Papa and Bonta – 1 – Bay Bridge Series, Alex Pavlovic, Warriors off-season

Hour 1. Matt Steinmetz and Ray Ratto fill in for Papa and are joined by Alex Pavlovic to talk about this past weekend’s Bay Bridge Series, how does it impact the rest of the season for both the Giants and the A’s, and a discussion on the Warriors off-season.

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After an Indian land blues from the corners some of our errors. It's. Bad. Just. And we sound good but it's a really good. Now from behind from the GG GG dot com studio's high atop the San Francisco skyline. Crystal clear at bat. Q are your hopes. It's. Greg pop up. One tree hill. Sitting here in the war. Greg hopper and Vontae hill along with the great router. Becoming Hatcher from twelve to three today. Talking about. Mostly about baseball today. Giants lose two of three to the days. Both teams kind of hover around depending on your perspective when you're an optimist. Or not. And usually when a star ray Howell. How important. Was this series over the weekend and next week's series. Does it have any implications. Do you think. How these teams all approach the final two months of the season in the in the you know buying and selling and I know you probably don't like those two. Extremes but. What if anything to these two series mean. Well I do I think. Now that the a's won the first series if they. They win this coming weekend. And even as. Then. Then they're definitely. You know Daryn it because what happened while they were playing was that. Colorado swept CO. Which meant that. You know now Oakland is three back. At the break. Not six. And that's a huge to me that's a huge difference because you're in the race of your series away right if you're not then your not. So. You know I don't know that the a's can be buyers I just don't know what they can package that won't materially hurt them immediately. But I think there I mean I think they were probably going. They were not going to be sellers anyway. But. Now I think it almost cement that you know there they will listen to things but most of the things that buyers want. Are the immediate help guys most notably. Lowry and trying to. And you don't give those guys appear the case you don't have enough. To make up for the fact that trying to end is the back and have a really good bullpen unless you believe that Lou trivia I was ready to be closer and a pennant right. And I don't know that that's true. And beyond that I think one of the things that they're trying to do this year after a really slow start attendant twice. Is build a team. That people. Can recognize. It can look at go I know that guy at CNET tech play I don't think they're getting rid of them I think that matters. Because the a's have set a precedent for. Getting word of guys once people start to know them and like them. I think this is a year where maybe the best move for them is standing pat both in a baseball level and on our marketing fan interest level. That would seem to me. To tell me that being thinks. I mean sometimes you'll make a move when people think well prepared they tried they couldn't. They're conceding but you you think that maybe being looks at this roster and says I don't have to make a move. And we still may be able to get in this thing. Well I mean again you'd. Seattle is the in the run differentials and in the rat. So I mean yeah if you look at what's. If you look at what what they're they're at their record should be. They ought to be you know. They are to be a really ordinary therefore they should be 4849. Or ten game they're playing ten games better than they should. Based on run differential right and but you know if you if you thought that run differential mattered they'd be 22 games behind the Astros. I mean that's in a and B three games behind the race. So I think in some ways I think that BA's are banking on Seattle reverting because it's rare. To finish a year that many games. Over 500 when year. When you've got to minus run differential I mean this stuff usually tends to even out over time but. You know there's nothing about Seattle it makes you go while varied charter and on the making except for the fact that they. Win a ton of one run games and they don't lose an extra innings. That's what they've got and they are injured and their schedules tougher down the road. So I mean I think PH are looking at this says. Something that they can do now if you look at fan graphs which I think a lot of baseball people do. Seattle projects to win in ninety. Which means they go. They they basically breaky right. The yeah DA's go in and factor to win 87. Cities only have to over achieve a little bit more. And Seattle Hester you know come back to the field I think that's the team that their debts and play here Houston's play. You know in Boston the Yankees started play. Cleveland is irrelevant to the discussion. So they're all there is to see apple you know unless you think that somehow the angels and Tampa to. So I I think the of the nasal sit tight with the what they've got. You know I mean no listen that they'll listen offers LB on the phone like everybody else's but I don't know that they feel compelled to make and make a deal. Because a they like their team and be stability is something they need in the ball park. You think this is. The starter. If you use the phrase before a show you think Billy being maybe planting the flag with this thing. That the first time we'd