NBA This Week Hour Four 3-17

NBA This Week
Saturday, March 17th

John Dickinson and Matt Steinmetz look ahead to the Warriors possible playoff matchups.


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Dickinson mats nymex you're listening to 95 cent in the game KG and Z in HD one. San Francisco we are with you until 1230 here on the NBA this week is we get you closer to be gays. And the Mariners cactus league action here on 957 game we are brought to you by American Express. Proud partner of the Golden State Warriors oaks card club play it Smart play at oaks are also driven by. Premier Nissan a Stevens creek. We made it easy online premiere Nissan of Stevens creek dot com let's keep the role would days in San Jose on 957 game. Hey guys you know I think candidate number two seed might actually be better for the warriors not so much because of a lot of were out and that that whole line of thinking but rather. The way to Western Conference is lying about of Portland business. Look like they're gonna get to three feet in Oklahoma City starting to stretch their legs a little bit and they're going to be the force feed. In the second round ballot I'd rather see two warriors match up with Portland Hobbits Portland is good I don't think though Portland in this series can match up without side defensively. And Oklahoma City had seven game period of although. The drama and everything we got that goes into that series. I wouldn't be a cup but it so I actually like the Korean War the second you because they'll the second round match up than. Assuming Oklahoma City is before he did they win their first round I'm not sure you can get through them so it's a good Smart stop it did this district has. Yeah thanks opera caught too good that's a good point by Dave if you are the warriors who we have more confidence against Portland or Oklahoma City. Portland. You think. Yeah. I just I know Portland's been better defensively this year. Significantly better than they were the last couple years and and even last year and Willard a monster. And Eric they're better shooting team. And a look both of them have won two out of three. But. Portland has a wanna oracle longtime. Ad that's one. And Oklahoma City has done it even even this season so that's one thing that would make me fear Oklahoma City more. And the thunder is much as I can't CNN and don't think they're very bad. Did you have a little bit of that. Baseball ish well it a team that's. 8588. Wins in the regular season but can win around in the playoffs. Yeah I didn't I'm not sure I think there. I don't think the war I think the best thing for the warriors will be to avoid the Oklahoma City because even if they will beat Oklahoma City it's gonna be it. Going to be a drain. I think we can all agree on that it's going to be a drain. I think Portland for the most part it's a respectful series like it to your point about it being a drain it's it's more of a high energy fund's series a thank you almost get lifted up by plane in Portland even if it's a tough series I think. Oklahoma City. It's still gray admits Westbrook in its attitude and it's Carmelo and drain bonded I think you're more apt to see a scenario where. Maybe there's a fight in a series like data or maybe somebody starts accumulating flagrant functional than in the I was out in Oregon that exact same day there's an injury like I could see you know. A team like the thunder may be be it more apt that. Throw couple elbows it Kevin Durant three did well they're. They are probably. One of the they might be the most physical team in the playoffs. The thunder and look when they play the warriors have a chip on their shoulder. Mean west Burke got a chip on the shoulder all the time but when he plays the warriors it's like he's got a refrigerator on his shoulder I mean he is just. He's just a mad man and that can be both good and bad. I think I just see Oklahoma City as being in an unemotional series. And so that would that would be a team that I would I would. Love to void now left to avoid completely. If if on the Golden State Warriors and and this is a kind of we got a text your from the nine to five. Harden has done nothing against the warriors in the playoffs he's a turn over machine I'm telling you Houston doesn't scare me at all. Okay it's not that Harden has done nothing but the warriors. At times and Klay Thompson a particular turner mineral volume shooter who no doubt about that. The warriors defend Harden pretty well. But we haven't seen. Harden and Chris Paul. There's a chance James Harden won't be a turn over machine. Because he's playing with Chris Paul you know people were talking about how they got played again how Chris power Chris Paul and James Harden them play together. I never thought that was going to be an issue. Because. Both guys are playmakers. Chris Paul is it isn't. Flat out point guard and James Harden can pay us. So any time you have to passers playing together in your backcourt. Then there isn't going to be a problem sharing the ball. So I don't. I don't that's what I mean I don't think you can count on hardened to be the same old Harden in the rockets to be disabled rockets if they turn out to be that way. Terrific you'll be adamant for five games but I don't think he didn't. Are they can go in there thinking. It's the same rockets team that we used to handle game inning game now. Well the one thing that that I consistently said about the rockets is night do you think they're going to feel the pressure at every turn the pressure of past playoff failures and I think that's the individual