Papa and Bonta – 1 – Can Rockets bounce back? Kevon Looney underrated

Hour 1. Papa and Bonta talk about how many assignments the Rockets blew last night and if there is any way they can adjust and come back big in Game 2 or if the series is over. We also touch on the intangible that Kevon Looney brings to the Warriors.


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Ladies and it's. And it ought to do is stop I don't know I don't know. After an Indian land blues from the corners some of our errors. It's. Bad. Larry just. And we sound good but it's a really good. Now it's behind from the GG GG dot com studio it's kind of tough for San Francisco skyline. Crystal clear at bat you or your posts. Great problem. Houston we have a problem Friday with a switch gets opened wide open for a great at all this event. Eight defense. So a lot of he would immediately he made it and let's get right ultimately goes up until. Now. Great that night. For shopping cart TV. Just open by. Also lawyers advantage. Apple lawyers nor. The football. Game one. Even got a voice to saint Houston Rockets last night they did title game of the first half because it saw. The lawyers outscored the rockets 63 depicting the second half. Katie Eagles to 37 equates 48 and the warriors take it one game to zero lead over the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference finals welcome to the open in the life. Greg Papa Arthur hill and at a price seventy games. And a lawyer sit way in which is not surprising pop push the way they want Nagin pray to play all that great day. They can play even better and that means it's a problem for eggs or rockets that's and he looked as we anticipate gain ever toured a series Wednesday night pop. Get during special there's no doubt about it Klay Thompson hitting wide open three pointers in the defense and intensity from the Golden State Warriors last night it was. It was it was also Rocco was unleashed but the rockets they do have a problem with these lawyers propped. Yeah you're back at every critical of a play off what especially when it's on the road in the first time you're facing a team in the carrier that had a better record and you. And you used you know you stomp on them in the second half of the game and he treated like any other playoff game. But you know throughout date the regular season when Houston they would and three different ten game winning streak they get off the 25 and four start they had a stretch related clues shirt. A solid month but I very quietly in and on the show not so quietly. Thought when they get on the same night before a foot by fifty foot slab hardware the orange crush them and they are better team and we got into all their flaws. But the one thing and it's at one point I did kind of acknowledge to myself. That the warriors are gonna have to probably play. There a game maybe there A minus game maybe they're B plus game. To beat this team. The last night and all honesty. Kevin Durant was brilliant and drink and anger arranged defense in the second hand was brilliant. But the Houston Rockets allowed the warriors to beat them what do you think not to seek flush GC nine I know. He plots almost session yesterday or say mannered uneven playing that great but didn't cooked on the isolation but. Houston got to isolation that you noticed or gaming averaged 22 on the season prop they ran 45 isolation plays yesterday and got the rest of the guys out in an awards will take that. Are you wanted to go one on one whole game the way we'll figure it out and it took some bad shots are straight a warrior that is pop but they didn't turn a ball over here to give the rockets extra possessions only minds. Nine turnovers yesterday. And have to play so much better step early scored eighteen prop heal one reporter to go to Austin where former thirteen. Well they were attacking him there wearing him down and I think the reason though warriors assist total was down was there passes were way down last night and I reached out to San Miguel fanned it runs the the warriors analytics has sometimes is different NBA dot com. You know they what the county inbounds play as a passionate things like that so he told me the warriors last night and they when they're harming. 300 EG 325. When they're really playing well. The only two games all year in the playoffs that they were below 300 they lost both games in New Orleans in game three in San Antonio in game four. Last night. 284. Passes are usually that means L now Houston does their thing their 233 that's about where they. They average for the warriors I mean but the reality is Kevin Durant and I'm waiting for all you know to acknowledge it. And a guy and northeast Ohio when he loses coastal sailed on the best player on the planet. Now the best player on the planet is Kevin Durant and it's not even a question he is a goat to offensive force. They have no answer for him nobody does. I think you're gonna have to do at some point the on sound defensive thing and they did somebody on Sunday I took that last night what the hell's the difference Houston. But just a double him. Go get him come up behind him in the mid post and make him give the ball up now you're gonna get helped. Because they're gonna swing it and the warriors can play four on three to go to give up at three or layup but you were doing that anyway. But that they Houston Rockets fundamentally. Their their defense of breakdowns spy on tape and it reminded me of watch in the new orleans' first game and oracle. Were after a few minutes I thought that he would beat the warriors official launch around or break it down. Gerald green is their version and Nicky young. And echinacea Joker I mean every time you wanna cut back door on him James Harden that they attacked James Harden as much as they. A text after and so when Iraq and it's it's beautiful. The wedding like Dan Tony only looks at the game offensively. All he talked about was their missed layup she asked Harden missed it wide open layup. 