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NBA This Week
Saturday, January 13th

John Dickinson and Matt Steinmetz talk to the voice of the Warriors, Tim Roye. And then finish up with talk on LaVar Ball and his comments that have put Luke Walton under fire.


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Manner I'd like to plan. And so if I'm look at it Seth Curry. I eat. My mind says okay what if what if he doesn't come back. Let's be prepared for that so it's not really pessimistic it's just it's just being prepared. And we've we've seen. It before him which he got solves a little bit. Your list indicate DMZ and van horn in HD one San Francisco. 9570. Game this is the NBA this week our number three John Dickerson Matt Stein Metzger a nice high seven game what brought you by American Express proud partner. Of the Golden State Warriors oaks card club play it Smart play jokes were driven by premier Nissan Stevens creek. We make it easy online at premier Nissan Stephens creek dot com joining us right now. The voice of the Golden State Warriors live from Toronto it's kimberlite Tim Howard you. Oh I'm good I'm good I'm inside with it and put it better so. Local chili. How how chilly Tim and give it to us and Fahrenheit please. While. It fit if they're not so what if you ally had been outside is my thought. Oh wait that's not wind chill. Feel like my toy ones. On my all alone she opened her right so there are you know what ten that's legit. That's legit beyond Ngo tin can tell you firsthand there's news there is a little difference between that. East Coast cold and midwest called the northeast cold in the midwest cold another level in the midwest. Yeah it didn't fit into that little colder. Wind blows or harder and fifty it is different in I had put some of the cold outside ever was on the road have been Indianapolis. Well they've they've had nice stormont they've got to insist projected stumbling. Jim Milwaukee's gotten me a couple times where I'm just completely unprepared for the coldness but let's talk a little bit about tonight's game. What we Paul Jones on earlier he's raptors announcer. And he was telling us that Saturday's. Usually. The Toronto Maple Leafs play. And it's hockey night and Saturday but that's a Hockey Night in Canada on a Saturday and tonight there's no hockey and he thinks. He thinks that building tonight's going to be electric and it is a building that is is pretty fun regardless. Edit it but they're all great players go to do again that that. But detonate the raptors are incredibly loyal and they they really love. And I have adapted to the NBA game I mean you know the the scene when you. Watch. A playoff game put Toronto and then there's all those people want him. The best square there watching it out of big drain any doubt that good stuff and get it it's a great time and head. You know they ever get a championship here would be absolutely insane. But but yet typically delegates it's electric building and the building where. You know for the one that historically have played pretty well and they've got a good time there. Tim Mo what. What impressed you the most about the warriors last night in their win they get a lot of impressive things what what was number one on your list from last night. I thought when they needed to they kind of the defense and when and they had thought they were really. They played in heat young guy get his point that good. Got on the Google says but but I thought they played really intelligently and make them work it and you know got they got an industry without trouble that I thought they did a great job that way I thought they played. Personnel of the raptors. Just the way you wanted to and you know guys who get blood shoot golf segregate the ball wide open and so back to me there's days they were really. I'll locked in on their game quite a lot like that that's news most impressive. Ten Seth Curry's listed as probable tonight looks like he's gonna go assuming he plays tonight. How. Concern will Bob Myers and Joseph late Cuban Steve Kerr. He when they watch him tonight or do you think they've kind of outside the warriors. We're worrying a little too much simply because of of Curry's injuries five years ago. I think so I think I think we have we can't worry too much because they can't create that. And as we remember those days you know when you know that would be just be walking and all of a sudden that bank would get out. So the oil that's still an art. It is by all the success and his durability said it's still on the back of our minds so yeah I think I think when we send over. You know emphasize it too much and I think also you know there's the warriors. Everything they do get the twentieth two great out. And and so. But yet it's obvious our players coming off an injury you're going to be watching very carefully that. I think David really you know careful with him. He really want to play a lack night. And I think they've said no one had put that stay the course here we're gonna be very cautious because. You know we're talking the other days but not the end game you know we look at that you're looking at. The put the game since April may and June of the one that. That's for this team you know warned that some believable position at some point insisted it's burned on the offensive side. That. That they can they didn't. Played out this way as opposed to teams out into the playoffs they need mail that need all hands on that in all 82. Tim c'mon looney impressive last night. Every game it's sort of a question how Steve Kerr gonna break down the senator minutes and looney gotten. Most of