Papa and Bonta – 1 – Jon Morosi joins, Giants bad loss, LeBron to Rockets

Hour 1. Papa and Bonta are joined by Jon Morosi (MLB Network) to react to the story Susan Slusser wrote for The San Francisco Chronicle about Billy Beane’s time with the Oakland A’s coming to an end. Any chance the Giants will hire Billy Beane? Bob Melvin? We get into the Giants bad loss, Susan Slusser saying Billy Beane’s days are numbered and LeBron James to the Rockets?

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Sleaze and it's. It ought to do is stop or I don't know unless there's. In Indian land breeze from the floor solve the warriors and then. Yeah well that experience. I. We sound good but it's a really good. Now behind from the GT GT dot com studio's high atop the San Francisco skyline. Crystal clear that bad. Q are your hopes. So my. Tuesday is debut on certain sixers Philly. We think about a throw. I am from almost nothing did. Some amazing. All I want is a couple of bucks in Sweden. Throw it and say. Anderson I. No you don't nobody likes I don't know why I'm doing excellent is doing okay better throw from Mike and Anderson clearly knows that contingency be saves and that's the grand. It would have his barely ever called you say ABC news that's that's all I wanna know. Nobody in my life. That I can remembered that a pretty good memories going back along. That OPEC summit at our heels for the movie money ball the course output would price debuted at GM. Of the services could charge and of course we bring go Billy B because too slow service or some of whom chronicle. Deliver bombshell yesterday in a chronicle writing that PA's regime of Billy Beane bigger forks and Bob Melvin. May come to win and after next year we'll talk about all that would JP Merle siege armor as he would. 1218 here in new York and in the right or Greg pop in Montreal Jon Miller. Wards of the Serbs would turn to join us at 230 to see what the heck is going on down there it's sickening keying a deterrent of course lost last night and Strickland. Blows a save and a ninth inning and insurers whose. Five before we got to start distorted slush or wrote yesterday popping. You pop no candidate. Mellow latte Dante hunter project. They got my daily day he loves that I did it at. I don't delegate of you know the downloads and sales are wired and more people locals ABC art and run it tore an elevator or CBC and today. When that money ball come up. Who heads shaved he shaves auto World Series. I think just after just a matter I don't nine somewhere in line with the with the 2011 was. To be restricted Ed I was still chronicle I think as we did a big premiere show from their surrender around 2000 level in science at 1111 socialist saves already at a world. Originally had a the F one World Series one World Series those ABC aids a lot of children were one of three but the story here about Billy Beane and we've heard all this stuff speculation about all this but really what tipped me off couples when Bob Melvin. When the a's ownership denied the yankees' request to interview Bob Melvin did not offer Bob Melvin the contract extension. And I got me 2000 Wofford gonna deny him that opportunity with the New York Yankees now he who knows that the Yankees hired McNabb and at least give him a chance interview. And then you don't cinema conqueror cable contract extension. Offer one up pop on pick and okay what what's going on here now we get the story Esther from Susan's closer. Billy Beane has been around for two decades and David forces trusted lieutenant. This may come to an end here and in our was of little. Surprised with the timing of this story but I Jesse you've got to start thinking about this because when your team has come that quickly popped. While star's Bob Melvin since you brought that up yes that was that was bad protocol I don't know where that came from I would not think it was from Billy and it was probably higher up I'm not sure what level of management did that but that's just not. It's not done and Osama owners that would do it in baseball and outside of baseball but it's just a bad protocol and from what I understand. Bob Melvin spouses up for sale. And he's not the sign on with this team for the terms though. He did not go well but the it the crux of the story. Is Billingsley who I've known for ever in your ability when he was a player. I knew Billy when he was Sandy Alderson it's just learning how to be as scouting actually retired prematurely as Korea which not radios and regretted not. Taken as Stanford scholarship and play in football there was stressed that about football but in any event. And I watched him as a young man make that transition from player to scout. And he was a highly intelligent sandy lobbed army moved right up and sandy. Left what was that the offseason that 97 churning in 98. Billy ascend into the top he had a lot of logistical things to learn as flowers just how to file papers and just you know the enormity of the position. But he did it well and he wound up they have a very short order. You know which slipping in 2000 with the team breaking through with Mulder Hudson Zito and Giambi and tejada and Chavez and you know Iran Billy sat here. And he's been here a long long time. Billy being. Is growing older before our eyes I am to my eyes to be the youngest and everything and now I'm a middle aged manner even beyond middle Asian Billy's you know Billy's been around deletes. In his mid fifties now. Or