NBA This Week Third Hour

NBA This Week
Sunday, April 22nd

John Dickinson and Matt Steinmetz talk to Tim Bontemps and Rick Kamla about Kawhi Leonard's situation in San Antonio, and a very likely Warriors/Pelicans matchup.


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I Mets brought to you by American Express sprout partner of the Golden State Warriors also were brought to you by oaks card club. Play it Smart play at oaks and were driven by premier Nissan of Stevens creek we make it easy on the line. At premier Nissan Stephens creek dotcom what's it to our next guest a pleasure is always to be joined by Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post. Here I 957 the gay man Tim oh we were just talking about. Pelicans warriors as it pertains to just haven't a little bit of juice a lot of these. None finals warriors series haven't had a lot of juice sex appeal matchups that talk about going into it. But suddenly this series that's on the break him of being official. Who would have all of those things. Yeah I it would be fun I mean you know did the other thing data issues you know right now planet Mikey are we about apparently going up against no worst in that should have stepped back by you know in the late in the game injury. You know which are ought to play out as mine people America's a great the first trial and indeed you got talked about or not obviously is key political state but. That topic is now on Israeli good I think that they have a chance to. Our own police make serious competitor interestingly he's sent away that the war is really haven't had in a couple of years. Tim what do you make of the team's depth in the in the playoffs do you think it's an important factor I mean I. Pelicans are only playing eight guys do you look at that as something that's going to be. A detriment the longer the series goes. I think it depends. I mean there really any definite pluses this war on. And more pro. You know relevant when you're talking about teams have the ability to switch up what they're doing and and do different stops which you look at what Philly Miami have been doing in that series and other than a lot of punching power punching in terms of you know style of play in and match ups and trying to take advantage different opportunities on court when you have. We have depth and ability to do that on that that logical present different walks and the Welsh which I think is important. Armed but but I think you know at the end of the day you know the pirates are about star power. And about having the best player should be generally the past players win in the playoffs and FBI every match. Or at least you criticize embarrass or write that applies it to correct and you know when you look at this series I mean the to have pelicans are gonna have a chance at least on some level because they have about it'll be about the bust where. I you can beat about where. On by in the orders have you know probably four of the pops exporters. You know draw in there somewhere not state so. The other day it's human they're healthy they should be able to win the series you know relatively comfortably by. You know defected Davis explains while the such unique challenge does does give to the world just like the center saying I'm I'm excited for a think tiger. But Tim did did you think Rondo. Would kind of get back to this level it almost feels like. If you haven't invested Rondo. I'll take him any day of the week but but sometimes he doesn't seem like he's all the way invested how well is he playing right now. When you look at the totality of his career. Let me explain well I mean I wouldn't say he's back to the same level he was before 'cause he's not he's still not an earth defense threat really all by. On of upper per team like that I mean the biggest thing he does is he has a kind of a loud. True holiday to to really just spoke to sign you know being an attacker intend to make it plays when he does get the ball. And and then really you know been able to score what that team needed a second or score line is an Indian up lobster I mean the the fact that they can just roll him on to however they want on the other team it really happened. You know and minimal make our life very difficult and then all of a lot of punch shot down. Mean that's weapon that a lot of teams that beat your receipt miniseries. They'll probably put him on Klay Thompson and try to neutralize clay as much as possible. You know especially if it's stepped misses the first couple engine but it captured a goal beat. Let's have. You know clay to neutralize some degree by draw they don't have eighty plate Kevin to draw and then you know we can get near pitched to get off than you know maybe we can outscored at what these games to win and decor or so. You know I I think that's why it to me Rondo struggled benefit to that this war. In that vein and also disseminate has been in the wild bunch cortina have a lot of guys early have a bit. You know but you know I think that I think that allowing holiday to kind of opus that's up that early. Allowed him to have you don't baby is bad seed in this here. I think has been the biggest benefit for a European air as opposed it and do it individually so. Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post joining us here on 957 the game and it Tim one of the it's one of the great aspects of this series is there is actual basketball match ups to throw around an adjustment. To be made how do you think the warriors would match up with the pelicans who do oppose. Some offensive threats that are that are unique in and can give them give them issues. Yeah I'll be curious to see exam on our home how they do I mean I imagine that probably didn't start well in the center I can't imagine there remit it to try to keep belting it out opiate complete disaster. Arm special minister and current status but. You know I think. In the I imagine reclaimed her Alia we matched up you know to be a pretty fascinating matchup given that they're both you know actually defenders and then you know what do. Main secondary scores on the other team I think a win app march match up every game especially stuck out will be really itching to watch. Him you know I think I'd be capable state the thing I'm curious about is what they do. Armed you know wit it would premier kitchen data spots on. I would think bit it Hume media had Kevin Durant dark mere two did you try to shut it down make you have to have a very guard. That that third guy. On the perimeter whether to E'Twaun Moore somebody else of each and floor around a little bit and and help out our Davis. Armed immediate have a topic the other part Rondo or something like that so he can help Bob Morton I think some of that kind of stuff is going to be inching to watch don't start going to go up. And I indoor our or inside Iran or the other oddity both sides and what do they take advantage of that post that was back in there there is a lot out. No foreign. In our series matchup stuff that I've agreed to be able watching game two gaming even earlier it you know after half or quarter see how. That's appreciate it out to snorkel steps back that's up could really matter it. No sign that came out smoking in the world so that ability to score. In order 130 points that's that's the thing that makes them different routine what spurs who. He went spurs are playing well in the series they can't score more and that that's really. The reason why this hasn't been very competitive scored in the world could put up points exits coral distinct and you know that that I think is what has the chance to make this a much more knowledge series that they can keep up schools state. No we didn't step gets back up for it to some degree because they keep it on our our. Tim obviously. The matchups at the beginning of the game doesn't mean you're gonna match up with a guy for forty minutes but assuming it ala it would dollar order stark. Do you see him starting out on Iran though and then my second question is. Can it would olive garden Mirotic if you had to. I wouldn't be surprised. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the way they went if it Mirotic guarded arm. If they were dollar guarded Mirotic could definitely see you act like paying. To meet the deep seed beating New Orleans is taken Mirotic out of the game. Armed you know last night you know drew in an eighty combined for ninety portrait they create points and figure out maybe did you treat pat. Up four times in the series but I would really count on it. I especially get a much better but the team and Golden State than Portland. On so I think if you could shut down Mirotic I think it dramatically reduces the oral stretches of one series. And sought to mete out would be Nicole. Would be to really try to lock in now and what you have eighty whenever I drown him what you have Kevin Garnett we're via train about art. You know I think I would. To me I think the goal of the kind that you're not really a stop Davis anyway so I it to me it would be if not what Mirotic get going because. If you look at their roster they have semantic issue. But they've really only got boast three guys that can score in a few if you have clay and drew probably plant so kind of if you could take Mirotic out of the game and it's really Davis got orders at apple right the first greatest yet it. I would definitely do the event to that point goals state. Tim what do you think of what you've seen from the rockets so far in the playoffs Minnesota gets the win yesterday obviously team down vote to go on home. Playing a home game for the first time in fourteen years in the playoffs that's emotional. Yeah you never you always can expect to have a team win one game in the series but how do you. Add up the first three games for Houston. I they've been the last sort of expected. They've not shot the ball well. I think they have long and missed the Mr. President Lula kebab routes that are really guitar as a player to make shop them on the way. Yeah but the but the shooting epic has been adjusting and Albert has a lot of shops. And in what they get up a lot of threes so you can debate this slot so a good number from out there right by. If that team is gonna struggle from deep like they have been. I think that that is something that poses a troubled on the rope like you said. I'm not really done that that. Minnesota won that game Minnesota is a good team I think it's a political state it would have been much stop receivers again they're delicate. Actually score on the even though they match up badly with the rockets. I expect used to go out win the next game to win the series five but. I would say they've built they've shown to be a little more vulnerable and I think a lot people are sees it and a look at it that the teams are very different but to me to wait disperse rapist on it's only reinforce my. Longstanding belief that its staff is healthy in the cup finals articles state to be a very significant paper to bet so. Tim last year go back a little bit two to Mirotic. You are looking at that trade and clearly that the pelicans made a heck of a trade. Only really given up of future first round pick Tony Allen and and and are sick. We know meritage had the fight with poor risk. In Chicago that probably led to and that the ball getting rolling. The key is. That I don't I'm not asking for the details of the Mirotic tortoise. Situation put. Is it is it okay studio host okay we can do is me like is Mirotic a little like Luis Scola in terms of you get under guys' skin or. Or what happened because it ends up Mirotic before he gets traded people might be thinking in. Bad guys not not very tough because now he wants out of Chicago after he has the situation with court as you know what I mean so just to just tell me a little bit about Mirotic is. His. Is attitude and then what you thought of the trade. What I mean that the poorest situation is really boil down to those two guys. You were kind of going back and forth and practiced for a couple of days been spoiled over. You know to kind of got into it in two reporters took a swing and didn't Baird into the ground and that's really. All what happened there and you know look to be