pressure. Of pardons career and the individual pressure of Chris Paul's career Chris Paul never make it to a conference finals. Pardon haven't some odd flame outs in the playoffs. Now some weird in beings including last year when when San Antonio want to be and one outcome why Leonard and in he faded down the stretch. In that series so I think that rocket tests and demons. And it's not to say that they can't overcome them. But if the rockets have to play let's say San Antonio on the scripture found the team that knocked them out and Kauai Leonard's back. And San Antonio goes into wins one of the first to a Houston. That's troubled city right off the back. And it may be if the rockets can overcome that it helps them OEO continued overcome. But. The rockets still have an element of his greatest they've been this year they got to prove to me. That they are gonna wet the bed when it matters they really do and it's and I and I don't. I say that in very simple simplistic terms I'm not saying that to be disrespectful. They just they put date at the same time have to show me they can at least get to that point where their wind up with the warriors. In a series to play with the home court advantage. No I I I hear you it's kind of the same thing the same principle is as. Believing Iguodala is gonna come back in and help them in the playoff I believe any is it Kelly yes that's right and and used to say in the same thing about the rockets they're the rockets until they are the rockets. I think the warriors can't go into a series think in the rockets. Are just like the rockets used to be. Another thing we don't know. Is. How Houston would respond to have a home court. In the for in the Western Conference finals against the warriors. I mean I gotta tell you and I I almost think. It is an advantage for the warriors tend not have home court against Houston as crazy as that sounds. Because I I'm telling you the warriors go and get one out of the first two. They're there in the driver seat mean they're totally the driver she worshipped the warriors. Had the home court advantage. We don't want it. They lose one game they lose it so. The number two seed there's two things going all the number two seed the warriors are the most equipped to go on the road and winning game one or game two of any team in the league. I'm convinced that the other wild card about. The second spot is about how many you wrote to the Western Conference finals then the first seed. And you might have and it might be and it might not even be club oaks. That's the wild card that the warriors could open with the pelicans. And then play Minnesota in the second round. And the Houston Rockets have the spurs at Oklahoma City Thunder and have to play thirteen games one's a seven game series one to six games here. They may want to be in the more beat up team of exactly that to now by the time they get to whatever date that would be may fifteenth and us late and that's what. I mean about the post season there's so many days off. The warriors it's within the realm of possibility there could get more healthy. As the playoffs roll on particularly if they're making quick work of their first opponent to. I said may fifteenth the earliest possible date the Western Conference finals and started may fourteenth so mark calendars it's either may fourteenth of may sixteenth. Depending upon whether there's a move up or not Brian in Richmond is up next here on 957 again hey Brian. I don't do great. Amanda is a big lawyer samba on their record order not to talk about what is one of those singing that to better at between a dispute. Progress in. Tim Miller like he thought about this the best that sparked later spoke earlier in the once thought about what sort. They've beaten everybody twelve they would restrict what spot about there. The order to boost recruitment that that they salute spirit you're making compared with excuses. Thanks left the call and I still think if push comes to show of the warriors can handle Portland. Assuming of course a healthy. But I think Portland and I don't think anybody wants to play Portland right now. Luckily the warriors probably are gonna have to in the first round in Houston certainly won't have to I don't think although you know again you never never know. How this thing is gonna shake out but that's what's gonna that's what's gonna dictate at all. It's fun I mean it's fun as far as I'm concerned. It's it's fun to have this uncertainty. If your basketball fans. John tickets and that's diamonds NBA this week here on 957. The game is we're talking about the warriors in there. Potential path to the playoffs warriors losing last night at home to Sacramento. 9893. The final Sacramento that a furcal twice. Which is not something I would have expected to. First time since 2003 that the kings beat the warriors twice and oracle. In the same season. And of course now a lot of guys out for the warriors in both of those games ball the game last night indicated November warriors in the Phoenix Suns tonight. From Phoenix. We'll have that for you here on 957 in game 530 warriors warm up. 630 with Tim Roy beginning the network pregame show and Tim have to call just after seven Matt Stein nets is a part of warriors warmup. With David vs Kerry Keating he's got warriors wrap up for you after the game. JD with what did what was the prognosis on past the is it considered day to day thing or not on the trip. Paris so it's. But little bit more than data de at this point because they're not gonna be back until late Monday night and take two's ran off so he he's. He's