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NBA This Week
Saturday, March 17th

John Dickinson and Matt Steinmetz look at the Warriors loss last night to the Kings and talk about the massive effect of the injuries on the Warriors.


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So Bay Area seven. They've done mission this among great. Not at five point seven games that lose lawful. Wars are. The various colors they. Not involved seven games. What do you NBA champion Michael. It's time. Like I'm. You're Nissan. Online communities on its. It's greed dot com. Here's the next few. You can get Saturday morning sitting NBA this week Rolen on. An extended edition for you today would you until twelfth there is we get shipped to a's baseball on 95 cent of the games and cactus league action. And that's died Mets the warriors are 52 and seventeen but with the loss last night to the Sacramento Kings. At ORACLE Arena 9893. Coupled with the fact that Kevin Durant. Is going to be out in minimum of two weeks with an incomplete. Rib cartilage fracture. He set to be reevaluated. In two weeks that's march the thirtieth you add all of that up and the warriors are now three back at the rockets. Four in the loss column. War is market the number one seed in the Western Conference playoffs and they don't have three all stars out. And really it's time for these last. 28 days or so between now the playoffs for the warriors to regroup trying get healthy and and figure out how they're gonna attack the playoffs. Yeah I do think it's it's something. You got to wrap your head around that is the warriors. Are gonna have to win this as the number two seed and they also may have to win at all playing on the road in the Western Conference finals and play on the road. In the NBA finals because Toronto's right there with them. And I think he's got to take Toronto seriously as an NBA finals contender at this point particularly with Boston banged up and with Cleveland not playing well. And he's just an extra challenge for the warriors and their. I think that the great part about the warriors. Is that they do believe they can win at all even as a second seed and I think. Just about every other team. Would you. Wouldn't have that confidence. To play 01 of the best teams but the warriors confidence obviously is founded. And I go back to breaking it down game by game JD. And the idea of the warriors. Not having home court advantage in the series. It just doesn't feel maybe it's because it's the warriors it doesn't feel like a big disadvantage why. Because I I can't and I I just don't see them going into an opposing jam and losing the first two games. I think they're too good of a team for that so I feel like it's all set up for them to. Restore home court bring it home court advantage in any of those series. After the first two games of course they have to get there and if they're not healthy. It's all wild card but I at this point I'm still assuming JD. That they're going to be. Healthy enough once the playoffs start. To win at all well if they wanted to play in the rockets the rockets have a one seed is going to be an awful lot of pressure on Houston Rockets to hold serve in those first two games. Won a clear it out but I here as I started the program miss spoke a little bit the rockets. Mark two and a half games up on the warriors say it said three it's three in the loss column not for but the point is the warriors have to be. Four games better. And that's the rockets have to lose. Four more games for the warriors to have any shot at the one seed. It's not gonna happen and Golden State at 52 and seventeen. Tied with Toronto now. Now warriors have the tiebreaker. If those two teams should meet in the finals because the warriors swept the raptors in the two game season series. Throughout the regular season now but they're tied at 52 and seventeen so as you mentioned at the top of the show. Rockets. And Toronto could be opponents where the warriors would not have home court advantage in a conference final and it NBA fund. Yeah I was watching a lot of the rockets this week an idea I heard an interview with Eric Gordon they're making it plain as day that. Their goal is to be the number one seed and it looks like that's what's gonna happen now one thing. That we haven't really talked about is we we all kind of thought it may be a race for the number one seed. Well in every and a lot of people show all of the rockets are really don't force their. The player like the warriors did when they won 73 and they may be your expanding too much energy don't forget. If they're warriors lose another game or two in the rockets' win another gamer till. The leads gonna be so big that the rockets can start resting players the rockets can start giving James Harden. Two or three games off may be of the last eight or nine. So that's that's another thing why. Maybe it is in the warriors best interest particularly now with their. With their main guys hurt to just see if they can keep pushing this a little bit. So that the rockets can't coast the last two weeks of the season. 