Papa and Bonta – 1 – DeMarcus Cousins, Movement in the NBA

Hour 1. Matt Steinmetz and Ray Ratto fill in for Papa and talk about the DeMarcus Cousin’s press conference, NBA Players signing one-year tryout deals to prove their worth and cash in, and replay Steiny’s interview with Cousins.  

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Sleazy it's. Then in all due to stop what you're doing it unless there's. After an Indian land. The sounds of our errors. It's. A just. And we sound good but it's a really good. Down from behind from the GG GG dot com studio it's kind of tough for San Francisco skyline. Crystal clear that bad Q are your hopes so. Greg Papa. Good afternoon everybody. Now assignments along with the Reagan rattled off Friday afternoon in the bay. Village for Greg Papa and Vontae hill. Both of those guys will be back on Monday. Right around this time. Frame of beautiful day outside. Why are we there again. Well we appreciate them so we concede yet but why are we outside. Where we should be well it's not a remote. By not. Because is nothing were plugin right now I'd that's not a good enough answer if it's a beautiful day outside we should be outside. Have you ever lived anywhere other than the Bay Area right now. Can't CC you don't you don't appreciate it. It's like all you decided right oh you don't appreciate the weather I want to be outside I don't want to let you find which you don't appreciate all you've decided that. If you've never known anything but Bay Area whether you have nothing to compare it to I don't industry under the way it did so I've been to other places. I'd be in the Houston more times than one account to warm their sometimes. It's not it be a little warm made real humid. So don't tell me when he appreciated on pre and start to show like this one this is you you picking nitpicking at a scam that exist. Stop it look at a brutal better than when there are not hungry around this way. One of the reasons I moved from the East Coast ray had a lot to do with the way I could have been more happy when I got out here and realized. Exactly what the weather was you know enemy ray have a bet you've never scrape the windshield had. A bit as I have screwed out we should. Offer guys OK but have you ever warmed up the car yes. Do you want it to eight. Just a circumstance. There was one day when there was a bit ridiculous cold snap in the Bay Area and and overnight weather was down by eight twice a sorry your tales of rural Pennsylvania don't move me. Rashes shots and yeah and and that I'm gonna ask you to stop telling me read about whether. Then I apparently have been through that you think I haven't reading the town of 80000. It's a debt your pipe and smoke okay it's a dump. There. You wanna do this solved and just let's just get through to date have some fun. Drink beer. Lament our career choices on her own content. All right we can we can try. It's out with a little DeMarcus Cousins they'll get into the NFL we got we got. Big problem Bruin again in the NFL. We got the start of the Bay Bridge series second part of the Bay Bridge series coming up. We got we British Open and by the way I. You gotta say it's the open championship and people don't like when you say the British Open. But that long time writer which is named Dan Jenkins. Yeah he says it's okay to call it the British Open and he's about 97 years old. So I I can call the British Open settling into going to start text line. With with tell me about. Me saying it wrong. It took it's getting into. For the general manager apologizing to a player. But first. Ray. You're one of these people I believe. Who can glean. Very much from press conference. What did you glean from boogie cousin. This press conference nothing. Because there was nothing to glean there I don't know about that but I do and don't ask me if you don't think so. No there there was nothing to glean except for the fact that. He doesn't play packed press conference. He'll answer your questions to one city like silly answer. If you simply what he doesn't like killed dismissed. He doesn't play the press conference game. And I like him for that. Because of the press conference is the phony display easiest and most to Roni is way. To figure out whether a person is a good person or a bad person is sincere person Horry dishonest person. Haven't of one on one interview. It's closer. I will we're gonna play my one on one interview with DeMarcus Cousins at 1230 ray and I got to tell yet I'm gonna ask you for your reaction after that. And I got in so do your favorite take some notes because there's going to be a lot of contents after that I'm not taken any notes of I can't remember it's not worth. No. Ray I. Listen. I should not seventh grade I knew I. I'm not a student you're not my teacher I will listen to the interview we can talk about it afterward I don't have to take notes. You don't have to but I guarantee you're gonna Johnson things that I guarantee I'll jot note things down anybody who works in the intelligence industry. CIA FBI whatever they have a conversation with somebody it's important. They immediately chronicle. Chronicle eight take it. That's what they do. Think I thought the markets cousins seemed very comfortable yesterday. I think he's I think he likes where he's. I think you. He's in a good spot I think he realizes he's gonna go to the playoffs this year but what they died I will say though. He ain't gonna be ready for training. Like he says the US well I think he was saying that when he was trying to market themselves. He didn't