Papa and Bonta – 1 – Erin Popovich, Anthony Slater joins, Warriors/Spurs

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, April 19th

Hour 1. Papa and Bonta are joined by Anthony Slater (The Athletic) to talk about the passing of Erin Popovich. We try to figure out which play injured JaVale McGee and whether or not we can expect to see him in Game 3. What can the Spurs even do? We spend some time on condolences to the Popovich family.


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Ladies and it's paying ought to do is stop I don't know I don't know. That in India Latin. Is I'm the voice of the warriors. It's. Bad. Yeah you just. And reseller grip with a really good now. From behind from the GG GG dot com studio its high atop the San Francisco skyline. Crystal clear advantage Q are your hopes. Still. Greg Papa. Hell if she's the last few years but this was I was expected. And our organization and players. There. Besides. Condolences. I think the most admired. For many reasons. Toward the green. And everybody around me. It's up especially for. First family. Have been so impacted by pop and here. It is indeed a tough day for the published and lead the NBA Finley Steve Kirk. And especially Greg popping here who do work group obvious as it put a play announcements for the San Antonio Spurs welcome to the afternoon delight. Dermot Thursday afternoon overall yesterday due to BA's came accorsi went in extra innings because a White Sox would. We got sad news yesterday in the middle of the day that Greg probably is his wife Erin has passed away. Wife of forty years and he will not close tonight in game three of the first round series between the Golden State Warriors in San Antonio Spurs welcome everybody to the afternoon like a proper Barton elementary parts of the game. And of course and Sarah to her it was earlier today at shoot around Steve Kerr who played for Gregg Popovich. He shared his memories in this talks about Aaron Popovich and its assets are pretty NBA especially Gregg Popovich would not calls tonight. Greg you know pop for a well know whenever you are sea turtle before games you guys talk and soften. I know you took the news hard as well so this kind of give your thoughts on Aaron Popovich and or step away from this but you know public is very well. Yeah I mean obviously no money was Don Nelson's assistant coach in replaced Gary saint Jean insane went up to to sack and changed the giants you're gonna have a who power with a letter coming up a little bit later on we'll get more. And do it that Aaron Popovich mrs. top this I called her richest. She really opened up her arms to me and my family when we went to San Antonio nod to the word games for a long long time and I found out in the fall of 97 right after the raiders' season started we were to be over the or got a new contract they wanted to go a different direction and I thought it was gonna work inning ending at all that here and and and a month later. Don Nelson called me from New York he was with the next then it's that he wanted to San Antonio and five minutes later pop called mainly put it all together. And you know stars they they the did the inner workings of basketball champ I was we obviously much closer to pop Gregg Popovich but -- really. Opened up her arms on behalf of the spurs family to my family like I've never experienced it on my usual working for teams and I think it was because remote informative for a different city. In their city that she met a stairs she set us up with someone that would find its place to live at. She really reached out to my wife and my my small kids Derrick included. In a way that just hasn't hasn't happened with the other teams they treated us like it was very similar Vontae if if pop betrayed for audio player. They treated us that way so we were closer to them. Probably that first year and Santonio and I've been within any organization maybe outside of the raiders and Al Davis later years but in any event town. You know she had physical problems. She was around some I remember doing a a couple of functions with her. Visit TV voice the spurs I am seeded tip off luncheon and they had a big gala. Sovereign blacked. Fundraisers more in the springtime at the end of the regular season that she was and she involved and we worked on that together and I. And see that but there were a lot of a lot of time she wasn't around wasn't around you know she battled a an illness. For a number of years say a issue breathing a mile long issue. So when I found out the news last night that she passed away it was unclear to me. Was it T be long disease she was battling footers so many years in fact the same one that that took the life of Barbara Bush. The other day. The Akron imported CO PD. Or was it cancer. And actually what I found out today is it's both. So she was in line to get a lung transplant but she developed breast cancer. And she thought that and in order to be eligible for a new transplant plan of a major organ like a long the issue to be cancer free. For two years and then this past January shoo in for a checkup and they found more evidence cancer. And they give her less than a year to live so. You know people there were close to him in the summertime thought she'd gotten stronger and better. And I don't know how many people he shared this this with. But it's hard I mean obviously. And a lot of supporters and American coaster ranking yeah of course not and there's no way he relinquished if he's not gonna coached and I wonder about game four's Laura I don't know I don't know Vontae I think that's that's gonna have to be right now the one thing about pop was he. He understood. The human element of what these people do the the man that he he. He oversaw in every regard family was always first at the had to miss a game for whatever reason. We could get by. And