Overtime 49ers Wrap Second Hour 8-9-18

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Friday, August 10th
Bonta and Joe dive into the injuries and how long we can expect the injured 49ers to be out. The boys examine coach Kyle's postgame remarks on the injuries, slot recievers, and offensive line. Plus the Jimmy's Gems segement where we evaluate the best throws and intangiables that Jimmy G exhibts game to game.

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Calls her to play not 5795702. Blade knife fight seven. Not 570 let's hear from the head coach we got that's already backed her Hickel Kyle Shanahan just met the media here. All right well we'll have that in 12 here talks about the injuries Julie Taylor another guy we like your act. So a lot of explosive movement on the line that's a position that we need to upgrade I everyone to tell Eric Armstead that. Train is coming gone I haven't argued are dumb with her arms that yeah I think there's a handful of guys that I think will not be on this team it's genie award. It's air Armstead. And I I I truly believe it'll be Malcolm Smith I think that altering those guys can find themselves cut I think Justine is the younger and more athletic and I just don't see it from these guys there's only do one highlight podtech. Coaching him through the ball 39 times and Haifa thirty items that I'm. How many games I watched was singletary with eager to marble all subject to the political ball eleven times in a very he's going to mean a couple at least Palestinian is expanding the offense shill like you would some of these playmakers can do because for so many years he would draft a wide receiver late as it will I didn't know what he can do you ever threw the ball is what. I do like the average yards per broke she gave after you talk about the 39 pass attempts did averaged nine yards an attempt here it took some shots against guys just like you did latches on not gonna be all over she'd do better like you guys are tonight let's hear from Kyle Shanahan who just met the press. Here's cal Shanahan on injuries tonight and the players playing late in the game. You have to surmount guys and you know you don't want anyone have to play that whole game so let's talk from the guy goes out the next has got to play more and we're not trying to have anyone political game but there are pro course in the game and god I hope we never go to overtime and the pre season neither got nurse or for a little bit but that's just part of the games and you know until we have there's there's horrible we gotta get from somehow. And they got to get drawn bearded and how can I ask aide George kills off war while someone Thomas concussion. Matt read your goals are to big injuries here mapping Smith. Doesn't appear to be too serious and I with a hamstring injury. Yeah but there are some highlights there's some highlights from the second unit defense specifically now let's start with ally actually I mean this guy made simple 170 normal football yeah active he made plays and the chancellor Jacobs he could be a solid backup safety sought to Clusty target her last year. I know air Crete at times switch positions he's no longer on this team you do need depth at the safety position those guys are colliding in the guys they get hurt big acting deputy step out for a player to. And in the three and four wide receiver set up today's NFL you need bodies that can run and hit and that's a guy I'll look at that I've circle I don't want that could be a special teams goner yet chancellor James out of Boise State did not play at all last year he's a big 26263. To 25 to thirty he can hit just he's an interest in prospect for the 49ers let's hear medical scholarship and on the seventh round pick from temple. Julie Taylor. I saw a lot of toys you know he's a good job for us in camp and it looked like he showed up tonight I'm looking forward seeing on film again. That we highlighted him butcher boy in the first segment Julie Taylor 65 to eighty. Number 77 out there are played inside he made some plays and I would did you like. From Juliet Taylor in his first pre season game what I saw it actually making plays and solve pushing linemen back and that's something that's very rare for the 14100 defense of front. Outside of DeForest Buckner so. For me any god can get leverage an explosion. Off the line at the snap I mean that's the kind of guy I'm trying to put into my rotation Ronald Blair started for the 9% wanted to see him out there we will see any stunts we didn't see any exotic blitzes I was listening to you and Greg Papa and I agree with them. At times I think this team is going to have to send Ruben Foster off the edge and after the court well back absolutely they need to find and and designed. Different unique ways to get to the quarterbacking maybe it's delayed cornerback blitz things like that. I am interested to see how they utilize some of these safeties who could run and hit like to squash guitar in the box he's a type of guy. I'm trying to get him heat seeking toward the quarterback L car. When you think about the Seattle's defense a robber silent ghost rally and of course their run and a Seattle scheme to cover three cover one they don't blitz a lot but you know Seattle never had to really play it's never really saw Bobby Wagner with 238 capital Spartan running backs he regarding space in the middle of field and knocking people out the 49ers do you believe they're gonna have to gamble we share and puts a little bit which will really put pressure on the young secondary I don't know if you wanna blitzed. You know when he got to cuddled Weatherspoon out there in Sherman you don't know what your weary is that with his injury it and you have the young safeties start a culprit here. But Robert solidly big gamble today we got beat in the second quarter he blitzed on 39 you anticipate the 49ers. Using a lot more blitzes this season it's raging. I think it's gonna be scheme and team depending you're not gonna run blitzes that Russell Wilson he's giving each up all days in a run pass yet he can scoot outside of the pocket. But against shared golf against a young Josh Rosen against an injured Sam Bradford. Heck can't get a designed different unique blitz packages. There's one guy today that barely got his Jersey touched