Omar Vizquel

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, December 29th

Former MLB shortstop, including a stint with the SF Giants, Omar Vizquel, joins Mychael Urban to discuss the Giants season & his name on the ballot for the MLB HOF. 


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I think we have Omar back Omar thanks. Appreciate it's are we had a technical difficulties. We kind of lost you in the middle of the answers so I'm sorry but I'm gonna ask you again does Omar Vizquel vote for himself for the hall of fame. Each well aren't you I don't and gotten. Look at the numbers in this field making crap now gold below I think got that you really have to compare yourself. Out. Good. They'll solo debut borders that are called mean not you know what is suburb and take an older numbers are good or not needed deep green good numbers and. And all that often you know I I don't read the on the satellite and the criteria they use them. But it may have caviar hard brought there's you know are you got a book a word I'm not a you'll speed we are excited of people that don't compare me to get at them. Maybe someday and I began to be their. We'll talk with a Omar Vizquel here on the afternoon delight I Michael Irvin and for Greg Papa. And Vontae hill Omar you've been coaching in the league for a little bit now you got any designs on being a manager someday. Yeah it's I think that's what I'm diving into league coaching jobs out right now record for year for Detroit tiger now how they'll put too need to be weekly Al White Sox in a single lady. On team and we are Salem North Carolina when I'm gonna beat him on your cooking mama. Indeed in the moment to moment that I'd be waiting for far out sometime Monday not too way early to be a do you get your opportunity and you know BT just like good. Just need to gonna shine not the tools to be amount a year Mac. Try to communique William Gray hairs are none and see what what he's gone about about our being in charge of one Qaeda. The bush years out of Omar Vizquel one of the all time greats of the shortstop position a Major League Baseball he is on the hall of fame ballot for the first time any damn well better get in the first time your crazy. If you don't think Omar is a hall of Famer hallmark. There's a school of thought that if the giants struggle again say they have a couple of more. I'm not so great years Bruce coach Hughes won three world championships here in San Francisco the first three that the giants have won in San Francisco but eventually. He's gonna step down how strong are your relationships in San Francisco. And would you welcome the opportunity to take over for Bruce coach uses skipper of the giants. Are Barry bit grey they put me out you know like I say I feel out a lot of cranberry area. I don't matter at all or decline lean on them what they really go Q what did dean what I know Bob mammy air date they're looking for I mean very good model what can that you got to love ya to go to our beat quizzed them and can't imagine not often all your arms he's been on their I'm a lot of things solve it all on a waiting for an opportunity big guy in 31 others scheme that would be a way to increment. Murder scale joins us here on the afternoon got a Michael Irvin and for Greg Papa and Vontae hill Omar merciless shortstop in today's game that you really enjoy watching and why. Well they're two guys that are really enjoyed. Obviously current equally door where they can let me get into other guys aren't being not. I won't save making nordic Krejci played Iran the shortstop occasional mound you know I don't hold fate made your big guys know what in the Detroit tiger he's got. A guy Gardner made down an auto outside an auto made audio if you want a debate shortstop right now eight under unusual and Siemens they got from now and I need these guys are making making great. Or go really feel Eagles and their whole legal behind tickled they are told there's a lot of good shortstop in the league right now and he's just a pleasure to feel all of them. Omar you won eleven gold gloves junior 24 year career including nine consecutive that's an incredible freed from 1993. To 2001. The only name that went on the gold glove award for shortstop in the American League was Omar Vizquel here locally gone back to the giants. Brandon Crawford is one some gold gloves as a shortstop here how do you like watching him play he he can. Keep practices those highlight reel type plays. I'm. As the shorts I need to practice those types of plays to pull them off or is it just kind of a spur of the moment creativity thing or was it for you that way. Well Kurt Campbell I don't really happy Champloo team play marched in not you know we haven't played you guys in the wallet and I'm reading this seemed totally cute that. Off sold thought mud did Simi highlight after the games are not you know what like he does an amazing guy that can go. I rounded simple siege and on and I make every play off the she got a great arm you know a lot he broke even look like even more lower because he's he's got what I get big guys. Bart. Build big high like that I need even that would guide it doesn't matter how big he is he's he can he'll get to every ball. That birdies out there. And now obviously. Eighties as saying that I don't get to see very often. Bush years out of Omar Briscoe one of the all time greats the shortstop position. In Major League Baseball homer of the game has changed considerably even the short time you know as we mentioned here on the ballot for the first time. For the hall of fame because you've been out of the game. For five years but you've also been coaching in the game and the Major League level so you've seen the changes that the game. Has undergone or what do you think about the home run or bust type of mentality where we're hearing about exit velocity and ends