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Saturday, December 16th

In the first hour of NBA This Week, Matt and JD talked about who is Up and Down in the NBA and discussed the Warriors last game against the Mavericks.


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Left jab dribble to the baseline to pass outside store Obama off lawyers worldwide Thompson catches dump the downstairs dig a valid. The football but the tribal warriors had to get to the century mark was 555. Big old head Dallas what does not. Another time out. And a warrior sported on Thursday united oracle read in the second half en route to their. 11297. Win over the Dallas Mavericks the dubs eighth consecutive victory welcome you into the India this week your 95 cent in the game. He hear Tim Roy on the call there on John Dickinson joined by Matt Stein Mets with you. For the next three hours straight here and 957 game talk and everything warriors. And in BA in the warriors continued city get it done that's that the Mets with. Stefan curry out it doesn't matter they're back home after sweeping now road trip. And they're to know with another weekend off before had de LA. JD you know what's happening on January 4. Orders rockets yes warriors rockets. Up not to pat I haven't figured out the number of games but they could vote theoretically become an in here. Org in Houston with monster win streaks because both teams are on a roll right now I think the word 12349. More games. So war is to be a seventeen game win streak the rockets like wanting except now want happen rockets to lose one by and then look at not you know what don't not the same old rockets. It's not the same old ride. I really. You know you and I both kind of put the rockets in the same category the last few years certainly two or three years ago they had Dwight Howard. Nobody really feared him even last year and it's kind of show me. That you different. I think they're different this year. I don't necessarily think their better than the warriors but I do give them a better chance this year as opposed any other two or three years ago to beat the warriors. Well you mentioned January 4. I'll mention in January 20. Because that's the second time that the warriors a play in Houston against the rockets so it's gonna be two games. Very close together and that's it. It's a three game series this year and the one game and ORACLE Arena was the opener one by the rockets late in that game so. Home court advantage in the tiebreaker for home court advantage is going to be on the line in those two games of the warriors want the tiebreaker they're gonna win ball games right in Houston. But as you look at it right now the warriors and their eight game winning streak. The 23 and six they've played two more games in the rockets. And the warriors have lost those two games so there there's a two game difference it's too in the loss column it's one in the actual standings. They'll get things evened out so get twenty consecutive wins for those two teams combined but here are the warriors just two out in the loss column with two more games that they play. Yet and they're also winning while they're banged up which is very important and if you look at the teams awards are player right now that nobody likes to see anybody get hurt. But this is a nice little stretch where they can weather the storm better than another places and I think that's what's happening right now. A Houston hasn't lost. A game that Chris Paul's played in this year. That's pretty remarkable he won opening night against the warriors then he was hurt. Missed several games that came back. And they want twelve around. Not say how mine mine mine who works as far as the warriors go I saw that note this morning as I was driving in a park here in downtown San Francisco on Gabriel walked to the studio I I saw that note. On Twitter about Chris Paul and and I thought. Wait a minute he started opening night and there was about a fifteen seconds. Spell there where I thought lit in wind at games they played the warriors and actually think to myself if they win that game. What are your going to go last two years season opener and I did and that was a regular season opener yet is that there ring that was the first game with Iran of course there's the plane home yeah first game after the wanna title but you grow into wouldn't. Kevin tourette's openers. With the lord zero until parlor wanted to Allen and Kevin Durant it's. Finishers went championship yes and a finals MVP Manning gets old but more importantly Steve Kerr even joked about that. On opening night while owing money and it's tight end the season and we ended at the right. I just I do see a lot of same Ol rockets animal rockets all I say is I I'd caution against that a little bit. Because I do think they're different and in one way I think they're different is. When you have Chris Paul and James Harden your back court JD. You get to last for six minutes of the game and it's tight. You know what now to toss up game as far as I'm concerned because those players are stars superstars and they can navigate away home. And that's why I think they're they're scary yet profit heart he's got a hell he's got legitimate help especially in the back court. They've got more two way players semantic PJ Tucker Alps in many Kim mbah a moute knows I was out of an injury he he helped some as well. I still think they don't have as many two player two way players as the warriors that that play consistently in the rotation they have to go a little bit more. Matchup based and look Chris Paul and I know it's clippers' Chris Paul so you have to maybe