889579570. AAA 9579570. NBA this week John Dickinson a mats nymex on 957. Game Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post will join us. Coming up at eleven. Jabbar young is scheduled to join us. At 10 o'clock Sean Kelly at 1130 and we may be joined by. Warriors assistant Coach Mike Brown at some point between now and 1232 warriors off to Phoenix. Last night following the ball game against Sacramento. And they'll take on the suns tonight you can hear that. Right here on 957 game but man what were you come out on. The timing of all these injuries for the warriors because I think. The sentiment. Is. Well this is awful time down the stretch of the season you lose their rant you lose curry. You loose Klay Thompson. And Klay Thompson in Durant with. Fractures. No broken bones. At this point but I think you could look at it one of two ways you could say well this is. In essence costing them the number one seed in the west now and may be. In BA finals home court advantage but I think you could also look at it like. The timing is actually good because there is still a window to where the warriors. Might get everybody back. With a couple of games to go on the regular season to try and gather. And build a little bit of momentum before they played at first round series where you forty shake out on that. I think it's a blessing in disguise until it is an. And what I mean by that is it's a blessing in disguise if all those guys are back for the opening round of the playoffs. And feeling pretty good. Well when you look inside the injuries a little bit then there is concern. Stepped Currie. When you say staff curry an ankle late it worries people and the first couple games back for staff Currie whether it's. Starting Friday in Atlanta or whether it's even a few more games after that those first two or three games for courier going to be so important. So let's approve that. What's going on right now has been flew key or flu dish which is what curry said. He thinks they're fluke issue injuries so let's hope they are Klay Thompson's hand. Look any time you have an injury on your shooting hand. It's got to affect your shot. And I don't think it's any surprise that in the second half of the game you heard it against Minnesota didn't shoot well. So you got to let that thing he'll. But because it's a shooting hand and because Klay Thompson's a great shooter you gotta worry about it. The wanna worries me most is the derail ribs. Because. That does kind of affect everything it's like a back injury everything you do. Kind of feeds off that so. They say they're gonna reevaluate him in two weeks. I mean I think derail its gonna be the closest one I think he's going to be. I think he's actually get a go into the playoffs as kind of game time decisions. And depending on who warriors play in the first round that might dictate how aggressive they wanna be playing in Kevin Durant but. At this point. I'm still think in. It's not a problem for the warriors because. If everything falls into place like it looks like it should and could they will be healthy for the playoffs. Yeah I I think the timing of it when you listen to Steve Kerr and you listen to dream on dream last night in Steve Kurt has said. On a couple of occasions now that he feels. Everybody's gonna be back before the playoffs start what a couple of games to go at a minimum and you hear trademark green in the post game press conference last night. Saying that he feels that curry and Thompson and Durant. All could go if they had to and would be playing in essence if these were playoff games you can disagree without a little bit. Well I do disagree with a little bit because I think it depends on who warriors are playing in the first round. The warriors still think they have. A cushion. In terms of of how much better they are a lot of teams especially teams. Battered down. At seven and eight in the in the Western Conference standings. Listen if the Golden State Warriors opened with lute who do you think would be their easiest first round opponent. The pelicans probably so if they open up with the pelicans clippers pelicans are clippers. Then I do think you have a little wiggle room to say you know why Kevin. And I think we talked about this last night Kevin no it's sit out game one. Against the clippers just to make sure and and the warriors beat the clippers. Movements you know like piggy went to stay out another game just to make sure the and then they beat the clippers and go up 20 at that point your start to think. Can we get away we maybe not playing Kevin during the whole first round not that I don't wanna do that he may be. Beyond healthy by that point oh but then the war urged. That the sense of urgency they feel even in the early rounds of the playoffs arc. Doesn't jibe with what the fans think I mean they they. The usual I don't think they get shook at all. Even if they lose two games in the first round because they still think they can rip off three or four straight in beat any team for you to sit it. That Iran may not play. Or the opponent would determine whether he plays in the first round. I think that's interesting because that immediately. Intimidates the fact that he's not gonna be ready to go in the regular season. And that true net bat at this point is contrary to what's kinda out there right. Because I think if you're warriors fan you look at this thing like all right well one seeds gone. Home court advantage in the finals might be gone but. Curry tops endure grand jury minder marine to a lesser extent pat McCoy law. David West came back Jordan Bell's back everybody's going to be healthy. At the start of the playoffs but the past may be more difficult in terms of home or away I think warriors fans. At this point would sign up for that if those guys are. Actually truly healthy. And able to play without having to sit out playoff. I signed up for that too. If you tell me the Golden State Warriors. Who were the number eight seed in the west but they were fully healthy. I still think they would be the favorites I really do. That the problem now that they have is. If anybody gets tweak. Between that time they come back. And the end of the regular season. And won one more. Heard of an ankle for curry one hard slap to clay Thompson's right hand one inadvertent elbow. To Kevin derail its ribs. Won't that may be. A big problem so that that's the only thing I worry about is that there could be a flare up. Of an injury and if that happens will then it's gonna impact the playoffs at this point. 