NBA This Week Hour Two 3-17

NBA This Week
Saturday, March 17th

John Dickinson and Matt Steinmetz look at who's up and who's down and then talk to Warriors assistant coach Mike Brown.


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Seven game KG and CN HT one San Francisco it's the NBA this week brought to you by American Express proud partner of the Golden State Warriors oaks card club. Play it Smart play at oaks we're also driven by premier Nissan of Stevens creek we make it easy online a premier Nissan a Stevens creek dot com before we get to. Jabar young let's get the line Owen Fremont on 957 game may Lional. Mourned element that is already. Yeah apparently you guys out in the clippers. The you know local home. The equipment at all he can be you know our equipment even make you think they're going to be you know fall. And you got the Palestinians who are different apple way I really think the word and a bag for explorer and local Y mean it's it's. Is that big question mark never know what an app like come back and I. There's going on there were quiet pop you know I be it in and well would go on on their gonna have it but overall you know. What are these. Went eighteen speak of the rocket's lawyers are skeptical pat. Orleans and and and Oki C which could be Cutler in the war attacked in that you want and they have. Oh really good they were first round polygamy or app because it. Are you guys that point out for Trout but there to populate their monopoly I'll be the first round unique look out for my now. Ball like we create that that it is real risky and met them you can't but basically he could let somebody else which. RB bet that they elegant but man this is you never know and I. Off topic I think if he's. Western Conference battle out ball so well together is taken away from their. NCAA tournament which is all about it being pretty being out in that is all it. And at an app in and you know. A rocket or what kind of what would've not been I don't want it right now but it felt that about mr. Clinton veteran. Art in net he has. I marketable. A line up. But a thought Carlyle takes a lot of appreciate the phone calls and ice Segway initially into our first guest on the program Jabbar young. Of the San Antonio express news he joins us here on 3570 game. A lot to get to from their previous collar but will stick with what the heck is going on with Cole while Leonard and the spurs what's the latest Jabari as far as. When he may return and the relationship between co Y and the organization thanks for. My comment. I you walkman. I mean is this really know and bolsters. Really say except for you know he's still want to physically try to get back on the court you know he has to do clear by has got this person which says he's gonna make another attempt. Very little what I know and you know money's there what do try to put that few games what a Gregg Popovich what he took it cleared. Besides that that's going to be the case then that you know that that's on Peter Lance because. They're almost appears as great congressman here were we put him until it is okay and what he told OK we're back control. Then you know I'll make it's that you will sit down what you wanna do what. You know it's clear that the spurs are not giving up coal because they I think deep down he really feel that hey if we get our Pratt are clear back. We can go toe to toe with anybody. Okay we can go told the told the warriors were. We will Marcus hall is playing in you know you're the fact squad cars on record will be able we go toe with anybody so. You know I think that that the thinking there because that's been not been guaranteed sanction you don't know what's gonna happen actually be collected got a shot. You taking and dispersed so likely have a shot. I think the start of all likely to them because. You know they won the last two games most would eventually got to what it right it's a quarter panel Monday the court they were as part of the gravity by local. Utility that took a little game apiece you have to do so by that point. They should be in much better position in the standing. If they get some so some help as well so and that's where I think if they can win you an extra game to think that it's a very good chance. Collide dust epochal McCorkle four you don't dispute and. To bar the one thing that that I keep. Asking myself when we talk about the San Antonio Spurs catches this is so once spurs like two to seem like they have an issue. But we don't even know if it's an issue how big of an issue it is but is there any scenario in which coal why Leonard. Gets let's say cleared by his guys and Popovich says you know what it's too late anyway so why don't you just continue to arrest or is that. A ridiculous notion. No it's not a ridiculous notion because if you look at it very proper little Lucas you know the other day you know because the same thing with some duck will be held him out of the play. Because he had a the issue I mean bit of the playoffs you're in a gallery you know even fight for position you're in it. And they got a lot of the Quayle so you know there at their history is that there are always gonna be cost you always want to. You know look at things that they OK how can we you know make sure that. His future is protected because they have an investment its future as well you know not Alberta and it probably all remember and bill. I let concrete yet they absolutely had to make sure that people take their best. So you know not greedy that they say you know what it's too late you know will be in a wolf fight for what we won't know who or anything we do win. Is that this one out you don't mean and at the possibility that he may think differently but at the same comic that civil court. Expect either attempting to do it lets