throw that away but the warriors have have proven. At least the last couple years that they can beat Chris Paul to Steve Kerr aero warriors. Have proven that they can they can beat Chris caller makes him. In effective enough. You control a game now him with hardened we'll have to see. Chris Paul was banged up on opening night the Chris Paul was terrible on opening night and didn't finish that game on opening night. And that's something that I kind of filed away EA is injured he almost have to throw away. And it was the first game that those two played together they in look like it clicked it all planned well now they're both gone for 28 last night and Chris Paul's got seven steals in their blowing out the spurs. It had been a 1241 on nine contests that that wasn't half as close as that felt like a thirty point game. Which you know why. I'm looking back at that first game with Chris Paul Neeson was terrible. I think I think I'd quibble little bit and say he shot terribly used to for 9044. From three. But he attend ten assists in one turn over she's not turning the ball over and eight rebounds. I'm not gonna say that's huge because I don't give a lot of credit to guards rebounding in general. But. Even Chris Paul. Not a good Chris Paul he's still such a solid play year. That. He's gonna help him way more than he's gonna hurt the other thing is. I'll tell you who's played great for them is Eric Gordon. Air recordings at different player this year he almost looks like he's lost 1015 pounds he's got some spring in his step. This team's. This team is legitimate. The rockets and now wouldn't say legitimate you always have to say well are they legitimate enough to beat the warriors will I'm not gonna say that I'm just gonna say that the rockets are legitimate and they need to be taken seriously. And I think Cleveland's gonna be in that category two very soon because. Isiah Thomas is coming back in the next couple weeks. John tickets and Matt Stein it's NBA this week or brought to buy American Express proud partner of the Golden State Warriors oaks card club play it Smart play at oaks. Were also driven by premier Nissan of Stevens creek we make it easy. Online premiere Nissan and Stephens creek dot com we got a great show for you coming up Rick Camelot. But in BH TV host is gonna join us at 10 o'clock Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post. He joins us each and every week and Marc Stein back in the game marks and now Marc Stein. The New York Times now Marc Stein and late add to the guest list for the pro I'm happy to have him. Not coming up but at 11 o'clock one of the best in the business covering the NBA. For a long time 8889579570. AAA 957. 9570 those are the phone numbers to participate in the program before the warriors take on the rockets a couple of times. And the warriors hit the road. To begin the calendar year 2018. They've got. A road game in LA and seven more home games in the final eleven nights of the year. Between the twentieth and the thirtieth. And they're probably gonna get Stefan curry back at some point. During that they're gonna get drink on her way and I wonder when curry coming back what's your hunch said. My eye on over under Christmas I think eighth it feels like under now but they'd just. Bergen back till after the new year. I wouldn't bring him back at all until after the new year I bring him back on that road trade I'll go back to the regional and look the injury may be were looked worse than it wound up being. But I look at it when he went down. As January 8 basically that first little road trip and then they come back in January 8 in their home I think for the nuggets. At that point. Nuggets are home for the nuggets again December 23 kissed. As the nuggets are here in the Tony third and their back in January 8 all right right right grizzlies are here on the twentieth their back on the thirtieth. I just everybody every haters gonna play everybody. On repeat you know what's funny is the warriors always say we're gonna take it extremely conservatively. We rely on the doctors we rely on the trainers. I don't necessarily believe them when it comes to staff Currie and staff Curry's ankle and the reason I say that is because. Nobody knows Curry's ankles more than curry. And he staff curry. Has managed his ankles since the initial injury early in his career. Just magnificently. He has not played less than 78 games since that time up until this year. Staff curry no news. When his ankles. Are ready and I just think it's gonna be his call. Because every time he's had a hunger to go on track record the recent track record. Of every single time he's had a sprained ankle since. Early in his career he's always come back earlier than you thought. Or it's always been a little less serious than you thought. I'm gonna subscribe to that theory still. And say he's gonna play on Christmas. Yeah I hunch so did you know I look at the time and the warriors have diminished and a couple of instances they cast their brand your name with a Oklahoma City where they allowed a guy think the play right he was hell bent on wanting to play in a specific game. Right after to ran had been out for a couple of games with ankle. They let him play and then Steve Kerr regretted the fact that they let him play. And you look at drain on green with a shoulder he played in Charlotte. After taken a game off. And then wound up. Playing playing its ansari each day he took the night out eight at that I'd opt in Charlotte. With a shoulder played against Detroit it is homecoming game. And then he's been off the last week since that game so global warriors do it again with