NBA This Week - Hour 1 - 8/12/17

NBA This Week
Saturday, August 12th

Matt Steinmetz and John Dickinson are joined by Aaron Miles (Santa Cruz Warriors Coach) and Ira Winderman (Miami Sun Sentinel). They talk about everything going on around the association.


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Watch the ball. Would love to read them you've been a good. Have been quite old stole our although they want want. Please look up. His final four game Phil wanted that captivated. 67. This I tell you NBA season begins for the Golden State Warriors 67. Days. And counting as we welcome you into the NBA this week Karen 95 point seven became John Dick it's a Matt Stein Mets. With few each and every Saturday morning from 9 AM until noon. Everything warriors everything NBA for the next three hours and again we do it each and every week six weeks Matt. Until the first training camp practice. For the Golden State Warriors it's right around the corner. We've been talking about this now for a few years about how if you really good like the warriors the offseason to get a lot shorter. Wasn't long ago that the warriors seasons would ended April now they end in late June. July's. Free agent frenzy that takes us and August were now and August and now it's. Well next season start suits pretty. Pretty fun stuff man. Well and here we are on August 12 so we're also two months removed from game five and the warriors clinching in candidates don't you both sides say Clinton in May June 12 and did the odd date there will forever live play in the hearts of warriors fans June 12 2017. As the warriors win that the NBA finals he get it done for a wanted and again. We've turned the corner. What we've turned the corner we've got 67 days to go we're almost right in the middle. Of the offseason if you just go from the last game to the first game of the reason we're talking about dates. Is because the schedules gonna come out I believe on Monday. And the league announcing the Christmas Day games. The opening week games that nationally televised games. And you know the warriors are going to be all over that now who would they get their rings against. Who are they gonna play that first week who's gonna be in on Christmas and at what time would they make the warriors go on the road will be answer is now of course that make in the warriors go on the road. The cavs recovered oracle on Christmas. For a noon start to get that one in and then after. Christmas dinner if you're into that sort of thing. And he also have the rockets come and in the new look rockets. Coming in on opening night they get to be the team. That watches the warriors. Get their rings and raise a banner to the oracle rafters. Yeah I think Houston's the number one threat for the Golden State Warriors this year or they're going to be I don't know how much of a threat. They're actually going to be. They are the one team JD to me that isn't quote unquote giving in to the warriors. They are trying. As hard as they can. To challenge the Golden State Warriors this year and it does feel like some other teams in the NBA. Our. Trying to tie image in a way where they get better. As the warriors may be could start. Down slide in two or three years but I don't know that there's any team right now more equipped to beat the warriors then Houston. I just don't know how quick they really are how realistic it really is Houston was the T. May be Alonso ball. Now he's debut as a rookie. In the NBA Luke Walton coming back Kate you know watching the the warriors get their rings he has a guy that was a part of that staff and apart and at first championship team. They Oklahoma City Thunder or another team I thought but then I just acts now mandate they I don't think they would troll out. The league's reigning MVP. Like Batman and Russell Westbrook because there's a lot of negativity I think that goes with that. Right rivalry still although Paul Giorgio being added to the mix would definitely make it a bigger ticket item that may be even wants last year. That Oklahoma City would get some consideration although I was hoping that it wasn't going to be Oklahoma City for those negative reasons. That I mentioned and of course Cleveland was going to be saved for. Later on in the year and Christmas Day in Christmas afternoon at noon and at ORACLE Arena so it's interstate. The rockets for the no brainer seen Antonio's too boring. Now that they've let's say don't wanna see the wars get beat by thirty on an opening night again and yet San Antonio was in last year and obviously an opening night in the game that we all remember where it didn't know exactly what anybody thought it was gonna go with the spurs blowing out the warrior side so the rockets are just a natural fit it's a Western Conference team. It's a team now a star packed soccer James Harden and Chris Paul. And you're right it's probably the team. It is the biggest competitor of the warriors in the Western Conference. Here's a funny little anecdote about the schedule I think and how. The warriors have. Basically turned into the darlings of not only the NBA but the Bay Area media ten years ago let's say. When the NBA schedule came out and I'd be working for newspaper. I get a call from the editor heats ahead of the warriors schedules out. The first thing I'd say would be well today's the day that they put the schedule out okay and my editor would say. Would you say you write a story maybe 1214 inches on it and I'd say you want just run the schedule. When he too you know may be banned couple grafts on win a certain teams coming in north. Their longest homestand and longest road. Trip and I was like oh. The schedule but I'll bang out some sure I'll bang out 810 inches about when silence those common and your prompt so I would do that. This is now it's ten years later. And the NBA the folks who dates now out of the schedule. And get stories out of both days. Now they can release the first week of the schedule and Christmas. And it lasts a day or two in the news cycle and the schedule yet the the 82 game schedule for just dominating the news cycle. They are and I'll tell you another thing they actually could milk and I think more than they do I I think they can do as they did