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Thursday, August 9th
It's Overtime on 95.7 the Game as Bonta Hill and Butcher Boy unveil the newest 49ers postgame show! The Red and Gold came back in the 4th quarter to win 24-21 over the Cowboys. Nick Muellens lead the charge and Butcher thinks he deserves a shot to be the 2nd string QB. Did Dante Pettis have a case of alligator arms in his 1st professional game? Who stood out in the 1st preseason game?

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It's always without. Hopes on you know. I'm sure your. Again it's not. Quiet over again cowboys lead the 49ers 2116. There's about four minutes and 24 seconds left but pictures don't drive without bond today killed Joseph Chatzky to what you VoIP bloody result puts her long time no seat. Excited to work with you this season. Definitely football season this year Tony eighteen. Forty hour turn the page they have a new quarterback he inked a huge deal. There are high expectations in Santa Clara you that your coach you GM and excited forty niner fans have not been this optimistic. In almost 1015 years and hopefully that optimism home doesn't go down the jury that Curtis pre season game we saw a lot of injuries yes in a first. Quarter we saw what Jimmy grow up blow debt on one drive saw a lot of CJ bad third Joseph Williams we'll talk about Richey James and Donte' pettis. The defense but first let's just start. With the injuries and four injuries in the first quarter butcher boy that's seem to be the theme for the starters in this game because of Dallas Cowboys who came out physical and or wire around a full ball. Let's start with the injuries your Solomon Thomas. Head injury will get more details on that. After the game knocking Smith the first time we've seen them in a red and gold. He comes out with a hamstring injury initially was ruled it was diagnosed as a heel injury but this season and strained. He's got to share and feel we wanna see what Malcolm Smith has left in the tank. Also Gary DOE and swing tackle and he was out Matt Rita with a shoulder he said it's not serious injuries seem to be the theme for the 49ers on a first quarter I was on fortune. Yeah I think the biggest take away from me is the Solomon Thomas injury Malcolm Smith are. I don't have high hopes for Malcolm this year heading into the sees in the guy. Sign a five year two point six million dollar deal with this team he hasn't even played a real NFL game I don't know he can be trusted. To player real NFL game for this team because he can't stay on the field. But solid Thomas. You had the third pick in the in the draft lashing you take this guy. We thought it was kind of a project pick because he wasn't an impact starter right idea and the interior exact alignment. Echoed on the up and am I in this game in just a few small series he saw instincts you saw a little bit of a bull rush yet a couple of really nice place back to back with a guys admit maybe you start to build up. Some momentum he Nixon really nice sack on a play that the fourth spot they're just absolutely dominated the guard in front of them. And then he goes down on the wade did and I. I thought it was then maybe this can be a serious injuries that they ahead isn't that neat. Come to find out what is it to head to head I mean look let's hope he can be available because this is the third pick in the draft and someone that you invested a lot of money and time into. And this Eli got pushed around at times to net. Yeah we'll talk about so many injuries later Schobel will take you up at midnight we have all types of things to talk about Joseph Williams. Most hurt Jimmy nick Nichols running hard here the going to be scared we'll talk about that she's a bad third what did you think about him as a backup quarterback tonight the offensive line what issues they have my McClatchy to Marcus Lawrence maiden name for itself flashier got the franchise tag from Dallas Cowboys. He gave Michael gleacher crash course into the NFL tonight at Lee Brice stadium but first we have to start. The hotshot quarterback the guy who statement porn stars the guy who everybody's going crazy over the other Jimmy grapple most T shirt honest I don't Jimmy go Rob -- what did you like what did you like from Jimmy grapple tonight it's Dallas Cowboys and effort and that one and only possession for rubble. Well when you talk about the quarterback he can't bring up the offensive line and half. Have to bring up the offensive line and I thought they got caved in by the but there was one play in this game follows I highlight one play and makes me optimistic for 2018 it's the plan were to Marcus Lawrence comes flying and nobody in front of them. And Jamie has him staring right down in his face mask and delivers an absolutely beautiful third long ball for a first down. Those are the types of plays that separate the good quarterbacks from the elite quarterbacks and to see Jamie. Multiple times convert third and long now that's something you can't rely on during the regular season you'd like to have thirty manageable. But for him to deliver that type of strike. That's the essence of he's just an absolute stud. It reminded me of Connie flasher in Houston yeah we talked about that before we shall butcher boy with clown he's Inco drop little space. Rob we'll throws an absolute dime what 3040 yards down the field. Pulls right through Carlos Hyde's hands Apple's die but I didn't look back for a ball on time goes right to his arms while apple stands in a pocket he's tough. SOB here but you don't wanna take shots like that in the pre season we saw CJ better take shots like that in his second quarter our quarter that's not good this offensive line did not perform well today. A jerk Kim made its debut from a forty niners. Did not have much running. So you get the story long situations were Barack bloke he did convert 23 downs the birdie two which James Young that we like and we'll talk about later this program. And then of course tomorrow marquee school winner whose shoulders and displayed his hands and Jimmy Rob Lowe. Not too bad. But nothing great you did overthrow get a couple overthrow their once high on the left side and I think so potentially at completions there before the marquee scope when play so. Grapple not too bad but really you look at the offensive line. No right guard Jonathan Cooper and Joshua Garnett might person and Mike will play that you really got beat up and grow up Lowe was forced him ex mayor of