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Saturday, January 13th

John Dickinson and Matt Steinmetz talk to Paul Jones about the Toronto Raptors, play Up and Down, and then talk to Tim Bontemps about all things around the NBA.


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God he might outplay the playoffs but they are holding out hope that he might be able to know what kind of condition Gordon Hayward would be in come the post season I don't know. By. Got to allow for that possibility that Hayward might come back that the Celtics are set out to be really good next year with Heyward coming back and let's say if they add one more piece that's a team that I think it really contend. In the 20182019. Season are you're listening to teach GMC FAA and NHT one San Francisco. 95 cent in the game this is the NBA this week it's John Dickinson amassed diamonds were brought to you by American Express. Proud partner of the Golden State Warriors oaks card club played Smart play at jokes were driven by premier Nissan and Stevens creek. We'd make it easy. Online at premier Nissan Stephens creek dot com we hope to speak with Paul Jones rafters announcer coming up in a few minutes. It's. What the reasons I enjoy working with JD is we can go and any different direction I won't necessarily ever catch you by surprise. Somebody jumped to. Last night's game before hopefully Paul gives a call. What we haven't talked about in the Milwaukee warriors game was a game within a game between Durant and and that the combo. Because I think it was a parent don't you that that there was at the rant. Was a little bit different last night and I think it's because aunt at the pump below is a similar type player in terms of size. And coming into the league. As a player very young age you. Everybody agrees is pretty good. In other words our current total personally. Eight dimming the differences. He honest is younger and and really doesn't have a fully developed. Offensive game and isn't the shooter and the score yelled he's a scorer right but he doesn't on athletics is ever really knows in a basket. More than he does knock it down outside shots I think that's the the last piece. No he he's gonna continue to grow into his athletic schism which. Will make him an even bigger freak of a play Herron in a good faith that he already is obviously with the nickname freak freak by. Hill I mean he starts shoot nick. It's game over the Internet you well yeah I deal I don't I don't think it's impossible. Forged just turned 23. That's getting him and he turned 23 December so he's a young 23 Iraqis Tony three about a month. And what does he look like a 26 that's three years away any still wouldn't even be in his prime I think there's a chance he could. His body the best player in the league in five years. It's possible absolutely you know he could end up at the end when every 6117. Feet with a body. Similar to LeBron James it almost feels like they're Kevin Durant seven feet you could look at in his rookie year and say you know he's never gonna put on a lot of weight. Never pot on the way you look at X the cult following you're like man he's got. Room to. To grow literally. And I'm talking about in terms of strength. He's a very interest in player we see a lot of players in the NBA. Improved their shooting over the course of their career would like to remind Greenberg's court these are hungrier better three point shooter now but he was when he came in Italy absolutely horse. So. He is gonna get better and that she I think it's twofold. He needs to get his jump shot better. Then the second party is assimilating. The jump shot. Perfectly into his game so that he doesn't give up all the other things that he's just. Phenomenal at. And that's that's how you become I think a great player not just get a jump shot. Not just don't not to you know. Cousins I think he's a little like this okay cousins shoot some three's now. Okay but it does it really. I don't fit in with his overall game does the fact that he's knocking down threes make him a better post up player. Or better driver. Than they need good. If a big way I don't know the greatest players incorporated all kind of seamlessly. Mean any other says Anthony Davis and work grocery Porsche will listen anybody can take 43 pointers a game just. Just to be able to shoot three pointers to key is to integrate that part of your game. To your game. So that it actually makes the other part to your game better. Yeah I think he honest is gonna get better. I really I mean I agree and to go back to your original point and question. About to rant against the honest I do you think to rant. I need to hear a lot about the links and the defense and the athletic schism of Ghana us. And I think in some of those head to head matchups to rant to Grant Woods. He was hell bent on making sure that everybody knew that he could score on yachts that he could that they did is greatest Yana CA is. Durant is in his crime. Finals MVP level playing great basketball. And yet one gonna be easy but he was gonna make it look easy easy easy possibly could. And he really he owned that match up last night I don't expect from a better. I thought he did two and then a look at the box score I see into the compost ten for nineteen he finishes of 23. I was a minus fifteen which I wanna get to preserve something very interesting. That happened in that game last night the my first thought was you know one who knows. May be three years from now four years from now. The warriors will be kind of at the end of their run. Milwaukee he'll be there. It'll be game six or seven and two to come bowl dribbled the length from the court. Derail pick him up there to the couple stick three. In his face. And after the game and to the couple would be will be like you know I feel like Kevin