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NBA This Week
Saturday, April 21st

Marc Spears and John Dickinson talk to Tim Bontemps from the Washington Post about the NBA Playoffs and then talk to the voice of the Warriors, Tim Roye about the latest from San Antonio.


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They sorely lacked a real big somebody. In this so it to be all star but somebody that could've came in. And this is score Foreman you know did they try to get Greg Monroe. By bit they should have did something else. Emma did and it may be a little bit what's next for the blazers at some point here between now and new teacher listening to 957 McCain KG and seat. In HD one San Francisco. The radio home for every single warriors playoff game it's the NBA this week with John tickets and and Marc spears. Mark senior writer for ESP in the undefeated. This year is enforced tiny on this Saturday were brought you by American Express proud partner of the Golden State Warriors oaks card club play it Smart play at oaks we're also driven by. Premier Nissan of Stevens creek we make it easy online. At premier Nissan of Stephens creek dot com let's get to our next guest deaf friend this program he joins us just about each and every week on the show him bon Temps in the Washington Post. Tim ma what's going on buddy you're on with Jon Dick at Cinemark spears are you. I'm Robin. I mean in the bank and in the bank at least for now blue zones came here did it didn't. That's more about it they're like I am convinced it's. Written about it but don't live lament spears gonna make a trip to ever just gone out there there are at the gate well the cut the I would have been over there for sure. Well after what the score that way so maybe some point down the line I mean it you gotta be here's think Tim if you get a day like today in the NBA you have to be in a television set it almost doesn't do you any good. If you're if you're actually some work covering a game because you need to keep tabs on everyone album. Not at that yeah the first round I don't I don't travel very often less comfortable that this happened. But that the way to catch you playing right now it looks like I'm gonna have to get them. Played pretty civil Syria army units and then it once the bees didn't attend together back. I've not not quite a lot of these sort of private TV anabolic like eighty dollars to our media spotlight meant to watch a game it spoke at a clock but. Those worst there's worse state the worst way to pick eleven and aperture. No doubt Tim. Let's start with the warriors and the spurs and will also kind of tie that together with what's gone with the pelicans in the blazers and me both of those series. A centrally over at this point. Any surprise you about the way the warriors have handled the spurs and it's pretty much been and as expected kind of the series. And then now I mean Republicans say they're playing great but I I didn't expect potential for a sweep and now one. Yeah I mean this article date goes I wanted to pick it was four epic and five are that I I I gave a little credence have a way to played on the stretcher up they might do little rusty and what against editorial by. I'm not surprised mean spurs just can't score. Without collide and knew what their teen market despite pretty well in the series Eric Kimmel is great to eat. Com he was you know a pretty good even in game three of the biggest biggest and nobody else back and scoring my arguably might be their second best player at forty. CNET tech and it tells you. Situation there in our lives so I'm very surprised to without curry at the worst ultimately handled it pretty locked up it. Focus defensively and that would really care debate for them. Optic pelicans to win that series in six over the blazers because let's not movement might be the only ones outside the bottom line I mean. I'm kind of surprised that more people didn't take them. I mean learn why would it. And a lot of beat a lot of people pick Portland in seven and I'm not so I thought I I did that lesson I do mean. Yeah I mean and I totally get that Portland early get the apple or puppeteers just kind of a tossup well it. At the end of the day I just went with the pelicans because but there is Betty Davis was gonna have a ball went in the playoffs and mean he's been incredible these games but I mean I don't think anybody could have expected that. Nikola Mirotic is would've been quite this good and the fact that you Holliday who had a great season but I still I don't think it. Anybody would spot that you thought were completely outclassed. Daimler to humor column through the first. Three games is cheers and you can argue that. Are pretty pretty easily I think that that Davis holiday in their judgment at her best player on the court and so. Armed you know it has been it has been quite you know the whole race so far I think I think you got to reload do before I do really wonder state. It for a loses tomorrow your mind and its situation I don't a couple of years ago when they got routed by the weather wizards as a lower seed the first round and they had some. Real question about whether they're gonna who opera going Casey where they're gonna blow that team up and acting. You know they do lose tonight nickel out oral I think you know there's there's already been some talk maybe Terry stop is in trouble. Immediate aid if needed disciplined management there made it to think about a trade Mena I think a lot of stuff could be on the table for dean that had a pretty good run here the last couple years. Well and it's amazing Tim to let me just both sides of it because you you know you watch games all year you see what the pelicans were doing down the stretch in India impacted Mirotic ad they lose