Stefan carrion and if he wants to come back for the Christmas through. That would you the same kind has rant played. At Oklahoma City writes it's there okay. Boy you know I played like he missed a couple of games he played Oklahoma City that he had to miss a couple more laid audit bureau problem Corey would try to play in Charlotte remember. Yeah Charl was the first game curry missed. This Charlotte turns go to his home cures Charlotte itself that was out of the question that he was gonna play there. But you're right during that goes and plays an okay seek Raymond plays in Detroit in both. Go back channel lineup after those games you ask. Media give you a timeline are when when I think all of us put it this way he goes down in the game against New Orleans they come out the next day they say he's gonna be reevaluated in two weeks. That was on the fifth so that puts us at the nineteenth so this coming Tuesday at the warriors practice they may not practice. Because of the game in LA on Monday night summit to say Tuesday or Wednesday OB that reevaluation point where he'll start to practice. What saved when Thursday it yet. I had. Only kill play Wednesday congress play Wednesday under same Wednesday December 20 he begins to that's the clock core yeah exactly and I think if that's the case then it's probably gonna take him another week. And they he wouldn't play against the lakers he wouldn't play against the delegates and he wouldn't play and on Christmas against the caps. I any debt I'm Nat timeline of that logic it would be a little too soon. Maybe just right well the exact penny a lot of you look at it. Right December 18 or nineteenth ever game the eighteenth into any produces a Monday Wednesday let's say Tuesday they reevaluate him and likened it looks pretty good. Looks pretty good stuff so go out there and mess around. It is in a normal world. If Currie or player. A whoever is goes down to feels pretty good and they say no plus eight. Because. Over the course of my history when it comes to injuries were just regular place forget it's curry now a case can be reevaluated in two weeks. He gets reevaluation a lot of times at that point they say I wanna get him back out there but at the players really good. He just needs one practice and he's out there. I don't know who do that with curry because they don't have to be that aggressive with that but. What I am getting that is a lot of times when they say look you're about reevaluated two weeks it means. Back in the lineup in two and a half weeks at all. Yeah I could see that and it's and I think that the Christmas game against the cavs. Is that it's right at that. It's right debt in between point yet where I might wanna give it another day which allows you did. Maybe two more days basically sound and Tuesday there is some crazy. The league and the Christmas Day games on the heels of the resting players. I wonder if Steve Kerr says OK look he's not ready to play against. Cleveland. But he plays the next game which is the 27 almost feel like you're warriors and sit him out Christmas. Sit him out another two or three games to sell. It doesn't look bad but. Even though that shouldn't even come into play history hasn't played for two weeks but you know what I'm talking about I don't wanna play Christmas without re my greens staff Kerr. Again my initial eat my initial time. This inquiry it heats. As far as being careful. It was okay for weeks that's New Year's ending you're going on the road. Right that was my initial is I thought oh this is either two to four or 46 weeks injury and it seems more like it to two to four. As opposed to a four to six will tune of four. Mean you get in the four. And your add another week because you wanna make sure he's ready to go so I look at the calendar and I thought all right four weeks from the night of the injuries New Year's Day. The warriors are going on the road for a couple of games. Right at that point. No need to plan on the road plan when you get back from that. And that's January 8 against the nuggets now I at this point in time. It feels and 90%. Or more that he's gonna play before January 8. January there's eleven games now that all of a sudden seems like a lot to mess in addition to the ones he's missed eleven more days to rest the Brecht is eleven Morgan from now. So I yeah I think it's gonna wind up being in. 22 23 25 or 27 I think it's gonna be somewhere in that range. I think you're right and I think seventh feels like the latest well and I also would like to say that. I think overall look at the good news because. Bob Meyers is on early this week he's kind of optimistic in Curry's. And CNET practice right the by eighteen. I think. I think. Regardless of when he comes back. The injury. Was not as bad as ever I don't listen wasn't as bad as everybody thought but it's. Everything's fine is what I'm saying everything's fine right now not drain on May be different story. 