NBA This Week - Hour 2 - 8/12/17

NBA This Week
Saturday, August 12th

Matt Steinmetz and John Dickinson talk about all the news around the association. 


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I jam packs first hour of the program. John tickets and that's diamonds here NBA this week our thanks to Aaron Miles the new head coach of the San occurs warriors in the great Ira wonderment of the Miami sun sentinel covers the heat that covers the NBA and a grand scale and and one of the best in the business and Matt. Is he'd just tremendous stuff on LeBron. On the rockets have Chris Paul and potentially Carmelo Anthony. And also he threw it out there he takes the heat it to challenge for the number 1 spot and Eastern Conference. I mean he was just chock full of information and I want to just mention our producers when we have that up on line that interview and Ira just give me a thumbs up as we we got a tweet that out that was such a great. Segment with a Ira wonderment. The thing about the heat stuck out I would I just didn't think of the heat as a team that could finish in the top four. In the east but after years Ira talking about it. You realize it is possible because Spoelstra has a history get the most out of his team. I think his point about LeBron James as a teammate was very interesting that he's a great teammate on the floor and in the locker room. The question I'm about LeBron is we saw outlets she's Tim Duncan we saw Tim Duncan hit his prime go on the downside. And begin to defer and kind of give up. The title of the man on the San Antonio Spurs. When will LeBron and be willing to do that with the cavaliers. Or Willie even be able to do that with the cavaliers that's one thing. That Ira was saying that that stuck out and the last thing we can we can all touch on the east three. He seems to believe that if they they the Houston Rockets acquire Carmelo Anthony. It's going to be more difficult for them to. Excel. Or more challenging for them to be as good as they wanna be. Carmelo Anthony's a concern for me in if I'm the rockets and I'm looking at it yelled that. I antique. I don't think he's a fit we can throw that one aside and come back to it as stars LeBron James I mean you mentioned and speaking of Ira. You will LeBron James take that step back. Now he's not at a point where he's in his take a step back it up let's say you should right now or later he's at a point where he still considered. The best player in the world they'll or at least among the top two or three. Players in the world I know the debate between is in America ran an act like him on the files to rant. Outplayed LeBron LeBron missed outstanding. In the NBA finals so he's not at a point where he's going to do that. I also don't think he's going to do that until there's a player that's clearly better than him merry on his roster. And say what you want about carrier Irving I mean LeBron James carrier ring he's like. If not you're not on my level Al Rai you might be a number one and another team but you're not a number one in terms of the league player Michael LeBron James it. This is so much were personality comes into basketball because. Tim Duncan was somebody came into the league. Very little fanfare. Very relaxed. No emotion. Doesn't let a lot of people in but obviously you go great teammate and never had a big ego. It was easy for him to kind of drift backwards as coli Leonard and Ginobili and Parker became more and more factor. It's not just to me that LeBron is gonna need to see a better player. Mean for goodness sakes when Tim Duncan started to quote on quote defer. Parker original we worked better than him at that point they were worse they were getting better. So I don't know that LeBron got that kind of make up to begin to step back. Unless you're right that players. In place and already better idea is going to be. I think he'll iris take on on LeBron James is the fact the great teammate on the floor in the locker room. To meet there's just so much noise. Around LeBron they're so many different mantle's that he has to Cary. You know bit the best player in the league best player in the world. Number one star. You know Joost deal hometown hero. There there's so many different elm businessmen. Mogul right you noted it which there are so many different. I think people pulling at LeBron constantly. People talent instill that he's got to be this series gotta be that this isn't good enough and this is a bad luck. I just think at times the prime gets. Caught up in all of the noise. It doesn't really know how to react to it hand away. You just. I think he's moody. You know and edge as a person and that comes off the tides on the court in the media and social media. Us sometimes is just messing with people like sometimes he likes to kind of toy with people. Elf because it may help his brand in the lightest it's a weird. There's a weird dynamic comedian today's day and age I think the social media. Error let millennial error that worry and that generation. I think it becomes. A lot from LeBron to grip and I think get. It's