comparable age. And I think he wants to transition. What sports is a Billy it's a lot of things are what he does reminds me Gregg Popovich and he's very close for the RC Buford. In the San Antonio Spurs much older this about pop you know months ago. Nothing gets out. The front office or the coaches room that popped does not want out. So Susan slots there's been on the HD about Islam is Billy's been the G yeah. She joined the lead in 99 Billy came the the year before full time offseason seven idea. For her to write a story likeness without Billy's blessing. And enough but how it is now that the old days Iago or two the traffic to get her out of the effect here be so I she did not cite any sources at the very end she quoted a friend close to Billy Ray. But I I have to think this is coming from Billy himself and we invited Billy to come on the show today. He respectfully declined. And I understand why in the one thing that she does say that team owner John Fisher. May decide to go and say in a different direction or more likely mean. That will take a step back and David forceful comment. So I think this is Bailey. Looking for his next life challenge. And I could sense. That he's not is gong hole for the job. As he was when he was younger man I don't know where here. It turned he has outside interest Renault about his interest in a couple of different soccer teams internationally. And you know he was at the warrior game a finals game I didn't actually see them that it was communicated to me should hide innings and a suite next door. It was the same night the Ager played a baseball game out Billy does. He never he never could watch the a's play live he'd be working out when he was younger now I think he's running or doing something else but it is just so. He saw whipped up so it probably was a way to get away from and I don't mean that the you know imply that not watch his team back down. Tape and have an idea he watches everything they do. But I think at this stage of his career but he's looking for different challenge. And I think this is the way for him to get that story out. If there was not true at all I think Billy in some way shape reform would be saying that so I think Susan got this from Billy. Our. If not Delhi somebody close to delegate Fedor tour with Billy saying get a tour. And I think that's word is now aware as far as the all the other dominoes that she's having to fall. I don't know if that's conjecture from Billy I would be surprised if he would stay in town on duty. The giants job and health. I would pick that she'd be a huge market or did you forget to jar it's part because we spoke she. Brings AB Hashimoto got about having to shield brought him you know speculated that I actually could you see that Apple iPod open donning orange and black. Not I don't I don't know about that down. That would be interesting obviously. That rhythm the more you know it would depend now what Billy did it mended their depicting as is Billy want out from the Asia I think. What's going on which which is nothing right now about their pursuit for new ballpark that's all we were talking about a year ago. And now that she's been tabled in you don't really know what to do there are not talking about it so he may be frustrated. And even that was going to be a long time out what was it 20/20 223 yourself like that Jesus we're talking five years that he's 56. And so I don't know I I don't know if you. Would just look to it to have other challenges in life and get away from baseball entirely. Would be like to roll up his sleeves and have the kind of payroll. That Franklin channel Templeton and and Larry Baer allow you to have and it's right now the second highest payroll in baseball behind the Red Sox for the days. Our the second lowest payroll in baseball ahead of a White Sox so. I don't know but I make I I think the one thing is that this this this is a very interesting. Article now a lot of information Susan's right at what she does former president of the baseball writer she's excluded should recover and his team forever you know almost twenty years so. For her to write. A piece like this. If we did not come from Billy directly it was certainly cleared or went through Billy's dad skirt email inbox before it was printed. And it was not lie so I think I think there has to be. Some validity to it from the EA side of it and and from the giants' side. I think that's pure conjecture about it where I think it would be interesting for ability to have a payroll like this would be like another challenge completely outside. Baseball you remember the whole crux of the money balding male. He could've gone the reds this browser and one guy writes in his young daughter. Who was a teenager and she was just skating and her teen years you know we wanna leave from her previous marriage and a lot of mistake was she's long gone now. So he could go anywhere he wants in the world he's not an album necessarily. In a confined to the Bay Area but to you know if he wants to stay here he lives out black hawk mountain army and he would have enormous payroll that that would be a really intrigued I I don't know what to bring in John Palmer OC knows more about the inner workings of a putt. I think the these stories certainly has tremendous legs. In effect that is coming from Susan who's been covering Billie Jean just about his entire year run as a GM. Leo and now as you mentioned John Paul morals who would join us at 1218. Early