1737. You get up the floor and play. It is likely it is that Currie gets a steal me out we but they have the mr. lay ups of the turnover stood watch your defense he does it run their defense at all obviously Vista elective does Jeff. There's still liked. Is there assistant coach we talked about Darren Herman a lot of the last round. You know my my dad Tony's like Alvin Gentry looks of the game offensively but when they put on the video today. They are flawed defense team even other individual defenders can't match up with the with that. Kevin Durant until you could be sound as a teen PJ Tucker pitched terribly silly. Things last night. Did you notice Chris Paul at all. Pleasure or not he doubles to quite his 23 points eleven rebounds. I've ever seen in the conference finals game pop he really was striking was deferring to James Harden which and I get it has James Harden scored her first my point in the attic looking but deep offensively so many lazy lazy reaches pop lazy reaches to let the lawyers penetrate and kick LP were clay or granite courier what we're shooting threes. Until just lazy on defense to have the type of breakdowns they had a conference finals. I don't or policy to carpets whilst he had somebody had breakdowns like quite tough and had four. Wide open threes and a and an in this game. You gotta think if they played a second we're looking as clay is never going to be an open even at Phoenix Suns they don't work clay is to have the type of breakdowns or rockets at. It's just effort it's lazy and it's in that effort on that in is what separates the two teams pop the lawyers try any. They have tremendous effort on defense Caracas say don't give a damn about deepest all the talk is their isolation the missed layups in this story is a we got to hit more shots you better fix some Hebert a choice about our defense better double Katie do something scrap anything because that's where we're gonna lose this series is on the defense event. Yeah you know they. They I don't know if it's laziness or economic TI and all today's heat now I think they just botched assignments that he did know where the hell did go so many times they just. Completely botched. You play gotcha is completely naked and so many and the big one Wesley. The long rebound and Chris wherever that that is not an over and back violation when you don't secure the rebound that was a loose ball. It was a man shot in a scramble that with the war should not have possession. And commit the over and back violation. The demo they came back and then talker just just jumps the warrior cutting through nobody picks up clay. I mean most teams when you play the warring here's your Rodham off the free line at ever get a good job. With staff they did not watch stuff getting going and that's why it a lot of lay ups going to the Golan met only 13. But how about the had a splash brother you wanna cover himself. I'm able won't get into all the junk I actually want to warriors to adjust more than Houston. Needs to adjust which I think is going to be bad for them to that I Tories can treat this like. We lost that game even though they won the game on the road they complain so much better but Houston has got to make substantial changes. On both ends of the floor Vontae but that in the end. It's like I said it against San Antonio early and you set against New Orleans. Maybe Boston will have an answer these other teams. Do not have an answer they they will not the warriors don't have to play their eight clustering either ignite a show last night. I must seem I guess that's the one Reagan era but thirteen. I'll give over a B minus because of the defensive effort a puppy really attacked they were spikes he remark to be at an met his game back its weekly TV game forty feisty and scrappy stiff curry even though he was picked are left to right over and over and over again pop he thought he got scrappy got a couple to flexes and aired it kicked out as fast break for Golden State Warriors woody debris go up. The play of Khobar Loney who may join the estrogen like. Rob he's coming on to de Bakker but today we are bringing assigned NBA contract in the coming years and what it would just about all it can offer on this one year 2.2 three I think it is Philadelphia in the winter and in if he has the bird rights of stickers flo offered. Do you really want a place for officers in a matter where you go at the end of nine you're gonna lose its ban on a popular right now you've figured that part. You starred Shia effect next day and I got like you guys eat your right. They went have to decide they put to rant hard not gonna change all of that for you I want it nice and I think. I see why you're against Harden or Durant playing hard but I had it. But the way Harden has instead Baghdad police went trying to make it a step back I can't are legitimate teams go to Atlanta that I actually can we get certainly stuff that a good area I think we could stop that now while Iraq is either approved or. How difficult that we'll repeat the gets he's got to say we're as well discussed earlier to relies problem but him in parts of the game. Now back to the Craig accomplish all on 957. Games. Kennedy's complicated and you'll be really good. But dogs and I he's he's that good. But I'm not says there probably are worried the most about how hard he's going to get his points and reverence and other little stuff that. You can't withstand everything you gotta do some they take something away. I don't think we're taking KD's mid range fallback simpler chip shots coming in could double within that such courage and against Purdue players out there. That is rockets