girls. Yemen Glynn she is a rookie for a reason this was his first game in what are introduction if you're right tackle to guard against the Marcus Lawrence I mean that's baptism by fire to the fullest. And for this young guy he he got schooled I mean let's be honest he got schooled by the veteran to Marcus Morris who's looking to get a massive payday. Boy would you look nice in Redding gold Herbert walker and free agency I mean that's the type of edge rusher you're looking for today's prototypical NFL. But the one thing that genie did shell in the handful of snaps he played. He's just got its pocket presence in this ability to make the play stretch itself out with his feet and he keeps his eyes downfield. No play is never over with Jimmy GC a little bit of a flash Tony Romo got other play in the Dallas Cowboys but Jimmie is just so nice with that I know. There was a couple plays in the air mail balls but tell me when I'm watching a Kyle Shanahan offense I expect certain things. Man in motion OK guys lining up allowing me to see how is the defense is it in May and is it means don't you see any minute motions from cost Channing and. Vanilla first everyday you know that's what you wanna see it or not gonna go out there were all the wrinkles and did you see got a team in the pre season goes you don't want to show the league anything right away. But the allied to got a hold up and press protects and some other injury I didn't mention was George kettle type and I believe who's on the cusp of big things here red and gold with the 49ers butcher boy a shoulder injury on a ball downfield would you drop overthrew got one now to cover source tight there are hopefully George kittles OK but he does have a shoulder injuries Welsh a five injuries there. Early in the game. Reporting on an almost all of them starters or guys that we're looking for heavy contributions to for George kittles specifically I hope it's not a collarbone injury and I really hope it's not. Some sort of a clavicle or anything like that because that could really side high. Sideline him for quite some time he's a guy that aren't expecting to bust out this year I think he's a red zone target I think he's a guy over the middle. Backing creates space he's a mismatch guide very athletic. You know all forty niner fans would compare him. To a Greg Clark if you remember he regularly and I am sick to Harvard right harbor here are very good knowledge at but he seems to really open is now married to Jessica Simpson by the way and I Derrick Johnson has not yet. The air ducts a long time I didn't have a little bit at at. But very good knowledge you know but we we can ill afford to have him go down I know Garrett Celek Celek time people really excited about him. And we saw young that it will talk about later in coal Hickey teeny City College ever Cisco. He looked really athletics so there are some positive things to build for one thing I would say. Mean we're talking about the the young offense the. I receiver group looks very deep it does look the it looks really deep I can't remember receiving corps being this deep. With this football team you talk about PR Solomon marquis though went you know other starters we didn't see Trent Taylor Bernanke was inactive but he's going to be in the mix. Richey James is making a name for itself and actually got more reps than Donte' pettis early on you got the first quarter Katherine grow up blow. Playing with the first team there dot taped at a small alligator arms at times after it had the big if you Briard every shuts them up a play action. Pass from CJ about their but could have been blown coverage whatever he made the play but he did show us some miscommunication remembers you do about it unless I line two minute drill. Pettis ran a comeback CJ about the through a deep that to get on the same page or what shall I put support the receiving room is steep the 49ers have played real weapons for its when he eighteenth season. Yeah and we'll talk more about the receiving corps but I'd like this showcase the defense because I think that DeForest Buckner. Being talked about his defensive player of the year he saw couple plays where he flash early with good hands with the that just explosion off the line for a guy his size his height. Really unique sought great rip move from all unbelievable hand movement and then two other guys I wanna highlight Ruben Foster Ferrari made an unbelievable catch up play in space to battle ball down in coverage. And then Adrian Colbert a guy we saw 67 games this guy easy for real was it a barrage he is make sure tackling machine I hate to use this comparison as I know he hates it but he reminds me did Sean Colson this guy rapids out in when he hit you you go down. The hawk was fair he was a missile he had a missile I don't know complained today's NFL because of the helmet rule we do see one helmet rule flag today he lives you lead look like a clean hit Wilkinson that loss to talk about rule of Foster a little bit not in slipped one to see more of them. Juliet Taylor young man out of temple. Yes he's a diamond in the rough everybody's talking about salsa in good hands and push and penetration and I held out well and a run game. Forced a holding penalty that second quarter guess Dallas Cowboys are like what assault for Juliet Taylor Jimmy war. Not so much which employ we'll get a Jimmy ward a little bit later but he's making a point five million the highest paid defensive player from a maggert to cry this year and he did not look good tonight which report. How it's his fourth year in the league how is he not learned to locate the ball in the air it did you really baffles me this is a guy that is yes safety easier cornerback. Sherman doesn't suit up tonight he gets an opportunity on the outside to play outside corner opposite Oak Hill Witherspoon. And multiple times tonight there was a rob route he didn't have the instincts of the now that app play was coming we all saw coming and then on the touchdown he gets burned on a thirty yarder he's witnessed meetings with as many turns his head for just the second. Again can't key locate the ball in air I don't understand here for he still hasn't picked this up it feels like to meet we're gonna end up keeping him because of the salary and because we have a need in the defensive backfield. But my goodness he's not a he's not a guy who's improved. Knighted in outlook and at the left cornerback spot also Corey tumor Mr. Big time tackle ball Scarborough he had a big run into reds on the cowboys were scored sort of talk about all that. We're gonna take a fault call searchable late night by seven. 