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Saturday, April 21st

John Dickinson and ESPN's Marc Spears talk about the NBA Playoffs, and how the Warriors are walking through the Spurs. Will any of the Warriors centers be back next year?


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Roger fly them. Oaks card club. Please tell us. Would you like for Munis sonics. Online from. Nissan and its green dot com. Here's the next thing. And we want to be in good Saturday morning CNN's John Dickinson and without that Steinbeck's on their candidate. Don't need don't lose that we'll go to the bin was like the playoffs Musa Arnold. Up. Well matched limits is Q were were keeping him under wraps he's got a little bit of an ankle tweak the all wheel Bennett's week. Aero X mark mark spears is deal or something a little greater than that they are crutches. But he's ready to play on the Saturday for the never heard tell attended right these are viewed as duke got. To address a post race between two time restraint to tweak these home. That's all right that's memento do better in your veteran. Matta be back tomorrow we switch injuries cannot there was injuries would have a bit she'd love to do that oh boy. Spears. Ran in and out as he has been. Throughout the last couple weeks and it's a pleasure to have Marc spears senior writer for ESPN's the undefeated. Joining me here in studio for the next three hours on 95 cent in the game matched nymex does have the day off week kid he'll be back tomorrow eight and tell eleven. As will lead you right up until tipoff make sure you clear whom to vote yes no it's how we're starting to show tomorrow at 8 o'clock you'll be up at 8 o'clock but. I Libya but we watch an arsenal are correct there aren't nice are you flip but I'm will be will be talking about Matt's a little soft. Might even need it pets mean. What team that this hasn't been soft at the start of the playoffs has been the Golden State Warriors who do lead now over the San Antonio Spurs three games to none. Game four tomorrow. In San Antonio it's a 1230 tip we've got you covered right here on 957 the game not only with the NBA this week. For the next three hours the we've got to cover tomorrow map will be back from eight until eleven joining me. And we've got the pregame show at eleven tip off is at 1230. From San Antonio's that'll be. Tim Roye Jim Barnett on the call that one warriors go for the sweep. And look and have a a couple of days off Marquette and toward the second round of the playoffs. You they've got to get it done tomorrow man. Here's one thing keep in mind New Orleans New Orleans place today can be the first team an MBA. Events this second round. So essentially. They won't have six to seven days off before. Assuming they played a lawyer's. Of New Orleans gets it done I think that adds extra motivation for the warriors. To complete their series do it over with get to rest get some practice time with Stefan curry who will be reevaluated on Friday. The NBA has said that game one. Of the earliest a game want to start for a second round series is next Saturday or Sunday. Likely Saturday and he did it put him on track we have got in if you look at it that the the pelicans Portland series now and the war your spurs series is on track to where they moved it up it would be Saturday I think ABC would also love. To have that game at 1230. Next Saturday as well and ABC's also in a position where and it looks like at least the Utah Oklahoma City series is gonna go a little bit longer but they can have a game seven of that series on that day Asia because they're on the Sunday track or even a game one of Houston. Oklahoma City or Houston Utah series as well depending upon that match of today they've got a built there to make sure they're gonna have a quality game whether to gain seven or game one. On the weekend here and you're right. Is lawyers gotta cut off to head I mean like. At this point and they're doing it sadly tragedy in a market told instead Gregg Popovich and his and his family. Do you wanna fly back out here this data centers or schools cool I think they enjoy I don't know. Tony Parker like San Cisco and but. Or do you wanna go to Cancun. I can't won't sell through call right now and it's not a far flight and senatorial I don't think. It's really not I know that the TNT guys and the post game show the other night they actually were trying to figure the difference between. I think it was San Antonio or admit it was New Orleans and Miami which was closer between two words in my hand because Portland's down 03. And they're probably headed out there and if feel Philadelphia takes control that series with L might hit. Meet Ellis would they be as far as trying to get you gotta get it done because of what we saw last game. Late ankle tweaks. By Durant who appears to be okay. Livingston had a little some let's who knows those derby is still tomorrow we have got an update from the lawyers yet as far as injury report. But a bomb them like punch and fast. Get death lead. And then move really let this it's so you know the mentality of the game steeped in about. Is it really worth it to fight that hard and this just take the spirit out disperse. John tickets and Marc spears here NBA this week in 95 cent in the game we got a great show for you Jason mix of ESPN radio in San Antonio he's gonna join us at 10 o'clock. We'll Hillary