with the opening week games just the national games though. And the Christmas Day games actually think they can do another day where they highlight eighties are going to be all the ABC Saturday night games he's gonna be all the national games maybe I throughout the the whole year the games that are locked in and I know there's some some flexibility there as well. But they're taken right after the NFL on the NFL schedule released. I believe is a three hour show now on NFL apple for a I think etiquette it's different because there's fewer games in. And there's a rotational play though he's going to be able all right so there's a little bit more drama to it. But in the NBA now especially with the Golden State Warriors every wants it 11 of the one of the rockets coming in or out we know when he got a point have sweet kind and now I think there's a lot of wins Boston Common and was it when mr. Reyes got to go back and punk Westbrook again I mean that's what warriors fans are like it. Yeah and it's it's pretty crazy when you think that way because. My first thought would be one we need to see schedule we know everybody plays each other certain amount of times but for those. Few teams really play in three times rather than priority and so it's not like we're waiting on edge this who the warriors only got to play three times this year instead a four they got to get a couple breaks. It's just 82 speaks to how interesting the warriors have become home. 889579570. Triple 8957957. On the phone lines open as always at Penske auto sales dot com text line. And I'm 5795. We got a great show for it aired miles is gonna join us coming up. At 930 Aaron Miles the new coach of the GU lead warriors the Santa Cruz warriors will will speak with him. Also Ira wonderment of the Miami sun sentinel he's gonna join us in the 9 o'clock hour is welcome bon Temps the Washington Post. In the 11 o'clock Aristide joins us each and every week's a great show for you coming up and yeah there were were gonna know. Who those teams are that the warriors play three times coming up on Monday we're gonna know. When they're going to Cleveland probably the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Because we're because that's the way they've alternated right the last couple years and I see the game is in Cleveland. I think it was only two years ago I don't yet two years ago was the warrior it was the warriors hosted Christmas. The cavs hosted MLK day and then last year was flip flopped that it. If you heard. The warriors when would you and you know you're gonna play a home Christmas game. When would you like tip off to be if it's Christmas. You'll like noon. Or would you rather have maybe a 5 o'clock start. Want to tell you another thing about that is the NFL. It's a big the F Ellis two games on Christmas I think the NFL actually played a role in. Win the NBA and ABC decided that they were gonna have that game I think the reason it's earlier is because of the NFL there's a 130. Game I believe okay. Or 1:30 year 2 o'clock game there's also the raiders are playing a fox a third really Philadelphia. But on. Christmas well there's two games and I think the NBA and ABC they wanted the game to be early enough. Were they caught people before the NFL games started. To where they would keep them through and then you'd switch over to the NFL gimmick Reese planet it's Pittsburg in Houston may be right is the game at 1:30 year 2 o'clock Pacific time so there was good to believe it was going to be earlier for that we. I guess I I guess and I don't know the answer is maybe you do. Does the schedule making get so precise. That the NBA says will look the warriors are playing at home. On Christmas. Oh but look the raiders jury in Philly. That same team you know the the other team in Oakland is an affiliate five so let's not do that. Yeah there's there's no question there's no doubt they were Tennessee five action or seven because I mean you can make your case that. The best place for the warriors will be 5 o'clock start at 8 PM eastern yes but I could but the NFL again EI NFL so huge right. That the NBA wants to make sure they maximize their raiding your for their no Max wants game that's their number one game. Probably for the whole year. Mayo at least going into the year that a Christmas game with the warriors in the cab ride they wanna get it before the NFL if you we won ported it to I think 2:30 Pacific would be a better time. As well but you're not gonna put it. After the NFL game is in our area mansion because that's the least is just don't little little ratings minutiae make sense for sure I think that's the reason and I actually there was a lot you know put out on Twitter the schedule on that I actually received a lot of feedback of why it's or otherwise new. Why is it biting the NFL plays a role in that and the television ratings and wanting to make sure. They ABC gates as much as they possibly can hook people in. Yes you switch the NFL game late capture which the NFL stuff later but we want you make it sure that you're given. LeBron and you're getting Durant you get hurry here again and maybe carrier may be now on that makes a lot of sense yeah dare grows but tea that. You dig it Jeff Green. That you might not different pattern here at green he not to it's it's it's a lot a lot of headlines appalled George. The mention him. You mid shin carrier being who still hasn't been traded it seems like that's calmed down a little bit. Well carrier ring I actually got the NBA schedule was being held up a little bit by carrier ring effect and the league wanting to see where exactly he would go because ID give it depending upon where he would go. There'd be a lot of extra national games in play. Let's say for a Phoenix team or our team did you know. A Minnesota team that I'm sure is already gonna have quite a few. The latest report I heard was that carries interest in in the clippers'. He wouldn't mind go to the LA clippers obviously he'd be a pretty good fit there their already got their front line in place. It is going to be interesting to see what happens I'm hum. I firmly believe that if they keep carrier ring they are. Ensuring that they will not win the title. Now they might know it anyway