cousins. And then you start watching a series. And you're watching the way it's playing out you think and my god the pelicans have just more good players and the blazers do all put down the line up its. It is sometimes it just becomes crystal clear early. And that kinda is the latest series played out or I thought wow Portland's going to be in this thing for sure at least six or seven. Yeah I mean listen we ball probably spot for awhile that it that Davis was passed as a center right. And I mean you look at their lineup right now and you know I think Alvin Gentry is done a really great job of getting his back lineups are court. On you know Rajon Rondo was a polarizing guy but he he showed up and while he's been really good. Mean a run at a lot of east because Portland general replaced kind of small on they can run a lot at least three guard lineup doppler E'Twaun Moore what holiday. Rondo and perhaps shooting out there for Davis Mirotic trading him in Portland had shot a traitor for Mirotic didn't. On the world congress said I mean you look at you look at the way he's playing the series we that was a massive pick up prevent. And and you can see like just they did beat you just have more good players you know a lot of the sport guys. In Portland just can't do not stop like. You're similar pitch right. Like he can't guard Anthony Davis he did he just can't keep it plain here. And it's it's almost like what it and it came it was like in a rocket serious laughter under you just can't be on the court. And they have a lot of guys were like me never turn returned forty got hurt. You know I mean it was played pretty well it's shops but Jack out of it look like rookie. They'd be just they they have a lot of pieces that don't really fit great. And you know it just adding. It and the other thing too is that basically pretty good defensively during the regular I think there's he was pretty solid like a senate page stop the daughter great job though. I have urgent Arctic could be in trouble if this goes badly but. It would you get the playoffs you know talent Linz and you like you said you look at Davis and holiday. And Mirotic the way those guys that played their talent show through in ways that Portland got just really can't keep up. That's mom. What does it take on step curry right now. Do you see him. Plane in game one and next series. That if if it were to start next weekend. Or do you think he goes back a little later than that. While I'm pretty sure it's gonna start Saturday or Sunday my guess is battered it. Right now because you know usually if it's far less portly can win a couple of games I think it's almost a lock to start on the week and get the warriors Donna. National TV slot. All quiet. I think it it was I don't I I'll say that I don't think it was surprising that. After a board marked response been reported that step could miss the beginning that series to warriors follow up. The announcement I'll vale about a way we checked out step on Friday it but as batter all by the way you get reevaluated next Friday at a game one. Of the proper spot out of the proper jammies on to release create the illusion out there and he could start out here is not my guess is that. Unless he's completely ready to go they'll probably wait a whole extra week. You have those two home games and then either way it usually works like let's say replace Saturday at the park police Saturday that it. And then not play again until the following Friday right so if you got that three if you got that extra base for the entire week. You know you have a two games at home I think they I concede I'm easily saying look. But ladies two games at all. You know hopefully we can get all album if we can all leave him but wished we should definitely at least split. And then we can have staffed at the bulls six weeks appear ready to go. I mean I think that's a pretty. Realistic scenario. Arm puncher he wants to come back for game one and it is ready culture oh I don't buy it if they take that extra week it's certainly wouldn't surprise. That's Tim bon Temps the Washington Post joining us here on 957 the game NBA this week it's John tickets and Marc spears with spears in for signing. On a Saturday here. Taking you up until noon if you take the warriors seeding to rant and Livingston will be good to go tomorrow you think they'd they even mess around was given a guy day even and a potential clinching game. Naw I imagine they'll be fine and I I have it I'm not I obviously haven't seen him at practice today I mean to ramble. The red and even look like he was out an issue walking the other cabinet be pretty surprised about what is. If that was that I mean I put it this way David Glass look a lot worse I am. In game two and he was ready to go game three and married equipment injure or fourth before so. Thumb I've decrease surprise you girls got access has much of an issue does what you don't want to mess around an extra gains in the while some news you get up 30. You want and this year it has been lucky you see Eagles palatial living and Durant right ever coached game play. That gives it more of an opportunity for an unfortunate misstep that happen and have somebody get her. So if you you get up like this I don't think there's any point maps or. Not that he now move on an extra went out and play action games that where there. And just through the quick news out here with Steve Kerr talked into reporters to grant Livingston practiced in San Antonio. And Steve Kerr expects to rank the plane that from mark I mark Medina. Obviously our mile and everybody SOA and the money also put that curry was involved with all the presidents that the physical part. What that's worth. Right gathered in a way it ran amok this week and a and it are like I mean here to