he had it in tremendous perspective that of any he's a hard ass pop is a tough guy needed somebody regards he reminds me more of a football coach. That a basketball coach he he he demands physical reality of tough. That's above all law above all else because topple his military background is his upbringing and Aaron actually you know had a military background as well. In her upbringing they were just they were tough people but they were also. Tremendously caring. Had a great side to them so I don't know if he's gonna coach. Anymore this year this is news that at this stage of his life. And you go through marriage as someone for forty years. And then you find out in your late sixties and you know pop could live another twenty years thirty years who knows you know that he's not to have that person is number one. Friend throughout all of this to spend time and his family and his grandkids and not doubt they ever decide. So I I mean I can't even think about when he's gonna come back to coach. And then at that the other side would be more long term how this impacts. How much longer he's gonna coach. I you know part of me thought you know huge loss like this you know what do you do when you suffer huge personal loss like issued dive back into your work to get distracted. So loyal he coached longer. Then he was planning and I never heard him and I've ever talk interviewing him years ago when it came to play the warriors that we are you always thought that he would retire when Tim Duncan retired. But you know docs law retired he still go on any 69 he has committed to coach team USA in 22 wanna have to think. He will honor that commitment and that would be I was not a great way for him to end his career five time NBA champion. And to be able to coached team USA. You know does he not do that now he's not able to focus and although it right after this season Angie got a lot of summertime work which team USA that's really when you roll up your sleeves. And do it even edit anything non Olympic. Summer so I don't know I mean these are questions I'm sure right now he's not thinking about I think is just that is spitting in his have to. Pause and let the man you know I have a space right now. Because he is hurting obviously today's we dollar. That is hurting our deputy Slater he's down in San Antonio from the athletic he'll join us. At 1230 to kind of the vibe was going on it should grow between lawyers and experts and of course. The basketball our president are little more for from one into gear changing and Kelenna Azubuike Gurney up and in the light. So probably do have a game tonight and we're gonna break this down in the next segment put. You know just. Guess in this personal Kamal harder wanna play for pot but to slow connect the other side was Steve Kerr. He's obviously affected by this Trimarche grainy camera directly spoke about Popovic. Tablet came we're gonna see tonight. He AT&T'S and I know what is a playoff game. Emotions will be running high here but it's tough to even that for Macy's to tough to think about the game something like this happens. Well of course that's a playoff game and I think the warriors will will handle it the way they handle everything and although they are close to pop and you see. Every Steve Perry referred it's a pop is it is it one of the most beloved figures in the NBA in I was thinking about that. He really is when you see him interact with players. A change right after games the way they hug the Kevin Durant Seth Curry. You know his players but also players she's competing at the highest level with a knee has such great respect for. So I I don't know about the mood of the building tonight are they gonna have any kind of a video tribute to Aaron Popovich before. The game you know hollow that changed the tenor of the spurs fans. Tonight you just have to say. 28 teams that are really hard here for Gregg Popovich and every. In every regard I mean I don't know how he's gonna look back on this year professionally but personally losing. His best friend for all these decades his wife and then. In other hole coli lettered thing and that debt really you know began to become a problem right after January he came back and played in played a mid December came back and played night the next seventeen games and their medical people cleared him but he was still experiencing pain. There was just such a aid a disconnect at the highest level with pop and his best player what the best players he's ever coached. So when he looks back on this year if he ever does write a book I'm sure is gonna have a whole separate chapter with a all the great moments he said his life all the successes. The 2018 calendar years then just at the devastating one for him. Professionally and obviously personally now with this tremendous setback so I don't notice your question that I think the warriors will be fine I think it'll be able to handle it. Well the spurs have you know emotional energy they can write off of early in the game sometimes you do that it could span later in the game. I mean ultimately I think K you know Gregg Popovich is a great team coach he Natalie prepares his team to play that game. He hasn't thought holly wants to edit be played. But he's an expert game manager for all regards adjustments timeouts flow of game. He's just one of the best I can't imagine this is an aide dispersed tonight I haven't pop on the bench. Not this is going to be tougher sentence on the spurs try to steal one in game three with all the emotions -- around the eighteen tees and we'll talk more about game three tonight of course you can listen to Larry our many parts of the game it is Slater at 1230 with a sad news you know obviously they're silly game and I will break down game three between the lawyers experts are here army after the light spot on bought him in -- again. Now