his it is time to Jakarta was always an open about it I think the folds. You know yet kind of optical relation with you know whoever was you know coach in doubles at the time Italy. You have flashes of you know is streaky player so he he would have a ball where he which you 50% from three in any trouble reaching 20% for three. The sole he was always kind of hard got to know which version of you're gonna get. Arm that being said. I think. You know that the ball to resize image or ticket breach last summer to be able to trade I mean that was the goal. The signing him they were heading into rebuilding phase Mirotic was not going to be. A long term peace for that matter what your Revver visit took until like September that the deal you sitting out there for a long time they cap or large market in their rookie was basically. A better version of the same player long term a stretch or akin. Put the ball or shoot rebound so. On the other gold to trade and wanted to first Arctic and the fact that he played so well he came back from. From the injury from Betty suffer from that's funny it would lead to help them get the first tropic. As your question about the trade itself. About it Richard for the world I mean look. The pelican thirteen that needs to win now Denise who proved it indicated they're good enough now. To content we net that's what they need to do their the next two years to figure that out before I have to do you either see it go except that that a player exception portrayed. But I bet that's what our rate so Mirotic playing next deputy Davis I mean I think everybody is watching him. We're probably agree that if you play a five. You know that your best chance right as good as he is overall if you're playing a guy like that would is still flat at center. You know he's dream agree that steroid spray I mean it's a 611 guy. Can jump out of the gym to shoot threes you can do literally everything with the ball. So now you have in place setting a mere teachers in excellent shooter player power afforded to really open up our offense. It's allowed David stepped on the space operated outside. Nor are hoping the world's make that trade. It DeMarcus Cousins as healthy because they have given Davis inside but don't assume that you pick up Mirotic adoption which is old or twelve million next year. Pompeo. It in May do recycled and where I expected to having those three guys. Rotating inside will give the world a chance to really have a lot of different walks in and and I think. You know you look at that trade a mean look. Portland attitude straight from the American. Picnic and used him and that series now while green or another guy who could shoot the ball I mean they didn't straight form into world bit. And you look now like. You know I'm right it deep dive and everything in the supply routes like there's talk that. You know Bolter stopped Daniel O'Shea control Portland there's talk that they could potentially what do it to trade what are stark arts minute there's a lot of stuff about people they are now. A lot of that's because they've now lost ten playoff games overall. They got drummed out buyout by the war mean bad Mirotic on that team. They're there's a pretty good chance to win that series. You know so that you know like Jimmy of people always do get wound up about in all treatment for future for tropic like you said that they traded that I think 22 pick in the draft. Per guided won them a playoff years. I mean I think he'd do that. A hundred times art and hear your happier drizzle. 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Don't miss a minute of warriors playoff coverage on 957 in the game full. Warriors playoff coverage on 957 big game is proudly presented by great clips. Great clips it's going to be great. Tickets and that's. It is sweet roll on here coming up at ten minutes. Rick Campbell of the NB ATV. We'll join us. As we get you closer to the warriors. And the San Antonio Spurs here today on 957 game. JD what do you what do you think's gonna happen today in game four do you think this first come out. Kinda give it their old college try for as long as they can. Idea I think it's gonna be very similar to game three action. I think it's going to be the spurs given a shot like the spurs had a shot in game. Three like they came out with some opening game three that was six nothing that was the exactly what they came out and another team would have been out fourteen to two. With the way that they started a game but the spurs just incapable. And that was my biggest takeaway it was like all six not that great and like two minutes later it was 109. Or Dallas and I think it's. So it's like all right game's over I mean I'm really sitting there thinking all right the game's over and again it doesn't mean it's gonna turn into a blowout. But I didn't think for a second the warriors were gonna lose that. Now the only intriguing. Aspect to me of the of the series was the third quarter of game two. When the warriors entered that period down six. After being down at halftime. What you're right there have been times in this series where the spurs could have established. I don't wanna say yeah leave your control but they could have established. Some kind of positive flow for an extended period of time but again they chest don't make enough shots. And it was just so pear in game two when they go four for 28 from three point range look. In this stage the NBA you go four for 28 from three still don't look at any other stats pass that you can't do that anymore in the NBA. Well Gregg Popovich did down after game two he said look at some point we got to make a shot yes like now like the effort. I thought they excused the game plan that they were doing everything that we want them to do it gave me a chance to be in the game but. May not get any shots and if they hit nine or ten threes who had been talked about different outcome and we'd already be talking about game five. In this series but they couldn't. And so we are and at this point it's now all about Jack in the Box for the warriors through this when. Do you think there should