covers the pelicans New Orleans times Picayune and I know a friend you are well as well and Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post joins us. Regularly here on 95 so again western bureau of the Washington Post that's sick. And and it's about to get a little greater is that the Washington Nationals thereafter planet diets is coming weeks on Saturday will be born saw them in the playoffs and so. Last year to recoveries rule. And a noon nice stadium there in in DC Bironas then now no doubt. Thoughts in this series so far because. We talked about it before the series began and and I said you know look it. You know who they replaying played pelicans and blazers jazz in the thunder all these different teams the warriors to play. In San Antonio was the one that was the best matchup in my mind the big straw they got to be extra hour is sixty exactly and it's a matter of how do you figure things out without Stefan curry and and the reality is the sport put on a good effort they've competed. Really in game two and three at a high level. They just don't have the horses they just don't have the punch. And the warriors even if they're not hitting shots is once they're engaged on defense. You just feel like they can always do enough to take control of the game and that's exactly what's happened. And city this keep it real there plan. Terrible and then in a regular season and typically team plays it and the regular season is how to play in the playoffs. But these this spurs team they gave on the right elixir and in so many ways. One and no coli that certainly helped. Too they got their teeth kicked in again as New Orleans like to end the season so many haven't won in a while now you know. Three. When you're the spurs. I don't care who's in this uniform you respect them so I think the warriors came into the series focus. Knowing that. It could have been Steve Kerr beckon the spurs' uniform they're all played a right way. They're don't play better then then they would have there or somewhere else like those guys. Will always play hard. Will make limited mistakes. It you know and and Soto I think playing the spurs keep join your toes even when they're down without while Leonard. Who I think dispersion trade but does own other comes as we deprive later. But I think they were a perfect. Meal to make the warriors feel better about themselves and and get them ready for the next room. And the way I can put it was you know Steve Kerr always likes to use the term appropriate fear you wanna have the right amount of fear for your opponent the right amount of respect. I think the San Antonio brand. Gives you the appropriate fear it's the brand yeah when you actually look at the team that's playing well coli. Like wait a minute how these guys went 47 game Smith. Yeah I even. You know. Even if LSU has a bad year is still says those shoe and a football Jersey rhino to me again. Well we can say that Alabama although I don't I'm going to tell you guys so I don't want sale economic value my school. But you had no I mean I'd that is. Since 97 there has been no team that has a better winning percentage in the four major pro sports. In America. Other than the New England Patriots nor the team has a better when a percentage in the spurt. So yeah inquire no choir. They're gonna make you ready to play. And the warriors have been ready to play from the jump in this series with maybe in the first thing you guys who will lose. Impressive blu you've been happy with. It from the warrior such a thing lawyers. But it did what knowledge been tremendous here helping set the defense of tone and he clay he's been outstanding lights out. Efficient and he he stepped up exactly that that might be some good they are good mode Joseph for rest of the playoffs to get him going. Get him right and I think this is the one series to Wear because the spurs don't have weapons the warriors don't need to rely on Klay Thompson the defender as much in this series he can be steady and solid on. Kuwait has to be a supreme defender and maybe that takes a little bit away from me shock and we've CNET and in the finals you CNET and some of the bigger series. Where the warriors to face an opponent where he's got to go head to head against. Subdued the other side. This series not as much I think direct hit and the united of the centers have been good LeMieux was great in game three. JaVale McGee helped set the tone in game one it is but I think he sometimes you forget about. The great players because they're so great when they put up quiet. Excellent numbers and I think direct quietly. Has put up excellent numbers in this series just. Eddie just do what he got offense bank thirty on day he scored thirty you know net gain and who knows right mom has looked better offensively too you know every time we he shoots that three I think people. Yeah OK yeah. You know. He's been but but. The key to winning tomorrow is. He's got to still needs rest Kleiza got it still needs rest. To rent to guide is still needs rest and I always go back to 2002 team when they wanted ago onerous than a year before playoffs. But as you can get like I mean if they win tomorrow you'll get like all snarl. Break rest you know planned a Saturday bottom line at your earliest. You know perhaps I'm David you know of them odd happens but. Five days men five days as a lot of time and NBA. Yeah and there's a