9570. What are your thoughts on the first pre season game of the season for a sense of the 49ers to Blake my 57. 9570. This is over outside with Joseph Chatzky the butcher boy but a hill here and only 57 again. Lots of last five. Now back to overtime with brawn G hill and show OSHA skiing. Ball is back in the Bay Area and the 49ers. There about eighteen seconds away from stealing victory from Dallas Cowboys Durham 24 to 21. It's nick bones of third straighter. Undrafted free agent second year in the league -- believe what the 49ers eleven and thirteen 12129. Yards touchdown and an interception to help lead to forty -- -- born heard a highlight from Ted Robinson on KP IX channel five Kendrick board is common on a young man out of eastern Washington in this second your wonder what goes in the water at eastern Washington here at -- cup on one side -- -- born I'm really high I can to abort a lot of people have forgotten forgotten about control board but boy but he has the size gas restraint he's not afraid to go over to medal in and we got a young man number 82 wearing John -- Jersey now Richey James junior who is rookie James junior we're gonna get his all of that here in overtime of course as Joseph should ask you to butcher boy on Bard's tale here are 9570 game Tripoli and I parred seven. Not by 70 we will take your phone calls what is your reaction to the first pre season game. All of the night of the season for the 49ers are you impressed with CJ veteran nick Marlins what did you think of Jimmy go rob we'll start. If he couple and completions type roles. Had a couple nice completions there on third down to third down conversions. Which are instincts on a running backs you jerk McCain and Joseph Williams all that stuff we're to talk about that in overtime the first got to start which illegal drop below here back to Jimmy G and quarterback's first bubble boy taken away. A Jimmy G back in the first quarter wagers think. You know I saw a guy that's just so much more comfortable in year two this is. The guys came in halfway through the season had to learn the playbook and less than 28 days went out there and won games with they've watered down simplified offense yet today he comes out here. It's kind of an a glorified practices pre season we're not gonna extrapolate too much from this but there's certain things you just can't teach hanging tough went to Marcus Lawrence is gonna take your hat off he sharing your right down the barrel of the gun and you deliver a pass fifteen yards downfield. Accurately to move the chains you just can't rod up any better that's what B Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady Drew Brees types do in the NFL now that's not the it's not the recipe that I wanna have on every single third and long I mean I would like to have some third and manageable but Jimmy drop below is an absolute stud I don't wanna. Pulled too much from this but I gotta say this a medical Bill Walsh on your Fontana occur. I have a backup quarterback controversy are a little odd that hammered down non you know hammered down I think this was a really big game for CJ bastard he's a guy that. I heard all of you are hurt all last year this guy is real tough people that he holds onto the ball. He's kind of cement footed back there he doesn't have good anticipation. He doesn't realize that the place common right down his throat and it's about as Kate's a Philippine dealing I don't. He's always occasions because that day or July and I would jump in it but she did Bradford got no protection factor just like last season went before Jimmy grapple took over in his TJ Bradford got his brains beat in the offensive line was terrible idea EG knows how to play NFL quarterback obviously learned from Tom Brady switching Gupta cadence knowing where to slide the protection and helping evolved gas offensive line here. I don't know what it wasn't the back of the all backup offensive linemen and we talk about how deep the offensive line is it's not so deep from reporting now so she did bathrooms backed a plan would guys who's not gonna play the regular season and he got beat up again today but he stood in there made some tough girls are like that we may be Kendra born in the tight window. Pete he's tough I don't I don't think you can Judge Judy better it gets a Dallas cowboys' backups behind that's actually dolphins' line I think when it's also on CJ brought their. Will be your true. I think you're on to some really good points but I would say this. Part of the quarterback's job is to check the team into the right play and I feel like too many times the plays being blown up from the beginning from the minute we hike with a that's the cadence when that's not going to the right side witnessed not checking out of a certain play into another one. There's just something not right with CJ I think you saw a little moxie now it's against the third string I don't wanna get too excited. But nick my parents will blitzer remember that knowledge passed the most back there manic I was completing passes there's something to be said about guys. Who don't take the negative plaque and there's something about after it he just can't seem to make enough positive place to keep the sticks moving. Again I don't wanna extrapolate too much but I am a little worried because I thought this was a very big game for him now. You talk about the offensive line for me the porous part of this office of white flash it was left right guard and center and I thought you know dress and a little bit. Bringing in west and rich were right but. I guess Thomas and got to contradict. And former first round pick with the lions yeah and see Jonathan Cooper RJR net. Mike person got the starts and fighting alongside Mike McClatchy. What I Purdue right sided dolphins have weren't big guy for Mike McClatchy now it's gonna get a crash course of course the markets Lawrence is one of the best defense of Vincent pro football pro football. They're gonna play Texas later on in the pre season blitzer. Guess what he's gonna have to go block while we agree JJ watt. In a regular season. We won those guys in Minnesota and down for roasters from seven. If you look at the chargers did sheets Melvin Ingram the Phillies also cut down in Denver we keep talking about a brat children are no it's been great. And and then ends in this US butcher. It actually