8889579570. Triple late ninth I 7957. No should the warriors beat careful with Stefan curry and an ankle injury in what would you like to see immersed currency throw the south to the fans. And you know exactly what they're gonna say they're gonna say I want curry to play against the cavs on Christmas. So I know I'm gonna disagree I think there's a lot of warrior fans out there that are very. Conservative. They've seen these Christmas games before. I do think there's a lot of warrior fans that are saying now let's wait until January I really do like there's more warrior fans don't wanna deploying Christmas. Is it arrogant season. Yes I know what you are saying and I know what you're saying and but. Is that what you want is more fans don't want disorders fans don't want worst kids don't want curry did not plan have the cavs come in on Christmas. Ugly up the game even without Isaiah Thomas win the game and then have to think. For the next couple weeks until they play again is only twenty days play again in three weeks right deflated three weeks I have been gotten worse fans don't want to deal with a well Katz campaign and they beat them wealthy man and endowed and now. Now all the cancer worries fans don't wanna hear that. Yeah which you don't what were your friends they want Perry to come back to enact game score fifty yeah I can see that but also warrior fans. And cavs fans they've seen it all now they've seen. Their team win regular season games that look good and they've lost regular season games and they want a Christmas a loss occurred everything's. Everything's already happened and what we all know now is news regular season games aren't that import. Into stars. They're fun and they be way more fun if ever both teams are healthy. Didn't matter last year when the warriors played a great game but lost at the end didn't matter two years ago the warriors when an emblem out. In and cast fox David blatt grabs it and it went in the championship so yeah do you do you look at those holiday ish games in other words one on Christmas two years ago. But he's an okay game in Cleveland the warriors bloom out and that didn't mean anything. Well and then again. The Cleveland Cavaliers are probably wrestling with a similar. Situation with a Isiah Thomas. When they got to bring Isiah Thomas back. Maybe this situation is on Christmas curry then Thomas come back now would be awesome maybe neither of them play may be. Maybe I don't think Thomas is gonna be back but don't you think I don't. Since she east. I think they should be even more careful don't write him then you're warriors with curry I would agree this is. You know an ankle is an ankle and Curry's dealt with a ankles before. On the distinguished Thomas is much more serious potentially. Yeah from the for a late I'd love to seek curry played so I wanna see the warriors play the cavaliers without curry I'm very intrigued to see how they stack up but that's fair. Okay is that the flip side to the flip side as a worries beat him out Paris. Forget about it well with the idiot to game finals helping me cavaliers consider we have Isiah top warriors into. I'm. I know the warriors look like when their whole we don't know what the cavaliers look like when their whole yet we don't know what Isiah Thomas. Colin and if that Oklahoma City Thunder any indication. I say Tom's is gonna come back and they're gonna play like garbage for about two months and I'm we're still not gonna now. Can see it's get today he's gonna come back let's CJ very first and they're gonna be fourteen and fourteen fell march. And were all gonna sit here and think at least I am now while home well I can't they play that they might get it together a little bit it's. Oklahoma city's back the 500. They found a way to win last night and analyze the game watch the entire game. Tea what's funny is neither one of those teams can. Figured out down the stretch. What's funny as the Oklahoma City Thunder. Win that game in Philly should be a game where I say okay. City that game actually last night and watch and think you know boy this team's trouble here's my question about got the better know they gotten okay cash. How does a team with the Russell Westbrook. And Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. Not know how to get a basket for five and a half minutes to end game where she get one basket when the game because argued that this joint. Because I really do think that. They've got three. Players that are best one on one. An idea and I'll say that for Paul George too we all think of Paul George this great creator while ansari fewer great creator. Billy Donovan would have the ball in his hands more it's it's almost delinquent. Everything on that team is about Westbrook it's just. It's just incredible. How. He's he's involved in every play it's. You know they're good. Carmelo take a couple shots. Sometimes they'll go in sometimes they won't Latin and groaning and right then Paul George gets a couple shots and try to make a couple of plays but. It's still it's too much Westbrook it's just too much Westbrook. Do you fix it. One we take a break soon and I'll think about it can I might need a few minutes on that one. Very terrible watch Derek terrible watch like date they like I like watching Westbrook he entertained. He entertains me. But what sparked entertains me tell us the hell I'll I'll like Westbrook act if you were I liked it im usually. I sure he's a great player I love his energy I love is I I just I love the way he plays. Even though we can kind of what he's just out of control I think at times but it deferred to. As a fan watching that I like watching Westbrook. I can't stand watching the other two. All pure I I don't like watching the other two. The other two look like at C Carmelo why Paul George. Has its ease on this Cheney's at three point shooter on the CB stands 2.5 feet away from the basket wait to get a shot. What's incredible is I really do think I am. Listen I'm not a big Robertson fan. But I like them last night more than I've liked he did when he passed up the lay out what the I don't look like him he's terrible there they did get fat elbow when he did ponder. But he did make some very importantly I think in the case when he. Lay out though I mean right. He asked not want to miss the time when it passed it up that he went to the other