888957957. Out triple 89579570. We got a great show for you Jabbar young Tim bon Temps Sean Kelly. We hope to be joined by warriors assistant Coach Mike Brown as well where do you shake out in terms of health. As far as getting everybody back how concerned are you that the warriors not only can get everybody back but can keep them healthy we'll get into that here NBA this week and I if I said in the game. Two NBA this week. When stunning message didn't sit on 957. Happy cinco. Everybody. It is a big parade going on in the city. Later this afternoon. I'm headed to Phoenix. Some rolled over to the airport rupiah. Saint Patrick's Day in the valley of the sun for me for new warriors and suns coming up tonight here in 9570 games so I'll have a coverage of that game. A four year as well enough be joining you guys on the pregame announced to a new post game from Phoenix. Before picking a couple of days off at saint Patrick's that's. Wonderful holiday it nice excuse to have a couple cold beverages. Yeah I think I'm gonna have to be staying in here today toward your game it sounds like us. Could be trouble well out of the city the good news about Saint Patrick's Day it is Dade drink in his permitted. Not for me even on Thursday even in benefits during the week it is let alone a Saturday and it might goodness. I could see how it's gonna be is due out there I'm gonna have to. I'm an have to wait though because we got warriors suns or. A team that resembles the warriors play in the suns tonight. In Phoenix so. It's going to be an interest being last couple weeks I'll say this JD. Let's try to get it was a fun game to watch you really was and I was I was very impressed with the oracle crowd I thought they were really into the game. And it felt like going in a man this is going to be this is gonna be a nightmare. Well you know what it was pretty entertaining. And I don't know they can keep that going. But I I do think there's something to be said about. I think there's two players. On the Golden State Warriors that we need to keep an eye on over the next couple weeks of the regular season and it's Nick Young. And it's Quinn cook. Is Quinn cook gonna be on the Golden State Warriors playoff roster that's I think uninteresting question. I think it's possible. I think it's possible however not likely would live with the fact they. For them to put him on the playoff roster they would have to cut somebody to sign him to a contract. For the remainder of the season. It two way deal does not apply he can't do stick out honesty wait you'll there's enough time left on his 45 days to where he could finish the regular season. The warriors have timed that out are actually does he have to finish the regular season but he has to finish. Up until the point when the G league season ends. Because the G league season ends before. The end of the NBA regular season so though the last couple weeks. You don't have to account for that so he's good to go until April 10 when I warriors played their final game. But he has to be on and an NBA contract. To be able to be added to the roster the only way to warriors can do that would be if they wave. Another player so the warriors at this point I think you've been reluctant. To say that they're going to do that in who would you even cut if you had to cut some. I think the guy has to be capacity that that's cut because sometimes he feels like a luxury the other thing is we have the find out now. How serious pass these sprained ankle is when he went down on me he was in pain. It looked awful when he went down. But when he walked to the locker room and already had looked better show may be. Maybe he's gonna be back in in a few games. I just get back to. I still think the rosters just a little bit imbalanced and I've and we said this we look last year. Before what the ring that got hurt. They went outside and Jose called around. So they believe that they needed a point guard Daryn while nothing's really changed right there rants heard again. So I think it's possible that Quinn cook. Could. Be on the playoff roster and it may force a tough decision. But isn't really a tough if you got to get rid of Caspian. Well. I think it's tough yet to get rid of the anybody. It at this point talk about chemistry just everything I just think everything I mean it let's say I mean right now the warriors don't have any wings and cast he's still Wayne. Whether he's a three or four I mean I. He plays it in winning style of ball where I mean I I guess you've got somebody guys out and again the warriors don't have to make this decision today. But I I distinct your your taken of you you take it from one area that to help