seeps in to. Relationships. In and the play on the floor in different thing I etiquette it's been in play with the reason he left Cleveland. It was in play and the reason he went to Miami and then left Miami and it gets. It's festering now like he always has to worry about. Every decision he makes how's it can impact his legacy because every movie makes there's a grand discussion about it. The funny thing is you said you think LeBron James is moody I'm not disagreeing with that. But now par lay that with high re Irving the report coming out he had talked teammates. For two days between series between the first round second round. So. This team is not feeding together right now I'm talking about the Cleveland Cavaliers. And that to me is apparent. And I'm still of the belief. That. If this team doesn't make a move. They're they're just not going to be a championship factor they they just can't be I do not believe that. Ira mentioned Bledsoe Josh Jackson and number one. That all of a sudden sounds like a lot for Cleveland to copper. Phoenix to give up. Yeah I don't seed but now that. That Ira brought it up in kind of explained it the way he did. Cleveland does get back to the finals after making that trade. Well it's it's. The only way you do that trade if you're Cleveland is if it's gonna set you up for the future as well I mean that's the only reason it was Josh Jackson and pick I think would do that writing you would do I mean that is the one sort of a two way deal. But we're here to where he did not want to sit down I acted number one and look Phoenix is not. Why would you do that for Carrie Ann I had to meet that deals a complete non starter. Is I don't think if you're near Phoenix as I don't think I mean I only there's any way in hell carrier ring with stick around I don't think they would be good enough for him don't want to stick around to meet. He play out his his deal. He's two years. And you believe in what way did Phoenix to be terrible that there could go to Cleveland and could only get a great pick it. Jack thank but this is the thing about how I read. He wants his own team I know we don't Topeka as the Phoenix. Let's say he doesn't have a lot of success they win 31 year 37 is next. When when they don't limit were made. Oh where then does he sign. Does he go sign slower with another superstar work he's gonna have yet -- issues he had with LeBron has enjoyed it goes the Phoenix realizes he can be the man. Exactly like I actually think that's exactly what would have OK Ike the priorities would change a little but he's going to be yet. A guy and he did what a BL one slash twos some wire in terms of pecking order but I think he would know hey. This 35 wins stuffing cotton it. I never would say Carrie doesn't care about winning. But I do think the fact that he won that title two years ago Donovan did hit some big shot why we wanna go to the net. He's going let's say what I know but let's say goes to Phoenix in the knicks in doubt turn it around a little bit. And they're a piece away and then that's going home I mean it sounds like that's the team he really wants to point 40 what if in two years pours into this is Larry Bird. And he didn't need I think New York's the spot that he would go to regardless Oca. But he's got a tall without great for him because he would go in and he would be able that. Fit what they guide it's better than him at that point and they can compete but this isn't that the problem you have. Thought James having it this that's the difference Chris steps closing guess. Is to you know and it I think a lot of this is LeBron James a lot of this is. Is the tiger he isn't ever going to be on the bronze level while he's playing with LeBron. True but Chris step for zinc is could be one of the best he'd be a top five player in the lead. And there isn't going to be that gap between. He in north sake carrier being or anybody yeah I mean I just I don't. There's LeBron James and his own stratosphere. Oka her eight terms of that now. He is he is I just I think. There's really something to carrier ring would still be the biggest car. On the knicks know we wouldn't even if Crist I know we need to get Ozzie is an all star O Milan. No chance. And the simple reason is his pores in this is why. He would be a bigger store. That's just the way it is especially if he's being a New York Knick for five or six years when Carrie comes. And and poor's Angus was the player who turned it around I I don't know I don't know about that I disagree that the debt but I mean I lose it's not crazy statement. Or a mile and. You know the white black thing I've heard from a lot of writers in New York I Sola. That all these guys there's it. David Lee when he was in New York was. Glorified. Just totally glorified. It's just the way it is it pours Hingis turns around the New York Knicks. And our carrier ring comes hours and this will be bigger. And carrier. We're seeing is. I hate to shape report singles will be one of the most market players in the entire league if he becomes like death. It's almost becoming that