Jones yeah Africa Clark. Aaron Brown on draft night on draft night butcher boy didn't pop the city did hear some comparisons. With. Michael Glenn. Now mark but glad she is Robert Gallery. The 49ers are in trouble herder in trouble this is a first round bust if he's anything like Robert Gallery Michael Glenn GUK it's been a top ten pick. And whole game and hope he comes out and turns into Robert Gallery that's a problem for reporters that that's the case. Yet there's no doubt have to Fiske I heard shooter Robert Gallery that's a huge whiff but. It's the first game it's literally the first quarter of the guys NFL career and it's a pre season game and what better way to really get baptized by fire thing going up against the Marcus wants like you said. The waiting NFL structured now. There is a position lists sack specialist on every single team who will line up amongst your. Whatever your weak spot is he's gonna light up right over that guy and there's no doubt about it the glee she ends up being a weak spot. He will get exposed. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt I think he's gonna grow I think he's gonna get better. I was a little worried with the hand movement he had some slow feet and this defeat is one of those things that you don't get quicker overtime but I think you can build that dance up. I'm more worried about the secondary I'm gonna be honest with you I'm much more worried if I was looking at in takeaways from today's game. If Richard Sherman is not available the first couple weeks I don't want to be rushed back but he got the hamstring he's coming off the Achilles can you trust Jeannie war on outs. I'd buy and sell I don't know if you can butcher boy we don't know what Jimmy word is she's been moved around so much. In his time with the 49ers courts who starts out as a slot corner what do we remember from that. Brandon Marshall in the slot Al Saud they are old enough to stadium and Levi's new open up Levi stadium wasserman a football against Chicago Bears. Jim or got cook for three touchdowns yet now he was moved to safety he's planning to box he's playing free now he's back at left corner. You see that first touchdown there that press got throws it up to reward just turns around and this was lost he was lost and he got beat on a slant. He just looked lost out there Jimmy or I don't know how much you can count on them but you gotta think that this is a big time priest is a forum because if he does struggle. It's like the 49ers are deep in the secondary now you may need to keep Jimmy Jimmy order and a roster here and we're gonna Nikkei while Williams early back from an ankle injury. What did you not like about to organize which report. Again I keep gone back to locating the ball when it's in the air high point turnaround have a feel for the sideline. He had to guide you step against the sideline he turned his head any gave big guy the over the top touchdown it's too easy Michael gallop with the during your time it was and I'm not fair that he was 59 Jimy make up. Let you know use your body still our guy off an adult completely stop Iraq continue to go back I use your hands feel it and keep running. The other big take away from me is. This lying. I might like around a little bit yes it did and I might wanna see more Sheldon day that he's a bigger body I wanna see. Some of these other guys in the rotation Earl Mitchell we talked about it in the green room he really solid year last year. But I'm going to do some rotations on their. Ducked press Scott had all day now that's and he leak offensive line for the Dallas Cowboys Tyrone Smith he's had a road grader title of the best right I mean he truly is but rod Smith we may look like physique Elliott and that was not easy Kelly Zeke is deemed best player on their team. Behind maybe Tyrone Smith he might be better than him. And any New York gash nests were huge yards and dat got to stand back in that pocket. Step into his back foot release survey what was open. And a bunch of no name receivers were getting open time and time again so. I do have major question marks on the steel lining can they get to the quarterback which has been the theme for the last 45 years. To force Butler led the NFL last year with nineteen quarterback pressures now we look at to sack numbers we Cerrato sack numbers are down a release about the quarterback pressures and might I be an -- to sack sack numbers on how many sex you have a release about making a quarterback on comparable GAAP aiding the quarterback making a move. Moving him off his spot that's what beats Tom Brady this will be used to greats when they get them off their spots and make him on constable. Not to force Butler did that tonight he had to rip moved to swim move it David Solomon Thomas with a bit explosive. But a lot of highlighted guy. Who's it looks like he's gonna get to plant our mission as Julian Taylor who got a sack your way clash broke him the first team. Had quite leveraged yeah you know we talk about Eric or unsettled time butcher boy replace high doesn't play explosive doesn't use his long arms to his ability. Julie tire had to. Molson or gravity got to push moved the pocket forced to hold eternity Julie Taylor press and people tonight including me and you butcher boy. If he showed excellent burst and explosion off the line and I thought I saw a guy that was really caving in the offensive lineman in front of them and that's some. That's how you blow plays up in you allow your guy you beat your guy one on one you open things up for the other guys because we know Ferrari can come in and pretty much lay any tackle out we know Colbert can wrap up but can't he get pressure on that front line and really get into the backfield what are the other big things that I noticed today. Was they did put Jeremiah Itochu and that will tell what that I don't know that's a free agent that was really looking forward to seeing he had some. Solid seasons got to see any eagle but he didn't really have that opportunity to showcase himself fully. He's a guy I am expecting to really set debt edging get to the quarterbacks that are not see him played a night and I like Cassius marsh he's got that came on lashing they claimed him. Halfway to the season. You need to get pressure and I I hear you on the pressure then the modern day NFL east to be edge rushers. I think it's more more now with these pocket passers getting pressure ate rat pressure to go up. And that's you know you see Aron doll that's why he's