you know that it's going to be some compromise there will Gregg Popovich got the looks so America you know what. This might be it. You know what I mean like that silica civil or is no guarantee that spurs gonna do what they did in 2013 and fourteen achieve. And that's what I know bite guarantee anything everything you mean look what apple will post all open. Nobody expected terror directed his two week great obstacle out of critical now because he got when he got and you know you'll try to be Smart. And make sure there's that healthy but. You elect a civil court expert still likely really really deep deep down inside feel that they have squandered on the court. Very much better team and he can go toe to toe with anybody it's Gretzky that piece that is playing to win their claim and economical for the Brazilian post coup. They are still one of the only opinion be old team on the go under a hundred courses either so. If they should be justly local water that report there all this is what it will likely go towards it would be so it's a shot that he doesn't play. That distracted their grip opposite scenario is too late but it also that small slight possibility that they say you know what Kabul that most distinguished Nikola. I Jabari did did Kauai Leonard wanna be shut down last year after game one Amin was was there are no chance. That he could play in in the rest of the warriors series or was there a part of Kauai that that was disappointed he was shut down. Now I wasn't he wasn't the support he couldn't play couldn't play physical does not as he couldn't put his ankle just was not going to cooperate at that point it was spring that we looked up eighty. That ankle the same ankle he injured and the accused is here so what happened in Golden State was that was is adding get a proper fight could go. I guess I just don't say it is with you know from afar we've heard so much positive about Cole while Leonard how he's a warrior how we just loves to play. It it just feels like for some reason. He's not out there on the court even though. It sounds like he's healthier close to healthy. Well how economy. Immunity. Quote help. Because it dispersed say he is right. It was a birthday he has with the team doctors cleared him buckle clinical wallet dot that they I'll. So what you gotta clean about this thing you'll need to go but then you go off but you are doc is so innately know we trust that you got in the paint property trust stock that you hire. Unum yeah it did I put it this is that's what that this agreement and the frustration comes because. They may say that you cleared to go because they feel like OK you know at this point is that our injuries just a pain management think clearly koala. It on another level stay away immediately pain management and also wanna make sure date I did backcourt is not awestruck he. Get worse and his stock is clearly saying he'll give the support that's acquired or higher you go to listen to the property that you ain't. Katy bar is although the opposite that you can edit bench is an M. Because again people you know I mean you're the best is that that's that's where that the frustration is that comes out. At that point whether it is not affecting their relationship. If it's a matter of eighteen there's your good. My docket and no and now the spurs are clearly saying you know what. With that he had not spoke eight. Jabar young from the San Antonio express news joining us here NBA this week John Dickinson Matt Stein Mets on 957 the game it's the warriors and spurs Monday night right here on the game. Yeah edge of Arnelle I don't hammer this and you do a great job explain in it and a and I get it but. If it feels like that's a serious issue you know what I mean immediate one that can linger past. Is he got to play this year is he not like I just got to believe Popovich. Is talking to his assistant coaches saying. Can you believe this guy's not. I. I'm wrong man nominated so I mean look at it like at that it is no doubt that it clearly forestry on behalf of the spurs came to defeat him. They didn't that they were low written that they were much better position a though they may be revamped thing. They know we got back multiple playing phenomenal okayed it when Al dart league yet they want Allen and Adam and bad sides of some of young bats and so. If I like B you know thought that pays. Quietly ended just this week or so but it just allows you to understand that the spurs are human we did not get. Corporate machine they have their own problems like everybody yields mean here about the problems but. Clearly now they have their old issues and if we it's an issue that everything don't do that enters orbit a before you before Oakland activity director. The new mobile oak oak all the typical to this very thing with Kara direct four and they decide it's up and down. An act of these suddenly in doubt go with them example would never really got Oklahoma that we got that. That plateaued at about that that when you go you gotta take is that what you can't. I'm not slot that that you know the spectacle while and that's come out and said hey you know I'm still trying to give the shot the affected greatly republic has not. That you know what would shut him out completely now we shall I had a quote that the spurs are still. Trying to hold out. And trying to make eagle to the very last minute that before they say you know what a modest estimate. You know to me like they just they're they're feeling like they can really really still it is sort of take it back in the bank and welcome that it so you can argue that Allen and others are. I don't think it is yeah. You know. Problem with the relationship you know I don't think is a problem with great operas like wild and vice Versa I don't think the problem a