say but he could have five practices. There are worn out by contract to his book but some real time with. Yeah I mean up upright practice you know you don't bright practiced Wednesday Thursday Friday. You know also yeah I mean that that would give them a lot of dispute in Iraq. What started replacing anymore but I think debate it would also if it really wouldn't shock me away they've managed just so far state view it you where I cautioned it is. Basically apple actually we are to get himself ready for per being back on the court. Tim you mentioned Cleveland day if you had a handicap it right now media is Toronto the favorite. I mean how. How do you with Cleveland being it's so much trouble. What do you think get their trouble and and I mean it does that leave the east completely wide open if they want to get knocked out or do you have a favorite among the other were the other teams at the top. While be curious element spirit that same but it it was stunning. The number of people it you know last night both during and after that game telling me that the capsule docked. Arm. In dot I. In you know LeBron a dominant team and I and I'd pretty much never count back out Italy loses. Why if it was jarring to have the number of people it be ups and man like he just looks like keep it in and it. And they're they're toast. Armed it was chart seat and stand around in the second half not really have any. And not really do much of anything just kind of watch the pacers come back. On it it was it was a strange it was a strange game in a strange performance just look at halftime market these 740 you know secure they're like. Capped a pretty good at what. You know people thought they were bad and here they are they got their other guys are showing up today at play and while it. They'll wrap all this comes reaching to all this is pretty wild I mean aren't we at that point. I I think I would say that Toronto is the favorite mom you don't just because they've been in the file before and yeah I think they're kind of ready but look. The weather played last night it would not shock me spell out the wizard make data series. And you know what at this point I think with the way they played with the way we know Joseph won't be back LP. I was outing job with a small market there on Osama oracle I think that. You know there's that there's a decent chance now especially if if Cleveland rolled out that we could be in Billy Byrd NBA finals which. Is a really unbelievable thing. Are considering that scene is basically all the guys have never been in the buyout or to stampede due to play out like that and make the finals would be. But truly remarkable situation but I I think that what Michael a look at that now because they quit timid and indeed they probably have. The two best players in the east outside a LeBron will be go past the first round assume Milwaukee Lucas and you know what that point all bets are off as I'll partaking got. Tim great stuff as always enjoy the day to day 11130 like you said Intel about 9:10 o'clock at night it's going to be good. Yeah bigger but pork in there aren't things on offense Washington Post joining us here and I'm size seven again we'll get mark's take. On everything it's gone on in Cleveland and who packed with the warriors seat. If they had to make in the finals the east is more open than people think we'll discuss it in 957 again. They with the UN tells news coming up. At the top but the dude our some of the coal ski and urban and there's going to be joined. In the 12 o'clock hour by San Francisco Giants general manager Bobby Evans and emit a couple roster moves. I'd during the last couple days stranded. Turn things around a little bit after a sluggish start Bobby Evans joined coal ski and urban coming up in the 12 o'clock hour to keep it locked. Right here on 95 cent in the game our thanks to Tim bon Temps from the Washington Post and he joins us. Each and every week at ten through that Niemi were used to go to Cleveland in June. And be an effort that whole week that first full week in June after a couple of games in Oakland that's just become an NBA finals have a mark. Blight there are a little bit of trouble right now watching the end of that game minute and seen him go down to one to Indiana Pacers have kind of had their number this year. What do you think it when you watch Cleveland go down to one. Both personal I'm still thing and his team that and they were one of Toronto Laurent. So. And I wanna go to Toronto these guys aren't ready cities passport up they are a roof for cities in the past horse farm. I'm looking forward usenet. Cleveland in the goodness suits. You know nice suits just there was again the coaches suits as well there have been more unified right. But that perhaps part of the problem. You know one thing that perhaps were not given the pace is enough credit. I mean this is a team that is five in two. Against Cleveland this this whole entire season. Playoffs are always based on matchups. We spent two months out here talking about the best of the worst matchup for the warriors. It looks like the cavs got the worst possible matchup they cut rather they. They were like 31 against them during the regular season I think so yeah this is certainly a bad matchup. Oh depots is basically doing whatever he wants. In this series. Home. Somebody besides LeBron has to step up. I don't. Subscribe at this is the worst. Team he's ever played lift. I just think the pacers are better than they argued enough credit phases are good. Kevin Love. Is this an OK you know he needs to step up more. Blood. One thing there also isn't talked about is it should never turn to carry. I mean obviously carrier ring is not playing for the Celtics right now he's hurt. But now they're starting to see how