be some concern today. Over a little bit of the warriors the end. Pseudo checked out and the reason I say that is because that's been a consistent theme for this team this year in the regular season was. On other matters doesn't matter. Now I would data arrest this I don't get to the playoffs and ire in the playoffs but if there's ever a time to let up in the playoffs. It's 30 against this team know when you're going home anyway after the balking. I would think this would be the time if that if it's gonna happen but I also think. The warriors are capable of quote unquote letting up and still win in the game because maybe they'll only let up for the first half and then they get their act together. I also think it's possible that they could let up for one game. Lose. And then win Tuesday. Delphi had a bad on today's game I would bet on the warriors to win because I just don't think home court matters as much wind. The warriors are involved in a talk about when their road team. And I just think they're better mean they're just better up and down the line and I think right now. The narrative has has been put out there that the warriors can. Can lock down the spurs if they need to or if the warriors really. Apply themselves they can keep the spurs' 109 B or less points and if you know that as a team. Yet you might have a tendency to kind of go through the emotions today. Should they go through the motions today but I still think. The warriors that you gave for too long the games are too long for the spurs to sustain. A 48 minute effort and beat the warriors I just don't see it. John Dickinson that's nymex NBA this week here 95 cent in the game the warriors in the spurs. Orders warm up begins at 11 o'clock with Chris Townsend Matt Stein mets' Darryl to guru Johnson beat. Tim Roye Jim Barnett on the call with tip at 1230. And you guys all be back after the ball game we got you covered. Locked and loaded all day long with warriors playoff coverage. On the radio home for every single. Warriors playoff game it's 95 cents in the game what do you make of worthy cavaliers are right now their trouble. Don't mean Iraq to win the series that there are in trouble on their big trouble if they don't win today. Because that means you can ask the plane elimination game on the road guaranteed true we don't win today and I think that's the spot. That you never wanna be in they're trouble I still think they're gonna win the series. And what's funny about that is if they win that series and Toronto and have beaten Washington all that series now 21. The cavs would almost rather play the raptors and pacers at this point. I take edited the pacers have been a much more difficult matchup for them it we spend months talking about the best matchup of the worst matchup for the warriors. And a look like they are all different kind of scenarios where the warriors to get a really tough first round matchup they wanna put the easiest. And I think you look at those the rockets in the west. Ballots that were assessing talent they were really did it's that's not an easy first round matchup. And the cavs probably got the toughest first round matchup that they can probably get. I don't ladies they earned that is they were the foresee rent a one of the two seed and we feel sorry for the tabs. But I think. Big picture. If the cavs have to go 67 in this series to win it and then let's say they at a yield six to win against Toronto and then you got to go. Six or seven against Philly lets say a winner Boston. You could make a case that the caps come out on top I have literally nothing left in the tank in an NBA finals because they're gonna have to play. 1819. Gained to do. Yet funny fight. Envision the warriors make it to the NBA finals. I actually think at this point Toronto would be a better series for the warriors. More competitive series. Then the cavaliers. Ankle warriors cavaliers finals is. Just a matter whether it's again going to be a sweeper it's gonna be five games. I would I can almost see Toronto play in more competitive games maybe they get beat 215 games put. I think they're gonna hang around more the problem with a cap is when they don't have it they just mail they just say well we'll take a loss and move all. And sometimes that can be even in the game where they were ahead. Feel like they can be ahead maybe out. Twelve in the second quarter have a team run them down it's a tie game at half time. Aides say it's a back and forth in the third quarter maybe they're up five with nine minutes ago but they might be down five with six minutes ago and then they quit. Though you're right there what do you. What do you do if you're Neil Walsh today in Portland and you don't get fired. I would keep Terry Stotts I don't think he's the problem that's the first decision. That I would make and I think there's. It's a tough question I know warriors fans it's a little different because I mean Willard in my column were better that's a better combo like my columns it. McCollum would Alter significantly better players in my opinion the Monta Ellis ever was moot but it is similar to the the curry Monta Ellis. Discussion can you win with both of those guys. It's the the only I I do think there's differences though now obviously that was 1012 years ago Lee was in a little bit different of a spot. The other thing is my tales we never three point shooter and lowered and McCollum can both make three point shots but there's no doubt there's. And in this series brought it home. Just because you can get 25 or thirty apiece. You still have to limit the other team's backcourt in order to win the backcourt matchup happened. And McCollum and Willard are not good defensively it's it's really that simple and so. Sometimes the best they're gonna do is even in a matchup because they're gonna get sixty between them but they're gonna give up fifty from the other side. I think. You could make a case. This solution is break it up and I actually think my columns good enough to be a number one on his own team I think he's good enough that you'd be you could build around my column. Somewhere