afternoon delight also saw the listeners out there. Tune in for a trivia question at the end of the first hour of the show to win the chance. For you and a friend come into the studio to meet the Larry O'Brien trophy to take a picture with that. Kiss it do all the things with Larry O'Brien trophy here and impressive and game we'll have a date for you. In the near future BJP Hiroshi coming up next and get him rights problem Broderick and parts of again. Now back to the red accomplish all on 957. Big game kriegel is important it is all important. I think really what's been missing your lost forty years isn't. Is keeping score and frustration is is the fact that we've had success of frustrations is that the success we have kept. And it's just a fact and we need to change America. By virtue do the number one creating good team and then ultimately committed to keep morale of the people when they buy. Ticket no that particularly the commuters. That is executive vice president of baseball operations in minority owner of the Oakland Athletics Billy dean almost last July when he met with the media. Here in the Bay Area and he was frustrated by not. You know being able to keep players around here you open French are so. We got a bombshell yesterday from Susan's closer of the surgical chronicle talking about is regime may be done David forcefully being Bob Melvin. So let's bring in our good friend we see no money NHL network in the big network fox sports is in Seattle this past Saturday for wait a blocks complete game shut out. Goma's bubble up but the world Mosul as jet jar on the Rosie JP Morency. Here Ernie or too little it will pop embarks on a par seventy game JP long time no talk I know you you read Susan's closest piece on the open AG's. Open Asia regime here what are you hearing about this Billy being possibly out at between nineteen. Well what they were the very great story that you're always right so other also burst out here I think. All you look at that this team each year what Billy said in the those outlets which it obviously that the past year. And and that's a part of this and part of the reason why perhaps chain issues if not likely then at least very possible. In the very near future is is that. There has not really then. Meaningful progress in a penalty to our treaty that's dark core that that Billy talked about want to build and then. Keep I think that. That there is that the lack of sort of obvious. Profiled momentum towards in the ballpark I think maybe part of the conversation. And then the eighties try to determine what the weight board is going to be. Do they have to continue to. Sort of the current. Business model. Are only going to be able to may be renovated coliseum site out there's not going to be that are other. Code haven't done that area proportional force standpoint. There's just there's a lot about knowing there. And and maybe a lack. Fundamental change in the in the team's economic circumstances. I could see that being a source of frustration. Particularly an obviously it it's entirely possible to that perhaps to be accurate that our vision to what he want teachers to be as well Billy if someone was obviously done extraordinarily well in game. Financially he's part owner of the team. He has a lot of interest outside of baseball soccer being welcome. It's I think he can he can chart a course and it and it's at this point over the next year to have wanted to get the and the nineteenth seeded. And edit this doesn't seem like the most fun thing for him to do. I think he's earned. And money earn enough of capital in the or oral. Decided on a different course and obviously if you make that decision. It could mean various things aren't verbal they're enforcement Bob Melvin as well. JP you know Billy took over Izzy is the GM of this team as a 1997. Ended October 97 of the start in 98 he branch -- and on the chat to you all know as long as the two longest tenured GM forever their titles are such that they do. In baseball and Susan started covering DA's in 1999. So Susan's luster is covered Billy being almost his entire run here. She would not have written this story. Headed that come directly from daily or. At least Billy's eyes would have seen it in some form. To check off on. So. I think I think this is true I think Billy is everything you said is he is frustrated with what's going on the stadium and in the low payroll which is she's had enough. He's 56 years of age you you side and all of us outside interest or away from the game of baseball. So what are you hearing what are baseball people saying about what Billy's next move. Would it be a couple of years wouldn't just leave the game entirely what he wanna take another challenge for the team whether. With a high payrolls Susan also speculates about the giants of what's going on with brand savient. If in fact Billy walks away from the days at JP in the next couple years what what are baseball people saying about what its next move might be. And it's great question and outdated. Equipment. Or who has had such a unique career in the game. The he'd got a great religions. Or geocities quirk. Traded over the years just the college and got very well. Respected person in the game he's he's such he's got such a big personality of being. I think legacy in the game. That that he. I'd I would be taken arms it's it's valid to rank what they can happen take jobs. Very. People people in jobs grow the game. But I think YouTube