side that's where yet he can't but he missed the way it's dead but. Right what I'm saying is I'm not give him credit for make in the second light up I mean if you are a Democrat game show. Now. The most play out of the play was made by Westbrook it will Westbrook didn't make so. What I'm getting us OnStar in a light Robertson and Adams. In terms of those who liked to fight should they can get it together. But I don't know that they can't get together maybe kick it to yeah he's Brooks on the team. There's none of shooting and Robertson is really good defensively and it and get his intangibles are great to have. But you can't have the other three guys and then him now. Being able to shoot and Stephen Adams it's like a luxury if he scores he's a good player and I actually think he's a solid offensive player. What those other guys taken all the shots. Adams is never gonna you got out post up Adams or are run something for atoms at the rim so he just trying to. You gotta floats and just defends and rebounds and tries to you know tries to maybe get put back here there. One thing about that game was they were down Phillies down eight I wanna say with two or three minutes left. Missed three don't weeks he missed like. They had pull. Each had two or three pull ups from seventeen is bread and butter it didn't go down. Well again it was all him so I was looking at decades thinking well you know why if Westbrook makes it dunk or two and it's one of those fifteen footer he always makes. They don't come back. What the reality is. You don't want don't want those situations and that's a little bit different than when your pass in the ball around and get net you know legitimate shot off passing. Are what's the upside for Oklahoma City wind is Stefan curry gonna return and there's a team in the Eastern Conference and it's well they're already Lee canola oil will discuss your 957 game. Yeah. Here's. And everybody's pretty cool I really don't know to a two week deal there. And the reason we took to Cuba openers. That was what we thought would be appropriate tactic look at it and that's Portland does that mean completely and you know I've had the ankle thing sometimes the complete report goes down. But because of the it was a much her. This situation requires. An expedited return and play play. Bob Myers there Gregg popular show earlier in the week here and I five set in the game talking about Stefan Curry's injury and yeah there really isn't a reason. To expedite the process that's right Bob. Now no reason at all no reason at all as I lay out my January 8 time line which is that's the little on the extreme and the. Yeah it's. The game you play when guys such as good as carried one Andrew Abbott talked a lot about his drama and remind greens got a little shoulder issue. And you look at his three point shooting this year it's a little bit down. I think lately maybe the last. 33. Weeks or so he's been a little more reluctant to take the three point or even good ones they usually gets. That is something to keep an eye on shoulders aren't you don't wanna mess around was shoulders. In. When your plane NBA basketball because. Affection shot. And I realized ravens got other aspects of his game but the I did the cherry on top is his ability to knock threes down when they Needham a few bad shoulder you. You're neck and below knock that shot down so hopefully for the warriors that some in. That isn't that serious but it's one of these things JD. Game after game you start to worry a little bit and that's the one question. I've been asking this question to a lot of people I don't know if I've asked it to you but you look at the warriors right now and I think it's fair to say they're banged up. Take her shirt re runs hurt Pachulia assert. Caught a concussion on Nick Young has a concussion. Is are these bumps and bruises a result of three. The lone long. Seasons of playing into June and eventually the bot bodies are gonna start to break down. Or is it not and now the warriors are. In essence is healthy as they've been in in other December's at this time. But the warriors are being more cautious than they ever have you know what I'm saying. No I think it's I think it's the first thing I think it's more you till I think they're it's more attrition because and I also think it's a little bit of the law of averages catching up with the warriors because yes they've had some injury and terrain when out. For a month. Last season toward the end of the year they went on long winning streak but I I I think. The warriors overall haven't had a lot of injuries the last couple years Davis and a lot on little. All this guy's got a shoulder in this guy's got an uncle Harrison Barnes about a month five weeks and Eurasia about a month. Yeah I've we saw last year it's not a lot and a lot of teams and you see teams go through 23 weeks where they'll miss two of their top guys there and have to figure it out. Like on warriors are now and so in their and they're doing it and they're doing it better than a lot of teams would be able to do it. Because they're still a talented and deep team and it gives opportunities for some players that. That art in the rotation to actually get into the rotation and play. And contribute so. The warriors are still set up better than everybody else but I do think a lot of it is attrition form. The last three years and be in the finals and win a couple of championships but I also think they've been. For the most part kinda lucky as far as the the injury gods go. I agree and and somebody who disagrees you can disagrees with the could easily say well lemonade injuries because that's. They