else. With good players it's yeah it would take the right it would take. You know Quin Snyder a Brad Stevens it would take a real high level coach and organization to do it. But I think you could either one of those guys is capable be in their own guy you can make a case they needed to make a trade and bring in a big. And send a column may be somewhere there's a big. You can also make a case stage to get better freak in players around those two because that's true you look at this series and that's the difference. I was we're talking about that we got Rick. Yeah we're talking about that the other day sometimes people say live alerted McCollum will there. You know what are they gonna do about them and pour the world they're not the problem the two best players on the team so yes get them some help and the Portland trailblazers will probably be about. It's in our it's a pleasure to be joined by Rick cam love NB ATV Rick can. Under the program I think you're not if I said in the game NBA this reach Rick thanks for coming on Howard you. They out indefinitely or for a member to be back out what you guys and you know my quick take on that is is. They need to stretch for on and they also need a little bit more edge. On you don't I would built around game at CJ they completely fail both of those fixed both players are. You know all stars sheep you all stars are fine too I know what you've been used our closest traversed it or letting them down I would try to keep their backcourt together. Rick what do you think of the the prospect of a warriors pelican series I wouldn't a thought. It would have been nearly as intriguing as it's become in the last week just based on the way to pelicans ran through Portland. And this is an actual series with some star power and some sex appeal and also some some basketball match ups that that are really really intriguing. Yeah I mean I could see its stepped doesn't come back. All of this is going to be Dicey series for Golden State because. The pelican four nasty players right now are Mirotic you know she is inconsistent regular person who aren't built and concerns has been in the regular season. Opel that these guys are playing at all star level. Because it's the playoffs and the emotional guy who regularly trigger and focus this time year. In an come up consistently pick in the play outsourcing and that and then you know I haven't even mentioned all of former all star. Just a complete stud at both ends of the court clutch shot patent because everything man. On in that of course deputy David civic got. For that Mo closed. That it is back now opting gulf war on Warwick or you know vote Golden State watchers thought what if curry can't come back. I I think the pendulum swings more toward the pelican and are making missile launch series. I would still stick it don't get out of that series but that it it would go six or seven a step can't come back. Well what do you think conventional wisdom out here though the fingers crossed version is her real be ready for game three. What what what are you think that makes the series. I mean maybe 11 go back to New Orleans. And then step comes back and people Wednesday when it held it gained two. And then you know you need. Personally coming off a lot you wanna change it and fix it in adjusted and maybe. Curry coming back is that shot in the arm. We just don't know man you know it carpet are wrong guy it's great to end GL sprained right yes. And god Durant missed twenty with that a year or two ago on our right. Approximately five weeks I believe yeah I was kid that went out five weeks. So where is fully app with that time frame comedy games is he missed them like I'll eat out is that so attack them. Compare to that Durant thing. What works for weeks in two days it was four weeks Friday CA had two days Saturday Sunday. He supposed to be reevaluated this Friday which is right at the five week mark. And then it looks like if that series starts Saturday did that game three would actually be the exact six week mark. Which was the original timetable given. Got you got you end up you know I mean I think it's very realistic it actually found little bit cautious. On what of course you know you're you're going to step or does need came back out wasn't quite the same physically still very effective player obviously but I think the dogs. Want to wanna do whatever they can to have that not be the case and had stepped beat. Doubt much closer to want to percent when they bring him back looked a step of respect for game or adults are gonna win the jury's it steps up to step back god forbid. Or just a compact I think it's game on. How do you think the rockets have started this playoff season Rick. Not well at all on think about game war. Part of a propeller the only two guys that play well you got Poulter bloated office. I'll let you know from the always yen six turnovers play terrible and Paul came back and a lot of the other split grating game that you aren't at this store we call 2418. Well all the defense that we're stacked combo but. It really let that it was a one away game at Minnesota kind of rolled over and died in the acting. And that laughs I just get truck. Now granted you got out money right you're up to load your on the road. You get swallowed whole team down 02 you know first playoff game in Minneapolis to doubt you guys know all the story line and you guys seen. These patterns play out and in playoff series but I thought Houston would be a little bit better in games one that you guys can probably be. Attributed to them kind of powering down the competitiveness were to retreat reach slept in the regular season. Good they had that thing locked up you know what I mean so I think Alec game four they beat boutique game it's 21 you don't wanna be tried to Q would this talented young team. All the world it would used in that game four expect the big time response. Rick Campbell are guest here on 9570 game is anything surprised you about the warriors spurs series to this point it's it's been about as as expected. As it could be in our mind is an evening eight were you