very intriguing higher for a lot of different organizations. In in very unique element holes and I think. Greg what you make about just wanted to beat the opera are different circumstances. To Billy would be very liberating I think you do have a great. I think you're a great big picture they are obviously our observers that the thirteenth anniversary of money boldly published should it go. The transport of effective. Billy himself and it's certainly been the sports or learning more about the workings of the organization. That the profound effect that still has on the game today. I think it would appear at all about. Greg would be our I'd do challenged and then they had maybe that is. And so it goes across the state. The article so it's gonna be hard local Billick or a lot of credit they. What they look like it beat it beat effort. I think for me why. Did this is in a notable little bit I don't know what you call I want you want. The next great adventure he is you sort collier he's got a great. Spot in in light because he's so accomplished. Edit page and there is that we don't so many things already in the game but also all. Young and up that you pulled up with great perspective. That he can take out any number of neutrality to put it almost whatever you want to that sports well that's why we knew we you mention its darker. I I think that that it finally at Miami. It expansion project efforts sport EU has so body contact to round. The world the entertainment world the sports world Egypt do. Really whatever you want to I think that's part of that park here that that that that if you look at carruthers frustration to a point I'd job. 22 decades apparently no one is that it might still all about which you're out you're around my getting. A little bit tired of restrictions that it's the latter that being gonna have a lot of options. They think that she I had and as Susan Smith article is what's really juicy around here. Because. You know we open a show with a little bit you know and for the money ball movie you know Billy's on the phone talking to Bryant's aviator first in the CB shapes. And we've had ran the show and others a little bit of an edginess between I think the giants in the way they do things in the days in the way they do things. And vacation points institute guys have been at their positions in the longest tenured GMs in all of baseball each of them they they've never made a trade together these two franchises nominee trade on that journey trials. For Darren Lewis back in the early part of the nineties so why aren't aware it would Wear it apart and made things would literally bare. Really do this would he make a change and and Ryan savient would either be removed her. In a vote backed international scouting or something and where they really bring it the only being terrified this differences don't Italian state T is that even blog. It's a fair question. I. I would be surprised I think it's a great thing to think about and archer. Italy would have interest in it as well. Buy it get in its entirety and speed of free agent so to speak for communities all don't all. I look at it this way. There has been I guess football teams that the ownership. Groups. Are gone change right in the last ten years so all that all groups have changed in some way to control person that the person who represent them. Europe really has changed in all cases and in that period of time so. Obviously whenever there's a certain change of ownership. Regard that possibility that that that the control person decides that maybe they want to. Big baby that's. That the illusion of mr. Richard there in the east very. I think if if the giants were to make a change away from. Right they've been obvious but yet but the biggest. If that happened I I wanted to. Expect. That's just my expectation. That they would be going to. A eighty younger individual. That would take things and if they're very profile only direction I get accurate take apart. That that. Has won three World Series. I don't I don't think it seems. All that will likely that you would do that to hire somebody. Roughly the same age as the people you're dismissing. Who has operated neighboring team it was it is pure and change what's been very successful model is changing it in its totality. Completely new perspective and direction that a guy that's maybe why. It's it's partly discern how likely that all that situation I'll beat the about a quick accurate it do that. You're gonna do that to the nth degree as opposed to hiring Filipino low straighten things Greg it happens sports well. Jump home Rossi here in the afternoon delight each case JP Murrow see on NHL network MLB network fox sports by the way good. Featured there on in its own network one around by JP rose who enjoy their coverage or what the hockey. Thank you that it would we don't Canadian accent and doctor I chloride a titles battles that. Three how. We're talking about Billy dean possibly going over to service is what about Bob Melvin because. The Yankees asked inquired about Bob Melvin VA's ownership said no you're not going to be able to interview him. In addition. But they didn't offer Bob Melvin a contract extension and pop and for self what he did appear to Bay Area Menlo Park and Bruce both chief he's also mentioned the story. By Susan slots are would both should be back or between America and could it jars and you know what we could just go across have been. You know stats over Bob