them last night in and he was a successful player. Positive player in his hometown what are your impressions of looney. Coming into this season what did you expect from him and I know there was a lot of question marks surrounding him but he's. He's proved himself to be a real positive player when he's been called upon. He's different player now you know he's been much better shape he's feel locked away in the offseason. And he's quietly. If he's not the best that you could maybe the second that says they have in terms of guarding smaller players. I mean he he is really good. At staying on the floor. And and not going to pump fake and he showed who used these so again last night eight also really good that other Kabul drive on him. He gives ground. It's quite an article. And doesn't go for it oh reached that you can't get to an end and got into the crowd make the guy issued over the top of them. He is he opened my side below but this year I wasn't sure what to expect this year con and especially with the addition of Jordan bell and how well belt claimed that. But now again you know Steve Kerr had docket and on nights where you know that there's going to be a lot of clicking in this regard involved on bigs. You know debt and come on give him another rock Kamal was outstanding innings he's also quietly a critic there I'll typically done. Almost double last night he seemed to get. You know long rebound that other bigs can't get. Tim I couldn't agree would you more and if you look at looney before the season started or right at the start of the season and there are whispers he's not even make the team he might not make the team. They pick up are they don't pick up his option he plays early in the season and then you hear whispers of showcase and showcase and now we're halfway through the season. And I look at your bond Clooney and say well geez he's gonna play before Jordan bell in a pinch if the game's important because he's just. So solid he's plays like a veteran he doesn't make mistakes. And you're right he's opened my eyes to what what do you think he could become. Three to five years down the line. But you know. I bet not who I really don't know because. To put it you know he could actually I didn't black owned it deadly fires up the baseline no. Not the right down you know besides. Okay. I don't know Leo because again. And I don't want for the fourth iPod this could be redundant but I think we all needed I'm as guilty evidence anybody else. We all need to kind setback now because. There really is different. Call me first start to follow it all love the stadium and the difference is that we're getting everybody out for a year to a college for the most part. You know the president Lee who is tonight the proud they're the exception not the rule. What is as bad as also the way the world. So what happens is now we're watching guys and we almost have to give them. 345. Years to really see how good they commit comp and I think it's the only combined heat still have a lot of upside. You know what he once he starts to knock down at midrange jumper with a -- efficiency and now you can go pick and pop with him and and indeed some different things one that he. Yet developed period and jump a look at that the box and so. I I I'm not sure what he can become good I didn't I didn't know that that they I think he has still a lot of room to grow. Tim you know what I wrote down that's an unbelievable point I'd never thought of that before. And I think you're absolutely right because you know I'd like. Talked to told people about the warriors all the time and and sometimes things come up like what coral damion Jones what's going to heat he's not very good. And you think wolf. Don't know he's just really young and McCall employment cost timid and he's just not aggressive enough. Well jeez he finished second year. And he's playing with these superstars should you know what I'd rather she intended. Then play it like Nick Young is a rookie and I'm I'm Nick Young Serb which he can do. Site where that's that is a great point we're actually. We're watching finished products here we're we're not watching guys you can make a judgment on right now. Had who would be an end and we all do it we look at guys he's he's not very good at the end be able to get good the only caveat if they're all great players that they get from the Indiana. And no doubt about that but. But then. But what that did not know. More so they've before word it's only if the developmentally. And and you get players you know there's certain plays it cool lives. And their way to go by the way they'll put their most of most players immediately. You know and look what we'll call back in you put some thought that would gladly accept the rookie did anybody see him becoming that guy. Now that's a great point out no doubt. You know it I look at who created so yeah I remember watching him warm up one day and he's doing that I can put his head of course. Click negotiate. We don't share announcing once and money. Yeah they come out but luckily my putter again the bank does look nice my eyes stop scores over the would know what I'll. Although he had that he had that planned out all the way along that you want that kind of shots they get up early night and I wouldn't get Bachmann and but again. But it it it's let's give a few years to become the star that years and I think Europe most young guys to come out college kids toward two years. Then you know that he got here the next two years 630 years they're still becoming. They're they're turning into. Young men from you know teenagers see. And ever and thereby kill bit bigger