surprised that did that worries the flip the switch of who we hate that term. Either get applies or is it just the spurs don't have enough. Do it well I mean a little bit of both but I think it despite I agree you guys like the spurs roster now now luckily I. I looked in and I'm on feel and some kind of way all the way a book while letter right now totally down on him. Our buddy he's taken his ball and gone home you wanna follow up and ask you about that you can't but it turns this series. It is playing out exactly like I thought I got San Antonio light due at eight game up but I predicted a sweep. They big they're just not that talented in even without stepping curry. On played Torrey in Cady is more than enough to take out this team that about a guy. LaMarcus Aldridge says his great reputation and I don't know why. Yes he's an all star probably a future hall of Famer you keep the train on the tracks and go grab the points and ten grand sports. He's going to play out games is much as any clarity in the last twenty years. Didn't get too cute games do. The disappearing act game one game to people all the emotion of one out with San Antonio would you play and act like that on that got this series plan electric auto. What do you think Nicole while Leonard right now BDC is he played his last David San Antonio. 100% dirt I don't think there are people. Are you don't it's all just speculation and and you know that kind of thing it's great actually want to talk about. All in Ottawa so elegant or all night dole of my theory on this and that quiet letter is is it's saving himself for the Contra. I think he has yet that bomb I'd take my ball and going home I'm at a kind of cook this thing up with the you know your doctors clear my doctors haven't. It's species act is away from the team which is this year exact. Our motto it don't corporate we import significant water and respect collide they came back wait sooner that this year's back. And and you've got wild letter wanting to super Max right to seventeen that you nineteen over five in I don't know the only deal making give him that. The other team can't so. Who are fighting to hand it features are completely disrespecting your organization to actually Zach what you want. I just don't get it to me San Antonio has no choice with trick Weiler. Yes I met obviously there's something going on there that that a lot of people don't know specifically but I I tend to agree with you Rick well I know it's like. Dispersed or not gonna give him the super Max right big bets automatic at this point how could you give him the super Max. Well guys if you weren't there why was first team all NBA this year. What you were given the super Max right sort of quietly. Come back improve the order ideally you're certainly you recruit they're not like it you must first team all NBA this year. 278. In five San Antonio won you know 59 games start to think that is quite the Superman. Yes I'd go to Syria I think I don't think there's any doubt about it unless there were problems there are new issues before. What is just surfaced met you know maybe Rickie doesn't. Think he's a 100% right now he doesn't. He maybe doesn't think he's a super Max player or right now because he's not healthy enough. We'll terms about it. Considered thick court drink water. In terms of that reminds me of the Derrick Rose thing because. You Merval rose was clear come back from authorities yell at wary. You can knock them back to the playoffs ought to stop mentally prepare your daughter but I cried all that yes I. Do you are it in bodily wrote had already gotten the Max contract already out there are resilient dollar contract with Peter's. You've already paid so he played this self preservation carters because he's tremendously saw. Why is like a self preservation cart because. He's confused and doesn't get it I used in a terrible static. Rick Campbell are guest here on 957 again John Dickinson Matt Stein Mets impeded this week. Yeah it's fascinating stuff really because adding barring some kind of any injury this year where you question his durability long term. He absolutely would have been in line for that super Max to me now you just can't trust his health in addition to everything else. So that's off the table and if that's off the table. That the next question becomes. You know old do you trust him enough to do is give on the regular Max at that point and if you're not gonna give him the super Max do you wanna have around at all if you let somebody else. Deal that. Normally not I'm feeling and there are things that don't know like it just needs to be somebody else's problem right now what we're out of the spurs' way guys dispersed or hot shots beekeeper. He'd been out on it got up. In essence it's actually kind of all of a mafia five they just beat you were there way nobody. On you know goes whoa nobody sort of stepped outside of the spurs play until now. And so he did there on it to you which of the situation that nobody really quite understand all of I think they're gonna trade him and I think they're gonna get a lot in return because. Glover took final in BP this is an all NBA guy when his mind body you're right up on the two great players here yeah there there are. Very good two way players well. So I think there's still going to be a critical or typical wild letter I put up but I think the spurs gonna up all the regret that maybe kind of in advance to the draft. Final question for is it pertains to the finals. The tabs how how much trouble are they in if you had a handicap that right now. Who comes out and east. You've got a lot during your hands right now out while while outskirts poised to pull a local boiling pot on your still. That is the Cleveland Cavaliers right now. They're about to be the lobster dropped into the boiling pot of water there aren't they don't play these they don't play together it should. Guys going to promote Asia through the motions are article Ron has almost checked out like to let people see your. If there that's well appealed out of a war article it still put up and everybody party at the field out