NBA This Week - Hour 3 - 8/12/17

NBA This Week
Saturday, August 12th

Matt Steinmetz and John Dickinson are joined by Tim Bontemps (Washington Post) . They about the news around the association. 


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Now down to the NBA this week was dying messaging can stand on 95 point seven. Big game. Our final hour of the programs Johnson gets a Matt Stein mess. NBA this week and that means it's time to be joined by the one and only to Bob Cantu joins us each and every week from the Washington Post. But since what's gone budding. Like I wanna goalie guy. Intro JD got to keep that that a lot of stuff are here. Or doing a great the other big news. This week it'll be big news next week is obviously the NBA schedule. Released so Disco and start there the opening week schedule in terms of the nationally televised games is out. The Christmas Day schedule is out five games again I believe it's the tenth straight year that five games. On Christmas just your your general takeaways and no I don't warriors cavs a little bit earlier I think the NFL had a little bit to do that that the just. Your general take away I think we all figured it would be warriors cabs. But these slate of games on Christmas Day. Well I mean according to simulate it is opening opening slate when they they kind of released these games early Q you get an. Idea of what changed the Wii's gonna try to push all becoming even and I think the fact that you know I'd open Washington Post on the fact that there in the wizards are both on Christmas Day. And on and the prime time opening week game. I think he just signalled it that they are seen it gonna try to push a lot this year I think the sixers. I'm getting more Christmas Day game ending I think it played wizards. The second item C I think that that. It was a sign their scheme that is gonna get a lot of run with Marco Alton. You'll beat him in and an insult. I thought that was interesting in. But largely this article is at stake plate goes and it's about it go to you can expect. Kind of Bob we'd be at war lakers it will get the walls and national TV the lakers are back on the ball now that makes cents worried that long is going to be game in Oakland that that was not surprising. I've always itself it's also pretty logical. Change it in there pretty intense playoff series. Meaning you accomplished accomplice in on the schedules that make sense. I'd rocket under also pretty obvious game with all of Jordan Russell Westbrook against responded argenbright. You know it is it is unfortunate what they call it unfortunate that next hosting a game IKEA I get why the NBA doing him if you could give Haley spot in new York and LA. On Christmas Day and I can understand why you would do that but there are going to be awful and it would have been nice to pretty much the box with you on a synthetic ball playing at the plain silly in that. Nokia backed him instantly fox sixers within a couple he does a really young talent you can kind of market and that so. Not that only know of one liners that would ban them but not a lot it it makes a lot of it and it should be a pretty Parker is back. Yeah you know Tim what I look at the the list the teams in the NBA. And maybe make a list of most intriguing to least intriguing the warriors obvious there at the top but. Milwaukee up their pretty high and also put. Minnesota up their pretty high now that doesn't necessarily mean I think they're gonna have great seasons but I feel like one of the reasons there intriguing is 'cause. You don't really know how they're gonna do you don't know how much. Milwaukee is gonna get better with this group so does the NBA. I as Milwaukee have an inherent. Bias against them because it's Milwaukee I mean today. Are they more reluctant to be pushed by the NBA because it's Milwaukee. Well I don't think so because I mean look who's been on idiot and watch your local city. In an eight that's a tiny market. A year from now what I would be on it. In 2019. Our August 2018 party in nineteen either and probably pretty John McKeon that planner or. Update they're kind of one year away like I figured they had they kind of take it you don't this year that we expect them to and honest becomes that you borderline VP candidate. An epic and actually see them line. I'm Chris does that mean you look at the plate if you're right you've got. You've got local city playing dot Minnesota planning on you got Cleveland plain. You know again could not LeBron but the older retreat while market are in marquee games and reason why they have. A lot of players that people honestly I think you ought marquee. Achieved record we expect them to. And I believe that we won't see them on Christmas Day in animals he'd run for quite a lot ot. Well a timid also mean used look at them in the mix of the really the only out liar but there the next to me it's still new York and you never know maybe carrier ring winds that played for the next and then it all for that all works out. If you've got app you've got a happy markets plan that that it like they're trying to get huge numbers. And look there's it's you know that the knicks are always going to be a droplet of what the lakers have always markers that they don't do teens you know unless they are like epic one year when the knicks were. Coming off when they were seventeen to bottle I think that was one year they weren't Christmas would like it later next are are not he -- more -- under the oddest thing with the