stronger man and they decal ordered more used to being a professional athletes. And so although although the practice I think I think for the committee for years might be. The other new wind that we have to look at it I'm I'm just kind of get to that. You know mid mid 81040 years we we look at guys OK now we little bit more about who this guy it. Tim great stuff and we appreciated enjoy the game tonight and now of course everybody can hear right here in 95 cent in the game Tim's got the call. At four with a pregame enforced thirty M tipoff from. North of the border. I did wrong joining us here and I if I sent in the game. They donation it's your chance to select these shears 2018 NBA all stars make sure to cast your vote for Stefan curry Kevin Durant train mine green and Klay Thompson. Voting ends on Mondays ago voted warriors dot com slash dubbed the vote or on Twitter using hash tag. NBA vote. Every vote counts. I don't segment NBA this week and a five cent in the game John Davidson that Stein Mets. As we only few and tell noon. The injury report out. Plus some good news on the east Stefan curry front for the warriors. As he is probable to play so it's likely he's gonna go. In Toronto later this afternoon and a couple other players on the injury report for the dubs. They are questionable Omri Casspi who missed last nights game. Been dealing with some lower back soreness. And Andre Iguodala. Although this is not a general soreness. If she would Iguodala it's eight. Hip flexor strain so that's something more significant and maybe more legitimate. Than a guy dealing with just some general soreness he's questionable. Think he doesn't play tonight just based on that based on the fact that it says Pannemon new. And back to back in a cabin if you want but specifically set injury that's why I'm an ominous I'm gonna say. All the questionable technically 5050 Yemen a single dollar doesn't go. Yeah I'm start to think that too and I start to think maybe. You'll list they would dollars questionable for the next forty games and just go up to him every game is so what do you think what apply and he'll say yes. 33 quarters of the time the other ten I'll say you know banged up or bring us some real quick from last night's Milwaukee game I don't know if you noticed this or not. Just got his fourth foul about four minutes left in the third quarter anyone over Jason Kidd and he said keep me in keep me in keep me in. Jason Kidd essentially said that the pipe go to the bench. And at that time Milwaukee was down double digits. And this was listen he's a great player but she is in bought he was in that game within a game. And I don't think he was playing exactly how we normally plays I think he was trying to. Overly prove himself turn. I do a little while one game when him and ran with it puts a little strong. But I think you might even press a little too much trying to do too much and his teammates may be trying to force feed them a little too much anyway. Jason Kidd says no go to the bench he goes to the bench and now without yeah honest what is Milwaukee do they screw on the ball. And they start. Playing with all five players that's when they made their run now the question isn't your break yeah honest backe and of course she's gonna come back in but I thought Jason Kidd played it beautifully because. Spoon Frieden forced recent word speeding yeah honest. He got his fourth found they started playing. More five man basketball it was perfect as they got back in the game and then with seven minutes ago nauert tight game. Now you bring back yeah honest because. Later a game gets the more isolation is used and then that's where he Camilla Palin went to game. And you could say then and essentially. Steve Kerr did the same thing with the ring at minus the foul trouble. But I just thought it was really interesting how the minute Yana swing now last night balky play completely differently. He had two great observation and you're right it did kind of get them re engaged in the game and and and brought him closer million reduced or more competitive yet they were honestly and then let's look that's not that statement that the they're temporarily out I'm like dad and he's won a best players in the NBA and he's only gonna get better but. Those are the things in the evolution of the box. Absolutely that you you kind of look at as a big game it may be that maybe the big game in the bright lights set him back is where a couple of years ago. When the Bucs beat the warriors it was kind of a throwaway game in essence the a league it's late at the last two times a worrisome played the box since they beat you when they were 240. You always kind of thing I'm you remember that gaming you literally environment and I deem and he and you think. On boxer gonna give mama give my hard time they get them some games in oracle that have been difficult as well. And I think the warriors did you watch a game play out last night. The warriors who got a lot more going on in the box. Yeah we think of the box I think. I picked her little overrated. To be honest. And not and I don't think you honest is overrated I just think they're overall talent is over radar tell you one thing all of one thing and I'm sick of hearing. What I'm sick here and why Andy Parker comes back carries. They're going to be so much better and Parker combined to our locker. I think I don't know I don't know ST I don't know it's a mug down you think I do like Parker I used look at them in the 22 in nineteen. And I I feel like for the high eight. I think there's a lot hype about the box and you know what. This team it's gonna win closer