and that's the quarterback for Dallas Cowboys and not to act Prescott's Cooper Russell. Are Jacques Cooper Rahul were not kidding that guy. Our has a little bit of moxie what about making positive place feeding off this CJ back their negativity we've been talking about all shell. Cooper rush was a guy that made the most out of released guys were in his face he scoot out of the pocket he get rid of the ball he didn't take the negative play there's something to be said about quarterbacks that don't take the negative play it's not the optics I don't. I don't did you go twentieth 24 with 300 yards ice usually get into the right play and not take sacks and the third and long third and long punt team time and time again. Cooper rush out something for the cowboys. Always right you just made to reduce guru loves you Cooper expression can my afternoon delight. Last season and came out today but last germ every talked at length about cobra she went off for about seven minutes about Cooper Russia's pitching for 2.3. 145 yards and a touchdown pass Mason nice girls are Cooper rushed. Keep an eye out on him but another guy we should all be looking that is Richey James Kyle Shanahan talked about the young slot receiver. I was trying to if you guys out we can we have. Number of guys capable of this and we got a bunch of guys are trying to get reps and balance it out because of Clint Edison slide could have put Bolden Slava confident born in the slot kept at us outside get born outside. Appreciate it better route to shuffle the ball around to themselves won't look too much until give few guys in her opportunities there. Richey James four catches 46 yards Mason plays all night long also backed their return punts I anticipate Donte' pat has been a part returner. For this team here so let's look Victor Bolden junior suspended for what the first four games so Richie changed junior guy who people have been talking about lately. What did you like from a young man wearing John Taylor's number. I saw go slippery toughen had a really good hands and he also had good feel. Four where the soft spot was in the coverage and where the sticks work where are the first half six how many times a forty niner fans seeing on thirty may add guy go. Six yards and then just settled down at six yards Gary tackled and she yards short and it's screen out I mean that's the most maddening thing in the world I'm looking at this depth chart OK for the for the wide receiver position. Peered our sons making this team mark he's good ones making this team. I will think tricked Taylor's definitely on this team. Donte' pettis a high draft picks making listings for OK that's a lot of bodies to begin with that I can rely on Entrust. If you keep warm. Can debate plays down the stretch I should've I agree that the siege are the two minute drought and a wedding and made it played a night made. He can get up and go pitch he saw now Els one errant throw CJ about the bay where he. Kindred warned it drop pass an appearance which is seeking to board ran back to rattle saying destroy the ball a little higher throwing up can get it up over these guys. Five receiver to repair Richey James she Jeremy how took Roberts in the store this roster walking picked her up they they Kerry 67 wide receivers on the screen. I think they're gonna have to look I think it it's all in all stems from this one thing I hate to be Debbie downer. Pure earth song had a season ending neck injury. I don't know how much I can rely on him moving forward especially as a possession chain moving wide receiver who's gonna get hit. By safeties I know the tackle rule only came into effect late in the second half tonight. But that's something a look at our our our. Our wide receivers that are possession chain movers like him are they going to be. Extending their careers because they're not taking that unbelievably devastating blow from a safety trying to chop his head off you know I. I don't know I do it'll be. It's something I'm gonna definitely notice and I'm gonna look after and the other guy. Aaron Burr ridge I think he's on the outside looking millions tougher young you know how to relax McCaffrey and McCaffery I can't body I guess I don't think he makes this team and then Victor Bolden junior a big. They're bolder Bolden junior wetter bigs training camp last year preceding the return explosive kick offs but you did see much and regular season but the four game suspension there social that is crucial to them. Somebody good is gonna get cut. It may be out of Robertson would you want it because. If you if you cut Kendrick hornets can assure you read to make plays yeah any cheap these guys are on cheap contract you look at kindred born and and I'm a rookie dealer. Richey James junior and a rookie deal Trent Taylor is not making much hear those guys you can rely on. And control board did builder report would you be grapple western Amman dump yeah Richey James it would be over a little bit today somebody good and at receiver and it's going to get cut. If I had to put my money on a butcher boy Bea Arthur Roberts and Anna may be. Corporates I think it'd be probably got a little mistake. Yeah I think people those all of your gratitude is too redundant to his. Have a smaller parks on he's not had that huge burner per say he's gonna go back and make tough catches in traffic. I'm expecting. My mink our son to make those kind of plays all the other guys give me something totally different from each other Richey James tiny small explosive can get to the outside kind of up quicker version of Trent Taylor Trent Taylor prototypical. Little slot. Randall mean Wes Welker I mean no hole Beasley who plays for the Dallas Cowboys. And then mark he's villain can do a little bit everything that he has track speed so we get behind safety. Love to see more jets' week two marquee schools and more reserve reverses policy and use like Tyreke a look at the sea of green or keys go one looks primed for a big turn your rock quake before we go to break butcher boy. What did you see other jerk McCain here did you like it because it's the first time he's come in and it capped. As the starter he's gonna be counted on them maybe have to we have to touch his this year you know maybe close to seventy to eighty catches. Toward toward a fifty