already. And he's still got a lot of growing to do on the court. John Dick it's a next time it's NBA this week here on 95 point seven we gave my again our thanks to Ira wonderment as far as the heat go. Just got tied up that other thing I mean you start to look at it in the Eastern Conference I don't see them as Vienna. A top. Wander to team. But if you just start looking at it I mean it'd make the playoffs last year 41 of 41 and look at that the teams that did make it. Eight seed was Chicago. Miami's gonna be better in Chicago everything seventh seed was Indiana. I think they're gonna be better than Indiana for sure I know Indiana has right now fifth seed the fancied to. Was Atlanta Atlanta 0143. Games. LA is give you a little the worst teams in the NBA. So I mean I'm look at it three teams have finished ahead directly at a Miami 87 and five. And I think they're guaranteed locks to be better than those three teams who's below Milwaukee was the one team in between at six. They were the sixties they want his ten game whose ten you start getting into Detroit eight Charlotte knicks. Orlando Philly in Brooklyn or the bottom the bottom feeders and then maybe one team can jump into that mix. Milwaukee yet they probably moves up to a fuss like its seat. I could see Miami be an F 56. I still link the top four teams and Easter Boston Cleveland. Washington Toronto some combination that we can make an. Iran I think Toronto is is gonna have a a sub par year but they're still top 516 and violet six but it. Clearly Toronto is a team that our winner man looks at as if things fall into place that he'll have a better year than them. It gets everything that I did try and just hit it a point where Dave almost. You'd better and they know it hasn't worked so I think there's maybe some in here frustration coming into the year when you look around the room. If you have a group of guys that just haven't been able to do it right this thought maybe they would be able to do it. And now you've and now they're you know now Boston's even better in Washington potentially he's better they're not Cleveland site yeah I could see that I could see. Toronto and at east is so weak that I still think their playoff team and Emmerich sent probably atop sixteenth. But I think Miami can be in that top 456. Ish. Mix in man who knows beyond that I mean beyond Boston Cleveland. Washington. Let's say Milwaukee Toronto Miami. Asked to flip a coin. Right in the bottom of the those 5678. Have no chance. Yeah I mean. Now I mean if you're Tellme Toronto's point Washington and a series. Are you saying you can't just back to I mean I don't think Washington. I think I think Arab Wonder Bread Bibby who we cannot add that he setting grade I mean I think they are better. But do they have a Big Three absolutely not. They have it and John Paul who's a really good player and I think ease and a number walk he can be your best player. They need to be a good team and Bradley deals another and he he's an all star player but he's a cut below John Wall and then they get auto Porter they paid a ton of money to you. And Otto Porter is not. Even on Bradley deal's level army he's around player right Timmy he's a nice role player. But he's a dad and I think you're gonna what Gavin and look at the money that he's getting paid and you're gonna say whoa that was not geared. I just look it I just look at it John Wall and me and maybe this is the unfair part and it's where we are in the league. I compare these teams that that believe they're gonna be contending to the warriors. And I'm taken curry over wall every time I think clay you were talk about it notch above Kleiza notch above Bradley Bil to me. And they still have two players in Durant and trade mind who were better than any other players on the on the Washington Wizards. And that's always what I come back to JD is you'll be able to say to me of course they're not as good as the warriors. I come back and say but that's the point. Your putting together these teams that you think. Have a chance at being really good but at the end of the day they're gonna bump in the warriors. It doesn't really matter if you're the second best team or your fiftieth best team. If you're supposed to wanna win a title that Washington is not win a title that team anytime soon. 8889579570. AAA 9579570. Let's get to Antonio in Oakland Antonio Gates is Roland here. But on the 10 o'clock hour 957 game. Ya think like diary touching something that's pretty do you mean like. Eric Wetzel it and just checks and to Cleveland. Thank you as Clinton you know sitting in need a little like everybody you silly out. Yeah Josh Peck an indictment or that you know Durant you know part partly eaten VW beetle you're playing in Atlanta and athletic. You know inquiry crippled brokered apartment curry play. You know I think Steve out there are being number one. Poppy that are also signal Milwaukee. Arming right. Epic creeks pre integrated European superstar. I'm Mark Martin rookie of the year notes and Arctic is Schindler played like during the Dutch accent Lang. You know Jabbar Parker they help them along with arms makers Superman guardian like you'd select restaurants what package and threes. Like that means like or slip down. Got you are we sleeper Milwaukee and they put our top four appreciate Dade college Tony I don't I'm not ES a gig Connally were sleeping on Milwaukee but I don't prepare. 