really. You really have done that in the recent past anyway while fort. And he was you know. I mean he made he made short term deals 'cause he said this is where we make our stand. And perhaps season worked great and then he trip he traded SaaS but us because he wanted more pitching got that. And it didn't and still to work out because they couldn't close at a game they were way ahead of Kansas City in the plane. So. While also. In 2014 acquired some margin Hammel. Yeah who were. What just OK that year. Yeah in the privileged and to button that dumped a bigger deal with that assessment is for no doubt for Lester and dogs no doubt could Lester was very good for him. Until that game in Kansas it. But the giants. Not a good record but essentially in the same. While deployed disagree with that if you look at the standings you can make a case that Carter right where the days are standing wise in the end behind wild card wise. I'm up there there are three behind the Dodgers four behind the Dodgers five in the loss column for overall. But to mean the difference is. The Dodgers got software horrific start and there are 37 and seventeen cents I think the Dodgers have hit their stride. I don't think the giants really have a strike ticket. I think this is sort of who they are. They are over achieving a little bit they project at 82 wins 82 wins doesn't get in the post season. I think it could be a seller if they had something to sell. But. So Marge is hurt. Quit though he never now and you know they both carry big price tag I don't think more lots and you know he's gonna fetch a lot on the more on the market for a short term reliever. I've heard his name in any trade talks panics hurt. About somebody like a McCutcheon. They just acquire McCutcheon they could do but you know does it get you. Prospects for the future. Mean that because that's what that's the reason you would be cell. Is stated you know. Basically jump start the process that air Gregory gets in an Andrew Suarez authority sort of begun which is to get younger and get more vibrant. But. You know I don't know. What McCutcheon gets. While I don't he's been he's been he's been pretty ordinary this year now and I'm willing to accept the affected playing in this ballpark has not been great for him. But also. You know there have been signs that. A guy who's had a really really good career is starting to slow down wreck and I think in and I think general manager CNET to. So you know and pose he's hurt and you would move him anyway. I'm garner too important so is Crawford so what else do they have the. Get you all. I haul anything alt a half a hall. A hall yet the only thick Mitchell hall the names of the giants are country. But garner and Brandon Crawford. Dealt. With that big a little if I don't get them even I think if people wanted belt in already. Somebody would got a combined. We not that the key was off the market. At any point. But you know he's not. He's not a big power hitter at a time when. You know power hitting is huge especially that first base. I think as there's some general managers were little balky about his concussion history but for the most part. You know and eat your first baseman. You know has got to hit with a ton of power and this is appearing in baseball history where. Home runs matter a lot they're up a lot and a guy with fifteen home runs is regarded as a punching Judy. Mean the guy sued the guys who matter of the guys who got 25 and 26 right now. And you know he's not that guy. He's more sort of Mark Grace tonight there are more wanna go back a few extra first race for the cubs back in the day here so yeah I'd I don't I don't know that. That there are some massive market for him that. It changes with the giants want to do in the future. I just don't like the fact that they are essentially tenth and an eleven team field. And I'm including Pittsburgh only because they just swept Milwaukee right so now they're only game. Bolo 500 and not that far away from Washington or the giants. So if you if you're gonna say the giants of the baseline. It doesn't take a lot to reach although that. And get get the parts but the pirates are gonna be sellers. Washington I think still believes he can catch Philadelphia and Atlanta a Saint Louis just fired its manager yes so. You know I had the giant triple bottom of the big group the teams and that's never good. Soaring Saturday's game Mark Hanna with. Go ahead home run in the seventh and nice that flip ray to started off and any. And came down home plate to admire house. Our I want to ask you what what where does that come down in the unwritten rules. In terms of baseball that it did it sell out. I just can't I didn't next time. I can't read rules that are written the thumb. Over where should we been screaming about between these two teams for decades. There's a rivalry. There's not and there's just there's no juice to this. It helps. You know I mean it's a small thing. But you know I mean I I even wrote last week that if you wanna get this rivalry jump started. And you're not gonna both be in the playoffs. The thing you've got to do. Is one team needs to knock the other one out. And the giants aren't going to be alluded to the days the a's could do it to the giants. You know that's when you build a rivalry. And then stuff like it just added seasoning. Yeah MI troubled by what he did of course not you know if you don't want him to jump on home plate told him get there. Well clearly