Carrey's. Kenny had a whole workflow like that do you believe John McCain and can handle starters workload at the running back position. If there's one criticism I've had a John Lynch and Kyle this particular offseason. It's about the running back position because I kept asking people and I asked so many different national gas and so many different PFF insiders said. Who is the physical. Big back who can carry the load in the fourth quarter when teams are stacking the box and do you have a windy you're hoping you're gonna meet in the lead because now you have a quarterback you're gonna bleed the clock in the fourth quarter who's got back you can relax and sit well with scheme and with the outside run in the canyon in breeder. You saw breed it go down tonight and he's a small guy and I hope he's okay. McKinnon. I don't know I know that everybody is hyped up on the finishing train. I'm excited he has the physical skills. But there's a difference between being a guy who looks great shorts and a guy who can legitimately beat app milk out we talk about it's like an Asian baseball not every single. And not every team has a belt council. I don't know and that's why to me I'm looking at the running back position when I got to keep four guys at least I think moser is gonna definitely make it seemed as a special teams and that's why I have to keep Joseph Williams some other teams get a gobble him up. And I I don't wanna risk losing him I still wanna see him in these next couple again. Yeah he ran tough today Germany beat Nichols ran really aren't really aren't a fourth quarter he was really good at Boise State authority make the bucks Russia last year he did not he got cut in order to bring them back to practice squad. He says no no I want to go to the West Coast he's from the LA area believe be playing with a lead up to pop Warner snoop dog week probably only make vehicles so I expect campy humor and heart today he impressed me today so we'll hear what Jimmy G had to say on the other side will play that sound for you would take more to phone calls to play 9579570. This is overtime with a butcher boy Joseph Chatzky and Vontae hill here many parts of the game. Colbert I'm hearing it's life. Name of the unofficial than official according podcast they're not quite seven just asking. Which employed by a tale of course we will take you up until midnight. After the 49ers first pre season game of the season he beat the hated Dallas cowboy was when reports went one. As which Borges said during a break as a matter of if that's their regular season. The playoffs. Pre season and even a cowboys always feels pretty damn good. Now all my fans from the seventy's they remember. Dick Nolan might know of bad losing to the cowboys in the playoffs clearly the 1981 catch it's we were actually celebrating that because of the Dwight Clark memorial they had 87. Patches they had the 87 banners everywhere. And then clearly the 1990s. I mean those rivalries 92939495. Nothing was better than that so any time you can beat the Dallas Cowboys. Beat big deep maybe. And as Eric Davis tweeted out earlier Super Bowl champion with a four BR she's active on Twitter to send mail when it also 49 when you mentioned the niners and cowboys. The world stock tanking it stop you stop what you're doing you set up front of the TV to watch still sue heavyweights. Golden battled aired on some fun times and in the course Brett Favre in Green Bay Packers came derailed everything in fact it it became a nuisance. Toward an all our butts here receptions coastal will be talking about that all season long cowboys holiday look niners of course let's talk about technical problem man of the hour your awareness T shirt everybody's going crazy. Over Jimmy gee he just spoke. To the media here here's what Jimmy G had to say on the injuries tonight. I was crazy guys from our own involvement it was total but it's never good to see you know it's for all those things happen. He is trying to minimize as much as possible but it dance it's tough to see them pre season. And pre season asked the I think he wanted to see here. Our river pre season what Michael Vick got hurt he was out for the year and a second pre season game we see some devastating injuries here. And it looks like George kettle butcher boy and that breeder going to be out for some time was really really hurts. Yet definitely hurts but I mean let's let's be honest if Jean meet goes down then this season's over I mean I think that's evident today. I know that Eagles won a Super Bowl their backup quarterback but it's pretty clear that ball back up quarterbacks Mullins and Beth their. They're not Nickels and I mean meaningful was that good when he was static LA would jab with and Jeff Fisher but. Going back to Jimmy Rob Lowe. A lot of people have been questioning his toughness can this guy stay healthy he hasn't proven it to a sixteen game season. Big guy takes hits he took many hits last year he took a huge hit direct shot from. From jamarcus Lawrence is an absolute stud right and continues to deliver incomplete pass. Passes downfield that is that true testament of any leaks caliber quarterback in today's NFL well. Hear from Jimmy G on his one and only drive of the game the second drive of the game second possession of the game the first possess a from a forty nurtures Jimmy G and a 49ers opening drive. Obviously there's always things do we improve on it's good seeing different looks from a different defense than our own him. Seeing how this plays out against Amber's polar used to seeing so you have Sosa to learn. And remember everybody this is a very. Vanilla game plan or not skiing in this up a less you know I remember pop up a couple years ago when the titans greater raiders in a pre season. We three at the coliseum to types for the whole kitchen sink at you operators say where you guys do we hear you play your prayers rigor later this season. A 49ers are not gonna show anything here I don't know what the cowboys did on their side and a full bar here which America received pledges that I can see a lot of emotions here they're not going to scheme and out but you DC drop low. Complete a couple past spoken to that. In just a second here in overtime but to drive the opening draw it was a little inconsistent or what's did little