another area but I don't. I just don't know that they want to do that I would think they would wanna protect themselves and have Caspian as a as a twelfth man for the playoffs. And they've tended to be conservative with. All these moves after they got Durant there was talk that they were look in the may be. Unload JaVale McGee well that didn't happen and it turns out that was a good non moved. Because we geese probably played his best basketball this season in the last couple months last night notwithstanding. I just look at their roster sometimes and I think when they can use one more point guard on this team and the reason I say that is just because. You know curry and a pro in Livingston and yes their point guards but they're different kinds of point guards hit it. It might benefit the team to get a point guard in there who. Who's really accustomed to play in that I mean I'm not saying staff curry isn't that guy. He might be good I think he'd be the best kind of insurance for staff curry queen cook because if if current work to get hurt. Who's gonna start at one. Why think pat my car coming back also factors in this. In a pet macaw comes back to call start you could start macaw you could start Livingston TI which I would almost take. Quinn cook is a starter there believe it or not just because then you have cook played with three other stars. You take a little pressure off him although we did play well as a scorer last night I just think there's this is. They have decisions I mean cause boy he feels like a forgotten man to me. I don't know that Quinn cook being added is necessarily decision it has to be made I don't I don't know right now I just don't know that that's. I think we may already nah I think they may already know. They were not doing that and less. Curry comes back and there's another setback or yes to miss time in the playoffs but would you know that going into the playoffs. But I don't think it's I just don't feel it's on the front burner that Quinn cooks. Like they're trying to figure out a way to get cook on the roster and they're trying to figure out a way. To cut somebody I just don't I don't feel like that's. I could be wrong it just doesn't seem it seems like their content curry coming back because come on back. Now if curry came back let's say in a week. And spring DA eagle but it's an ankle sprain where it's okay he's going to be out four to six weeks candlelight guy's gonna miss a first round back in December when I was you know he's gonna basically be out a month and I guess that wanna be a little bit under four weeks. But if that happened again where you you knew let's say on March 31. They curry wasn't gonna play till April 20. Are apron you know April 27 or something like that then I think maybe you'd have to add somebody but I just don't. I'm not sure how old. Pressing need daddy is. For the warriors to get Quinn cook out on the team I could be wrong maybe they do humidity wind up doing it once they get some of these other guys back maybe cook has forced their hand. Because he started to play well. And last night was really that the first game Bruney. Showed out in essence are showed the kind of scoring ability that he's had is G lead time. Now he he he was solid last night and he he looked very confident but obviously that a lot of confidence comes when. Currie in and Durant. And a player off the floor. It sucks you right it's not something that needs to be worried about right now. But I do think it's something to keep an eye on but you appear that they might not be thinking about that that at all I think the one thing. I think the one thing the warriors. Are banking on clearly. Is the tying may know more of all this they're clearly setting it up so that. With maybe what three to five games left in the season maybe four to six. They have their starting lineup back intact. They can get a few games under their belt. Get back to the rotation that Steve Kerr likes that's the other thing. Steve Kerr loves and that and Steve Kerr loves his rotations so. That's what I think all this is set now for. I've looked at the schedule but the last 45 games that's when you have your starting lineup back intact. And you go from there. 889579570. AAA 9579570. Penske auto sales dot com text line. At 95795. A couple of people Chiming in. About pat McCall what happened to pat my car yes pat McCaw coming back. NN I mentioned pat McCaw as somebody that I do still think the warriors are gonna rely on. In easy easy as head of a guy like queen cook. Oh no doubt no doubt but. The fire now even though he hasn't played a model is five world warrior fair I wouldn't be worried about curry wouldn't be really worried about the rare or clay at this point. McCaw. I don't if our warrior fan I would expect nothing. The rest of the season for McCaw because Leo he wasn't playing well for the first half of the season. He asked to go down to the G Lee comes back I don't care what anybody says he looked like the same player to me. When he came back now we got hurt now he's gonna have to be reintegrated. I think it's asking a lot of pat McCall more Patrick McCaw. Took to be as effective as he was last year in the post season then maybe can. Boy it just feels like he's had one of those years that's off. I am almost like a lost season and it kind of a little bit now he can make all that up with a nice little play off run. But there's any guarantee that Padma calls