they've. Tried to pick up this rival recourse that there's no BH a giant John Wright would not talk about with the Bay Bridge trophy now. On the both teams clearly are covering race well fused boat she really. This is an important important one for him and the giants and a's likewise we'll talk about that. You don't sarcasm as well he used to. Your chance Stewart thousand dollars happens right now. Now back to get Craig Thomas shall hunt on 957. Big game. That's our beds and re run I was sitting in board Greg bobbled by say hello Monday afternoon in the bay. Coming off a Bay Bridge series in which the big east took two out of three they'll reconvenes. On Friday. In Oakland. Two teams. I can't decide whether to say it's similar circumstances. Because. Yeah that's the way you wanna decipher the standings you can. Put it does seem to me like the days. Haven't. A brighter future ahead of them in terms of the next two months. Giants have I'm with you know they're red mean they can say you're three or four back but. You gotta you gotta account for the other sixteens there saying the same thing. Yet the judge these gays have a better present. I don't know what the future holds for either team but for right now you'd rather be an aid manager. They did a guy 579570. Is the number we wanna see your squad do what I wanna see the giants do what you wanna see the age do if anything. Would you take no moves at all by the eighties as a sign that. Billy Beane thinks this team can get it done as far as the giants are concerned. Mean what do you do right there race seems to think that. They don't really have a lot of a lot of clout they don't have a lot of what's the word I'm looking for ray wherewithal to make a trade. Yeah I don't yeah I don't see that there you know you. I don't think there's much out there that they can offer that teams want. Why why don't why did bomb garner. Crawford and Posey completely off the table watt wiser just absurd. Even mentioned those guys while bomb garner news. One of the best pitchers in baseball despite his injury history. Crawford is one of the bay shortstop some baseball. Based on the activities. Of shortstop some baseball. And Posey is a picture. And mean Posey is getting up in years his hip is bothering him in their signs cities. His body started park back at him but he's off the table because. He's earned their right to be off. I mean in two years if you become news in them. A sub average catcher you know. Maybe they do something or maybe he goes on his own but for right now. EU couldn't sell that the any. You could make a deal but in terms cirrus Cisco. Where they're not filling the place every night. You have. A lot of very angry fans. To what it only where where's the catcher and it's going to replace him. 'cause that's the other thing here is there isn't another shortstop and in the giants. Control who can who can be Crawford there's certainly isn't a catcher in their control who could be pose. And bomb garner still the best pitcher they got well what about. Bar the catcher register after the other you are playing today. Today but maybe in the year off well I just I said a couple years maybe you feel differently. But for right now and I mean they don't have anybody close. To post it's not a it's not even discuss possible topic in terms of well my got somebody's coming on hard may be part in two years is rated play in the major leagues that's rushing guy. Especially catcher. But maybe in a couple years that's conceivable it's not conceivable now. Coming up at ten minutes we got. Alex Pavlovic of NBC sports Bay Area covers the giants were gonna touch base with him. Over the all star break and did his thoughts on what's gone all the giants a look at some of the trade deadline moves that these teams have made in the recent past recent past the view of the giants. It and let's just look at some of the championship years and ten they acquired Javier Lopez for John Bowker in that that was a good move huge at the deadline rate move. The next year they theoretically went for it right when they went when they got traded Beltran for Zack Wheeler. Yeah didn't work out well Beltran ended up losing move in the offseason. 2012 they got underpants. Yet though they're cute Derek true standout deals in this list that goes back to the start of the decade and that's. Nieves Lopez who was on three champions and mattered three champ each team's. And parents who mattered to them. But the rest of them you know Beltran got hurt didn't wanna be here anyway Ramon Ramirez was a cipher. Jake Peavy. What's a cipher again zero. Opponents of the due to dabble. CI PH ER yeah. Two I hit a content. I'm not I'm not among them in Mike Leake Kaman went quickly the PGA acquisition of fourteen was. Help drive a little but not a lot caucus not a lot at PI maybe Pete. You try to decode in his time here and you don't really alienation. Now presences who was one of a kind. I hobbies I think does ability to get out I mean he he was he was at the end of a great career but it was the end. Yes that's true and those look over the days when we got in I was looking at their 1213 fourteen. Well they were redeemed. They were they roll they rolled the dice to get him on some larger from the cubs neither of them really helped that time. And they Garret Anderson Russell gay and straight league are still. In the majors. But the but the SaaS British trade. Even though people hated it and they still believe that