that's the great comics you know hug on 957. Big game altered. The center of attention. Nobody attended on the left side did shoots over David West often ramp. Hillary got a great a lot of west came down on ankle he's slipping badly he's in the backcourt Livingston doesn't see it west. And now Steve Kurt got a call time out David West desert. He rolled an ankle. Try to put some weight on his left ankle does so would miss courts but he's gonna hobbled over to the lawyers vet. That is Tim Roy your voice of Golden State Warriors basketball dearly by some of the game. House they've always rolling to his left ankle in the third quarter however good news with David West is available to play tonight against San Antonio JaVale monkey. Is on the injury report with a left thigh contusion. He's questionable to play. Game pollution that may mean we see Zaza Pachulia and I won't know. Apple logo on it came through excellent lawyers experts of course it was at fraternity park's opening game welcome everybody back to the afternoon delight great populate. Vontae hill many parts of the game lawyers are up two games of non we will talk about the forty niners or raiders we have a date pop. We have Dave don't win they will play the battle of fish that we kulana our show is a fine gonna have so happy it's about week would believe how much he wanted to replied no I wanna write week's seven week eight but I got slower. Our. Yeah the loans. We'll discuss that later of course for right now we have talked to warriors here. Wars of course were down six in the first half or hats are in the game number two to come on the third quarter blitzes San Antonio Spurs outscored them six B 948. In the second half here but. This first heard at the chain Papa DH TT sooner we know that they what it once the last early loss of the AT&T'S and eroded the wanton or eleven. What senator other 33 and eight at home and she's 47 on the road in on a road game since February 25 or completely act like a very young team they're very veteran team. And the young teams typically played better homes so they got some young guys obviously with the got some great fears that it be so I don't it's strange it is strange. Then to be strange about a course upon the emotions circled around Aaron Popovich will Woolsey if they do a video tribute for her. Birthday obviously he's correct obviously not be on a silent we know quite Leonard is Alfred season so what can spurs due to Muster up energy still warm from the Golden State Warriors. Well I I think the key things first though it is JaVale McGee. And you know you mentioned the good news with David West in the left ankle sprain when he landed on Aldridge closing out on him and although the warriors did say that David was available to come back in the game I think who I watched that game a question back twice since I watched it live the first time you watch him sitting there on the bench he could barely move I don't think he was mobile enough to come into the game so. It's just good that David West. Is going to be able to play in this game because he's gonna give you quality minutes like he always does in the second and fourth quarters and I think there there may be an argument to make when Cigna. Colette to join us later on in The Who power that he made and finish the game with David West is he really does bother Aldrich are former teammate she knows how to guard him. But judge avail. So now we have an explanation on why he wasn't really effective. In the game especially in the first half the of the night so I wanna watch the game back again today. You know with the knowledge that he has say a left thigh left quad contusion which is a bruise. I'm looking for every play where you may have heard his left side. And I think it was every damn play he was involved in you stick every play advocate it could be there could be there could be there could be there it was early in the game at. Aldridge elevated the ticket jumper over him and he banged into. You veils left leg. Anthony Slater's Energizer a couple of minutes it's been sending me pictures and he's tweeting out of going over he thinks is a play. That happened the other side of the floor are a little bit later we're Aldridge wasn't for down I was four up was on the right side. Any got a bit much to me like JaVale. Was it was compromised more. On his right knee there but Anthony remembered him limping I think the point is at a key get an early in the game. And it was the reason he was not nearly as effective. In game two is he was in game one and maybe they were able to work it out a little bit at halftime and he came back in and he was a little livelier. In the third quarter. But so now I think we're open to a a coach's meeting here where. Knowing what she got which avail physically. Is he playable for one. And if he does play a bowl is it better suited to play them off the bench. And that matchup and Aldridge is much it may be starts does. Or how do you wanna handle that because I think that is the the real point here. And you could she were Aldridge. Aldridge was physically more powerful in game two we caught the ball deeper but he was also quicker to react. Pop coached them up on how to handle double teams face it. You know stared down and when it comes to be aggressive and get rid of it and because of that he played it. Quickly in the game Aldridge and he went right by JaVale. Several times now if you've Ellis compromise with a quad bruise and he just has never mobility. That he's not as effective so. I I think it brings up you know pay a coach's meeting right now they're probably having a party had it. How bad is it do we want to stardom. Do wanna play them off the bench do we want they had size are ready to start and play him off the bench to we wanna start your veil and have just not ready to get the bridge minutes