lakers it would take it would take a lock for most teams did not play at some workers with. Here in the league obviously. Made some changes to the schedule to make it less enticing for teams to rest players whether it's for eliminating four and five. It's reducing back to back to setter at Sadr. It seems like what's coming next now is some kind of the memo from the league of of penalties if the resting players occurs because it it feels like the NBA say hey look. We're gonna help you guys we're gonna appease you guys but now you can't abuse the situation anymore I mean is that essentially. What we're looking at and if so what what are these penalties going to be are they fines or what. I mean a B five I mean they're remember when Gregg Popovich saddle those guys would disperse he has brought it up on a quarterly write so I mean a big that's what you know. And why would give it doesn't line. Is game like Aqua burst capped gains last year where that. I'll warriors worst game last year on Saturday night marquis gains. Where seven players are sitting. Bright and it's one thing it got to her it's an overpaying if die you're just sitting guy. I've direct odds that we did not against resting players op course today but arrogant brat to them in games and everybody's paying attention. I you know like if there are a member of the week leading up to that corporate cavs game clippers and I think one of their restarts to Denver nobody. And we. And earlier in the year on LeBron country and our Camelot didn't go to meant as per game while people freaked out about it we did anything right. They care about the prime time Markey they understand the need to gain schedule teens being cognizant of how these there are. Acting their body now. That they need to get some games off to make sure that everybody help in the playoffs. What they don't want is that marquee game being turned did you debate about. So all. I think he'd like you said. Mattered they are gonna change the schedule or I think I've aged pretty dog every team that's playing on Saturday night you know navigate all war after it. And it could diet help eat them plain packet. And I think that'll take care of any problems you look at all the means resting players are rarely and resting players win. There's been normal break in the schedule there's a jail on the side right. Like Iraq we got out war to back. Her warm eyes then there then elect army got equity gains in in what we got like or want to got it right so I think what you when he. At a lot of that need it wrapped up goes black. Tim bon Temps the Washington Post joining us here at 95 point seven a game NBA this week John Dickinson Matt Stein mets' old gauge for us where. You seek the knicks and rockets are rat no with respect to Carmelo Anthony this is one that keeps popping up it's one of those it feels like. It made it it's just getting either happen one day or it's not but it always seems like they're touching base with the each other but what ultimately happens there. I'd build the park mean he would trade happening yeah yeah I mean talk like this coupons by. The accommodation or Carmelo salary and is no trade clause really limits the ability to communicate it to straight and where you want it. You can game deport you beginning to Utah or Oklahoma City or what what app. Right you could find trade access he could move impersonal. And it's it's something by but because he's got a camera with an outrage caught you can kind of really. Dictate where we want to go and in Portland or Houston but it's the same question right that the rocket. But by somebody to take Ryan Anderson month and whether the knicks or somebody else and until there is a age sweetener in there or not that satisfied the next sort of order would make that kind of deal. I just don't see how old history happens to. What it is completely dividend of eight errors and like so. First round pick that it you worker. So. I I did I I kind of am in the thinking like that with Emmett I read it for weeks that. Really difficult and vocal guys and barring a huge change in the situation in need are spot I think all pulled out and respect it England didn't. Tim by intense from the Washington Post joining us Tim we had Ira winter been on earlier buddy years he says a. Well the Arctic. Taken a shot at Byron yeah happen you know Twitter yeah that's on it happen and it didn't think I need to sort it but yeah. Yeah he's great as you know when he was talking about heat and he said something that. I hadn't even thought about but he he thinks the heat are gonna challenge for a home court in in the piece that they could be a top four team and they were not a team that I had. Thought about like that where where are you with the Miami Heat a team that seemingly over achieved last year. Well I mean I think art in a little optimistic but I don't think that's crazy I mean you look at Miami writing it. The first happier it went eleven of thirty and that is what third lap. So so which team are. And honestly you earlier and gotten hurt I would report that. So here is our PS remember beat Breivik pretty bad. By late march and it didn't play the last three or beat that date in lot Q gantlet it would one other cell. I was pretty remarkable turnaround van and it's kind of hard the day. I think I'm intrigued I think air all the great coach. We're like Goran Dragic I'm like I need of improvement last year and arsenal but yet the limitations in this game. You know the there to keep really at