gonna play a lot in the playoffs depending on how it all shakes out. Now I think we still have to see. When he comes back and if he gets an opportunity to have a little bit lead tied himself true to gain some confidence and meet you look at what. The difference has been for Quinn cook he's been able to play one last night was the first time that it looked like he really. Played freely yes I keep played with confidence like hey I've got to go score three guys are down I can score. I'm gonna go score and he comes out he's not give them the three ball he's got a lot of open threes that he was Nissen a lot of more Raman in and out where you think they were just about to go down the shots look good. But eighty was just a little bit tight. Last night he felt comfortable and maybe played against some teams like the kings in the suns. The lakers. Can help him. Just. Help him be more confident and believe that he did he can be a shot maker like he's been at at the lower level. Yeah but but if he does that JD. Don't you have to include him. In the. Playoffs not necessarily not at the cost of somebody else I'd look I'm not saying that that's a foregone conclusion that they're not gonna do that. But I think in Steve Kerr was asked about it a wanna say about two weeks ago and look things have changed. You know Curry's. Perry's been. Out and come back and then out again at that point rants now got a ring had been Klay Thompson's out now so you don't have the depth that you had when he was even. Asked about that but but Kirk I said our work content with. You know he's got enough days to get through the regular season so and he kind of just left it there but the way he said it. Led me to believe they'd. Quinn cook at that point in time wasn't in the planet was right hey he'll help this in it's a lot like baseball this guy's gonna help us in September but that's he's not going to be on the playoff roster right. Right well yeah you might be right and it's it's amazing now. Because they're the warriors JD in because they've been on top for so long and there's so much interest we're actually talking about queen cook. And whether he'll be on the playoff roster instead of home recast the went in the grand scheme of things it probably doesn't matter one way. Which one is on the playoff Ross. When cook was the leading scorer and an NBA game last night for the true world champions think about that things you wouldn't have said. Face you would've said at the beginning of the season that's true when cook was. Maybe the best player on the floor best offensive player on the floor. It it'd be eight under the hearings for the warriors. I'll for the warriors yeah you know the one thing about the the injuries Greg cook was better than but he just he just as a player. My ten for thirteen cents per Q. Quinn cook was like buddy yield. You know eat quality images sixth amendment cook abused the Arafat I know we did that their bad scoreless in the I guess you finished with six yourself. But yet it was detonated it snowed out down at the end. Did the injuries real quick. The thing. Curry let's take curry cut comes back and he's let's the three guys come back and they're all relatively fine. I do think. The warriors are not gonna be at full strength regardless because here's my question. If your way Dray mind greens gonna be a 100%. By the start of the playoffs I mean I don't think he's a 100% now. It it just if you shot. It doesn't look good and he feels like he's tentative taking it. I think this is going to be this could be an interesting were on for the warriors and I think it is going to be. It's going to be difficult I don't see sixteen and one happened in this year JD. Oh. Nobody again I think it depends on the path. I know it you are true you're telling me to apply and the clippers in the pelicans and everybody's healthy and then their point Portland I mean I can see a scenario where there 81 at the end of the first you got I don't I don't think they can sweep Portland anymore well sides that's what I mean I know they sweep the pelicans and they lose support following I guess that I I could see a scenario where. Their 40 in the first round steal right and may be 41. A tough 41 against. A team like the blazers who plays a plane better than anybody in the NBA at this the right time but I just. I concede that he added up and it's like it would only be one game off of it were young at that point a year ago. You're right and the one thing we we have to also remember. And I should have these numbers in front me but in the post season last year because the warriors made short work of some opponents remember they had 56. Seven days off at a time between series. I wanna say it was almost nine games before the NBA finals they didn't. They had rests so well. Yet what the warriors think ended they ended their first round series on a Monday. And they began their second round series the following Tuesday because that series went seven games. The clippers jazz series went seven games and he ended their series against the blazers on Monday night they played eight nights later. They ended their series against the jazz on a Monday night they played. Sunday afternoon the following today at six days and then they ended their series against San Antonio. All so I believe on a Monday night. And they wound up having what 910 rising toll NBA finals started the following Thursday so you do the math on there may be off by a day. But that's. That's six X eight. And like nine right at the end of each round so we're talking about. 