stick about it he can't go. Because I still think it there are other players involved with the spurs. And I think they really there they also need to get. Drain not I think to guard Aldridge war in at that sounds completely opposite of what I've always thought picturing not does cover. Aldridge really well but he is not covered well in the series Aldridge just looks so much bigger kind of like Marcus hall. What ages you physically because I've seen it is very Jane who used it seems like he's triggered our jury month. Turmoil what is Lola sooner gravity would be he had to leverage in his legs are really keep Aldrich off the block and alters his position has been better schedule the leader of pride doesn't seem petrified luxury Mark Green you can solve that puzzled air so what is Vermont green. Had to do. Easy or that I don't want I don't want an electorate on guarding him now is the way to get off of him I don't want that and I think it it's twofold I think. I think Aldridge is using his immense size he is so big you don't realize I'll be. That guy is she is really old school NBA big he's getting he's catching the ball deeper and he's not letting dream on. He would always try to get to a spot Andre about it take for left bloc states senate to get run over his quick feet. To try to get to the bottom of the circle the drain not with the root him out and make him push him out. Closer to the free throw line in the bottom of the circle. Now Aldridge is backing him down. And they're also running more high low where the the past is coming from up top with Powell and Rudy Gay and he's catching the ball deeper but the that. I don't want I don't I drank about guarding him anyway because I think at the opponents. Why in it seems that no the warriors the best watt drain not to have to cover one player that is the biggest threat. And not have drain not rolled around were drag bodies at his best at least is what he has a free safety of middle linebacker and he's starting out one guy. Starting earlier guys spent any rotating at least lie that he can come off guys and help and recovered getting here and there. If he has to guard Aldridge. That he asked Gary Aldrich Eddie's activity fly around is helping as much so. If I'm San Antonio going into this game. I don't know holly wanna do it I think starting Powell would maybe force whatever now it's not. That may be turning amount is enough it's not that he gets it does not that's why you put Zaza on Aldridge I would do it JaVale can't go. Is just gets us our guard. Aldridge and give them that the first line of post defense and then come double. With other people whether it's a guard like play you know it taken down from up top for your comment from low. Which rank mater Kevin Durant you're bringing in more size on Aldridge. That's where I think the warriors can guard him and if you don't have Judah JaVale McGee they were doubling a lot anyway which avail. There were sometimes what he which you know standard straight up and blocking shots. But I think that depicting a look at the beach later on a couple of minutes here what is the deal which of ailment he's left plot was that part of the reason he was sort of factual. In the first half was better in the second half and what kind of JaVale but you got to the air right now we get. Your tonight epic we'll see which have appear we get tonight even if he suits up at the whistler course for me athletic during the afternoon like at 1230 but. Without you don't negate and needs more minutes for Pavano Ekuban movie so far in a series has struck what I like colonial life moves his feet well he's a Smart player. On the game two we look working just overpowered by Aldridge there was one play in its second quarter were all just went baseline jump hook and look like when he thought there's gonna be baseline helped there's ramadi and come over to help so we'll kabob loading what does he have to do to really insert himself into the series. Could you struggle so far policy ever it's it's it's a tough matchup for him he's he's stated. Aldridge is just too big for him and it anchor of us got great length and Aldridge he's Afghanistan next and Aldridge is just huge. And he should he's not just tall and wide bodies. He's physically strong what does she wait he's a tough guy to root out. Now back to necessarily agree with that a seven assessment of if if JaVale can't play. Then kebab hats to play more I think you could easily gives it does not. The JaVale minutes now it's going to be completely different stylistically obviously. But Zaza. Can be effective and I think he is effective guarding Aldridge the problem he has with Aldridge he will not allow Aldridge to catch it's a damn deep I'll tell you that right now. Does not does not a leveraged not a shot blocker but he has strong and he's a strong post defender. And if it he's the stronger if you watch somebody go lean back got Aldridge. And get his big ass out of the bottom of the circle or even deeper. And make him run at four down from the wing more we can come double have a so as not to do that now. In us us us back and get to the vertical spacing on the offensive side it's not likely to play the eighteen minutes that JaVale is giving you'll. It's probably closer to twelve minutes he may have to Kabul. Submit its together here and there but the key thing is you know Ken Ken JaVale. Give it to yet and yet also will orchestrate the minutes and a saint wants this to happen. Or David West guards Aldridge at crunch time and I had he just bothers shouldn't even though. Aldridge is so big the west is strong and west just as a scouting report on all occurred from being his teammate. And playing against him in practice and camps and all that. He just now starting guard him so common down the stretch you're gonna play JaVale anyway if it's a tight game and