distinctive bit of problem that. But so I think this frustration not to say that. The franchise player agreed our MVP candidate let people. It's not a McCorkle form of you when you need him the smokes and that's because he can't go. Yes so that that may be answered my next question because the one thing I was gonna ask you is what. What percentage would you put on the following scenario. Co Y Leonard never plays another game for the spurs again. Comment. Won't put that added. You don't see MBA how they are free templates talk so it's yeah no it yeah and then. That's earlier Japanese loose to trade away a top five clear of that the probably argue about do we clear right now when you help Ian being. For unless they're getting back bar came to somebody like that you know the kid is due debt deal we do not what do you hear right. Our home and clearly the teams the spurs compete in the most money alcoholic kilometer. It is you know trying to get hot and you don't immunity isn't that BK I don't know but everything that I know. Is that like that says that extension going to have more than likely be offered quality and is probably would not now. Still he's done that at the U Monty is well probably build up Philippine would have liked that. And you go well he built gadgetry you gotta never got to pay your got a mark you are directly that the carpet so. But right now I can't see the case of this burden not. You know that you just can't do that when you at that point you do you sing a little doorway to net optics seven years is you're not guarantee. Ever give a clear track. Like requirement so they have the school was to just let that mobile. Jabari great stuff and we appreciate the time and now wool sock begin down the line takes a lot all right they care by Jabari young San Antonio express news next time it's grill and Jabari. I actually wide -- he's been on a few times he's great and have these really really good. You know he knows way more about the San Antonio situation that I do. He said it's not personal. That. And I guess I gotta believe them but it almost sounds like how can be personal pocket Popovich not be. Upset with a what's gone on both Woolsey. One team that's beaten the warriors a couple of times this year is up. There's an editing in the Eastern Conference has been down a lot won't get into it coming up also Mike Brown. Warriors assistant coach is gonna join us sat at 1045. NBA this week here in 95 cent in the game. And time of the week which CD and stunning. Use off the NBA right now it's at an all time high school. Whose job. Stay safe stay yeah this is feet up and down. Courtesy of yours truly. Trailblazers Iran. Epstein nets eleven in a row they are they beat the warriors twice during next street. An air 42 and 26 and architects the warriors for the two spot. But dare start to put a little bit of separation three in the loss column between themselves. In Oklahoma City who is currently fourth. Damien Willard has been an absolute monster I think he's in the top five in the MVP race are you the chance to meet even in the top three. It feels like Portland. Has. Has. Doesn't sound that you give up on four I was I was ready to start root against them. Even make the class they've they've turned the corner and if they go on to another level and I think it's mostly because of Willard you know you. You've talked about it other people talked about the comparison between Lil hurting curry and I know Willard doesn't like that but you know what he's the closest thing to curry in the NBA. Yeah and I the one thing that I've always wondered why I said at the beginning of this year and I I said it at the beginning of last year. I said and asked the question of could Damian Miller heavy career explosion. In the way Stefan curry had in 2014. And and you're right Willard doesn't like to compare since sticker remember Steve Kerr I think he he had fifteen inning game against a couple years ago and incur sits up like he's eaten. He was sitting curry right shots and Willard took effect nick or something to Willard that thinks. Hey I was what a playoff series before Stefan curry did any day right. IE hail as a rookie in LA in the league. So I I think carries is second year guy so I think Willard Scott that chip on his shoulder a curry surpassed him. But. I wondered if maybe the time it passed Willard die two point where he never was gonna have that jump we are seeing it right and I think we last year. I think we are really do and you know it just goes to show you and I'll take. Yeah you know this is this is kind of me. I was saying that you got to break that backcourt I think you gotta break that backcourt William Cohen and many don't have to bring that back court to cup. Because it. That that guards are the most important players in the league still right now. So little there is little birdies phenomenal I watched him play game against Miami and he gist. Every time portly needed a bucket he got animal block every single time weather was a thirty footer whether it was a driver whether you got to the line. I think Portland. Has taken a step up and and they're different team go with a team that. I think had them up about. 