lot of different ways Steve Kerr right and Roland. I didn't bomb occurred you look young women. Should Osce Wednesday. I email you awesome stuff to read in this and then another annual needs of low enough film on your iPad here or did you but but policy Wednesday. You know and could do it that way and then practice Wednesday Thursday and Friday into Saturday curry some practice time get him ready. As you know the way Steffi is. I think you'd be ready. If he's ready to play he'll be ready to play he's he's not a rusty kind of guy oddly got. Never seen player like that who could take so much time off other arrests arrest books like that. Take some time off and they come back and it's like he's been out. And his energy. Is such if they can give him. In game Warren against the pelicans. His energy. Is even if he doesn't have a great game just his aura his energy either. The way defense changes what him on the floor I think will be unbelievably dramatic boost to a team playing well already. John tickets and Marc spears NBA this week here 95 cent in the game warriors with a 30 lead but a couple of injury concerns for game four won't get into that coming back right here and I if I seven game. ESP NT undefeated here for the next. Couple hours and 95% of the kids we are with you at 9 AM until noon 8889579570. AAA. 9579570. Feet got a question for our guest co host today mark spears if you wanna weigh in on. Who were your heroes have been for the warriors in the first three games of their series against San Antonio we can do that and also throw this question NAFTA market. And to you on the phone lines as well warriors come up put a couple of late injuries in game three. With Kevin Durant role in his ankle Shaun Livingston rolling his ankle Steve draft the ball game on Thursday said that livingstone's week. Was more significant than to rants. Not to rant is said it he's fine pix he's good to go but the question with the warriors always anytime there's an injury is. How careful do you play it and what a game four tomorrow and a 30 lead with the warriors dare. Resting a guy. In the playoffs that's a little bit banged up. I wouldn't be surprised if Sean sits. Wouldn't be surprised at all on loan. I'd be shocked if Kevin doesn't play. In that I would be shocked at the warriors don't come out when they get it over it mentality. Get it done our home. You know another guy who your mission in different guys that I think are playing well. You know may perhaps cook might be put a little bit better delivers to right now so. He Mason my thoughts are really good shots if I'm not mistaken did he make a shot to kind of sealed the game. Last game. He's he's been real citing I like the spurs bench started come back a little bit Campbell we nailed a jumper I was like that's a huge jump for four. For Quinn cook to make. Our own especially in that role and in his stage of his career and this is the playoffs is that was what is. Third playoff game huge shot this confidence is rising. Let our private Sean. May be dress. But if he's now ready. Cook time. Turn up the cookie you know. Well I think the one thing you've seen is the warriors have been able to use Quinn cook as a mean he's on his confidence not play Nick Young as well who. Didn't play well down the stretch Steve Kurt Pringle is great garbage time he praised him for being available to Iowa during the year in the words of need that here in all seriousness because of how banged up they've been at different times and how much they like the rest players. But that's things I was a connect coming into the series at dot. Nick Young is not a guy you probably wanna play a lot if you're the warriors but how do you deal with when you don't have McCaw and you don't have Currie and that was part of it really that the brilliance in starting it would dollar was. You locked in defensively you take a little pressure off cook. But you also allow cook to kind of stepping in another Omar brought a little bit better than garden. Seems more comfortable. Gets better shots to. You can see he could create but he's more of a guy that he's gonna have his office created for. And and that is also to key for a championship teams. To seven depth where you can make that condit's decision where you're not force. He uses way EP where. We haven't you mentioned judge up peculiar who went from being a starter it's. And join a game like me and you borderline employable via our home. But they got depth where you've got a starter and events that you can use remember what 2014. And I playoffs. Who visited leap I don't even remember the guy's name a cool asthma whose Mick you out when I was a guy's name. The other BA and European going away what was his name. You harbored these guys Kamal ripple poitier led the way they adore that got orange crop art Ed Jordan Crawford. On nobody had this seven re the guy who was on a championship team. Coombs McChrystal might yet cook at coups Null obeying coups and it yeah he was a big let notice some appoint as they had him. And they had to European to win way delivered our guard was. And they're wasting. Time on the roster. You know and warriors in 2014. Had injury problems that affected him in the playoffs. That perhaps of they would use those rosters spots better. There maybe it would've been as much as a drag but since then they've been really brilliant and using every single roster spot to