8 in Eastern Conference contender this season but they get finished in the top four. Top six. Again I I I I wouldn't and it could picture. Yeah I think they could. I wouldn't come also with I think the three best teams to me are Cleveland Boston Washington. I egos of the three best poker Annie after that the next three or probably. Miami Milwaukee. And Toronto. And I think in some comedy Milwaukee's got the most town up that's that's what I think and I also think you Tony oh. He's thinking about the way the suns would think about it. See I understand that you're saying if Harry goes the Phoenix easily even two years. Oh we've seen this a million times with the warriors were the kings now with the suns if you're a team like that you have to take a chance. You have to take a chance on getting a player in there and that she can sell them. I I would take a chance side into resigning Booker refined the suns in and and spit Josh Jackson develops into a stock. Okay that would be pitching I would much rather take that chance. If on the Phoenix Suns. Trade Bledsoe for something else. But I would much rather take that chance of undefeated sides to take a chance to carry your rings gonna stay with my franchised. That's why were down why he heroes are staying with your franchise because he you always Timmy have a better shot on attack comes up your franchise. What do guys drafted I always begin a better shot. We're gonna warriors. And we we talk about the warriors that Bebo the warriors developed that. From the draft guys became in a were cultivated to be warriors this day and I think when you come in and yeah. It turned out that way bogey. Currently dollar and only best players players but you know there's a real Amy before the grand. You write three players that means that your all if you're a team that's trying to go from bad to good it's almost always the draft. It's almost always the draft. The bird is rare burst of rain warriors vs a trade it's a player that's the potential malcontent. I mean that's the I mean I got it doesn't wanna play on the best team in the second best team in the NBA and nice I don't know man IDs. If you're a team that's go from bad to good. The most sure fire way to change it is to draft. Great players that come up to your organization and become great. That your book actually got you're also you're also forgetting that. The three players the warriors drafted. They kept all three of sure. That's not easy to do it's not easy to do but I what are the reasons are re able to his his dream on was a second round pick bright but you can also pay you can also paying the guys that you pick the most. Right UELU you're also locked in essentially two. Extensions. Easy extensions that after three years if you can keep them for four years without a doubt. Ending you can pay him the most in terms of an extra year the next deal and he can pay in the most again the next deal now these guys if they're great players there's the super Max deal that you can get. It's set up the word you draft well. And either get a guide its star or get a couple of guys there really get all star players you'll be able to keep up and if you have a good culture. Which rated the warriors didn't have when he drafted curry. But he was around long enough to where the culture changed to what it is now. And then you add the other guys into the mix. And now you're able to keep ball on the front Phoenix and more specifically docking about Phoenix. I would much rather role would Booker in Jackson and hope that that shows enough province. Then bring inning Tyree. A I'm not that I'm not necessarily disagree with you clearly. I mean to take it a step further you don't think much retiree. I think he's a really good why are we were talking about this with Tim Bob tips he. As the number two player in Cleveland it's almost a perfect bet he's almost maximized in my in my eight. Opinion there. But as far as where he fits is a number one on other teams. I don't think much of them and not roll I don't ICF thirty I IC. ICL yeah it down upper thirties when team if he's your best player that's what I see. I'm that I don't disagree with I just don't know how much he really. Really care you may be right about that he's got his signature moment you've got. I bring and signature yeah I'll read everything else is I'm not even saying your wrong Brad and I just wouldn't want to time myself. To him. Because of for that reason I would not want a time my franchise to him right and all I'm saying is there some franchise out that out there that would. They needed some kind of shot I could care bill he's not it was low but why is he given credibility. If he's a losing players a Juanita and give you credibility because he's he's got a championship ring and made the big shot in the 2016. Fun you don't carrier ring would wind of the unity goes to Phoenix he would it would wind up being a catastrophic trade. It it would be it would wind up being the trade it in that setting the suns backed. Five more years after they've already been down five years. Seem pretty sure that I I it's. I believe it bunker the tray carried the Sacramento Kings. And he bowl and they'd be worse than they've been the last ten years Oprah at the end of it are they just be a nightmare Okur. John Dick it's Mets diamond's India this week and I found seven again. Nine point seven. That's guidance and she. I think it's okay. It be this week at 889579570. AAA. 9579570. Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post joins us coming up at the top. Of the 11 o'clock army and we're just were run the gamut around the league and its Eastern Conference there which who we don't we will deliver once in awhile in the west is just so much more. Provocative and interesting. Compared to the east once you this once she get below the surface. Well I I don't think it's quite. Is kind of what I got into it review in Bonn temple about last week I don't know it's incher staying I think it's less interest in in the masses think the Western Conference. I sat well like I said what I did torture scene in the east now. Well like I said when what I got to do would you bon Temps about last week was. I don't think. This year. Has a lot of compelling stuff on the menu. It's the most compelling thing on the menu is. Well if the warriors suffer any injury then. That's not a compelling that's not compelling. Why agree video Matt. I certainly anyone hears you don't have a thought I had him in this the NBA schedule is coming out Monday right. And the first a couple of games for the warriors and were released the opening night team the Christmas game and it played it caps a Christmas that an open with the rockets. At oracle in 67 days on October 17. The thought that I had along the lines of what you're talking about. Chris Paul goes to the rockets rockets at PJ Tucker. They Adam mbah a moute still got Ryan Anderson James hard near cordon a lot of the same players to dock Allah is still got a lot of those guys. Do it differently at a star. Rockets in what the warriors beat the rockets by thirty on the first night of the season it what do you think of the rockets. I'd want a war that we're gonna work I say I can't. Get to know two warriors. I know I won't think any less of the rocket attack and we think any less of the warriors. I mean in my taken a week or two to rub off for I should say Wear off after they lost by thirty. Well then what's the rockets lose by thirty and then twenty games later they're fifteen and five. I don't think will. Pay a lot of attention to that first game. That is one thing about the NBA. In the wake of the warriors get hammered by the spurs yet I do remember there were two or three days of hope what's going on here I wonder wonder. It it corrects itself it is it corrects itself so I don't think. Yet if the rockets lose by thirty the warriors opening night will be like. You know who thought this team could challenge. But I think over the course of the subsequent weeks and months will realize well look the rockets are the second or third best team in the west all the rockets would still be to second or third best team in the west what I wanted to challenge the warriors I think doubt IBM does anybody think they can challenge the warriors have the warriors are healthy. I don't yeah I mean I don't and it challenged and it and get a beaded team that plays them I mean that does that by virtue and what is challenge for wouldn't want to indoors when 67 and the rockets went 57. And then they meet in the Western Conference finals in the words when Ford one mean what you know is that. Is that challenging right pretty much tighter mile. Seem ready to eat possible intrigue. Is gone if the warriors blown out on opening night at a cemetery south of the warriors are not I know a lot of times teams get their rings is a let down and you be given boards and get their rings laster but San Antonio came in all hype surrounding that the big four the core four are terrain emanated everything. The spurs blown out an opening night. The warriors are gonna be a lot more buttoned up on opening night this year than they were last year because they're gonna remember what happened last year and an active when it happened so I wouldn't bet on that tradition all. Let down team plays like garbage on the night that they get their reign. This scenario so you think would Houston does in the opener. Against the warriors is gonna linger. It's gonna linger in conversation. If the warriors pulled out but how tall how is gonna nobody thinks the rockets to challenge of Italy and is still double detailed double if they'd been to borders not. I'm I don't disagree with the there. But I I don't know that anybody's gone into the season saying. The rockets to challenge the warriors all things being well let's say let's say