say that yesterday. I sent him right he said he's gonna try but let's be honest he knows Wien now. I love that line he knows she's the movie the dead zone. Yeah Christopher Walken yet you remember that in the son who ended up do when it. When they're killing himself by. Put himself face first you know alleged suicide is doing it will memory fell face first into Paris scissors. Yeah. And when Christopher Walken touch the mother. And he said. You know. You knew what she knew he was doing all the killings she never did it. As a group people who. Thought it was a good it was a cold rainy. What's a great movie read. A great movie the original producers. So from this century. Off from vishay also only there were no movies made for 2000 torture talent. And movie was made like in 1946. Guess again junior. Oh OK fine then don't try again it was like with Tony Randall. Who's been no it's just between you only Randall. Who was it. On the Gene Wilder and zero must now. Both dad. They're dead if only you could join them. But at the cut I hate when you're in this move well and rerelease teacher always in this mood yeah I'm I'm not I'm not always in the smooth. Sometimes and even worse. But no doubt where why yeah why your kids have been murdered you in your sleep in it that's a statement about the educational system. If you're worse mood then this. They owe it to the rest of America to put you down. It takes about my kids. There are right there all right it's the little start to come around. The older one has her life in order the middle one. I like that like she is that a failings that right now ray have you your family likes where you're at which is away from them. We don't want this my daughters play soccer game isn't the game on a Friday. Its summer. What are you complaining about were the singer did and what you're not going to should shut up dad. Okay you're believable. It's only nine and I want. Imported javelin for your neck before we let the by the way you know that happen once. I threw jab limited. It actually pierce beat a guy he had a live and that's why tell the story that has good ending. What he has a good ending like that can always tell iTunes store and I got parish. A prob wouldn't have gone there as the kids say. We'll put it cousins. I DeMarcus Cousins. Press conference yesterday all. Ray how cool was it. How cool was it to have that press conference ray. In front of a group of all I would say 75 to a hundred little kids that were haven't basketball camp. The facility at the time they all got to watch DeMarcus Cousins press conference and many don't want. The couple questions it was it was darling ray was adorable but to think. You're not poke in this cage. About you you're you're you're exactly the kind of person who would've hated it when you were covering it. You Edsel was sitting there I was there I was in the room I thought it was a good way to integrate. They'd done that for years. They'd done that would like every draft choice and every time they'd they'd Donna Summer press conference it coincides with their can't they've always done it's not new. Don't remember anybody being there when Danny Fortson was unveiled. Was he unveiled during the time with the campus open talk OK again. I don't know you have it it's fun for the kids great cricket I don't care move on pay. Currently. My producer. I noticed that the phone was ringing. Somebody wanted to talk and though it's now it's and there's no fun don't we all the phone calls we can get today. By the way we replay that little segment called ask greater Matt 95795. Feel free to hit a noble and Clint is with me and asked. Baskets any question you want sports related. Non sports related art it's serious Brady gets serious about cousins in the rest of the show there. Are we know why can't see why Heidi. Are we where we did cousins to death yesterday with we will listen Shearer. Eight minute one on one because that's worth it. But what else is here to say. You know there's Sarah. It's your chance to win a thousand dollars. For this stuff. Now back to the Greg Copley shell on 957. Ain't got hundreds of gray rather win the Greg puppet show for tower of power right I'll win against you know. Tower of power that I. Your Bay Area native I believe that promote what this JR have you ever seen it live in concert this and F they get. Yes they are. We're just see and remind me ask you have gotten so big that you small kind of small thing you've long time. Late seventy and Victor Conte it was in this brand. He had not being on the inactive in the band myself. Thought we came later wasn't in the original plea would get wasn't wise judgment. Bats are limited re route though ten minutes are going to be run and one on one interview I did with the Marcus Cousin yesterday right after the press conference. You know what the one thing I do wanna ask your rates your thoughts on and I'm gonna par laid into what's going on what went on in Toronto. Are. Cousins signed a one year contract for five point three million dollars and essentially. He had to do that because it is his injury situation. And and betting on himself in a way. Now you have DeMar DeRozan and somebody who wanted to spend their entire career in Toronto. And he gets traded. By my side you know her Jiri. And it it leads me to believe if you're play here in this league. Would you start to. Signed shorter contracts. So they you have more control more often in your career. The problem. Will that strategy is that. In makes you more vulnerable. And if you you know if you have a bad