mean something. I mean no disrespect city kings but. You know you'd have their team is or three quarters of their team and development guys a lawyer's really can't. Afforded develop anybody right now. The monument and a ditch. As a guy you're gonna get about. Now my new net official debut that was on the and I looked it up you look tonight I looked it up why you were talking that's the beauty of avid to be isn't bad Joseph is one guy did talk to the other guy can looks up and up wasted there always is spots there and Bob Myers realize okay. This team has too much at stake you can't waste spots anymore. I even what is it you Damon Jones the third team guy. At this point I'm not that you play for lodging an MBA and he could and I think he's found himself in a position where you look at it like Kamal looney. You come into the year and you think colonies even gonna have a roster spot and now heat. Along with JaVale McGee have been the best two bigs for the warriors in the first three games in the playoffs damion Jones I think we start to get a lot of questions about. Can this guy play at all it's no lies in we watch him play. At the end of the year they were able to get him some time he clearly can well he definitely is walking into this bill McGee rolled that she clearly comply. He's he's JaVale McGee next year at and that you have to have I kind of feel like. They they got to take a training wheels off home at some point man it and perhaps now's not the time. But I I kind of feel like when he's in the game he doesn't make mistakes. He kept his Alley oops he blocked shots. Dare I say he's a better shot blocker and JaVale McGee he could be. So indeed he's the future big on this team. I just think they're a little scared to like going that direction at this at right now that would the importance of the games now. 8889579570. Triple 89579570. Because Marc spears brought it up. Won't get into a little quick version of know your 2014. Golden State Warriors but first we're gonna get to the phones. And we'll start when Manuel in Dublin meadow in Dublin you're on 957 the game. A morning guys and appreciate it and be part. They you know we know Dorgan sort of Delgado hurt ever really I mean you look on foreign beginners peas and. If your company that coaches are seeing now it's not code is it a veco C. That where I know that matchup thing you know what would it be used. If you get no roll oh I think what are we eight networking is see him get there and make that all may be a bit the next series. He doesn't look right. Ever since he came back that doubts that. You know that Antonio McDyess Kenyon Martin. Blake Griffin balance that he has has disappeared. Not many dunks. Not many blocks events playing tentative. He doesn't he does look healthy to me you know look healthy Jimmie mark. In at any also doesn't look confident anymore confidence that's what it is he looks like a guy we talk about a lot shooters don't pass out. McCaw would be a guy he didn't look like he wants to shoot. Jordan though looks like a guy that looks like he doesn't wanna attack on defense when he was out on the floor. I actually might argue and use then over him right now. And it's not to say that he's. Not a good player is this. It just doesn't look healthy doesn't look. He's one of those guys are memory years ago is as much concern for him as a pro. George McCloud. Turns Antonio McDyess and and for old NBA heads in and out Longo but man McDyess. Could touch to move sure. Are you wanted to best athletes in NBA history in George McCloud turned to him and said. No what are you go and be able to do which your career. When you can't be athletic anymore and we are not athletic anymore. And that's the same question how alike oppose the Jordan is like he has to add other things to his game. Where OK if you're not as bouncy. And that's should you be your best attribute. Be able to hit a jumper be able to scorn opposed be able to be tough and rebound. And too much of the success of his game is predicated on athletic schism. In the with him not being able to be. Top ten NBA athlete right now like we saw earlier in the season. And it's like yes Kryptonite. If you got his powers stripped. You know and and so if you get that athleticism back he's a moral. I I think. He could play in future series but I think he's also lost some of the trust of the coaching staff just just based on. A combination of those think confidence health. And Kamal loonie has earned it wouldn't you know June that he. JaVale McGee said he no mistakes or Zaza Pachulia are probably gonna play usually what it's usually it's kind of developed into one of those two were around. Play your sales the starter for this series. Lou these. Played well in game three and earn the trust ladies and there's almost the opposite of ballots he doesn't and make a lot of mistakes he distress at all nor. Where any. Our love his ability to ignored a basket is. You go all these dating bigs that think they're Dirk I wanna shoot threes and I don't wanna shoot deep jumpers this kid is taken it to the hole. He's taken to hold strong. Is is faces the great poker face. I love his old school eighties. To all Oakley kinda like they're not as good rebounder but. He just knows how to play basketball. It and do. Little things like to make the game EZ form he's not a great athlete but he doesn't need to be would the way he plays. In