Durant. Pass the torch to me just like the Rand said LeBron passed the torch to him kind of after three and made that big shot as I mean that importers say it is. I'm agreeing with you that's the kind of player he could become. I think he could be a player that is almost a combination and it may be not as good as I there. But a combination of Durant and LeBron James. He has things that remind me of bowl yeah. I think that's a fair statement I think that's a fair state buddies got executed better and and the problem is you never and we're saying and possibility. Of getting there. Possibility. Pilots so. Speak what Paul Jones raptors announcer he joins us here and I if I said in the game warriors and raptors. It's our pleasure to grab a couple of minutes with Paul Paul thanks for coming on the program we really appreciate it. Matt JD is good to be honest you guys plan. Yeah died ten. Obviously no Kyle Lowry tonight for the raptors this scary injury earlier in the week I'd just to kind of give everybody out here on the West Coast an update on. What's going on among Larry I know Matt and I were both watching that when it happened and thought boy that could be really really bad but it turned out not to be quite as bad. Well yeah I mean he's seen the double play that way I mean fewer choose now seems in the schoolyard each each he's one of those guys you'd pick on your team. And I mean he is a guy who's listed at six feet average and six rebounds but it ain't. And you'll going there he'll go into the fight he's he's not afraid big he was incompetent or without Couric hard fallen back. Obviously the biggest issue right now believe that this just missed badly. Of the muscles and he's doing basketball activity during Q you told us yesterday at practice but where we don't know. One in his return by being so. Problems it it'll be too bad because I know the raptors were involved everybody in the fall today against the warriors were rescued in the NBA. You know I a chance for trauma to kind of try out in the system they're they're playing differently this year followed it seems to be. You know the talk around the lead the words out of their claim differently and what better team protected against from the champs. How they played differently pol. What the last couple of years they blocked the Cleveland in in the conference finals the conference semi. And they were outscored the massively from the three point line going into the final geez what they were swept cluster going indicating war. They hadn't seen a number of field goals made its Cleveland and they are getting outscored by 84 point edge. Cleveland was making threes and Charles make teachers. And the fighting jury came out in June but we're gonna have a culture we check here and play differently the three ball become prevalent in the NBA who can the best team that's what they're doing. Copycat league even think about but you basically tripled and play differently and the raptors last year while being in the top half of the league in three point percentage. War in the bottom third. In the twenty can termed it makes and attempts. This year they're in the top ten inmates in the camps there and probably the bottom first in terms of percentage. By. Bit got more weapons they've got more guys shooting the three they're they're moving the ball better. It is as you noted I look at the warriors who are number one and what we call secondary to the hockey changed. To almost 27 last year bush picks this year. God there are more guys that are threats and weapons. And that makes it easier. On Lowery Derosa nailed they are looking at seeing pictures of the defense a regular basis because look quite like so ball so. That's the type I'd that's the way they're playing him and you know they tested it out they get a big win over Cleveland. Com and you know Cleveland still find themselves I believe them even though our opportunity here but for the good checks for the raptors tonight. Paul Jones our guest here on 95 semi gay raptors announcer is it's the warriors and rafter coming up later this afternoon. In Toronto. Always it when I look at the raptors ignorant man I've kind of noticed the things he you've laid out there and just how different it is what they feel that this ceiling is for this team because they look like it team may be. Prime did take a step back this season but that hasn't been the case there they're on the same level maybe even a little bit better in certain ways. What's their ultimate goal and in game for this year. I've got to believe that get to the conference final or about the conference final or to the NBA final and it's going to be tough in the sense that. They're depending on a lot of young guys from the looks great right now the young guys are playing well but it is a regular season. The hope is that they can continue that over the course of his mother rest of the regular sheet and in the playoffs. What limited experience that they're they're they are you know trying out this new style guides you and I can look it. It may be going better than they fought because when they're trying to Rosen and they re signed last year and we can't allow Reebok this year. What challenge shooters in the cold all those contracts expire at the same time. So you're looking at basically another. Two years activists like a three year window including this year and in the meantime you've got. Fred then bleed Oceana nobody don't want right Norman Powell our docket fertile pat Kelsey Huckabee got six or seven young guys. As a new core. Ready sure that things not work out the way they're going now. So. He held I believe the Indian news. Look we got three years to win let's see if we can build respect properly. If not we got a bunch of young guys ready to keep us moving toward in each you're you're kind of doing what cost