it's the thing that wrecked team. They Jonny Gomes was helpful and they got Jon Lester was very good for that. I mean date and they were going for you haven't none of admiral long term note what it was irrelevant what drives. The a's don't do Randall TH goal in fort right then and there which they rarely do. And I and I don't think that I don't think that was a harmful deal. Which the other one says but it's one yeah optimal. I mean I did I get the numbers can be the numbers but a little bit if you look at that day. That's that that almost coincides with the decline. OK but you don't chemistry as a matter baseball. If you're going Ford and you need pitching you're gonna have to offer something. Jon Lester is a very good pitcher that year he still a very good pitcher. I mean it. All I'm saying is when. You have to give conventional wisdom is that it affected the clubhouse. Okay that's conventional wisdom conventional wisdom is not always are not always. All I'm saying is you can defend that trade is a baseball. The fact absolute fact that in the eighties went in the can after that does not necessarily mean that assessment is leading. Is the reason if they may have been headed there anyway because they were there were playing out of their minds up until the all star power. Out of their mind that it's. It's gonna universally be. Hand as a bad tree just in but that doesn't mean at the time it was a bad Torre. Did you get our what are. In total debt at mortgage footnote because it and they don't they got three fifths of a rotation which if you remember that team. That was the thing they suffered from they didn't have a lot of pitching. If you're going for it. Why wouldn't you get good starting pitchers or at least pitchers you thought would be good starting I mean honestly the Fed to Samardo ten Hammel didn't work out. You don't you don't know that it's time you make trade understand that OK and and and Lester was completely fine. Maybe they were over achieving in the first half 2014. It's possible. It's possible. Let's go to Ryan in Oakland what's going on right now you're meant. A builder then got to go at they'll pick what calls. Yeah I ordered talk about DAW. Here Joker days bad. You know put forward the rest of the year I'd be happy if they they can gamble would they have. But at the same time I think if they're they're gonna make a move they needed that would make a move for. Starting pitcher that the rotation. Is the way I'm looking at the rest of the season unfolding you guys. The bears to go and we have to surpass it would I think we will. Ed we would be the weight gain in the wild card playoff game. Going to Yankee Stadium or. Then weigh more than likely. With the way the wild card setup and other than men die we don't have anybody else. As a big game pitcher and and I would definitely our number one starter as of now but after him it's it's kind of scary though. If we were to make a move that's definitely where we should go to the by the quality starting pitchers somebody that. We know we can throw in their per game and who did at the W. When you get that. Read 4040 rating give up to get that. Because that's the problem. I don't know. I'm the united game why was desert embryos gone sort of do agree with a thumb. I get the logic of what you're after but I don't get the logic of how you get it. Because. Of what kind of what what level pitcher you looking at Kyle Gibson. Jake go to Ricci. You know I mean it is at the top of the market. Because those are the names keep coming up. And if that's the top of the market. I'm not moved. So essentially it's gonna be quiet. I beat probably the giants in the case the giant Jason I don't have anything to give IDA's. Don't wanna give any of their players who are responsible for where they are right now well and. And because they're meant you know other than Manny mature at all. What's the big what's the big ticket item out there. I mean and neither team. You know I mean I can't I can't see why that. What what what the a's would trade to get maimed charcoal. Gray and the giants already have. A more than workable shorts and a so I don't mean to me I I don't see what. What the greats. The great getting it here. How were you editing the games over the weekend I was not I was at a talent awaiting. Another 1 up in the Pacific northwest now one up in Napa. Eddie anybody I know right now. Family or friend friend. There you go with. But by yourself for no I I I thought it would be a good move to bring my wife said she also knew them. Gotcha gotcha big wedding small wedding. Do you care. You really don't you know I do know I I'll tell you why do you rate because the U didn't get a lot of insight into a couple. Of the kind of wedding the so was we don't and we see eight and drink for free. That's that's you know it's a big boy that's a big boy wedding well it worked for a good what French laundry where G. Nobody gets married at the French laundry stop but don't know what I could not that's why people want to arm you. You asked question did you have no interest in that's not true you don't care about this I do care ray I don't care no you don't. That's simply false. Off telling me when I care. But because I know in this case and it's in the in the owning your voice you couldn't be less interest okay irony yank in here the question I. Yeah I cared more about your golf game this weekend don't you care about what I know I don't. Oh well you're quitting now. Hope