incomplete. I think everybody was little panicky early on especially when the offensive line that caved and he saw genial little outer rhythm. At times. But when things get real frenetic that's when Jimmy gets his best he saw some of the best times over the last season. Win Jeannie had the ball with two minutes ago at the end of the half in the fourth quarter. He can Marshal team down you saw on third down many many many times third and long we're completing those I can't remember a 49 a quarterback who drew all fifty yards down the field it immediately to connect to somebody on third and long I'm so used to the check down I just pray that somebody misses a tackle and gets another first down that way so. Again two different times today on third and long Jimmy connected and that is what I'm gonna take away from today. Triple A 9579570. Would digit the good Jimmy grapples performers. On his one and only drive of the game against the cowboys are gonna rent half on all your along the super producer John Kerr recent studio what this he's helping out. All your longest overtime. Show here to post and unofficial official remembers post game show which that but he's gonna be helping the sub segment ideas. All the breakdowns US is cheat sheet of every. Play your weaknesses streets this is really cool Chichi Greg pop was getting a hold of it I would not tear apart edit the I had never seen again that's exactly we're to have some special features and challenge flag. Finish she watched. This week in niners this recent press pass between its what does slap. All target different segments and would be tell those as we go along and it's when he eighteenth season but. First we Vatican two ginnies jams jellies jams we breakdown some of his completions in eight completions. Taken away call for ginnies jams. Okay. About what is too big conclusions or Jimmy go Rob Lowe. At another check down to Gerry McCann and later in the first quarter Hooper to boil start with you before we go to John Curry. What did you think about those who completes its air the pocket presence the moxie to stand in the pocket and take a hit their almost 23 out completions. Well on bulk of my son Jimmy by timing go to the second third fourth read on the particular play. That's the most crucial week talked about it for ever with a college cap critic situation at quarterback can eagle Bruce aggressions. Eagleton was progression that you hear Trent Dilfer in my head. Jimmy checks down and goes to all that appropriate progression and still finds the guy. To move the chains third and long still having the guts to throw the ball down field in a tight window the one behind Richey James is a little bit to bend his body go back and get it. But he throws it catch able ball that allows them to keep the drive going and then you see him connect this favorite target over the last six weeks and that's mark he's good when it. John Curley what did you think of technical problem there on this one and only drive. So more specifically the 23 down conversions when a marquee scope when one or Richard James wanting. Jimmy he has always been known for a ticket decision maker and we saw that today he was phenomenal and go interests progression. Looking through and find the open target I really enjoyed a quick release very suspect offensive line he got the ball out quick. It's a positive only games move in the pocket keeping this he thought he kind of Anemia Tony Romo all the way he was scrambling them buying time. Moving that pocket when you know it's getting collapsed and and creating a new pocket any new platform to throw off but that's what you're looking forty league quarterback flat. Up front a challenge flag to you guys a little later before regret to show what a guy you wanna challenge when it's weeks we've pre season week number two legacy Houston Texas. Is he Jimmy ward is it Dante pettis will talk about that later on here before we wrap everything go up let's go back up to the phone lines your jewelry. In central Cali what's the talk about the 49ers. Free she's a victory over Dallas Cowboys Jerry what's what I hear on overtime we'll butcher boy and Vontae harmony parts of the game. This global pulp. All of it's it's it's it's good because it potentials for a while and as we don't have or don't own it felt. I hadn't yet another awful or this won't. In a lot of talent will only concern is they could include a look at also at all as you just didn't think. Yeah I don't know if I saw the offensive line looks so good today have you settled but the Margaret Jim Harbaugh. Back you know and early in earlier this decade. A Joseph Staley. Deputy Davis and he was motivated my guy he party. Good when China to cope when was really really good Alex Boone was motivated struggled all this line. Is is that line that offered to warrant that was just mauling people are running the ball and milk the clock is like needs work. This line these absolute work Mike McClatchy is a rookie what's gonna happen at right guard because Jonathan Jonathan Cooper you've been reading about three can't follows. He place to place in some to back out he's coming off a devastating knee injury he's not quite ready yet. Mike personally trust him at right guard because when you look at the schedule. And you look at the beast in the middle of the defense is of the Minnesota Vikings of the LA rams it's going to be a problem here I did not like a softening operative line and I. Yeah and that entire right side which is devastating because now you have two guys next to each other. I mean that's allowing free break right into the quarterback's face one of the things that I just it baffled me from the offseason Vontae John. You guarded Daniel Kilgore and I didn't think Dino killer was an excellent scanner but he was of personal peace who was solid in an NFL contributor ye you don't know what you having Joshua Garnett don't even know he's gonna make this roster. The guys barely even able to apply. Obviously John B Cooper's been hurt. I don't I got major question marks along the offensive line and that's why I think Kyle Shanahan got a six year deal. And that's why I think he gave grapple all that money is your hoping that quarterback and coach tandem can scheme it up to where. They came we have a bullet shotgun or or or create