to do not JD you're winning and developing at the same time. Only good teams do that I mean the warriors do that would be fine you know. I'd like to me he's gone now but Ian Clark or a Patrick were cut short belch. A guy that people always turn on the go when they hit the are they were. We're good guys come from well. When you're winning team and you find the kid who fit your system. And you give them a limited role and played well nick. Pace slowly start to expand according given more responsibility. You get what you get in in guys like that and and the raptors have done that would go on right garment how tried Bentley and you know San Antonio's been premature that for years and matched that's how you win and develop which is very hard to do. Paul what I think a great environments in the NBA I do think of ORACLE Arena. I think a Madison Square Garden of course I think Portland's got a little bit of magic are also throw Toronto win there are in terms of atmosphere. A big game this the raptors are on pace to win about sixty games this year and they're playing in. The warriors who won two titles in the last three years I mean how did game is this in Toronto tonight. It'll be it'll be a big game and then what makes it even have a little more spice to the guys it's Saturday night and Saturday night in Toronto. Especially your ten different areas usually reserved for hockey. And and blow literally. It's called Hockey Night in Canada Saturday. And the fact that it's the rafters taking over the building and the yen and the warriors. The champs coming to town this. There's a lot of Jews on this game tonight there are a lot of people really really get stuck about this thing. Sweet. Sweet. Hey hi this is this is my big question for your Paul because when the war when the raptors came in early in the year. Wasn't. I should've been more up on them and I looked at their bench and I realized. I don't know how to pronouncing these guys names. And so I'd like to go up and down yeah I'd like to go up and down their roster you tell me if I'm I'd say in their names right. No Vieira. Yeah ballot issue this. How vocal. Remarkable Gloria. OK I'm three for three. Us us sea off. Yeah. No we. You're suite of sensors there all the race so far. And then there's the guy mr. when you just said maybe one of the hardest don't. Hurdle even though there's no all our. He doctoring the raptors have seven. International players I think then the raptors in Utah have the most. The highest number of international players on the American there. And their lineup on the roster so yeah it's it's a veritable United Nations but and then you're you're you're cried for broadcasting job number. I U I I I thought I was shooting for about 75%. But a hundred. I'm I didn't cheat a little looking at the pronunciation guide me decorating firm I'm not that well I'd sit there for a reason right at all but after. Paul takes a lot and we really appreciate the time mobile will talk begin down the line great stuff by an enjoyed again. There aren't Paul Jones raptors announcer now a big big night Saturday night that's it it. It's gonna be cool no funny thing is people might not remember this but Tim McGraw I. Substituted. The first time the warriors played the raptors. In Oakland and I thought boy wanna. What a hose job he got because. Seriously the names on this roster unbelievable. No reason I knew malls because I've now heard him half the season both in the rafters gave me you're the first well. I can tell you how many we heard these players while the reason you murder them throughout yeah because he played well exactly right. And to the tune of where you look at Iraq 12911. In in your right any tonight's gonna be the game it's gonna determine. Wasn't there on sixteen when pace halfway through the year not have to win it to maintain that pace otherwise there'd be looking at. 58. There halfway mark either way. A plane very good basketball all right John Dickinson that's diamonds in BA this week paroled on here and 95 cents and didn't. The week more CDS dot. NBA right now is at an all time. I. Stay safe stay. These people then. Courtesy of. Yours truly. Here in 9570 games John Dickerson Matt Stein Mets with you until noon. Get the warriors and the raptors coming out who's up who's now own a week yeah. Could ride yeah brutal I get I start out. On the upswing Minnesota Timberwolves. And Tom Thibodeau gets a lot of grief for playing as starters too many minutes. And by intense who we're gonna have on ten minutes Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post or should some that really just struck me last week and he said yeah we can talk about. Talk about it all you want but that's kind of the way it is it the way it's gonna be and and Minnesota players are starting to buy into it may be it will have effects down the line but that's kinda what they do it's what they're gonna deal and to. So that part of that I have taken out of the equation a little bit. Jimmy Butler obviously the best player on that team is starting to elevate his teammates it looks like Carl Anthony towns. Is get a little more engaged in the defensive end and as much as we criticize Thibodeau for being rigid. Nobody ever said he wasn't an excellent tactician. And this team is is this treacherous thing and it's looking like it's going to be a team that's gonna get home court in the first round. And there are going to be a fun team if they win the first track eight. The Minnesota when Minnesota eventually place San Antonio Houston of the warriors that's going to be a fun series assuming they win in the first. Round. Yeah I grew again I I'd. I can't go back and forth which which team I'd like to see Minnesota planet. Because I'd act I don't wanna see him win. And it feels like that would be a classic. Oklahoma City gets the 