21 day when the thing. Right at that point one mile an hour. If here's another reason for warrior fans to be super optimistic. There's a scenario in which. They're liable to get more healthy as the playoffs. Roll along instead of less healthy. Because they have so many days off because there are no back to backs so I also think you have to allow for that possibility. That maybe the warriors go into the post season. With some aches and pains but by the time the Western Conference finals come around. They're humming on all cylinders. Pablo and Marie and gets is going on the phone lines here at 88957957. L Pablo your run. The NBA this weekend any side sit in the game. Good morning guys that it tried to attack John Cook a little bit that night well. Whenever that it's gonna David Padgett what topic I kind of look into Iowa confident. Yeah I like what car but he got it right now Obama got acquire a little bit. Yet I. Well it was quiet that I had that I can do that that you know that it did that equivocal Greta I really really. You would be better and out of about it and not be at this point because you never know what kind of medical there have been out like a little bit I don't do you know what they. Libya but it is the government could be young guys that get that chance that maybe. It is so that it ought they not to do that restart lap. Thanks Bob appreciate the call a quick cuts again it's played in the league before we played duke. I mean this is it is the guy and it's been on the big stage he's Tora that the G lead. So he should be confident is what I'm saying in his ability to. At least score the basketball it's taken him a few games but I I I think he kind of found it Woolsey speaking keep it going to kind of found that. That its own last night. Why I think the luxury that Quinn cook has is he's a point guard he's a one period that's all he has to do is played point guard. Whether she scores are passes that's up to him. What's Patrick McCaw. What's his position. Which is best positioned. I don't know and I think that's one of the things that's happened would McCaw. I really think they would love to use my cause tobacco one. But I don't know that he I don't know that he can do that okay well then what about it too can you play in it too. Well. He'll like you choose to be able to score. And he's not a great score OK so can we put him at three yeah you can put him at three. But he might be a touch undersized. And maybe I'm creating more problems. From a call them they're really exists. But I think one thing that benefits a young player. Is when they just have one position to worry about McCaw. Gets put in. Wherever that wherever needed and he started for derailed last year and China started for Perry exactly. Exactly in May be. You know maybe struggling to figure out exactly where he fits in on this particular team in what position. John tickets and that's I'm it's NBA this week Karen 957 the game let's get a manual in Dublin. Manuel joins us on the NBA this week. A good morning guys do not her coat Kurt say many time this cooks for NBA player and I would never. Could a man would never do is we were to coach that. Mason blockage Mason is met them last night even I don't know where cook got where it went like and that they would like when he got by. 42 dollar to opt out and as well the last let. You know I guess I'm not confident within. I think he's that there you know like you may be in the fourth quarter when we're up by twenty. I definitely hit the panic buttons. You know I know that he's got all the scenarios guys did a little bit LP. Get healthy and an illegal in typical natural they're gonna be scrimmage game we don't. In what they do off the court whether you know work together as a team. But cook that are guide me and I I hate it hate on the guy any way to do it kind you know the. There with the guys you know big time and time in his career but. At a Soviet made Pakistan Mason this smacked a news article to the hole left that he did. Said that back you didn't seem they had Nellie did he or she is to open the rebirth of. I'm not confident with the. Fair enough I mean fair enough or talking about a third it's just gonna say we are talking about a third point guard here. And I thought he'd. Maybe I missed one I was going to get my coffee. That. Break Mason they played him better than dear nobody else did I mean cook out play deer fox big time it's not even. It's not even close. But. Look. Quinn cook. Shouldn't be Hector if Quinn cook is a factor it means. That the warriors had a ton of injuries. So if Quinn cook is playing in the post season one. That means the warriors put him on the playoff roster for a reason and that if he's client. That's another problem because he shouldn't be playing in the post season if the warriors are completely healthy. Well that's exactly it mean we're talking about a third point run hard and we're taught the question. About Quinn cook is. Does he make the roster. Just in case Stefan curry passed to miss an entire series or pass to miss a couple like your. We're talking about Quinn cook. Plane. Maybe eight minutes in a playoff game and I most ranked. If Stefan curry out like I do you put him on the roster gearan you know gimmick contract for the rest the year and cut somebody. For these. Emergency situation