45 times they may leave to our leads in times. Built up the Tora October 2. Easier for a team that seemingly gets no respect what you the thin and on this show they don't seem to get respect yet we always mention them in this segment we'll go to think it's funny that. 34 weeks ago everybody's just trying to same all Toronto now or Toronto can win it. Toronto can get toward get to the finals let's just Cleveland stinks again is that the reason. I excel. I don't like is that Philip Cleveland when they made the hill trading at Clarkson again Nantes. They may illustrate to the deadline they played pretty well for a couple of denial is like all Cleveland look out. And I'll admit I got sucked into it. And now Cleveland's back since then I don't care about the fan it's it they really aren't that good I didn't. We Cleveland police not to make this about Cleveland has were trying to praised Iran publicly. Fourth any taste I know their game at a sixth. Well sorry to Toronto wall dog go back to Cleveland the only. The thing they're hanging their hat on right now all they have left right now is. Well where where without Kevin Love Kevin Love is gonna be the solidifying force. And if that's been listened. I never liked Kevin Love when he was in Minnesota. I wasn't crazy about him early in Cleveland. But right now it's obvious that team needs him in a big way and he's the second most important player on that team. But I don't know if that alone is gonna all of a sudden turn the cavs into contender contender for a title right now they're not. They're not good enough. And so they better get Kevin Love backward. I mean they could because they lose the watt could lead to a healthy Washington team in the first round. I don't know because I'm always that AG's. Washington's got their own issues Penske out of cells dot contacts line for a late Nat yet. Fake love for the raptors is with mr. given us faithful would give your rap I fatally I've been given a warm all year I. They impressed the heck out of me when they beat the rockets actually swept the rockets they beat the rockets in Houston Ali Chris Paul and playing the first game. Today 12 against the rockets and lost both games the warriors but I just. I'll let alone now. How would admit to correlate says they're the most respected team in NBA hitch perhaps. Perhaps I mean they they're win. They win they could was 63 gainers amid well yet though and sixty probably. Sixteen TS and 8585. Would get a sixty. But the one thing I will say about Toronto is when you haven't gotten all the way there. It's going to be tough to do it this year I think you wanna keep that team together for another year or so maybe add another piece. That's a dip bid or a team that. I mean you lost what two years ago they lost in the conference final Oakley was a different team Bryant take tweet did. And we thought they were taken a step back here in reality is they actually. Took a step for the Derrick they're a team now is probably more. I gather people better and it's not a word but it's probably right though it's more sustainable. And then it was even two years ago the way they've kind of re re orchestrated thing. And they seem to have something go with the second unit to the second unit's fairly younger more Afghan led India there. She got. Wolf mom taught jets are en Fuego already got enough how many go down look ahead I can go down on the that's okay. You how to jazz they want twentieth why do I like it when your positive. There were twenty of 22. They have a player who's gonna end up being. Significantly better than Gordon Hayward as it turns out pretty go where he's on as well you know. Why. Love your positive and I throw you a Rosie got there could be the defensive player of the year. Cobra is you know went. That well anyway this is that the thing about. The jazz it's different now is they have an explosive. Player that you are not used to seeing or jazz team. Beat Gordon Hayward to hackable player. But this guy's. This guy's different this guy has a chance to be a superstar. So anytime you have a player like that. You know you got shot especially down aligned so you talk. I'll start to think Utah's team the warriors would rather not face in the first round. I agree with that. I would definitely agree is that what you're sneaky and Antonio and Oakland is Antonio actually brings up. Something that ending is a really good point Antonio you're an I 57 game. You know you know mom I think the lawyer's dream playoff matchup scenario would be. You know if they used to market the board would be the spurt getting hates. And then you know collect on back in and are ours not to say to spare the rods was still wearing yeah when I received it in the seventh. And being a Paramount weren't amount. And then OKC important it's a 45 matchup in the winter I don't know what can happen well a lot of and they'll treat each other in the opposite the rockets. Political Wear them out slamming it or it wouldn't say OK see. Portland or disperse until they had a conference sparks they'll be injury scenario I think it will happen but that was I would prefer. Why staff and I think I tonight on Antonio I city alas IC a we don't know this might be the year we're getting a one seed is a curse. If you got to play San Antonio with Kauai and maybe their role of a little bit like we've literally do not know. And I CEO of I don't just not just exactly not just the bottom mode who the war no. Who's gonna play a sec ago. Around right I mentioned path a lot that really have to think given in terms of the top half of the bracket in the bottom half of the bracket you've got 1845. So if you're the wine and we were projecting the rockets is the one with. 95%. Of precincts reporting for her projecting the rockets one. We'll be got to look at that it who's going to be 88 and who's going to be the 45 because that your first two. If the warriors are gonna be the two year look at it we'll who's gonna be the three right now Portland. Who's going to be the two sad then or who's going to be the seven who's going to be the 36. As far as that bottom half of the bracket you'll get a right now it's Portland and the pelicans. Thank Portland would be the pelicans. And you look at the warriors right now would face Utah. Where. Antonio's point Houston would have San Antonio right now and then potentially Oklahoma City that. That would be a grind. There