being on the guys they brought in and got. Only digit jump the big contract the waiter to big contract went by Kelly when it you know and shooting out of playing at the white but maybe get the job that the current line up. Up and that Iowa but the intriguing rookie reputable play oh this'll aren't going to be pretty good idea what is agree coach soul. Mean I think the pop arena eat boring interpret that I think it's. Obviously Cleveland and Boston and Washington. I think are a cut about personally. But then I think after that you've got Milwaukee and Toronto in Miami probably. Next group and I wanna be on the landing up the or seed I think it more likely than Milwaukee will be Timothy Johnson got a chance to win in either here just the odd app. Absolute monster by Italy finished war I would be shocked. Zach Randolph. Was it was arrested with marijuana possession and possibly intent to sell. I just signed with the Sacramento Kings for two years 24 million. All. I know we don't have all the facts but is this. Is this a problem for the Sacramento Kings. Out we have no idea. It's too you know like I just needed to wake you early and only bat like I know he got elected by I don't really have a team. Information and I'm what happened. What is situation that they use and I'll. Yeah I. I just talked about it in terms of well it's of the Sacramento Kings. Trying to bring in veterans with a positive influence they're trying to re claim their reputation. There were offseason signing one of their guys now gets into trouble pitches out that I had no luck at. I mean it obviously it not agree about not the ideal situation for them that got signed a few weeks ago. Barack I mean that's not. But I'm great now I'll open it. Alter anything did summary. You know it's not a great luck but it it also know see what actually comes out and I would the pupil situation but I yet. Clearly clearly it did it put a little bit of a damper on what an early ought to ought he's back. And it's one of those things where it's it's not a good luck but in three weeks and also might be completely thrown out as as you know right to know no rest no charges are it was you know they've admitted to cops jumped the gunnery and you know now. I got no idea thought or two early it. Hakeem Olajuwon a map I overthrew on the staff can force at its that's look at me like. Hakeem Olajuwon at today's NBA. As Dominic. Not quite as dominant and this is one of those Barroom conversations but Matt our pentagon back before the key that we just general thoughts to keep Olajuwon. In today's India. That you'd be incredible. The menu marketing team and news at six and it I mean his weapon at Barbara did you like six the 610 guy. I just unbelievably athletic I could pass was incredible after. I'd acute all out that it went like made the move before lights. That was early like he could shoot three it just didn't really quick arm is incredible post player. You know you look at data NBA like if you app like that it. Developed music over the post that you have a weapon like that you can. Throw the ball to the post in your pocket I mean I think he came with the even more dominant. It now because with the way. The with the spacing of the war and ended the waded deeper at the change I just think that he he could wreak Havoc apple fans in ways that I don't really know anybody else in the league but right. Why I think he'd be. A factor on defense in this NBA because he would be a guy who could switch the pick and roll and would have boarded a phenomenal that. Are sort of an unbelievable penalty probably picked up what do you watch my got old got laid out what a way to more space and can portion of eat what you can I mean. Imagine him in and it seemed to line up the dollar quartet the U currently means you can play ball got against these these small. Perhaps that's what it is him you have. Like lecturing on green like compound in under Margaret Wright does Carlton Kevin Porter who shoot the three and a post op and a blanket him on the war hate. Late Peter out and keen. On white senators that are shall be there like an athletic history month is accepting your luggage is bigger. You know so yeah I think it would I think all little I don't know where you got in down under earlier I think all those who just Carol writes came out about eight. Even young Jack you like I think all the all the old guys like gable and they'd elect senators are relevant now I don't think that are relevant if you have got like. They came nominee. Against a smaller lineups that are you all it is that you aren't going to be a factor Apple's. Well mark my feeling is that simply. And has nothing to do the players themselves my feeling is. That simply because the three point shot. Adds. You don't become so involved in teams are taken 3540%. Of their right shots that immediately. Will just make a senator. Lesson packed full now I will say this. Did that the key I think the key in this NBA. And you hitter right what senators. Can you play in your small lineup and if you could play setter in a small line up. Then you have an advantage you're not at a disadvantage. And certainly those two guys. Would be a big time advantage in this day and age there's I mean that artery with a whole heartedly on. Had they were cracking do you think about that you develop a championship right what they do it reads. And an avid game in the middle. On even Dwight Howard the year they went to the finals against the lakers that's. Pretty much the