Melvin because that seems arc is seen this seamless transition into jars to go that route. Yeah about it a target letter I thought as low reading Susan's story that was who wrote all the borders thing aspects bit. I I think that. That scenario that's laid out. To me seems a bit more plausible. Plan. There any executive trading so to speak out I think that. The manager there's there's just lasts. That it's literally a back court Philippine as a minority owner of the year is absolutely that art you know it. I think that the fact that the fact that. It's the manager is sort of yes you have the coaching staff but you sort of itself compete entity that bad aspects. Fewer people in the overall schematic of their gradation but it ET president or the Chia I'd taken it way out again it is it also comes down to. Two. Is Greg Michigan of course he's civil that are counter cranky. QV aids grant permission. For Bob Melvin disputed the giants call. And after the season's over that I I think if they sat noble. Last winter to the Yankees. I'm not sure what would be different this winter to their geographic rival I think we saw what happened actually before. It took awhile John Farrell. I was was obviously originally was approached by the Red Sox and in the urgently. I took awhile but that they've probably rate will be higher whether it's got away from Toronto with a trade. And and so the dark about never having traded. Player in the last forty years how about trading him manager which it happened again a couple of different times. It happened or no history and we're ready and of course do we we see out here and an went on the play that Jarrett well. And again the judge Beryl example the elapsed mistreated or players so you could happen it's hard. Why do you expect to write executive compensation you will want or expect or managers traded sputnik it's easier to trade him to be here to trade. Age eight she ever manager than it is to trade a club president or part owner or split it that is why this year. Dynamic that that. Stable but I just made it bigger so a little more likely that bottomed out and manages the giants then the ability becomes the GM amber the president of the giants were. That they're being that this is well many many great tip possibilities for the aggressor quite well after that that what are they keep all the pretty picky about the next couple outs. I go back to the seventies and Chuck Tanner who has traded and indirectly. Barely traded art Powell. Two of the New York Mets in and Sandy Alderson a long long long long time ago so. That about say one thing here if they're not gonna trade baseball players and LA and held these are trading a manager of the San Francisco Giants he would have to have a contract expire. Before that ever happen. Just lastly. Giants and I think there are most difficult lots of the year. But hey yeah I start taping I was talking you were jumping a madrassa. I've been that you. Utah that much horse is that. Abolitionist it's not gonna have to finish a contract is gonna have to expired and they that that's plausible though there and you know Bob Melvin is a former San Francisco giant catch yourself. Back at work out but not not via trade and that Ali has a contract. Giants had a really hard loss last night they LA Dodgers are back on fire Colorado is just miserable at home. And now we're hearing reports that Clayton Kershaw you know he lined up thrown simulated game trying to come back from two different stints on the DL. Is Kurt shock that I have to go on a minor league rehab or my niece my its next start JP being in the major leagues for the LA Dodgers. Or right it's not like we're now gonna make rehab appearance this week so let's set the crickets. Are urged. Am somewhat skeptical does that effect the at the preaching expected or edit your. Will be at these these feelings go red. But there's there's that. Big difference in this world between. Feeling good at it and feeling good when you take the moderate that they hit pitch or two different categories. And we is that you are resilient body and that means the next. Log in three months that there probably two more months to document what matters is that what it seem to be Greg he talked about where the tigers are right now. It taught in eight starts. All of this poor quality. To reach the ultimate all dogs into the underdog. And that look at what the dark and not quite sure that there. The charming underdog that it with a payroll. Basically 200 billion dollars. Well they can at least they can lead currently big bet that most. That most of Oprah what about that statement. All body count that I don't believe that you all. Keep. But with the way it played early that they can actually. And sometimes athletes Greg Oden double caught sport about it. They like him say that and I think that the Dodgers. Utley can say that they've got players are somewhat odd position at that spot. But all day. Her comeback you're in attack I believe eleven different story which already this seat and be able by the way go to it. The hang in the that's the way they had its day. Let the ducks get right back in this thing. Right now the giants have a lot of work they'll make this into a Ricci rate Gregory the rocky. To me as well I would ardidi you know and you gotta get traded their bullpen has been. Awful and Colorado lasts a week so I think it's it's pretty true to raise org now. Doctored data back with the site and make in my estimation