it's hard to go to the Hamptons five. Against this team I wonder if they could you don't let David West play the first six minutes of the fourth quarter. Give them a three minute blowing it back in for the last three minutes. The game the other spring Anthony Slater from the athletic before we actually speak to Anthony will want to play this out from Kevin Doran on republic it's his wife passed away here's. Katie yesterday at shootaround speaker Margaret Popovich and his wife fair passed away. Certainly Kevin good design now. Very good. Okay. That of course is an emotional Katie because I believe that the B Slater broke to new music ever direct issued a kind of caught him off guard there and Katie had no words we see trademark green tweeted out later course Steve Kerr shared his thoughts in your reaction to the passing the Arabs obviously where Anthony Slater from the athletic here on the afternoon delight when Gregg popular bar until many parts of the game to talk about that moment. When you share that news or Kevin Durant kind of come off or what then lose Anthony. It what everybody kind of like me didn't sound like Q that was. I don't know idea I walked over act period regard brokered through what you parent of absorbing the news. I wasn't around when whoever actor told him that it did sound like we don't weird. So what's the rule what's the mood around the spurs I don't even though it's a has shootaround at their facility of the AT&T said adding data that there facility actually today that can be around the warriors in their. There shooter around this morning and it obviously Steve and supple warriors are extremely close my Mike Brown obviously with Papa. Beckham nearly 2000 and was there when he was in between jobs and in 25 changes to get even a warrior perspective on what Gregg Popovich is gone through right now today. Yeah yet somber I mean like as these try that data have heated through and when he learned yesterday didn't he was like billion were really want the camera that could come over challenge about a even though carving it. Not today but you really get on it you know repose story of how would you would. With that bird and popped it straight into the wagers throughout the one pop called in the dead. You know I'm not strike on today they're going to be automatic data trade you'd be it people like Margo and our apartment is like there were apparently got very close if he kind of called her the power they lie in. That have occurred over the years know what more mad about outcrop. Let's let's get enough rarely if ever having a very might be an alum what might be inside tells us that Horrow he's silenced I love my guess silos are now the reception so we're bring back at Jimmy Slater and just a second here to just kind of opened what he's trying to get into their her. About this whole story menace we go to we have been to be Sarah go ahead and. Did did you hear the story about what and when curry got traded. Yet just that this start of the event began to fade away in the past. I'll play out there. With the fact that you know I get pot call them in and said that he couldn't even go home prepared was gonna become active there wide these like that are quite. Got so close in Arctic air we're about to revive what would give more. Angry and anyone at that the way Greg would deal with bad or order a. Rarely if they're very pleasant lady that it would feel more oh in the early years. Gained ground pretty abruptly and were you there are New York. In new partner. And and earlier I mean you're in the parent all of these and I. Listen again apparently about it removes them again here on Ferraro who the hell are you Slater works. Slider a year in and out here everywhere make Telecom and unpaid cellphone bills out the vessels going on here you gotta give them some Verizon phones TK you make an autumn and athletic. We have them back you're trying to reconnect him her. Entities that are from the F polygamy after the like we'll pop a bunch in many parts of McCain so. As we get into the game pop I think that JaVale McGee matchup is that your guards are here we have what I drive it to be huge all right what's going on here senatorial. Now outside Obama Mary I don't know to marry out and I doubt about it don't you got bad there would look. River walk the wonder there are the lineup through book. The river better those are Sadr has to do each of us and Ella me. Yeah. Army yet no active they're going to be all of that came back after a moment our pregame pop warning to beat airport is going to be the story tonight for sure. All right it is a hard segue to Google have more on the passing ever pop it which you know in saint joins us along with a runner for The Who powered till 1 o'clock but now out of the game. And you and I were texting this morning trying to figure out exactly when it JaVale McGee. Aggravated at left quad contusion it seemed like it could be. Several placed do we know which played actually is for sure and how compromise was the in game two on Monday and how compromise will lead be tonight if he has to play in game three and the. Are we play it was I have not nailed that out for sure there want post where. All newcomer Ryan Newman look right right track that left I bet you that development we kind of grab workers right here at some point are not you're never quite recovered like omelet out of bound Ida. Very but I don't think you're back on our you guys. Fido or RV I hear an area like that he'd like the group that you wake up the next morning a super or other got out what a belt at the injury. Deprive them a bit in bracket gastric without it shooter aren't due out today big city gonna cut it more to build and they're questionable. I kind of beget more on the court likely you'll play. But if he's it hindered at all I mean they'll pull the plug on court. There