NBA This Week Hour 2

NBA This Week
Saturday, December 16th

In the second hour of NBA This Week, Matt and JD talked to Rick Kamla of NBA TV and also disscusssed Kobe Bryant. 


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From the topic today. Warriors five it all here at between twelve Las Vegas summer league. They can't put off would be 872 victory over the New Orleans Hornets. Hurdle now is a huge deal. Pour Beers when they won that summer league's championship. And is a huge deal and we laughed like clients. Good for them. And then in the last couple years in Sacramento when it nave been didian about a month Sacramento one and I yen and the next year the year after that and they were giddy about it in Indian had he didn't flip for them but afoot for the warriors. Rick Campbell making this summer league games sell like a playoff game. It's good effort to good effort great effort brick tablet joins us from NB ATV here and our asset in the game let's go to Albrecht. Fellows let's go look band. Our it toppled. But. All people say. You know or play about their act like that this summer league not a regular season game. There are bank. I don't their regular game I'd probably I'd give you legal lead there so I'm really excited about the game out of our way. All an act now I'm back in the building. Oh all right about the summer league action. I will pop out there. Yeah I did hey Rick I hope you can take that is an insult that was a compliment good. Batted ball got by our whole lot. Of people find it. Oh you know. Oracle organs. Are both spat out like well. Well I totally disagree with that we don't know. Play by play very vocal about it didn't happen of course but it collapsed in minutes I. It was at Politico. I'm I'm with you and I also think there's no substitute for passion of people though that you're into your haven't fund. Nine out of ten times gonna make the broadcast better but enough about how good you are Rick. Oh. Let's talk a little hoops. Pay the Houston Rockets are playing phenomenal basketball. How for real hard day in relation to the Golden State Warriors. It. Won't last year and not a problem and Google and you've got you know. All its Google wants yeah. Twelve and row. But all the skirts are important article stated goal is still aren't the school district and mine are. Also a lot aren't that young go up so I like go code or both. Houston is is killed or order Ike. And what are like that. Are in a battle close circle and there's been all occurred which we want to watch your. As you're an original thought that. All the Internet. Quick quote like that all out war. Well I. Can't tell a we're not aware there was coach and it's our post coach we'll look at the rockets at all. Seattle post them go straight and wedged it all go. Well Rick yes I guess the next question would be if you think they're the closest thing how'd they get over the hump is there remove the can be made. To get over the hump and and what do they feel maybe that they are missing. It to put themselves on that level. Although it. Org and it's been quite. Well as well all you want that they want we want belts please and that's what did you. Hurt. Call eight or look for questions I don't record. Against pop pitched orange or. A is it natural. Are. I think the by the other. It has been. Improve and eat it but talk. About what would look like you're told you. Of each article or not that I'm and well off we're told will only recruit you and slow oh. Just a political arguments and coach. And rent it. Well. Rick I want to ask you about a player of the warriors have that we all feel is extremely intriguing. But were also not sure how to how we know he is too tough fans outside the Bay Area. I know he's known view his name is Jordan bail. Dude dude. Are people around the NBA becoming familiar with him. Dick do you find him an intriguing player. What where you want a player like Jordan bell who's a second round pick any somehow. Weasel his way into the warriors rotation. So we'll watch it last year college basketball. What NCAA tournament because there was bought out. Ji wants with a much worse he played with the aggregate it's oh what. We are not just it. The focus that you lock which won't little. Oh good to its. Explore. That all went flat out yet it gets out of it that's part of that although it is hired. Order now. Yeah. Or. So outside. Of the art are lashed out at the aren't six or 21. Are all of them want a part was Welker. There or. It's it's probably. That's what it is which and that it is water that's what their purchases. And yet we're not going into the bulls got their. It broke highway robbery I go. Not in late it would only votes. Rick Campbell are guest here on 957 a game by NB ATV host it's funny you look at Jordan bell and the thing that now we say to