very pretty over the next hour or so to become buyers. Really are part. In the Al west race. Yet tough loss for deterrence yesterday JP good stuff as always we're gonna let you go look at chart MLB network of course. Fox sports for the game of the week this Saturday and of course in agenda NHL network always a good time bubble. They've got caught on a guy. Guys aren't they called people. That it's really incredible what we are here and you guys Lola. Like crap or. They'll if you get to title role that they are it will. Move local pool Chelsea we are rejecting. UR yeah U do is tough after last night JP it's it's not a I don't I went out and l.'s top tough luck cards. Take German. John Paul morals she does her stuff for a movie network fox sports and and it's gonna work in talking about the game last night we can continue this conversation after the break profit. In article four not the majority said is last on our guy pub. Both it's about right handed home run hitter poll for the left to believe that. Swing is swing right handed to show different like he's guiding them but it's a bat to the ball usually. Let's cited its let cigarette but he got an intricate it's a hideously probably end up losing that hunger Strickland blows and in the ninth inning. Lot of prayers a hundred struck at saudis I think he's had a decent year although he's had a three rove Jew to any spark an aberration from the Marlins walk in off the amount that's an ugly loss for deterrence last ugly ugly ugly going to be. I I think it's the worst loss of the year with Canada botanic have a flashback to last year and wanna sixteen. Because they this was a bullpen laws and it's on one guys the hard part about being a closure. Everybody can have a great game and and LB to Ahmanson's defense and performance last night short Jon Miller is a joint institute thirty. Dear lord that I fared best an average of black. I thought about it to the play every day and chart block fraud became a father for the fort time. But they started a lefty last night so I was cool at that but now. After CN LV Tomlinson go in the hole on the back and the double play he started up the middle to play he made for strictly an earlier. And the the faithful there regrettable ninth just unbelievable. Couldn't believe it. So a lot of good last night but in the end. That's not like last year and it felt like the second half which when he sixteen when they just could not find a replacement of the bullpen for the court for an idea. At a market overreact and extra and find out according yanked at 32. Fastball the walking Anderson the lead off hitter in and he hung the the slider to re on the real allow you to OJT commutes though. It just to start the grip you could see it. So I think he's fine he's got a lot of options in that bullpen with will Smith and Tony Watson got a couple of veteran you know lock down lefties Milan since an option may be for later on extra in science and arsons look good I don't know I don't know much like the bullpen spend the strongest part of the team and when they score four or morally should win the numbers are incredible. But. Just you know one thing about Melvin. And coach. And actually acknowledged which traded at the mansion directly it was not for sure has said he wasn't there was Steve Phillips there was one of the match then. And it really did do that he let art out of the contract. He's it's hard it's hard job to manage believed in baseball and all of these mellowed at all I think he has during the Bob Melvin run and he certainly did it. When arch. And with Ken Mok and how that flamed out and even his good friend Bob Caron whose you know doc Roberts bench coach in LA. But down. The one thing vote she is superb at running a bullpen superb. That's why last night was frustrating and it's not his fault it's all lined up there. And it part of me was thinking and could could Suarez got a little bit deeper in the game last night wait for 79 pitches and it was. It was fine Tyson guy you know he did great it was all set up the closer you off one guy has a bad game. He'll lose or get a closer look at goalie in hockey if you compare it gave the illusion at just about the only way to go but just the similarities between Bob Melvin vote should state they they know how to run a bullpen I could see from. You know Bob when he was in Seattle and younger men and Arizona he east expert at running a bullpen. And so it's vote she and Bob has been just terrific with the gays in the days were ahead of the curve a little bit putting money into bullpen. In other always gonna put money to resources that other teams undervalued now baseball's caught up to a but now. Bob's a superb manager that way and so is coach and it just last night just reminded me so much of the last year and a half last two years. And I think I think that that the most difficult loss of the year you come home after the long road trip that tough trip and twentieth 26. At home and pick up the game by the throat. In your line getting yanked it and it was a bad loss last night. You speak in Fister given adjourns stroll lesser four point. In five games against the Serbs as insurance and we'll see what happens tonight. You see it deterrence can bounce back the pop in the NBA the rumors are starting Chris balls trying to bring LeBron James to. Each town. But that's assuming Chris Paul is back and self. Also to an effort attribute questioned all the listeners out there for the first