but. If they trade him. It's gonna be so hard for them to be a better team I think there. Earned big trouble I really think the cavs are in big trouble the what I mean by big trouble is. They can't win. I would 55 in the east maybe sixty they can't win it if they're not. Locked in and playing together and it's clear they've got big issues there they have. Did you show with David Griffin said. Al carrier ring that what he did was courageous. You know what that tells me. David Griffin is not a LeBron James fan and he knows something about what LeBron does behind the scenes. And it once you may know better than any part exactly exactly so. When David Griffin says that he would send a message that. It's not all peaches and cream in Cleveland. And it fact I see why Tyree would wanna leave. Yeah and that being said. It's it doesn't go eat it doesn't go away but the calves there and and we we've talked about this than the last couple weeks. The cavs are in a really. Tough spot. With respect to this because they have to try and win it this next year or at least compete to win it this next year because LeBron got. A whole lot everybody LeBron. LA. But whether he is Siri isn't. He can hold that over everything you need is holding that over everything will he or won't he will the cavs keep LeBron James happy enough. To where he wants this day. Will they be able to compete for a championship enough. The work he doesn't get fed up and leave he Ari left wants right aren't left wants an end the cavs haven't won anything in the laughed so freaked out if he's thirty achieve that goal. Of bringing a championship back home to Cleveland and Akron and and and Ohio. Then. What's there left for him to do. In Cleveland are it would almost be another opportunity to cement his legacy in a different way. You know this is an analogy I thought of and maybe works maybe it doesn't but when I think Tiger Woods in all he's accomplished in his golfing career. I think about well when you get a plane next. He's got to really play on the quote unquote senior tour the Champions Tour and here. Imagine Tiger Woods playing on the Champions Tour now what does that have to do LeBron James here's where it has to do LeBron James I can't I think. That the high re LeBron thing. If they go to camp of those two guys it's just gonna faster in this team is not going to achieve what he can achieve. So is LeBron really got to dig into December. And January. And the cavaliers are clearly. Not a good team and he's just got to ride out the whole year and go to the playoffs is the fourth seed or something like that can't seem. I can't see LeBron James. Sitting quietly and just going through the motions for a year. While he knows his team has no chance to win a title something's gonna happen. In that meantime. What do you think half titled I think I think it's possible he could say. I won out here right now and I realize they only have one more year on my deal but sent me to a place and I'll give him three months to try to. Movie. And then I'll become a free agent maybe I'll resign there I don't. I don't know but I here's the one thing I do you know LeBron can get anything he wants. Because he's that. Great a player without much leverage. Seattle scene scenario or LeBron James says. Deal mean now I I think I just don't argument before we go getting easier sluggish to do to Cleveland and northeast Ohio ideas I just think it would probably racked. His season on the icy LeBron as a as a meticulous. Some ways read jaded kind of a guy like ready to eat he's not afraid of change clearly right but it's gonna be change. On his terms in a manner were he's prepared for it so I think it was a case we would already kind of know that that's what he wants to deal a beach I had started. A mom I know but he I think LeBron is also the kind of player who is already thinking about what if we get the December and January we stay or. I also whether Pakistan obviously because they're gonna win enough to Prague to make the playoffs but. Only card real abroad know. How. Much they don't work together so LeBron is sitting in his house saying you know what you believe carries gonna do this blah blah blah. He's developing his plan B there's there's no doubt about it. But isn't isn't plan B for LeBron James just to leave at the end of 2018 yes. No I think that's play NA OK I think that's planning to play NBA's second. If I'm heading toward. 2018. Free agency on Cleveland Cavaliers team that has no chance to win it because. We are in complete disarray. And he'll though that even if they're forty even if they're 35. And did fifteen. Don't want. May and then maybe discos and and and is a mercenary almost for some team. It to try to win. I going to be tough the winner trying to use it for nothing. And I mean obviously that's ridiculous but. I just can't imagine LeBron play and whole season in Cleveland where the writings on the wall they can't win it. He's got to have at least a sliver of opportunity. He's too old to give away a year. That's what I think. He used to all the giveaway year but I think he's also gonna have to weigh what Cleveland can do in the meantime. To try and get better verses. What the other options are as far as make it a divide still seed out moves being made. That'll impact this season nobody does not mean either where he's not around but I also don't see a move that the cavs can make. To where they're gonna be a championship contender this season if they're going to deal carrier ring and I'm with you. If they don't deal carrier ring I think they're screwed. Anyway. It's a catch 22 for them I believe I don't think there's any good way out here's another thing I could see and I know this may sound. Like. Turning LeBron James into some kind of conniving monster but. But he just you know he is somebody takes care of his body. Who eked. He supposedly on the downside and yet he had a phenomenal year last year. What LeBron decision to. What kind of shut it down should. Try to shut it down and get my body right maybe if I shut it maybe if I take this year. Very easily. I'll be able to come back next year and be even better even stronger. My prediction would be not I'm not and out of the realm possibility maybe they