really that would be and two teams that I think that would believe that they can beat the rockets in a playoff series is Oklahoma City thinks they're far better. Then maybe they really are I gotta give the Memphis Grizzlies some laughter or some hey I don't know which one but Dave Dave then something that's. Incredibly difficult to do. And that is it lost nineteen consecutive games. The grizzlies are eight record fifty their eighteen if they source said. There were 74. So they are eleven and 46. There are eleven and 46 in their last 57 games and they could theoretically get the number one pick. And they're gonna have the best chance. Although the Phoenix Suns are right and there he writes that Phoenix Suns have lost seven in a row and play the warriors tonight. The Phoenix Suns are one game ahead. In the standings. Of the Memphis Grizzlies so you've got. 26. Games of losing streak right now between those two. I got another down. I watched this team play the other night they stink. The New York Knicks suck up they absolutely stink you know their best player is right now. Don't look do the best players trying to the next day. Be easily suspect Michael freaky and Beasley. Are you kidding me. Another player who else stinks now he's played a lot moody day. He's awful. And you don't want to lose the worst of all of them. Jeff Gordon shack that. I mean this team is. I cannot I want to play Philly I mean it was unbelievable. How bad they work and horde of six over there I don't know how he can coach this team and he's got a good coach first of all. But he was an unbelievable player who was so sound fundamentally did everything right aid in was just. It was you that maximized. His ability and he's got to watch these knuckle heads. They. They stink. In a big way. It's a true test of his awful demeanor on the sidelines. And like. I'm glad I don't the first one to point out horse like how I didn't I don't Morissette was overrated but he when he was with Phoenix his he would write you would start yelling at guys it's almost like he take it time now be easy you can tell that he hated his team. It's also got Kyle low Quinn says you know what it. Tells the team and don't make a mistake to see if we can get horny to loses mind. You know I mean I think this question would you take yet that is cantor on your team. Depends on the role. And the money this guy wouldn't I wouldn't I mean if I had more I think about it it. If he did he mindset sixth seventh eighth man sure he could be my number one backup big. And I didn't need to necessarily clamp down the stretch. I think are making a scanner can help yet against a lot of other bad teams. Yeah maybe get some bad big man I but I think he's always a player that you can't see the bad teams do he thinks that's true that's true thank people for right like you got to be a good team he got to beat some good teams but to be a good team. Really a lot of the key to being a good team he's beaten the bad teams see gotta have guys to help you beat the bad teams and Venus Kantor's again it can help you beat the bad T that's true. That's true. Who LCI go ahead and give me grief for the team that I liked early in the year John Dickinson mess nymex NBA this week Karen 957 game with the pistons again. It's give and go via a to use. Our message that I Arab gnat like dream gunned down his big idea myth. There's no doubt he's on the hot seat he should be easy run and that whole operation. They they just. Went downhill after Reggie Jackson heard thirty of thirty. You know I now announce start to think. Drummond and Blake Griffin together. Look right over four or five days you know I know. I know I I. I think you're right. Yet about which were are or what about which part I think you're right about. Van Gundy but he. But what's this is. Keep you guys senior Steve Kirk got hired right. Because stand was offered the war in your job and ended up taking Detroit has yet front office responsibilities to which she wanted to correct. And our C Davis points out fine producer of this program pistons. Sixteen and 32. After a fourteen and six start and a lot of that coincides with rich Jackson. Yeah but I I do agree would view met this probably two straw. I hear I hear overrated and probably not as strong I do watch him on the sidelines tonight do you think gosh after a couple years. You know OK stand. Jail you know and I mean you like play forum. Now that's a good clever ideas but like all sample for example. Last night a much of the kings play somebody somebody made up buddy Gil body healed. But he'll try to save a ball as the player curry laughed at him right the whole bench points to and somebody yield goes to try to save that ball of course he steps on the line. And I purposely watched Yeager. And as soon does that happen he just turned it kind of walked use about half court he turned and started walking toward the bench. And I was like the reason he's walking toward the bench is because he knew he didn't. He was gonna give buddy healed the look like you're nanny did it. You know I mean it just sort of second does the stuff that takes its told law employers and announcing Yeager didn't do he just calmly turned and want to would be you know went to the bench but. That's not easy to deal with game inning game now and van Gundy he's got problems doing it so it's go to jail for that matter put Jeff fence stand. They Wear their emotions on their sleeve. John Davidson mats Emmitt Symbian this week Karen I found seven game an eight time we due up and down and it's always a good opportunity to look at. The great taint graces 2018. After a poor loser our guy Tim bon Temps today coined it down right now Memphis. Is in the one spot. You've got. Phoenix in the two spot again this is all as far as the slot the teams