to forty probably in fifty I think that's fair and I feel like. I'm not even sure it's accurate on the way they're kind of positioned. Because I watch him play and I don't think there's a whole lot going on. But I just feel like their low overrated. I I don't disagree and I just looking at their lineup tonight I made a note this last night John Henson. I'd play center for the buck played 26 minutes last night. He took some terrible shots. Exactly and if this is what you got to realize the warriors put looney into the game. And Henson can't. Play against loonie because Lou these big enough and too quick for him. And guys like Henson gets swallowed up by the warriors and you looked he placed 26 minutes he's two for six so. So Henson's kind of useless player against the warriors. All of the dough but can't play against the warriors anymore me Matthew Della they don't block was absolutely horrible last night. Think about this you could elevate dove on the floor. He's not making threes. He's turning the ball over. And he's getting. Defensively used by Shaun Livingston and less than had three shots just right over Delaware Dover. So Dover Dover is gonna have trouble playing against the warriors you know then you look at the fund maker Tony snell Torricelli a nice game made shots. Every times is he gonna do that are consistent are they going to be some now now listening to look here's the deer shall I. I 570 I love Braga and I love Middleton. I'm not crazy I'm not crazy about Bledsoe I'm just not. I guiding Bledsoe is overrated too as a player I think what I Bledsoe in NBA circles almost gets talked about like Jesus to all these guys you are thank you. No dead air puts us in the last he's not even close to being a star I think he's a good player. Like he's not. Not star I'm still I don't know what they made that trade Brett did that conversation what now a year Yost has got to. Thank you out here are you running mate what are you talking about thank you isn't he isn't on the left. Lee honest not wanna say I'm not gonna say he's not very good but still they bled so. It's still the same player he was four years ago in that if he's your starter. That's not that good if he's coming off the bench now I like that much better he doesn't wanna come off the bench because he wants to play more. So. A player like blades so I'm await toll gets a little older. Ever won him on my team until he comes to terms with. Embracing the sixth man type raw power wanna miss a star well. They don't he'll get beyond that what eighty million dollar contract to be signed a couple of hours ago for well you get beyond that in any battle also kind of coincide with the fact that he accepts the fact these betters a bench player and then he becomes a guy you really wanna have a good team against. Yeah and I think you're right there John tickets and SI makes India this week here on any size seven again one of the big stories so throughout the lead you. Was a couple of coaches going all in on the low bar ball far ball had the comments. That Luke Walton essentially lost. The lakers locker room and then the lakers have lost nine in a row they've won three in a real sense they're actually plan right now dole will dig in in Dallas. Between the lakers. And the Dallas Mavericks. But yeah I would. That became a big talking point we're gonna hear from a couple of coaches we'll hear from Steve current moment but let's hear from Rick Carlisle. Who is the president. Of the coaches association. So he's basically the lead coach among coaches with dean of coaches essentially in the NBA. And it was brought to his attention just. The comments between. Well far ball and on Luke Walton as a coach and how he's managed teeth. Pretty an article where the father of an NBA player has an opinion that is there's printed. As as anything like legitimate. You Rhodes Trust. And erodes the trust that we've built with the ESPN and our coaches are upset. Because Luke Walton does not deserve that in two years ago. Consider these are good veteran team. And led them to 24 wins in a row which is amazing accomplishment. And offer that. You know he earned a Laker job. And have to deal with these these kinds of ignorant distractions. You know this is deplore. So Rick Carlisle there and of course coaches are gonna stick up for coaches. And Rick Carlisle is similar to you Jeff Van Gundy in the sense where. Indeed here Jeff Van Gundy mean there's enough not a coach that can do anything wrong. In the NBA. And the Carlyle again he's the president of the coaches association but some well thought out. I think while presented. Comments although again you have to look at it through the lens of. Where he's coming for a yes a lot going on I think with this tell you the truth there's there's what's going all of our ball and the lakers because that's a that's a big thing to. Los Angeles Lakers. And that's the thing going on with the league in the other coaches who are. Who were offended by the printing of this arc. An affinity for the fact that it's a story right now let you wake up pointy Steve Kerr is gonna is like Steve Kerr went all in on that and I'm glad I'd. Yeah it's just that OK see you get mad at ESPN because they shouldn't do this story. But they do this story and then it's one of the most read stories on their web site. The reality is for some reason Lamar ball does. Move the needle and other coaches have to come to terms when that. The reality is and it's a sad reality in my opinion because we're gonna hear from Steve Kerr I actually agree with Steve Kerr won. 100%. On this and I brand Denon it. During the show before about how