less all last year. He play almost exclusively man if you compare a key to leave it. Take Gilmore that's not gonna make me happy so she were to leave a German lined up there. Two leaves just turned 321 February 13 so he is giving up urinate still playing at a high level. What up to forty members did actually try to go out and trade forum it's we've said I don't wanna go there the Broncos could still do that anyway there's no like this this isn't like Seattle I already got you don't trade why would you like that. The front of 49 or say you try to try to convince shall we hold his right at all you hold his rights as you say come on their porch on the windward is indeed. Where does indeed. Grant has a conversation you have a foreign trade for her bird and I think yes you could play hard ball but I think in this Sarah. It's hard to do which is stitches target you Al was at a crossroads with Donovan McNabb years ago we had a deal. But any greed and it and Easter night and Donovan would come here. An agency backed away anyway quarterback it's harder causing him in the building a lot. You can play hardball in just say you're nighter an exit but I think that's something you have to workout before the trade you don't want him coming here and being in hand. The way it is this news may break your heart your pop game in. Excuse me Brock Huard has gotten back to speak about his older brother brought to his comebacks was that the Texas. It's impossible for Paul Richardson. To stay healthy and figures and frame but what if he does stay healthy poppy wanna take that chance. Yes you wanted to add she adds to our you know what that means that the rest of the league has the medical Intel and Richardson's get a very key to the trouble so give them a one year deal and yeah I. I I'm going to get down he broke he broke his leg right away. But what if he does stay he saying what is thin frame he's impossible for a stay healthy and possible form as they help people out. And well and it sets a medical that's a medical. All right it because he can really hurt. I was still I was still take a flyer apologies. One year maybe five million dollars RBI I don't know how easy it AME BT got Allan Robertson coming off Ellen Robertson coming awfully ACL. You get Richardson and Crabtree. Are there to meeting outside guys and then nobody's talking that I Danny Amendola the the world note and it goes frequently bought. Every drop of visiting the Evan dole lecture red right now sing Danny that's. Guys who could stay healthy before he got to New England there I mean he's finally healthy but I don't know how following the break today anchor give them a lucrative deal for Danny did you guys get parish I'd say don't have to pay out and take her title here today I get it but you still have true tailored looks like you know what Danny Amendola a I. Be nice player brochure nice polite to pit them up for. How is famous for starting what they touched down. They punt return and then it sort happened back ID or that definitely that he via AFC title Casey title I was in that game he was he was pretty damn good and it also return punts for your reserve funds that you still have Victor Bolden Jew in order to do that. Although about David a lot of the kids on a price tiger really does because I. I don't know if you hold up QB look at the break to bring forth last contract and you know it's in the week after it's it's it's no viable auto body Julian cattlemen's common back just have Jimmy G sakes you know Tom lobs Gilo settlement more than you're Africa based cattlemen would not have overthrown him the way you did in the AFC championship and he's getting out of spec if you didn't cash at over the shoulder blow through here to put it right on them. He doesn't look view. Amid all the will be nicely off real great years ago I WW Stewart I have property Auburn got through the hall received a Corvette app happy yes I think Danielle and all of I cannot wait for that led to see you next week will give DeMarre and start over we keep a ball very good start over but press release that. Jon Gruden Oprah actually go chef Robert sugar nobody just keep Marty and then fill out what the rest of reagents Paul Richardson is on top of pop was listless despite. It's been frivolous Fossum moved spot. Million dollar the that it gets a San Antonio Spurs in May be no David West touted a warrior survive a piece crucial next brigades if it's boroughs. Blazers and T wolves were discussed earlier to mobilize public Barton in parts of the game. Now staffs have read accomplish else on 957. Games. You're here on an MRI and they're pretty clear I don't know the results to be sold depending on what date periods are he'll get the swelling but it is different now that Republican leader that he does that hopefully that's a sure thing tool but right now. Remain to be seen and he was putting good yeah we'll you know we'll meet him irks me another one that was a trend is clear now they're saying neither of them are in general so. Farming showed up because that are that are. Three and about it what you but I don't know all the answers but he should be OK bottom here in about him but yet another guided. Kind of a random thing to prop up thirteen shooting she couldn't go. President of bass while our operations in GM of the ghostly where's Bob Myers joined the afternoon delight yesterday. To break down the injury report on a medical our president by Greg Papa Andre Iguodala. Jordan bell perhaps you call are all out tonight pop David West is doubtful. With the cyst on his right arm slash rest soul. Is this series here are you start to freak out about the injuries here what's the deal what Andre Iguodala in the spring with Frist is a major and minor they can survive at least tonight. What bout. That core group haircut or second you know minus gonna look a lot different that Andre Iguodala