beat her for half the year that he just doesn't play for half the year. I wouldn't be surprised if he took a significant amount of time off and had one of those years where you get to January. And it's like you know what I need two weeks. He did that a couple of years out attracted itself right. There was 2015. They want to he had been a member of the cavs were adding right around 500 right at the. He was switching. To guns sixteen either. Right right around where he came back it was I was 1415 was a first Joseph wasn't the year that you want it. Because that was when they fired David blatt right in LA now it was and it listed as a fifteen. It was that first year back in Iran around 500 they were struggle and I remember it took two weeks I tune with the Yankees game that took two weeks off they Iraq general West Coast trip. And I take yet he played down by one of the games against the warriors like Hamburg we played or didn't play. Now that I think about it. Dizzy or don't need. Although they didn't play because that was the first hear the words on championships and they didn't. They didn't play the warriors like on MLK you're right that drive the point of at a different point this season but godless yet they were out on the West Coast trip. And heated up. Essentially Nissen. All the games in most of it it's right. I just don't I just dole. I'm interested to see how it's gonna playoff play out because LeBron does have a way of being a little bit passive aggressive and he. He's just not gonna. Go through the motions. And give up on a chance at a title. Just can't see it you know he's he's getting no where the ticket giveaway year. Now there's no doubt I think that's why he won't hesitate to leave although where you know I don't see anything really changing for the show I think he's going to be in Cleveland for the full year. Your okay here's the other season. Let's say things disintegrate in Cleveland in a big way to the point where now it becomes apparent. LeBron leaving at the end of the year no matter what. And you think will work five let's let's move him that we'll give it but he's got no trade clause. Right but he could wave that. But it is why would you want him like that's the other. Well because he knows Cleveland's locker limit. Does Cleveland can't win it. And he's like you don't have money would stick around here to get beat by Boston in the Eastern Conference finals because that guy right there Kyra you're being. He's selfish MF. And he doesn't. She doesn't help us. That's that's what I think's gonna end up stuffs up behind the scenes were everybody knows Cleveland can't get it done. Mean if LeBron James is the if he's in that position held to shut it down on the floor. And we've seen him do that yes we seen him do that he did it in Miami thing about the way that he his tenure with the heat ended. I mean it ended Wes. It ended with the cramps remember it ended with the elderly him look like he didn't care in India as San Antonio is running them off the floor in two games in Miami. To take control that series in 2014. M it was a weird deal. In the way he ended things in Cleveland the first time was a weird deal they kind of flamed out against Boston right. Now in a year that Boston wound up in the NBA file so it just I Ed. So it's to me like you think. I think what headed toward a flame out but I think he's still going to be there the whole year so it can channel that I had Campbell not we sing really bad and to make the playoffs no matter what they apply house I think they'll be top. No beat top 234 in the in the east. Back Kennedy that they can't challenge for a championship. I'm Selena and I am not about any guy shouldn't say that it it and I should put it this way they can challenge for championship. If they can win the east and there's an injury about a warriors I mean ideally I don't always two steps away you know us though. Well I guess if they theoretically would win the east then they would be a team that's quote unquote together and they put it behind them. The Cairo re LeBron thing I don't know that they can't I don't know if if this thing lingers in there's something to it Boston's gonna beat them. 'cause they're too well coached and now they have too much depth and too much talent arsenal beat up so. If if Cleveland gets to the finals it tells me you know what they did work it out they still can't beat the warriors. Unless the warriors have an injury. But if they are right. They could beat the warriors of the warriors haven't changed. And I don't see how they can't be right which is just another example of a battle weren't the warriors have this thing dialed. There are happy they've got Kevin Durant taken less money and he he was young interviewed about that the number of other things from the athletics and the beast later. A early in the week we get we'll get back to get into what the warriors Beatrice didn't Paul George we can get an and that the knicks and rockets and engaging on the on Carmelo Anthony trade proposition no once again. Now with the rockets looking for a third team to get into that mix a big show for you coming up Tim bon Temps in the 11 o'clock hour. Ira Wyndham it's gonna join us as well but first a new member of the warriors organization on the Santa crew side Aaron Miles the new head coach. Of the Santa Cruz warriors joins us coming up right here NBA this week a 957 again. Come 95 point seven game here's and that's kind of slingshot ticket sales. Yeah. The exclusive areas such great. Are welcome back just tickets and that's dime that's NBA this week here and ID five point seven a game. Let's stick to our first guest right out of the shoot you hear the highlights there. Of the star point guard from Kansas in the one and only Aaron Miles who is the new head coach. Of the Santa Cruz warriors Erin thanks for joining us on the program powervu. A little better net dirt yeah. There are perhaps you know BO. So Erin just. The head coach of the Santa Cruz warriors what what your connections it to the warriors organization. And and what did you do what you think that coaching was going to be something that that was going to be. Before you and your career. Well you know art audio. Call all though culture