our ought to be surprised if they've been ramp up his playing time little bit more perhaps they shouldn't. Annika volleys a guy in and I said this a couple of different times to where if they wind up playing Houston. In the conference finals if you look at the three games where they've played head to head this year. Released played significant minutes and all of them including the opener. And oracle when the rockets won late Clooney played in an if you remember that night it was kind of like Whitman leased plane. Because in the pre season and even going back to some leads. He just didn't look right at guys I wondered if they even had a spot for him on the roster going into the season. Video will play the opening night Monday Morning Quarterback JD did a boy is make a mistake by not extend and they might have. They might have and that may lead them to beating to make other decisions on other players. In an attempt to try to get his number how much does he get what is my he's gotten bad now. As as a young to say get them back. But what what is what number. Is he a mid level guy yet. Probably close to that. Maybe a little bit on with warlike. He's gonna have a tough decision because I think a bad team is gonna give them a mid level. And then it's a matter of do you wanna go there and it cannot your own to figure it out as opposed to continuing didn't relatively you're oral. Well now be you know be all bad. I wouldn't wanna do that although the money as you say but it PS2 titles. You know say you got bigger bigger business this is. Now there's a question because the businesses you gotta you gotta make sure your family eats for generations. John tickets and Marc spears here in 957 that is restricted in BA this week. That's right they gives the warriors a little bit more of an option there NBA this week with you until noon. I 957 became as we're gonna be joined by Jason mix of ESPN radio San Antonio at 10 o'clock. Will gallery at 1030 of the New Orleans times Picayune beat. Pelicans have been just fantastic. In their series against the blazers will get into that a little bit as welcome bon Temps. Of the Washington Post comes up at 11 o'clock and what do you do for the warriors tomorrow in game four. We were talking about Kevin Durant with the ankle Shaun Livingston with the ankle. Widget there were resting guys in game four knowing you get game five at home but. Also knowing that. You might not be play the team that you thought you were gonna play in round two of the playoffs a mean for a couple of months it look like are the warriors are going to be locked in there. To the to Portland was locked into the three although they almost let it slip away the pelicans wind up six. And be honest I mean I I thought I was taken warriors blazers for two months mark in its not gonna happen and what's we C. Something we've never seen before. I actually picked and and us. He is being guys are getting killed a so called quote unquote NBA insiders right because the entire slate of people in Portland when Portland. I actually picked Portland and seven. Which I feel like OK don't be media to better but I mean I read 'cause from New Orleans beat me up about love pick you know. But date they weren't talking all this trash before the series. It's up interest now in New Orleans alone. Anthony Davis is is he scary. He's scary he's playing with a chip on his shoulder. Our own. I keep seeing a little things on social media were people were there ought to warriors would would walk through him. I don't think so. I remembered Baghdad not too long go to Saturday night. In oracle. Yes carried him play yes the lawyers are Petit was two weeks ago Mario and a load of feel like end market and how rare mob the lawyers up and down the floor. Right it was two weeks ago yeah. What no longer ago. Lot has changed since then in his short time. But. They are ineligible to play well they have no no lose and they got a starter arrive. And playoffs Rondo is playing great. Under watch him for a long time your holidays I don't need morality came from I know who's that athletic is like he's got an extra bounce the although I think clay. Could neutralize him in a lot of ways does. Not only clay defensively but he got a darkly tooth I don't know. And there's one guy we haven't mentioned that gives the warriors problems in did in that game a couple of weeks ago it's Derek yeah. There they got some sudden some high. Lucky for lawyers bogeys not playing. That that creates that and if you know active. If because. What had been planned. I think the lawyers would have him playing him anyway because delegates prior would have been a third C. They were playing great beer and playing great I had a story JD that I was I was their New Orleans. I had interview because I interviewed. Davis about the one team that you do not want to play in the playoffs. Is New Orleans then and arm are working on the story like a week later 'cause gets hurt so that all those quotes went into business. On blood. You they're not to show up this you know easy easy win now. Definitely not and I mean I I just. I keep going back TRU gotta worry about Willard in my column in the second round if you're the warriors. And circuits can do some things. But beyond that Portland doesn't have a lot of guys and now you look at the latest series played out an uncertain a look at the pelicans like. Rondo is playing great