way they played. Yeah exactly exactly like if you have a dominant being. Even now like it with a in in my opinion to shooting all at the summit you have got to really plight. Because they're crucial ports in the middle acting like you said you're the big can play in these small lapse you can county. You know that's why I'm an alcoholic with a two ample birdie. The warriors even gotten it yet because towns. Such unique player easily get called out to predict I electorate one stop. And at that that to me it is what you have to look at me in the kind of hypothetical that I'd like between Robertson saw albeit it's a lot like you shoot the ball. To switch on beat and you could play them at anybody and in the back that are going to be so much bigger than everybody else does is athletic. I just think they were absolutely merchants. Tim thanks a lot 67 days until the regular season begins. Absolutely crazy I'm not the summer barely even. Anymore. Exact all right and six weeks old warriors for practice six weeks from now get that vacation in anybody. Aren't that common. I thought the other week right now. We'll see him my tips of the Washington Post patent that out I get is a pain in a bad light that while following up on on that argument. And put Sanders in today's day and age peers throughout look at it. What's said or would you match up against terrain mind we're drain mine would be at a disadvantage. I think David Robinson would be a would be an advantage for Robinson over Dray mind green Elijah one would be an advantage to me over Dray mind green. Patrick you yeah I don't think so am I guess that's why not just the title what I'm saying. Patrick Ewing might take my chances with Dray mind green garden Patrick Ewing knowing at the other end. Ewing got no chance against drain mongering that sent the that's that's I think that's a think that I think people miss about the value of dream on green. It's not just what he does defensively although what he does defensively. Is phenomenal. It's what he can do at the offensive end. When he's essentially. Guarded by a big slow guys. That doesn't war. Told I'm I'm totally with John that I it was more for me that. The team in particular was a special case. At all admit I mean that he was maybe one of my favorite players you write my favorite player of all pot. Right and and like I said my foundation. Of saying this is simply because. The preponderance of three point shots that are taken now compared to the melt that were taken in those guys zero. It's so different now. That the mere attempts will make those players less dominant because more perimeter shots are being taken. From the 650 also drained Monty is a hall of fame player then because you named but metropolitan guy who made your answer is maybe he might beat. He might be where. How much credit do you get or how how far is being in the best defensive player in the NBA take you to the hall of fame took Rodman there didn't it. That in rebounding. To MITRE in my green is on track I only he's there yet I think he is on track to BA hall of fame player if Dennis Rodman. Is a hall of Famer. YE. Hints Raymond green B hall of Famer. On let's say Rodman doesn't belong there not saying that at all I'm saying. Dray mind these Rodman in a lot of ways so. He better outlets apply yes yes good point in. Although Rodman was I mean he. He was underrated offensive players are the only school he really stopped hearing later in his career right now right buddy buddy in the Detroit daisy even. San Antonio days he still was skilled enough yet you know what's funny is interested to trade I would like. Dennis Rodman did not and really could not score. But he wasn't terrible offensive player because he could pass could stats the other thing he can do is. He was great at this he would get a rebound and push the ball up the floor beyond half court. And see if the bulls had a break and if they didn't. He could get into a guard and you do that with out turning it over him never turned it over in those kind of situation. It was like your own one man Donald Ross thinks he he comes down and what are you got somebody falls asleep and then they begin in whatever they wanted to do you're right now let's. Absolutely John tickets and that's Timex NBA this week roll along right here in 90% of the game. I. My point seven. Team here's the next time instead of John Dick. John tickets announced on a three and a half hour governor nice five point seven gamers thanks Tim bon Temps. The Washington Post always good stuff with Tim and and we are discussed in the schedule. 67. Days to go map and tell opening night in ORACLE Arena. Six weeks until the first warriors training camp practice they get to go three days earlier than everybody else. Because of the China trip right for it for the northern and play timberwolves in China a couple of games there that first week of October. And you look at it. The pre season is not. Linksys and other than the three days for China so the pre season for everybody else is gonna be that normal. Last Monday September recount has their media day in and you could start practice and I take that next data whatever that Tuesday news. You can start it to have practice. In that final week of September so that the trade Kiet. Is shorter. It's about three weeks now. Start to finish before the regular season begins as opposed to I guess it would be four or five in some instances. In years past. And I think obviously the NBA has made a lot of adjustments