not client and sell. At least the Atlanta Atlanta game. Well at the nice thing is the word of three days off next week if Tuesday Wednesday Thursday offered if they get back from San Antonio. And I don't think it's it's by accident. That both clay and staff. We're talked about missing a certain amount of games that put them back in play. For the Atlantic game let me tell you something about the Atlanta Hawks. I got to believe trap Michelin the GM. Of the Atlanta Hawks. Is hoping the warriors are at full strength. On Friday. Is he doesn't want the hawks to commit any Osaka I don't think he does I don't think he does. I mean let's face it they're there in the there and race for for one of the best picks in the league. I mean you know he knows he organization so well I mean you may call Bob Meyers say bog get those guys back get those guys back. And Myers will be like we don't really need him back to beat you guys. Traditionally it's gonna join us now on the show next Saturday. They'll talk about the big upset and he'll talk about the end of the hawks pulling at critical that pulling a Sacramento. And I even warriors and oracle winning multiple all stars out. Everybody's answering to the Memphis Grizzlies tank one and a quarter of splendid job in you know what the funny thing is. JB Dickerson left doesn't even know they're tanking. He doesn't even know what. He thinks he's get the most out of them right she. She. Should come. Not your favorite now now now and then. I'm not I'm not a fan of. I know I don't know not a fan JP makers. Yes we why. Yeah why not really sure I just don't like it. I've actually once again ask you why that now part of it has to do with what I sons of of NBA people air muscle men who just. Much strictly a late into the NBA. A tall muscular must. Sorry. My boss is all right us your boss but like I like OK Stephen Silas for example. I love Stephen Silas and he was the son of Paul Silas. He is the son of Paul Silas. But he never had debt entitled attitudes if you government Stephen Silas he's the most humble. Coach she can sees very useful humility he's quietly dignified. So I love I love a guy like Stephen Silas but there's there's. There's other guys it just feels like there in the week is there is pops was in the week. Pop seasonally looking at the tip isn't is it Rick cattlemen's kid in the week. Now Rick Rick cattlemen son passed away. Actually the retirement senate passed away it was in the league if their mate but the in the eleventh another one. Are you member yet adopt he had to adopt is is children sat on his. Brother or less I thought I thought but no he yes I know we got. He died in a pedestrian accident actually with with the car. But anyway were getting into the sons of coaches and all that kind of stuff critics saw JB Vickers staff but. I don't know it just feels like he hasn't done much to distinguish himself let's put it that way. On the Penske auto sales dot context lionized for a 795. Matt how do you feel about hi Lou as a coach. He's not a very good coach. But he's got range he's there for a reason scattering them is there for a reason. He's there for a reason because that's not an easy team. To coach because a LeBron James and Tyrod Lou. Knows. The way it's going to be and he's okay with a I mean that's really what it comes down to. That the tyra did you obviously saw. LeBron James and Tyrod we get into it a little bit quick thing is is that didn't really mean I know everybody uses data as an example of seeing LeBron it's LeBron bit. That's stuff happens a fair amount. They need up to that extent whether they're shouting. With the team in between them but. It looked. Liquors the other night with with a Isiah Thomas and with. My Democrat friends that never happens. Isiah Thomas is the war all the ultimate teammate what in the world is gonna happen twice in town Isiah Thomas is the best teammate in NBA history. One C 90 you'll be in your exactly no one has Russia's. I just always laugh because I just I remember I just I go back to a one night reported. The elderly somebody with the kings it said it Isiah Thomas is one of the worst. Locker room guys ever seeing right and I was. Widely chastised by the local hawks in Sacramento. What was the relationship between Isiah and the markets like they loved each other off the floor they hated playing together really yeah. They like each other's guy's. So I did I could see I mean they hated play India. And just watch and watch and Isiah Thomas with the lakers and end the whole room the whole route of what I did. Reported a couple of years ago was. Under the context of what people thought like DeMarcus Cousins is it like a jerk. Right Isiah Thomas can beat. Worse than DeMarcus Cousins in the locker room as far as a teammate and selfish in a gadget people don't wanna play with nice I think it's funny because. Everywhere Isiah Thomas is gone with the exception of Boston. And Boston got rid of them won the first chance they had they write eight. They sold that a good point Isaiah Thomas but everywhere else he's then he's been run out of because. Of selfishness. Or. Organizations not believing he's that good. Or not get along with teammate I need to stick the track record it's I chuckle because the track record speaks to exactly what I said about Isiah Thomas 34 years ago. Well he just did an interview with USA today with Sam may make it he said you know I'm not I'm not a sixth man I'm not a sixth man. So that leaves you go rule where the hell is he gonna end up. I mean locks. No chance and now there's no way schline equal sign. Isiah