Matt is low. I look at bell and and that range that your talking about at the end of the first round and you think will. Every team going up against the warriors would wanna have a guy. Like Jordan bell on their team and up and comer that can defend guards and do different things the F what is schism and the warriors that Tina why did get them. No luckily right like Eric lax. In car quite. And in that post and caught the ball. It is a billion point 80. Mr. You look at some folks are public or look at that Egypt. Did you talk and it's been quite as it is not. All of it's at all that hole total. On average in the league. Portland in the street it's ridiculous. And ridiculous that this article ol' Ball State oh lead. Oh not at. Popular portal well. The war. Players in league history it's it's not what is that the crowd and looking back. All that all is all the equipment and network that you know. Are. Forty. Almost I would which will go on about it. The Celtics and lakers nobody was looking nobody complained about it so now government audit. And idle about that. Football spit out. By. Well one team that thought they had a super team coming into the year was Oklahoma City where in adding Paul Georgian and Carmelo Anthony. To Russell Westbrook were third of the way through the year they've had to fight like cactus to get back to 500. After they dug a little mini hall and I keep wondering. How they hacked you have those three guys and you don't know how you wanna get a shot and score a basket for the final five minutes of the game. Last night of regulation and they want to point in the game and it was a good win they've had a couple of good wins lately. But eight are we beyond the point where they're still trying to figure it out there shouldn't be any concern. Or should we start to think may be this team just isn't gonna be as good as we thought they were coming into the year. One I'll bet a lot. Wal-Mart. Well. And so and we. Spoke it's it there while we'll see that's what. It's not. Be that that's not all like. Who are aware are. Worker at the point is hard well. You know loosely and quite a bit. I'm so volatile and well about that great ball or. Oh completely go to church. So it's I archer at its lowest score that week and wrapped up on the archer. What that meant a lot of it all up at. Good. Sort of operators look sister were here though doesn't play well. Others I know what's wrong what went on the big. All I'm grateful that pulpit as well. It's nice I just wanna jump in real quick just. Could they be crippled by the fact that that they went all in with those two guys and they are. May be that much better than they were with the team that they had last year because that's starting to become. In play I think with this team how much could the long term effect of our Carmelo is not around Paul George leads you have Westbrook. And big yard as good as you were last year next year you're trying to figure it out. Greg great call and think about it you know all people woods. Worst player in the playoffs last year also. Had ulcers. Or certain shot 20%. All series it's only it was terrible. Two people. Lurching wouldn't yeah that document the global work your order to edit ATP. Director how in order to roll the ball and he said were put the ball a little. And out like OK. Look dirt roads people on the balance sheets and and and try to go to all of the all of the public actually. It but shuttle. Are all the people aren't all that. Are. As well in ball so well it does work. We're we're an extra so. That she. Remembers what it into the day it doesn't work itself. Oh I would. Make you all moved or is it about. Let me ask you about Cleveland Ricky said by Christmas or January 1 we know essentially what every team is. Do we know what Cleveland is since Isiah Thomas hasn't played yet and what are you anticipate. What he eventually does play which apparently is getting closer. Yet no we don't know who quit as it did Greg call. They're all. Got their start scored. It will and it's just happened to speak and all I. Received my BP I think it's. Properly and are quite. And regret. Not. Article on it. Talks are chuckling and elderly are especially. On the ball when it's on the slope they're going to be called that more potent scoring ball. What. Had happened you know. It doubles gold state. What can we totally are by. Our will go in his really handle as much doubt about art fortunate that your. We're youthful what do you think Toronto always you know they just they just keep went and they turned into a solid franchise but can they breakthrough if you had a if I put money on it would you say Toronto makes the Eastern Conference finals. I can't I I care. Where Washington meeting. All but I think I think Boston equivalent or another collision course all of you with Brad