second year. And you say you sign a one and one. You're on the street and you know it if you do it that way you undermine. You know it sort of the idea of the super Max contract which is long term big money. And I can't imagine that that's a strategy that. The players association with think was a good. Mean you can be annoyed at the lack of quote. Loyalties say that the Toronto Raptors showed DeMar DeRozan. But. You sort of have to pick your poison now knowing full well that. If you don't have a full no trade the contract then. Can you don't ever want to leave you better get that in there and that's it that's a tough thing to negotiate. Yeah edits I mean I wanna say there were only two guys with that last year to three maybe I mean nets but that's the deal. Anyways yesterday or today rather than Toronto GM sexually apologized to DeRozan said there there was a gap in the communication. DeRozan said afterwards that he was assured by the organization wouldn't be moved. And the next thing you know as he's going to be playing in San Antonio. Next year. He's takeaway Leonard. Has not given him any indication that he's disappointed her unhappy with the trade so we'll see what happens I guess she's got to go to Toronto. Take a physical at some point. And what if he doesn't pass the physical. While the dispersal feel awfully stupid for doubting his healing that's realities that is true that's one. I didn't think about a from that saying I'm just thinking they're goes coli back then San Antonio gonna start the process over again. Well. I think it's. Made it did to me it's. I don't think he's gonna come out and say boy I I really like it here. And the key Leonard I think he wants control over future any kid can have control over future tour next year. He might decide he wants to stay in terms are right there. While the one thing as it relates the cousins. And a lot of people talk about as technical fouls is attitude what kind of team made use by. I don't think any of that is going to be an issue. The to me the biggest issue I see. I should say potential issue IC re. Is that he in the warriors almost inherently. Have a different timetable the warriors are conservative they're gonna wanna probably. Keep him on ice for as long as possible but he's got money that may. He's got proving to do what I see him kind of chomping at the bit to come back and the warriors saying be patient be patient be patient. I mean that's the one thing that I think's gonna be interesting to watch. Well. He he also knows that. If he's too strident about it some people hold it against who he is playing for. Thirty teams this year. Not just the warnings all that's unusual. And the second thing he's got to prove. Is that. He. Can play and the thirteen he's got to prove is that. Whatever your reservations about him maybe. You put him in a winning situation any overcomes the mall. So I mean he's got a he's gonna show we can he can play at. At engineered cousins levels again he's got to be comfortable with the fact that you reduced role so it's not gonna be done with the numbers as much as it is with. Him hard work play being a complementary player rather than go to guy. And third that. He doesn't. End up. Being re caricature. Because that's probably been the biggest problem in his career is it people decide he's a bad guy. Based on the fact that he has that face that always looks paint. And it's weather took a call or something happens on the court he doesn't like he. He's got to do a make over and he's got to do it for all thirty teams because he doesn't know which one of them is going to come at him with real money next year if he plays well. One thing I don't think we're talking enough about but. You have to beat. You have to be careful the way you talk about it 'cause they don't want dismiss interpreted in two. Then this won't work who were your trouble that's not what I'm saying I'm not saying that at all. But nobody's talked about the fact that. If you got to run out the starting line up. Of curry Thompson and derail a train mine green. And DeMarcus Cousins. It's it's not automatic. That that team is just going to be where that unit I should say is just going to be off the charts. Phenomenal I mean you have three guys you know. Went went to Rick came he was a number one option some people say he's number two no let's just say he's the number one option so now you're gonna have curry. The rant. And cousins all of whom. Big boys scorers. And any of Klay Thompson who's gonna who's gonna. You know get his. I don't like I think it's on OK let's say it would jobs up ritual you started a lot of people didn't like him and that's fine I just don't believe it or not I don't think you can. Yeah I put an all star shattering there are you really gotta get that much better. Or nobody gonna just be different. No they're not going to be Iger what are we going to be they're going to be. Eighteen minute that went confronted. With one of the few remaining dominant low post guys in the game. Let's say whether it's capella or Al or for order you know whatever else is out there Steve Kerr doesn't have to do anything gimmicky about it. He's now got an answer for that too. Mean Kevin Durant when they signed him took. It took out the idea that they'd have to play against Kevin Durant and he helped neutralize. A team that gave them a lot of trouble in Oklahoma City. Now with cousins albeit. By accident even though they don't need him now they don't have to worry about the problems that you know teams with good senators present to them. So they