will be an as far as the lottery best chance to get the number one pick Phoenix is too. The hawks are three. Orlando. And Brooklyn are four and five. Ending you have to go to Dallas it's six Ackerman and now. A couple of wins. A couple of late twins say they won two games against the warriors because of worries that a million guys out. They beat Miami twice late this season be loaded sac couple nights you'll be in the Miami early in your stolen game narrowly. There's a chance bases at front there there's chance they could LeapFrog the knicks and the bulls that they if they're not careful. Couldn't you win a few more games and then they're looking at. But ninth or tenth. Mean they're stare in the seventh slot and you never know sometimes the seventh slot it's ending the year that. I think the year that Portland and Seattle. Went one and two I think the six I think they were six and seven or seven and eighty. But the seven spot in India they Ed. Didn't have great chances of getting a one into and out was when Oden went to Portland and there rant went few Seattle. And I think it was either it was either 67 slots or 78 slots that hit not in the lottery silly it doesn't never happen. But man if if you look at it team. That. Has played hard enough to earn. The record that they have the head as some of those other teams I think the kings have done that you point that out yesterday to other kids play harder minorities Conte they'd they'd they're trying to win alike. And I got bigger bigger meridia totally but if there's a team that has less. To where they wind at seven or eight. That that's an awful scenario it was an awful scenario for them. In a year where. They don't have their pick next year and that's. So like if there's every year where you you're the king you wanna get it as high as she can kind of see it tank because I don't believe in tanking really like you and I can't agree on that. But. I just sets up a bad culture if you if if that becomes the culture I think but. A team to have that little and wind at seven or eight it's just it just meet capped well and and and and not have a pick 2019 to. Boot and on top of it. You have a team like Memphis. Who's got Conley and his soul and they may be sick with a first pit. So there might be it up he might be a playoff team next year in the mix it's possible if it's possible first bit right right. No I your you're absolutely right. And and man fate. If I don't I don't I don't see a lot with sacrament. I don't either and I look at it like like Phoenix is a disaster right but Phoenix has Booker they're warn players but that's an actor guy Sacramento has nobody like Booker nobody. No nobody that right now that's Bogdanovich can be good fox I'm not right not colliding fox has been underwhelming this year. He's been good Lleyton a couple of games including last night. Memphis says a couple of pieces plus could end up with the number one pick. Dallas doesn't have a lot out of their bad mix they do have Dennis Smith junior but Dallas bad mix. As far as teams beat Atlanta. It has nothing but they have a lot picks the three in the first round Orlando would you rather be Orlando or Sacramento all he'd probably and it's four point nine. But the Cohen. Try to think who the best player on both of those teams with Sacramento might be a better at a separate. It may not be in as bad a spot is I would have him at the beginning of the year. But I still link there and a bad spot. For what they have. No I I'd you don't resent their gal I'm with you there what do you what do you make it Denver. Yeah at Denver doesn't make the playoffs. Mike Malone in trouble I think he'd be on the hot seat going into next year for sure. Yeah I'd. Their funky team I. I think they got pieces there and I think. Well you know sometimes you think they should be better should debate I mean the list is still. Pretty good they haven't had Millsap. I know he's back now but I didn't have a forever and they still send it enough to put themselves in a position. To be in the playoffs I keep looking at I don't think the clippers are playoff team. And I haven't I haven't thought that all year. The pelicans with cousins and Davis were gonna be a playoff team in my mind. Without him I'm not sure there a playoff team Minnesota went out Jimmy Butler I'm not sure their playoff team. And then you look it in the Utah's point in great I'm trying to figure out who winds up being out. Among all these teams. To me I wrote about it like what I still it feels almost like the pelicans. And the nuggets. One of those teams is gonna make it is I don't think the clippers are gonna make it so. Maybe the nuggets take a pal conspire to pelicans keep the nuggets out his ice only Santa I don't BC Antonia is gonna I'm not naked. Utah's play inside out and. I fit in economy got a chance to not make it I really do. I'd they're not good especially without co Y Leonard holed as sin. Parker and Ginobili Powell console. I mean LaMarcus Aldridge plays old. And then they're young players are there'd there'd nice young players but they're too young to make any kind of a big time impact in the playoff. Offs and I'm looking like. Brooklyn's another team that they don't have their pick and they've got nothing going on bracelet and it you know kind of looking at the knicks at least import that Portuguese is gonna miss half of next year to. I Regis I didn't realize that. There he is injury supposed to go into next year Coca which is tough because it wrecks this year and next year. So it's it's almost you almost can't count on for Zynga is now on cell. 1920s. Right warriors get replayed it chased senator by the time he can't enforcing gets. I think about dad feared the all right in West Coast knicks fan out and that's it's insanity Charlotte doesn't