gonna get paid the amount of money he has there'll always be a place for the edge rushers. But DeForest Buckner. Flash today why he is in this defensive player of the year conversation before the season has even begun he's going to keep page soon do you look. Michael Geist he looks like a beast he's long he's powerful he had to burst off the line of scrimmage and I love seeing what Robert solid did with the for a spot of Solomon Thomas you put them on the same side yes Solomon Thomas played the and the real spot and DeForest Buckner to force Buckner played at inside spot so playing those two guys together and we saw a little bit. Of what they can do on the same side there has some nice burst. Solomon Thomas he needs to step up on the tech slide your book report in a 415 Solomon Thomas needs to step up as well and we. Will agree everybody around town is talking about Solomon Thomas stepping up wouldn't see much from a number three pick. Also from a 51 know who's worse Cheney ordered DJ eight. While. Both couldn't stay on the field both can't locate the ball both can't stand for another man that's a that's a tossup at this point who's gonna get a second contract BJ got a second contract I don't know. It genie award gets a second contract but I know this. This team has a lack of defensive backs to begin with. And there's no way in heck they are gonna cut Jamie because the other guy that they got back here between six what's his name and all you have made in May be in grave you look terrible looked awful look apps which ever got. Had to deal and I would like to see play a little more and this is getting real deep inside TJ Jones this guy looks like I. Absolute freak. Big strong is he too redundant next to Buckner maybe you want the smaller guy in Earl Mitchell to eat up space I don't know but I really would like to see him in the rotation. All right let's listen to the final call here to last touchdown other game we're 49ers. Beat the cowboys 24 it's 11 let's listen to the call here nick bullet on a touchdown pass or taking away call. The only thing. Nick but was finishes eleven for thirteen a target of 41 yards two game winning touchdown pass to Richey James Ellis who start their Ricci James. Four catches 46 yards. He looks good you'll be hearing about this guy all camp. Tricked her record of get back on the field here because Richey James looks like he can play the slot the two run jets which welcome he got some local was game but boy. Yeah and there's two different elements that I really like about an eighth hands and beats the toughness I mean that's the hallmark of a really good inside runner are yet tough enough and do you have solid hands. And this guy he keeps just found a soft spot. He made nice plays he kept the chains moving and you could tell that Jean meet trusts him there's something to be said there if you are a quarterback's best friend on that blanket down that third down. That is where you build report you keep the chains moving you keep your defense on the sidelines catching their breath. Richey James provides an element that I think Trent Taylor doesn't even have which is that second level burst tread is more about you know inside he's gonna move this chains go down. Rich guy will err storm and I really like. The multiplicity they have at the wide receiver position Donte' pettis can be your home run guy you got bored who's making plays Victor Bolden went up at high point at a ball today obviously Goodwin brings it. Absolute track athletes beat ourselves a chain mover you've got a little bit everything in this receiving corps and surprisingly. They're actually catching the ball. I mean it's it's as an hour or feeling we haven't seen receivers that are actually in the ball roll fairway and making plays in years so I'm really optimistic. You talk about the receiving corps here let's start with Dante pettis. I was not impressed would Donte' pedestal and right now they're another is a lot of pressure on them. And I saw on Donna practice couple weeks ago he looks move the smooth route runner. But over the middle he gets a little bit and alligator arms and I got it. He's got a big cats the one catch for PP three yards but I was not present Dante pettis and right now it's his first game. We're not want to overreact here if it got naked score fifteen touchdowns. At the white receiving position his junior year at Duke University a lot to get NCAA record of nine punt returns. But Dante pettis was a nurse butcher boy what did you see from Dante that is tonight because because I was an oppressed and it. Well you know let let's let's start here. He's not AJ Jenkins because he's already on the field make him play right and he's not a shot woods exactly so I mean the guy suited up he's out there he was out of sync with battered is that the quarterback is that he's route. Not sure it was it because of the defense is coverage that dictates him to do a specific thing off of that I don't know. We will find out. I'm willing to give hunting as many opportunities as possible because he assault on the one play within the DB fell or what. That's a sixty are shown flat you beat cal sixty yard child plays on two fingers that you had to six years prior record of a gang of six your priority gene green house Jeannie are having this marriage cell. I'm all about this is second round pick you invested a ton of allocation for draft. Status in this guy he's gonna get all the opportunities to learn from two solid veteran receivers in Carson on. In remarks he's good when. I'm excited to see what he brings but here's the thing I don't need him to contribute right away right you've got a lot of other playmakers who can make plays if you could sprinkle him in. I'm I'm really exciting Kyle's gonna gain and for him to touch the ball in specific ways to. Have a special packaging you did your PR person on earlier entry can say. This is a guy and Donte' pettis who want to help us down the stretch of the season maybe not right away. But come week's seven week eight week nine he's gonna make some flash place that's got to the phone lines searchable late night by seven. Not 570 let's go up the Sacramento. Casey in LA what's going on Casey are many parts of the game. Would call also implicate him. About government and within the first repeat again you know but I'm Michael about the Wendell but I will say this. What do I have to say it goes further than what preceded them again. I would see it that it out there I don't think he's really