basically they've they've eliminated a problem. You know and that's right that's why they signed him it wasn't because they wanted to change or they wanted to. You know integrate another bald dominant guy intuit the team it's already got guys who like to have the ball or hands it's here we solved a we solved one of our remaining problem no there aren't very many laughs what's your. She I don't think it was a problem I really don't I know we'll be laid out rebounded and we don't have a low post scorer but don't the warrior stuff I feel. That's not that's not who they all are and you know is. The regional war your work is because I think they have a incredible balance. What you get cousins in there. You know there's going to be they're gonna be overly spoon feeding him I I don't think they are really. I think I think this is a whole different I think they're gonna say you need to catch up to us. As his goodies you are we're the ones with three ratings. And you're the one would know playoff games. I think he's and I Vicki and I think he's willing I don't bet I do I go ahead and I don't think they have to worry about. Is quote. Temper issues are because I think he understands that. They're not joining him he's joining them. Not a good point that's a good point I just. Sometimes I feel like. Role players. Our role players for a reason you want a role player to play the role. Of somebody who's supporting member. If like DeMarcus Cousins is going to be asked to play a role. Our role player he's sued. Firstar he is not playing that they're not asking him to play a role. Or not. It's these. I don't wanna prove that he can do all the things he once did the they also has to prove that he can do what helps. Eight team true of great players that's more important. Because they will CD they will see. What. Athletic ability he has left after this they'll see that in the way he defends in the way he he handles switches you know in the way he you know. Does the things he's done before it's not about volume. That you know that scouts are going to be looking at him. Rights you know. It's about can he do the stuff that we're gonna need him to do they have to project him in their line up next year. But they have to project him based on not only his physical capabilities but his ability. To join a team. Not be the dominant guy be okay would that. And be a good complementary player without being told the all you are is a complementary player. He's got to figure all that out and I think he can't 'cause if he can't do it on this team and I said it's a hundred times. If he can't figure out how to play on this team. That damages his ability to go somewhere else and be trashed. Yeah our make it clear I'm not saying this is going to be a problem I'm not saying there's not going to be enough balls to go around. I'm just saying. I think the more I think about it the more I think this is what's gonna make this season interest staying. This and probably. The only thing actually is gonna make. The season interesting I could see. You know cousins is gonna come back let's say in the middle of the year I'm not gonna say all he you know they're gonna have to adjust because. They don't really how you're right he has to adjust to them. But then he's got to learn. To be a different kind of player than he's ever been in his career and even if he's willing able enthusiastic. It doesn't mean it's gonna be able to do it well you might not but that's a big debt store that's the Dicey rolling. Now ferret out our. Let's run this interview I had with DeMarcus Cousins yesterday night I set it up this way rail I felt like I'm I was gonna use this yesterday tuba. I felt like I was gonna come out of the gate with just. With just that hard hitting question and that's what I did my first question was. How's your debut in the markets. Been a great leader. Early morning there's. But it's been good with it's it's exciting. No I'm glad there's going to be a part of it officially can't wait to get on the floor good people in mobile team a lot of with the team. There's a big year and five year old around can we will let let's get right to do you still think that you're going to be. Ready for trading him you know out about that now we've communicated we'll management. You know it's been seen. Though we'll figure out notable for me personally that's my mom Margo boot little by little be Smart about it. I hate to prevent this so it may happen you know we'll figure it out for the stomach to be determined when I do return I'll give him and that should. What's that about the war they are very conservative about this kinda stuff they've they've been resting players could there be a point where. You think you're ready to do more and there are kinda holding you back a little bit too because that's their MO in Europe most of the what do you get back on the court. I don't think that'll be the case. They know how about a little. And play ball again. You know I'm also being Smart about this not this about the moment I have to think long term wound but the thing now more return for a moment if it. I think will be due to communicate your figuring out the perfect time for Jessica losing you. It is not it is not a good film not enough of this. Depicted. Yeah there's a perception about you. That some people have not a good guy. Good teammate. Do you think the losing has made it tougher for you. To show the true person player you are I think that's the biggest things around and you know not been in the situation that. That's when the situation it was a it