will be open that was. In the future are to that would reject what level and where are you now you know you don't working parent should date of that nature. Always so that analysts it was me I enjoyed it would onshore I'd I'd joy. Basketball obviously enjoyed it what you saw it you'll be part of whatever you called professional college high school. Page view or people how are you good outlook. And so cannot penetrate from the last couple years ago. Called silk rug you Australia and in case you were in that he went a little bit in the disputed Kashmir. Joseph Dooley years political coat probably know boarded outlook I enjoyed it. It is good opportunity presented so you've got let the cup you go operator repeatedly. With a little bit just development group relationship with people to be genuine and respectful all people. It is a difficult relationship people put it on paper appeared in purely arbitrary. That's Mets great stuff Caron really. It really the way you gotta do and I guess but Mike my question do you his do you have let's say. Coaching philosophy. Or what you believe in Aaron Miles. Or did you come to Santa Cruz say in what I've got to implement whatever the warriors want me to implement whether I like it or not. Well we'll see ya. There aren't comfortable it was a coach car you know. Previously indicated the whole whole idea that we should be mixed picture of the warriors. Eagleburger and do you. No fluffy little visit to try to jolt went to a sort of featured. Capital report to prop up. A privilege that played poor that'll look great coaches in the past. And learning through my experiences learned a lot go bad or blocked a lot seated did not far. On the opposite partner. You know take what the word he would he would try to incorporate ball flight. It aired now and Aaron Miles joining us here on 957 gaining new head coach at the Santa Cruz warriors NBA this week John Dick it's him that's Timex who are some of the the coaches that have influenced you in terms of your personality. As a coach you mean they're guys you played four. Or guys you admire in the NBA and and obviously how do you balance that with. What the warriors like to do which which obviously taken in the NBA by storm these last few years. Cook there we go. Or call normal father. First coast and he would more model or Portland or quick fiscal year because. It's evil blah blah. That that would bat in the future. Hearings be pursued corporate. You know obviously that he would out last year. You know do you live in oak there are operated and that's on the word even. Probably readers know that sort that you bear what do. Now that epic epic part. My decision about democracy. Well been blown heightened watch what happens if I grew community. Stabilized reject an art school you'll develop a good idea who we do you know terror that we prepare. Are we can prepared usage rather it is. Either the altitude here and so you move. It in all of college you know you have. Well it was you who recruited these deals so who who co Q are part of college career and eight page I brought it could be a lot period. You learn that they're mortal way to skin care. A verbal war opened coaches but they do they get. You know what Al did result. You know our corporate but Saturday it it is so. I pick and then approved though both courtroom. On. It mark corps are probably going to be. You don't pick which you keep it you are Ramallah if it is you know federal property my own opinions and current. To my experiences. You know we're prepared at all but we're David Ladd also. Overseas. Attitude quite work Gordon Herbert. He oversees indeed a lot of other coaches. And so it is what I think it is a combination. Of a pretty. Ultra. Have you forgotten Mike Montgomery in your nineteen games in the Golden State Warriors kimono error. And I could be true but there are reported that you have a lot of great cultures you know I would come to a lot you know obviously. Arnold. Only get to let you know a little bit of the fees that would you know it was bill currently before. You know what it rocketed past you to work would do we writer Biggio is to learn about intensity. The work you know it is. Arnold. That type of dedication on the floor brick assured an echo you really. It created date on the floor and did you develop so is outlook of a lot of great coaches. We're going to be in either from from god cannot never coached. A fairly coached. Coke bottle or coach we're not a great great relations with the respect you know load got a little. Sure Arum look figured your career stats sheet you played in nineteen NBA game so so clearly you. I mean you'd rather have a ten year career. By the same token you played in the NBA which not many people can say. What what do you remember about your nineteen games. With the Golden State Warriors in 0506. Look at them. They are evil. I remembered. They can decade. Period and it was observed in the locker did in OPEC got. You know that let about it to grow it in the Internet well at Uga we. Play professionally so I really remember that he did a great guy that played hockey beard dated. In the country needed to look at the coward Cheney. They're there to beard it is written for the Internet and shall shall go to you cannot do well guys to. You want tailored to my Yahoo! rexrodt spoke yesterday. And Chris Andrew about it. A lot of great. People who aren't good relationships. You know where elections are decided to build relationships. Ability did you go to coaches staff and you know Ronald. Coach turner local turtles that are contractually. Uga coach mark you know move. You know call a whole lot significant body. It is it is because I enjoyed the people out there even to people that would. You know like like Eric out. It's been partners this. Reservoir you know a lot of these the people. And I enjoyed. Capital report you know become a pact. A part of the organization. That the people the people. Well Aaron we we certainly appreciate the time men and invest a lot did she get this thing that tipped off hearing in the coming months. Well operation looking forward to properly art Art Bell. A bit about that way I'm definitely excited about it you'd earned him the opportunity. All right Eric