45. In Oklahoma City winds avoid it because they have the experience. And I it's almost that classic like well there's Oklahoma City. I'd dog bit through the regular season and here they are in the final four of the Western Conference with the West Coast version of caps dad and I just or not they. I was getting and I. And I don't know and I look at I still. I can't stand Oklahoma City I really can't like I don't think they can meaty enough but at the same time. They beat Houston. I am I did they might be able to be he says they beat everybody except the warriors they are right. I think they get beat Houston. I guess you get a first round would give both say they were like right now they're 72 and seven or seven day be used to and I think it probably could they could they beat Minnesota and a 45 absolutely make and I only did beat the spurs in the rap are the warriors because those teams right buttoned up. So but might bake it probably beat every other team score letters that I healthy they can beats it. I think yeah suggesting. Let's keep the movement up and down up to go on a positive. Fashion as well it's Boston Celtics. LO seven a robust and Celtics all the way up to thirty foreign and it. In 3410 points and a half game behind the warriors for home court advantage. Should the two teams meet. In the NBA finals now as much is under down on the tabs. Isolate the cast of the favoured he's just because. Boston is and hold what they deserve a lot of credit. Seven in a row and they've they've made another push wanna look like they were maybe. Fallen apart a little bit and I just I look at them and asked if just goes to show yet. Consistent effort. What consistent effort and caring about trying to win every game will be forty in the NBA and it ill put Shia. We see as glory years it'll put you cut above. And make the Celtics are there they've got the benefit of that and you just you look at some of these wins. In other beaten the sixers in London. They're beaten. They're beaten the timberwolves. They're beaten the rockets in this stretch are coming back from from big down like they did against the of the warriors. Impressive impressive stuff. From. The Boston Celtics they ran the cavs out all Isiah Thomas didn't play so the key guy give them a tip of the cap. To meet Boston has done the best job of incorporating the short term plan with a long term plan. And the long term plan doesn't impact negatively what they're trying to do in the short term and vice Versa. A they're gonna be good down the line. And there are good right now so Boston I think is a scary franchise to tell you the truth I really do. I do an optimistic when two in terms of who's up and it's the Charlotte hornets. And I'll tell you why. Three reasons one is they're five and five of the last ten. That's good for them to. I'm gonna give credit to Dwight Howard he's been playing better he really hats. And it it looks like he's. It looks like there's just a little bit more than he normally does. The third most important Steve Clifford we return to the sidelines he's been out for awhile suffer severe headaches. And it. You know as one of those things it was kind of Charlotte's version of Steve occur if you will and Steve Clifford back for Charlotte so. They're up I'm glad I'm glad for Steve Clifford because he's he's very good coach and from all accounts a very good guy. John take its announced I'm in Serbia this week and 957 against him bon Temps will join us coming up but in just. A couple of minutes is work. Roll on through up and down here on 95 set in the game and looking at a team that's down right there there's a couple that stand on Sacramento Kings are down. Are they haven't noticed Sacramento Kings are down and I can't I mean when that wasn't. Things go. Three and seven over ten games is that. Up or down well it's two and eight. In the last two and but they're they're all the way to the bottom of the Western Conference now. They're actually tied with Memphis strike as the lakers won three in a row all since thirteen and 28 the lakers beat Sacramento is is one of those three. So there yet they're down they actually. A week ago didn't and I eat they beat Denver. And then they chased Dallas they lost to San Antonio they lost to the lakers. And then they had oh home loss. To the clippers the clippers won an end and swept that nor cal back to back. After the Williams at 5830 in Sacramento about two kings have really struggled since action right before Christmas. And one of their few wins action they did get two wins since December 23. And the two wins were against the cavs and the nuggets. In Sacramento also gets to the better teams that they've been pretty awful. Otherwise and other than old dumbo Donna bitch. Who seems like I'm actually I'm up on him he's up he ain't bad the rest of their young players. Every night I look at them like it dumb a broken record on this but every night I look at them under the though Donna niche. And when their any games or win games it's because of veteran does some good cavs game. It was Vince Carter's 125 points. Doubt that they just exact oriental it was Willie Cawley star Zach Randolph sent a bunch it and I would even include Khalid Stein is probably had a Modano play player. And he's been okay. I I just I look at Dan and they're down and I actually think they have the potential to get. Really bad now that being said. As always is the case on this program any time I put the kings in down they get a win. The plane clippers this afternoon so let's just play the clippers student warriors for the last five warriors games are are the clippers for the last five clippers games have been two against the warriors. And two against the case including Tibet. There remains day in my who's down I know reality because. They're down they're four and twenty