major holidays scoring in bulk of those guys they're linked on defense can be a problem. Curry may not be back I can't guard who guards Davis. The rip might have to you. At least in long stretches. And I know that's who guards mirrored since. Deport him aren't dream on Demi it's it's those guys are those of you the eleven he's tall and he likes to suit in likes to shoot and I think he's actually. Sneaky little more physical than people think. I I think the key with them. Is. You've got to let you know how like team usual way game one Indiana Cleveland. They made it where. Everybody else. Into borrow it and in Cleveland. Had to beat the pacers. And they like tripled or quadrupled team LeBron. I'd I'd make it where you should there and everybody else and you make Anthony B two by himself. Let him have forty. And and see if the rest of the team could step up. I think out recruit calls them warriors pelicans game in the past sense cousins. Where. After they get this 35 gets his forty. But the rest of the team. Can't do reform. And perhaps that's the best way to it to be the pelicans. John Dick it's a mark spears in BA this week or 957 game aided 89579570. Let's keep the mood on the phone lines of Scott. In Berkeley Scott you're on 957 game. Once on mark a pleasurable and we didn't we didn't have been Buick I couldn't do it man. Thank you soon. And welcome. I wouldn't that whatever it is it is you don't get a little while ago. Couldn't couldn't let Google that went on I think anybody that I could it. I did so in the next two out those who are particularly by a bit. I'm you know I'm big into. It will. Taiwan. No I didn't because if they move up then I think it you know you can go all kinds of bodies that they did. Am I am on the competitive. I mean look into the potent if I'd. It is created such stupid basically put them as opposed to both. And I think that's a huge student student yes. The government because of equipment it is. Yeah I think you're right about that it's got an and look I think if you look at the warriors center position you know. You know west to be there you know Jim Dale's going to be there he's too valuable you know looney skip a beat there that's three guys I think Jordan bell. Is somebody did. Would be around is a fourth guy. And then. But nobody yeah. Products are start Guba. George bell you you death we want Jordan right now. I think I did miss being too hard on I think he's somebody you can give a look to and see if you can give you some would you rather have him the swearing. Yeah you're Danica could definitely. I think any any Nick Young is unemployable right now. Oh George bell is too but who would you trust more if you gonna gimme three Foreman at some might need to shooting. Me got enough bigs. That Clooney's available that I don't necessarily need Jordan. I can't not has does bill will. And perhaps. Why he'd be I just I just don't think Decatur is right man I think something's wrong. He'd be the fifth actually. Yeah beats me I'd be it I'm not mean he you don't over a pull Jones over Brill right now maybe I'm cavalier maybe I'm a little risky but. To order just doesn't. Like. He seemed like he needs some rehab or some men ages. He's not he's you know. He's not Jordan bell right now and mark you've got some news regarding. Spurs tomorrow obviously our our thoughts and prayers go out to two Gregg Popovich and you mentioned that earlier. For the loss of his wife a few days ago and and you've got some news about game four for senate did its. The spurs just announced that Tora Messina will serve as a coach. So on. Obviously Greg Popovich mourning the passing of his wife. Will not be there and the former. European coaching legend who I got to normal well. In early 2000 he would he actually coasted nuggets he tore Messina coached the nuggets summer league team on the one out of nowhere once someone must have the nuggets. Greg Greg guy. I think the hornets have been interviewed him for their head coaching job he's been a lakers console I think the year that Mike Brown was there. Great minds and and I wanna be surprised if he's. NBA head coach Sony's coach and highest level in Europe biggest battles. On music coach Chesko. He's. He'll prod be NBA coach so but again. Now have a pop Smith I mean at Tora Maceda is going to be big NBA coach one day but he Popovich now so no published tomorrow on asylum for the. Spurt and obviously understandable considering the circumstance on that I hope. Even if they win I hope we don't see human services in Oakland on Tuesday and I. I would find it hard to hard to believe it would and at this point given everything that's gone there David San Jose. Is up next here on 957 game home town. What's going comment. All right good way hey I live in circles and where you live out their little girl willow willow willow what Augusta money. And they have what are my highway. One of my buddy's lives is a real estate agent in my high school buddies Greg bar and grill our. Did he they were sown a burned out house for 800000 dollars and sounds and yet when I'm glad. Sounds about right we were fortunate enough to get in the long time ago yeah you're living well above our means belief that. So. I and actually walking the dog that we speak which they allowed everybody but anyway I'll be. You get both alluded to it with a loonie you know you look at it. What do you think the chance to