good a moment. I saw that Iowa assault last but you don't want and it did not want divisive that's a good quarterback. I don't wanna feel public about the whole kit in there with the second straight next week I saw something from him that I've never seen procedure. I want I want to you know. What I got you this Casey because I I'm not as part of CJ bat third night I don't speak. You know for maybe a three game stretch can you get your poor three week stretch that the key camera did you serviceable and what I saw last source can take a lot of bullets. Punishment for his team and get right up to try to make some plays here. Now the second straight profits why did not look good tonight Casey can put it all I'll see Big Brother or can you put so much the some of it on the protection there because he was getting its markets and changed the ball was she that she did Becker had a cowboy in his face. But like OK I want only to consistent to what get a seeing people would use now is not about what it AptarGroup quarterback. I could what do they know well. No I agree with you Casey. Aggregate Casey because there's something to be said he's got statue esque feat he doesn't move well his art isn't that electric and he doesn't throw a taxable ball he doesn't make enough positive plays for me it's negative play after negative play an instinctual leak I'm not seen a person who are the wind understands where his first treaty is and where the rush is coming from and so he's getting us into play after the bulls hike that has no chance of succeeding not with Casey on this and I love hearing Casey's opinions on this. I am a nick mollen beleaguered. I don't. Yeah imported you don't triple I don't know I love both look to be here originally thought it had entered a judgment and she just got it is tough. I think he could make some plays but he's human there with the starters but he's still behind a first or dolphins black market adjust look he moves around. I like she did prep and a little bit below last year about doping laws I don't look to Big Ten. I was a bruising team and a wonderful long when I think the Bible football idol picabo quarterback and a ball that forty to 45 time now I think Kirk programs that ankle and I want pounding the ball in the big tentacles I'm not gonna double the clip over you to deduct it quite yet she nick what was that look good Letzing. The circus turned herself no that's totally Ferran the thing I would say about Beckett and I hate to use this copy he reminds me Ken Dorsey I don't see arm talent I don't see move ability in the pocket I don't see the instincts nice guy I want to root form I want him to do well. I just don't see whereas Nick Collins. Seems some more moxie from him initial second half of the budget and don't gamers that I seen from CJ I'm not taking anything away from CJ he won that locker room over super tough all those great intangibles but you gotta make place. It's got to make some more plays this up their rot in San Bruno he's gonna make some plays here on 957 again Roger rod over time are you doing tonight. We're gonna talk about two things one of learning. And computer could bear it out it didn't matter up Guerrero. And Albert have in the like in another thing here at their. They sent their greens at the county are currently bid at our own it and give out my ballot called. Like outfit that it will tell if it's true that's what I saw it. And about a look we're gonna end I think the recruitment back. Yeah you know what thanks reform Colorado where rubber gets me here on overtime we got to go up a break in just a second here we're gonna take a phone call Kyle to volley not by seminar part Simmons Earl asked for the running game into much tonight. Nothing much like not a lot of push dissolve. McCain is gonna be fine I think can it's gonna be fine that breed is going to be fine. Williams the word about Joseph Williams a little bit known Joseph waves are worried about the map pretty sure you saw a guy he's smaller I'm expecting a lot from this guy's had a great Kia in the I've learned opened got her on her shoulder Damon brown Jimmy Smits yeah looks like he looks anomaly looks like they're last year Notre Dame before Fiesta Bowl and Julia slide around instead today -- do various things shall Gina Smith he's got a closer. The most showed showed me a lot yet burst and neck tech skilled he got around me out Saturday night yeah and well he ran better than Joseph Williams but he never were running we're. Running room that Joseph Williams Majoli has got tough and air how to do not agree let's pick up in upper quarter hasn't tough runs there. Joseph oil to really high on policy this guy make it on the squad to educate about short yardage situations who's gonna be short sharp short yardage back which report. Is going to be Brea is going to be judge Joseph Williams McCain and who is your short yardage let me back right now. It's the naked bootleg with with simulate just the quarterback sneak I mean I don't really wanna take the ball out of his hands. I think it's gonna be depended on the down and distance and I think it's gonna be where we are on the field I think debt. If you're at the forty of the fifty you might wanna put in rerun a draw on an outside toss you know. Kyle is so Smart when it comes to those things and that's that's one of the things as we get so excited niner fans are so pumped up they're angry they're ticked off. We can't even see what three men in motion all night. The staple of Kyle Shanahan offense is moving guys to see what the defense is doing are they in manner the end zone and that's how he runs his plays. Based off the coverage that the defense is giving himself. Yet there were a lot of holes to run through we didn't see a lot of cutbacks but I'm still optimistic about this for these four guys moser Joseph Williams. Breeder and McCain and the other guy. General David Nichols when you hope they get there fourth quarter it looked up and out of Boise State was what Tampa Bay training camp last season. Cable overtook 49ers broke quick here update we Kyle Shanahan on George kiddo and Matt Brea. He says they're about their shoulder injuries. Kyle Shanahan says it's going to be some time. I'd be surprised if there are around next week back to be big for them organizer are what talk about that here in overtime on the other side is Joseph should ask you to butcher boy bond sale. Here on any 57 again. Until you would want to kill me and show Shas and. That's right baby