to the schedule. As a way of taking out the possibility that teams are gonna rest guys like they did last year or the year before. So. It's it's clear what's going on with the NBA right now they've they've made adjustments to the schedule so that they can say to the players. Look we've gotten rid of four and five nights we've lesson back to backs there's no more five and seven. This that and the other thing. And so clearly what they're saying now is we're gonna give you. These concessions that don't abuse it by still resting players so that's what's coming next what's coming next to some kind of memo. Which will. Indicate. That there are certain things you're not gonna be able to do. I still think the elephant in the room though is. If a coach doesn't wanna play a player for whatever reason. He doesn't have to to. And this is where I think science. Is colliding with. Practicality. Note the warriors are known for knowing when their players are fatigued. When they're tired when they're not at their best and those are the times when Steve Kurt decides whether to sit them or not. And so if if worried march. And the Bob ho rhythms or whatever they are staff curry. Are saying he's fatigued his body is not as healthy as it normally is. Steve Kerr is not gonna play him just not because that's something that the warriors subscribe to now will they just say. I get a sore sore ankle like at the end got a sore ankle so want to know you can be you can always come down as were exactly. So. Who will see what happens but I. I'd like to think that the concessions the league made in terms of the schedule. Will at least reduce what's been happening with the players were taking games often resting well it's not fair to say eight players taking games off. As most of the time it's an organization. That is making the decision for the player. And I think it's a case by case Steele I think the warriors actually handles and I know they got caught up with the deal in March. With the game at San Antonio that was right a marquee game it was U2 top teams obviously in the league that we are yours were struggle and at that point. And you know in hindsight. It turned out to be exactly the right move what the warriors did it to rant that injury just happened they were playing well. They had guys that were clearly fatigued by all the cross country in up and down and back and forth of that whole two week stretch. And Steve Kerr essentially decided hey organ upon tonight. And were gonna reset. And take a couple of days and come back home. And figure out and get on Iran while as it turned out the warriors lost two games. Playoffs included the remainder of the year it was absolutely the move. I think. The warriors though overall. Have handled it much differently than than other teams have handled over the warriors have rested guys. Foreign laughs by comparison of their star guys because that the date they feel they wanna have one they don't wanna. Mess with their chemistry the two IP they feel almost a little bit of an obligation to have star players that they want a seat plane 99 and I now. And three in the grand scheme of things. The warriors star players play less over the course of the season then the star players on other teams are great cause. They blow teams out and Curry's minutes are still at 32 or 33 door in the regular seasons that is. I think another reason why they don't have to do it so much the other reason they don't have to do it as much as his. All the players are there prodding. That is one thing I keep coming back to with the warriors. That's been very different from great teams in the past. They have their four best players. All are all in their primes. And that's why I'm interested to see how they. Keep it together for as long as they can keep it together. Because they're not going to be able to continue to pay these guys like they've started to pay these guys they they just can't. So something's gonna happen it may be in a year maybe two years are quite happy for three or four years. At some point. The warriors are gonna have to change a little bit of of of how they do business. 888957957. Out AAA 957957. Now. Also the Penske auto sales to act on tax line at 95795. If you want to. Weigh in on any of the things were talking about warriors out or NBA. Related you look at it I mean I just I am looking it's of the other just kind of notes from the week. That's at this Paul George thing with the warriors it took off abundant not to talk Tommy. The athletic and he did mention it to believe as a podcast conversation I had a warriors don't be surprised if there. Interested in. Paul your chain and it and it kind of became I think it was a rumor and you know aggregators and other people kind of picked it up like. Well could that really happened would that really happen and I think digestive systems point and he he wrote about it Kana clarified is. Look the warriors want to at least have a beat in the conversation. For any star players that's potentially available whether they can realistically sign that guy or not. And Paul George would would fit in that category as a as a top flight free agent that would be available. I actually believe that any free agent is realistic right now for the warriors that's been proven with Kevin Durant and this is something that's not new. The minute show late give took over the team he made it clear. We're gonna be a player in free agency where you basically came bought the war you're instead were officially