takes a lot Matt we appreciate it. I Aaron Miles a new head coach of the Santa Cruz Warner's new member of the warriors organization I think a great guy like him early neck and like a burly absolutely you know the wars are always do right now mediated you can the object amount. Santa Cruz basketball dot com for tickets once their season. Tips off slow later on them in the fall it sent a good time down there. I it's a check amount aren't. John tickets and Matt Stein answer thanks to Aaron Miles come out next step Ira wonderment one of the best in the business of the Miami sun sentinel. He will join us John Dick it's a match time it's India this week I 957 against. Yeah. Yeah me. Now back to NBA this week we stuck in this Dickinson on 95 point seven big game. Pilots get to our next guest and it is an absolute pleasure to be joined by I. Cairo wonderment of the Miami sun sentinel he joins us NBA this week on 95 cent in the game one of the best in the business Ira thanks for coming on the show. My pleasure met JD. I figure it in order to get to a waiting condition. Have to talk to some and already there. I thought that's a bad that no doubt about it and what edits and were doing that debt pretty deep in speaking do you not the other way around there there's no question about that. Ira I want to start just dead with LeBron James and in the big offseason story and and you covered LeBron. You know the dissension in Cleveland carrier ring wants out. Where does that leave it this cavs team and were recently LeBron with a one year on his contract because we've discussed this at length. The last few weeks the cavs are really tough spot because we don't see how they can get better. If they trade carrier ring but if they don't trade carrier ring. They're season may be a loss before even begins. Well you know here tipping etiquette on carpet this from a distance from a city that law LeBron wanted to he went back to Cleveland. My entire question is it when Bruntlett Miami we all read the beautifully and later in Sports Illustrated we saw LeBron go back talk about community. Do you have a land northeast Ohio. Rated it would be wonderful. Awaited return. But that's what it's all about white LeBron thing right now I am never going to lead the cavaliers. I am committed to this team it is franchise to the city to this region so for all the people sort of getting on kite re what do you mean you point out the opening team. The question is what about where he's head you know he tweeted it I believe that Jamal property that would be per game and not going to be back. Home in LA in a little while. Told that this question to Italy responsibility. Took me all it does not start with kite re. Yet that came to the war early July there was talk about it internally in cute. You may come down today. Bryant staying there is LeBron leaving. Be quick you can not have stability without knowing whether you're pillar is still played. I don't believe anyone if they want to leave Cleveland right now with the theme what the cavaliers look like without LeBron James that's the part I don't do it. Go to mile brining it. No right to say anything or. Passively aggressive tweak it up two weeks about Dublin leaving we don't know why he's doing. And I think that's what all players Atlanta your contract in other words out there you can have a direct credit he never lie permit led the Oklahoma City and he made it clear at the into the scene and I'll decide what Bryant did that at the end of Miami Heat at the end of our chronically late. All the cavaliers need believe me it'll blogging on here for the rest of my career Cleveland would get player Cleveland key player. And a bunch more player will be committed to be included trade possibly requiring. Ira you covered LeBron when he was in Miami is here good teammate. On separate QA. He would. Beat as. On court teammate locker room teammate you could have with Al quite yet you know the old tired dog does a player make another player better. LeBron makes every what better he makes the team better he get you to be in the final briefing books feet for the last seven years. But outside of the locker room away from bad. There is big shadow. You know why Michael kept that chatter out it would definitely typical brick Scottie Pippen as we saw over the years. We saw acting Colby submitted teammates how difficult it was for them. We've seen great player punch other teammates because the issue beyond basketball Michael Jordan and keep her for example. Think that happened over the years so it will probably teammate. He hit that bet possible on court TV I believe you could happen to be NBA he hit that magic Johnson and old players. Off the court. I think that kind of changed somewhat tied with social media I think it's a little bit difficult to be in that shadow it to realize you'll never. Or it could be a leading man would you play little pride game. I wonder about our guest here on 957 a game from the Miami sun sentinel all that being said Ira. What the heck did dealer through the Cleveland Cavaliers given the way that this situation is between. LeBron and carry regardless of you wanna blame or who's your who's fault how do you fix it if you're the caps. You'd think if I don't think it's a fix a broken situation I think this is a wonderful opportunities and I can't for the region late I just delineated LeBron James might lead. So if I can get retreat for high where you're being big is the key to continue with its year book reservations ticket for Oakland for the final. And also built for a future it could be a win win situation I might need to get a paper for example if he can get that trade with it's done. A illiquid so I'd job Jackson any future burst out there were like you're doing is you're giving up plug and play Pete Eric Bledsoe. Think you guys would agree if I put Eric Bledsoe on the capped at that time we are being the can't prop eight he'll play off favorite in the east. OK I can think it helped suitable for more regular tees which began. I think you'd like that would be planning for Democrats warriors finals. Update if LeBron leaves you have a job to accept and a future first round pick to build for the future so I think. It is sort of QB and