talking on 95% of the game Joshi ask you the butcher boy. Vontae hill we're gonna take the 49ers official unofficial post game show here as the niners beat the cowboys were reported 11 and the first pre season game. Of the year to raiders' attack on the whys tomorrow night that'd be a lot of fun of the coliseum we are talk about the niners would talk about some injuries here. Real quick injury report came out coliseum and talked. To the press afterwards which boy let's break this down here let's go through this torch kettle. Shoulder injury. He will miss some time probably will not practice next week so we'll see a lot more Celek. And Cole pick a team he has a chance to grab more playing TARP for himself to try to city college of San Francisco a Solomon Thomas coos concussion symptoms. Probably will be out a few days here I don't anticipate him playing here to apartment plates they put them. Martin Smith hamstring injury not serious he should be back soon. Gary go to a concussion symptoms as well in them that Rita. Has a shoulder injury and he won't miss some time here so you know what that means without that Breda who's going to step up behind Jerry McCann and it seems like the time to shine for Joseph Williams which aboard. Yeah I mean and this is a guy at Utah who dominated the pact well that that Rose Bowl on Rose Bowl game but the Foster farms ball. Down Levi's this guy was phenomenal 207 yards we were expecting big things from them last year this is a guy he's perfect in the Shanahan one cut system. And this hasn't shown yet he hasn't been available he was on I ourself to see him. Make a little out of nothing to there's a lot of negative plays from the hike and he created some positive yards I saw some positive things from Jill Williams but to meet a guy really stands out if the guy who was excellent special teams re moser. Moser pass the scooped the billion get around the edge and make a big chunk place. Breeden going down hurts killed going down Hertzberg tied her shoulder. And to not be able to block reach up to get the ball I can physically logistically lay. Let your arms up and hide when a ball that that's a serious injury in the Solomon Thomas number three pick years to for this. Impacting year two from a and if for him to be out kind of hurts the other guy Gilliam mean this is just wings aren't likely tobacco you had offered to blindness not to eat what you were no not on the reason why all these injuries are very important. This was a bottom three roster before Jeanne meager Rob Lowe got here last year let's not forget that I. I know we've got a couple of nice trash we've had some some guys that we thought might be blue chipper is heading into this year. But this is still a bottom tier Rosser for comparing to the rest of the NFL and specifically to the team you're trying to catch the Los Angeles rams so for me. Every tree is crucial. You can you can say at third in the 2016. That was an expansion team yes it's chilly DiCaprio that there was nothing on that team. Absolutely nothing and then you look at last year the way to forty niners started all nine and there were some close games we lost five straight games by a total of fifteen points first in NFL history to do so they're all those late Phil vols lost in orbit aren't Arizona course to Washington Redskins and they lost a lot of close games but the roster was not the typical Rob Lowe. You know we really cover up for a lot of low weaknesses on this football team tonight you get injuries here it's gonna test the depth. They do have to cast its guard their try to get some tackles we'll see what happens Labor Day weekend when teams around only cut down a roster to 53. But having these injuries here it's not good George can only expect from the break out here we're gonna. Hear from Jimmy drop lawyer later and a program these news media right now would hear from Kyle Shanahan on injuries here but. Yes that that was basically my biggest take away denied butcher boy is key injuries now he just didn't get get to see this team start we're all excited when the seed offense function. And got a guy going around here that critical down on the blitz pickup. It really bad injury there hopefully they're not out for too long here but that's in the that's a thing to keep an ion here Matt really George kill cause our tester depth at the time in their running backs position more so to tight ends butcher boy yeah. Well the guy also that I'm circling and I continue to keep going back to its Malcolm Smith. This is one of the big free agency in year one for how she and hand someone who quote unquote new assistant he played in the Seattle system another raiders had a for a brief time. But you give this guy a five year 26 million dollar deal. I mean he's due three million in basic share four point 45 million. In cat hit so if you were to cut this guy and move often it's eight point one million dollar hit I know we got tons and tons of cap room. But this is a guy was leaning on to be a veteran presence the other guy that I keep looking at especially in the game like today and I know what's the pre season. Boy they can ill afford to miss Richard Sherman for multiple weeks at the regular season and you need this got all the field as a coach but more importantly. Lined up on that left outside line. Outside cornerback spot. Meaning his guy and allowing a kilo Witherspoon to be the athlete on the other side insult. I'm I'm I'm nervous but I did likewise soft from aging Colbert yeah McCloskey tar Rubin Foster. There's there's there's a reason to be concerned about the secondary. You look at the first four games I keep pointing to the first four games because I can make or break season agreed Minnesota with those weapons Stephon DAX. Adam the win you have corn trail while common on Kyle Rudolph the tide in the down the cook coming out of the backfield and you look at each. COLT take Barbara Jo to Kenny gala they. Adding to that would Garrett not a hero the way that Iraq until now video look at week during which when he got all the speed searched Chavis Kelsey Sammy Watkins ring but entirely free kill the humor joystick there and the chargers who pulls it. Long athletes keyed an element I will Williams reporting out of gonna have to sure to secondary right away here because they'll be tested even. If we're to Sherman is playing here you don't think Philip Rivers. Or count Kirk 'cause for the say you know what. Let's go test bikinis right now yeah let's go see how much