rest players and they don't play players forty minutes a game and it at all rolls into one big ball. I'm not concerned at this point I I think it's a combination of the other warriors are banged up more than any other time they've been banged up but. They're also planet ultra conservative. Yeah we talked about Stefan curry dream on green those at the big two injuries us up but Juli has been out as well with a shoulder. And that's opened the door for somebody that warrior fans have wanted to see a lot more from a they've seen at the last couple games in particular that's Jordan they'll. Jordan they'll get the start. At center in these last couple games and Elmer Casspi get the start for for dream on dream all along we Shaun Livingston has been playing for curry. And Jordan well has been impressive I think in both games to stick it how he fits. We all kind of daydream as to how it. Would fit would him playing with the other four all stars but he's been a positive contributor. Even with a couple of guys out. No he has and I don't know how many minutes we spent yesterday trying to figure out exactly who Jordan bell is what will become the kind of player because he's so. He is so unique I guess Steve Kerr is already saying. I have no problem play element five. What he listed at 69 you think is six not ID he complained of five. That's not what I passion do you think he's 69686. Isn't a catcher. Here is it out 6686. Say things got closer to 666686. Nights six west side but you know what. His hair does stick up a good entry to. The injury reminder about even account. Yeah I just look at the weighted daily moves his feet and and I don't Edison the way he moves his feet right and he can get out. ET get out defensively. On the guards and I think you look at the way Portland plays only Dallas plays. It makes a heck of a lot of sense. To have George bell on the what's different Steve Kerr here Steve Kerr are on on why Jordan Dell fits so well. He fits us so well I mean you had eight assists tonight. He he's athletic he can switch that so I was a big switch game the way Dallas executes that put a lot of pressure on him. Or screening and cutting in and so Jordan was a good fit for us tonight and seemingly overnight so. Right keep throwing him out there and I keep helping him learn about the league and develop them and he's still making some mistakes but he's so athletic and oftentimes he makes up for those mistakes in the same place. And that's the key point that that I took from that it was the fact that he still makes mistakes and I think it times Calgary Israel blocked and says. Maybe early in the year was reluctant to have an out there because of some of the mistakes but he is so athletically gifted that he can make up for a lot of mistakes with positive plays T have to live with some of that. And some of and I think the things that Jordan belt doesn't do are the kinds of things that really irritates Steve Kerr in the moments. So yes almost be patient when himself to allow Jordan Abdullah worked his way through. Write a tell you Jordan bill reminds me of the terms of the impact. If you go back to the bad boy pistons when they had to Mars Isiah Thomas Vinnie Johnson. People forget that they had. Dennis Rodman and John Salley coming off the bench in those guys were very young they were young and raw. But they were an infusion of energy that that team needed in Jordan bells is. Essentially the same kinda roll with the warriors. Comparative Rodman. Just his impact. Now when Rodman was coming off the bench with Sally. They they gave the opposition a much different look because lame deer came off the floor. And their power forward came off the floor let's say it was they linger acquire. And when you put Rodman and Sally and you get a completely different dynamic you get you get why the animal born comes out they they lose up what a schism. Sorry they gain athletic schism with Rodman Sally off the bench and so that's what I'm saying and with with. Jordan bell. I think the warriors like when he comes in plays like a wild mustang because they need. That kind of energy and he provides an iMac I must say he's gonna have a hall of fame career like Rodman. But. He's perfect for what the warriors have a guy coming off the bench shoes. To want it a little bit erratic but so why because. The upside. It was a pleasure so good it's somebody's downside will never kill him but the upside can help them win games and I think that's what Jordan bills doing. All I think he fits and he gives him exactly what JaVale McGee was given them in terms of that energy. What he gave him a year ago via different types of players. But I think. When you start to look at Pachulia is gonna come back. And Steve Kerr likes of star Pachulia that's not gonna change he's gonna go and that's starting lineup and it and I believe that Stovall warriors best lineup overall they're starting lineup. When you start to get into it to the five man groupings. The camp it's five not risk it this year by the way in the times that they used to the to meet Jordan tells the guy that should be in net. Second centers spot. He placed Pachulia to start the game. Timmy you put Jordan bell in right around mid first quarter in the old JaVale on the start the second and start the fourth quarters. Most nights as the center. And then you figure it out in the final few minutes that he can go back to Jordan bell could he be rested if you want you to play dream on there. You could play a loonie there and sometimes it's four different guys. At that position and pass. A for the warriors but to me that's where he fits as a natural member of