head coach Mike did Tony last night after rockets lost game one of the Western Conference finals for the lawyers what 190106. He's talking about pop and welcome everybody back to be after the eye popping by to hear. I'm in question and game department will join us at 1230. He's live in Houston of course on the call with Tim Roy able pop. Victorious and how James Harden is gonna get his giving aaron's gonna get his is that you can do to stop it but at least try to slow him down a little bit right templates double battle. I mean he just got going last night thirty some reports are warriors are a lot more isolation. What we're used to as you cited though the ball movement the lawyers are we had what 283 passes last night so. Lawyers want a little isolation heavy Katie cook but there Tony what can he do literally slows down here again there others involved not just James Harden and Chris Paul but worst PJ Tucker where it was Trevor Ariza who was also started out from under said the senate tomorrow questioner. Yeah mbah a moute all for six he shot like me last night. Ryan Anderson five minutes where he didn't do anything so look at rockets do hitter Jessica to prop. Bradley had yet to be there gonna change everything and during this is difficult to make some great. And it was the same at Michael Jordan is it's tough to double you know big guy you can go double. During a does not post in the low post the blocked key posts in the mid post 217 feet away. And if you come get him. He's so tall he's gonna throw right over the top now what I would do and they did do it some there's some areas of the court we come get him or he's not looking in come up behind him. As my theory would be during that is turnover prone. And I'd rather have him shoot the ball to one of his teammates that shoot the ball in the basket because he's gonna make the ball on the basket. But if you try to shoot it to one of his teammates failing get a hand in their typical way. So they they they have to be more aggressive and how they go get him but I I I do wanna start the other way. Because shouting get into what they're doing distaff orbiter before you bring Jenin because the switching is just that this whole series. And how these these are the two highest scoring teams in the NBA. Nor has got to 119 which is now better than what they average 112 used to muzzle a bit below what they average a one on nine point five. They had uttered six but Tuesday at the switching. In the NBA and it's this series is coming down to you see you know change shall do it tonight. He will point out which defender he wants to attack and whoever is that defenders guarding will come over and set a ball screen and a crew to switch. And he goes and it's just each is so prevalent. In the NBA you know the last series and Orleans pelicans did not switch Darren Armon had a lock and trail I can't do that against the warriors. But I I do want it just the way to warriors defend. In general speak to a pathetic you hear his voice even when the warriors the regular season they switch all the time the playoffs there's times you don't. Switch you can lock in trailer go over under a blitz and how about harsh. How all these numbers pop Houston in the regular season according to second spectrum in NBA advanced. Advanced stats the rockets which 1400. To six times this season the warriors orchestrated 1070. Parts which is. That's more than double switch tolls compiled by twenty other teams there were out liars to lakers of course COLT by Luke Walton they broke they had over eight burners which is during the regular season so a lot of teams have not. Evolved into the switching tar deep pits here to rockets well but how about Boston Boston switches every they're probably up there but one other tees that those totals are pure pop. Doubles which totals kebab what's what the other it be eight seeds so Boston zeile wired lakers are a liar course or rockets or warriors here but there's a lot of teams your adult switched what are we gonna figure. I don't I I wanna see a static I think switching is becoming the norm in in the NBA because these these shooters. It gives you so worried about taken a three away you can not go under strain obviously some teams you can go under. That the point I'm a make double talk about it more. With Barnett is that switching is the norm in the NBA it's not the opposite but I do wanna see the warriors stopped switching curry on the hard and you can do it. But just let's just start with. The starting lineup because I am at the warriors to make changes on both ends of the floor used to got to change the way they're playing. But I just don't like talked about this yesterday. I I I thought the obvious answer was not to start. The Hamptons five and a stark of on loan. And you what he wound up going with with with Andre. Andre got in the foul trouble which except 2000 the first 315 a game becomes argued on twelve to four. And the game it got to 2314. Victory note twelve to 4235. 