classes and a half before and 27 over the last 31 near Orlando Magic. Frank Vogel. Get the SoundBite ready to stay. Spank. Us. Eight and four they started this season JD the other 427 and a half game up bon. Hawks. For the worst record in the NBA at this point everybody in the west has been and it got the second worst record India. They're great for it's pretty amazing pretty amazing not really. I think what's more I think is a great format that maybe that's what I meant 84 pretty amazing. It. Yeah anybody else. Not so we talked about the Tim. Rules the time about the cell day and your boy. Your bull it was a little upset the other night. Zach the Denver coach I'm Mike Lowell Michael Malone community really audio that we appoint the audience that Africa talk about it. I was trying we'll talk delighted for later spoof I track buoyant a little bit later when he. He wasn't too happy when this team's plight a sustained Detroit's out because they're hanging in there without Reggie Jackson. There's still in sixth place four games over 500 I thought they might collapse. Without Reggie Jackson but they're hang an you know. My students. Iranian and there. Point two NET look if they if they won 45 games that's a that's a good year for them and Alex are on pace to win 4445 maybe even wool but more if Reggie Jackson can come back and and be a factor for then I let's get to a halfway through here on a Saturday in India this week and any facet of the game were driven by premier Nissan Stephens creek. For the best deals visit your winning team in the south bay premier Nissan. Of Stevens creek. Dot com joining us on the program now Tim bon Temps up of the Washington Post as say he joins us each and every week Tim what's going nobody. Sorry it. Sort of well appreciate the time let's start with the warriors shot resupply and the raptors the raptors and cavs played this week. The rap through smoke the cavs. This is the kind of thing that's happened in the regular season before I know you wrote about this. Those two teams it just kind of where there rat. You pick this could be the year that that anything changes may be in the post season if they meet. I mean look I've been pretty consistent on Iraq regardless spot on just show that I don't think there's any is gonna change equipment in the clouds that era. You know they're gonna get to the Clausen turnout could be back in the final again but but that al-Qaeda the issue they won't they game. The image is now watching nick game. No despite the like Cairo despite the way. Became way you'll Suu Kyi as well let the court very different places that night but the really in the same place which is that. Barack and a crew put it really aren't don't acquire option may permit in an opposite ways for Cleveland. You look at CNET twenty night in defense and stop on the way they are. You would think that when they get in a while Serbian real trouble. It looked at Toronto 12 teams in the league I think it's been that are able offered to decrypt a lot of what it in the play a critical state. You would look at that and get aero finals contender while if you look over the last few years right what what you said Toronto order goes in the playoffs and point out. Particularly against Cleveland and gas so 1000 Jack it up a few levels and daughter bunny or plots so. I kind of expected to be similar to that point you'd think that Toronto team is probably in my opinion the second best in Easton. Right Greg legit. You know to even make a conference finals and they can avoid playing Cleveland and the second row which I think really is going to be the key global auto bosses like that once. I you know we'll see if they can if they can be different but that that's kind of what everybody in the league is wait order to get in a while to see you know K quickly get back to what they were. Is this trial team finally differed on the one minute struggles so often in in April may June in the past. And bonds and joining us with GBL the official sound of the game. And bon Temps in the Washington Post hate him more about what we are halfway through the season and a huge awards guy but I think DM VP now is getting quite interesting. Because we there a couple of names that we really haven't heard but I think you've got to start talking about them. And I'm talking about Jimmy Butler and maybe DeMar DeRozan and as MVP candidates. Simply because. 813 injured excelling and beat there's. Others that coli injury Curry's missed games pardons miss games where are you that right now. In terms of of who you think's the most valuable player and maybe the top 234. I mean to me I think there are LeBron has got you were pretty much locked up and I know you look at the way to Cassel played lately guard that I could say that but there's stolen base to win fifty games. Our little over that even with the recent couple that had. And what LeBron aids is still playing at an exceptionally Iowa or Edwards I think in order to look at energy deal right he'd do to get that fit and the key. I should've won twenty or should I teach at one between eleven when Derrick Rose one. He's been right and makes a couple years and I thought hard knee injury in particular really. Got to submit their. It because you know that was the real chowder to imminent in the first straw poll they were far away. The the top two guys and I thought our missing a month. When LeBron and we don't never deter a courtroom he's gonna to get LeBron I don't think they'd. Minnesota's got to win enough games in the lab if they finish for a bit in the last that's nice but it. Also kind of what they were expected to do. Autumn. It's getting beat them that they the second seed. In the last. I think there's a chance that he could be in the mix for the award on an want to march at an incredible season. For Toronto. On the