valuable. Tyree Irving was an as far as being in another league score. For the cavaliers they and they don't have a number to score. May be love is a number three now at times. But it's just like. LeBron and the miracles right now they have no other guy that they could depend on to be that notable score form. While the one thing I keep coming back to as it pertains to let's say Cleveland figures it out they win game four and they end up. In a seven game series and they win. That the one thing that I think we know for sure now is. If the cavaliers wind up making it all the way through and get to the finals again for fourth consecutive year. They're gonna have to work awfully hard probably harder than they've had to work. At any point and go to different team now but that means LeBron James is gonna have to work well let me as artists get to that point I don't know how much he's gonna have left in the tank kid at some point. Would you agree with me that. If Cleveland doesn't make it to the fourth straight finals. That this is the weakest of the four Cleveland teams. What I carrier ring yeah. And I am an alien that not having a mid fifteen Casilla got hurt in game one but it. Absolutely. Yes and how many games they win that one and 2000 fitting into gold six via. So because LeBron isn't that good I owing wasn't efficient. Mean LeBron gets days often they've they've put so much on LeBron LeBron LeBron. And you have to beat him four times and he is the best player in the league. But I think the east is too good now for him to beat everybody by himself. And I don't see him in through. I don't see Philly. I know that hey let's do it happens what Miami today they're not run into this series we'll Miami now let's not Odom in the finals. Took a huge fourth quarter yesterday and it Miami's been you know much more competitive than I would have thought think the eastern playoffs are like old school battle royal. They're all gonna. You know take some hits it's gonna take awhile. But I think when the dust settles while I'm bias from. A city standpoint. I do think the raptors are the best team in the east right now. Every year this summit Penske auto sales dot context why spears every year they say this is the worst team LeBron has had an every year the this year he has played. Did such a tired cliche they're not all like that argument. I. Look he's amazing. As part of that is to say this is still tried his best season in fifty years to be had your best season you're fifteenth year. Am I don't think he's human. But really don't the guy never gets hurt. I don't know any player this durable that does so much. He gets beat up on all the time. He's got to be exhausted after games but. You know he comes would it be special let's let's respect what we're seeing and I mean this is. One of the greatest performers that will ever see in sports on. Some say the greatest of all time some saved Michael. I'm a Magic Johnson guy myself. But regardless. What we're seeing from him like. If if Indiana gets to a game seven. When LeBron James I'm I'm gonna pick Cleveland. They got it Indiana's and win this series they gotta get a dumb foursome. And my goodness could you imagine if the cavs and out. Losing in the first round. Given everything that's happened in entry in Colorado predicts that as you know Toronto was rooting for the paces right because Toronto as they don't wanna play they don't wanna play Cleveland in the sec around Cleveland his own Toronto did he tell you about a mad bad matchup good matchup riding. Cleveland would rather face to Ron Allen the first for pound I had a certain whether they don't have to play Cleveland Toronto was walking to the finals interstate. Easy and you'd have Toronto over Philly you're giving Boston Ecevit and the Boston regardless and knocked it Boston's don't Milwaukee Milwaukee answered in game three not think. Toronto has too much offense tune for Boston. But they would have to play them into these finals anyways. I just think Toronto is that good that deep they perhaps have the best Vince. Deepest bench in the league to and good amount heightened youth and obviously 02 all stars. There have clearly can't get there it to the second round start booking your you know you told me before his show you book and on your hotels. You know even senator Mary. In Toronto is a good one is necks are really cool mall. I do make sure my passport was in order of the announced it would be a good nowadays and I don't really is less than 10 state side now on states idealism and a country that's. Hasn't happened 2000 real you real little. Like went like in my mom's belly. You'd never been outside the United States never. Why. The way it's worked out without go like this from the rest beautiful passport like auto pages occurrence in the mail boy you're you have got to get one. No joke. Coach. I'd just I explored and Johnny. North northern California for the most part and end in United States. I'm in love difference in less time we went on a personal trip outside the California. Personal trip outside California. There was no wedding or funeral last month were ago they used in Arizona. Finished. Arizona. Which some buddies and I'll defeat of his buddies get together for spring training the furthest like you taken has been person. Boston. This he's wanted to go to Boston and Boston said friend there and spend the weekend. Only eighty maybe you know perhaps. That that can happen Boston New York so I didn't places. You haven't been to Canada but many can't gambit to Mexico not even not even Vancouver meant now. Not even Tijuana. When you're down at San Diego and you stole our cross border. Never did just never worked out that way that a pride and about. The team countries when he couldn't it's awesome I'm not against it fits that bill it's not like that. But. Just hadn't just had worked well I think you. And I hope for your sake that is thrown out because I want to get that first stand. 