the rotation and he's got a complacent eagle plane with two rave on you could play him. In place of drain money can claim at the five deployment before. Personal versatile player that brings a lot the papal. You mentioned David West and the joke always in the NBA is when somebody. Kinda looks. Very athletic and active when they get out there they say what he must go on to Germany fair about it they said about Kobe and about it with dollar sometimes I tell you what David West must've applied for. Citizenship in Germany does he have an incredible year. But he has been better than last year I thought last year he was better than I thought he was going to be. He has really. Talk about how veteran. Carves out his own role on a team that's with David West has done with for the warriors over the last two years and now he's. He's a big part of what they do he then they need David West. I didn't think I would ever say this but David West got hurt and all of a sudden they couldn't play him his ten to fifteen minutes a night. They feel that I really believe they feel that. Well they would because his passing. And his toughness and his ability to knock down the mid range shot I mean a midrange shot is. On a map there's no way he is he's ever shot that better. Any shooting at right now it's like delay companies playing pressure free I think because he knows his role is going to be the same every night he's got his ring already. Yeah he's. He did to meet you can do that for two more years I think you would think it's. He looks like this in good shape he's still get any less nasty when he's out there which you love now and that's again that's a different element then from some of the other players the non dream on green. Route players as well our I mention team in the east it's leaking oil we didn't get to it. And what to make of Oklahoma City will do that next up and down coming back here and 95 cents in the game. It's that time of the week which CD and stunning tell you who's. NBA right now is that an all time high points and Kunduz are the stakes they stay. This is beat up and down on the NBA. This week courtesy of yours truly. And down. We do it every week here and 95 cents became India this week John tickets amassed nymex. Rick Campbell joins this coming up. At the top of the hour Rick Campbell both in BA TV week out it's up. Gotta be the rockets right. No not the rockets where's mine there's no tape it's more up in the rockets or another round because Cinderella twelve hero. But I'll orders of money trying to like to try to bring something. Ominous throw a couple of among throw a couple look I am I want to help lose in two weeks three weeks it was due to show. You're and the rockets are ups and rockets are up the warriors we talk a lot about them out as well Elizabeth to a time Johnny positive video over here. This team's five and five in the last ten and there'll there'll one game winning score but I saw some the mid week. This team is up this team is a playoff team in the west. And this team I think has a future and it's the Denver Nuggets I I finally saw some hidden in them when they played the pistons mid week. And they have three guards who. Can score the basketball as they like to say. Gary Harris Jamal Marie will Barton those guys are explosive. Offensive players. They're built for this day and age of the NBA. And I think to Denver Nuggets remember we talked about the end San NA can they make it they should but they didn't last year maybe they won't they're gonna make it. And I think what I'm also seen in there is Mike Malone. Look at it his team saying this is our best way to win even though I might not be crazy about it. But it is the best way to win and it's to put the ball in the hands of those guards who can score. Yeah and we were talking about it. During a break earlier how you would watch him against Denver and I actually watched him last series does sorry you watched Denver against Detroit I watched him last night against the pelicans. And every time I watched Denver last year and this year I watch him and I think he's got some pieces but they never really feel like. They're playing together as a team it's just like some mismatched parts and there's some talent and there are some nights were clicks and there's some nights we're just looks like they don't have enough. Last night watch and gets the pelicans and he came back from down big at home and ended up winning in overtime. Last night was the first 98. That I watch the nuggets. And thought wow they actually. I do you know what they have and how they play they guys together they looked like a team there NB for the first time. In this incarnation of everything may have with Yokich in the guards that that you're talking about as well so Yad nice job by Michael Malone their sixteen and thirteen. I do you think they're a team that that probably winds up in. It's really nine teams for eight spots right now Western Conference as you look at it and they're one of the teams it's in what Minnesota and in Portland. And Oklahoma City I think eventually going to be even though they're struggling. May come down to the pelicans of the jets as to who makes it in the Western Conference roster GAAP. I got a player who's down and it's somebody who. I talked about a while. But I Rudy go bear is down he got hurt again last night. And if you look at how do you explain this JD. Without Rudy go bear. The jazz are seven and four. With Rudy go bear. There's seven and eleven. Well and they're gonna be without them. For longer because he'd what is the status of that well it's Jackson artist is coming that's actually just come