one that's the question. Well what we don't know really is how. Curb views cook. Would there ever be a scenario in which lets say chef curry gets two quick fouls three minutes into the game. So now you need somebody to play nine minutes. Would there ever be a match up where Kerr would say you know what I think Quinn cook is better force at this point in Shaun Livingston. Or wants to keep Livingston in the normal it's actually not exactly so that's a place Reich he'd see Quinn cook. Helping. Maybe if Curry's mission gamer to hear there gets an early foul trouble. Again you're right we're talking about the third point guard and if it gets down to that then the warriors probably have bigger fish before. Mean look at the warriors earned a spot where. They've got to play a roster like the roster that they played last night. We're not going to be talking about them when an NBA champion no doubt we're talking about. Quinn cook is an insurance policy not Quinn cook is a playoff contributor Nancy to a lesser extent even Patrick McCaw is kind of in that role now. Once he returns John Dick it's a next time it's NBA this week brought on here on any size seven game. Like seven. Sinus NBA this week and I'm 57 game roll along here on a Saturday with few in 121230. Jabari young of the San Antonio express news is going to join us coming up at the top of the hour the warriors are gonna face the spurs. On Monday night in San Antonio Matt and as of now the San Antonio Spurs or be faced Houston Rockets in the first round of the playoffs and they won eight match up. All of the spurs are tied with the jazz might goodness chats. There in the chest or 39 and thirty which is the same record as San Antonio. They are tied for seven and eight San Antonio. Utah rather as the tiebreaker right now over San Antonio to San Antonio's eight. But it's really tight the warriors or the rockets could be get in San Antonio or Utah or the pelicans hell we even Minnesota. Not on the top end or Denver on the back in if you start the will give us some of the potential first round opponents. By the if you look at San Antonio there was a report that coli Leonard. Was thinking about playing last Thursday two days ago. Is there a chance he makes. His comeback against the Golden State Warriors and I think that's something to keep and keep in mind too quiet letter better place soon. I mean pop he'd better place soon because what are they have a fourteen or fifteen games left what do you do bring him back with five games left. How much is enough how much is not enough. So and and the thing about saying that I. I'll start to wonder now even if if Cole why and I know this is gonna sound crazy makes that big difference I just don't feel like there. Capable again out of the first round I just don't they if that team is. His older. That team is. Not as talented as spurs teams in the past. And now there's no guarantee that coli Leonard could be at the top of his game once they start the playoffs. If I were the warriors. The spurs would not scare me in the first round. That would almost be a series that they should they should one. 889579570. AAA 9579570. The rockets are all but assured the number one seed. The warriors are locked into the number two seed regardless Eminem songs they don't go on at 1011 game losing streak here. Between now and the end of the season they're all but assured to be the number two seed who do you wanna see who looks the most difficult. First round opponent the warriors could face. And who really could be the the most favorable matchup among anybody in that mix let's say from. What can beat anybody report went pretty well Portland and even port diner could if they lost may beef borrow. But I think it it's really Oklahoma City Minnesota the pelicans jazz spurs nuggets. Clippers. I still think the pelicans. By the team. That the warriors would have the the easiest series against. I think of the worst case scenario. Would be if Portland order drop to see them obviously because Portland's playing very well. I think the warriors. I think Denver. I know Denver had a little bit of success against the warriors I don't see it happen and in the post season as she Denver maybe win a game off Golden State in the post season. I don't know what to make the clippers there's still hanging in there it. That the clippers will be easy Pickens I think for the war. I actually think the clippers on another clippers beat the warriors in January when Thompson and curry didn't plan though the clippers hung with the warriors coming out early all star break I actually think the clippers. Are the easiest first round opponent the warriors could face any gets the clippers because they don't even have Anthony Davis. By any good I pelicans at least having Anthony Davis and your holiday can be a handful when they at least have some name value. Star players a star player and another Gatti can fill out the clippers don't have a single song are all on their team in the Andre Jordan. Is the clippers. Signature player in terms of star power so I actually think. The clippers are the easiest opponent. For me I would put the pelicans number two on that list in terms it teams and I'd wanna play it's kind of crazy I think. Data I'd almost put Denver three. Although I think planet altitude and and Denver's given though the warrior trouble up put up put Denver. Output Denver is it tougher opponent than the spurs without co