I Islam considered taking a break from off rarely do we spent the entire morning show talking about. His golf weekend which lose. Pretty stellar tell you the truth I was I was kind of in the opposite the right read I I'm thinking of try to maybe get in on new interest can replace golf with something like. Tennis maybe war. Jim Barnett you know Jim Barnett now arguing he's the playing competitive basketball league's 5560. And maybe. Maybe remedies and next year to get really good shape and try to get back to competitive basketball 550. When and where we be playing these games like oh after the got a lead. I look into that Ford start the exercise. I think you wanna you wanna figure out where you're heading before you start doing something stupid like that. He. Help I'm trying to help couple my buddies think idea. I need a lesson I should go get some golf lessons that seems like it's. Big investment for me but anyway all right well I mean what how badly did you play I was terrible OK well then lessons won't help give up. Are right or not. Now let's go to Alex problem Ritchie is. NBC sports Bay Area and he covers the Sanford Cisco giants. Alex how you doing then and I guess when when we're at this time a year. It's it's a simple question asked so all I'll ask it would Wear the giants in terms of buying and selling or the in the middle. I think they're right in the middle you know what they would like divide that that the billboard and certainly at the Beijing core. They are despite you know some disappointment that direct the race their organs but this may. Are not too far behind it you know the people ahead of home the other team apart from the doctors that and I think they would like ego or the problem and we are well over and over yet. It's good pretty clear there are bigger or that tax or so. I don't know you know maybe they're you know in a million and a half away from Matt that it part. Figure out exactly what they can get it out of the sport. I'm given that then. Are they even gonna field calls I mean they're not I don't think there and there's not a port where they're gonna become sellers between now and the 31 is that. No I haven't Bobby haven't disputed on the phone all they are there in a bump it you don't no matter what the situation no matter what I'm year. No we like to make developer or via an electric or protesting oil and I think he hires. It's been like that they've about what they do because you never know what went on a bigger opportunity which. A couple of weeks ago. Make it up call and you are a critical take our decked out there so I think it will take called it will make call. They're able to see it people of interest of their players that may be that clears salary. Maybe Islamic create a big you do maybe. But it desperate at the deadline but right now I think it where they are. Which attacked him and the fact that the governor you guys were ordered YouTube to turn the salary dump it it's going to be hard for the Americans to happen. Alex where were are we with Johnny Quaid on do you do you think he's going to be able pitch through this season. I. I'm not sure I you know I think they have a claim form in the plan. It's one minute is very oak you know. Cognizant of the fact that he would hurt they're improbably are or what Kirk and probably still hurting about what I've heard and in respect of app I think it's burst that start. Five Lamar gonna include an extra day of rest but without the ball mapped out and whether Derek Holland workers struck her coming out that cup away. To get him picturesque but I think that told you that there are so concerned arm and can we ever really see much. From its first you start there make you think that you're gonna click it important. To get back to graduate in April and a graduate a year ago when it. It's still out there and it still is better than what most he could grow up there if you do. Trying to get a couple slight improvement but it bank in our debt outlook as we go it can be out there. This is though added to it to shift gears a little bit. The offense they have now is essentially their offense even if you change your name here there. If there isn't anything dramatic to be done. If you look toward 2019. How do they become. The kind of offense that works at this time baseball history which is more power more walks. Well I think first and foremost the got a future. You go it will talk about I will talk about are all right about a million Libya are they ought to be a burglary. The taxes so important to them I think. If you're trying to get a left handed power hitter the committee keep you are going to go. Where is better learn better reader literature that is much bigger than anything else is he so I think that. Probably not realistic but I did it they're pretty good for it that he could do that. Whatever but he says but I think they have hoped that. They're going to with the thought he couldn't have been more big government that they spent the money and you know hope which Dominic article which covers for real what are we out here. Maybe it's important bill Ludacris are a Buick that. Come up and helped but it could be bumping world water out our internally because it's going forward are horrible well. Alex the important question I have here is is our way to describe kind of the excitement that the gays in the giants have. When it comes to the Bay Bridge trophy I mean it's it's it's a pretty. Pretty ingenious knowing that