44 teams about the same brigade stabilized and Loney came into the game. And at the my theory was as I told you yesterday. Card's gonna play the entire first quarter wound up going out because Loney hit him in the midsection. But he typically placing entire first quarter Paul comes out mid first quarter. So my theory was I want to play you know he's not gonna play the whole first quarter. So is gonna play half the first Cornell and Audrey coming right in behind and tag teaming James Harden but the little that I know. What did what either one of them I know thought James tired so what I. I we overtaking this is that they put a heavily Dylan here and I I I acknowledged I thought about this and that we you and I talked about it. I brought it up a larger played Oklahoma City and Durant was on a Westbrook. I immediately dismiss them and let right ticket did during at guard is another former teammate target and the answer is yes she can guard him but. What what's up with Klay Thompson guarding him right I don't understand. Why not bring Andre. The high act like tops and guards James Harden as well as anybody. In the league and that right behind him is Andre you what play on Chris Paul. When he was a clipper early in his career clay were Dartmouth and later instead regards Paul and he put play out of Redick so I don't understand it. What they're now is it just simply. That Katie went to the coaching staff which that I want to Harden. Many great parade we don't like you act the idea that you got change in the next round and I have taken the next round or what about I. I item you want it kept bringing it up to Maine. And I just dismissed it why did you watch Kevin Durant guarding James Harden the rest of this series about Kerry. I just thought the coaching staff was. And believe it or not thinking like meat because Kevin direct assault all he had to wait and with the way James Harden looked things instead Baghdad we know that. He was looking last night he had a great offensive game. Defensively was the complete opposite but I just stock Kevin Durant swing and he has gotten better defensively since he's come over from Oklahoma City the Golden State. I thought this this will be a matchup they go with the times now. Always what he that you now have to watch I was as shocked as you are. I would still OK but it ran at times are James Harden I just would start the game when he started to gain with Canada radar James hard at body right it would have to wait a minute let's see how long this lasts but it looked at should uphold it. The first I voting is important steps steps screwed up the first one by both doubled their reason that was just steps mistakenly drove odd and the play worked train not pushed James Harden but I was talking about top heavy. Harding just drove them back out of shields entering it fell back I don't understand why that you want to rant which rained nine. Once strong side one side and common and meeting hard at the cop when he when he drives the lane on him that out. Hair and no I agree with you now play on CP three quite it didn't mean CP three had a very quiet game as I mentioned the first game that. In the first segment pop it out of the Los replicating our hard wanna see a little more clay on them maybe we'll see that more game two we gained three gained four if the dollar as well I don't just a little surprised we're both. Both batch of Charles sitting there thinking like okay why dirty play just this year and what it's like a sport matching game one putt up the lawyers overtake it just like when Kirk took up Kevin Durant per quarter delivered at the rockets on it all right I'm going why are you checking out Katie he's got a right now let's watch lead. You know what he did fall down there and we picked up the charge out Eric Gordon and he went on hard. And I also think he took them out because Harden went out. And for some reason he I mean every second the two of them are on the court together during guarded heart. Not that nobody else and you wind up getting switched on everything which leads to end. So is that the reason why did you put clay or hard because in this which was coming right in there are so different she's got out and anyway right. Yeah and I you know and I I what I think Houston to just it's going to be like I saw them do this all year where I thought maybe they're mild threat here. Like the plus shocking and the issue to our heart was sick. He was hardly himself he had no energy and also Paul took it over. And Paul went for 41. So you know but maybe they share the play hard and off the ball more. Ever Randall what five pick it Robert capella. Run that what I. Every Tiger Woods or race or coming over to get steps switched on at. Too hard in which leads to another reason why I wanna start Loney. And foremost because he can guard their guards he a hard time but hard hard stuff to cover. And he was make the step back daddy three over overt KD he was making it over Loney but when learning which in the game. At least they would attack him. Cannot attack incessantly. Staff curry rice and curry wet at times did he get knocked down to the floor and all that night I stopped howling good for all it was like six or seven tie and they're they're not gonna battery wallet dot like. Get off by him. So I they're gonna attack yeah. There's no doubt so what Jim Georges in a couple of minutes here Jim Barnett is Jim doesn't always like. The switching because when he played he can get over screen and guard his guy that's the way they did it in the seventies. Some of these they're not even pick and rolls bond today and I used this term earlier as watching used in its. It during the season and about the oracle beat these guys is that even an action a pick and roll and I saw an earlier series against you talk. Where hard and come off the ball take a dribble handoff a clever play turned the corner that that's that's basketball activity. Now it's not a pick and roll it's a screen. And a switch. Or just bring a guy it is safe area so they add up but there are some times work curry did not have to switch. He put it state a reseller. Bob Rotella whoever he was guarding Paul in just not accepted it but in in while they were waiting and waiting for this switch to a Kurt. The shot clock is ticking down each exit got a pretty good here and you wanna shoot. So that would do they needed. I think from the sport for the war is a great because they could switch one to five most teams can't switch one to five they switch one to four. I I authorities to switch to a defied. I don't want Perry switching kinda hard. My current President Bush and Alex did this market charge