motion to bring another tight end and that way our move the pocket to the left hand side. Mask those deficiencies along the offensive line so it's not just a field day guys are pinning their ears back heating your 130 million dollar got. The Jim grapples off target on a couple of those plays and we did talk about durability which human grapple course when things that the patriots. Brady was suspended for her first four games a couple of years ago. Problem those errors on a shocks everybody out. Lisa pats who win over top Arizona Cardinals team in week to week is playing really well this Miami Dolphins Q Cole lie until smacks on. In these outlets shoulder injury and that's wanting Bill Parcells mentioned last year on many parts of the game would Jolo and dads. Durability is a one did you have to worry about not only with. Hollywood Jimmy drop global any quarterback yet but you can look at this offensive line and I do worry about Mike McClatchy a little bit here he's a rookie. Playing gummy edge and there are some ferocious pass rushers the 49ers are gonna have to play against this season so that's the one knock. You will see how tough do we go Rob Lowe is because he will be hit it to soften its weren't plays like they did tonight. Yeah and one of the areas that it's under the radar injury but the Garry Gilliam injuries as slim tower it is you know this guy is reversible you're gonna be. Facing all of these newly edge rushers and we know last year Staley is getting up their age he had eye socket. Injury that doesn't mean he's gonna get hurt again this year but Trevor brown was hurt all last year the right side. You have a rookie Gary hasn't played a sixteen game schedule tons of question marks. I'm still very nervous about the guard position I want them to go out and splurge in free agency go to an engine Orwell shore up that offensive line they didn't. I'm hoping that we can scheme things I know we didn't see any emotion needing any special place from Kyle today you didn't see the fullback get involved in how you shake what your high priced guys one of the best rated guys at his position. I don't know how a lot of question marks about that office of what I'm hoping we'll see them more in the shotgun set to allow Jimmy a little extra time. To survey the rush make the right decision get the ball out of his hands and so he has a clean pocket and does it go down. 49ers will play gets another ferocious defense next Saturday night in Houston Texas. They'll also have the joint practices because in Houston Texas or seek cloudy OC JJ watt to Texas will fly ironic it just in the next Saturday they'll talk and at Indianapolis Colts. Colts that's a 430 kick off an Indianapolis. Script before thirty kick off. East Coast time 130 West Coast time it's about to be a lot of fun to see Andrew Luck who made its first appearance in a couple years here six of mine. Six for nine for at least 64 yards for the colts good to see and you look back on the field here but. You talk about his defense of line who remembers gonna faced this year off its line by a word about this especially all the question marks here. All the question marks one to the season with a lot of hype on the sporting Harrison obviously they went our streak in the year hype train Israel rice and Davis is a playoff team are rolling in are gonna be gonna win nine to ten games I just don't know about that especially behind his office deployment look like getting get in the clutch it and pass protect well. Butcher what it on the word here a little bit. Well let's also hurt lets us sleep on Dallas is a good team. I don't think they're great team I think their solid team. This in Zeke for what six games last year and still almost made the playoffs you know this is it team. That does have adapted to have a great wide receiver corps now but they got one of the best offensive lines in the game and their deal line and their defense in particular. He's very underrated that's my big takeaways in the trenches the Dallas Cowboys can really move some teams and when you bring zig you can imply. Your best player and a tyrants who is great he's for novels absolute beast. But Zeke is they're dynamic playmaker who can bust. Everything from the from the past pitching out of the fee out of the backfield so running the ball breaking tackles getting out to the outside I mean he's an X-Factor for them we need to see him. Dad had all day to throw he wasn't scared he didn't get his Jersey dirty I think what time they took him down oust the Solomon. Thomas tackle and after then you know we kind of waved the white flag so. I'm I'm very interested to see how this forty niner team can build apple trench. This has got back out to fall like tier can in San Jose. Care and you're on overtime will butcher boy a sponsor here and at a par seventy game was won on American. I just want to bring up an observation that I made that come liberator and gave it's football fan in general. All three quarterbacks when they were put out their. They did what they dispute. And showed me that I can't try and now he's a good coach. They guy guilt. Thank you for a phone call can then they can pay your quarterback's got beat up allowed it to you gotta think about a two CJ Beckham took a lot of snaps and cinnamon I butcher boy. It this line is going to be a problem. Yet to think is gonna line up to shock and a lot more costs gonna handle maybe designs are more shotgun formations for CJ better. Mullins drop loaded big BC that rush quicker and get the ball out faster. I'm gonna be honest with you if seated at their place we are not winning games I notice you're just talk bit I don't tell the ground I don't trust regards to our CJ at the first priest I'm a realist man and I and I like. I think I was expecting a big leap forward you are too as well a lot of quarterbacks really solidify themselves and have a better grasp of the playbook. I was expecting more from him under winners and their first producers again I was expecting more positive plays is that possibly good. Just got to be Joseph hunter. No no not not that but I didn't expect to be Ken Dorsey. So I wasn't that bad he's so why in the middle as a dad now and let's O'Reilly. The rules and if I was looking guys to point the finger at today. Yes and I you know you really