I can't stand the way. Lavar ball is actually covered but the reality is and it's a sad one Matt. That they'll leave. The drama around the league is more compelling than the teams. And I actually think that's a problem. For the Indiana. The fact they won't which players are gonna go away air and who has a beef with another player Calgary LeBron and the beef and don't rant was for Ted beef and who's gonna leave it wears LeBron gonna go and Lavar ball's got to beef with Luke Walton and dilute Qualls a respected young coach. You've got all these things going on but the story lines. Are almost more compelling. Then the games were a night in night out or talk about who's injured and who's not playing and who doesn't care. And who plays half asked. You know you got all these issues night in night out. But outlook let's stop here in and go to Steve Curtis was on Monday before the warriors faced. The nuggets at oracle when he weighed in on what was going on the Luke and animal farm ball on the lakers. This is this is the world we live in now. You know I was singing about ESP NN and you know they've they've laid off. I don't know hundred people. How many people are there layoffs through last year. Both are well over a hundred many of whom were really talented. Journalist covering the NBA. And done so we you know and this is not an ESP NN. Judgment as a societal thing more than anything but some you know we're we're going is we're going away from covering the game and work. Getting closer to Jews and sensationalized. News and come sought even news really insist on complete nonsense but if you package that. The irrational nonsense with so much. Glitter and some ribbon could go to watch. So I've started to. People in the media this year as to why do you. Are you guys have to cover that guy and say well we don't want to. Nobody wants to let our our bosses tolls we have to because the ratings because of the leadership so so more I guess this in Lithuania. We'll tar balls lashing. All of us. People are eating out of his hands for no apparent reason other than he's become like the Kardashian of the NBA or something and then that sells. It does sell a lot to chew on there from Steve Kirk when he says media members don't want cover it I don't necessarily buy that. Because I think it's easy for media members today to cover that in it's easy for them to boost their own standing. Just based on the fact that a couple of paragraphs and a video from a Lavar ball. Strom. Is it's going to get red it's going to get talked about. I think I actually think reporters enjoy it because it makes their job easier and it's easier tech. Get a bunch of clicks and read tweets about some the Lavar ball said than it is to actually break down why the lakers stink. And would continue to focus on the cover a lot comedy for a lot of losing teams a minute you know it's tough to cut it to continue to come up with things talk about a losing teams absolutely. Here's the reason I'm gonna disagree it's because and you know why disagree with but it's a good I disagree with that reporters like this and maybe it's changed may be. There's pressure. On them on the writers to get clicks to get readers. You know when when when the old media work for a newspaper. Reported the story in the newspapers sold subscriptions. So maybe it's changed in that. Individual media wants to beat other individual media essentially but I can tell you this if I wouldn't like it because. I'd always be afraid. Then I'd miss LaMarr ball. Or that some other rider would catch him on the way out of the arena. And Lavar ball says something provocative. And now you get a coffee rear Boston's he should hardball said to this other paper but this other outlet and you say now well you said. He said he. The lakers shoot higher fees they'll tomorrow. And then I say it will you know he was gone as well. I don't I was talking to Julius Randall about why he scored exactly exactly not once you're only. Where are you then where are you I don't and you don't the other thing is I think it's easy to say who cares what Lamar ball thinks. He's picked his father he is close to Lavar ball as anybody and you know what I noticed 1012 years they always say. Players have posh these young players have guys fives here guys who hang around them what I really do believe 1015 years ago. Those people around the athletes began to get. I've become sources. And and let's just say a guy has a couple boys all the boy he's. Would talk to the media and say yes and yeah Carmelo is. I'll be happy fun. And then what you don't want the head and I'm not making light of it if you're Carmelo is best friend you probably know Carmelo is happy or not. So Carmel unhappy is best friend tells you that what you're not supposed to report it. Well you can make a case no you're not supposed to reported but that's not the way it is anymore. Well and don't watch and then the game last night if they were talking about it DSP and Dana it's with Houston and Phoenix the late game. The warriors were the early game of panel that that was blacked out here locally. Mark Jackson was talking about it Mark Jackson he actually added did you know he thought hey look what he's story of our balls absolutely stood in the way the way Mark Jackson actually put it. Was. He's actually got a source. When he's not a good about things are going on Mark Jackson was almost saying you better pay attention to it because. We know he's got a source how often are things written where it's sources say that you don't know who the source this you know all of our all of these sock and has a source locker room because