and maybe David West pop. There you may have to play without two year paralyzed Manchuria three wise men so it's is snatches tonight against the spurs she got to deal with Portland in the mold us tomorrow night and then it's today game this Sunday game is on the ABC network and it's at 230 in Minneapolis or 1230 our time so. In a short period of time or the good have to play three games. So this is this is a concern. To not have on trade to die you know one thing we're waiting from the spurs side of that is if Rudy Gay. Is going to play he got hit in the jaw in his last game and it's affected his eardrum. And he didn't play through it in the practice yesterday but I I would I even told him we haven't heard directly from pop and we'll show evident this first trainer for a Rudy Gay doesn't. Oh but they you know they bring in off the bench. Since Tony Parker. Manu Ginobili and Danny Green. All play off the bench stoppage changed is is lined out. The shot Che Marie is starting in the backcourt with Patti mail's petty is now slid over to play the two guard pop assault will not play tonight so I think doubt these spurt bonds to break. But birch Hodges very skilled ideas that probably solvent actually in Apollo seven great years should history of advertisers are really good at three point shooter. What he doesn't quite do like is solving play at a high low game like would pop is Ron and David Robinson high poston and chairman Ron Ford out of the low post and David would feed devoted Chandler. Probably solid Aldridge are just awesome and and I high post low post too big man. Together we're charges are really good shooter. So stretch the floor but it's back and edit the post the way to solve those and got Kyle Anderson so the part about Andre Dante is. His start the game but he comes in a mid first quarter. Right when pop is gonna bring in the French men. The forty year old that don't drive thru me urgency when it. You retired Alamo where those got other vehicle cry for him last year in game four of ushered files and came back in the chamber and then he had a deal would Danny Green and he's so claim they have to play a little bit longer. In the first quarter that night to balance it out. But then you know hopefully Andre comes back tomorrow and hike is that you got to deal with dame littered. Where and when again play nominee place after the first quarter he may have the changes substitution rotation. A little bit tonight and play play a little bit longer. Against Baylor tomorrow night and you know and not Yukon zinc is not new it's just so hard to cover so crafty he can't covered a ball spot that you can't cover my new book nobody here in a ball spot is you don't you don't applaud doctor Walsh by the years ago is Brent. Very who do you release at 2 o'clock or what they called the Argentinian island. Argentina islander. You've gotten bigger that negative gave an addict anybody reverie at air flow and I don't shoulders are and it Brando was a teammate has had the ball spot identified. Hill and that's what hopefully we'll projects could pitch on the white and is there you see that road games help and brocade helps globalize it doesn't really yelled at the look great here but. Speaking about the spurs in their bid cheered or bits is bigger better Dirk KG. Pop visit -- players guys united looks like a man on all of us that it LaMarcus Aldridge is back though right prop he's playing Hannity why did you feel that way that he was rusty though he he sprained his ankle a couple of game is the Laker game he sprained in a couple of games earlier against New Orleans running. Landed on Iran goes forward and he missed the Laker game which they lost. And haunting him barely beat Memphis the other night until they have they have lost eight of eleven yeah they're not looking great right now that are that look like the Senate's from the whispers that we've grown and no but. There's still a game behind New Orleans here for the fourth spot here to this seat right now in a Western Conference even without quiet winter what with all these injuries dispersed still hanging around there to get at least home port of each round of the playoffs. But it's imperative for the warriors play well tonight in the win this game and go to Portland wasn't Jews here. Because it could still seem like they wanna lose they beat Milwaukee last nights we gotta cancel the order Arnold's teaser it's awfully eager to refund yesterday if you wanna sentinel since the streak busters Atlanta Jack couldn't stop Jerry and well at 30 pregame morning straight they stop the warriors in the 28 game winning streak but they can't shoot the ball you shoot the ball may get shot Tarik freak and they can't shoot a jumper at all and Iraqis can and Eric Gordon is playing so well the binge. Look they're there they're gonna play Toronto tomorrow night maybe they've crossed the border in Iraq to Oscar surprise it would be to Muppets Iraq through survived yesterday because it short this is what the workers. They can't step off the catch here because it's just what tools are better now full game behind the Houston Rockets in the standings one. One at a loss column your soul the lawyers need to win tonight you need to start fast and he. Particular to basketball at all to see that might take care of basketball and cut down on the turnovers and he's adapted to its evil without Andre Iguodala. And David West possibly is still have a great jazz beats editorials were. Nor Jordan bell nor drill rallying back Anthony Slater will John is coming up 2 at 1 o'clock from the athletic and he was a shooter on obviously so there either declaring Andre out and David is doubtful so that probably. Will not play but there'll be there'll be times tonight not take as the spurs are so superbly. Coach and the way they they screen for each other continuity offense Brent Barry gets vigilance