need to bring it for the next game two candidates Jimmy award and I'm really concerned about the two of them I think I have major. Major flags Nick Collins you're talking about CJ get an opportunity with the first train. I'm pushing the Marlins get a chance with a second strength I wanna see what he can deal with better wide receivers around them a better offensive line and I do what I see Joseph Williams get a few totaled Iraq with the first string offense I wanna see what he can do if we're asked. You know cut this guy or get rid of them give out. Actual test I wanna see him play with some talent around him because he didn't have a fair shake today too many times the defensive line of the cowboys was in the backfield and he had to scramble to get one positive so. While that's why I'm not harm CJ but they're good people the top whiskey but to blind played on the other side of the line of scrimmage and a quarterback as I don't share. Edge when it happens a running back has no chance to break off long runs when that happens it cowboys. Dominated the line of scrimmage that's not gonna go to war and seated at the tonight are not anything go down the street you walk on the street here in separate us go downtown serves today. No nick well at this. It's gonna know. They knew who nick bullets local Fortis which is negated now we do we move on our roster we saw him give a rat's a what he believes in the bullet. It's do you know he'll carve Ozzie is Republican my whole career yeah exactly go. You don't sugar. Miller knows her bath towels opened pedal down until core Bobby what all without all the opening game of that loggers or golf or the patriots already game school. O'Grady got our artist Steve Mariucci actually was heckled to no longer to map of 1517 years ago will let me ask you both guys and and you change your assessment of the 48 hours after one priest you know I don't wanna jump off that yeah I don't wanna jump off the train and a wanna go too crazy here. But but there are some areas that I knew or deficiencies coming in that I. That haven't been addressed and I'm still worried about the secondary. I'm worried about Richard Sherman can stay healthy for the entire season I know that it's just that hamstring. But he's got a severe injury he's gonna have to come back from offensive line that writes I'd rookie tackle you know my biggest question mark and right guard situation not solidified. New set are coming in. I I don't know I don't know. Weston rich berg out well and then the running back position I. Read it goes down in in and seconds so this is a team that's not deep to begin with when you start taking these injuries you only look worse and worse. I'm not saying that area or this guy's wallet it's clearly not Jimmy is still here. I have a lot of high hopes you can mask a lot of deficiencies with that elite quarterback there's just a lot of areas that they need to shore. Yeah I don't want thing no one unit I'm concerned about its offensive line. That's the one unit are concerned with. Running backs they'll be fine you can put a number one anybody should and can Milch running backs he knows how to find them. Why receivers Ifill good about the receiving corps for good about the quarterbacks are still pretty good about the defense of line like what I saw from buck I'm like well softened Thomas early on before you into a wanted to see more of them he's very I think it's gonna make big strides this year now what I saw from him I'll. Big question mark about him going into this game. He could make shards. Linebackers. Without orbit also those first two games who's going to step up we didn't see brought coiled and I now oil we didn't Seifert Warner wanna see those guys on the field very quiet around whining they're just pointing out what really one of steroids Warner running Malcolm Smith obviously hurt early on with a hamstring injury. Are we concerned about the offensive line that's my biggest concern of this team move it forward and you look at the front setters are gonna play this season. The office of light needs to be shored up later Thomas in the more forget the more from the right side here but everything else butcher boy I'm not gonna freak out about. I wouldn't that the gap. I keep going back to look at this team has so much salary cap and this guy was somebody who they did previous. Regime previous GM invested a first round draft pick and that she knew or how much money is he on the books for next year John. Eight point five million gear to and he is the high. Highest paid forty niner defense of player right now I mean that's incredible I know DeForest Buckner is looking for a contract extension we know airline terror and they're Armstead is yeah every year's easier they tried every position for this guy I just don't see it. I'll I'll look at Jimmy Warren and saying did you bring something a little bit Malcolm Smith are same like Malcolm we've crushing hit a real leader you can't lead me. From the trainers stable I regional on the field I need you out there especially when Ruben not claiming game one and 20. The triggers table and got the fight to get on a trigger stable after his pre season game shorts kettle. Matt breed them Malcolm Smith Carrey you William. There's another guy on this in here Solomon summits of the concussion so a lot of injuries Eli girl with a lower leg injury that got reported late he had to leave the game yourself. Tough tough sledding for the niners you know they won a first pre season game it means absolutely nothing to injuries are the bigger concern here alongside the secondary and the offensive line. Let's bring get a good friend here. You can hear from ten to twelve. Every day here on at a price of the game Monday to Friday that's at stake. It is the one and only Darryl to grew Johnson the biggest cowboy fan. I know a little bit of Pittsburgh Pirates fan he's got a great I hear a little what is gonna come on man. Our gurus. We're either. Our gurus from watching her restaurant we'll get back to guru here. I was gonna say well let's go about Donte' pettis he would talk to publicly she ad nauseam first round pick you know news day. They're a lot of guys were staring them in the face that first round pick and then in the sector and a lot of people were saying hey. Don't sit pat