a big boy right now. And if you remember they went after Dwight Howard and they didn't get him back then when they went after Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard was very sought after and there were a lot of people who rolled their eyes it Joseph lake of sure you're in the mix for Dwight Howard yeah right. That's what a lot of bad teams think that there in the mix they're not really in the mix but the fact of the matter is the warriors have. Turn the tables to they have now become. The destination. To everybody's in play so the fact is well now you got to look at the player. And how they would fit on this team because they can't get anybody in theory so Paul George is somebody that they have their eye on. Well let's talk about Paul George and how we fit on the laureate Paul George to mean would fit perfectly. What the other four starts but it is wondering if you're OK I and that's I wanted to make sure I got that out there before because I I'd had a feeling you did. I think if you're saying. It's curry tops and in. Durant Paul George strain on marine I ache I think he fits with the other four futility you're taking one way in your putting Paul Georgy end. Then I think you. It's a down well let me be clear. Let me be absolutely clear you drop Paul George on the warriors. Well of course that's fine and of course he'll fit in this is tied the family what Arafat but what I'm saying is. I don't like Paul George's. Mentality. I don't like his demeanor I don't like his makeup. I just don't I actually don't think he fits with this team personality wise I think each all Georgia's been in a struggle. For a lot of his career than before the injury and then after the injury of trying to. Make sure everybody knows he's the man and that he can be and number one. And of course she can come to the warriors and say I'm only gonna average eleven points a game but that doesn't mean it's the it's the right thing for the warriors to do all George is somebody who I don't think. I just don't think he fits with the with Golden State now could you put him in and the warriors are still win it yeah but. You could put in the worst player in the league and they still win it. Best player in the league and it's still win it in the worst player in the league. If you're just dropping them on the rock. Studies show an MD RRI OK not necessarily dropping him in the starting line Albert just. Just drop but a minute there I mean Zaza starting. Right how many people are better than John's family. I mean who's the worst senate and you know what if the warriors started Omar I'm sick it's senator they would still be the NBA champions. Yeah probably that's all I'm given this agreed I'll tell us why you gave me a scenario where I was gonna react to it. Okay you probably could I have split hairs I'm saying and sure I wouldn't turn down Paul George I wouldn't go seeking out Paul George or from the warriors so when. When when this was and look how Tommy mentioned it and 88 Kana grew a life of its own of it would be do or could they do it would that be amazing how ordered all work it kind of spun out of control a little bit so you haven't. Busted out the the Google the Google doc or the other Google spreadsheet you're the next Sallyann again they haven't figured out exactly how or if possible the warriors could. What would need to happen to fit at all and. Now here's the other thing I think about Paul George. He's not good enough for the warriors who after. He's not good enough to go laughter that's correct to kick the tires that's correct ecology. The Golden State Warriors. Just. Signed a year ago Kevin Durant in free agency. The best second best or third best player in the league Paul George is a top twenty player no luck. That's not good enough for the warriors they have their team intact for two more years. The next freeagent they go after is gonna be better than Paul George it's gonna be Carl Anthony towns or it's gonna be Anthony Davis. World beat Joseph well indeed if he turns into a superstar it's not going to be Paul George he's not good enough. For the Golden State Warriors right now are good enough for five years if they if they fall a little bit not right now. I think John Dick it cements time it's NBA this week here at 95 point seven game I just I. I didn't get to the point or actually. Busted out the excel sheet. And so wealthy takeaways this and this person does this may be pretty hard in the warriors are locked in would you trade clay for Paul juror no contracts in a minute now I yet I get I trade. Any your best no foreplay now for all you know that that's calorie started this conversation if your if your adding Paul George okay. As a fifth guy. Let's say you're just gonna played around a common for the minimal and let's say it's Iran and Paul Georgy your 24 words tops and and courier two guards. And jury not gonna be your senator OK let's just say that's how it would go about it. And you know maybe you'd wanna have some become off the bench to step down way that maybe let's just say look if hypothetically you're gonna do that. Sure I'd be. Yeah well why wouldn't you deed of course as you gonna make it a five. Okay. If you're gonna take 81 or the other guys away to add Paul George or would even think about it for a second. Well and I also made sure you're not as to. I also wouldn't think about it for a second if Paul George neat. Comes here with a twenty million dollar price tag because that's gonna impact which you can do