Stevens a couple of days ago. And doors open for Gordon Hayward to combat and achieved an all out. Listen Steven to look like he's probably gonna cut back. And I'd. Look at guys like Libya you'll Albany were turned you on also bench and it's an adult because not all but. What will be a little movement he. I don't want them and people lead and we are Edsall I would waksal and there are and so. Week and there are an hour tour it was the second unit opened our Olympic like. Rich guys you watch a lot of games obviously cover in the league one thing now is like to check in with people is is watch ability weak weak weak throughout watch ability rankings from time to time these teams that you would July. You can't have the rockets are the warriors or the Celtics or the tabs. Those three are off the board. Gimme here give me your top three teams in terms of watch ability beyond knows. That's up close what what appear on the that's not so it. I wouldn't call will eat you will opt Astros and stop you know. Nicklaus or outlook that crew. Off to Europe dropped the lips met and perhaps. Are you don't market you're in now that's all you see this say about Tom Gorman and and and how you see when your being tan my my garment Mike Gorman next time let. Are more. A lot lot on orbit by Robert Black wrote a leader of Iraq I political party look right. Man I did yeah it may have been it may not. Know the Gorbachev. Our quote the first award. And let's go to our prayers are. Yeah and you know hopefully it's the first week that people don't want a guy that you thought or. All of it looks good form right now and edit are over the hawks a local radio station and it. The temples at Brooklyn aux deductibles that are so there's there's a lot of locals we want them a lot of ships or swap bill CE. All of it alters the playing of that which is crazy are the although as we watch them on Eritrea opal Foxx. That I went but one that spoke out on that. Rick great stuff and we appreciate the time and now we'll we'll talk again down line always good checked in when. Rick Rick Campbell NB ATV host in any pilot dad watches a lot of games obviously been in the studio. As often as he is so you gotta throw out. Watch your bill it's rare last night. That the ESPN game is is the most watchable game. I actually find that rare like they're they're tonight's relay kind of map Bagger evenly garbled these the two ESPN games. This is the TNT game in Emma watched these other games and trying Kaplan evening will this Obama go get dinner assuming it worked out and whatever settlement check out. But last night. It was from about 1 o'clock when I looked at the slate of games now Oklahoma City affiliate 4 o'clock them watch a game. What do you think it's terrific I would think of it just. It was a terrific game I don't fun it was entertaining I don't think it was a hole that WellPoint though it wasn't I really down it looked like two teams that. Don't know how to win is what it look like to me largest at a high level at a high level and he that are. Good teams. Lot of talent. Just have no clue had to get it done. Yeah one team doesn't get doesn't. Know how to do it yet because they're young and the other team doesn't know how to do it yet because the parts of the veterans haven't fit together and the question is will they or won't they by the end of the season. Phillies. Some about Philly. And indeed. He got hired last night in this in the overtimes you could just ten jobs didn't. He still made a couple great plays and bursts but he's he's definitely wore down and it's just the one thing I worry about him be any stay healthy but. Terrific talent there's no doubt about. Well if you look at the play it was easier from the play defense and yes a playoff and no doubt I talent apparently keep improving on defense fighting he it's yeah hated he blocked two shot incredible to block shots. On Westbrook. Plays. Down the stretch but it just he couldn't he couldn't he couldn't get a job. Around Adams like Adams was too strong for Paterson at the end after Adams fell out Paterson had played pretty well defensively and couple. Possession I love MB we all love kind of his attitude and his happy go lucky style. I didn't like. Him waving goodbye to Stephen Adams that is something that fire were on the court on the other team either Adam's or somebody I would. I would take exception to that Westbrook took exception I know it did I know we did and that's one of the reasons I do like Westbrook and you probably due to buy because. It didn't bother Westbrook it's like it's not asked to west Brock. I mean he'll talk about it is oh what happens all the time after the game but he's not gonna. I thought that was a that was bush league. And beat waving goodbye I know I just put myself and Stephen Adams position he didn't