out. A sprained PCL in his left knee. And that is it gonna sidelined him for about a month a bone bruise in his Stevenson he's going to be out for months he don't like to see that. He had the jazz have been for again the longer you play without star player I think the worse she get. In theory the kind of won that game to last night we went I want Boston like he gets credit. Sure we'll but he elm that was almost the game then it's almost a game that flipped there. In essence an and a they're gonna be without him for months that we won't see them when the the jazz are one of the teams discriminate oracle here. Before the new year on the final week of the year after Christmas I believe to gain that right after the warriors face the cavs. The jazz are in here on the 27 so no go bear. For that one. And yeah we'll see if you talk can keep it together I wanted the the Celtics are down in its natural for them to be down. I say that in me you know I still won six of their last 124 and seven but the warriors have already caught them essentially. Not as far as record for for best record in other rockets are involved in that as well but you looked it they've lost three of the last five. Have the Boston Celtics and you look at the way they started. Its natural fermented to debt. A little bit they lost last night to the jazz they got blown out in Chicago. While the bulls have been playing better and faster a game in San Antonio that was actually a terrific game. While last weekend the went down the wire carrier having missed a three wood tied it came after manager know we hit a three. But the Celtics got down a little bit off their pace still playing while. Like not what they have. Let's say Milwaukee is up they were low 500 the first month of the season there are fifteen and twelve at that time. Things JD I. Data drop I wanna say they're down to their loss at home to Chicago last round and that like wipes all from the lab. What's it all you lose at home to Chicago. Chicago's one. He's. To give up on the war and pulls the pulls lawsuit kings and they want provides a lost twice the current losers can you get your stuff together we lose twice the grizzlies. Rockets that's an excellent place to deal though the rockets' loss degrees east twice when their grizzlies had everybody together so. And and what we're giving them these teens law that team that the rockets lost to the grizzlies team at the rockets lost to was not this grizzlies team that was the grizzlies team that thought they can win 43 games of Connolly and everybody healthy. Those are actually bad losses is what I'm saying. Teams got bad losses here in there. Until a team that never had a bad loss and with the warriors who had 73 games that year. It I felt like they never Hattig here we're going to look at Iran look at the rockets losses. Will tell you while watching that wanted me a favor. Yes look at Milwaukee since Eric Bledsoe came sure they've been better and you know what's so it was somebody I didn't think was a great fit for that team by. He's got talent. And talent a lot of times you'll get it done in the east what they've won six of their last ten. That's even with two straight losses with the boxer. With a bucket plus. To bar Parker may come back in February or so so. Senate boxer up. John Dickinson Einstein last night's loss to whoever was Chicago and lol you stink. Of guys being they're terrible our Atlanta Hawks can't win five row. Now but they're six and 23. That's the worst record normally that's the worst record in the finance at had been watching them in every week they winning game to win the game week you know and I'll think. When innocent games and doing better than known in the and it's and it's you do and it's actually went in less than a game heat how bad Brooklyn. I mean did their neither up nor down but. That Brooklyn pick is not going to be as terrific I don't think is Cleveland was hoping it would be. That might not and am looking at a rain now and is enough science it's rhetoric ten I guess right now. But there's still time for some fluctuation. I think between the two. Phoenix Suns back down yeah they've lost five in a row after. Semi holding it together and jade tree on now. Let's blockers out now on and one out Booker says the thing was on his routers going to be out I don't think they can beat anybody in the league without Booker. You know what about it's telling Memphis and finally look at Toronto. It's. People it and you know I really they have a team identity. They do ominous senate amateur send a warning flare out now. But to send a warning flare out of Tehran. Because you're talking about like an away. And and I'll be down on that play at place in the lousy and I gave Toronto play Sacramento. Borrow this is tomorrow afternoon right this is why didn't Jauron. I turned you off in Toronto and and we published they'd be trying to beat him last week it Sacramento now to twelve last year it will they slip in the last two years. So in other words Toronto has broken a four game was roster broke a four game losing streak dedicated and not hold onto ice. That whole consecutive years in the new year new you're a plane and at home tomorrow so they lose at home dome for a third consecutive year. I put up a flyer by the way. The genius Frankie Vogel down in Orlando and I but he says is a genius they are what three and sixteen. Three and sixteen since there Eaton Forestar. Frank we'll go. More. Judy at a college. That here one hour down to our succumbed John Dickinson mats diamonds here and 95 cent in the game Rick Camelot. In BA TV host he joins us next in BA this week 95 cent in the game.