in Cleveland down eighteen. Why why. It's gonna appreciate. You know that Cleveland ought answered back and they would LeBron took his Jersey job. On the head the blocker and outlook that you left Cleveland all I don't think this is gonna air it well and I can't wait to watch out. Wow and so we sleep on Philadelphia right now are we watching Philadelphia. And we don't even really know it turn into the team that that we why get seen in June. I mean no because you got a group that you watch a lot of I think it. People are without anything at an outlook it way way out process stop that some people become an idiot for doing what. I've been proven right more than wrong with this stuff like to Olympia their sentiments are not future hall of famers or future all time greats. These are these are two of the greatest players reaching into the last thirty years like I think that's what people may be asleep and I are out there severance respect your redshirt rookie. You know to the triple doubles he's a fantastic player making it work despite not being able to shoot. Girl all that is true what bush ever graphic we do on NB ATV ads that would quite. Manager are hurt your arms and oil and Pete are all he compares favorably with Elijah wants for Robinson Buick greatest senators we ever act so it was chronic thing at the back were watching. To Walt operates the very beginning your careers. Rick thanks a lot mail we always appreciate it we'll we'll hockey game down the line our troops hybrid camera NB ATV. Always opinionated Rick bring an. Phillies got a couple all time greats. Basically called Hawaii a dog. And not the good kind of dog bad Canada on the aisle with fleas as understands incessantly compare the Cleveland Cavaliers to a lobster. Over a pot of boiling war since they're back to be dropped and he basically said LeBron James about to quit that is kind of what he said which when you think about it has happened. In other series. He had yet to cramps. Not not every series but it's happened in other series he had to he had the series that Rick mentioned against Boston when he left Cleveland. He had this series where he had the cramps. As well. Now yeah you're right you're right. And it's going to be it's going to be interesting to see how it all plays out four games today there are four games yesterday. When the war I went to the cast played I five. And I applaud them. Tonight and I'm I'm gonna have to update my trusty scheduled to ease the by the way you almost pilfered from them by the way where did she get that that kind of that. The league sent that out I is printed only say this sort of stock what do you mean the league this was the original lead. This this gave us an email I came as an email attachment it is an attachment I download the attachment and I printed front and back on a card. It's it's card stock. And it's got the day by day schedule and in the series by series schedule and the TV analyst at times. Just surprise you and to make two copies that's all new board would like this. It's just a first round exits first round of cigarettes not out yet but I don't have more for the second are sure not to to the second thank you. Per in fact I'll be honest that's better than piece of paper and it's just so hard stocks he can put it like on the back in your stack. Brian just keep it how do is that it would cares about is that these. You do all that nobody cares about nobody cares about my card stock schedule how did you have departed out on a that piece of paper if you put that in your partner I keep I keep cards Stockton and regular paper is that something you wanna. Really cards stuck here at the this is something that's going to be around for around for a couple weeks I don't know refer to footnote maybe a little note on the he liked to see I'll love it you raskin mean I love it and we gad. Cleveland and Indiana 530. A 532 a tendency to play time or is the spurs had a lot easier EST and TAT and TAT and T got a couple ABC games today warriors. The second part of that double header in the Toronto Washington Cleveland Indiana's NT double letter. It's. Double headers. Altogether it's four games in a row start to finish yet you get an up on you now Toronto Washington catchy into that after warriors wrap true. You know you know he's really gonna really hate a warriors win today. Chris Townsend. Is he always complains about how. Teams have so much time off in the post season he's about ready he's you'd get ready for about a week off right now the warriors. Finish off this series today. There won't be another game to Saturday. At least at least who. Ernie to make for a little bit of a slow week it's always nice to have those war games right on the horizon seeing don't want. I don't I actually I disagree that I don't really this is a slow week and up and we've been talking about a little bit but I think we. I think it actually becomes a slower week if the warriors lose today and I'll tell you why. Because if the worries loose today in the candidates I am three Wanda they're gonna lock it up to what it's still the talk about the scars on. We have talked a lot of tasks urged the windy day take it in to meet you wanna for do you wanna start focusing on the pelicans like tomorrow. Because that's all right he's got juice that series he's got Kevin Durant. And it's got Klay Thompson and it's got dream on green and it's got Anthony Davis and your holiday. And Rondell Mirotic in Stefan Curry's coming back either in game 12 or three. You can book that as far as I'm concerned. He's coming back and one of the first 33 at the latest they just ran through Portland whose team that we thought we were gonna be talking about. We didn't talking about for two months as the second round opponent for the warriors that's not gonna happen now so. I think. I distinctive series is fascinating on a bunch of different levels. And it's fascinating on a story line level it's also fascinating on a basketball level and it it's rare that we get. Both of those things come into play. You're right about that sometimes though we've we've had a tendency to look forward