I mean those guys got to be clamoring to get a piece of that. I can't help but are carrots. Yes he has to the IR Reno a grass I don't know is that you look at it. I don't hot I think for these guys. Barack but I know for a the company used for the band and will there that it brought to our detriment the on Twitter and I get on the airwaves that I'd do you think that once the band get next week Dan and want something tangible there I mean I would rather have a that it out there. And there are yeah we are there. And Eric critters are the other part of either the suspended the they are gonna ultimately. Are you happy about its beta marijuana a bit that the calico that appear to rear your art. How much did. Mark can I spat flip help that because if you're talking about building. A rivalry. DA's have always tried to make one happen with the giants always been sort of little or arm's length. It. Is it the sort of thing that that makes that happen or did the a's basically have to pound the giants and make them hurt this in this experienced. Yeah I think it's the latter I mean the can about what do you regret that I spoke out about something those straits yesterday. And I saw that on Twitter and becoming today's call about street in I've love to Cameron set about. Who cares about about whip but it Buick there's a lot of response that something that was the real because Jarrett actually did not care about that where I doubt it aired in the past about. We superintendent and levity guys and they certainly don't like RBI is very much but it. I never heard from anybody yesterday. You know even off the record you're chatting in the call about about care so I think that it's something I mean if he'd become the ability and I respect for our expand that certainly at the rivalry that. The media is going to be about what happened on the field and these are cute cute or for the coach Steve and and if one of them really could ever there next week it is assumed that that aren't coming up. Yeah I think they'll make it bigger impact the oracle. So what can I thought I was basically nonsense from the start. Don't go to art. Critic of the cannon said the can't stories not a story never won it right. Now I've made it an important note that I think sometimes that the media we are terrible because people react to it. Maybe a few people on on Twitter and and then you go into the club up and up to what they predicted author to become the story but the threat to not care one bit arrival that would be think that it. It is really up to the guys weren't all there and it medics that played Tony author of that yesterday that I don't care at bat that you hit it out. Oh totally caught in the Caribbean real here. Alex thanks a lot for joining us really appreciate it and go catch up with the soon. Alex Pavel bit public NBC sports Bay Area. Rea I've Barea distracted. Wire you distress because I just got attacks from a gentleman I assume it's a gentleman maybe it's a woman now. She's he or she said they used to teach golf and their member of the PGA of America for ten years. He says he'll give me three lessons for 300 dollars. And he guarantees I'll get better if I don't you won't charge before. I'm I took his nom I took his name and number down to Iowa I would liken the text me one more time. Put his name on it will be in touch with the rest of the show as you should because I tell you re I'm. Holler put this I am the target. Put into words I'll know more people. I'm the best person the golf whiff. Of probably anybody in the Bay Area. I mean many people want me to be in their force you know I mean because I'm a joy and when I started saying and that you know I'm really down on myself in this dolphin knocked it and is as good as I thought I was gonna get. Maybe take a break. That they're the react the backlash was amazing people saying please don't please don't give up golf because you're going to be depriving a lot of other people. The pleasure be in your company so. Maybe maybe ray I'm gonna come and take this gentleman up on it and give it one more chance one more try. OK then you must do this. Because when you quit I don't wanna hear you making a comeback. Well when you quit quit apparently I was I was contemplating that I hadn't that if I she right. After my lousy round yesterday. I always. I was up. This is worm also very Smart. I need to take a day will be the Jon and I knew to take it day before making a a big decision. Yeah and has. Right there and I knew I wanted out I want it now but I knew that emotion was talking their mostly rates in Nigeria to throw 300 dollars and a stranger. To me shave off a stroke aside. Hey did I hear. What your company is there on this Bay Bridge trophy you addiction. I didn't have anything to do. Who sides of checks. They send my checks and they do a lot of things that I'm not involved. Did you ever have you seen the true trophy first hit of the bride have not I'm sure they have parted and I am not seen. And it's made of the old they bridge it's made out of a hunk of a bridge that. Almost gave its life in 1980. Will you be it any of the Bay Bridge. Series this upcoming. I certainly hope not no I'd probably try to go you know what I what you. Saturdays game ray Saturday they're taken off the tarps. They're gonna open up mount Davis they're hoping to set an attendance record. Thirteen years race since the upper deck has been open. This is where. Sometimes for you you get locked in your