the rockets in the warriors don't play at all aside but it looks at you don't plan Alltel the middle of January took her okay slip let's say halfway through the season. The rockets and warriors haven't played each. Okay forty games. And let's say the rockets or thirty year and ten. And the warriors are. 34 and six there. But the rockets are clearly better than everybody else at that point it at thirty and ten or 319 whatever and some. At that point there. People say wow rockets and it Arab awesome this is really worked and this is great there will be some intrigue. You could they actually be a challenger to the warriors there were recent injury there BA build up. I drew a mystery to let's say and then they play and it's this massive game in the middle the other gonna play four more times. And it's gonna be great. Well if you play the first night of the year and the warrior smack them around up there goes your entry to it there's no more intrigued in room. What if this what do they play the what if we look at the schedule they play the rockets ten days later in Houston yeah. And Houston beats. Because that's essentially what happened. Last year Houston came in to gold slurs at two years ago Houston came in here is not they want December 1 lighting double overtime yes. And that that is not. It's a little different no doubt that game went a long way for the rockets in terms of maybe they were able to play with the warriors. They couldn't. Nor do I think any team can even though the warriors will have some blips to the schedule. And. I don't know I just. I don't wanna via. Boom negative Nancy. But I'm not gonna try to concoct. Some kind of compelling. Issues. When. I don't know if there are any the warriors. Are head and shoulders the best team in the NBA. That beat the odds say that there's never been a bigger favorite to win an NBA title and this year is Golden State Warriors. I believe it. Even when I go back and think about those bulls teams. Even when I go back and think about the Celtics and the lakers the problem of the Celtics and the lakers was. They always had each other so nobody ever went into a season saying. The lakers are a lock as you know the lakers would have to play the Celtics or the Celtics are locked as they how to play. The lakers. But even the Chicago Bulls. Work they didn't show the invincibility that the warriors are showing that. This is now three years of the best basketball the NBA has ever seen and we're goal on fourth. Though the Chicago Bulls had two phenomenal years and even when there were haven't. They believe it or not they what do they were not. As dominant as this warriors team because they work that good offensively. And though yes we're not that good offensive. An ominous say something that's very unpopular but I think there's another reason there's another factor there the other teams were better. The other teams in the lead the yet that the gap wasn't as rain might and there are more. Good teams I know that's all my god you can't say that it's blasphemy can't say that the league was better twenty years ago there. Teams to a year ago their error. The Utah Jazz are better than any team in the NBA. Currently the 9798. Jazz are better than any team in the NBA. Currently other than the warriors. What that no quite that the 9798. Utah Jazz would destroy. The Houston Rockets when rep Kathy blanched and grabs it might be a 67 game series they'd win one. I don't know I have no thought about it like yeah a lot of those mid ninety's teams he we get into that those mid to late nine bitten and maybe not Li adding 98 about the cut off. But 9293. To 98. Yell that that Phoenix Suns that went to the finals. Would be the second best team in today's NBA. Well I do agree might go like there's a lot of those teams the rockets that won championships would be the second best team in today's NBA. Hands down not even close. Why do agree when the bulls ended up. You thought I mean the bulls were favored make no doubt about it but I remember the Phoenix. And so I remember the Seattle. Series against Chicago think in C shot at this. They shot at this there's nobody that can play the warriors in the finals of the warriors are healthy were on to say they got to shop. That's Seattle team once 63 Snyder or games that Seattle team would be the second best team in the NBA that day. They might video the two rockets teams an image of the Phoenix team. I think the knicks had a couple of teams in the mid ninety's that would be. The second best team that would beat the rockets and would probably beat the cavaliers. In the in the NBA finals I know you get into the whole thing and all but now it's so open and then. The atlantis' and in the speed in the three point shooting and stretch for urgent stretch five I get it. I get it. By the one thing that the team a lot of teams don't have today. That teams had then it's up to you always talked about. It's skilled big man ski old big man right Hakeem Olajuwon tip why in today's NBA. The fuel pressure on would be just fine David Robinson can play in today's NBA. They