408. WT FT eighty. Well. You'll love Toronto man. Well mom makes era so you're around you'll you know moving pick him one restaurant that's going to be I don't know I mean breakfast like humans and restaurant Amal about that's all get it. Just tickets and Marc spears. NBA this weekend 95 cent in the game. Tim Rice gonna join us coming up and cutting in Mexico a couple of minutes is well known how you might read only California and hasn't seen been the T want uneven Mexico. It didn't even didn't even sneak down there just for an at night you saw buddies and just walk across a log in Baghdad even do that Pennington now. And we go to Syria on a long day would go to San Diego a lot and down nor next time you gotta go I want it yeah now it's nobody else can have. At some point became to make a maintenance issue of why haven't really need to go anywhere so why mess surrounding we get the passport. That's and it's like you used cash out of sign Panama when you go it's time to go to San Diego now could be good to go cycles go everywhere bring your past forcing you down one stamp. Then move on mutual a field trip you're gonna go to miss in nineteen restaurant in Tijuana. One of the best restaurants in northern colorful I'm getting crushed on the text line by the lack get that stamp coming back. Then you're in and get you started to two get to overseas. To overseas. Suck them. International starter kit will be tutored a restaurant that you want Tim Bryant joins us now here on 95 cent in the game before it's the golden steeple is soon. Don't have the call tomorrow right here in any facet of the game I'd Tim. I just did include you in the conversation we were having Tim. We're talking about the NBA finals because we're on sports talk radio we jump ahead were we put the warriors in the NBA finals already. What did that C you don't have to do but we were talking about Toronto and I relayed the message that I had to get. My passport in order as in it's never an application to get one we've from the American public you're stuck it. Better hurry. That it's like have done blank. Blank slate anymore but would go to my restaurant you lot sound like that the start of what came over for you know. Non Protestants as an upscale part of the you know raw material. So what is it you said you know our role is upscale restaurant. Yeah that's true that's true that's true. I I I had this vision that you would divide and eating something really spicy exciting that was to file Margaret. Yeah my most of them are still hurts from now you know what you're paid you know then I see. Tim below what surprised you if anything about the way that this first round series is played out now with the warriors up the real. I'm a little surprised at just how quickly they were able to ratchet up the defense. That they are able to and I think they get they drew good matchup for them. He Aldridge just stick can be at times on carnival but they can mix up coverages with him in the end and really Santonio is not add. You know a consistent second score in this series but it's they're they're defense and attention to detail. On the defense side. Has been really good and I I think. The move of the series so far was he'd turn is staffed. Starting Andre get down ought to get their best offensive line about there Kay Quinn cook out there against a second unit which gives a little more freedom to score in and interest and the just everybody else cannot falling into place I think that that's been the movement's leaders. Tim knows atmosphere like hidden in San Antonio in game three and could reduce the they game tomorrow with a lot of empty seats. A lot of lack of enthusiasm from not only to spurs but but their fans with. You know they Ambien in game away from elimination and also the sadness with. Coach Popovich his wife passed away. Yes you know it was a really weird vibe in the building. And the news I guess coaches elected not to have a moment of silence he wanted be about the game and so. I had the feeling that people wanted this show. You know there respect in the end there and there are you know they're concerned for him but didn't really have an outlet to do it. And then the game started in the you know once. Lawyers kind of match in the early energy of San Antonio. Then you couldn't slowly but surely feel the at the Neil failed life took coming Evian in the building in the end. It's two people were were starting to head out early and over again it was not over that they just felt that this you know critical plea in the and so. Yet it was his cattle weird vibe to it and you know be let's also remember the fact that now. You know not what can demonstrate playoff wins now the lawyers have against San Antonio so who allow these fans saw this last year without coli Leonard. So I'm thinking at the warriors get off to a great start that that building might be pretty quiet in pretty empty bad tempered done. Jim Breuer guests here on 957 against him the voice of course of the Golden State Warriors you'll hear him tomorrow. On 95 cent in the game along with Jim Barnett as the warriors take on the spurs in game four. Of their first round series in San Antonio. Tim by a big story line this season has been. How much to the warriors care in the regular season obviously they've scared the first three games of the series but if there was. A game to revert a little bit backed into that regular season mode it would be tomorrow the Rio knowing you're going home any way. How concerned would you be about that mindset may be creeping in a little bit tomorrow. I would yeah I don't like you're always