ways and maybe. Saturday instead of right on the game and bum Gardner going seven and two thirds or whatever why you sit out. In Mel Davis with the with the fans into one of those first portions stories. Because I'm not interest and but we would be interested. In that wearing it's not what you're interest and that's what word interest that it what we wanna read. You wanna mold watt OK I want you go up there interview fans. Up there and interview fans you're a journalist. If you like the idea so much kick your ass out there. Push even though they don't be fans up there up. They're 5500989. And that's what they wanna break yeah 598 Daniel and chances well exceeding gave away a free game earlier this year. And selling out for that's. What why would you automatically assume. That that would happen. Well. Because it's the giants in the days because the a's are on fire right now ray knock on the playoff to work. Well and because they're ten bucks a ticket I think OK well when they were doing zero bucks a ticket and he couldn't feel the two dollar hot dogs. Two dollar hot dogs ten dollar ticket yeah I just how much is part. She'd do this do all the way. I I don't know how much for park I know it's of what forty for the warriors. It's about eight dollars for all it's important it. Right now. How would you know you pay for parking they have signs you can read signs. That is true and people have complained about how they jacked up the parking prices this year. I. Yes well. Holed up thought rate 8579570. Talking giants in the east you want your team to make a move. The Asian wanna see you sit pan. Sick pet but they're still knock it on the divorce and etc. I don't fill it and for those other two guys who. Yeah. Now back to the credit accomplish gel on 1957. Big game. I mentioned Brando's sitting in on the Gregg probably show with a Monday afternoon 1245. 48 we've been doing this now for 48 minutes to go all right I think the show's going so far are you know when you quizzed me about my weekend it was going for what I. Did you got a mix it up the great. You don't wanna be just the one dimensional Hirsch yeah I all you have I absolute no to yes you wanna be well I wanna be no dimensional. I wanna I wanna be invisible to the naked out now that's just really do. Don't tell me don't you just told me yeah I told me something that I'm smarter than you 'cause I'm near death. You know I've worked with you a little bit in the past I think we try to think what you. Thank you don't really have much going on events and nothing going among my life is an empty ship okay cigarette this way. And I'm not going to discuss in an effort and its perceptions should you know a lot of people error right and we'll come look at. Did you converse about anything other than sports with a anybody yet. Okay whatever you talked about that buttons are so it's mostly it was can you pass that bottle place. That's my job I I'm not I'm not there to it you know be an oracle on their to get here. That he stayed overnight there yes we did. Five stock please. It's the or Joseph mr. repko press conference right now I guess over in Oakland realize that was going. Well big acquisition there. What do you. I think it is probably going to be more useful and nick young and a better Omer Caspian. Are going to be more useful and Omri Casspi. Young handsome uses in the finals. He compete put a body on a body. I mean he wasn't totally he wasn't a total site you're right you're right okay so that's cipher something about code to secret code is actually its primary death and ocean not zero and move on now. I look this is you got to go outside and that's across from me in my yeah. But we're English teachers I like talked about words you're a writer I can't say I'm trying to help the listener. It's not about us and helping the listener I don't think you're helping listen okay we can stop. No I did go ahead stop restaurant. Coke could see. A should be better than Omri Casspi. Eat could be better then new Kia. Either way that won't mean he will be an impact will play. We need the is it's because they've had injuries. Are we haven't seen since the cousins acquisition either. What would you think that. It was. Lower risk. Moderate reward. The weather gets airborne doesn't size as a basketball. He allows them to war there. If all works out well it allows them to not have to worry about a quick capella mismatch. Or Al Horford missed. Other and that's. It doesn't really change dramatically who or what they car. It does to a lot more good for cuts and if it goes well that it does for the warriors. There's not resigning. Now the fifth. Policies or unless they terrible or not terrible but lefties or they get rid of green or tops true which I don't believe they're going to do true. I mean everybody's so basically it seems to me that. You know. If you have the luxury. Of spending 22 million dollars. To get a guy. City you can sleep a little easier at night if you play Houston or Washington Post season. Good on you you've been doing well. And that's really wanna say this is enough about. Is not about they're neat. It just some that name they could do so they get it. I'm a little worried about cousins injury. I mean you think he's ever gonna be the same place now I don't either but how much less than the same player Willie. He could enact unknowable. Until you see him do what he's going to do his capabilities I would imagine will be less than a but how much left amid look if you can't function at all. It's right blocks off me running into some cost at this point right if he's really close. To being what he was. Yeah he'll make his money next year somewhere else he is so did. Maybe he'll go to the eastern part so borders don't have see him twice a year we think the first one of the big four is to go. Green there. Only because news. He's the one who I think. Is not headed toward billionaire status. But he'd like to come close. Whereas. Any Klay Thompson. While he's a big fan of money. I don't know that. He's gonna be as driven totally. I don't think with green it's ego I think it's largely about hey I wanna get paid to write and and won't tolerate be in the fourth of the four I don't know if you will or not I think the the the tolerance problem is how he treats his body. 