could but they wouldn't be as dominant as they wore no but they would they still Nissan and why they would still be factors baby fat people watch on. I don't know that he'd be dominant and he'd be dominant I'd absolutely. His athletic schism his full work. But he'd be so dominant he could call how would he be more dominant. He would be as dominant power in the huddle. There's a reporter now and he'd probably be some of the guys would be shoot around them while he'd be shooting it put. I'll bet he'd be less efficient from three that he would be in the low post he'd be dominant the low post did you put any yes but he but if he's exactly the same player. He's less dominant now because the three point shot is so. Much of players in free throws are still good their original I cannot has good he'd beat you you'll be cut out of his game. Probably that the 1517 foot jumper. I would probably be cat but his post game is a great plunge and Ian ever run so was Mikhail. But yeah he'd be less of a factor. Because you module was a freak athlete I looked at wash one's one of the greatest players ever. I'd draw top fifteen or would be the best center in the game right now. And note note and and hold his own fine when anybody absolutely. But like shattered glass who's the best center in the NBA now. We'll put Cohen and give it to mark his cousins Anthony Davis and how dominant is doing or is gonna watch. Not as dominant as a team a lot of you want exactly I was dominoes Patrick Ewing. Not exactly a bit battling DeMarcus Cousins would have been as dominate in that era. As well as those other senators right but he'd be more dominant I'd tell you you know Patrick Ewing would be kicked it DeMarcus Cousins bought. And so what a lodge allotted so what Dave I don't about it. Not a direct Qichen has bought it I mean DeMarcus Cousins is extremely skill he's really good but now today as the difference that's the difference in the level between those guys and and DeMarcus Cousins if you put the same DeMarcus Cousins back in 1985. Or ninety. He's more dominant than it is right now. I don't know what is against you there and and and Olajuwon. Yeah I'm not this day I'm not disputing that it you made that point before actually agreed on that but he would be more impact for playing that style. Activision. No doubt about biding their I think the glory of the greats. They'd absolutely be a problem. And not get into this whole like who would beat the iMac comes from the warriors out of it. Right to thank the warriors stand they stand on the level of any championship team. Ever I think they're that good especially now the star power some kind of leave the warriors out of but I think when you start to look at these other teams. I think did I think a lot of those teams that didn't even win championships in that bulls aero. I think those teams are better than the number 23 the depth of the top teams to be was much better. When you start looking at who competed with the bulls let's say in narrated. John Dick it's a mats dime it's NBA this week and bon Temps at top of the hour more of your phone calls coming up right here and 95 cent in the game. Now back to NBA this week with Stein message Dickinson on 95 point seven. Big game. I welcome back to bon Temps joins us in about ten minutes at the top of the hour wall. Hit all things warriors and NBA with him the first let's get some phone calls here. But 889579570. Welcome back it's John tickets next time it's India this week here. I'm 95 point seven the game 8889579570. As we get to the lot Willa Marie and will on 95 point seven a game what's going on well. Morning I wanted to speak about art that we went brought. On court coached an all court GM sold on it all on. Not that. I don't think I've met their capital to back and he lost one laps to. Kind of more freedom not up here is what looks today and also. You know I think he ought to make a neighbor stopped no matter how well you're gonna be shot. And that that the couple is it proper diet of iron out. And out of it it figure out how we care and so on ought to be front and not the way. I elected to copper and to be on line got also got in that I think. Market Catan. That the person maybe the quote person I think would do. Pretty good against Hewitt I mean I think Ewing in the better player in a pocket that was it but I think market gotten a lot better than people think I think it would be a lot closer. Bank. I will appreciate the phone call Matt I agree with them on cousins to me he's in it. The way I feel my cousins is I realize he shot threes last year. But he is the closest thing to traditional dinner of twenty years ago that we have in the league. And he could have been just fine back in the lead twenty years ago. As for. The statements from. On Tyreke couldn't agree more and I think that's really what it's about it's not about. Necessarily. The end and number two to LeBron all of that part of its. LeBron. Hello folks everything he just. He he he's got an umbrella over everything and a player like carrier ring right now who's 25 years old thinks