it's at 2 o'clock. And he did Iraq it's okay seeking in the the next governor speak about do what I see from the rockets at 148 and I honestly. They airplane with a certain readiness that they have not played with before they're going after loose bolster their their third getting a lot of 5050 balls but. The warriors will that brought Adams I hope he's listening out there because I got a law and you professor. And I read the piece of the New York Times recently I'm around a salary like he's my news sends a very gaveled him on the show. But I am I I'm putting about him to devise a game plan defensive game plan where. They're isolation based offense will not your problem that the look at and a parent Mary what he sees from. From a Houston and also just that the spurs of the continuity in a way they move. There they don't have the skill level the other teams have there's no doubt but remember when they were here not too long ago. They got they jumped on the warriors right away they were up diligent double digits in the first quarter and they did that. When the warriors went and played them earlier in the year but today and they're just. If it would hit it just don't even read you don't see a lot of we see and obviously being in a Wesley some of the Western Conference finals. But for a little while I feel they're hard to play because they just are so quick they don't shoot the ball fast. But they just roll right from one strain into the other it is perpetual continuity. And there are times that watch him play and I wish the weren't you play more like them authorities are so skilled they don't have to take it to that extreme level. The spurs are like watch in the next of the seventies or John Woods teams or they just. Constantly moved they use this side pick and roll which teams don't do anymore everything's in the middle. Now that Tony used to come up the left side with Kitna darkened screen so we can get right hand or. Certainly minus Andre and David lash if he doesn't goal and to go updated so 1 o'clock in an act that Jordan bella of course McCall won't play. There are times tonight just their perpetual motion on offense but table give the warriors prop. He says the warriors are focused on another title in are trying to fight from a number one seed. Which I find that hard to believe considering how hard they've been playing since the all star break but the lawyers from dirt Mark Green heart and soul of the team. Coming out and saying we don't care about the one seat will be peace in any way and that's what I've been talking about pop. I noticed he doesn't care about the one seed I believe they believe that they can Gordy Houston at. Take the first two games down in Texas come back and western targets that they do meet because he's still it's still guarantee at all that you meet the Western Conference. Finals but the lawyers trademark shriek about just sit out pops and it takes. What do we don't cannot open once he could have home court will play anywhere anytime any place. Yeah I don't I he can say that an entity. All in light national trend I was talking about he can say that but that I can play that way what he's saying is. You know Padres hurts. And he can't go to night and it can't go tomorrow night and it can't go Sunday at Minnesota that you're not gonna play him. Obviously now this was a playoff series. Or even you know I shouldn't even say that because last year. They really rested Kevin Durant what games two and three against Portland that was a playoff series and they were so confident you know they were could have pushed the calf injury. That he didn't play any came back in the wind up being great being the finals MVP so the point is there heat they've they've guessed they wanna be the one seat. But they're back at it do it or recklessly where your plane injured guys. So but hey I believe me when you look at the schedules here. They are gonna veto on C used insurers schedule is just really hard. Really hard you know they got Toronto again and even after that. The warriors schedule is just not as difficult. Now this is the most difficult stretch this when we talked about the maybe due on the twenty for an all after the all star break to play brought up race this was it this was tonight. Tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon. And these are games and you know without if Andre can't go tomorrow night and Sunday then may be evident issue hopefully can take care San Antonio without him. But he landed hard and Anthony you update us on what's going hi we sought. When Jordan cleared out for and anyone in the ball slipped out of his hand when he had the dunk. He landed hard he was Robin that left wrist got wrapped up B did come back in the game and dumped twice later though one was a back stretcher. And the other one was all right handed and I was watching his left hand he looked okay. But he had it wrapped up in this obviously to sort of play and have a find out about David West the former fervent. He can't overreact to what the players say constantly Vontae it's just I'm all right interview they get it reviewed before the game after the game. There are supplied only keeps it as the Young Kim IL what ever did everything he's getting a lot not try to punch LaMarcus Aldridge at Augusta that finally let me. Let did we don't get plastered everybody at a mostly from the you have to collect cleverly is the officials don't see it all the sale wettest march but last time they played the spurs. He even guard Aldrich. Members just hours out of the restart. They never fort gerrymandering. Lamar consolidated need to knock tonight especially if Rudy Gay doesn't go they don't have power they obviously don't have Hawaii. He's that guy that you got to deal with tonight is choke off LaMarcus Aldridge a drink man managed to make slide over to on the last time they were here train about.