look like he ever looked back and saw him. But I know me if I would look back and saw I would have I would have reacted. There's just not a reckless abandon that Westbrook plays will that I just Waltz night and he's not my favorite play year in terms of efficiency or he's the greatest player in the league. But I think he's up there in my top five as far as just fun to watch like I just I love that the facial expressions the attitude. The athletic schism just the raw talent I don't think he's I don't I don't think he's better than Harden meddling he's better than curry adult I don't wanna give and all of that. I just enjoy a watch and he makes me laugh what there's a few players really did make me smile to watch an arm and Westbrook wonderful. It's funny you say that I don't watch in last night's game he's fun and all that. She makes me a little uncomfortable watching and again I'm and there's a couple of reasons for that one is. He's just so old. Erratic at times. Too bad plays great play three bad plays too. And also. Just watching him. Just always seems to end up in his hands he's at the top of the circle I'm looking Carmelo look at Paul George and think in. You know when the ball's coming to him to run a little three man we've hit the top but where does it always end up. I will say this about Westbrook there's I can't remember which over time it was they were either tied or up lawn or two and Philly missed the shot. And it was eight they got the ball the Westbrook it was clear they had numbers. And he had he had more than half court to go he was at full speed in Arabs say he can't be stopped at full speed he's got numbers he went down (%expletive) and dunks last night. Yeah David yeah. It's incredible. And then he's unselfish. But he's unselfish a couple of times piece that Robertson the pass my party should take on how to lay up for the first game winner. And then he goes right back door safe and sound selfish she's trying to. You know you ought to you know might you know at the cynical man's take away is it gives the Robertson he won't give it to. Want you to mellow but why not for me if you really is an assist Eleanor I would if I really was assists selfish or ever give the ball the rocks they're tricky because he'd just like Paul George basically has deployed one on one. At the elbow. Essentially. Carmelo at the basically ask the play one on one in the poster at the elbow. There's nights were Carmelo is making his jumpers there's a lot of nights reason not make it is jumpers and tonight we're neither of the three are making their jumpers and knights were Paul George. Actually hits some of those spot up threes. Off the pass from Westbrook. It just. Whatever night it is. It never seems to quit it just never seems to collect. For those guys in and there's always. A lack of want to know where it's gonna go John tickets match time it's here NBA this week 957 the game as were we've got. Tim bon Temps the Washington Post coming up at the top of the hour we got Marc Stein in New York Times coming up as well. From the tech sites is get it straight Westbrook started the waving so what I saw I saw indeed waving when Stephen Adams fouled out. And then I saw. Westbrook waving goodbye to NBA after the game and another was something before that. Westbrook was dominate or they were don't want that no doubt he took on added an end date they were gone out before the before. Adams and indeed Adams foul out. Before that there was. Impede was going out with Westbrook. And religious reduces from the 95 come and Carmelo actually indeed was gone out gotten us to us IDC Carmelo what I say don't do that yeah don't do and you know what I would do of Carmel said that to me. I just I just. I dished not come down we try to make it to try to make Carmel look bad. A you know why the fifteen year old were you that's what I its data Carmela and I'd say who were you. Ten time all star. Dream team heard you I these I put my shoulder right in Carmel and didn't get off me c'mon guys Westbrook is a ball hog hunkered team killers runs hard and you're in that town Bob Obama can I. Might be true. To some degree but that doesn't less fun. Exactly marriage averaged 44 in college and he was. What the most fun player college Walker's ability fine joy I enjoy watching the guy apply. He's not my favorite player but he's not a team killer either because he's played in a finals he's played in the conference finals. He's been the playoffs most of the years in his career they've won he's one series where they were the underdog they've won series of at a favorite. He is not my cup Petit. But I how you have to respect the raw a do not here it's only you your deputy. Just in terms of smarts. He he does what. You know what I heard him say last night. When it was all coming down and he made