and if he if he does not start the game. Would they start Zaza Pachulia. I think so cute weird that we go to straight B impede the starting that outlook that better position is I think. They would prefer not not a girl while ordered early and then you know Hickman a monopoly or even of Carla are you know. He trial on the play about ten minutes but I would not be surprised at all these not a very good and harder part where I don't think it more are looney. Or they'll go back out the obvious. It's Jimmy Slater from the athletic on your favourite parliament and are having a wooden Gabriel lawyer spurs tonight. Tip off at six or recourse to cancer right here and in parts of the game at three. Just talk about Claes hot streak here we noted Tony seventeen policies and he he only average about fifteen points a game but he no defense so well on the other hand he's guarding Dave Neal hamburger Patty Mills are Kyra you're being. But this year he is armed fired a sort the first two games have you talked to Clair about lash this whole season offensively. And he's he didn't try to make amends for that because he's come out on fire so far it's in the inventory eighteen playoffs. Yes it DA points on 33 shots going taken concrete I mean that despite a lethal base in the you know it rarely in this shot our NBA dot com car with out. They shot chart scored thirteen different though he hit that shot in eleven at their own remote one or whatever sparked a arbor 55 from. A left wing three but you do that it Arabic guard today that you can let your guard a guy like David Hartley obviously I'm believe art art but you know he's gonna try to take your breathing gonna try to get to the rim were great topic you literally shoot from every inch of court. I'm now we are you know out logo really but I just mean in you know mid range from. Camped out Porky Pig out. And he never really put the ball he's got chased him around the patio into a camera around a bit I mean it it and that that that track. In the cut him a vote short comic partly to account at turner issued over I know that here at the good not to form any Pittsburgh. I think I've seen a 23 got a 33 times if he's to. Yeah exactly right any paddy mills does lock and trail well but that he just does not offer any resistance at all on the shot and play just. Turns an inch fires. At top soccer coach the game that night that I know is gonna have imploded in the in the game plan he ran practice yesterday. What could the spurs do with both guys I don't think they're guarding clay nearly well enough. Danny Green just looks lost to me I don't know where his game just fell off a cliff he used to be able to guard really well. He cannot guard to Randy doesn't have the foot speed at which means you can't put in my play and have him lock and trail on clay. And they have no one to guard Kevin Durant minus coli letter what what they held the spurs do with the two warriors that roasted them for 63 on Monday Anthony. I think biggest play great physical league they're. Wrap the call about a candidate. But by that beat the global high you know they they get rabbit hole and bump guys are three I think that we got mayberry is it may be claimed or react the very good young girl spender. Would hate to be having really edit and you can't agree that we like to put out or you again would be happening Rudy Gay. He REK okay at every ripped them the other day at one point I think regain gonna get you 35 minute. But it did not answer on the where in the book week he'd come back to your analyze the period in the game when Obama went back in power and good. Which we compete by far the most I think any theories that problem here right now. That over every effort could do it or uttered. We're gonna let you go it can be all that win in San Antonio how cold is it that is when wind is blowing its third tornado come around. It has not call but you are it it. Google when Bieber they are I pray you agree. I'm Eric called it says Antonio down here and never do down there. I'm like Charles part leader is no reason for me to go down there because all the women in a little overweight that gesture I was hitting I am kidding guys Eddie. Take care will be read your work tonight as lawyers get ready to come spurs in game after their first roses have NBA playoffs thanks so much into what do it again next week. Are out where Herbert directly affect children and wait your bank your wrote back to pick. Up. Bill. They cannot abolish a delegate here or here are Wednesday's. Editorial eighty degrees when like that. Sounds like separate Cisco will pop well this is that we don't I don't wanna butchered his name but is it. Each war machine or machine each swore he stole our machine. Tool or could see the next coach of the Charlotte hornets went. Rule that's going to be agencies for the mentally for pot tonight. Is each war machine now how will probably affect sperm club does. Zain that most of the tonight's game will discussed earlier the light right here a minute by sending. Now death to the Greg accomplish at all. On 957. Big game. I didn't think they're Gregg Popovich coached and that obviously is going to affect birds you don't know how excellent of him but I think the challenge for the warriors players there's. You know to overcome that and and that's the challenge this is space exceeds. It's that not to let that seeks to the locker room that space you've got to keep them focused on playing games. That is long time color commentator to go to say lawyers Jim Barnett who joined Joseph loan did this morning on 957 a game in. Republic it's it has been announced that he will not be coaching tonight on the silent for San Antonio Spurs in game three of their first round series with the go to state lawyers of course lawyers for a two games and and and the question I guess remains as well