a little concerned that we need get a lead like discuss he would be human nature is to kind of exhale. Okay were up three well you know we were and I were gonna get bit. And then you know and in the year might surgically tricks I knew resale or does America get it in game four game farmers so that when the series that I can't think. So I'm I'm I'm sure you're concerned about and I think the other part about it too though is that they've been through this before. And they know they win the tomorrow. That they get the balance of the weekend to kind of Reston and work and recuperate. That also gives them you know hole eight full. Week of practice bird numbers thirty. Two went through you know non contact work today in the here and Santonio. He's not cleared for contact yet it's so I think that that might also be in the back of their mind that hey if we do this. Step gets reevaluated later in the week and then we can become whole again and really start to you know put they put the camera down so. So I think this part of that but it but my sense is that there's a different. Different. Mood about the team battle lease on the regular season I think there regularly see that might have been. As Steve Kerr content you awarded its own training captain in my beans and inevitable that it was gonna play out that way is just the way it happens and and so. You know now. I think there there really much more locked into a businesslike approach. Tim who needs do you think gonna lawyers would benefit the most from. You know not playing having to play for about five or six days who needs to rest the most why. Well I think I think that the obviously anybody is nicked up and coming out the last game was to ram Livingston. And you know Patty Mills and about two minutes of typical focused almost dipped. You know made this the whole story line a lot different but. I'd been inadvertently might you he didn't do anything upper received just hustling trying to get him make something happen. The I think he'll those guys don't abide first and then he -- it would you know living still in the fall back category. As well because they're always trying to limit minutes you know Andre Iguodala. You know whose average is about 25 and at the regular season they're keeping him right twenties six as a starter. See you wanna keep the minutes down the NC state trashed those guys David West. In the guys have a lot of miles on the tires those who want to I would think that you would like to see get a day or so to recruit open and did it take time. You know recharge. Everybody else I think it in the yen. A pretty good spot right now maybe Dray mind you know he's had that shoulder issue count often on all year. But but to me that the guys have been around the longest in the guys are nicked up those the guys that benefit a couple of days and also in this case curry would too. Because we give him. Beyond that that that team could cash helped him along a little bit more practice because there's no game. You know hanging over their heads that they get ready for. Tune. Nor is pelicans will of the wild will allow thoughts on them and then. You a little shocked. Other series has gone and effective they could be. The first NBA team them with their series today. You know it's funny. Pirate story at pelican you're upsetting B. Blazers and that I'll blame a lot of back and look at the zealot that well. Portland forty died and the world what 48 so it's not that much of an upset however it is up and upset and how they're dismantling them. Portland had for the for the longest time really. Yes good combination of an explosive backcourt paired with a team they had. Yup committed itself to a defense of mindset and they are in the top ten defense are ready for a long time. And I just they're scary because. Al wouldn't figured out how to play that squad. Without cousins. And then they had Mirotic which fit variety and with what he wanted to do. And which is that I just an absolute you know could deal I know they give prefer tropic but I think it's everywhere to for that long term. And and and Rondo is engaged and we know how good he is when he's. You know engaged in the end wants to play and is enjoying life in the in the NBA he can be a special player and so. You know be combined that would be all everything yet but he gave us. I can't sit there and they're going to be a handful for it if it did the lawyers in the play them next drought which it looks like they will that's gonna be or a real challenge. Tim Breuer guest here I 957 we did Cindy take anything away from the game two weeks ago when the pelicans were here in an had a big first quarter the big fourth quarter. Obviously the warriors were not locked in like they will be in a playoff series but that the pelicans were impressive even on that. Night and I at least kind of filed it away as yellow they're probably not gonna see them anyway well oh by the way now looks like they probably are gonna see. Yeah you know I it's it's a weird year I don't think you know keep ticket ballet they'd. The other teams that the lawyers could base. Other than may be Oklahoma City. You know bid that they really get to the team out there that that saw the warriors at their full mental and physical capabilities Riley even Houston. Yeah early in the season the lawyers or playing all that well. India they certainly didn't play well against the rockets in the rocketed to me do that so it's really a weird here right don't think. You can translate. What happened in the regular received into the postseason just because John that the type of see from the lawyers had you know where they eat their words. You know taking care of and they dated eight details they weren't locked in against certain teams having. He'll continue to say that