was a good year last year. He didn't in the way we weren't too good no good you I think I was overcome in her room and you know. Unfortunate situation so. No experience that a little bit. A lot of the film. Can we get back to even in the league for a while now you've never been to Opel off the court. Got along with Mike Malone Alvin Gentry epic hootie made to a lot of people would say that. Is it ever (%expletive) you off that. Your reputation is what it is for some people obviously not for everybody but you've been a model NBA player in a lot of ways well it's a technical flat. Honestly I don't live from Honolulu reputations. The fact. I'm not looking for the next person Pennington threw. To satisfy stroke my ego like that doesn't help me calm person. Somebody's Shanna Moakler peppers. I. Clearly it I don't know what up to a normal heart is more powerful and run it. So if people like I've dealt with I become numb to. I came and easily getting engaged I've seen how I was in the beginning at a social media here. And it doesn't. Quite others to do is sit back and think. I mean to me that he personally I can never. I. Our own mark and never to. Be so matter so angry at them by the way out of the legal. So fan page and to his right and the most hateful thing. I don't feel that. But I I'll make technical fouls or one thing theater good guy or bad guys are completely different thing. It does feel to me like you've been unfairly portrayed over the course your career at home I just wonder sometimes if a resentment builds up or now it seems like what you changed. You walk on me numb numb to it. It's harmless. Armed. The last Buick has a lot of people who can't let it be harmless they let me kind of absorb them. Mike Malone and that John how are your two guys who surely you've enjoyed playing for. I think you did anyway what was it about the major leaguers. Session to session related. But look let's just talk about Mike Malone Hubble what is it about Mike Malone and other coaches that you. Enjoy playing for that makes you. Enjoy play for more. Is it about this about ball with about basketball. It is well you know patrolman situation room who. You know who booted it and how often know little of it is about winning game plan evolve way. Let's welcome that's welcome work to do everything right get better in my craftsmen and put in the work. You know to me in a lingering if that's what I've come every day. To do or cough so. If you and your post on thing plays like that and never be a situation. Room. You know mark was about as is so with the guys were what 99 when he got fired. And from how the journal poll which can be upset when they let him go. In lower than. You know it's slowed. You know I think Mike is. An incredible job in Denver. They're successful team is young and talented very competitive that he's done a group who. You know everything have a story I'm a firm believer. You know I believe market. Gonna get is do we do you know have a formula. Can you describe what an average day of rehab as life. The mean among poor work notes. I'm aware of core work. Pilates classes. There's the rehab they're being able. That's what do you really hard to stating a kind of shape with that injury. You know it is I mean advocate if it's Faris you know being an implicit in heaven when it is. But I'm in a small things you can do is just comment Trotta main thing but. That's nothing compared to being in shape when you're. You know if it actually. Be very mobile live can be a minister of but it it is what it when we element play devil's advocate perspectives that you talk to Rudy Gay. Dominique Wilkins Jonas about this particular injury. What I always comes up with view is you know you're 611. To 7275. Whatever it is and that's going to be. That could be a factor. How do you process that part of it. There's attitude that if everything goes negative okay the fifth. Bob heard it I've heard everything negative too loud moment right. The bad accident which your what's the best case scenario that happens for you in the Golden State Warriors this year we're mountain. Buffer you. When lieutenant. What a fumble. Have you thought about Spartan. Helmet off the bench when your back any of that kind of stuff I'm sort of out of these kids you know arms I'm sure. I'm more effective right through me being a lot of room. That's the only question. How many times so far have you thought about you being on the court without the those other four guys kind of way you may do graffiti and and and things like that I think we're all players. And you have a collective group we. Good accused if that pork on the view that part hound him so. My roots were I always thought that the one thing in basketball that if you can do you can always plays pass the ball. That you considered good screens play or. Everything else can we we're jeweler Thompson to prepare answer because you know a lot of big men or and and it's something that seemed to come very naturally comment. It came early for our pals got a force to learn I mean I've been facing. Comes from things. Entire through South Florida powerball run. Now come forth and learn like would you really big when you were young people were big girl because I know a lot of golf yeah I'll always follow the world. You know. Pretty decent players so faith things where you we're gonna live in the thing. Probably along the creators. The couple players are are out there already so. Well listen to take open and more time of those a lot of people one talk to Arnold thank you for sit down with me. And