carries like get away I'm gonna switch it anyway I don't care I'm taken pride on the need BP. I'm gonna play defense on James Harden our moment to play for pride here Shelby's got to record at least slow down hard now it didn't work always we're glad you mentioned. Values hit into the greens can get to the ground they were bought McCurry you see PJ Tucker reason they are all book from curry then may attire at tired them out a little bit pop but. The for the most part if you should cannot win like this as I mentioned 45 isolation last night he talked about the bar Loney whenever. Whenever you can be switched on the James Hartman Chris ball. He contested nineteen shots last night. He can't stop all of whom put contest pop he had a hand in their face in make life difficult for Houston Rockets off its suite they had to adjust or off its. That the ivy Mike did Charlie and you heard and earlier this morning durn sure I'm not gonna just pop gonna play the same old game and then I got a baseball games are available. Every single game by double digit shot you know I can get excited here and talk about the warrior sweep of Houston Rockets. I tell you what they will win game two this series is over a net. I'm gonna be looking at the first quarter because what we're rockets in irregular she's in the first quarter pop plus 440 elected per quarter what is the first quarter but watched the rockets let the first quarter was it was over nothing can last thirty to 29. The only up one AC what happens in the third quarter warriors that's per quarter forty plus over 350. That this season for the third quarter property and Lapierre and outscored the rockets are seven so. I don't know what the rockets could do their stubborn they're not going to adjust and that's gonna be a problem form in the series. Having yeah I mean going it do you ought to attack curry there's no doubt but third they're doing here at it whether paralyzing. Their offense and it's even even when the shot clock is at fourteen. You know after a file when it's under fourteen great date they don't they don't put the 24 they do it to fourteen even then. They they spent eight seconds tried to get this switch. With curry on Harden and then at least have no child that's why they had three shot clock phallic shots an air balls after that but Jim Barnette I think is that. Gonna join us from Houston spring and a longtime warrior player. And Alastair on the afternoon delight on 9957 again and overall he. Can they play great they they won the game they played well enough to win the game certainly there were solid it's a road game. A win on the playoffs but I I just watch and get your thoughts. Because I know throughout the regular season that sometimes the warriors constant switching. Bothers you and over the whole game last night came down to Houston try to get staff curry switched on to James Harden he fought back. Mitt third quarter when he had that steal money you need be pushed back. A little bit but what would you like to see the warriors get away from that she may be. Not switch one to five like they always do it may be switched to apply and let's step Perry stay on his guy and not switch on a James Harden is much Jim. Well they they tried not to. And what happened is it was pretty interesting because curry made it I thought he made a big adjustment at halftime. Where they did not automatically switch and all the sudden he would fight through and kind of anticipate the switch and jump to the other side. And Dan it's what it costs heartened to do is to regroup and then gore can edit. And they thought they got the switch but by then and you don't need me you guys are analyzing a perfectly well I agree with the same thing. It used so much of the shot clock that it got to be so stagnant that went slightly hard and did something you know him and it was really last as our scoring. You know he had. 24 the first chapter seventeen of its 41 came in the second half. But. They used a lot of time and it kind of self destructed. Because when they got to the other players as they were standing around it and people were able to close on and quickly and that's why. That. To garrido was what a five from three point range trucker they're shooting. An incredibly well out of small sample size in the two previous. Series that accused of Warren. Did not make any the three pointer that ideal which are true or took three shots and 34 match. So they're not getting their people involved and it became very very predictable. And sure I you know partnered as saying it and got numbers. And encrypt all. With a 23 of those guys got 64 between them. And it and they still lost so I just I just think they're their game plan. Backfired on them and the warriors wore them down enough. And made him work harder everything that. If it didn't work out and and so you guys and analyze it right I just think that. They're the way they're playing can they do something different I don't know. The lawyers historical that antibiotic I was listing do you guys just before you you know Jamal made that. After the first quarter first of all the chaotic first street orbits. Of the game where the warriors are the balls going everywhere agreement as a technical you know two minutes into the less than two minutes I think into the game. And everything was going to help and I looked up the score was thirteen to ten and I just it was everybody says the you know the anxiousness. About David says it's no problem all that it it's into the first quarter. You know 2932. And nine warriors now by one note at somewhere in the second quarter I don't know where was even when they were behind. I told him the lawyers are going to win this game and I just felt that way all the way through the game. And then they'd they'd never panicked they were. They just never ever