you know you know are they forty per forty points worse than he taught them that final regulations won't know whether or not you've got a good team. And they're well coached they've got. You know Mitchell and bill Baer which makes a very dangerous but but. You know I and I certainly think lawyers will be a different teams say they played the jazz in the next in this in the Western Conference final. Timothy if the lawyers are. Playing Saturday or Sunday did do you envision staff be on the court with them. If they play protect. Either the next NK one and the next series either Saturday or Sunday the next week. Yeah I you know I I don't know. They yeah I would say Eddie you're actually had to write about it. Because he hasn't got through contact yet. And he hasn't done three on three which believes that five on five. And so. I don't think I I would say that that might my guess is no unless that some during the week. You know this is so expensive to get thrown out there of scrimmage. You know until he starts be able to take contact. We do get thrown out there so I would I'd guess would be that at this point. Tim great stuff and we appreciate the time and now walled. The and join the call tomorrow will not begin next week. Yeah approach for the dubs tomorrow with a pregame and Jim Barnett with you on that all right Jim Barnett will be alongside it was a tales of your path. They're always they're always entertaining tales of you are absolutely thanks Tim. Our Tim Roy our guest here on 95 cent in the game as always the voice of the Golden State Warriors some good stuff there. And me and I'm I do still can't get over the fact that not that the Republicans could win that series is it looks like they're definitely gonna win it there but. That it could wind up being a sweep and as you've mentioned a couple of different times on the shelve it and be the first team. The way in the in the first round who won't. And I'm curious to see light. How it is a galvanizes the city of New Orleans because. You know obviously Katrina took a lot of the city and a lot of people left in the start to come back but. You know there it is a franchise and owners passed away I think a lot of people forget that their own passed away this year now. There's. One of those now running both the saints and to pelicans and heard a lot of talk about them. Being separated. Or perhaps somebody saw on the basketball part you know and when you sell a basketball part Gephardt could end up moving. And always been a little disappointed. As somebody who has a lot of family in New Orleans about the lack of attendance. At their games. Because their prices. Our lol that there one of those things. Tell lawyers fan if you really wanna go to a playoff game it might be cheaper feud of flooded New Orleans. And buy a ticket for Republicans game and it's got to buy a ticket. Down the street. And the beauty and that is in the playoffs in in the way it would shake out there not next week in the two weekends from now eyes you could maybe make a little weekend you may no annual three day trip a things SS is coming up to. Nothing we keep in mind and might not be a bad time to go there don't need a passport for that no minorities you'll be all right you can you can go JD. So I hope this is something that finally. Gets people to say okay out among put some money over leaving him as the many package for Republicans that kind of solidified there there. Foundation in new loans. John tickets and Marc spears NBA this week or 957 became. Mark in formats die Mets super Lotto warriors news from from practice swings I don't know what the Rand living stent. Let's go written here a little bit while we can from Steve Kerr rejection Gotti art Garcia Davis is on the scene. In San Antonio at the AT&T sinner so let's a couple of minutes of of Steve Kerr is he met. With reporters. In San Antonio parts of practice. Most of it actually mean we didn't do any home. It's not there for car. I don't know stuff our drill work. Because of the segments its. Speakers event where he is at this stage. I would just say oh mom I'm not surprised easy Goer he should be up to four weeks and he's coming along well. But. Don't expect him. We will treat them. Yeah it's got a cute are Nelson. Really yeah it's gonna takes more time that he's come a long way to make and how it does look. Looks great pity myself. He looks happy just happy to be out on the floor and our guys. Are happy to have about here but if you. It will let you practice what fun. I expect him to play KB for sure Sean Sean was a little worse. He went through everything today and look. Security base itself. A different ownership. I I guess I don't like I don't even take part of these conversations today you just. She tells them what you can do that he doesn't mean he's on its own so I don't even ask. It's not at W triggered these other he's gonna go and if we start doing something to contact at all. You know I don't have to ask him he just knows it's too. When they tell me he can play golf and author. Let them. Closeout games are always the most difficult. Just because you're playing here. A great team every team in the playoffs this is their talent in him. They don't want us either season and especially on the on the road trying to close to mount as it was very difficult thing. He just you just go you keep doing what you've been doing and we'll hope it works out. Part of this for them. While part of and Antonio. There isn't some thought that. Whether Islam Tony. They may look a lot different. Then they have the last decade basically. Answered we'll. That's a standard what was that organization like to be an entity competing. I wanna be careful here with my answers yeah. Because it sounds like you're asking me to write their obituary