news has taken another step forward which really is impressive means to me. Forehand sit for him to be able to win an award like that I think they have to win. At least sixty games. Mom and they get a 1 seed in the eastern Maine nobility and right now the 2911 on page two wind right about sixty games. But I think even now and I think it's gonna be hard for people. We're getting what I said that like it before the fact that he struggled in the playoffs in the past. I can't stop like that a mistake it people's minds and I think you become about 28 DeMar DeRozan Jimmy Butler why James battled pretty NDP. And even equipment to record is altered it in wind and sixty got so they don't crowd got out of the back. Tim I'll play a piece audio here from from Chiron flew up from earlier in the week he's talking about the cavs in in news. Agenda is there may be. Ronald Murray that it is okay. Well. Let's play it this set let's play this set it up for the listener guinier to so they can so they can understand what we're coming from god. You have. I met him obviously you're at the game but what's what's Tyrell and talking about as far as agendas he thinks. A new governor were fairly sure that the climate of realism from Doug complete non sequitur what was going got a kind of a throwaway question yet to distract copper and even later said that what each day. I think he talked about and lastly Indy. I'd like you know it was that he wanted to share the ball more offense and work harder on defense and winless in Cleveland. Quite a bride diamondrock I mean this is what they do every year there's trauma they you know need this article you'd want to cheer Egypt. In all the crimes teams have always had some kind of drama going on around and just gotten away Ali didn't. This year is no day parade and you know look I think they're very bored. They're all they're older team that knows that you have to get to the playoffs let me talk about before I think that a Golden State many ways are approaching the regular season the same way. But they're pretty Golden State has all our all our mortality but it what else. Whereas Cleveland has LeBron and a bunch of older cops in Apple's older guys got to take a night off. They're gonna look terrible right in that that's what happened I think a lot so. No I think when they get the blast they're gonna read an update be fine and I think right here January everybody's kind of stuck in the doldrums of the seat and mayor. They're trying to just model that way along by it. And you remember it was only three weeks ago that they came into oracle 11118 out of a so all I mean it before that they've warned. Five of their first twelve games and got blown out budget crunch channel I think when the game like it's it's got to kind of come in and out of focus during the regular season as they did try to get a major. I think this is the kind of stopped you kind of just have come to expect from this casting over the last couple here. Tim I gotta tell a look at each AD when you were saying that the warriors in Cleveland approach the year at the same time he was kinda gone. The end. I didn't think all of you guys are. They've that they've all they'd adult acute accommodate that we look pickles they get cut out. In the words to kind of you know hobby games they called group. I played OK perhaps a name. Blowouts in the third quarter. Even last night they're kind of hang around in Milwaukee for three quarters and interred on the fourth quarter and Africa's very able to turn it around for twelve minutes away game. Right where it couldn't care. If we elect screwed around for awhile and I played there are twenty to fake an awful lot of McCain acts. You know and state bank on that the other team comes back in and and beats. No way I look at it is. It other various points in the season where. Every team to some degree you'll say hey let's go it's time to go. Well if if anyone of the warriors for players says that or or just plays like that internally. Well that player has a chance to carry a team to a win over toward the two players have a chance to carry team to a win on a given night in Cleveland. It's only LeBron who can kind of decided that an impact the entire team. And she's the only one that kind of bring it to that next level so it's gonna happen less. Yeah I got to replace the same thing yeah I'll bet and that is why nobody via VP I mean could it be great if you Google product X apps. They are not a laughing at this point in my opinion. We are maybe they they slipping it back capital and then the clouds and he's somewhere but they're they'd have a lot of guys just don't really happen anymore. In all and and I think the fact that LeBron is an air make so many of those got better it would sum up to a lot of reliable and look like I said the rate twenty great defense. We only reiterate what I'd defense would you look at that he has just got to make the finals most likely. Then and the like a product that go to eat puts them at a place that maybe they should it be when you look at their estimate by. And by the way I look at it is. Until LeBron did speak for our seven times and east. I can't betting it can get it done. MI's obviously Toronto that the G league showcase going on knows this week though what what it what they takeaways. Ordered takeaways from that event year in year out. While just brought violate your listeners. It's that has been listed as probable side public is coming back but down. And as aren't there it is hard to showcase coast. Let let the NBA. Is every year tried to promote the GE. Of I don't think it's coincidence that they have did you eat chalky tournament to solve it right up at a Toronto the same week they have the raptors are bad rap displaced by the cap on Thursday in a word like Saturday and that they wanted to make