his son's plan of the damn team right right. And even if the thing about this for many JD even if Alonso has no problem with fluke. He knows if players on the team do. And why may just come home after game the same and guys I mean we didn't play well then I just seems like guys aren't respond in the Luke. I'm I'm a little lost on child well okay there this guys are respond in the loop there's your big headline. I don't I don't sit on a strong opinion about because I find it fascinating I don't know the answer though I really don't know the answer. Here's the other thing I was thinking JD you know this you've been oracle and boy I'll set the stage here after games over. As the arena files out becomes empty there's always a section. That's reserved and the friends and the family of the visiting players they come and meet in the players come out of the shower. Go back on the court and say hi to their cousins or their friends who happen to be and that hang around. Well I tell you why. Reporter and you just walk in there I mean you could talk to any mom. You wanna hear it already did not anyone but if anyone is they are you talk to end the guy's best friend that guy's mom dad cousin so. You wanna start doing net I don't I don't know is it fair game I don't. Well it's fair game if he had access to the area and then you're eight and I I think that's the bottom line is actually the lakers have wrote that off now well area and I even for meat and it's interesting I mean even the warriors. To steal full disclosure in the more recent change their post game dynamic as far as where they bring the curtain now. It's more you can get into the locker room the media actually asked to stand farther away in waiting usually young you know that four corner. Basically where you go locker room one way. You've got the family room one way you've got the court one way you've got the media work room. The DL back behind yet if you will for stand and at that way they've actually. Changed. The media access right after the game. As far as that four corners where you're not as close to the players leaving the court you're not as close to the family members that may be standing in that hallway. That are waiting let's say for players stick to come out they they they can keep you back in and they like in the press conference room once that's. Sort of cleared out a little bit and you gotta you gotta push straight through if you wanna go to the other Lockerbie got to go through all of if you wanna go to the visiting library and which is on the other side dead behind that that other basket but it's interesting and I and it and I I don't know the specifics but yell it. When things start happen and then people start getting asked things are pulled aside any teams that are forced to make changes yeah I think you're right and like I said normally shoot a video some that they you know all right what do you deal on this is intrusive this is not to nod for that. Yeah exactly and yet another just aspect to this and I'll throw out Reggie Miller the other night was. Broadcasts in the game and he basically said hey Magic Johnson. Pastor come out. And say enough is enough to Lavar ball either. Meet with a guy and say listen keep your mouth shut or will will start looking to move Alonso. And Reggie Miller says he's got to do that and he's he's thinking was well Steve Kirsch stuck up for Luke Walton Rick Carlisle stuck up for. Luke Walton even Stan Van Gundy did but magic Johnson's been silent. As he's criticizing him and I was actually thinking. I think they're staying silent for a specific. Reason. And the reason they're say staying silent is because they don't wanna give this guy any credibility. And the problem. That everybody she's with with low bar ball is that everybody does react to him. And that if Magic Johnson told Lavar ball. Carted out manned or Lavar our egos the media says LaBarge got to cut it out now the sun that's the newest thing that's the newest. Package of Lamar ball news we'll just want. If pull into and magic Johnson and don't even acknowledge it. Well aren't they kind of doing. What everybody wants them to do which is which is hurting themselves away from the hardball in just ignore and that's what. The old school once people to do about Lamar ball. 888957. I size 70 AAA 957957. Know Scott. Joins this year on 9570 games got here on NBA this week. And round and don't break. Outlook are. In that. Number and I don't have agreed with Britain but how do you coach who he. Although a couple of days. While ago when he's doing and you called because I don't want Chris Gundy the American back. I'm concoct an uncommon common grade. Mom there would be none but we don't want Lamar and I think that they're basically stuck in this crooked contrast if my opinion. But Barton could 270 pound Coke on the people are a couple of new. So you didn't he did an error he couldn't go out and told them I'm crazy idea Craig. Include. Well you know what are. I don't know if you can't put your probably won't get what you should get just for Alonso the player. I mean you know could include I don't think anybody wants to deal with the external. It until it. Kurt and I. You know when people can't talk about good point because they don't know what got broken the code name and that being incompetent totally out crowd of pocket when you don't become. Thanks god. Yes. You're growing askew if let's just say. I always think that. Front offices in and it coaches are ahead of what we know so hypothetically magic Johnson and rob bowling game said to each other. Let's move this. Yeah I think there that aren't yet why don't