which I'm not going to do it yeah. All I will tell you is that you know we haven't. Close the series out we wanna do it tomorrow. And at the appropriate time you know I would. Be happy to talk about Manu or Tony or anybody else but I will tell you is the influence. That this organization. Has had on me. I've been profound. I've been so blessed in my career to play for a halt and coaches and you know the experience in Chicago was filled. It was amazing and what I learned from film tax. And then to correlate that with my experience here in San Antonio pop and RC it. And the players and just seeing how it's done. And those two organizations do so differently. In my experience as a player. And yet both very effectively. But there's the constant was great coach. So. Now my my current view on coaching is largely shaped by my experiences in Chicago it. San Antonio and I'm forever grateful. For. The impact. Filled pop diversity. All the elements like the ultimate. Censorship you know I'm really really lucky to get him. And since Steve Kerr their from the AT&T center in San Antonio courtesy of our guy RC Davis producer of the show he's on the scene down there. Not as he warrior shall take on the spurs tomorrow in game four she can hear of course right here in 957 game mark some good stuff from. Steve on Steffi and curry who's not doing any contact in practice. On to rant and Livingston new both could be go he said living stand. Not quite as good to go as to rant but Livingston officially going to be probable so bulk of those guys are planned. Nine and obviously closeout game in and not wanting to. Not wanting to write the obituary. For the spurs just yet. If you're. It's. He'd do. Play a big game to see how to game goes before you decide whether or not to. Push on and. I don't think he would do that. Because I think he would want whoever dresses these dress yet to me I think you want. Either he's gonna be outreach can apply it and plays he's gonna have his role and be steep curve more than I think a lot of coaches. I'd say it's all the time he runs his rotation a little bit like a baseball team like a lined up like and here's who has it in fifth day here's his face on notice me menus get mentioned in your yet again your slot. You know you almost every almost has a slot. Not that they get put into and if one person's not playing that slot another person plane that slot exactly. So I think he would want. Livingston in his slot and of Livingston wasn't gonna be and that's why he would want whoever. Is going to play Nick Young in that slot to know he's gonna get that's noon. You know it. I'm excited to see with their mentality is to maul their fight is tomorrow. I do think to lawyers will come ready ready to get it done. No the positives that come with getting the time off. I'm sure they'd love to get away for a couple days and they love to get some practices with staff. If they lose a game and have to. And then. Have to play on Tuesday I mean. I can have detrimental effects long term. But I'm sure those guys will be watching. New Orleans today opened a loose. But. The New Orleans wins that win. Will certainly give them an extra boost to get their series over with. And perhaps. A New Orleans win may not be a bad thing for a wars because I just think it will push the focus to be on our level to get it done. No doubt in every day behalf supply is another team that something could happen yes and that's for you or for your opponent is the pelicans have to play. A game five like in flashback to Portland. So in Portland can win next game and I'll send it to you in six yeah and it's never happened in the NBA before but a sixteen it never beaten a one in the NCAA tournament. And this team would never come back from 03 in baseball and. In a way Portland's looking right now. I can't see dramatic flip. I don't either you know perhaps they kids figured out when the day and I think they're gonna come but she wouldn't want I didn't go home and ready to play in in this is new territory for the pelicans. They haven't knock somebody out of a series since Chris Paul's Wear an uniform and David West. Was where new unit and it wasn't the same uniform no same name on the fri day that's a field in you know. Is that a hornet so this is new territory for Anthony Davis. Let's see how he is in the cloak close out game. In this is where I think a guy like Rondo. Is expertise and experience. Is really going to be valuable and telling these guys ought to get it done. We've already got basketball underway in Miami and Philadelphia Phillies game for that series with a 21 lead at Miami and they have a five point lead late in the first quarter of that game. A full slate against Portland in New Orleans Houston and Minnesota. Oklahoma City and Utah's the last two of those of the final two game threes. On the docket mark great stuff man today I'll always love. Get a chance to have you had studio. I'm hopefully we'll get a chance to do it again man and and hopefully you get that knee heals. Now be funny or next time. A little sensitive to the person that did in those five Matt. Diamonds and I may have my passport next eyes restart play an Oregon then we used our plan all places you really got to move fresh pressed for looks like it fills out as soon as I. Excited for you men appreciate that not preach I'm excited we'll talk what customs is like and all that yeah before when he I would like not need to hide. Obviously the I assure a Blanton. A plane a schedule for us stakes to everybody out RC Davison and Wes mills for put the show together. Jason mixed will Hillary Tim bon Temps and of course Timberlake. Colts he and urban or next they've got Bobby Evans coming up in the 12 o'clock hours we'll keep it locked right here on ninety size seven again.