of himself as a superstar. Already got that ring in the back pocket with a signature shot that will live on forever. He say in. You don't want to get out of here and survive easily and that's what I wanna do shaking. I don't I'm I got quite he. Think the lack of talent big men over the last year it won't let me read in the game changed or do you think it just bad and people started making creed. Rate. I think yeah I think people started to make. Threes at a higher rate I think what's happened is. You look at how many threes the warriors take for example I know the warriors are a little bit of an anomaly but we're talking about threes now being shot. 30% of the time 35% of the time 40% of the time. I think that in that climate of the way basketball is played now. Their cannot be a quote unquote dominant back to the basket sinner. To even come into existence. Because. If you're sixth seventh grade let's say you realize you're gonna be seven feet tall. I guarantee you you're going out to the three point line and the reason you're going out to the three point line is because. Vacant how owed it to you in the low post all they want. As great as someone might be in there. Their impact will still be mitigated to a degree it's never been before because of players like curry and players like clay. The dominant players in the NBA right now. Or perimeter players and drivers they are not big man big men and they won't be big men again. Unless and until the game switches back a little too more balance between twos and threes. Bobby in San Bruno and 95 point seven regain hey Bob. Well global mobile. Me. Part. Of it are. A lot about it one bit of luck there in the art or art. I. Are you read write you back at. A topic last back and that. Part that I. No yeah. You tell rob. OK so you could make it cannot keep probable. Heat I mean a lot to dominate is a different kind a word rob. He would not dominate. Today he just wouldn't he be good he'd be darned good you would not dominate that's all our. It by default and the well being bigger I but what are you market by. It went out. Matters. But it. That secret is out. That white oak. Older people would. Like. It. Could. And it worked. I got it but that didn't let it. Out. Why. How about Iraq have a disk I will give view. When you're making good points I'll tell you what a team and it David Robinson. Now that the reason that they would still be excellent. Is because they in this day and age would be able to defend it. Guards coming off pick and rolls better than any big men in the league. No I mean like for example remember what it would curry put go bear in a blender all right. I'm not saying he couldn't do that occasionally to a team or would David Robinson. Why it would be harder for curry to do that against those two players because they moved extremely well for big man. Dick well they're not. Look back. And let the Woodard. I wonder how you went. To buck the you're. Becoming a rebound. But pretty quickly at eight. Here. It might. I. Arctic Arctic Rick Perry. League we went out. It is. And who. Oh. Call. You know it's a tough argument to win if you're trying to say to people a team. Either wouldn't be as good or is an act because listen a team Olajuwon is a great is not to acquire a phenomenal player. And it's no fault of his but the game has changed. To an extent that. He just wouldn't be as. Impact fall as quote unquote. Died ID he I totally think he would I think he's one of the guys that absolutely would because of the superior atlantis' in his superior skill. As a big man and that's the one thing we always talked about and you're right on the money with this there's so many big men now. That lack skill and those of the guys to just keep destroyed now Hakeem Olajuwon. At the athletic schism. And the scale he did shoot it eked it post. Rebound block shots steals. And mean he did everything on both ends of the floor you they're nobody downing him to get all up now Lotta time and today. Game but there would be. Way more games in which the opposing team came out started making threes. Got up. And he just wouldn't be able to be as much of a factor because the other team isn't playing in the game tick them like they used to. He's the one guy. In and one of the guys. Where you always ye hear people saying they're wrong all you gotta hit the warriors inside getting hit the warriors in sight yet yeah they don't have an inside presence. He always hear that all odds are not well there's nobody in the NBA they can punish anybody for that. A key Olajuwon would punish. I T what it does them how much does DeMarcus Cousins punish the war now not on the same line. To me I don't know I mean you know it was a lot of green as greatest but he's appraisals he's also a little slow. Start and end when. Hussein is as great as Elijah one was. If the warriors your they have their small unit on the floor and they're coming out with the good Dolly digging dive in. They could make him less dominant. It two hours down one hour to come him bon Temps joins us next NBA this week and I found seventeen.