I'll welcome to the very best of luck to you sir thank you. I was DeMarcus Cousins. I counted. Like that interview with them because. He's. He's heard it all before. And it's after a while you do become immune to it and he clearly. Doesn't pay any attention to what's going on or what's said about. EE book. He lost me as soon as he called. Yet here they are he if he did not. We sort of cheated. With a toy why listen somebody could tell in the Texans and I was poking the bear. The tea. I. I went to John Dickinson before this interview because he covered. Cousins in Sacramento. Early in his career. And he's like you just need to be straightforward with cousins not afraid to answer any kind of questioned just asking the questions that's what I was trying to try that. Anyone who it was fine I mean and I think key you know. Unit he he'd like you said he's heard it all before nobody. There's no surprise question that it's gonna exactly break him. Although money pooled came close when he asked him about playing dominoes and Gary Payton yesterday. I hear that yet he fell out over that. I don't go to I don't know he left out of Didier DP like that a lot him I think you're gonna say the thing with Dell Demps. Know that in that you knew where that was gonna end up yes yes so not it should it's. You know I think he gets. I think he gets his situation I do too and that's why I don't think. You know the they're going to be huge adjustment problems that there will be adjustments to be made on defense. He won't make them or he will come close to anything he cannot do all the will not be for lack of trial. They're if he can't do well on switches. It all figured a way to. Fix that. You know they did it's only basketball stuff that teacher I mean I think he knows his his place in the unit personal. They had no I think he knew his place in the universe in Sacramento in New Orleans she just let. Losing get away of everything. 888. I 579570. Is a number. How do you think cousins is gonna fit in. Actually on the basketball court. Not a little locker room because I don't think that's going to be an issue. Not how he gets along with his teammates and is there any thing. That does concern you about cousins and the nice thing is even if there is something that concerns you the chances of it affecting the warriors. And impacting them in an extremely negative way. I think is such a long shots are rats and rat. Now back to Greg top shelf 957. Game. George 957 game this Saturday at your neighborhood lucky store on 200 El Paso Rio de Saratoga in San Jose from new. Until 2 PM. To test your golf skills to win great prizes. Also take a picture with big red. And enter the lucky super fan sweepstakes for inside the ropes VIP access at the Ellie Mae classic celebrity shoot out presented by lucky. It's part of the Ellie may classic golf tournament at TPC still break for more information visit the events page. At 957. Big game that's Imus rate Brando in for Greg Papa. Whoever called Jonas Jerebko the sweetest sweetest Larry Bird Kumble. Come on ray who may data you know. I think it was considered a joke it's time. But wasn't considered a joke when they called Leo Rautins the Canadian Larry Bird member from Syracuse. I was also a joke. Turned out to be here and it was good noted you know I'd I'm trying to remember who it was stated. Did it culture of code that it was considered funny at the time by everybody including truck. Wheel to take a page out your book. That guy should get a disease. And know only you. That that's only for you let's go to bill in camp. All bill what's going on. No matter Reagan. Attic a couple things on it is yeah I thought your interview. With cousins was great to. Oh thank you presume you're killing meal yesterday on the tax like for not get near call. No no I I didn't text I knew he had all kinds of people committed to a what I saw beautiful and what I see you beat you know I'm a therapist and I look for how people relate to each other I remember during the all star game. President screwing around with. Stefan and that would Kuwait and that hey I'm look I'm the third black brother Ethan went from the brief cooling towards. And you as well although I'm you know we gotta get this right he tried it again at any point to another what. And caught not step look in the camera and he smiled he had no word folks were still taking applications helps as cousins crept up. And that those answers he gave you yesterday during your interview I was really impressed aren't. How articulate he was in the and the things he says about himself. And I just think. The worst hit a great position with a broken all the reasons we know secondly when people feel this is going to be the greatest team of all time. I'm what do you as far as I think you've really got to take teams in their error and I mean are we saying that. Magic and Kareem and worthy and Cooper and trumps and Byron Scott couldn't beat these guys sure they're good but the question is could they beat them this seven game series in the final point I'd like to hear. Yeah you know. Yeah I saw put call bill right I don't I stopped playing that game greatest team fall time. Because resisted the games to different. I mean who who know who knows. But the other problem is that you remember. Quote the greatest team of all time from your childhood differently. I mean because you always you always sort of basically guild the Lily a little bit. I mean I'd I think when people talk about the greatest player of all time. I key I my mind goes to locate you'd better mention