on the first star of the show to win a chance. For you when a friend come a studio to meet the Larry O'Brien trophy would do law that. Next earlier to device poppa Barton and parts of again. Now back to the Greg accomplish all on 957. Big game. If the rockets do you wanna go after the broad. House. Two ways first weighed these trade it's probably easier. Could LeBron would stay in lucked LeBron has options he can opt out of his contract by the end of the month we know that Chris Paul also has an option. That Israel flexibility they could stick it he could sign. With emirates team with cap space. Whether you're good sign and trade stuff you dream about for sure now look if they can't get it done via trade they wanted to keep everything else. And that's where LeBron takes a major discount because he is not gonna make 35 million if he opted out signed as a free agency more like. Five million and that a lot last. That is Tom pin of ESP intranet breakdown out of Houston Rockets can fit LeBron James into their cap. And join him up with Chris Paul has good friend ordered a banana boat crew garner Houston Barrymore of course is trying to work on this as well major war war trip. Woes around ski the PLO and should also Walsh Bob stumbled upon the barn usually are starting Miller years ago. Wal-Mart mart we're gonna all of wolves wolves are Murkowski of ESPN NBA entire course. Says that Chris is going to return to Houston and listen right now Chris Paul folk Chris Paul's focus. Isn't so much on its own free agency he's turned to recruit LeBron James to Houston somebody close and sits in the Keyes has focused. Under recruited LeBron as. Anything he's done in the NBA he wants to find the ways so welcome back to new York and delightful pop and Barnes are here and under par seventy game. And this is something we've talked about we knew there Chris Paul we're try to recruit LeBron James however. Aren't taking that LeBron James may go to the lakers chartered recruit Chris Paul to LA. What do you make of this latest development here with. Chris Paul and was stamped top ten was talking in my girl Michelle beatle was then and now I get up this morning I don't know I was aren't ghetto for sports and there are water so are you doesn't get it Michelle's not a sports centers and those that get a and we know how the beast this is going to be is going to be happening now until July the first and and allied effort to actually start to leak out before the brown mr. Either opt in or opt out on June 29. That they have programming to fill all day long and they have a website to be read. And negative feed the beast but the word around the NBA. Is that LeBron James is going to LA lakers is no way in hell on the Houston Rockets. Although financially if he does opt in. And keep his 35 point six for next year there's no state income tax in Houston he could veer really now that like he needs more money. But that's not gonna happen that almost everybody in the league thinks she's going to the lakers. Chris Paul is going to re sign with the Houston Rockets and James Harden he's back and we have an annulment after one year's Kardashian. So that the big guy in the whole deal now is Paul George. What is Paul George going to do you. Is he seriously. Has Marc Stein our front formerly of the SP and now with the New York Times. Keeps putting out there that followed George. Quite possibly. And activists say probably put quite possibly could re sign. With the Oklahoma City Thunder that would be really interesting to me. As uneven as it was this year on the court and away it ultimately ended it with them getting knocked out the first round do that you charge as. If he did do that. It would be a short term deal I'm off would be one in an option or what he would do but. Why would Paul George you know tell the Simons and Kevin Pritchard and Larry Bird and Donnie Walsh. A year ago at this time I wanna out of Indiana. I wanna go to the lakers to stay in Oklahoma City. I don't get it the play where Russ Westbrook I'm sorry I target island by neglect here is that the he is the huge domino here. So the question that is. Will LeBron. Continue his pursuit. That he's been setting up for a long time he had one home in LA and Brett what he bought a second home. In LA is in rolling his son. To play high school basketball there that this is where is gonna set up. His career after he's done playing and the end of his career. In marketing its tentacles in LA and everything in the entertainment industry brings. Will he go there. Without. Another guy. Meaning if Paul George says Brad Brian. I am to stay whether us and Dominique and gone back to Oklahoma City maybe it's for one year I could go to LA and a year ago one of an opt out. But I'm I'm I'm staying here I don't know why he would do that but if he does do that. Then what James look at now the lakers don't have to jettison. Julius random like that is a piece and Nikki could keep him. And what James go there alone as far as huge free agents they have to. Slots for huge free agents they've accrued over sixty million dollars they can bring change and George. What James go without Paul George and stay with Alonso. And Kuchma. And Ingram and keep Julius Randall I think it's a possibility there. But the real he's not going to leave this to the rockets that's not happening. And that Chris Paul just did all this last year they tampered he got the deal to the rockets he can't leave there after one year. That's