either but if and when they do come to it on now with fury another team. You want Alonso ball. Do you I might not garden state we don't know why they had or I don't want levoir ball well these it's too bad now that's too bad and I don't want wants the ball. Let's just say. I tell you I don't want them for the player that he spends so far now if he becomes. Jason Kidd junior at some point then maybe that's a game changing our I would love to have Alonso ball in my team because I think I love players with an upside that you don't know about. And yes it is risky because he made that he might not be Jason Kidd but. For example. If they get to the point. One want the warriors take Alonso ball for. Jordan bell and come on Lou the yes do you think they work you do and you are isolated that I wonder. I wonder if they do. And that is just an Allen you want of course but that's the low bar ball. Factor if it if you have something that you believe then why in the war and see that's the problem with Alonso. He is a path sir. Okay he's he can fit on any team. Because of the way he plays. Why is daddy is such a horse is behind. He's not being valued like he should be valued as applying year. Because you've got to take his dad within Alonso ball as a player and only a player off a camp all of take him any day of the week. Rudy and Piedmont is next on 957 game hey Rudy. Failure at Stewart armed cops on it and I'm in the talk about all of our Paula thank you know I think is really overblown. I don't know there's really a bunch of coaches and executives. Wanting NFL power it because they don't have it and they keep control it. We're not gonna want her way into trading bombs so let's just not gonna happen. That's why I'm so happy magic has been over reacted to and they are saying is happy the raiders got Jon Gruden between now and so too. That's a lot of and other NBA this week and in this week tomorrow and a nice life free. I don't there was one thing Carlyle said that I completely didn't agree with because he started he suggests that Rick Carlisle suggested. Now even suggest she said it this is the way should be the way it should be is that we have a relationship. With ESPN. The NBA in the coaches. We give them access we allow them to interview us door and the gates we allow ESPN to sit down with us. Before the games and let them know what's up. Carlyle said because of that relationship. You should not. You brightened what you're writing about Lamar ball. That part I disagree with the now what I do think. Is. Carlyle. And van Gundy have the raw heat to say we know what we are participating anymore. And I wouldn't agree with that full I wouldn't agree wit that tactic or tact. I would understand it is you follow essay in there. So yeah that that's kind of Broncos a lot of different. Angles to this. No there is any other angles to it is we qualms future with the team. Because this team that lost nine consecutive games now they've won three in a row they're playing in Dallas right now. But you look at the fact the lakers didn't come out and and say anything in support our. Luke Walton at Jeanie buss the CEO. And co owner of the lakers she tweed it just within the last hour a picture of her. And polling and Luke Walton I had added dinner table. And she says on my way to Memphis for a lakers game dinner with rob and Luke tomorrow night. Barbecue. Hash tag in the loop qui try. Term the first time there's been a moment I was waiting for the but Luke is not accompanying us. Because she because she's in part he's no longer current I'd like like exactly like another out here locally. Yet. Some people think magic keeping quiet could be interpreted the way they do you just described. That they're not sold on Luke Walton northern not. A 100% supporting Luke Walton I would be shocked. If Luke Walton gets fired this year during the season earnings and at the end deceit yes another season. I don't know I mean I Thursday night when I notice kind of fair game at the end of the season if you if they think they need to fire him fire but in the season I don't see it I don't see David Fiske Dale's name popped up. Because how weak how. We quit the lakers management look if they did fire. Luke Walton right now so that's the thing what I can look like boulevards college Schott as and think about this you know I love think about hypotheticals. If you were ready to pull the string on Luke Walton. What do they were actually think in this guy he's not the guy we're under achieving and now they can't do exactly what look like be organic cereal bar ball yes. Yes is it. It's not outside the realm of possibility. Might be a little long shot putter outside the realm of possibility. Well Jeanie buss voter confidence. Dinner with polling and that's nice looks like maybe Blake is having a beer. ABC news channel wine so they're going to Memphis that's who they're playing after what do that finally played Dallas got shirt a plain Dallas catcher you know I. Brought this up with bon Temps it was just kind of on the spur of the moment. Think about the DM VP. And she's still saying it's LeBron James and I respect Tim's opinion but what I would say is I think there's a lot of people that would not. Vote for LeBron James because Cleveland's that haven't Goodyear. Would you agree with that yes OK so finally he. It's tough to find a number one that's a hard time out and indeed number one meets true for that reason meats do so now we get to. Well co why he's been hurt so he can't be it. And it's a combo live on third above 500 outfit so how valuable can he be. What about Harden Harden been hurt when about curry