this. Problem signature event and and looked at is every year goes by. And more and more teams have beauty teams down that security they're gonna get the 28 to wizards common and they don't just beat Denver which is what can they get it even in Portland that don't have achieved yet. Arm you I think you're gonna see. Do we really shipped to try to turn did did did you read into another revenue driver for that. From being here this week it sounds like they're gonna have been Julie child case in Vegas next year. Arm you know made probably in December you know maybe in January by one or the other arm kind of like a similar style to summer league. On paper televising the games and a BCD and I think yet the and you during the week. Arm down to deal with twitch now open that you need. So I I think you know we are easy and so we're talking all the site about you know addressing the wonder dog role with. What the NCAA right why do you think he'd do a nap because they wanna have. Higher profile players playing in this event so people care. I mean that they saw what they you know back to meet going to be the next week to stop I mean this is that this thing Demi Moore yeah put the significant but it studious. It's really the one time. Before the trade deadline when you add executives from every team here. Arm in one place so you can talk shop and talked trade they got third you know grabbing dinner and then. The only BA what three weeks until the trade deadline it did a good time to see what Orlando landed and figure out where discussions are different deals. I I. I think it a macro walked from from an overall like NBA standpoint what they view this event adds I think they want according to data on the road. You know something that they can point to insane like you know hey here's here's the spotlight and you know some of these guys you are seen every day that you know could be in the NBA dot I mean I think it the week. Get what they want it I think you're gonna see more more of an emphasis I've tried crumbled this weekend. They get people to tune into Oregon and. Tim appreciate the time man takes a lot. Are you gotta Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post joining us here. NBA this week on 957. Game you heard him mention that Stefan curry. And now so it's time for our countdown to curry brought to you by Marie and Volvo visit Volvo cars Maria nick dot com's Stefan curry. Missed the last two games due to these sprained right ankle. Probable for tonight's game late afternoon affair in Toronto out here on the West Coast curry missed eleven games with that injury. In December the warriors ten in three without curry overall. In the thirteen games he's missed. And again probably Stefan Perry tonight in the five games he returned to before missing the last two we averaged 35 points per game. In those contests countdown to curry brought to you by marina Volvo. Are you looking for new car tired of negotiating with the dealer Marines Volvo they are negotiation free they allow you to make your own deal he can even shop. From the comfort of your own home there express store shopper. Volvo cars marine dot com or stop by today and see how easy it can be. Damon was. My. I try to call they are two more can join us coming up in ten minutes here on 95 said do you live from Toronto. It's it'll be the warriors and raptors into Bryce got the call for thirty with a tip off for your warm up at 3 o'clock. Or Stephen Bruce and Kerry Keating have that for you in the end. Our very own Matt Stein Mets before you should wrap up so well. After the ball game here and 95 cents in the game. I was facing now a little tonight's tip off is at five though correct a 4430. Hit. It to 430 tip. Am I thought it was a five in this movie out. Little discrepancy let's nail it down really let's nail it down from listeners I think I thought it was 50 okay so now you might be right the schedule that I had had more than thirty the whole. All gonna be early than for work in a big way. Four I'm I'm shone forth thirty on the on. NBA dot com really camp. Let me look there. But in the meantime the news of the day is that staff Currie is probable. For tonight's ball game. So that's all he knew we have that we had absolute final confirmation. Did you finally see it is the final count from why why is it final just as our C seven. Our she can be wrong once and awhile our seed RC. And add I'm not answer for thirty. I'm hurt Garcia did bit RC admitted and I wanna make this like who's out who cares he's right or wrong we know I get it right that's all that matters is who's right who's wrong as far as I'm concerned. So I wanna marshy gets applause here you know mine you'll not know and that's not a hopeful everybody courts Garcia said five I said fourth third. I you know what are seeing. We should know. I should know very well I don't well he definitely I don't care tell Matt RC we didn't. So I guess I know that's now I was hoping JD had the picked calendar. Schedule and named other guys wrote in fact on the air you wanna open I was wrong about so yeah. That's fun. I was hoping you were wrong because. The earlier the game than the earlier the post game would end tonight right yeah a little later you have right bit there was never a there was never question in my mind it was hardly ever sworn I saw five at some point to all this might have been one of those Adam Correll leaked. Specials in terms of relish the the CNN financial plus on NBA player emails all time what I gotta tell listeners is. They can send these the guy. Who subscribe to when it comes to. Scheduling. What time games start. How team's. Schedules look in terms of difficulty in ease since I made a fundamental error right off the bad of going with a RC although I legitimately what Arce said five RC is one of them one no doubt one of the