have much either although you know what the what. Thirteen. Thirty and 39. Bad year for what they have our one god it's got a lot always. Is warriors assistant Coach Mike Brown he's gonna join us from Phoenix next. NBA this week now defense in the game. Mean join diet warriors assistant Coach Mike Brown here on 957 game NBA this week coach Jeff thanks a lot for. Joining us on the program. Because god yeah oh yeah we're doing very well and look fit the talk on talk shows and among fans constantly is is about the one seed and it's about well the rockets are three up in the loss column now and and you guys have some some guys that are out. It's going to be tough to get at this point obviously the writing is sort of on the wall but my question do you Mikey is. Or was there a point where were you guys met as a staff because coach Kerr always says that that's a goal that he wants to attain going into a season. But what has been a point recently where you guys kind of said. All right maybe that's not gonna happen or were gonna dial that back or we can't even worry about it because guys are hurt was there a point where that was ever knowledge may be internally. Yeah we don't we acknowledges that step not only a step but it between two and not good. Did we completed. Given that spot out but we just wanted to make sure our guys understood that. As a staff to do better we have the one you can choose Jeter should. Receipt you received we still feel confident it'll group and we want to make sure our guys understood. Take but struggled get displaying red. Sometimes it's not meant to be you know and let alone. You're being in the position that we're in gold on three years and wrote suitable for years wrote now. But we just want our guys to make sure they understood. The public level that that we had that we haven't they haven't stepped out and and we want to make sure that they. Or just as confidential and no matter what happens come playoff time we're ready to rock and roll. Mike the one thing about Steve Kerr and and you can tell me if this is the not accurate or or unfair. Statement but he really loves to keep his rotations. The same over the course of the season. And the one example like he loves that defense of second unit he can start the second quarter where gore. He'll never very seldom go to curry earlier fourth quarter just to win a specific game. Is this he have a philosophy that you know of that. Where he'll likes to develop teams kind of with the in the team so that they can develop a certain five man unit can develop chemistry. And no doubt he you know he's one. Popular expression for young coach. A messaging that he as are the Egypt crossed. Not only individuals but does too to the whole team collectively. Is amazing the competence should be gives them belief that he gives them. Important that is trying to be known as consistent as possible with each and every guy and when it comes to. Rotations and so institution patterns and all that sort got canal rhythm and they know what to expect going in almost every game but the same breath through. He wants to make sure that if you're not playing much its stay ready because it anytime your number can be called him. And you know he preached selflessness. With a group or group whose. Filled with the guys are that are selfless individuals and so they know that you know it could be on any given night did. Somebody else is gonna step opera performance they may get extended minutes because the time and situation wars that they're. They're okay with a because they're notes it's more than just about an individual and extreme it's more than just about. Report quote big for the stream we select the teams Pete for like at different times throughout the course the battle legacies of the past got to step up and produced big for us as a group and so. You know at times their maybe. A change of the survey spot but there may be a change here or there but for the most part he had coached or that different after jobless. Given guys confidence and belief. While also making sure guys don't play much understand that their number could be called it just is important group. But I can debate you know we're just trying to win and and and and win not just gave the when this whole thing. Warriors assistant Coach Mike Brown joining us here on 957 game by asking about Andre Iguodala. It. In the time that he's played since the all star break. He's looked much fresher more surprise a spring he is a term that gets used though with a Iguodala. How how do you see his season as a whole compared to may be previous seasons and and were you think he sat. As you guys prepare for a another lengthy run here into the playoffs. Autry and a good spot right now you know he's. They're not bothered by fewer entries here merit. And that's what we've tried to do our best to. To make sure that he pitched rest. With spotty not only whose body meant we also. Because he's been a good thing for a long time for many years and and we truly at peace deal extremely important to us. Well bullpen before. And you know he's a veteran he's up a troll he's got to spend all this for a long time any understands it. They used to host it closer and closer to a took the time word games. Are really Rashard battering it in you know we're gonna have to play. Extremely hard we're going to be conch usually from everybody noble review board in order to advance and you know it's evident not reaching his play not only. Offensively. Like some people may issue may exceed you know because as percentages are higher insulin so forth but even defensively. Now you have a couple of big games was decently at the steel that. They've the shield the deal forces few games ago and Duncan. You know we're gonna meet is not always label that athleticism. But