partner bureau of none of our that are being Barack. Well Pachulia I think up between Canadian loonie. They generally opt for that unit level a one of those guys. And develops starting that are I think people are likely to cover kicked up a bit of peeled back here. To create a lot of old back here at the better spot at bat I dole the warrior start really expect look forward to capital and apple wants peck. What do you think the chance to our surprise you that over these evaluated that lol what I'm reading but what do you think. Jets are the guy like Greece and Alan duke. Or your starter all of the warriors mullah. A look at your gut response back. Thanks appreciate declined it's a little early to start spinning on the draft and he doesn't know. So what do you arrest order warriors pick is really hard did to gaze who's gonna be that's anybody's guess we are gracing could be there. I wouldn't to me. David West returning as a David west's decision but I think they love to have him to me he's proven that he could still be. A player in this league and I think. Don't wanna talk about his money here as well but I'm guessing you would take the minimum to come back if you want to come back to David West want to come back on bringing him back. I think Damon. It's time to promote a takes over for JaVale McGee. And perhaps some of that money for comedians that go into. People on. Who could be restrictive created to force the lawyers to make a decision. They'll need to find another Pachulia tight as well and I think they'll look into net NBA this week it's John Dickinson and Marc spears lots to chew on. As far as warrior spurs game four and looking ahead a little bit to the warriors. Potential matchup with the pelicans right here and I found some. And mark spear. ESP ends the undefeated as we are with you until noon here Jason mid to exit the ESPN radio San Antonio. It's gonna join us coming up in about ten minutes we got will Hillary in the 10 o'clock hour. And also Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post coming up but in the 11 o'clock hour 88957. 9570. Triple 89579570. Been a lot of conversation early in the program about the warrior setter position. It's funny when you've got four all stars. And you've got two in VP level all stars superstars. It's funny how all that other position where you don't have an all star. Becomes a focal point for the fans and becomes a focal point for the media even because. There's so many different options only the warriors like interchangeable pieces. And depending upon whoever they play between now until the end of their playoff run. That spot is going to be important. Yeah well into video. That's given credit. In the knows. Bin thing was the smartest thing in the world to come which and mix tape by fort playoff. And in English and the lack of focus you see him and Nick Young were in the studio long was it today I was yesterday they were in the studio San Antonio do insult than a day off I don't mind. Oman and Lou Lou you know I like San Antonio got my restaurants put. Perhaps that's that's what they wanna do on a day off fund a not a lot of other options we yeah I mean there are other options. And Antonio's. Clues that it and I think that's one of my actually my favorite. City in Texas. Out of Dallas and Houston a distinct look just what they got a place of prickly pear margaritas. Cause they think okay. Cool that's right up my Alley you know you have a few of those gathered cool restaurant car hi joy. At a and it's all I walk in you don't have to like drive anywhere everything's right there gotta have that kind of economists say those posts ago whether to put a final court. Where I had my little. So back right. Well for those guys who don't go you know prior don't venture out as much as this report is due. I guess they went and found out weren't a recording studio is in San Antonio has some fun that's all right yeah. No issue and no to him so like you said it's an off day yet two days in between games to be a fly on the wall unlike. Really listen to all of their lyrics that they had their flow we've been pretty slow him absolutely. Or does their conversation. You might be able to work that out there but there are those guys are. Two. Completely opposite personalities. They are with similar interests via my JaVale McGee. I think he shows us the media like a real like grumpy. Don't talk to me if you need to personality. Just like whenever I'm. You know. But then he goes and does is part of what chronicles and he's got personality whereas nick uses nick nick is all personality our man I mean. I go imagine him as a kiddie Pryor couldn't hold him back for many thing about it a nick is undermined and ten miles an hour run and all the time and hilarious and funny and cool. Penske auto sales not context line just to jump in. Cities in Texas we vote for Austin. Okay I bin Laden I understand that. Not an NBA city. I can definitely see Austin give altered to the top. If you're in a party and a lot. If your party animal. Great great bars for miles place to hang out it does not really your thing. Party and injury care and on that didn't. They're notorious prime more your speed. Let's not bet I went to Austin once for a wedding. And I like the board to leave downtown. You might as well be in Tracy. And that and that out of that note. I did on that note out of Tracy. Keep an it would the fast