few guys were I thought oh aren't. I never write legitimately. And in fact I guarantee you when we have Tim Roye on. RC Dave's gonna say hey make sure you know. Took Boston 430 and Tim brought that point also on the kid and you have no kidding maybe you ought to take some cues from John Dickinson who knows when the starting times are. But curry coming back tonight which is. Makes tonight's game. A more compelling to me but I also think it's gonna be good for the warriors JD. And I said earlier in the show they're tough ballgame and there really are and this team doesn't ease back to backs as it as an excuse. But the reality is back to backs take they're tall and the fact that they're getting curly back tonight. I think gives them a hand your full reason to to be excited and also an emotional lift I think it's gonna give himself. Really looking forward to tonight's game. Yeah I mean he's if he's a fresh pair of legs I mean bottom line he's eased. One of the best players in the NBA and in he's got fresh legs and I were other players may not have fresh legs so he's a guided I think you look dude. To carry the load a little bit for this team and he'd be happy to do it and I think curry thrives. In it in environments like we've we've talk show now to a couple of our guests to Paul Jones and and Tim nonsense about scanned the atmosphere around Toronto. Balls a day in and this week and I think curry thrives in that atmosphere where there's a buzz in the building and I think. We seen that where he's had some big games there before. Yeah I'm. I'm very interested. In watching curry tonight because when he first played after missing eleven games he was spectacular. Absolutely spectacular no signs of brushed. No sign of ankle. Trouble. You looked every bit. Staff Currie as he did during his MVP years. I'm assuming we're gonna see that staff curry tonight which you know life. Want to ask you if you really think about it now or not but curry can't do it. But. He's set the bar so high. Four when he comes back. It's almost like anything short of a big game by curry tonight and people will be thinking who was he thinking this game was in favor I mean. Everybody's just gonna be locked on that right ankle and you don't want. I'm going to be honest I've been. I think we've all been downplaying the injury a little bit early push so because it's a sprained ankle bunt. Tonight's big game tonight is a big game because you wanna get you you wanna get through it. And then you wanna get through tomorrow morning anything get through tomorrow morning and Currie at lunchtime says ankle looks ankle feels great then it's over as far as I'm okay. And you know I see I think it's already over unless he re sprains it like I ever spray it that's what I don't. I mean again like ten I eat like he rolls it again might if he rolls it again and this is that I get this is just the difference between the waited too must have looked at Russ. Since Wednesday. I look at it as. And heat it really wasn't that big of a deal compared did the other sprained certainly compared to the spring he had an early December. It's just something more maybe he rolled it. There's a slight sprain in don't want to be careful Wednesday. And again my a couple of more days not claiming a back to back but he's fine he's coming back tonight he's fine that was the first ankle sprain was a three week. Ankle sprain this ankle sprain was it today ankle sprain he gets to. And it was it today eagle spring come off love. The three week ankles Trace it to me I I look at this I'm not a doctor and I have no inside information on it. But I look at this is. It extremely minor classic ideal I disagree winless C three injures it and I will see. My feeling is. He's already re injured so that's one and in 2011 and twelve that was the MO he she just couldn't get. Completely hell did he keep doing what he would keep doing it like the one in December. He would keep doing what it would look bad. It would look but sometimes. It just happening you didn't really notice. At least that's my memory line and again that was a that was a point where I mean I only covered the team. Told that. For one year I mean you obviously cover the team more when that was a regular thing I would only go last year before it got surgery let's boil it down your memory and that would be better than mine. Well let's just say in 201112. The big problem was he came back in fits and starts fits into our army and I eventually. Look we got a problem it's let's fix this what I'm saying is. If you choose to deal worry wart you could say he sprained his ankle he came back. He got hurt again so it's like got a fitness star. Now to get the heck is he gives you got to roll the ankle the next three or four games. That's pretty. I need this. You can hold your breath float on a little bit shady just a little bit that's OK I'm with ya on that but until it happens I'm I'm given the ankle are. Let's find the benefit of the doubt which again just. Since we're talking about. Our personalities in here it's different isn't a three a must mean I. I'm the biggest worry more I'm Lori about this at all RC gives me around for my money in that department. You'd be the least. You Italy's story you worrisome a modicum of all the three of the still on the show earlier form west more laid back yeah I guess you'd say. But you know most concerned about this injury. I am just because. That's not your nature generally so I was my name my glory. Don't worry here I. I mean on one level I mean this isn't the most important thing on planet earth I mean let's be honest. But I'm just I always. I always have a tendency to play things out in my own your mind and so. And you don't want it usually out if you took JD could pass a list people think you're pessimistic it's like now I'm not a pessimist I'm.