this is a reach here this is not a physical receiver this is not a guy didn't get off the jam yeah he's a great kick returner he had tons more routes yet tons and tons of great highlight plays in the pac twelve. But a lot of people question the defense of prowess of the pac twelve to begin with and so. You know I'll look at it don't take tennis and I'm saying to myself. Did I expect the Andre Hopkins and Antonio Brown coming in like the world on fire younger one gain one no so. You know I've seen some things and I saw explosive play some catch 888 putt. Later on in this game I mean we don't remember Kyle Williams special teams has cost this franchise. A chance at a championship so daunting pettis had some ups its downs it's exactly what alligator arms you're scared about the Elian. Get your arms are run in the middle he looked a little. Look it's it's game in the NFL. Little nerves little rust I'm not gonna jump the gun on him my do you think he'll be a factor. But I 49ers offense darker route Johnson have some technical difficulties here. I don't wanna hear from guru denied anyway it. Cowboys lost Cooper Chris Cooper rushed play well work here from guru all day long it will get back on the line here and always on late night listening to us here a challenge flag. That we can author wants somebody. You mentioned Jimmy war to step up I think that's we're gonna turn to John Snow to melt. I'm curious CJ about their office. I should do you have heard yes I had. And now he better play I am going to show. What did he plays this season is corn down the jury I know but I mean you see something from him for him to be the second in command the guy holding the clipboard. In Jimmy here talking on the sideline I don't believe I'm expecting more from CJ and I'm. Oh god he's organization traded up four before Jimmy rubble even got here okay. This was supposed to be the hand picked guy that Kyle wanted and everyone says it's this is reached this is a guy. Who he came out of a pro system in Iowa you took he's tied at George Kendall George kennel show me something. I had yet. To really see it from CJ back there look I know it's pre season backup line all those things but there's little functionalities that I'm not seen from my quarterback I've not seen the mental fortitude before the ball snapped a lot my team up in the right play to not take a massively negative pull it and I don't see the feet he's got really slow. See you are hard I'll see Jay Cutler can't put. Can't talk Omar is gonna run the play actually be fine John Curley who you gonna tell us work on SB on Jimmy wart. Coming this game rusher will recede and be on the outside is Edith slot a dozen to separate opportunity for him where he could take advantage of the slot. He went to the outside his technique wasn't bad. But he can't track the football that's to be tougher than you bring him while Williams gonna pay while Williams will be back hopefully next week Richard Sherman good call there John Curley on a challenge. Mike would clinching. And the DC more look and your top ten pick your rookie you're playing right tackle. But he's gonna have to step up to protect rob well. I did not like what I saw from Michael into tonight to Robert Gallery comparison really scares me that's when started Dick about it a big help out with Mike McGuire. I thought platoon I'm good how well Reid gray told too much. I don't opponents Democrat that's what they're doing here but he had a consistent training camp yeah sometimes he looks good sometimes he doesn't look good a sort Jeremiah talk to be don't have to practice I was out for a sec west Jeremiah. Yeah I wanted to see Jeremiah talk to pull where a school group do we finally have grew here earlier guru John to welcome all our tabloid Celso guru. Hi Libby did or didn't know poultry golf reviewed that nobody talked about. Two years ago did not stop the deal is terrible. I'd need to give ground keeper aid debt. Stadium at BA had a lot there that look like at thirteen that the world lost almost. Ultimate bout at. All right up it would look. All well. Do do do it took them seven times to get the turf right I think there are you kidding me. Millions of dollars were wasted I applaud at GB Ward's contract by now they got us. Out there aren't you know what the rule outerwear. Expect your gut here on the sofa because I did not she wants week all night long about the lead by stadium turf that's a first ever heard about it did you regret and no. I've stadium. You've got to give credit would quit or work. Only people make on that wait and edit the secret. Real quick go Rob Lowe. No slight down about general corporate profit watch a lot colder period and it when he would mean attack. Our expectation level so I wouldn't. Com light racked they're black soldier in the pocket and hit over the next why. Don't you guys are comparable damage. Blue room where Oscar operates I know what you want like any he'll be out. Superstar guru you know you just are pretty lucky knew what would grow up like okay it's what I was about. That's what it was about eight it will quit what a void there or what might be well up. My god it we're all it did a respected our. Quarterback a bit but I Drew Bledsoe. And I don't know about that Clark we know. Well I think he's got a lot of via the 49ers have a Darden and erupt father are you they broke polls are made plays she did Becker takes the tough piece about how males regardless to art Obama the garden and a husband who have mobility. They have the little mobility is that little bit on. I don't butcher boy. Every cute yeah. Not down I would like it is due to. And I got a concert and their credit they want to gain though that wasn't what it all up now but they're not did not quit. And it's week one at the preceded. I would all work. Which I get back they're a little work without the net I don't like the injury. How he's ready and they're hell yeah rip or all the work. I go rubble say your cowboys looked physical JR Smith he got to be happy with. And where he's at at any agent in Kansas City but Jay let's Smith looks like he's ready to take that the wrong he made some plays to Marcus Lawrence. What about two point coo coo Russ talk about the quarterbacks are hard on dad let's goggle group what did you like from the quarterback tonight