why. Up with the spurs with co why is it tougher opponent the Denver we're put a label what that word you could you talk I think Utah's above. Would you talk be at a good first round matchup for the warriors are not so I think it's tough because they waited they play the defense. Salt Lake city's altitude as well. And they just they grind they play a physical brand of basketball they're well coached I think they don't make a lot dumb mistakes. And they you know have a dynamic scorer and you Donovan Mitchell that that they didn't even have last year they George Hill and Gordon Hayward bit. Senator Jim players at different beast hill fits his role but Donovan mid Chile might not be there yet the Donna Mitchell's going to be a guy can. He he did he's going to be taking games over in the playoffs here in a year to the. I think so too I think he's he's scary. Especially as as he plays more. One essentially mean came in the league is pretty much to what he can handle it so I think he's gonna have I think he's. Really really good Jason in Oakland is up next here on 957 game what's going on Jason. We're guards are what their award decided he doesn't think dusty that you were rests in the dives because you know that we gonna have a number two seed. Number three. The minority children he ready 45. What 38 and another forty something. Is in. Clay I believe we will the playoff Altria told god could probably play right now you know that they've grown at a number to see so let the guys less. That'll come back for the last six to seven games did not have tightened up. What they won't put a play almost it's see with the guys can do right now that you know the bench players I don't think debt. God aren't that bad. Got different sort of stick around is going to be a problem for the warriors I believe that everybody panic in because Steve is. Koran quote act like they got a hard in camp played maybe step. Without a doubt that no. That they probably complaint about seeing. Staff probably will go to golden shelled an avalanche. You know also I did want to god to present its future aggressive guy and really just trying to make sure they ready for the play doubles. Yeah thanks for the call I hit a possibility. May I really do I think it's it's it's a legitimate possibility. That Steve Kern Bob Myers and Joseph Laker. And so look all these guys are little nicked up. Let's trust them let's let's make our number one focus. Getting healthy for the post season and the there's usually here's the other thing there's also a scenario everybody's thinking about doomsday. Or what what could happen poorly ammunition there's a very good chance that the warriors opened up the first round of the playoffs. And they're completely healthy. And Durant plays and curry plays in clay plays. This from the nine to five OKC would be a tough first round matchup I completely agree. Just for the emotion at all. Part of that game. I have in the warriors go to OKC for a couple games I could see the Oklahoma City Thunder taken a chunk out of the warriors taken out. What do they say exacting a pound of flesh out of the warriors because that that is going to be. It'll be an intense series for sure and Ana and for around one game around once series could be and be pretty tough. I think the clippers in the pelicans there are the most favorable matchups for the warriors I think Oklahoma City in the first round would absolutely be the most difficult and I think the most difficult and asked for the warriors would be. Oklahoma City in the first round. Portland in the second round Houston went out a home court advantage in the Western Conference final to me it's almost. It's cumulative it's it's it I still have the warriors are healthy don't see them get beat in a series. Unless they are. A little bit is taken out of them in each series and I think the only way enough can be taken out of him in each series. Is if you're playing in those kind of opponents your plane Oklahoma City or to drain in the crowds great no Casey. And it's a team thinks they can beat the warriors he got them the blazers and other house style and firemen. A couple of guards it really can fill it up and almost keep up with the warriors almost has to be about the other players right warriors are gonna win not necessarily carry. And Klay Thompson because Willard and and McCollum can do their thing so to me it's the cumulative effect we saw blazers two years ago. Played great. A five game series the warriors said felt like seven and I played seven they had to come back against OKC it's interesting. The teams have changed a little bit but it's the same two teams. Ended may be got to play used to without the the home court advantage to me it's about. All three matchups as much as it is even one individual match. And I think the wild card team is Minnesota. Is Minnesota gonna be an easy out or are tough now. I would've said tough out. A month or two ago but I almost think it's easy outlet that Jimmy Butler tough out with Geneva yeah I think so to a carefully one player makes them much different spot. Then again we bid talk a lot about Kuwata Leonard who clearly makes a big difference listen if you stay in if Houston has a tough. Road and they have. San Antonio with co Y common back then maybe they have to play. Well I don't know Portland or Oklahoma City in the extra I mean they could be beaten up by the Western Conference finals you're listening to 95.