Thomas I think he's more likely go back to sack. Tell you true that would be the ultimate in Sacramento. Method it's possible we. That would be the ultimate liked the talk about a franchise in a player that cannot deserve each other. It would be knows too well the thing that's amazing is the job. That Brad Stevens did with him he NASCAR hole and it's unbelievable. He averaged thirty a game Isaiah Thomas almost and that she won. So. But I I don't know where you use. Where use Isaiah Thomas if he's gonna be your starting point guard. I don't know I don't know he's it with you know they say certain like curry will attract free agents. I mean Isiah Thomas is kind of guy who repel free agents. Missouri player in the league it's is not love that team up with a Isiah Thomas. Crickets for me now I'm now on I don't think I don't think there is even the lakers are interest staying with the lakers don't hit on anybody. Because they're actually. They've won some games two of them since he's been there. I can make a deal with a double when you sign. Isiah Thomas. Especially if you're not a good team. I think if the lakers. If Isiah Thomas is starting point guard for the lakers next year I don't believe they're gonna make the playoffs. I just don't I might be like what if they get LeBron and Paul George lets different and I don't I just. Under the scenario you just described. Sure where they strike out a little bit no like you know why let's bring Isaiah back here for the best evolve our option right. Then then I think the lakers. Are in trouble is that the deal you can't make it how much money you gotta make. How much money is he gonna makes. I think Isiah Thomas is going to Tate. The most money he can get no matter where it is like ID like you mentioned. It would go back to Sacramento or whatever I actually think if if Sacramento offered Emma. A Max deal he would go to Sacramento because he's never been paid a Max deal before as much as he. Haiti it is time there and probably sort himself he would never ever go back to Sacramento. Because of the way that organization was run when he was there there so but. He's never been paid he wants to start. And he wants to get paid. Franchise level player money because he's never had that he's may not make it seven million this year which is. It's all right kind of crazy when you look at production and he's got he's got terrible player like that's the one thing I always thought Gaffney. Great six male and absolute. And you know the nine to five. Hits it right this is it this couldn't be more accurate I believe that Boston new. Isiah thomas' problems in the locker room. And they put on the persona that he was a great teammate so they could keep his market value up and capitalize on it I think you're right on the money. But you're absolutely right on the money I think I think. Brad Stevens knew in order to keep that persona opt he had to. You Isiah Thomas probably more than he ever wanted to. But he knew we had to do it because I say it wasn't going to be part of long term future anyway. Right it's a you can do it but it's not gonna be some don't have to worry about I almost made it it makes it easier to do it yeah exactly it's almost like. You don't Boston obviously he's looks to the future looks for the future it's almost like Danny Ainge said look let's. Let's use Isiah Thomas is a stopgap. But Brad Stevens is such a great coach that he was able to use Isiah Thomas has a stop gap and still have the best record in the Eastern Conference. Mean it's Trulia. An indication of the kind of coach it. That Stevens this and I didn't hear much about Thomas says it teammate. In Boston. Last year when he was there having a good year. Are just tickets and that's I'm its final couple of minutes here on 957 against him. It NBA this week is we're with you to 1230 today because he's baseball is coming up in just. A couple of minutes here the a's in the Mariners. From a 510 Matt Isiah Thomas is the new Monta Ellis. I don't know who that's disrespectful to but it's disrespectful to somebody about what you decide that's it interest thing. I think I'd rather have Isiah Thomas to be on us. Yahoo!'s stake and I'd rather my tales it's I think that he's. And that's so exciting I don't for me I don't like I don't like that mean you seem to be saying Isiah Thompson bad guy. Is a bad teammate I don't know he's a bad guy are very selfish he thought it again and is probably like as Ayatollah and Isiah Thomas walks in the room. With Stefan curry Kevin Durant and LeBron James James Harden Russell Westbrook. And Isiah Thomas is delusional enough to believe that he's the best player in the room monetary would think that to how. We Martha called himself the best player in the league outside coat and he he walks in that room it thinks. I'm the guy like let me Lockett in the room ability unlike France sets like I'd I think got better than Mike France accident and it. To the problem is Isiah Thomas can walk into a room right now people. Might not notice him. When Monta Ellis walks into a room everybody else has the kind of measure Monta Ellis to see what kind of mood he's in this and is everything everything okay within. Aren't that's gonna do it for us great show today thanks to everybody. Mike Brown warriors assistant coach for joining us Sean Kelly. Our our body Jabbar young as well as Tim bond tips of the Washington Post a's baseball is coming your way next. Thanks still lasts and Whitley and RCE. Matt you're back in just a couple of hours. Warriors and suns coming up tonight a's baseball next unprecedented.