Chamberlain and Russell and there. You get better do that they don't have to be first on your list. But they'd better be mentioned otherwise I know you haven't done your homework. So. Eventually if they get called ice or just that those are the best ones I ever saw well that's not a metric connect that's not a stat that's not anything it just. You're opinion about EU and you know who cares about that. In a bit if you want us mentioned the best players all time or the best team of all time. If you talking mid single seasons. While you betterment China 67 76ers right you know we'd better mention that those bulls teams at least 72 intently. You know you better word not come with the best player ever was LeBron James and then. Not be able to defend it because. Even if you estimate named the best five players of all time. They'll get to fifteen before they realize they've sailed past five and has heard that many great players they need to beat. On the list they need to be mentioned in the discussion. Because if you stop at five you'll made a colossal error with a six no matter who witness. She Chamberlain play yes well when the first time you saw him play like what was she in his primer was adapters prior. Is. 65. His first year or so what else he was still yet so. I didn't see him it's I'd I don't have a lot of memories of him sixty tournament I never saw live in 62. When he was averaging fifty game. But it's 65. He was still. The the most dominant single player the best player when you add everything else together stole Russell. Just because. Change nature of the position and won eleven titles right. But. Ford simple dominance. He is the guy and I aimed. The one thing that. I'd like to see more of these people acknowledging that. Well when you when you compare. LeBron James and Michael Jordan that's that's not the comparison the comparison is James chamber. And it's not about number why he's of that because they argue. Without question the most physically dominant players have their age okay physically yeah okay I mean that you know basically. They're unstoppable when they choose to be. Well and they were both you know they both were good passers they both you know they both had a lot to their games other than score. I mean you you had to deal with them in ways that you didn't have to deal with anybody else. And that's even Jordan because Jordan had to. You know Ed tipping he had other players around him. That needed to be dealt with channel is on some teams where he was the one figure you deal and so was LeBron. And it's true let's go to Miguel in San Jose which up Miguel. Exactly the particular goal. Hampered stop. I'd like to not right. Articulate. The market and he barely bat both players only bad players and they're Smart. But I'll let it I don't what you guys thinking it views are concerned with and it is a lot of time in a pack. That makes the court. And if you need credit. To stand now. You know it used to really you know solidified. His role and that they're not make. It yet maybe coming back it did backfire with them a little bit what you guys think is role or. How can maximize. It next contract it basically it. Well that's a great question I think that's a great question and I'm not sure I know the answer to that because he ain't gonna averaged 25 and twelve. The last forty games of the year. I don't I think that's a great question I don't know what I do know as the warriors can't. Pay him more than six point two I think the following year well so that. Assuming everything stays the same if he's on the warriors next year then I think something went wrong because I don't thinking he played well enough to get a contract bigger than that. But you know the good Ares renounced money. And and you know I do think he's got to work hard to fit in. And he he probably will have great intentions but it doesn't mean. He's the best player. To fit in with at the at the center position. Probably most talented. And again I'm not saying the war you have trouble integrating the guy understand. It's going to be different because he's a he's is. He says he's a big dog. Yep but I think and you know we talk about. Him being articulate which doesn't move me nearly stretched the fact that. His any pitchers. Have a clarity to them and one of the things he understands is. This isn't about him being a big dog. This is about him. Impressing somebody else. On a good team. That wants him. And if it means they want him as a big dog. Then fine but they're better be things around him to make him a big dog on a worthwhile T. Being of being the big dog on say the Brooklyn nets. That's his edge is gone back Sacramento and all that is. Does that mean I'd if if in fact EO we are to take him at his word that he wants to be. You know on a winning team. Then. He can't just go for the most money. EST go for war the most money and situation. Yeah I think you're right there you'll listen and 957 again KG and CFM an HD one KG MDC different Cisco a radio. Dot com station let's go to Robin San Bruno they rob. You know goes argument. Art I think of Obama saying great quaint as a date. If you go back years. Who spoke at great. Gergen into all of but he race. As for everybody so that all. Look at bad bet that encouraged about is guns to go role. Trapped leg just traps that the mortgage it could you got to vote at the low guy is currently. Only got to pick your poison when you don't do I think I think you could have carpet we have bet that won't the issue guilt say. He basically doing anything but noted as being an iPhone.