'cause he takes a lot of frightful shots and gives a lot. He's a very physical year and those guys Wear out faster unless they're built like LeBron James. Clay Thompson is not a guy who. Asked to take a lot of real Pete. So in that way I think the warriors might be more reluctant. If they have to make a choice on who to give a Max. They'll be doing more reluctant I think with green even though green is harder to replace. Just because I think you shelf life might be shorter based on the way he place. And he can't play any other way you know be effective no he asked me what he has. But there's a cold that you pay for that. You're watching at home run derby and I certainly hope. What what I mean do you watch. I'm a big here and there like to see the huge in the balls in the outfield that's fun that that's the high point for you. Ali. It's. An edge level with a split level with your list yet. You watch Fredette. It doesn't matter who's in the batter's box it doesn't matter how many homer and he has hit. You like to watch. A mob liable to be on a satellite to home run under OK I value thank you for don't you feel better about yourself now having said oh a little bit but. You know rate. I'd. I go back to Reggie Jackson's home run off the light tower in Detroit back in seventy once I don't need any kinda contrived. You know I remember Greg Greg was insecure almost hit the liberty bell and old veteran stadium are really take charge and sick almost hitting the hotel in Toronto there. That's the kind of home run derby Alex you re really in the where the game actually matter exactly it's okay and not 579570. Is the number were popping around all different subjects but most were talking about DA's. And the giants and then moving toward the second part of the season season 60% of its 60% over race 60% over. And our two local teams hanging in there. But. Probably will be somewhat quiet. At deadline time which is what July 31. And so again on August 3 yes. So this weekend they go to they go to Oakland and I think it's obviously a bigger series for the giants than it is for the eighties right in the east they point. It's I think it's equally big for both really. The eighties. Want to maintain the momentum. That they've generated over this last month. Because. You know teams and teams make runs. In those start to you know. Get their own momentum during the Dodgers. Have won 37 of their last 54 games. Mean that's a hell of a run now they I think they're probably in the driver seat nationally. You know I I think you know. The cubs have been very good but. You know I think the Dodgers have finally hit their stride they've hit their stride effort two months. That's what I think the case would like to do to be taken not only. Seriously is a wild card team. But you know maybe the first wildcard to. I think it's unlikely that they will catch either Boston and New York I think it's very unlikely that they'll catch pieced. But. There's nothing wrong with a winning 95. Just for the hell of winning 95. Right let me ask your question. T do you you don't look at the tax line Saturday and yet that's that's a good move this is the kind of thing that I get and it's it's like how did he become a stickler. Four or five has 50% over Stein Mets you're already cut a he said the season's only 50% over and I'm already cutting the baseball season shore. He does understand that. They played 98 games are won 62 which is over. 50%. Yet so it's not the actual halfway point of the season Billy Beane got any pressure on. If there's pressure on him it's already been there. I mean look he's coming off the pace there's nothing better in sports than to be able to do that. He's like coming off the what does that mean and means that other people have better records and they're the ones who are setting the I guess you're currently. You know if if they get into the post season. That'll be an enormous thing. If they come really close. They would generated buzz in Oakland again which is pretty damned important. Is this more I think I think. We got him more unexpected in the than that twelve run. Is that what came out of nowhere. I don't know yet. Com and that the one thing about this one that can depress your enthusiasm a bit is the fact that. There're there are literally three teams that are running away with this. And there's a fourth team that while worse. Is locked is locked. There's only one place that the a's can make this happen at least in my way thing. I think her desk wouldn't merit yet I think I think twelve of the campus was was bleaker. And as a result. You know it would it would there would there or more opportunities and.