obviously the coaching game four would that be different Popovich as his wife. Air passed away yesterday issues right in the long term illness they were married for over forty years welcome back to the afternoon delight Greg Papa bonds held on any parts of the game so. This is emotional game and we see this often in sports not often but we've we've seen it before corporate Favre. When he lit up the Oakland Raiders after his father passed away a net classic 2003 more than a football game. Mean this is this is talking had to bring out their Gary I did have to bring up their candles they'll show if you can end game here Phillip Buchanan gaming our laurels it was at all you Alter rules ball on the ground. That's why Al they don't wanna have bloody regional track record book. But tonight America to see any problem is so this is agony and be an emotional game can you just before we get into this probably. That you obviously we're calling them when and or game will Brett Favre attempting this is Ernie never games that you remember where. A play or Coles has and the member passed way or wife or not Corky saw marquee scoop when they're last year. When the courses babies premature hard the way useless or three yard touchdown within you know about it and after the game that news was broken. Rookies who will play with a heavy heart that day gets in New York charge what a forty man has got their first victory there any games you recall where. Was just so emotional he couldn't really focus on the game cause. Eleven itself come out to be no problem ditched it and I'm looking at game three and I don't like her just kind of wanna get it over with. Yet it ease hey he's not coach again shot I don't mean you know if he would coach yet. And has no way in hell his wife just passed away very down yesterday morning that he would coach but I think the real emotion. If he comes back and coaches on a Sunday. You know how are you get a handle that I think they're gonna be fine for the game tonight. You know will it bring out the best in players and it's hard to say. You mention that Brett Favre game and in a Favre played one of the greatest halves of his life in his this is teammates around him. Rarely is what I remember that night in just a super human place Javon Walker the raiders just a miss timed a lot of jump balls. But they're they're in situations where. People close to the players. Passes away. And you get a a another level performance. Based on pure emotion. From the players. Jamaat Gilliam died. Jim Gilliam was LA dodger. Player and he died he was a first base coach with the Dodgers in the in the seventies and when he died. That fueled them to beating the Phillies and we can 77 national championship series they want to listen to Reggie and the Yankees and the World Series and I remember you know the patches the nineteen other shoulder and it really drove that team. So the big question tonight is how do dispersed players. Reacts. Not having pop coach of playoff game for one thing of pop has missed regular season games but. He's on his playoff games. And Manu Ginobili was speaking this morning. And he almost started to cry and he really. He spoke beautifully. Sort of Tony Parker. But when he got to the the thought of having to play a playoff game without pop. He started to stop himself as he was and he was getting swelled up with a motion crash. So I think that's. That's what we're gonna see tonight. From the spurs players in the guys that have been Iraq I mean every guy on the roster. Pop this touch even the young guys. You know he's he's he's coached them all but the guys that have been around. A long time Tony and Manu in particular. You know Tony Parker's not doesn't have enough a lot left in his legs he's just breaking down physically will he. Give it to you at a level tonight that you just don't you don't see haven't seen before. I don't know why I think those are the two guys that dominate all Aldridge few of feuded with pop and had a hard time. Playing for pop in the early days but he's he's come around insider view them you know during game two of the of the night were spoke about the the time they got together and you know we thought pop was for the development F feud deal I would say. And top was the opposite because he needed again and he said you know I coached Iran would try to get in better spots so it'll Aldridge bring a little extra edge. I mean it's a playoff game and there's going to be. A tremendous said trainees athletes anyway but the fact that we're dealing with such a tremendous. Raw emotion like that that someone losing their life passing away that meant so much to them these guys now Aaron Popovich. Because of what she meant to that team and actual stories about just how she. If and when she she just was around the guys so much in a different way and I'm sure she went up to them. In her own way when pop was the hammer on them and you know she put her armor on an assay you know let them blow off steam technique you know he is he's fine. He loves you you know he's shivering she was she would do that with the players feature careless about. Pete Nicholas was to join us in just minutes here in August saintly and cola. 118 to start the who are a lot of PJ on specifically Sean Elliott is too distraught today to to come on the PGA. Was coach for pop you know he was where he worked with me as a broadcaster peach they tell us about what shot actually had the the transplanted kidney transplant his brother gave a child was doing games is made and that got the kidney transplant he went back and played at PGA then. Jumped in middle of that one season it was my partner and spurs TV than. Popped out so much a PJ they had in us such great relationship that he was an assistant coach with. With PGA so will be able to explain. How the spurs will be able to