in the future. I guess let's say it is yeah I'll take Paul George if he's willing to come for the minimum. Or of middle level or something like that and I can't imagine that a million years a player like that wanna do that. John Dick it's a next time it's NBA this week rolled along here wrapping up I 957 again. Feeling the heat in my ex wife thing. Myers assistant coach for issue with acoustic warriors he told me I hit it wrong. Once I heard a sound that won't go with the right to left who's played the first crushed. And tempers got over it won't talk to the Christians first date you looked at today. Now back to NBA this week yeah. The waist I invest in Dickinson on 95 point seven big game. Andre Iguodala the golf analysts. For the PGA championship the G coverage with turner. I'm a conversation there with thirty Johnson Iguodala the golf analysts citing. See this is what I mean when I say the popularity of the Golden State Warriors. Is immeasurable really it's just incredible what has happened to. You organization. Because the players in the organization Andre Iguodala is a sixth man he doesn't even start. And he is on national television right now at a golf major. Talking about golf and basketball Andre Iguodala. You think the warriors aren't. On cloud nine right now are the biggest thing. You're crazy because. I think. Yeah I could see curry. They they show him on the PGA maybe talk to him about golf they put all of that shows you this team has not only arrive by Republicans stay here for awhile I. I think you short change it would follow a little bit manatee he's ME former all star and not say it's got nothing to do that I don't you don't wanna get what I've been. A who's who trying to think who in the NBA. Michael Jordan for example was huge golf for a but he just he just it's Michael jordans and your ignorance like rice and and I don't remember Joseph never going. On TV during a major of of a golf tournament. Michael what do you think has golf though for you what do you think golf outing the one thing about it would follow those Iguodala is gonna be. ATV star I didn't think I really do you know I feel like there's a part of that he doesn't like yeah I I still think he'll do. I am writing its interest that I ID kit I do you think that he's going to be a guy that'll be an analyst or maybe studio got you know you know I don't. Seat and maybe you're right I have no ideas just punched him he's too cryptic at times he's. He's. He's like he said stuff that you just only a few people really nobody means you know and I mean yeah it's just not just through his Twitter. But you'll see him post game interviews with a bras and and interviews with the inside jokes yeah I know talk about bear. You know I. Yes he loves golf obviously and there's the turner connection should I think the bigger picture with him doing something like the PGA championship. Is the fact that he. Wants to get it to broadcasting more than anything and is it just kind of a natural way to do it during the off season or he can't do it. He can't be one of those guys that's doing it in the playoffs like her CJ McCollum is right Aziz teams play really deadline CJ McCollum yeah. I'll be available may third ranked every year but Iguodala can do with that one day at the warriors are in Atlanta. You want that guy out there there. You can't. They are going to be one of the day on the Thursday night it if that's true it's a that. That's true. That's true here's the other thing about Iguodala a lot of pro athletes. If you saw hundred dollar right now on the street today lets up on priest excited for the year. Now. What's likely with curry. He'd wanna be like. Can get away from the student hit the pike but what if you could start talking about golf. He'd probably talk to you for half an hour to a lot of these guys are they start talking to about something other than the aircraft. All of a sudden their way more open way more insightful way more talkative. See you've had staffing Perry playing on a when a Web.Com correct to war event. You've had it what dollar now at an analyst. At the PGA championship you have China client. Or even had to it and they're brain dead deer ran in India it was the it staff was in a dinosaur cells that China. Yet exiles up Pachulia and in his native Georgia as well. I evade or is. World travelers. These guys hit it's it's clutch hit is how else. I. So upsetting when you play a town easily overcome every time he still remains the coolest warrior thing Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant I mean it we date we have talked about this the Kevin Doran and he sat down with the athletics and that he Slater. A big interview he was talking about the money in the decision anti a lot of different things your stats but. Among them the decision to take less money to help. Facilitate everything and keep the warriors and and financial position they wanna be keep the band together essentially right and yelled at the the money and that was it's my money it's my decision I can still at the Al that I want. There's this belief in his mind. That people thought the warriors would be broken apart by money and ran it wanna be the guy. It was gonna have that be essentially on him rest and he gets a nice payday at 25 million but less that he made last year. He'll get his on the back in but it makes everything a little more comfortable. For the warriors for the next two years you know it's interesting when a player. Takes less money. To. Maybe