look really been hurt so I think we are looking yet. Jimmy Butler. Getting into the top. Three getting into the discussion I think DeMar DeRozan is gonna get into the discussion. And what I also think this opens up is. Rants now got a chance at the MVP. Because he's been healthiest of the warriors but I. If I had to vote right now for the MVP. I don't think I'd vote for LeBron James number one. I couldn't do there I could need and how would I vote for James Harden. I'd probably would yes I probably would I'd still go James Harden. He hasn't missed enough games yet for it to be overly significant I can come back and play the last forty or whatever I tell you I did a little research on the MVP. On fewest game pull games played by MVP winners I tell you now boy got. Yes so curry what you missed fifteen already out so that means the most he can play 67. Well there hasn't been a player to win an MVP. Which sixty with fewer than 67. Games. Since Bill Walton did it 197778. Every MVP. I played over seventy games the two lowest. Totals for games played in their MVP years was Alan Iverson the year he wanted he played 71. And then Bill Walton played 58. Games in 7778. And was the MVP everybody else everybody else is above 71. And most of them. Our 78. Or higher. So. If curry wins the MVP this year it will be an not an anomaly in the sense that he'll win it was very. With fewer games than almost any other MVP in history. John Dickerson Matt Stein makes India this week Iraq and an up bomb on a Saturday on 9570. Game. Blazers were something like fifty and eight that year when Walton play wow. Pull out get it done. That's almost two warriors record that'll get it done that is almost I like a warriors record that a couple of things we didn't it sure. The officials so we can get to this that these players in this officials. Are scheduled to meet. Trying to set up a meeting at the all star game in Los Angeles that's coming up about a month away. They now a lot of conversation train my green blasted the officials so what last week after the clippers game. Chris Paul had some comments this week after he got into a technical foul I believe from Scott Foster who's a warrior fan favorite. I just but then certainly wrath or if it's your breath that. Certain fan base likes the well there's some that they don't like more than others that's tomorrow that's the way it was funny I asked Steve Kerr. This was an eternity doesn't sixteen playoffs when they were and maybe they are frustrated with Scott Foster some thought and I I kinda had Steve croft sinus said. It's just your history or does every team just have a guy is just seems to me like every team has a guy or it's like for whatever reason you just. Can't handle before than you think our guys just. Whatever for whatever reason or he's kinda guy and he goes yeah he's like he had pretty much every team I've been a week there's been that guy. Now what would the bulls are spurs are now whoever. When the war guns problem with some warrior fans is they have a list of about twelve officials. That they think are out to Adam. Ed Malloy certainly is out to get them right playoffs falsely Scott Foster number one people and even like money McCutcheon. My thought was a don't get a fish I mean most believed him to be the best official mall leaned. I what do you think he took the head job do you think. But I got a huge pay raise but she's still relatively young yeah quite surprising taking him from the officiating crew. Make sure worship as an officiating group. I and raping and appear are coming up the top of the hour it's gonna be urban and colts DSL Heidi from noon until Ole. 3 o'clock colts' league debut. We got Matt cold ski debuted today we do on the we get to. That. One to close out the show with some one of my favorite guys in the NBA it's Michael Malone. Oh god school. The head coach of the Denver Nuggets nuggets bit up and down and every maybe 1015 games Malone just in a post game he'll just. They're just go win honesty these candid he's honest he's blunt these to the point eight. The nuggets see in that playoff mix at the bottom of the western race they lost. At Sacramento last week and then make chase that game winning home loss. To the Atlanta Hawks just about as bad as he gets here's Michael Malone post game. Amongst other things broad overall message was from youthful and watch what. Western village. He's got to move us. Actually those people who are level words we all know if you really won't be a playoff team director Laura the young player who does Richard Jefferson Paul knows that makes. They know what the way we played tonight united close to getting into the playoff team so. Today gal and they respond that actually responded Manning get down 2048 to Memphis last night at home. They came back in May they won't and I think Maine's grind today game that Michael Malone. Probably the most honest. Head coach in the NBA. He's up there by the way. My guy Mason plot played pretty well against the warriors didn't think he's pretty good he's not. Cannot think he's pretty good they were driven by premier Ernie sent a Stevens creek for the best deals visitor winning team and the south bank. Premier Nissan of Stevens creek on minor premier Nissan of Stevens creek. Dot com wanna say get everybody. For participating in the program for Paul Jones and Tim bon Temps. Of the Washington Post him more to voice the worries you ten coming up at 4 o'clock he's got the call warriors and raptors. At 430 for Wes mills for RC Davis. While formats Imus on John tickets and urban and colts keep coming up next keep it locked right here. On 957. Again.