you got left in the tank which its orbit but what to be tested early and often in a regular season 49ers at us. Yeah and in some of the areas of concern I mentioned earlier it's left guard sent her my card bills and the huge huge areas that they need to upgrade in the offseason but another one for me that they didn't even address except for the draft Fred Warner. Outside linebacker and that's why I thought that they missed a golden opportunity to showcase Fred Warner now I understand that this year's pre season is set up. Logistically a lot different from prior. You know free seasons in the sense that we're gonna have ninety man all the way through before games or knock to have multiple cut downs and I'm curious how that dictated playing time for a game like today. Did you allow tumor to play a little more knowing that Fred Warner is gonna make this team he's a young guy you invested. High draft pick in him. But I wanted to see him play Eli heralds a guy I thought he was on the bubble he'd be left. He left with a lower leg injury which I did not even know about so that's another injury to look out for because Eli Harold sixty edge and a run game yes she's your garbage man raptors academic the flashy plays to help set the edge and make sure nobody gets outside of them he's of every good he did he's really got to continue to try to keep it an inside but having him injured now there's a tough that stuff as well Fred Warner deal one assume it gets us off of the line. Of the Dallas Cowboys record tumor. We got to see him a bit here and no one played at six up to me butcher boy is to miss tackle he had on both scar borrow the young mortgage back on Alabama a rookie on Alabama. Mr. tackle they're in the hole he was right there. Armed armed tackled on Scarborough goes on asylum for thirty yards Agassi cowboys. In position to score a touchdown. And when your 78 year vet you can ill afford to miss tackles I'm sorry you discussed on the bubble if you want to make the team he's got to wrap up and that's a serious thing because. It's a numbers game and I don't think he's gonna make this team I really doubt the other guy you are Harold. I know you're seeing the sets yes he doesn't get to the quarterback I don't think he's the greatest in space covering tight ends covering linebackers. I mean rob Smith today is a nobody and rock race through a hole he and are you actually ate us up so I'm really it should there and then. Where was Jeremiah hatch RQ you played Cassius marsh he got decent push. But I talked to a guy you brought it on a one year deal kind of approve a deal still only 25 years old. I'm expecting to see this guy out what I see how he fits in the scheme. And there was a play tonight from Rubin Foster that it's just showcases why he's so special. He's he's he's got out of the box it looks like there's going to be a run play he actually. Covers ground back settles after the guy Steve Austin there aren't really bond Alston any contorted body in mid air stuck the left hand up. You know what without it. Even looking at the ball accepting down the level of athletic schism in the degree of difficulty to make that stop was impressive I mean he's he's an absolute stud and we need feed him for all sixteen games so we're not gonna. Howard's sixteen games you have and for fourteen games. He of course he's suspended for the first to really dodged a bullet there could have been suspended for six yet more games but he missed the first two at Minnesota that hatred of foreigners will take on to Houston Texans for her second priest is a game August 18 that is a Saturday night of course will be back for that. For the post game show let's go back out to the phone lines which aboard chip away and our front seven. Not 57 Searle a spot that Kyle in San Jose how we aren't overtime butcher boy of boxing what's going on a night. They were up. So. In the leak of where our backup quarterback is so important now think. He did that here it's kind of that we believe to be unique and it looked exactly like 08 it last year. Not enough sport progress into meaningless statement doesn't move the chains and. I agree with that and I know bunting you're telling me to be patient you're telling me gel. You gotta relax he's with the back up offensive line did he pleaded. Backup offensive line but there's little things there's just a lot of little things again setting your team up took to make a positive play it powered and he checks and minuses credits in the merits based off each snap. And many more did merits. For CJ Babbitt then there was positives and and that's just frustrating and I expect the guy in year two to have a better grasp of the offense to command the huddle little better. To just get the teen functionally into the right play I just didn't see now there were a couple of really nice throws that he mates and wanna conjure warm or when an awful play action so that's a bottles per although Robinson he under through all the Grubbs who made a really nice adjustment to come back and get that ball. And that our boy from City College coal ticket teeny look back it up but not diving catch a. I'm telling you you love that guy you love to keep you love tickets I like is that lettuce is like he's so I I think that he gives it L at that Celek doesn't give me in. He's just he. He's a mismatch nightmare in today's NFL I think he fits the prototype basketball style tight end clutter. I do wanna see a more in the run game can he block yet is Kenny or is he Jimmy Graham where he's a one trick pony where it all we can do was run routes or run the jump ball back shoulder fade. I wanna see that routinely block a little bit about your help out on the end zone so it's what college and angles to the two tartans that she did battered everybody's racquet on them and I expect except when he Tenet's warning tonight 181 yards and one interception where gig at a ball batted at the line of storms got a couple balls batted at the line of scrimmage but that pass Ross from the cowboys was coming here I don't look I'm gonna put a little Aussie do better for some Arab paroles to miscommunication that on tape that is. But that offensive line. It was not life Hayward. Atrocious tonight if let's read let's pay some bills hero quit butcher boy you're listening to 957 game KG and yet been in hasty one KG and she's efforts as well. A radio. Dot com station this is overtime with Joseph should ask you to butcher boy but tale here and and by some of the game we're taking a four.