not gonna happen. I don't even seeing that work is a fit. With ball. LeBron James and Chris Paul the ball handlers there used to make it work richer three. Is a little excessive and I think Paul George for it's much better so they're the real question what if the huge question mark is PG thirteen what what is he would. I don't know I. I would have to think he's gonna go back to LA I mean maybe it's just a big smokescreen. And he's in OKC's. Hopes up or maybe he's sorry to 11 deal with OK she's you know what let's give this another one was given another crack. It's what we can do out west now they weren't a foresee at home court advantage and our first round because you talk jazz and we know some people pop. I'm not gonna say name names but we know some people that. Were affiliated with the gold assay wars a signal that. We would like to avoid the Oklahoma City Thunder Matta sounds crazy right its Golden State Warriors but without staff curry to see Michael Casey. Matched up really well towards what that letter says on Paul George wanted to wings if you don't have stepped curry Paul George gonna to pick Kevin Durant or clay tarps and and it really compromise his lawyer's office or would've been very very intriguing. But Paul George stand in Oklahoma City or the way. They lost in each hallway Westbrook what do you text property that gave six over forty shots at the I don't know if it can't play with them he's the ball in his hands Paul George can create in the eighties talked about it this offseason we've we've seen in our teens he. Where he says look troubled mind playing more Brohm Brian you know he passes the ball way out I would be I'd be interested and that's why I can't see a scenario. You know mark's marks earn Asbury Park report are expected Elena marks are. But politics you can really see that part Paul George. Up to one again you're you're you're you're giving your thoughts on what one man is gonna do what I did that help now that would have been an Oklahoma City. Any I would stated Indiana. But. I don't know you know sometimes people get in a market and they feel aligned to what Mark McGwire was in Saint Louis an hour in each edit. He started referring to the American League is the other lead if I can never played for the days and I was like that's gonna. Tony brainwash you Oprah effect but it that I don't know you know you're you're you're you're asking me this is one man's decision. I would not make a decision he caught it's well within his right I have no idea but it would be inconsistent. With what he did last summer could've stayed in Indiana and redneck a year out but he he seemed to do it because he is and stop here was LA. So and you know if he goes to LA with LeBron James. And I guess they have to renounce. Julius Randall because of the money it won't work one of amassed ago. By the Randall played much better actually like Randall in early history they're comparing him to train nine draining strain not light the kidney and he's a guy like drain in my brain but he does suffer he studies buddies that it is Dark -- train operators not even close but he does filling categories the box score does that triple W getting batteries a piece. Do I like Julius rave about it a lot so ball I mean here in the here and now although I think Lott sought I think to get better. There's some things about lines those game it's gonna grow. Now Kuchma and Ingram are the two guys there that it's the other one. So far Paul George. If I go there with LeBron and they keep whose Mark Ingram and David Alonso you know week we can do this right it may got the overnight. But we can grow these I think Brandon immigrants a future star. Her calf are probably think about what they can do want defense switching swing one dollar to five old life flew to buck his balls and good defender no he averaged close to two steals a game you look at his overall box scores. Box words that aren't pop. We all get fixated with his shooting form and how it's bulky but. He does a lot of these well passes the ball well has very good instincts but because of their above average defender he talked barbaric Brendan Ingram. It's dark handlebar rocked and we are reminds me of a more old. But would just a little more skill a little more killer and a in Albemarle with a very solid player all across the board put print and Ingram has gotten beat if we could do is gain a little bit more weight get a little stronger. On that team defensively with LeBron and PG thirteen and Brandi or me Coleman ball and who's what it could switch all over the floor pop that is scary fighter. I doubt that's what magic has been waiting for that's what capability or we had Michael on Michael Thompson and that's planning played plenty. To get James to get George so regardless of what Chris Paul and you know I'm sure I'm sure Chris Paul's try to get him to Houston hard. And adding happening he's not doing that he's going to the lakers. And then the big question around the league is just Paul George go with him or does he have to go by himself. And then there are other players out there DeMarcus Cousins. The kind of money is he getting no where to put an editorial for a big men Achilles I mean they're. I keep saying you know injuries today they can overcome a volatile one injury but they have big big man. Like the Bogeyman and easy way to 82 he's big man big dude and overcoming Achilles I don't know if you and then you know they're they're on a guy.