foods and you know and a. Blue moon. Lou what do they have. So reason. Sizzler. Those elected were to spots if I get a sonic there to some like McIlroy yeah another Pryor have one of those old school. Hamburger joints where you park in the lady comes up we're rose skates agree news brings you know our guys are C Davis points out Austin is the G League City by the way not an NBA city but he. IRC. South RC. Disorder happens to be my birthday tomorrow and 21. And gay gave me a cake. From just desserts. Moore was the pro mogul cream cake. It's a purely RC is go people are got it sent from San Antonio maybe sort of from Austin. Byrd set up Arce thank you meant. Absolutely RC Davis says senior producer for the warriors of producer of the NBA this week. Here on 95 deserted the scenario apparently. Yes I didn't know that. I did not know tickets and do a dessert from anywhere in the country I think they did not 579570. Triple late. 9579570. A more of your phone calls coming up here on the program. As it's John tickets and Marc spears with you know if I said McCain warriors in spurs tomorrow. As Golden State going for the sweep in that series. Stefan curry scheduled to ramp up his practice activity today the warrior said yesterday often the warriors sent. Put out the next two reevaluation. Point. Saying that he was examined yesterday. The exam showed that he continues to make functional progress since the original. In CL sprain back on March 23. And as a result he starts modified team practices today. And he's gonna continue to ramp up the intensity. As time goes on and the warriors. Offering another reevaluation point eight. A week from yesterday on Friday the way things are looking mark and I know you reported this in tweeted it out. If the pelican series and then warriors series ended. Let's say tonight and tomorrow. Good chance the second round starts a week from today so with curry being. Reevaluated again Friday evaluate what they want in doubt I hate to say it I don't think you play game. And I think he can make the case not even game two because game two is probably going to be Monday. Well out if I know well I don't know I think big stretch them out. I think could stretch it out because. You still gotta get these over these other series overweight. I wouldn't be surprised if they went. Saturday Tuesday. Maybe even Saturday Wednesday. Just because. The everybody else has to catch up. And you don't want to get too far ahead I mean you can't have them play two games and another side hasn't even played game one yet. Well on the one thing the league does like to do though and I know this is they like to have games. Every single night and so if you have let's say. A game seven on Saturday. Next Saturday have a game set and situation. You would wanna have maybe you push you let that series get a couple of extra days and start. The Tuesday the Wednesday. And then you need a game Monday so if you start but if you have game seven Saturday and you have game seven Sunday. Then maybe those series get. The start it closer middle of the week and you need to have a game in a slot. On a Monday or Tuesday and that's where the series it would already start maybe gets an. I'm in like keep in mind like. Even if you know Houston sweeps. Right they still got away for you to on OKC defendants could be as much as eight days here. So it I mean no warriors pelicans can't. It too far ahead of that other series and then if you look at the east. I mean. Everybody's lost right. Yeah yet is there are so what the last night there's not going to be any series and at ease that's going to be shorter than five. And it's 21 Indiana right now it's 21 Boston it's 21. Iran now and it's 21 Philadelphia. Any insight and even with AC Akerson wants him to win another game possibly win in. Game four home. So. That's the thing I mean they they just can't. It and I am sure New Orleans and and goal is stay will not cry about. Rest. And I'm sure lawyers wouldn't cry about. Aaron window and saw these are the series is goes slow we won't have you played next week and we'll wait till next Tuesday. Well I know one thing. That you always have to keep in mind you should look at tomorrow if you wanna get the damn series over skidded over processed and because the longer you have to play. Maybe get an ankle tweak the it is more significant than a couple of days every it was a game is possible injuries. You don't wanna you know wanna have a guy get hurt then you have to play an extra gave him he can't play that extra game there. There's that a day game tomorrow as a 91230 tomorrow I think about it they can have dinner San Cisco tomorrow night there in Oakland tomorrow night. Off day Monday there may be Tuesday aggressive let you a couple of days go like Ramos saying about how much he enjoyed watching and games at home when his legs up last Sunday. They could have a really nice nice physical and mental break they got to get it done tomorrow. John Dickinson Marc spears in BA this week if you're listening to 95 cent in the game AT MZ. In HD one San Francisco. The home for every single. Warriors playoff game let's get to our first guest it's a pleasure to be joined by Jason mix of ESPN radio in San Antonio. Oh get dispersed perspective on everything that's been going on Jason takes a lot for coming on the program we really appreciate it. Thank you for Evan media are trying to.