because intelligence. Two. Because he's been there done that going down restriction and into this playoff run. Yeah Mike I gotta I gotta be honest with years it's a month ago maybe six weeks ago I thought you know what. She Iguodala might be. Might be struggling here I mean I I don't know if you can count on him he's he's getting older. So he's clearly the clearly snookered me. Did you ever think it was the coaching staff ever. Starting to get snookered or worried that that it would dollar may not be able to get to that level again. Enjoy a good guy Rockport about it apparently you know as coaching staff you talk about Katrina you talk about each individual. Throughout the course of the years and you know as assistant at times. There you know everybody that option is not regular turn on when you return on. How much is you have left in gas tank but of the one person that that never wavered was which beats you always felt that. You know until it was going to be very say this guys pro. He's going to be very cues the least of my worries when it comes to individual being ready especially come playoff time and and lo behold. All of us he was one of lead the charge made department he was a 100% correct. Mike Brown our guest here on 957 the game. Coach Yost coach Kurt had said. Is it pertained to some of the injuries that that he believes that. You guys can get everybody back with a little bit of lead time. Into the playoffs whether that's three games five games two games say you that the timetable. May not matter that much specifically put. I wanna just follow up with that I mean it is it realistic. Then it everybody's back with a couple games to go and a 100% or at least as close to a 100% as they can possibly get between now and June. Yet that's realistic in a treaty going to be re about to reevaluated in. A couple of weeks and staff are available be reevaluated. After a road trip next week. And so you know these guys definitely on the men you know it does the looking. Looking good. You know even as we speak right now also. It's a reality bit that we could be toy and play else. At a pretty high clip in terms health. Which is obviously. Blessing to a took our group. Mike people may forgotten because you're you're kind of become an entrenched here. On the warrior bench which you were a heck of a head coach in this league. Do you still. Think about being a head coach some at some point down the line. And I do like you know at some point oh BA coach it again I'm not sure when that is not. I thoroughly enjoyed very area. If I love work and you know for the organization and ownership news. There's terrific wouldn't talk about Joseph Peter. And then you know Bob Byrd you check into non about myers' second especially as it. Could that had been door on this little cruise to send test legitimate but more importantly different types person. Assailants Steve in the wrestler coaching staff and and then our players say it's an amazing situation that I feel like come in them so lucky blessed fortunate all the old weren't banned solvent. And so maybe it would even though I'd like to get a coach you know you know it would be or from me. Two pick up at and maybe the situation may have right now. Well let me let me play hypothetical. And and say you you get another head coaching job and one of the questions head coaches always get asked is. Where they get their style from and then they always say like take something from everybody. I've ever coached under coast war. What are you what would you take from the Golden State Warriors experience to your next job. It the other they're quite a few different the first thing that stands miners whose businesses. You know perception based business a lot of time. Other shooters. A lot of money involved and if you're under the Marcus scope especially with the social media and so and so forth but the finger at the warriors do very well. It's not just in basketball today there are a lot of companies out there you and so. Organizations. But especially. Sports teams and preach. You know hey we wanna have a friendly environment we want everybody to feel like this is if this is not their home this is at least the second home. And you know what we want people feel good about that. This family were rushed to feel good about the work environment. The period and the warriors to a fantastic job not only preaching that but I actually. Going. And there are a lot of people a preacher but go to don't follow through with it and I are truly believe that. Not just the players but everybody in the organization from top to bottom. When it comes to warriors they enjoy coming to work they enjoyed being around one another. And that type of culture slash environment. Or McCourt not a court something that I'd definitely like to try to emulate. Going forward and not just lip service but actually. Embracing it make sure that everybody that would support embraced it to. A coach we saw the now viral video. A staff and carries a birthday party earlier in the week I got asked yeah. I got to ask you did did Steve Kerr have to get Mike Brown on the dance floor or does Mike Brown have to get Steve Kerr out on the dance floor. Or you're reduced to have not ironic that the neither one of us really pushed each other you're on the dance floor up for Steve. He it was his good buddy mr. tequila and for me it was my butt in mr. good great groups. They helped ice just to give up their and act like we were 24 point five years old. And I quit what what I think about chooses as a coach of Cleveland coach of the lakers got I was such a very serious. I don't wanna say uptight but you were you always seem like a very serious person. I'm not saying you're not serious anymore but are you even more fun now be a part of the NBA then there.