keep it to you are to be at a certain place. We we give him so much praise but if a guy takes the most money he can. We we ripped the more you know we say he's not a team player. You know I think Kevin to rip this is in the middle. Taking the last I mean I know it's easy to praise. Her softer criticizing Durant for taking the last. That that's just ridiculous and I don't understand. Criticism. Of the rant but what I do understand is. Overly praising the move. Because while the movies. Unselfish and away you also are guaranteeing. Your keeping together. The best team in basketball. Which is gonna keep you on top of the NBA. While it's going on so. I would never criticize them. This is not. Completely altruistic. If you know what I mean. Well I look he's still get a number I don't I don't pay it and don't go out and there's still a lot of us it's like you don't want it to me. OK so we took nine million dollars last wow that's incredible well now. He also took nine million dollars less so he could remain playing. For the team that is the most dominant team in the NBA so it's not. Completely altruistic well but he also couldn't he also could've made that money and continued. Like for the best NBA right but they probably wouldn't have been as good for is longer and they wouldn't have been a lock this year if let's just say hypothetically resigning to rant to the maximum he could have made cost you big dollar and Livingston and let's just say yeah. What the warriors are no longer a lock at that point. They're still the favorite but I don't think they're a lot and that there I could see more things happening certainly net then then I do now of of things going wrong. I I share that Russell where did it then that's fair and again I think it deregulatory it did to me is he made he made that logical. He made the move that the Everyman thinks is really easy but it really isn't. NBA player to do for I think we have this conversation a lot just normal guys make it normal everyday living right now you'd think quote cash what really what's the difference between 36 and 25 racquetball the reality is its alert ads against eleven million dollars or you know it's not a lot last. And graded each given a rants got more money than he's ever gonna need. Yeah I think but I mean what are the but market value says he's Bradley get their money he can for auto issue with a either way. But he made the Everyman decision the and so far I've run and it's 45 and it's awesome it's not like he was asked to take. In L. 60000. Perhaps for. Well. It EI I'm totally with you I always feel like yeah these guys make a ton of money but in their lives. It's that they live they. The same as we do it's just that are there 40000. Us is form million today after. So I think it's very simple I think Durant would be like you're me. I'm marketed this radio station 957 the game. I take eight grand last year tent went yeah let's just say I'm a Macon enough a lot. And somebody comes calling back east and they're gonna pay me more like it's now on the lead in the Bay Area. I'm doing fine here. That this like that kinda decision. I think that's really how it loves the Bay Area I think he loves the Bay Area more than he ever thought he'd love the Bay Area. I think he's thinking this is where I'm gonna be the rest of my life not just my career. I think he's gonna live here after he's done playing and he seems like it that much. Hi hey I did seems like he loves it runs seems like he loves Oakland you are San Francisco he's got a favorite restaurants and Smart yeah. It juicy light looks like anybody else that comes out exactly I mean shirts XPL it's expensive for the Everyman bright well Kevin Durant and don't worry about that yeah come out. Outlook cloudy yet but no no now. You know one thing Kevin Durant has proven. This year or last year with the warriors I think he's proven without a doubt he's a good guy. He's a good guy he's not a jerk and when he left when he left Oklahoma City. He caught so much grief not just from thunder fans put from a lot of people around the league. Questioning his motives all that kind of stuff. Go ahead and Kevin derail its a good guy it's obvious isn't it. You really rip Kevin Durant. With the kind of person he is I mean. Do you think that's got a little bit blown out of proportion now just the fact that there did view. That Iran is hated figure disliked figure. Yes I think well I think in the beginning it was true. And I do think when he first went that. The Bart police and whoever she. Go join in the winner but I think it would also change this is. Here's what you here's what changed for me when Kevin Durant signed with the warriors I thought look at this chaos. Great player glom on to what the warriors had. That's ridiculous. Why. By the end of the season I was saying you know. Worst don't want it again if they don't have to rain on and what they don't win it without the rant so he actually. During the finals. Was their best player. So he wasn't just go lobbying on at the end of the day heat land them with curry of course to a championship. Absolutely are safe and those three hours. Just fly in by it more shows to the season started NBA only gets six weeks though training camp 67 days. Until the regular season starts you do the math on that divide it by seven it's what nine shelves we announced it. We had nine checkups are that's gonna do a Farsi and then and Lucas thanks to our guests Ira dement Tim contents. Opera here and I found Ximian.