mistake could play he just says I don't stop idol is kept saying I don't stop. He does. Your greatest strength is often her greatest weakness and I think that's in play with Russell Westbrook he hasn't stopped. He's relentless. He plays relentless and at times. It's at the expense of his teammates. And a T eight at times it's at the expense of the right basketball play it right but at times it. Is the reason you win Bryant and last night. ID get help them win because it looks shot and he was the first overtime they look like they were in big trouble. And he kind of brought him back. Village Westbrook he was a reason they blew the eight point lead with two and a half minutes left. And listen I feel like I get it all with rest Westbrook I get it. I get it he. Hit emanates the ball and maybe he's not fun to play with I get all that but he is an unbelievable. Talent and we just unbelievable talent well there's another unbelievable talent it's gonna be honored in the warriors are gonna be part of that this coming week. Won't get into it here in 95 cent in the game. I start to finish freezer. Both receivers is going. Kobe what was going on out there have been tough to go from here. 78. Right now the lakers 35 gaga. They have got just love him more aggressive kind of take them out of their rhythm. Guard Kobe Bryant. Any forward. We'll fight Kobe. You've run every time we're allowed. Just turn. Those dreaming all day and guys refuses one of those things that just didn't seem. This team room. To sit here to god rest. Really save. That was. The Shaq and Kobe lakers had won some championships and before he won championships. Later on with how Gasol and Phil Jackson came back in the like that was suffered 2006 when he scored 81 points. Against the Toronto Raptors coming up on the twelve year anniversary of that January wanna say twenty seconds. Of 2006. Right on the money. We welcome back here right now NBA this week and 95 cent in the game yes Sunday night at Staples Center halfway through here. We got Tim bon Temps and Marc Stein who we're gonna join this coming up but in the 11 o'clock hour we've we talk about Kobe Bryant because the warriors. Are going to be a part of Kobe Bryant's Jersey retirement in that there of the opponent at Staples Center to face the lakers. On a Monday night and we'll have that game for you obviously right here. On 95 cent in the game Kobe Bryant not getting one Jersey retired east didn't a couple of jerseys retired eight. And 24. Gold in the rafters at staples center on Monday. Where do you rank Toby in terms of some of the all time greats because it's. I would mine here from a couple listeners on that would Wear this Kobe ranking do you think he's better than LeBron is he not as good as Jordan. What about when you talk about bird and magic word is he fit in what about as easy to greatest Laker of all time all those kind of things dated eight. 9579570. AAA 8957957. Ordeal rain Colby Bryant among the all time greats you can weigh in on the Penske auto sales dot com text line. At 95795. As well for me he. Boy Jordan. Bird magic LeBron. I'd put ahead of him for sure. You start to get an guys like will. And Karine. And you probably half rustle of Bill Russell know that that's another one you start to get to that that that area of player. And I fake I'd probably lean those guys as well. And then you start to get into another category. If your co b.'s and your Tim Duncan's I think there an interest in comparison played their careers. Basically in the same time frame right and also. With the one team for the entirety of their career as well. I think I don't Coby over Tim Duncan. This because he was a guard and there was more there but yeah I I I think keys and a he's a top ten all time player for sure. I don't know. Not a lock I don't think he's a lock for my time these top ten all time player now I don't think so. It's close yeah yeah well I got in on taking Jordan magic bird. I'm taken LeBron that's for I'm taking Kareem. I got to take a wilt. Just because the numbers are you seeing wilt Chamberlain's numbers. Or fifty points a game one year I here's not so weak guerra that terrorists don't it may as well as plain against me you know Bill Russell. Okay Bill Russell why is he your ten. Bill Russell and my top ten dollar Ali finished sorry can you said those were ordered Chamberlain Russell to find six LeBron what about shadow. You Shaq better than Kobe now OK well here's my feeling on Coby. What I look at when I look at Kareem. He was a trail transformational player. When I look at burden magic they came in and they changed the game. The way it was looked at. The way people thought up passing. Michael Jordan then came in he'd changed the game with his athletic Susan did things that nobody ever imagined from him. More. Let's say he. People