wait for that opportunity. Michael B Altman and the new front office of the cavaliers. That they can wind up that we wind situation financially you get that would put the ball and find its rate we also can copper yourself. For the future. Don't you made it sound more optimistic danger honor I have made it sound in the last three or four weeks we try to think it set. It's almost like a catch 22 of congress days they're not going to be. As buttoned up and they're not gonna have the chemistry they're gonna needed even compete with the warriors and maybe not the Celtics. And then the question is if they move Tyreke. How can they be as good. You might be right plates so could probably still beyond that T would get into the finals what would they be any more equipped to beat the warriors this particular year do you think. Is anyone going to be quipped I mean look on the other not calling it it's like EP factor these. That the war you'd get beat deep way and they get it's like EP and they get the additional pieces. To re load you know what you want and the Coke and it spoke to local media about all dynastic politics if you want that Roger's kids. You guys remember the first time around with the cavaliers at that injuries. When Kevin Love was injured were tightly with the injured have been different cavaliers. So all you want to do at the cats for the Celtics or nobody would eat it. At tea in case something goes out with the warriors were much written pieces and they have. I hit the warriors are such a sort complementary team. That people equally away or you'd take. It's a step away or even KBP's feet away the mystery dramatically dramatically changes that doesn't mean they have that peace is to wait. But you can play one Indian higher fees it had that happen tainted at the series. At the ball which you try to beat up like wiggle out in time we were injured so might. Now the patella meet these warriors are going to be totally help he's quick he's been fully healthy to a playoff. Of course bill went beating them but we've seen it now at least he at all sport that's why they're still are some people this very moment. Bidding on Connor McGregor. I thought a fat that's a tough that's Dre. Ira I think I wonder better against united presently game Ira. Uh oh what's next what what's the state of the Miami Heat right now and and what's next for them because we keep waiting for them dead. To add another star it seems like they're always in the mix to try but it they have been able to do it. Obviously since the Big Three was was broken up and LeBron left and and the sad situation obviously with Chris Bosh and in Dwyane Wade's going there what's next for the heat. That it is it that what did you make to their means it's like people say that he could get keeping aid Eckerd Dick Gordon Hayward became a sort. The quick spot situation how light is team. Thank god Clinton that help that he's moved on moved out to LA probably will never play again that's all well and good as far as Chris is hell. But the heat never. Had the athletes to compete. A quarter to a third of their salary cap which tied up but a player who effectively for three years could not contribute in big games that bit remote that Miami Heat. So for the first time BER hole and they are going to be gets back to needy experiment in India this year. Technical team without an all star will play with a department called dark. Compete at the hot topic final conference semifinal level. It reminds me a little bit of what the hawks were a couple years back if you'll remember though that that Paul Byrd yelling and give Teague went ahead. And then the question bird in the Eastern Conference final. I think that what is seeking could be more than that. That money is back on the cap. It's not treatable he sees it at ten million dollar contract. Her perky aren't leaders and ten million dollar deal for Elliott clinic at a twelve million dollar deal Prejean got it all a Friday. They have to say it Stewart got the free agents we get into we don't we get Hayward Rico. Now that if they we have built component that's what you need to make great integrity in the NBA it's OK twelve million dollar piece is that you can mix and match. Pact to get back in the game I think that's slightly beside their players as early December 15 pick it freedom. They can move around that people try to develop that's where they are right now they're finally re at the ending because we don't seem to be at VA. Has gone through what you have the last three years of great spot. Woody literally sort of a league penalty a operating at only 55% of the cap. Ira you said Rea sending an I totally agree with you. What do you make the case though that last year the heat almost skip this step because they over achieve them when that happens. It kind of puts in a tough spot because how do you then get to the next level if you did a little more the previous years been thought she would do. Is that kinda hanging over the that they heat or do they think they can. You know take the next step in with six or ordinance. I think they had a players who had most. Improved player years of leaders became a real thing came down to Mike got it got the security and a duel but you know it all decided he'd like. Like look menial upon alternately depicting playing two ways being the score you know it's going to the buzzer gave the wizards win one game to Washington and. So what do they take the next step a lot of players under Pat Riley in order Spoelstra indicate development program. Have taken that next step it is summer elk and feeding into oblivion this and I think he held on to the guy. But leaving the could be the next step that's what they are there alternate to get every member of the second. Happily it heated. Thirty the lifted second best record in the NBA so what you've already. RD 3011 over the second half a limited thirty over the first half. 4141. In the world came. People wanted to see who they are I don't think he would it be defeated that had been much at stake in the first month is defeated. Equipment that ball back it would going to be on you saying you went from mediocrity. Argue but it would continue with that eight people able. Deputies elected might