really. Felt the pressure didn't get to the basic played loosely backers say what you got an ace in the hole. My Kevin Durant it was their safety valve all the time he was really site. And do you do when he had when you needed and Luke. They you know there's David they have an enclave knocking down ministries and their assorted things but you know each teammate thirteen injuries. How often does that happen when you play used to. Now there's no doubt about that this where's your insight would Jim Barnett is part two by premier Chrysler dodge Jeep brand of Tracy California. Where ram truck well special offers are happening right now our 3460 Magli rolled. In Tracy JB you're down there used to what's your Roy colony game and our dressing Kamal looney to begin orders were down twelve before. Iguodala picks up to 2000 tomorrow surprising it's Steve Kerr elected to start to have this five. On the Camara who becomes into the gaming talk about a guy who's grown so much within the system I mean he contested nineteen shots yesterday to wait he moved his feet he was out of position. He's an unsung hero in this game one at a west or purpose Arnold's mood nuke the kabob loading would have such a vital role on this team and play of CB. Well we've noticeably over the last when everybody got hurt and things happen. Over the last month the seemed in good bubbly was getting more more playing time and because he can play defense and not once did he ever leave his feet. And gets suckered into the value guide the three point line. Yes sometimes they scored on them but you know when you've got James partner you've got. Chris Paul in your match up that's going to happen even if you're small I don't think he did a marvelous job he played eight minutes. A little over eight minutes of that first quarters imagine having command. And you don't eat everything across the board I'm putting is sketchy right here everything across the board. Field goals attempted to replace everything is zero heating and get a read about and yet. He was plus seven in that so the lawyers gained seven point when he was on the floor no date net and he did not score did not get a rebound but his presence was felt. That the agency banned. Doing what he does best and he's so disciplined discipline that way and he'd get slow. And just doesn't take the bait and even in a step curry got caught in the fourth quarter step taken debate putters and they're reaching here. At picking up rustic and assists out. So at notre bias a good location player. He knows what he can't do he doesn't try to do things that. You can't do. He's just got to go to at a you know you don't wanna play games so cautiously that you'll make a mistake but it looks like he does that but you'd outward about scoring you know that it has scorers. So he's he's gonna do what you can do and he'll rebound better turns out to as as we go on burglary and that I think four rebounds last night. But. But it's just. It's pretty interesting to way to lawyers I just feel so confident about this team right now. The way they handle it. Psychologically and the way they're demeanor on the court. They are there just business style that they went with. And they don't don't don't forget Clegg eight. He was six to fifteen an update what he had to retreat were in and out I mean there are another inch one where the other day either into 950. So we we haven't seen what curry had to work so our deep into kind of a packet of offensively. And that and the used to decrypt by the way is a lot better than. So they they lead a team that. You know has played some pretty dog gone good defense and played good defense last night at times. And that the lawyers for them in a more Terkel later had an in in so far the playoffs and that was a huge huge factor. So James I just look ahead to tomorrow night and this is going to be has some analysts say a must win for Houston if they dropped the first two at home and come to oracle of the warriors a 115 consecutive playoff games. He's acted a bode well afford them but what what can they do can they can they lessen the usage rate the ball in the hands of James Harden have him play more off the ball. And they have Chris Paul in the back court with him I think is a purist point guard in the NBA since John Stockton. What do you think Mike and Tony the rockets will do to adjust today to get ready for tomorrow night Chan. I think they will put hard off the ball a little more I think they have to and it they initiate the opposite Chris Paul he's going to be more decisive earlier shot clock. Get to this spot he's he's got he's got. Idiot you know Harden I don't know it's almost an ego thing with him he kind of play around the game out there and I think they've got to take the ball out of his hands and more mature a majority of the time rather than have him go that way. Had to say he's had a terrific talent. You know sometimes is it just doesn't work well and that we were just you know they wore him down and he but what he can't guard anybody Niedermayer tumbling to its way. People are vital. Lazy they are he's lazy or did you ever get real real quickly got Harden does she remind you of any player in history the league the way. He plays the way holds the ball wait for the pick and roll away now drives reached ever anybody play like him. No no no and especially driving in and flailing his arms into their own. You know I know how to play in key because I keep him in front you know they dig it incredibly liberty keep retreating. I would put my hand right behind my back I put my hands you know a lot right behind her back called grist older risk. And have him run right over my chest and they're not connected there's nowhere for him to go. Why he's in a missed shot that we can get a charging that they don't get a charge I would Jerry are