who followed him and try to emulate that style came into play. LeBron James to meet changed the game we've never seen a 69 player with these kind of skills. Coby. Was a great to guard may be one of the maybe the best of all time but. But he was just the two guard he was the best two guard in his generation he was fantastic phenomenal all those things. But he didn't he didn't change the game like some. Other players US sub bald dominant two guard so so I think he's more than two guard like he's a two guards that you could say here is go get it in a similar fashion in the way he could say. Jordan was a two guard. Here it is go get it but you could say Jordan was to guard the point guard. The small forward in that context of he's your guy he should slasher he's your score he is your shooter he's your primary ball illusion lead defender. I think you can put all those that you could put Kobe and Jordan. In similar categories. Like that the tax line this is blasphemy you guys are nuts LeBron over Kobe. Yes I'm taken abroad over abbey and the reason I take it LeBron over Coby is because. LeBron to better defender he can defend more. Positions more players defense is supposed to be half the game LeBron to better passer LeBron to better rebounder. Kobe was a better. Gore and LeBron stunt LeBron has done more with the last I think for them it for the most part in his career of LeBron led teams to finals. Would not a lot around him Colby when he did now water around them they were succeeds. In the Western Conference you know in between the English title with with the Saul in with. An. Biden was on that team both teams any -- more talented than people think he was also a down air and he was it down off error as the wrong turn it. It was a down period in the lead and you know didn't the second run of championships that they own 708. Don't compare Kobe to two Westbrook because CoBiz. Way way better but LeBron is also not done. That's true you know Kobe wasn't a great got to play with. Nobody who who gravitated to play with Kobe Bryant. Accurate and like that was the thing nobody wanted to go play with Kobe and I'm glad you look at me Shaq was the guy that they brought in right inning Colby was part of that but. At the point where the lakers brought Shaq in. There were still guys like Eddie Jones in van Exel and Kobe hadn't really burst onto yet it wasn't until that as a leader. The cut they'll the really the first couple years. Wish Shaq and and it really didn't click can tell Phil Jackson was there right on the champion ran it so we Shaq. In essence first. This from this from the 310 by that assessment Steffi is a top ten player because he changed the game he very well may end up the top play top ten player. I think he's only halfway through his career Schumacher put him on their yet but absolutely so I was glad he's absolutely on his way he is. C and I look at players. I don't compare really Kobe and LeBron. Because it had a different generations. I just think LeBron to better all around plus hour. Period. And unfortunately I guess saudis can't say that without. Here hater thinking you're denigrating Kobe Bryant or hater I blasphemy you're asking me to make a list I gotta put Kobe Bryant behind LeBron James at all. 888957. Anti seven triple late 9579570. John Dickinson at time it's NBA this week here on 957 game Kobe Bryant getting his Jersey ease. Retired let me tell if you get to jerseys retired that's worth something right. That's something we've been to pizza anyway did that happen when you can say it's vintage Kobe he's selfish to the end he needs to numbers rather one numbers. Not championships at each number other question for you mean selling Jordan weren't 45. Question when quarterback got a question Ford. An NBA player would you rather go three you know in the NBA finals. Or three and five in the NBA free and five. Of course so that's why don't lights off when people. Hold it against LeBron because he's lost in finals. And I just if for the Kobe BI greeted for the cup I know you're not making a compare and I'm trying to think off the top of my head Coby lost. Twice in the finals. They lost in 08 to the Celtics right and it lost in oh fort that this is things I think that was it and that was it they won in ten and one and nine so even five and two in the fine. Something like that idea. Dirk should be in the top ten he changed the power forward position now I would say bird actually started to change that position. But didn't our rooms bird really power forward and that's another good and that to name I think that's what the price be listed as. You got your burdens are not even sure is a power forward today. Vehicle police killing people he was small forward right and well. The Celtic come off the bench door and parts of Byrd's career but then