to games. Or series. Because we think they're gonna be competitive the warriors were order for a spy. Blow the other team are. And you know what's happened a lot is in its not even the warriors fall Opel what's happened a lot is we look forward to a series and somebody gets hurt on the this dream. So don't don't be surprised death you know maybe it won't be going to need Davis practicing ankle tweak. This this this. On Wednesday in Iran. Don't want that now absolutely don't want and don't I'm ready either way now we want curry coming back for game three million on even while draining golf all the reason I didn't say game one was because to me game one would be pushing them why would you do that becomes back game three. Right about where he's expected it's probably that the safest thing to do the most conservative route to go and I think there's still going to be in a position. Game three where they're not at a disadvantage even if they split those two games at home. How would she would divvy up this week if you windy day in your award she's given two days off for you get one day. Then you have a practice thing you have the other day and then you go to let's say leads at the Saturday at. Ideally yeah and curse. Intensity tendency to do with that whether he'll have off tomorrow Mondale bring amid Tuesday fro for work out Wednesday he'll be another off day. And then soon the game Saturday Friday urged all our practices yet now if they won't find out whether the game when they find out if the game is Saturday or Sunday theoretically after today's game. It just didn't know it depends on other games as well it depends on other games it would be slotted potentially for that day. And I like it depends on Milwaukee Boston a yacht tell you why I didn't know there's game sevens or game ones that writes is a way to put itself there's a couple of series. Now give via Miami in Philly Milwaukee and Boston. And San Antonio Golden State would be the three game sevens that their New Orleans in Portland now can't happen obviously right so. It doesn't look like there's going to be a Miami Philly game seven because that's going back to Philly for five. Milwaukee and Boston will see what happens today if Milwaukee wins it's due to their could be a game seven at that point and then. New Orleans important and obviously can't happen so I think if there in a position where they need a game that day. In the warriors are gonna be the game that. Move yeah no that makes is that aches and that is so so it it then you might have to wait Intel Miami closes out Philly on Tuesday. Maybe Boston closeout filling on Tuesday that point. At that point. The games that the game sevens that would have been scheduled for Saturday it's become game one's right of the next series and they wind it up that way. Philly and Boston. Those two series are matched up on those days to where they could move a tubby do their and I use the term tracks. Like the warriors have been on a Saturday move up track. From the moment Dave. Released the schedule. Now whether that's Saturday Tuesday or Saturday Monday they can play with those first couple of days because they have built in off that. Yet we should also mentioned. Coming up in ten minutes were never Warner's warm up. Myself Darrell would you root Johnson Chris Townsend Tim royal of the pregame. At noon tip off is at 1230. Today obviously we'll have all the action on 957 the game Jeff Barton or call coach Jim Barnett weighs on today yes and I'm that you would that we're gonna get. If this is the last game of the series that means we'll probably get Jim Barnett in all the remaining. Games on the radio because the local TV will not be. Yes that's right after the first round now after the first round echoes that goes out the window so yeah. I think it would be off day tomorrow practice Tuesday off day Wednesday practice Thursday Friday game one Saturday I think that's the way that this thing is leaning. As long as the warriors handle their business and again the one thing the warriors have to be aware of the pelicans made it through game four. And didn't get anybody hurt or is estimated the game for not have anybody tweak anything. That becomes an issue. In addition to Stefan curry wade will he or won't he. As far as a return. Then I mean there's there's no doubt about it and boy if you're New Orleans right now. I mean you're just on cloud nine I mean to to think not only to gonna win. Your first round series that that your gonna sweep it these guys must have a ton of confidence right now and they've got shocked I mean that all they could've asked for was a shot and it looks like they may they may get Currie. Not playing in the first two games. I mean they couldn't have asked for a better situation headed into round two. Now they they absolutely gentlemen it's guys that have saved jobs. I mean I mean Alvin Gentry and Dell Demps and save their jobs basically adding he could have made a case. Even with the DeMarcus Cousins injury if they're not able to get Mirotic in their let's say they flame out wide to be in the team now. I think Galvin pitcher would have already been fired if they want to be in the odd team out what's in Denver makes it and Republicans don't. Or let's say they have a flame out in a series the way Portland Maine half. I think it might be it a similar situation there where gentry and and Demps find themselves in the position it'll Chez in and stocks may find themselves. What do you think they'll win it for the warriors the done. I think the words or get it done or might not be the most impressive game of the post season but I think he'll do what they have to art that's gonna do it for us Matt you're gonna hang out with Chris towns in the Darryl did you root Johnson. For warriors warmup and then as you mentioned moments ago Tim Roy and Tim Barnett on the call tip off scheduled for noon to keep it locked right here all day and 95 cent in the game is Matt. And Chris and also guru. They will have warriors wrap up for you after the ball game thanks to everybody. 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