be real mean he'll look at the east we want really crap out it's not even except for the Celtics and attacked. Could it mean talent for the conference final that means. Certainly it'll hit that went to the bottom Chicago leisurely took a step back to luckily he's holding on hoping. That by resigning the pocket like I'll read it could be I know a lot of talk about Washington. But my question is it we need to John Wall and Brad reveal it until quarter maximum contract. Is there anyone in the end to call those guys EP three. So I think C east is wide open for the taking. Fourteen Beckett play eight I looked continued victory tickets sort of build on where they are. How much does this say or I should put it this way. How big was last season for Erik Spoelstra I mean it's obvious this well he may have done as greatest coaching job. What I have always felt this guy is one of the best coaches in the NBA I just I love his demeanor. And as he showed an ability do it in essence be able to coach. Any kind of roster he's given. He is a developmental coach to look at the best Ater your players that he was one of these trainers to the art. It'll guide you've heard over the years can go over to god. Physically meet later in the players to hold on to guys around the league. That's where Spoelstra is this team believes sell what in development. Step or everyone else is legal he's not been there. The people looked at every player at the loss of quality from a not quite right coming out that the league it lit benign and becoming a real player. I think are also developing coat a security has the credentials. We can championships four in the final taking teams that aren't nearly good enough depleted but no one expected him could be he had that. Even demeanor I put up there I mean not up. Up there as high as with pop but sort of in that group of coaches I thought it fascinating elect beaded. Allie would point to Mike did told me he did a terrific job but the rockets. But he had been so up and down over his career in the very places he's been weathered it you know we need it. It you have to lead Phoenix New York or LA places like that. Eric bolt tribal big look at Spoelstra it every day well you quote the crappy feet and. I think you look at Eric altar and say he maximize what he had now. Do people think he failed quit immediately for a championship to the victory at all like to locate the kilowatt. It could be could be on the level coaching staff like debating 12 o'clock o'clock in the NBA finals one time took their. God is good enough for the cavs aren't good enough. If you look at that level that you own party the elite level. Why you don't see eleven and thirty and in thirty and eleven ever I mean it just you don't seem to hurt you don't see Debbie usually teams quit at that. You know the the first site eleven and thirty throughout half yeah. It's been critical weed out there in the Bay Area would be the point that record one team leader and a lot in Milwaukee epic that we are in the western road trip that Whitney started at eleven in thirty. And if I remember at the university campus fiscal goes to practice he'd be upbeat hero working. And Erik Spoelstra kept things were coming together we can find it he knows what these days. This thing that he would you bring that but nine is the last less thought he'd been reported for example games Johnson and Derrick Williams Billy. Didn't know which one would head out and which one the crap out. They partly real light team got a good. Technically it's not so good and they found the art that's why they brought the quarterback I think this year. If they have to go through breaking it by six hit eight different players. Don't it seems to be most at risk for rough start. You don't like to have you don't know who they are the eagle the second half deceit and found out who they are now they have that guess this would lament that kept it seeded. Now they get the first round pick them up by dale. They want you want about Kelly Olympics but he's. Really intriguing if the player in Erik Spoelstra is traditional style so yeah I conceded he continued her home court the first round of the playoffs. Ira final question for you what do you think it Chris Paul with James Harden in the rockets. I think when I think electable these big routine these. Great players find away stay 88 source propagate themselves in other words if you brought it in other great player to play with Chris Paul. And he would sort of ripple that we saw that a little lit me on it simply quit that. The great chemistry I want to beat and I want to be the man. It is quit calling out a way to tell the clippers got opting out but it wanna go to Q did he did it make it more I think we're afraid to come together. Beat Dwayne wade and LeBron James and you get guys who want to play with each other. I think it almost always working pretty NBA because pick I'd been doing and it's not TP perfect example last year he knew what he was stepping into he. They needed his blade. I think Chris Paul they definitely I think James Harden stays in Italy it. I think they'll be fine sequestered I had. You get caught they'll look at it they are also when you get 83. All dominant player because we'd work would guide stepped aside Chris spot stepped aside he with the third wheel he may not want to do with Cleveland but can't block stepped. Cite two particularly. I think Barkley content to let these it was remarkable. With his guilt that what he'd give with the warriors I am series of car below code there might that be want to witty guy who will differ. That's sort of curious about. Ira thanks a lot for the time and we really appreciate it left to do it again down the line. People wanted to get a lot of regret McGregor in it printed verified. You standing you can always beyond before Tim bon Temps. You know what I'm always active and they did he get typical guy to have a debit credit and that in Bosnia. Thanks Ira Clark the great opera broke when their majorities here. I 957 negate for the Miami sun sentinel and an Ira. I jokingly it did tweeted his lawn is a mom before bon Temps Lou when we promoted him coming on the show are what are down to our Saddam India this week and I if I seven again.