shot. Popping up like that in the ball gonna go flying out about or something I've never seen anyone. Play like cart he's very very different he's very skilled. But this is not you know they don't have a while one contest anymore. Kick FF FF Africa have affected. This conversation would you was sparked by premier Chrysler dodge Jeep grand Tracy California. Visit them on that we Rhode entries are pretty near CD JR of trees he dot com JB have a Google good call we'll tell Roy tomorrow for game number two down in Houston Texas thanks so much for retirement at. What are they were quickly I have a good feeling about this in the wars we are ready to mark and I will not surprise me at all. If they come back up Tuesday. Boom either or we jail I hear you earlier today that you play so much better than they put it. I don't pop I gotta fill up when we do our show from oracle next Tuesday may have to bring the boom in the car at a competitive city behind Isabel we broadcast from ORACLE Arena I really think this could be a sweep here let's talk about Louis for a second shall look weak. Start game number two little Western Conference finals we'll discuss criteria to device problem boxing and 570. I. Now back to the red accomplish all on 957. Picking. We lose out there a reason he's an excellent one on one defenders got a great life. It's not easy scoring on whether it's around on the perimeter so we won the game last night just you know so when it's not like we're gonna sit here and change everything good. She we have to look at everything. Determine if we need to make make some adjustments which we probably will but. We've always been very comfortable with a win Florida law. That is Steve Kerr head coach of the ghosting worse today at shoot around and the sounds like he's pinching. It started to bomb only for game number it's when we talk about the bond when he popped. Here in the afternoon delight of many parts of the game you look at his box score yesterday 25 minutes nothing was sexy about a 141 from the field four rebounds one assist. Once steel but he was a plus six when he did into the game with 810 left in the first quarter rewards were doubts wolf for. In this thing you know I make her run a credit thirty to 29 going into the second quarter kabob police presence in yesterday's game we cannot overlook it does stats don't tell the story when it comes a when he prop. They're exactly remember the basket restored it was a big offensive rebound Duncan it was the one that finished off Aureus twelve to two run to make it 85. 72 with a box or is not gonna show you how he played one assist in the game and I can remember the assist vividly I bet if they're they're practiced now and when they finish up you make it c'mon on the show. Now excitedly talked to him the assures that he had it was a side out of bounds Capello was shading him George Andre Iguodala in the short corner. And he has waited and waited and waited and staff took a jab step up top on Paul got pushed back at Chris Paul is a dirty little. CP three right now he went back door on them and can I just stayed patient he did not rush the inbounds for Capello was. To Andre in just waited waited opened up in the middle. And he hit him out of backdoor cut out of this as Burress shot out about life rolled up which was a great play. Cannot loony in high school and I I've interviewed about on TV. And we got and do what he did this summer we knew we had to do what he's doing now be switched on to guards they went back to UCLA. Any who started guards but when he was in college high school he went to. Hamilton high school in Milwaukee which is named after Alexander Michael Bloomberg the. He Vontae you played point guard averaged 28 a game. It almost thirteen rebounds a game eight blocks McMahon stuff but any at seven assists I doors again it's a waste heat. Which seemed like it David Robinson or an Anthony Davis we're early in high school he was like. 616263. And all of a sudden 69 mile. Got to ask you about his growth spray a few feet his seat he got overtly skilled with the ball and let's be clear I guess you make a face up jump shot. But he's not awful weather and it can make a play. Interview dud a double off to him he could make the proper place not trained not but he's gonna get there where he is chest. Just beyond. Strong is is not leaping keeping his feet down. He had a hard time hard. Now cards tough try to counter through this but I tell you get a really good job on Paul and Paula got to 23 a couple of bogus baskets late in the game and agreements over the last minute but deals on why it's 23 popular out teammate he hit a couple jumpers over. Over come on but admit Italy does that quick dribble. And hard slow it down another step to barker ultimately gain an abacus rise up and shoot low reassembling the top notch not biting on any of that stuff he's guarding him fine. And I hope they did make a change for every reason we're telling you that I want to rant and I want train not a you know waiting at the baseline for when they they peach off the dribble and hard it's going to be a market drove Obama to become Robert block the shot. But that I think if they do that. They attack him. Go ahead attacking and he's a big strong guy that can take it I don't want them attacking Currie as much as they are. And I want your house staff is feeling to day changes that you got the ball over they always coming back from an injury but matches that budget hair. They're letting him out power solid physical him I saw video from at least Slater from the athletic. And staff current base in the practice dunking the basketball Bruce Fraser cute today yet today he doubts it up curry takes the ball the dumps it so let's let's before we go look for us what you don't look at you should get off their feet Kerry got beat up