didn't so yeah I mean Byrd was a he did but it's kind of like it. Tim Duncan I think have power forward just because he started his career David Robinson sure that's why just I don't know Pete it's not an argument. I think you win or lose but. I just I consider a power forward he absolutely played small forward Robin San Bruno joins us here on 9570 game hey rob. There it is not only stop not. Obie being bar as high chance Kobe being blind is more secure a block a better. Standard plot. You know actually while. At thirty point that it would bottle could be potentially. In command quarterfinal games. What I'm you know be bought in and out and play at the reason why bulk lot. You know balking. At Tibetan button in the you know law went back in nineteen adult cycle back up. While he quiet weekend should we shut. Want to want to work out Shaq had retired Michael Moore worked QB. Good they're great is great deal to our ought time. And drug east and it's topic to guard that's all I'm saying he's a Dick great to guard made the best ever but we're talking about players overall. I've ever. He handled the ball in play out the auto. When pressure off the ball I'm quite you not all around player in that better on the bought rendered in the market ever been peer to the bus. Samson in here and I'm looking at a look at it like prized. Kobe's post cedar post season shooting percentage up a quote is 44%. From the floor search Kobe shot. 44%. From the floor. In his post season career. Would LeBron what's Bryant shoot. 485. Minutes like a five point differential that's a lot to sell. So and just for Claire LeBron James is significantly better shooter or efficient score you weren't saying nick CoBiz not in your top came and you do say it's close it's debate I think he's close he's in my top. I don't play Coby nine times. And all defensive first team member team member of LeBron James five. Our drug load those are voted on by the media also. Anderson. I think it might have a position. I mean I think I'm crazy. Private I mean. Take Rick Barry over Kobe Bryant all I mean that. Sincerely Rick buried appreciates that. Rick Perry said he is a great help defender Rick Barry was a bad boy. 8889579570. Tripoli 9579570. He want to weigh in on Kobe Bryant it where he ranks. Among the all time greats also weaken much share a couple Coby memories were brought to buy American Express. Proud partner of the Golden State Warriors oaks card club played Smart play in oaks were also driven by premier Nissan is Stephens creek we make it easy. Online at premier Nissan Stephens creek dot com. Now to. Or not five point seven big game. Our role along here 889579570. AAA 9579570. Kobe Bryant getting his Jersey ease retired at Staples Center with the warriors in town on Monday. We'll have that game for you right here on 957 game were trying to pull it. Kobe Bryant says in the context of where he ranks among the all time greats I think he's probably top. 567. And certainly a top ten Matt not so sure we get some calls to do. Well what what did I say I'm not sure if I put him in my top ten yeah I really hadn't examined at the let me examine it a mistake by by the way. By the way ten Ian Clayton. Says Rick Barry over Coby LOO you're now damaging your credibility and Kenya must. I expect you tell me how old's your first of wall art. Here's what we're here's why got better than Kobe Jordan bird magic. I got Karine better I got LeBron better I don't Wilt Chamberlain better and I have no issue in any you know old then we have then we have some Tim Duncan. I mean. You may say Coby and well that's fine output and LB had a dunk but you can't say. You're an idiot for putting Duncan had a coat on might say that what I went saint I want if you fight did say that we your body so I'd I'd be civil. Why sure. I mean is I mean Russia might be my favorite player of all time I mean it's Coby. I mean if I said I'd rather a collage on the Kobe that's not outlandish. Outlandish. Huh. It's an average triple double one years considered one of the greatest my rocks he's talked about Bill Russell and even mention Phil Russell went for you don't want. I'll bet half the people out there which it rather hush thing Coby. Okay I'll get people out there right now it's eight rats better right now than Kobe otherwise. That's all of say in crisis Dorian is my top ten. Now. To read it could be on its way. I beat. Lancaster glide curry could be on its way as well the drain I think to rant and curry could both be on their way to being in that conversation I think it's interstate I. I go to Jordan and magic and bird. And LeBron I put ahead Coby. You mentioned will and Bill Russell that's five. Six will be the things I could see I. I knew I put him right about six sat OK and you know what if you say Kobe is better than any senator