back in Cooper rushed. You know what coup or worse than what the tight spiral slide out what kind of want a much in Kabul and about what. Like they were up in the air ought not to Wear nick now. What you put mustered only you don't. A group. It reminded me of Utah and out the first pitch up her. Oh I don't got app Bob Melvin don't lie about it. I don't know what it is yeah. And a great game for the cowboys any time the niners and cowboys meet you and I know the rich history amongst these two franchises it's a fantastic game we kinda kills me inside that we had to burn a pre season game. But explain to the listeners how important Zeke Elliott is to this team because we didn't see him tonight and still the Dallas Cowboys offensive line had their way with the 49 or. He's someone important. Then they see it looked like to if they have curry can't eat it he would tech dot there are not legal. Yeah we're not that there are you ready he would damn well perhaps what. I think both which you are to our daughter. All at the he bit of life because the cowboys. Is that that's that's been a lot of work already answered in a regional center. I. Know they call all their video around the right. It act worked out what are still are a full work there will be its outlook about bella it would be Kelly camp out. Doubt I'll be OK the outlook negative I got to know what the white again 888. What we're live at that want to have it Clark's. Every week we look at all of the. I Google real quick here before we let you go what did you think of the 49ers offensive line. Mike McLean chief Mike person started on the right side is seeing Michael as you mentioned that there was getting hit a drop below are shots. And they got pushed around and they'll like it or ready for the live. Oak oak Bob Nardelli would come it would have done. And they will bring a sorority shocked not to occupy art objects rep to go. Now for doubt that he is but another blow by you don't want to talk for a while duke. Oh you must be plucked it not we need to see more it'll go out there are more continuity you know there. Thank you that that you do you know we love you at any time I don't get any time my 49ers are playing your Dallas Cowboys you are special cowboy correspondent I still can't believe he's a cowboy fan if it gives a damn attributed Citigroup bodies that Laker prior cowboy fan. Yeah I. I can hope. Don't look so you know more men good stuff. Kids grew Iran tomorrow would Jim Coles more. From ten to 12 PM right before he got to do to light what Greg Papa myself sponsor a bill. Els a lot of phone were grew rude or talked about the lead by its filter at democratic about that which is funny because that's all we be completed by a particularly by state he'll open yeah we did see he slips receiving turf come up there and got a lot of soccer games this summer concerts at Levi's video yourself the turf does look at it at the national championship. College national championship it's one in ninety near the interest in. He had it'll be very interesting to see. Just the fans migrate down to Santa Clara this year and we know over the last four years but that stadium went from an all these season ticket holders they pay all this money to. At place was empty you can give tickets away. And I know all the during the console error during the Chip Kelly era. They're completely lost interest not only was the teen terrible not only was their roster depleted with no starts. But the word boring and they work fun now the team has the sexiest quarterback in the game. Probably the best you know Q rating amongst all the sports teams right now outside the warriors in this area. And so it it's the times are looking up and then you you need to gone. The Dwight Clark celebration that this year is gonna become and his connection to the fan base gonna be fun and it's he cow yeah. All the bonds some player. The statue we're gonna be 23 yards apart and Joseph Montana Dwight Clark as pop mentioned yesterday Ed Too Tall Jones may be should be should have a statue of him trying to bat. Joseph Montana's pass down on how much and got that pass off unbelievable. Catch won started the whole dynasty. They butcher boy we got one I don't I can't believe it nobody got injured hit it well right to phone calls at bat tonight. I didn't blow speaker out screw up the phone. I don't know what I would say wait a regular seat all the way up and then I'm really gonna pop off went when real wins and losses are you know really credited to the scheduled to be very agency forty niner fans. This is where you're gonna hear diehard. Forty niner talk right here we're gonna keep it real know Schilling die hard with the context of the past the president in the future minority. Part of CJ deputy you're ready to have nick knows number two quarterback at the first priest is a guy that I cheated my. I don't pride. Dick Marlins gave me a break here we'll see what happens you get to Houston Texas that two joint practices downer news and you know take on the Texas that Saturday night. Will be back next Saturday night eight to 10 PM yet another forty niners post game show gonna be 57 game for Nash back haircut and a sound for coal Reese on the board great job fellas but nonetheless they get out with this until May not John Kirby. Openness here with our cheat sheets all the notes great job John Curley a butcher boy because of the blast man you demand these two hours flew by here are going to be back here and like. What 67 hours and I got a conference call first thing in the morning and try to go to bed now I don't think I'm stupid and I we got to fire erupt DVR here watched his game over a good bottle full of Greg Papa I watched this stuff tonight. Oh we'll watch you back here for everybody out there listening. Thank you so much overtime will be back next Saturday night check out the podcast and advice of the game will be watching that soon it won't will be here. All season long bringing you forty mayors content does a lot of fun. Everybody have a safe night drive home safe before we leave our stadium the 49ers beat the cowboys 24 to 21 to wrap up the first game. All of the pre season while seated next Saturday I'll be decade new tomorrow we'll Greg Papa Derek pop and Alexander Scott paramedic by seven game take care everybody.