yesterday jobs are only a matter of which I Mulally OK Joseph Malone exactly the but he looked fresh look spry so he'll be hit bill I sum up and whatnot but I think the rockets they have to go away from isolation trying to square it got to do something governor Rebecca Loney. Another thing we talked about with him as can stay what Capello because appellate court capella of the Houston Rockets he runs the floor so well. I notice anything within when economic group appellate Maloney was right on them he was on him those whole step way to hold a four feet whatever can probably run the floor league was right they do not get beaten down the court Els won the medals word about when to be yesterday's game. When he looks a beat another team to populate summer earlier today on the way to work George bell talking about the still practicing and UCLA this offseason. And ever Patrick downward from the clippers were there pick your reason was terrible whoever. But when he was he was defending Patrick Beverley and George bell said oh boy I gotta go help. Any looks back in Beverly was just in the same spot because Loney didn't let him freak who's just in front of him. Couldn't penetrate couldn't get a shot up movie was just right there and that's what George bell said he figured out that loonie could defend guards now we did know that until they see the pot which audit media day or did you always going to be the roster which is why you think it's even picture you're watching ticket totals but I can defeated Carter we saw January 20 legacy Houston Rockets when he was let's start to Chris Paul. We sought again at last and as we mentioned the ninety contested shots he was boxing out well who's run the floor well what this guy Beckett if you report picture popped we're gonna go look album. That well ano and saints and get some phone calls we'll talk on tomorrow for The Who power. Brooklyn called the open question of what you know about loaning Hamlet in sync to your children tell them and tell them he's a dirt bag. He's a bad guy he can't trust the guy but that's not the case strengths are. But why don't worry I would think a famine of the team. If he does go somewhere else is gonna play like this for you right. May be in awe that that's a special skill being a big it is not a 86 died but he hasn't exceedingly long arms. So he plays like he's you know a seven footer. He's Islamic during an F not longer. Any never leave his feet he does not bite which is a good thing and Jordan bells of pogo stick he's always jumper because jumpers jump and this guy can't jump. But teams are inquiring about him so this is going to be. Well it's gonna be up to him if he wants to. Take the cash that was on the morning show on low dropped seven million dollars and is that out there are some Asia Africa and I'm learning seven million dollars. Mean what defense this is really get offer but the players usually signed up their he got it right. I mean a lot of money because as I heard he's never pray for again but Loney Megan hey art seven million we may be cut in short he made what if he gets up that nine to ten million dollar per year per eat their babies to restore. You got six integrating rich but one thing the warriors have. By the rules of this all they can offer him is the same contract terms they did not offer up to pick up the option here. So they cannot it's one year was 2.2 three so much left up orca. So but their board which you do have though is his bird rights. Which means you can sag you're on players' night getting in a luxury tax and you got to shine Kevin Durant and you know place steals open. In a dream odds up after that so you know how rich to you ought to go but right now. There are times. I'm Gerri was just so so last night he was not great. Just don't foul trouble and was really not a strategist overall he was just so so he's not he's not guarding as well as a lot of them regard. There hit seven free throw seven Mary from the floor we have cars religious but he didn't you do that is valid it was better games of ecologically damaging UK was an awful but he really did play as well she's capable play. But he's fine actress sign. But you know after you know he. Moves done. Who knows the value on the floor more than anybody. And Jordan bell may get there I wish she could take Jordan bells legs. And put them on. Could Ron's body there there there are you know it Carly needs is he's jumping but he is but you know what to adapt to different base if you keep Loney. They can do this. And bell does a completely differently with the short little feet shackled duck just fire out as a lot of places so fast. But then you know one head faking he's climbing up the scoreboard now he's gonna jump for learning never jobs to play of both. So what are the one thing we know is next year the Rory is only have two big civic contract in which George bell and it's damion Jones that's all you got. And they're probably gonna wind up go to summer league maybe even a second. To Ross they go to Vegas pop when I wake. On coupe and a cappella before we get the purpose short to long term go to stay away here and also he's a rocket Clint Capello last night we talked about whom assess the last week twelve point six rebounds really wasn't a big factor last night. Because they didn't ask him to be one. What are we talk about all free at last week when we get ready for the series and her on Saturday ticket girls. Capello is going to be involved in the action not all of them he's gonna set a ball screen for Harden he's gonna set a ball screen for Paul. He's get a sense some for Gordon when no one of those guys is out. He sent did did did did deck at palace shed any ball screens and all his records maybe it was all Lusa. Don't let that block on during an early in the game. Now he yet so blobs were.