that played the game but I even get. That might get him into the top five TD that that would get and most assuredly in in my top ten. But. Should Kobe is better than wilt. And wilt Russell and Kareem. I mean. Are little. Steve in Newark joins the conversation at 88957957. Alley Steve. Eight bodyguard. Or I agree with Matt on their. Speaker maybe that'll be in our best players in the history of LA lakers. Now I would I would Erica. Magic and Kareem deport him so and and hectic also. You know he didn't EU didn't it was a great shooting guard Greg Craig should seek out. But he didn't change again there are a lot of debris shooting guard bureau is about all. And now I don't think he can do they actually Kareem Abdul. Rashard nerd you know they've got the bridge Apple's site. There are starting to look like they've actually added expansion color. The book policy on what point point 83 point shot you know and it gives you. Absolutely had been. I'm with. You thank you very much. Czar Steven Kutcher all blue we got a bunch of calls thank you my major porn drew an Oakland is next here and 95 cents in the game major. Turn your radio down. I don't. I. But I've got to tell you. Your growth making G-8 CoBiz in the top five lakers all we're talking about are you kidding Elgin Baylor. Okay I'll Baylor had played today with the medical treatment but diet the train out. What point in the final four what happened more militant groups Ottawa. Or no but what could the Cold War are we. Are you kidding me Kobe Bryant. Out. Over read it out well play great I don't like the score is the most over rated. NBA player alt well maybe Connell and I'll meet Toby bright are you kidding me. All that conversation. No I. Got to drew thanks drew and not go on with most overrated players listen we're talking about a matter of eight to ten spot Jerry West better than Kobe Bryant I don't think so dad and you know why I say no there because if you asked Jerry West if he thought he was better than Kobe I think he'd say no Kobe was better than me. And I don't think he would just be saying that at a human Elgin Baylor. I think you can make a case for Belgian bail and Ali cited CO2 right I didn't see him a lot either but I the numbers. You can make a case form absolutely. You know and the other thing is. Looked yeah I get it with like a Bill Russell. You could say Kobe's a better basketball player than Bill Russell I I get that so that's the kind of the avenue you wanna go down that's. Perfectly acceptable but I am I'm throwing every position in. And just kind of rank you know regardless. Of what position they. Worry at what position they play in are more interested in the impact they made. Andrew in San Jose is next here on 957 game hander. They're little guys that want to bring up like a natural evolution of this hour and a top to bottom NBA talent level and achieve that we have. In this particular season. I mean and keeping that clean that up against the need to match I don't wanna like you know the matchups and who yet that they get to. What got. You did a good team will be deeply regret that pictures and parties and on Geiger. Who load and. And Sammy Dalembert. Matt Geiger had Matt Geiger remember Mac guy and whomever Mac either. I think can't I'm I'm I'm trying to think contemporaries of Kobe at the two guard rails first guy comes to mind. Now I mean ray and Mitch Richmond was right now is right the point where Mitch Richmond turn right they had a downturn he wrote his crime was more. Early in the late eighties and early ninety's for sure was when 8089. The other question I think deafness with Kobe didn't make teammates better. I don't know and the other thing is listen Kobe Bryant C one of the greatest of all time the weather is top 510 or fifteen. Who cares she's in my top fifteen I'm not ready to say he's in my top. The Kobe Bryant lakers without Shaq and before they added Gasol before they added our test a notebook those teams in the mid. You know 0506. Base it was a 50607. Those those three got three year span. They were a lot like the Westbrook. Thunder in that they were yelled at a couple of years and they made the playoffs but weren't. Championship caliber. Run naked jeez look at the wins and losses seen comparatively speaking that that's kind of where those two were. Yeah I think I think it's it's it's a great debate and now's the time the habit because. Kobe's greatness is this get celebrated again. Best two guard probably. I've seen in my lifetime I would say you yeah. But top fifteen of all time I don't know I mean yes but. I thought were German my career Nissan a Stephens creek for the best deals visit your winning team in the south bay premier Nissan Stevens creek almighty premiere lease on a Stevens creek dot com them contents joins us next. NBA this week. 957 game.