the launch angles. Do you do you like the way baseball has changed or do you prefer the old school the style that was played when you were coming out. Well alternately Betty the old courted big cattle they scored only grew up being -- not you know would be how many tools some pretty big guard got that they're they're bringing up right now bark target or a lot of guys particular about each of these based on either between you know they they're looking for every resource out there for you to improve your game and I think got age you know a lot of take about each of these stories is great. You know you see them on an auto pretty big guy now trying to launch bold and knocked. You really often all you'll regain you have to know where you've made all you know I wanted to put god that I can not dreamed about eating homegrown because I outlook and he took twenty. So you all to really guard your game know what you're able to do. And then try to use the tools necessary to clean coal output yet you have to make it just in on the game right now I do know more about numbers about soccer may treat such a well how the pupils see you yourself from different guys that can all be here being down being done in baseball because there. We're spending in Ohio open the under heated. Indicated that both live writes I really feel you know. They're a lot of teams are really change the way of thinking and the underwear pitching solid you go oh you're pitching you'll have a very good contract. All murder scale is one of only 29 players in baseball history. To play in Major League games in four decades and get this is the only shortstop. Among those 29 guys only shortstop in history to play game in four different decades he joins us here on the afternoon delight Omar what do you think the biggest challenge is going to be for you. When you do get that shot at being a big league manager because let's let's go to another sport Magic Johnson for instance obviously an incredibly gifted basketball player but he got frustrated. As a head coach because guys couldn't see the floor. The way he could see it and obviously guys that you coach or not going to be as gifted physically. Is you are is that gonna be the biggest challenge. No I think they're bigger challenge I mean every everybody got the freestyle a big friend not you know way to break the game but it. They produce their biggest challenge for them on there is Abby to try to make it change weighing in Melbourne are saying one thing and then your gut feeling I'm telling you the Alter your knowledge is he's got hearty to vodka got kind of balance that out and butane that are featured a dummy made a guy. Telling a pretty good game and an older Saudi not to take him out because they bought the numbers also show their percentage are right. Dave you are Carol my dog will get you yourself are about to waddle listings are but you have to deal way every day. And you know our upmarket you reap all the not virtue yield gold grade you saw you out to really got try to make a decision bounce it out real well. We'll talk with a Omar Vizquel here on the afternoon to lighten. Quick recap yes she would love the opportunity to manage his sentences go giants and I love Omar there's so many athletes and we're just look at the athlete handbook you ask him. If they think they belong in the hall of fame and they'd say oh well that's not up for me you know let other people decide that I love that you think you belong in the hall of fame dammit. You do belong in the hall of fame. Hey I know that fundamentals. Are something that every shortstop needs to think about when they think of Omar Vizquel. Probably most people think about highlight reel plays but I know you are a stickler. For fundamentals and I wanna ask you about your approach to that and how you bring that. Two I know there's a website you're involved in use sports instructional website it's called YS PN 360 dot com. And your warned the coaches providing free video instruction for an audience out there tell me about your involvement or why SPN 360. Well are these things they did do some things forward to it you know that a deep developer tools needed to improve their game or not you know audio fielding or -- running debate say you know we recently just seen a lot about three hours of media all our profile about every scene that can help a baseball player be banned of their tools. I need some pretty exciting teams or airports for the U sold baking while law that's you know on. Did great big me about what he'll block out who to be in the Beijing. -- why do you why do you love the entity seeks the allows you to do got a need decree you can going to web site you can download install and are you know we got some great coaching now some great experience is out there. Some Santiago white guy hopefuls loud. There he got courage on friends from. Do you we've seen what they're giant four. Our judgment pitching coach right now I think you've got Dave Roberts correct. On Dave Roberts is also a ball well there have been some great coaching the bear I'm you know late eighty's main people albeit I think you've got married yet equally gloomy guy talking about began. So if you play big game right and you've tried to apply these techniques obviously your game you can ankle. Totally. You might not get as good as Omar rip scalable you'll certainly get better in the best part of of course is that it's free YS PN 360 dot com Omaha take you so much for your time you've always been. So gracious I had the privilege of covering new. When you're a giant I do hope that you are the next giants manager if and when Bruce decides to take his lead and good luck with the hall of fame vote if I was a voter I'm not. I would vote for you and I would tell all my fellow voters this is a no brainer good luck TL mark. I'm Marge guys rare opportunity why that's Omar Vizquel.