function. Tonight. Emotionally. On that level and then just you know strategically as a basketball. Team holiday going to be able to function not having the leader there patriarch coach the actual game and. In a Penske ourselves to our contacts find who's writing me about last year with Isiah Thomas assistant on today. Horrific car accident she passed when Isiah Thomas had to play an NBA playoffs without on this of course money Williams a couple of years ago his wife on the car accidents well. She passed away so this this has happened it's forcing guys play are Mary takes her turn away for Isaiah. But the Eagles more therapeutic for him to be on a basketball court but obviously tells a tough situation for him and of course and he has a hip injury distributed Cleveland later on there how how little fort. How does affect the lawyers I know Steve Kerr yes you get this team ready to go. They got a handle business garnered are not looking to give San Antonio in the moment on in this series at all although we do believe that our senate toenails out man and it's inevitable when the series will be over. How will see her deal with this on a silent here obviously he's got a shrine and amid heavy fine. Yeah I mean over the warriors are just gonna play their game they're going to be. I mean if they do have a video tribute chaired Popovich before the game. Yeah I mean you're gonna see guys Welling up you're gonna see. You know big strong tough guys lose their emotions and that's fine IE you know arm to be right there with them it's going to be hard moment in ending note here. He also have to you know you try to get your at least they'll play a physical play off game you know do you wanna bring him down emotionally like that maybe it'll be at all. Take them down to bring a model I don't know but I I think the warriors will deal. With this fine. It's dispersed that are that are that snatches the spurs players today. It's that that that's the phantom of the spurs nation the crowd loved pop. So it's it's going to be I don't know what it's going to be like and it's hard to predict you know. And then the other side that you mention Mahdi Williams losing his wife and I was just. Just unspeakable tragedy is that baby and she's a young woman and she lost the kids and in they she's a young family there and the outpouring of emotion. When her funeral was held a body spoke so beautifully at her funeral I just blew me away. And I think in the when they do have services of the spurs haven't really closed. They are private their private team pop as a private individual. I even tried to reach out about where to send flowers and they they have to make any decisions like that PJ may you know bald men and no more what he charges but. Just did indeed the cross section of NBA. People that will come there and Popovich is funeral. Is going to be you know who what when Mahdi Williams lost his wife in May be even more I mean that was so emotionally draining remember Doc Rivers. Flying their effect he was playing a playoff series it was an against these two coaches flew together. Who oppose same maybe it was it was pop and it was pop pop. Cooper is this person that you're Idaho lottery winner and remember the Padilla there was this little they are I wasn't it was during the playoffs but I remember that it was pop and and and docked flew together. On the same plane one of the owners maybe it was Peter Poulter. Ballmer were there any event I've ever have fled ethnic food together they landed and they play the game that night. Because they need his services were held that they have a game so by this Papa Doc Rivers and I you know I deducted games with me before PJ and shot and in Baghdad doc plate for her for pops in any event. It's get a win whether there are freed up public. Memorial services for Aaron Popovich. The outpouring. From the NBA community is going to be. Profile beverage Steve may become an earlier speaker Greg Popovich is one of the most beloved figures. In history this league and he's a fierce competitor you can't say that about a lot of coaches. That you know one guys beat the brains on its home the other coaches there's you know after awhile it's like. But poppy the wedding when he beach you knew it was different than what Riley beach you were. Chuck Daly beat you were Hugh B brown with a head of certain you know these communities say they always competed. Pop competed like a mad mad from the tip to the horn. In after us a bit of bottle alive didn't go only to share ideas and PJ outsell the stories about himself. Yeah I'm just you know looking ahead do when there's going to be some kind of a public moment here a funeral or memorial for Aaron Popovich the NBA community is gonna come out with a lavish love for. The top of the. It shifts and they are behalf poppy seed everybody around the league sending out sweets tax. Video is an air all was in and out their prayers and condolences to the pop of his family and I to be highly emotional AT&T'S and her down in San Antonio where spurs game number three warriors of course up two games to none. On the series you can listen to McCain worst warmup beginning at 5 o'clock took off at 630. We're here ameriprise every game you are listening to many parts of the game KG and yet and in HD one San Francisco at a radio home for every single way of playoff game. We're here are many parts of the game we're gonna bring in the former go to stay lawyer says calls of course use of the system of San Antonio Spurs. Now calling games or is peer radio he's called the washed its run a game for TV Indiana Cleveland he's got. Serrano Washington tomorrow and of course. While your your spurs are used peer radio Sunday afternoon so we're gonna bring in Peter Carlos well it's just a second here early afternoon like a pop them by chairman parts of the game Peter obviously is gonna.